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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 25, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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donald tru,pmp, intends to stop accepting syrian refugees and will suspend the ban on the state's border or from g program for 120 days. the president plans to suspend issuing visas for people from thailand. i read, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, or demand, for at least 30 days, according to an executive draft. >> grant: >> pam: all are for donnelly muslim countries. tram is expected to sign this order this week and is not clear whether the draft will be revised before then.
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>> reporter: president donald trump some home-test: from here on out i am asking all of you to enforce the laws of the united states of america. >> reporter: donald trump moving for on one of his most controversial campaign promises. >> reporter: >> physical, a tall, powerful, beautiful, someone or wall. >>--sutherland-- southern border wahl. >> reporter: sighting two executive orders wednesday, dart in federal funds towards building that wall along the u.s., mexico
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border, while still pledging mexico would eventually pick up the tab. >> reporter: and, he also and to overhaul the immigration system, also running of border patrol forces with 5000 agents, funds for the agency that the arrest and deport undocumented immigrants, and seeking to inessential or cities. >> reporter: tomorrow, donald trump is expected to take more action. on immigration with a focus on the bidding process and refugee programs. -- vetting process >> reporter: san francisco julies a list of several bases that are sent for cities. there's also oakland, alameda, berkeley, richmond and san jose.
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>> reporter: and the bay area is certainly not alone there are more than 200 century cities and the u.s.. >> reporter:--sanctuary cities >> reporter: the president's actions on immigration has san francisco civil rights group's gearing up for a fight. and mayor ed lee bows to uphold the century city policy. despite the president's promise to withhold federal funding. kron4's maureen kelly reports that how much san francisco state stills and this political battle is still unclear. >> we would not back down and we will stand up for what we believe is right. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor said the granddaughter of an undocumented immigrant was
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one of many politicians and civil rights activist on the steps of city hall bowling to fight president donald trump executive orders. >> reporter: >> we will fight you in the streets and we will fight you in court. >> we will build a wall not one that separates us but a wall of resistance to racism. and fast as some. >>--facism >> reporter: inside city hall the mayor's reiterated his position to maintain san francisco's status as a sanctuary city despite the president's order to steer federal funding from cities to prevent local officials from communicating with federal authorities about someone's immigration status. >> we are and continue to be a sanctuary city.
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>> reporter: but the mayor said they are still trying to determine how much of the 1 billion that san francisco get from but that--get from being-- gets from the feds. will be cut off. - >> i don't think they've designed that very specifically. they did not say all federal west as far as we know. >> reporter: the spokesperson for the city attorney says they are not taking legal action yet because so far the funds have not been cut. the laws that federal tax is turned off they do plan to jealous the executive or-death order in court. maureen kelly, kron 4 news.
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>> reporter: continuing to search for her less take a look. this >> reporter: was the scene on wednesday afternoon. along alameda creek. outside fremont. >> reporter: again today that is her hands and the yellow jackets, at times and needy and the mud, searching every snag, determined to find their daughter. >> it has been ross. --rough
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>> reporter: 18 year-old tracy is thought to have somehow driven off the winding road. on saturday and ended up in the creek. her car was found. its windows were broken out but she was not inside. some of her clothing was reportedly found downstream. fremont fire launched a bold early wednesday answers upstream from the bay. >> reporter: the dangers current is hampering the search but as many as zero hundred people, many of them coming out for the first time today are scorned by sides of the creek from where j. the car was found working their way downstream. jayda, is a fighter, says her father's c j.
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>> reporter: who is to try to bring her home. --who is determined to bring her home >> we are not going to stop. we are early to bring her home >> reporter: the official search has been suspended for now. but the search and rescue team will join the search on saturday. and her parents will in fact, be out here to resume the search tomorrow morning. rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> grant: the search continues for a missing kayaker who has not been seen since yesterday. search teams from multiple agencies including the u.s. coast
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guard, began looking for 32 year old kid s-- 32 year-old kenneth maldanado. >> reporter: when that capsized--when the tide that he was in capsized. >> grant: terisa estacio, has more details. >> can get was upside down and he was no longer able to see his friend. -- the kayak was upside down >> reporter: they are born into a grid search. --they are going to do a great surge-- grid search
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>> reporter: friends and family will continue to find and the assets continue to search for him it would not go on camera as the grief was too much. p >> reporter: this is the division chief again. >> he could have gotten himself out of the water on one of the levees. there is still a chance but we will focus right now. our primary objective is to search this entire part of the day. >> reporter: searching the large area with the coast guard out but by that afternoon the entire operation wrapped up. there is no word on when it will go back out into the water to surge. terisa estacio, kron 4 news.
