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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 27, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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. it was very, very tough to get into the united states. if you were a muslim you could come in, i thought it was very, very unfair. president trump today signing an executive action to increase military spending, getting new planes, tools, and ships for the armed forces, pam. as that executive order a number of organizations to settle in the bay area responded to the sweeping change. spencer blake talked with one of those groups. this has not been very well received there, has it. >> no it certainly hasn't been one of the groups that spoke out strongly against that executive order is jewish family and community services east bay is here in berkeley on this block and though it started helping mostly jewish
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refugees 140 years ago in berkeley most of the people they help now are muslim coming from countries, iraq, iran, syria, most from afghanistan in the last year they help resettle 151 people most, many of those people did actually work as translator overseas and they were helping the u.s. military and government. >> these are people who actually put their lives on the line to the united states and flee for their lives now as a result ironically today the president slammed the door shut on those people. >> jsps is trying to come up with a way to mobilize the community in the east bay, which has a tremendous desire to support refugees a nonprofit has actually had so many volunteers lately who want to help with job searches and finding housing for those
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refugees, jfcs hasn'tbeen able to utilize, and calling this a step backwards, even a crime. hear some of the concerns for the refugees who already made it here to the united states,settled in the east bay, and they have worries of their own we'll talk about that tonight at 10 on kron 4 news, spencer blake, kron 4 news. parts of the president's immigration emerging policy are raising concerns in the restaurant industry in the bay area the golden gate restaurant say it could make dining out more expensive for everyone, that if policy translates into an increase that could keep making staff difficult. they want to see those working hard to be rewarded with a path to citizenship. >> we have a lot of people
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working, paying taxes, contributing to the growth and vitality of our economy and we need to honor that we don't need to deport them or building walls we need to be finding ways to make them members of our society. the association also points out that restaurants make up more than 50% of the tax sales for revenue that's critical to the economic health of the city. students on the peninsula marched and rallied voicing their concern that the president's plans could break up their families more than 300 students, parents and teachers walk out of class at garfield elementary school and march to downtown redwood city the students saying they believe everyone should be able to stay in the united states they said the president's negative language of immigrants encourages others to do the same. new tonight at 8:00 the bay area may be enjoying nice weather but there is still
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lingering problems from our recent storm. one potential danger is debris, floating in san francisco pay, there is an increase risk of collision. and we took a look at this problem tonight in san francisco, charles have any ferries actually been damaged so far by the debris . yes they have you know the last couple of years the drought conditions the good side to all of that is there wasn't too much junk in san francisco bay these storms have washed debris down in the water that's posing a dangerrer to boats and actually ferryboats. we've seen more debris in the water than in recent memory. she is a spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district which operates the golden gate ferry so far this winter they have seen disruption to service due to storm debris in the water heavy rain due to massive
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king tides. this has been a really, really tough storm season when it comes to debris. tires and fishing line that tends to be a big problem, there are big garbage cans that are out there, we've even seen a refrigerator with food out it in the water one of the vessels was struck by debris, damaged a propeller it took it out of service for three days and cost $90,000 to repair. the other ferry service has also seen its share of problems this winter back on january 13th junk in the straight force the cancellation of a ferry departure on january 16th the ferry had to be taken out of service after the propeller struck something in the water. there are obstacles that can do damage to the vessels. >> the captains watch for debris but with this much stuff in the water problems are inevitable. we operate service in the morning when it is dark, operate service in the late afternoon, early evening when it is dark at those times there
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is simply no way to see all of the debris that's out there and avoid it. >> all right back live now, wet weather is in the forecast and california's rainy season doesn't end for a couple more months so this could linger for quite some time. police arrested a man who tried to have sex with an under age girl. he was attempted to meet up with a 14-year-old girl in san francisco, charged with a number of felony crimes investigators say that he tried to send graphic images to the child, he was convicted of a similar crime back in texas in 1987. well, most people live by the beach for some peace and quiet. unfortunately for neighbors that has been far from the case
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since the apartment buildings came vulnerable to erosion of the cliff in which they sit, they'll have to be demolished on monday, neighbors aren't happy about the noise but they do hope it will all soon be over . >> reporter: this building is now an empty shell but what was once a bustle resident one year ago the apartment was deemed uninhabitable because of the cliff on the other side and ever since dealt with construction in the area, several buildings have been torn down now crews tore the area of lead, asbestos and other materials for demolitionthey were built in the '60s but became uninhabitable because of the bluffs not to mention the restricted beach access they have so dear . i think the neighborhood is general is not looking forward to it but you know it is a small price to pay to do what we have to do to
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preserve the area. come monday morning 8 a.m. people need to brace themselves for more demolition the city hopes to complete that project on the same day but expect crews to be cleaning up to be parts of the demolition for the two or three days after. kron 4 news. coming up, an east bay school vandalized at the worse possible time ahead tonight at 8:00 how the crime is affecting the school's upcoming sports season. powerful storms dropping so much rain that reservoir are over flowing but we'll tell you why officials say they'll have to let some of that water go. it takes just one word and you could be compromised we'll explain what a phone scam is trying to get you to say which could cost you. >> i'm tracking a beautiful weekend lots of sunshine but rain is back in your seven day forecast all the details coming up right after the break.
