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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 28, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> j.r.:nationwide protests are underway now after donald trump signed an executive order implementing a travel ban on 7 countries. >> j.r.: it started after several travelers were detained at the you're looking at pictures from san francisco, new york, denver and washington, d.c.
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good evening, i'm jr stone. >> j.r.:kron4's lydia pantazes spent the day at the protest at the san francisco interantional airport and joins us live now with more. >> reporter:
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travel ban today from the white >> j.r.: kron 4 structure boy growing just nine. >> reporter: we do not know the status of each individual. as against the look at those crowds protesting. a 30 year-old by iranian man and an elderly couple. >> reporter: these people were already in route to san francisco. they arrive to their
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own immediate detention. >> reporter: because there is so much confusion for these people. civil rights attorneys again trying to help the >>: we believe in freedom of religion. people from all across the country are here to show their support. >> reporter: these protesters were hoping tech help the attorneys gained help. we have not found out whether those attorneys that sense >> reporter: there are changes with some of those detainees being released.
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>> j.r.: thank you spencer at an iraqi in man is free tonight. authorities say this incident at jfk. started the protest. >> j.r.: as an interpreter for the u.s. army. >>: i work with the u.s. government. they treat me as i brought their roles. >> j.r.: he served as a contract
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engineer for the united states. a federal judge ordered u.s. borders to release the detainees. >> j.r.: the judge is working with agencies to gather in list of names. the judge called the ban unconstitutional. >> j.r.: do not forget to download the free kron 4 at. -- application bit
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>> j.r.: an hour long search for the woman you did no help. >>: we have done just about everything we can do. we have covered 100 percent of what we can access. >> reporter: canines, drones, and seven divers were a part of the search. >>: our priority is flight safety. we can not put anyone in danger.
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>> reporter: people from the family's hometown scoured the area. >>: as far as the family when never met some until today. my heart goes out to them. >>: there was about eight different teams. >> reporter: the 2000 silver honda accord was recovered yesterday. >>: we're hoping for a miracle to find her allies. >> j.r.: team one year oat--21-
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year-old angel ramos was remembered by friends and familyhe's the young man shot and killed by vallejo police monday. that after officers responded to a reported fight early that morning. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. angel's family says he didn't have to die. >> reporter:an aunt enraged. >>:- "you're going to be accountable, because god watches everything." >> reporter:an uncle in defense. >>: "he was a soldier for good. he wasn't for bad, you know what i mean, like they try to portray him." >> reporter: a heartbroken brother who misses
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>>: his younger brother. "when you around angel, you're guaranteed to smile, you're guaranteed to laugh." >> reporter: and, a grieving mother, understandably at a loss for words. the end. i just can't understand >>: why it happened." >> reporter: the more than 40 other people police department saturdayold angel ramos also perplexed as to why the young man was shot to death. >> reporter:early monday morning. >> reporter:police say officers responded to reports of several people fighting near a home on sacramento street. and, when they arrived, witnessed a 16-year-old boy from union city on the ground, on his back. >> reporter: and, a man, identified by family members as angel ramos, standing over the boy, holding a knife. police say the armed man presented a lethal threat to the victim down on his back.
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>> reporter: and, one officer, an eight-year veteran of the force, opened fire, killing angel. >> reporter: facts of this case laid out by the vallejo police department. >> reporter: and, that's why they've enlisted the help of attorney john burris. "he didn't have a knife on him. they're saying that he was leaping on somebody to shoo, i can't talk -- i'm sorry." >> reporter:the anti-police terror project helped organize this memorial. "we're going to be here to ride this out with you." >> reporter:the families of mario romero, gunned down by vallejo police in 20-12. and, alex nieto, killed by san francisco police in 20-14. offering their support. >>:- "my condolences to the family." >>:- "i wish i could say that it gets better, but it doesn't" >>:- "sigh, all i know is we need justice for my son and that's what we're here for today." >> reporter:the solano county district attorney's office is
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investigating the deadly shooting. in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news >> j.r.:in the north bay. all lanes of highway 37 are now open. the highway was shut down last sunday due to heavy flooding. this is video of what the area looked like from quad-copter- four. >> j.r.:c-h-p and caltrans crews worked all week to pump out the water. >> j.r.:c-h-p reopened eastbound lanes of highway 37 on wednesday. and westbound lanes were opened today. >> j.r.:this same area was flooded earlier this month due to recent storms. >> reporter:it will be clear and cold tonight with some valley temperatures near freezing. sunday will be sunny and mild with some temperatures in the mid 60s. >> reporter: springlike weather on sunday. we are talking about the possibility of some rain coming. >> j.r.: coming up a