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lle girl was found dead s. - police make an arrest in connection with her killing. that story - next.
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>> vicki: and arrest has been made. an early case that rocked that the bill. police say they never gave up. >> grant: the suspect was in prison for it is serving time for another murder. >> date is today that the family thought we never come. but here is we are today. >> reporter: after 34 years of justice has come with the arrest of 51 year old marvin. with the murder of her daughter. >> 34 years ago, at the age of 14 she died at the hands of a vicious, cowardly murder. --murderer
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>> reporter: live nearby attending a party with france, the night before her body was found. police say marleau was at that party but the two were not france. slants--friends >> as far as the relationship they did now have a relationship the night of that party. >> reporter: marco leaning ical difficulties. against our locker in junior high school and he shouldn't have been there because he was a lot older"markel was in the midst of severing an 80-year prison sentence for murdering a boutte county woman when vacaville police gained evidence against him in the johnson case"people share
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things with people, confide in people over the years and that happened and those people and they're
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>> grant: a standout high school football player was apparently the teenager who was shot and killed in the east bay earlier this week. teammates and family identified the victim as lamar murphy. the 16 year- old was a junior at hayward high school. and he died monday evening in hayward. at a house near smelly avenue in princeton st. >> grant: when police tried, they found murphy suffering from multiple gunshots. a
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gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. police say murphy did not live at that house, but was there visiting. officers currently have no motives but believed it may have been a drive-by shooting. >> grant: happening now. friends and family are gathering to remember pearl consent-- pearl pinson >> grant: eight months ago police says she was kidnapped by financial castro on a freeway overpass above interstate 780 and vallejo. castro was later killed in a shootout with police and no one has heard from her sense. the solano county sheriff's office was there are no leads. but right now. the time to keep the search for her going her
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supporters are placing candles at the same i 780 over paris where she was last seen. 52 and santa rosa, and 51 in fairfield. heading into tamara's one noticed
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temperatures warmer than what we have seen today. -- heading into tomorrow you will notice warmer temperatures and what we have seen today. >> technical difficulties.
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like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >> grant: sappho actress and comedienne marius tie look more, whose 97 serious help our short and new era for women on tv, it died wednesday at the age of 80. = =mary tyler moore >> grant: from all partners at c n n. looking back on her career and personal life. >> reporter: watching
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america's sweetheart, mary and that the crew and the fictional news room it was her career defining role for a generation to symbolize the cultural shift. unmarried, thirty is one in the workplace. she was born december 29th. amber glenn york. she was still in her teens when she was granted her show--her big break in the show business. >> reporter: dressed and capri pants when the time that tv housewives wore skirts. she made five
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seasons and made her a household name. her first marriage crumbled and the force in 1961. a year later she remarried and the two created a company. to produce several successful tv shows. hill street blues, and more. >> reporter: seven seasons and 29 emmys with a three golden globes later the show ended. and more found it difficult to shed her tv image so she turned to broadway on the tony awards. the seventh time emmy winner cartel her place in television history by being a pioneer that opened up opportunities for women in tv. mary, did make it after all. >> vicki: she died in the
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connecticut hospital. after dealing with pneumonia. >> grant: is so impressive that she was able to transcend and tv like that. great life. >> vicki: yes, i grew up watching her. >> grant: my hygienist told me to try... ...a mouthwash. so i tried crest. it does so much more than give me fresh breath. crest pro-health mouthwash provides all... ...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups.