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>> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel, that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our whole eternity has been changed. [music]
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. we just got an update we told you about the top of the show, the people arrested in san jose a few minutes ago the sheriff's department
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tweetedbased upon evidence the investigators very confident they have the man that was on the run that robbed a bank in scotts valley, you see a picture of the suspect on the left side of your screen from yesterday during that bank robbery, they are confident that it was in fact the bank robber who was taken into custody in san jose around 5:00 tonight after running from a stolen, unmarked law enforcement car you see the arrest taking place on the right side of your screen those aerials currency of our partner, his name has not been released but again, they do believe that the guy in handcuffs on the right side of your screen is the same individual that robbed the bank on the left side of your screen more than anything they wanted the public to rest assure there is no longer a threat out there this was the issue of course that forced the highway 17 shut down for most of yesterday really big deal throughout the south bay if we learn any additional info we'll let you know and always updating
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developments on thank you for that update a soccer field vandalized at an east bay christian school. school officials say this isrecently upgraded from the soccer season but these muddy tire track shows that someone intentionally drove on the grass and ripped up the field at the contracoster christian schools but there is no videos of what happened. >> we have no idea who would do this, guessing it was a teenager a young person wanting to have fun tearing up ap field i don't know that they think about the consequences of those actions. >> for now, the soccer team is going to have to try to find another field to not only practice but then play league games. well, it was not that long ago that we were talking about the severe drought. now the coin has flipped we're talking about an abundance of water in some sections, why the recent rain is leading to
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waterreleases in some east bay reservoir. it was the wettest in history now 300% of average rainfall that's just locally. >> when it rains it pours. so much soe that its reservoir are filled to the brim. >> from management to our management storage and flooding. it is releasing water from the reservoir, among them san pablo reservoir. we're making sure we have water to come in next week. during these coordinated releases avoid reservoir downstream but assuring customers there will still be an ample supply of drinking water. releasing water is not uncommon they even did it during drought years as far as how long this is going to go on they say for
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at least a week and then they'll reassess. at san pablo reservoir, kron 4 news. it is going to be a cold night comping your way, here is a live look at sfo for the moment. kron 4 chief meteorologist is here to plan your weekend a lot of events going on including chinese new year. all the festivities will continue for a couple of weeks we'll find fantastic conditions whether you plan to stay closer to the bay area head to the high country plenty of sunshine expected for us and our highs for the most of the area on saturday 60 degrees sunday a few degrees warmer 62 mostly sunny skies expected for us and a closer look outside right now golden gate bridge shows that clear conditions we're tracking any fog tonight we'll see clear skies tomorrow morning as well. san francisco 50 degrees we're still at 51 in oakland, 46 in san jose we drop to the low 40s
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in concord, temperatures are actually up a bit in napa everywhere else similar conditions as we get into tonight we'll actually drop down even more especially for most of our north bay zones temperatures in the low to mid- 30s, clear skies for us once again high pressure will remain in control so you can see quite a dramatic ridge here and any unsettled weather will stay off to the coast however the shifts of it as we get into next week as far as the weekend is concerned going into saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday nice and dry lots of sunshine as we get closer to wednesday that's when the system will push on shore wednesday into thursday that's the next system that we're tracking. as far as tomorrow is concerned sunshine all the way through by 9 a.m. temperatures in the low 40s same thing for the bay inland locations. a cold start to your weekend
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pushing closer to your lunch hour temperatures will warm into the mid-50s and towards the afternoon lots of 60s back on the map for us our thee day forecast shows temperatures stay right around low 60s for saturday sunday mid-60s on monday, coming up in your seven day forecast i'll track more details on the changes we've going to cool down plus an unsettled workweek ahead next week i'll have the details in about 10 more minutes. all right brittany thank you the latest scam hitting phone lines could get you in trouble just for saying the word yes. >> turns out that scammers are recording your voice and then using that one word to answer your name and steal your money. that's right pam and steve, i think i was a victim of this a week and a half ago, someone was like can you hear me? you pick up a phone, they
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recognize someone has, and asked, can you hear me? i said yes, that was the mistake now we know, answering question gives them a recording of your voice apparently that these scammers can then use to approve fraudulent charges or sign you up for a security system or a cruise line or anything scary the better business bureau is warning about the scam so bottom line if a sales person calls or it is a number that you don't recognize do not carry on a phone conversation better yet if you don't recognize the number let it go to voice mail and chances are you'll not be calling the person back because well, not really a person. a truck speeds down the
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load and crashes into a bus full of people. if you never had to go to the gas station and costs the same would you have gas delivered to your vehicle? a handful of start ups are offering that that's coming up on kron 4 news. and you have your summer out here here ready to role? sprung is right around the corner. no sleeves i'm fired up. tom brady senior has strong things to say for roger goodell for what he did to tom brady junior, and tiger woods, a little later in this broadcast. here is what we're tracking tonight at 10 the allegheny sheriff's release brand new surveillance video who murdered an east bay grandmother and set her home on fire tonight on
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kron news at 10.