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teleconference in the east bank. governor brown is receiving more treatment for for cancer. we will be right back. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence
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i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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>> j.r.: many americans fear they will loose their healthcare coverage under president trump's new administration. a conference was held in concord >> reporter: today to discuss those concerns. kron 4's jeff pierce has more. hundreds of contra costa county residents concerned about what the new administration is going to do about health care crowded into a church in concord on saturday. it was seen as part of a resistence movement to the threat of those who fear the loss of their health care. no less a voice then former congressman george miller spelled out that threat. >>: the fact is that twenty million americans have access to a system they didn't have a few years ago. >>: that's now threatened because of the idea that they are going to create trumpcare and trumpcare is not about giving people insurance, it's not about giving about taking the system and shattering it and putting it back into the hands of individual insurance companies. >>:the absence of healthcare or
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the absence of coverage is a crusher justice. >> reporter: among the concern s was the prospect of losing coverage because of a preexisting condition. >>: i represent one in ten women who have endometriosis. we are very concerned because this is a preexisting condition' >>: i will need cancer blocking medication for the rest of my life. like i said i'm thirty nine years old, i've already fought for my life i shouldn't have to fight for health care. >> reporter: the former congressman saw this as a part of a rising movement to preserve gains now threatened by the trump administration. >>: the womens march was an incredible kickoff of great concerns to citizens all over the world have about this president and how dangerous he can be, dangerous to foreign countries, dangerous to our own economy, dangerous to your healthcare, dangerous to your jobs and that's why you see these organizations springing up. >> reporter: congressman mark desaulnier asked the question on the minds of everyone attending.
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333 >>: >>: >>: three hundered million americans in the most powerful country in the history of the human species, why don't we have universal high quality health care in this country. >> reporter: in concord jeff pierce kron four news. california governor jerry brown will undergo further treatment for prostate cancer. the 78-year-old politician is being treated by a san francisco doctor. >> j.r.: hospital officials say governor brown's cancer is not extensiveand can be readily treated with a short course of radiotherapy. >> j.r.: experts say there shouldn't be significant side effects. the main part of the treatment will take place late next month, brown will contine with his work schedule while all of this is going on. >> j.r.:
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it was back in 20-12, when brown first revealed he had been diagnosed with early stages of localized prostate cancer. the bay area isn't the only region of california batteling downed trees. the strong santa ana winds in southern california are keeping people on their toes. >> j.r.: gusts of winds have knocked down big-rigs. threat of downed trees is greater because of winds and damp soil >> j.r.: texan >> j.r.:meteroligists high wind advisorys santa ana winds up to 60 miles >> j.r.:upper 60s trees are crashing into homes >> j.r.:it will be clear and cold tonight with some valley temperatures near freezing. sunday will be sunny and mild with some temperatures in the mid 60s. >> reporter: release below are
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some of the nicest temperatures we have seen recently. 46 in concord, and fairfield cooling off period. it will be a beautiful weekend. this is all going to change as we look for to the weekend. looking nice in the monday. as we close to tuesday partly cloudy. in san
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jose, of course start to the date. in oakland you are looking good. storm clouds roll back in as early as wednesday. >> j.r.: los angeles county says it has reached an agreement with the federal governmentto close santa monica's airport. the airport will be closed in december 2028. >> j.r.: >> j.r.: city officials say their aiming to turn the 227-acre site into a large park. the agreement would put an end to a lengthy battle with the federal aviation administration over the future of the site. resident's who wanted the airport closedraised concers about noise, air pollution and the risk of planes crashing into nearby neighborhoods.
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>> j.r.: >> j.r.: next. >> j.r.: we'll explain how 40 bunnies were rescued in san francisco this weekend. >> j.r.:what officials say they were being sold for. >> j.r.: >> reporter:coming up >> reporter: san francisco's not an easy place to drive in, it's a lot of rules and tricks and stuff not tricks honestly it just that there's a lot of rules. there are also rules posted outside the san francisco lyft hub, ill show if their being people behaving badly
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> j.r.:more than 40 rabbits were rescued in san francisco. according to san francisco animal care and control. the owner was trying to sell the rabbits on craigslist for "meat or pets."