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think in terms of registration where you've got folks on rolls that have been deceased or moved or registered in two counties. this isn't just about the 2016 election it's about the integrity of our voting system." the white house not backing down on president trump's claim that millions of illegal ballots - cost him the popular vote - in the november election. white house press secretary sean spicer saying today that the president... plans to open an investigation into voter fraud... to quote - "understand where the problem exists and how deep it goes." this as president trump continues to fulfill one of his most co
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>> not just in 2016. i think in terms of registration where you have got folks on growth than had been deceived or moved or registered in teutonic spirit this is not just about the 2016 election is about the integrity of our voting system. >> reporter: the white house not backing down on president drums climbed that millions of the legal bell is caused him the popular vote in the november election. >> reporter: the white house the white house not backing down on president donald trump's claim that millions of illegal ballots costa on the popular vote in the november election. >> reporter: white house press secretary saying today that the present a chance to open an investigation into bullfrog spirit to "
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understand where the problem exists and how it--and how deep it goes. and " >> reporter: this as donald trump continues to fulfill one of his most continuous campaign promises, to build a wall along the some corporate >> reporter: from our partners at sea and in dianne gallagher bricks it all down. --cnn hh >> reporter: president trump is making good on one of his most continuous campaign promises. >> do not even think about it, it will be built. >> reporter: today signing executive orders to defer federal resources to build a bottle wall between the u.s. and mexico. --to build eight
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border wahl. >> reporter: donald trump or also incensed or cities and add some 5000 border agents. including a temporary ban on refugees and the suspension of these is from some countries that donald trump been sent to your kron. -- terror-prone >> grant: former president george h. w. bush is getting better and may get to go home this weekend. according to his spokesperson. the 92 year old was hospitalized for pneumonia. bush, still
5:33 pm
has a lingering cost but his long are clearing up. -- lingering cough but his loan are clearing up. --lungs >> reporter: he has been working with this all there is to help him regain his strength. and the nation's 41st president and his wife barbara bush were admitted to houston methodist hospital earlier this morning. the former first lady was released on monday after being treated for bronchitis. >> brittney: temperatures and half moon bay or at 52 degrees, 24 hours ago we do see a change. if you are closer to the east bay we are up a few degrees. we do
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seek a little of scattered showers across the bay area. again, the main palin is a dry pattern for us and we will continue to see dry conditions in the weekend. we are also tracking decrease and visibility. and concord, livermore, half moon bay. and hayward. we'll have more details coming up with a 7 day forecast. >> vicki: the deadly storms and ebony killed four people this weekend. southwest georgia was hit by tornadoes and thunderstorms. governor nathan deal visited the area to see the destruction of the storm left. he says more than 300 state workers are offering assistance. federal responders are waiting for an official disaster
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declaration before they get to work. crews are still searching for a two year old boy reported missing since sunday. >> technical difficulties.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. the fastest man alive...has lost some of his bling. usain bolt's golden olympic record was diminished today. not because of his legs...but over a teammate >> grant: the fastest man
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alive has lost some of his status the golden olympic record was diminished today. not because of his licks over a teammate testing positive for a banned substance, first positive test means, but must return of his nine owned the gold medals. cemented his status as an all-time great. by completing in an unprecedented triple triple in real 2016. >> grant: that means he was the only man to win all three sprint events at three olympic games. but now the cold the jamaican one in the four by 100 m relay in beijing 2008 will no longer count. >> grant: mark davis can
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talk about moving the raiders to a loss of biggest all he wants, but that does not meet oakland will not put up a fight to keep them here. for the last several months, fans have voiced their desire for the team to stay. and now another contingent of greater nation. it has joined the cost to say the silver and black. mark carpenter is here with the details. >> grant: mark? >> reporter: ronnie lott difficulties deal... and are hoping it gets a thorough examination from the nfl. despite the size of their contingent, they are more than confident they can make a serious case to league owners. "our clout is us. it's not something we are concerned about. we've just started
5:40 pm
organizing and once we start putting all the pieces together, our faith organizations, the business community. we get on a momentum, we'll get on a roll that i don't think the >> we have a momentum and we have been on the role that i believe that national football league does not want to see. >> reporter: it will have to move quickly as the owners are expected to vote and move in march. >> grant: to the first time ever the dow goes up 22 points brith rob black is live in the house. he informs us of what this means for our economy. >> brittney: i am tracking all of the details coming up with our forecast after the break.