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. gasoline delivery apps like refuel, panda gaining popularity with a couple swipes you can order a truck to your location and get a fill up saving you time to go to the gas station, but how much extra does it cost and is it safe? kron 4 tried it out. next time the needle is on e, instead over trying to figure out when you'll work in a stops in already busy day, you can pull up with the app filled and choose a window of time for the fill up make sure your gas lid is unlocked that's it go about your day the gas
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truck willcome. it has a 50-foot hose, the truck is loaded be safety gear like a fire extinguisher a spill recovery kit an emergency shut off button. the drivers go through 100 hours of training, hazmat certified and have special licenses to drive these trucks. here is the price paced bon the location they look at three closest gas stations and give you the lowest one, they include costco, the delivery fee is up $3, and you need it within a certain time, the cost is $5. we get the gas at the same place but on top of that, number one, we double filter our gas that doesn't happen at the gas station, number two our gas is fresh it doesn't sit in under ground dirty tanks. jason said one popular use
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is people get filled up at work that way their commute home is shorter. >> the majority of customers get their fill over night knowing that you don't have to wake up that extra 20 minutes early to make it on time to that meeting. a lot of women are using it for a few reasons number one they find gas stations unsafe. , especially at night. number two they find them dirty, touching those bacteria pumps. trump known for his tweeting and one finds out how to make money off of that. a recall over concerns that a product there could cause amputation. and next the president proposing an import tax with certain countries how it could cost millions of american jobs. i'm tracking a few changes lots of sunshine warmer then rain is back in your seven day forecast all the details after the break.
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. president trump said he had a good conversation, also promised tough negotiations on trade and that border wall. >> we have really a good relationship the first president and i, we had a talk that lasted for about an hour this morning. at a photo app with british prime minister theresa may, describing a friendly phone call with mexico. >> as you know mexico with the united states has outnegotiated us and beat us to a pulp. >> just yesterday his press secretary proposed a 20% import tax on mexican goods. >> by do i think it that way we could do $10 million a year and pay for the wall.