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the decision from the white house to tighten up the national immigration policy
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continues to draw ire from many fronts, especially here in the bay area. from city leaders to community activists... the reaction has been brisk. let's check in now with pam moore in the kron4 newsroom. that's right vicki... many bay area mayors, local lawmakers and civic leaders are president decision. we'll from them at six. and.... take a this picture. it's a car .. with some distinct police hope recognize... how it will help solve a crime on the penninusla. we have more news coming up at six... right now, let's get back to the news at five. news at five >> pam: take a close look, it is a car with a distinct features. someone may recognize this. it was crime that happened on the peninsula we have more coming up tonight at 6:00. back to you vicki in the studio. >> grant: that money knows today. this is rob black is good to see you at the 5:00 hour.
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>> grant: you can see how the dow went up 100 and it defies today. this has been a trend for more than just the past couple of weeks but a lot of people were wondering how the donald trump presidency has impacted the market. >> reporter: is definitely helping the market because he is pro-business. imagine a company like walt disney at 25% or 15 with a billion dollar profit creek--similar to apple last $216 billion overseas repatriating. j p dark and an goldman sacks are companies that are benefiting from thi.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: wall street is kind of responding to this spirit--companies like caterpillar will do well. >> reporter: macdonalds will have more money and their pockets. >> grant: i think someone who is a financial expert will believe that donald trump presidency will be good for the economy but, however we will also build a large wall that will cost thousands and millions of dollars. >> grant: he said that the u.s. what initially pay for this and then mexico will pay us back. >> reporter: there is always something that is caused unintended consequences. maybe terrorist will slip
5:47 pm
into the country? maybe they have a way of fighting that. ironically, the biggest cement company in the world is the max. so if you built this wall does mexico company will get a lot profit from it. >> reporter: i'm not sure if he really wanted the he is trying to keep his promise that he promised the people. like i am doing this. . >> grant: when president obama left the economy was doing well and unemployment was at a all-time low. so obviously, when president obama took over we were in bad shape. so how much credit does he get? >> reporter: since obama took office over saw things
5:48 pm
that were positive spirit and is important that is all about capitalism. so, i will come back in seven years and talk to you again in regards to the market to climb up a certain percentage. >> grant: how long would you see this market stain?-- staying >> reporter: at least two years. >> reporter: trump will benefit from a lot of spending at one time shot. aware as obama, was over a span of years. --where, obama >> reporter: when it happens it is a good opportunity as
5:49 pm
a seal on the market. it is a good thing. not a bad thing. >> grant: all right, that is rob black. we love scene you. --we love seeing you. >> vicki: good seeing you, rob. >> vicki: we now have britain with the weather. >> vicki: --brittney >> brittney: we will continue to see mostly cloudy skies for the region heading into the rest of tonight. july i ask a few clouds over the north the bay some even some sprinkles. all the way up to the lake tahoe region with some snow showers. is it wheat system that will work its way through. we will
5:50 pm
mainly stay dry for most of the rear right into the weekend. a closer look to what is in store as we head into the rest of tonight, dropping down close to 37 degrees. and 39 in vallejo. but the night and oakland, and san mateo. & >> brittney: it into tomorrow we will start with a lot of clouds. >> brittney: with our inland locations close to 41 degrees. >> brittney: will notice that our temperatures will stay and a low fifties for tomorrow all around the lunch hour and the mid '50s by 3:00 p.m. with a lot of sunshine so we will have a comfortable afternoon. >> brittney: a few spots will get into the '60s, for the saturday and sunday. >> brittney: 54 degrees in
5:51 pm
san mateo, 55 in redwood city. , 57 high in santa rosa, 54 and we'll be stuck. --in rio vista >> brittney: --we are at 57 degrees for san jose. >> brittney: we have a lot of sunshine as we go into the weekend with closer to 60 degree temperatures. a lot of sunshine for sunday and monday, 64 degrees is back on the map. i strained up '60s and a lot of sunshine. we will take a look at the weather at 6:00. >> vicki:thanks, britt! >> vicki: macdonalds is
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giving away 10,000 bottles of its big macs special sauce. the fast-food chain is doing the giveaway to promote its new bid matt sandwiches. the graeme mac and the big met julia. --the grand mac and the big mac jr. >> grant: to get a limited edition bottle you can follow met donald social media pages or download it i message application called mcdonnell special sauce binder. was to find a location ... you tell them the secret cold phrase. there's a big met for that and if they have a bottle date did it to you at participating locations. the new promotion comes after news that only one in five small meals have tried a bit rack. --one in five mill
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>> reporter: unfortunately finding dory did not get nominated. >> reporter: according to all alternative fax, it did. --facts (laughter) >> reporter: ellen may have
5:56 pm
been joking about not getting any oscar love, but it was no laughing matter for abc won the oscar website mistakenly replaced loving roost name on the best actress list with amy adams for our arrival. -- loving ruth ngegga - >> reporter: and one tom hanks was not nominated either his name appear in the best actor category for sculley--sully >> this is the captain and braced for impact. >> reporter: 80 see digital was quick to remedy this situation and issued a statement the ring in part " we apologize to the academy, press and fans for
5:57 pm
any confusion. >> reporter: no mistaking nicole kidman nomination for lion! nicole stunned and his long black dress accented with a ball at the far moniz fashion show last night in paris where she shared her excitement. >> incredibly onerous and so happy for them to have to see such an acknowledgement, so many awards. >> the strangest thing is the older i get, the more exciting if it. >> grant: this wraps up kron 4 news at 5. >> vicki:steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news s six.