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and products from mexico are made in that country, mexican oil is shipped to louisiana to used in plastic, used for dash boards for a factory in the midwest, and shipped back to a car assembly line and exported back to the united states, 6 million american jobs depend on trade with mexico. at the same time consumers suffer because the imports that come from mexico, particularly food products will be more expensive for the consumer. president trump famous on twitter. what is a trend with those tweets in fact on the stock market. the company called t3 if the president mentioned a company in a negative way that company saw drop in their stock, so t3 created software called trump and dump which tracked business
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tweet which use words like cancel or no then their software would short, that means to sell it short helps investors make money off the stock drops t3 won't say how much they've made but say it is enough to make a big difference. and according to the retailer a chair can collapse posing risks and pinching fingers you can get a full refund if you return the chair by january 31st no receipt needed. just look outside tonight on this lovely friday. here is the golden gate bridge
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a few cars going will it be fun to walk across that bridge tomorrow? >> i think this weather accommodate us, it is difficult to bike across the golden gate bridge have you tried it? you need a mountain bike. are you saying it was hard for you to ride your bike across the bridge? a closer look what we can expect going through tonight a bit keeledder, especially on our north bay heading into tomorrow lots of sunshine warmer conditions for us as we go into next week we are going to see a chance of rain starting wednesday, thursday possibly into friday, satellite and radar showing us now high pressure is in court reporting school so that's going to be a good thing dry pattern sets up lots of sunshine expected to continue with dry conditions all the way once again until tuesday here is what it looks
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like perfectly dry but by wednesday evening that's when the rain starts to move in around thursday even friday so our unsettled weather pattern will once again return to us. as we go into the weekend it will be gorgeous. 47, san francisco, and 50 degrees in mountain view, and temperatures at 46 degrees. and highs tomorrow as we kickoff the weekend 57 in san francisco, 58 and fly you around zone to zone see temperatures back to the 60s for san carlos, 60 in san mateo north bay zone fews low 60s like santa rosa, napa 63 degrees closer to bethel island 57 east bay showing another round of 60s for heyward and oakland a closer look at our seven day forecast a warm start to your week 60s, temperatures
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drop almost 10 degrees as we usher in our next system wednesday night into thursday. we hear so many reports about hold up bad the homeless problem is from san jose to vallejo. turns out many were helping making the problem worse in the process tammy roberts is at fifth in oakland to demonstrate a different side of the issue. here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. if you happen to drive a tour route you'll get an eyeful because many are aligned with tent cities it's been like that for awhile this is my second time visiting. i was there back in august of 2016 if any have o'up canned i would say it's gotten better
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but i can't. what caught my attention then caught my attention now. back then there were bags of food hanging on fences. now empty liqueur bottles and boxes of fruit. now new faces appeared who want to show me how to she keeps her tent super clean and invites me inside. inside it was nice and clean with a radio playing in the background and a flat screen tv lying on the floor, i asked about the flat screen she said she found it in the trash i asked if it worked. wow. then i ran to this man on a bicycle, asked if i knew who he was. >> he wanted to talk on camera only on one condition he had to put a cap on first then told me something that never crossed my mind. >> people that pass out food for us help us out, they don't ask if they want us they set it
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there. they will set it down so most people are scared of the homeless whatever so they are just sat it in front of the tent without asking if they want it like christmas or thanksgiving the night of thanksgiving all the extra food is there i'm talking about pots and pans. all the donated food is creating a bigger problem, rats. my tent is a 22 man tent, it has four rooms, one, two, three, four. so the door right here is like, i keep my food water, the rats ate through the door and the water goes in my room and destroys all my clothes, everything. let's put this in perspective.
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picture hundreds of people drop food at your front door every day that you can't possibly eat yes it will create a problem the solution donate food to homeless outreach groups and shelters because your generosity may be actually hurting the homeless rather than helping him in west oakland kron 4 news. kron 4 has tried tourism reach out to the city of oakland. straight ahead, inches of way from severe injury one passenger's last second move to dodge a truck as it slams right into that bus. next apple files an unusual patent and it is for a product the company has never made before
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. apple may be the next
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company to join the vaporizer trend. they filed for a patent that could be a vapor, published plans for a temperature-related plate inside a chamber that heats up a substance to form a vapor. they are used to ingest nicotine or marijuana also used in health care agriculture or industries it is unclear what they are targeted with a patent or if they'll ever follow- through with it in the end. traumatic moments of a crash caught on video in new york state, a truck lost control and smashed half way through a city bus. the cameras on the bus recording the entire incident watch what happens as the truck looses control while exiting the highway riders in the path
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were flown from the seats police say the pick up driver simply drove too fast off that ramp stopped traffic and mistakingly hit the accelerator instead of applying the brakes plowing into the bus a number of people were taken to the hospital as you can see why, remarkably no one was seriously injured no ticks were issued immediately after the crash but police are investigating. and joining us to read fan e-mail. tom brady senior with an interview with kron 4 lets the world know how he feels about roger goodell calling the shots, gary will share his thoughts he has all sports coming up.