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>> technical difficulties.
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>> reporter: here in the bay area marine county was one of the high spots. long considered to have among the highest number of breast cancer diagnosis and the world. fallen in recent years and is now about average accord to a study by the cancer prevention institute of california.
6:20 pm
>> reporter: >> brittney: seasonal temperature expected to stay envelope. as we approach the weekend warmer temperatures in the mid-60s. bar right now we are at 48 degrees. similar conditions to this time until we get to the weekend. saleratus are showing us right now a few scattered showers. light snow
6:21 pm
showers near a town hall right now to the north. >> brittney: him tonight clops 35 in santa rosa, 33 in livermore, 39 in that sense >> brittney: it will be a chilly start to the morning. in that afternoon we will be pushing to the mid-50s. sanford's 6054-san
6:22 pm
francisco 54. >> steve: well she was well- known will rebecca her career how she changed the course of those who came after her. >> reporter: and hear something else that could be affected by president >> reporter: the dakota access >> reporter: see how protesters are digging in and what they fear could be the next step from the white house. >> reporter: you will have that story and more kron 4 news at 8.
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>> reporter: the actress and comedienne helped usher in a new era for women on television. >> reporter: michele turner with our partners as see an endless and mary tyler moore's groundbreaking career. >> reporter: an unmarried 30 is
6:26 pm
one in she was born december 30th 1946 our family moved to california when she was 8. >> reporter: in 1961 she landed her first show in the van dyke show. lord dress in capri pants at time when whites were scourged and aprons. >> reporter: as a career took off her first marriage to richard crumbled. the mary tyler
6:27 pm
moore show. so the tv comedian turned to broadway. the seventh time emmy winner carved out her career by being a pioneer who open doors for women. mary tyler moore really did make it after all. >> reporter: she really did help much of the nation to see women in a different way. specifically dealt with the mary tyler moore show. >> reporter: that was one of the first shows we ever got to watch.
6:28 pm
>> reporter: and is one of the more legendary books the book 1984. >> reporter: i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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>> pam: in san francisco the mayor says he will not build the wall terret but the mayor says they're still trying to determine. >> pam: the spokesperson for the city says there are not taking action yet. bo was that federal task is turned off they will take as active order to court. >> brittney >> reporter: for the past 45 years marco the pat primary suspect.
6:32 pm
>>: >> reporter: here in fremont on mass of search is taking place for a missing kayaker. this all started to unfold tuesday night. his kayak started to fill with water. other friends say he loved to fish. they are all
6:33 pm
grown numb with grief. >> reporter: here in fremont the search continues met for a missing teenager. our car sound and alameda creek. her family has been spurned both sides. the search is to resume on thursday. >> pam: after weeks of the wet pad when we are now in the dry and barren. >> brittney: one thing we were watching was a weather disturbance. we are seeing a few little sprinkles right now. a
6:34 pm
few snow flurries right now in lake tahoe. as we get in tomorrow you notice is that everything will fizzle out. on thursday will even see a little more sunshine as we go towards that afternoon. >> brittney: high as around the region tomorrow will be the high 50s spirit. a 7 day forecast showing us a lot of sunshine. 64 degrees would be a beautiful day.