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. time for the bank of the west business report. when it comes to building an energy efficient home you can double up, out of the gate incentives are available. >> they range from $3,000 all the way up to over $7,000 depending upon how efficient they make the house. from bulbs. >> the technology amazing the house is really tight. to appliances. you cannot hear the traffic you can't feel drafts and it is gorgeous. heating and cooling even solar power shingles. >> it actually creates a solar power and acts as a roof shingle. creating the cost-cutting technology. the savings add up once the electric bills hit the box. the numbers don't lie. talking about up to 20% off your energy bill, it is actually money you may have
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already spent. right here pay on that you are monthly bill every month. fees from your ever source bills go into a fund, that provides the incentives it is a heaping pile of cash set aside for green and energy savings statewide $247 million available, residential new construction companies including the zero energy challenge over $4 million it is money just waiting to be used. take advantage of. programs to help your home become a little bit healthier. >> very simple ways to start to save energy in your home today. >> this business report is sponsored by bank of the west for personal approach to business banking go west bank of the west. time for kron 4 sports, sponsored by chevy. all right everybody, you know, sunday is coming fast and when i say sunday, that means
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that the new england patriots will be there and of course the atlanta falcons they'll be in houston for a super bowl and of course the game is a week from sunday everybody is talking, i don't want to say big but you want to get it out of your way right now anything that may be a bit controversial i want to give mark carpenter, he tracked down tom brady today, tom brady senior met up at sarah high school, you know the story brady versus roger goodell in a four game suspension, mr. brady did not like the way his son was treated. >> i think any parent kind of understands they would rather take the slings and arrows in their heart rather than their kid takes it what the league did for them what roger goodell lied about is beyond reprehensible as far as i'm concern. it should be an honor because
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somebody that has roger goodell's ethics does not belong on the same stage he was on. >> he received national attention tonight but once they get to houston everybody would be on the down low but mr. brady still felt like talking here we go to tiger woods not going to be playing this weekend his first tournament in 18 months shot 72 today, but it wasn't good enough to make a cut tori pines where he played well in the past, this is one of those deals where it is going to take time when you haven't played for awhile so woods flew out tonight destination dubai for his next stop playing four of the next five weeks you can't jump right now and say, well gee you didn't look good didn't make the cut probably rather made the cut but if you want to be fair about this check back in
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in five weeks here, are you ready to role? let's start it i'm 58 years old, the 49ers hire a new head coach and general manager in my lifetime? >> the reason they were only team without a coach they are waiting for kyle shanahan a week from sunday the atlanta falcons been the offensive coordinator being named the next coach as for the general manager i don't have that much enthusiasm. this is my favorite picture i laughed out loud were you really mad? >> no, no, i'm not going, i was telling some people from alaska when you get mad you keep it to
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yourself, it would be a good gag, everybody showing off in a car that was it. if i get really mad i'll keep it to myself it is just a gag. >> kevin durant is clearly better than steph curry all you do is give him props. we've met people who have flown in from alaska, have them on in a moment durant may be a better player, you know, in the up and down world of the nba but i think this will always be steph's for lack of a better term, town. that's always going to be number one, he got here first all the good work, durant may be a better player but this is steph's area. martha, why are you never shown during the morning sport's segment? >> auditioning for good morningphoenix, i'm in bed, they wake me up and i'm not joking, you know this is one of
8:51 pm
those deals where you can show a personality when you're sitting there for five hours reading the same stories over and over she wanted a thing where you can get a full length, there she is, as a host and so i sit in bed and there you go but you get a full shot of me. >> in the fresh and jake your wife is very beautiful she must have had other options, just kidding i think? listen, jake, there was no one else for me no other options . it is funny, a little option there was a guy sitting on his couch alone getting mad at somebody on tv. that was the other option. >> there you have it. how do you like it jake? right back at you all the way to the bank. >> the more you get on somebody the better you're doing. live from alaska, we have marie, courtney. come on in.
8:52 pm
squeeze in! we met in 10 minutes ago walking by one big happy family here. the point being, how you doing, good, good, somebody pointed me out and they didn't know can i have a picture? he is the tallest guy here the point being they flew from alaska paid how much for the tickets, go ahead, say it, $700 each to see kevin durant play, big fans that's terrific they are the nicest people i've ever had they are terrific they've invited us up to stay at their place. >> from alaska! not as enthusiastically, that's okay. >> didn't say a word i just invited myself. anyway, from alaska, there you go. all right
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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. tonight at 10, san francisco is not an easy place to drive in. there is a lot of rules and tricks and stuff, there is a lot of rules. there are also rules posted outside the san francisco lift hub. they are being lowered in the next edition of people behaving badly. well that's coming up at 10, catch all the days big story including gary's forecast tune in on the bay area's news station. we were just enjoying our guests from alaska, they had a great weekend of weather here. i'm sure it is warmer than alaska, one for us on saturday, heading into next week, take a look at wednesday rain is back in the forecast. what is bigger for those folks the lunar new year orkevin durant we're back at 10:00 stay in touch at
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