6:35 pm
>> steve: 3 people were arrested tuesday night near the site of the dakota access pipeline. >> steve: where presidents from signing an executive or that gives a green light to reach new construction. >> pam: the worst fears of processors may soon come processors >> pam: serra center with our partners as cn in is in north dakota. >> reporter: buckle access pipeline runs through four states. from north dakota to illinois. >> reporter: opponents fear contamination of water sources and the destruction of a sacred native american burial grounds. along one part of the room. >> reporter: so we have been seeing in the past couple weeks.
6:36 pm
one of the people here considers himself all water protector. there are a worry where the construction is happening. the water protection saying there were facing things like rubber bullets. however the law enforcement side sees them as on private property. what is happening now there is a lot of discussion about what is to happen next. a part of the cabin same maybe it's time for us to go.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: these are various behaviors conditions. there are going to fight legally impaired --politically. >> pam: the dakota access pipeline runs through north dakota and illinois. >> steve: forestry with traffic why not go under it. the wild plant being pinched by a team that has at tech executive to get around los angeles.
6:38 pm
over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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>> steve: after sweeting loss and the traffic drivers are nuts. building a tunnel to keep them out of traffic. >> pam: he tweed today that he
6:41 pm
is making progress on building a tunnel. he says he will buy a tunnel boring machine instead of digging. he expects to start digging the tunnel and a few months or so. >> steve: coming up in spoors we are one take a peek at how the warriors are doing. technical difficulties.
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6:45 pm
warriors joined their usual. is 7366 warriors are drilling me while but that cleveland cavaliers. that guy you are looking at is carmelo anthony. >> gary: they said they will give you kept carmel assignee for kevin love straighten up and the cavaliers turn bad bill down. technical difficulties.
6:46 pm
any way what i'm talking about i'm sure more brawn and the calf will be fine with. meanwhile dear rest who is the consulting with the golden state warriors. >> gary: the size i was fined
6:47 pm
$15,000 by the nba he got into in the altercation with lou babbage. >> gary: grant is into all this stuff. >> gary: we got a plane are around today and talk to a guy. aba is challenging the nba. >> gary: it wasn't like jerry
6:48 pm
west. there were a few players better than jerry west. >> gary: it was a marketing guy who did jerry west out of all the players. >> pam: are you tearing up the company property. --? >> gary: i know i lot of chronic yours are saying what is still low gold cup. >> gary: if you live close there
6:49 pm
she is. >> gary: this is one of those bills. --deals. >> gary: we are the only station, you have to appreciate this. >> steve: i think you might have
6:50 pm
to tell a couple of friends about it. >> gary: a great group of people they love their team. a barbecue place in jacqueline barrett >> gary: they're so poor chris is to make sure the raiders say. >>: when raiders relocated to los angeles we did in flight to go see the raiders. >> gary: but at the end of the
6:51 pm
day somebody walks in with a billion dollars. oakland coliseum people action committee. >> gary: i give you people credit for trying. >> steve: the legendary novel enjoying ... >> steve: the legendary novel enjoying ... we will be right back. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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6:55 pm
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ >> fub one, hollywood mourns the loss of television icon mary tyler moore. >> i could tell you the truth, had a hard time separating myself. >> as we remember the legend's ground-breaking career. >> and then the oscar nomination aftermath. >> and finding dory did not get nomina nominated. >> how the stars are reacting to the snubs and the surprises. >> hoppnored. >> and the screen actors award. >> inside of the sag seating shuffle. >> plus your insider bonus. >> we're introducing our new
7:00 pm
little family member. >> katherine heigel's son makes his cover debut inside of her pregnancy ups and downs. >> plus a black-ish bombshell. >> we're both nuts. >> anthony anderson and tracee hell is ross wild night out and what made anthony leave. >> now, "insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> saying good-bye to mary tyler moore, passing away at the age of 80. debbie will join me, but first the health became a concern in later years including her long-time battle with diabetes but we pay tribute to her tonight, tracking at number one, there is something about mary. >> i'm not just a survivor. i am a flourisher. >> you know what -- you've got spunk. >> that spunk wound up


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