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>> j.r.: san francisco. animal control is now monitoring the health of the animals. they say the rabbits will be ready for adoption in about a month. if you are interested in adopting one of these rabbits. you can visit the website save- a-bunny-dot-org. animal control also wants to remind people to report any type of animal abuse or neglect to the organization. the motto for ride share company "lyft" is. a ride whenever you need one. >> j.r.: unfortunately having all the rides in one location is causing problems with neighbors in san francisco. stanley roberts explains. >> j.r.:on the corner of 26th and kansas in san francisco sits a whitenats: ambiance cars many with the lyft decal in
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>> reporter: the window making some interesting maneuvers many that might get you a moving violation are two identical flyers taped neighbors >> reporter:no u-turns at the intersection is on the list . yet you will see drivers one after another making the u-turns often . nats: ambiance >> reporter:there is a 1 hour parking limit unless you have a residential permit sna parking enforcement does come through regularly and issues tickets >> reporter:but watch this white minivan it backs out when parking enforcement arrives, no big deal but watch this, the driver attempts to flip a u-turn then throws it in reverse >> reporter:coming pretty close to hitting the parking enforcement . >> reporter:then there was this white chrysler town and country van, notice it sitting in the fully marked crosswalk . it will sit >> reporter:nats: ambiance >> reporter: drivers not double park. the problem with signs, no one read them so you have to use some interactive aids
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>> reporter:you guys working for lyft i do he's kust coming in for the inspection you guys see the sign over there about double parking no i do not it says don't double park oh really no u- turns don't speed oh right on but right now what are you doing im double parked so i just going to leave i'm just helping him out alright >> reporter:some drivers know the law, but how they learned wasn't through hard work and studying it was fron watching kron 4 news >> reporter:i moved to california about two years ago and honestly you taught me a lot about driving place to drive in, it's a lot of rules and tricks and stuff not tricks honestly it just that there's a lot of rules and its just to make life easier and you always focus on them in a good way oh stop, you're making me blush >> reporter:neighbors tell me many of the lyft drivers are not being good citizens . which is why new no parking signs have popped up, >> reporter:i told his day was a quiet day so i guess i will have to return to get the total picture and return i shall in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. how trumps latest executive orders are affecting people who live in america. >> j.r.:plus we'll tell you how donald trump's administration is responsible for one oscar nominee's absence from the award show this year. >> j.r.:trump executive order effects-oncam >> j.r.: iraqi refugee living in oregon is concerned about president trump's immigration policy.
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>> j.r.:here is his story. another controversial executive >> j.r.: order signed by president trump in washington d.c.
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>>: establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic states of america. we don't' want them here." >> j.r.:in portland muslims and other growing " canada will take you" >> j.r.: minister justin trudeau had for refugees rejected by president donald trump trudeau took to twitter today to deliver his statement. >> j.r.:he said " to those fleeing persecution, terror and war, canadians will welcome youregarless of your faith". trudeau oversaw the arrival of refugees soon after he was elected in 20-15.
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>> j.r.: there were many complaints voiced. >> reporter: drums kept the beat as chance rained through that afternoon. >>: we are marching against the code that access and keystone pipeline. >> reporter: >>: he has given us a lot to
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think about, a lot to be unhappy about. >>: it is very much geared to our heart to take up this issue. >>: keeping that energy from last week going is prominent. >> reporter: with groups like these there were likely be more signs and banners. and san francisco kron 4 mills. >> j.r.: directed the salesman. i ran is among seven majority
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moslem countries affected by president dropped. president trump's immigration ban may prevent an oscar nominee from attending the awards ceremony next month. as-ghar far-hadi directed "the salesman", an iranian movie nominated for an oscar in the foreign language category. >> j.r.:but iran is among seven majority-muslim countries affected by president trump's immigration order. so the director may not be able to come to the ceremony on february 26-th. >> j.r.:it's still unclear if far-hadi will try to get any kind of waiver. five years ago, he won an oscar and a golden globe with his movie "a separation." p >> j.r.:the oakland athletics trolled donald trump on their twitter page today.the same day as these anti trump rallies across the country and the same day as their fan fest. >> j.r.:they posted these two pictures. one from the presidential inaguration and another from today's fanfest at jack london square. the caption read "more people attended a's fanfest than the inaguration. hashtag rooted in oakland." a short time before that tweet they wrote that 15-thousand people showed up at the the athletics even made a joke
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a's fanfest was a hit today in oakland. there was even new stadium talk coming from the president of the organization. we'll talk more about that ahead in sports. >> j.r.: there was even governor chris christie have been dropped in the so-called "bridgegate" scandal. prosecutors said friday they will not pursue misconduct charges because they likely >> j.r.:the scandal arose in september 20-13, when lanes on the george washington bridge were closed, snarling traffic. it was allegedly an act of political revenge. >> j.r.: >> j.r.:after the announcement, a spokesman for the governor said it's the end of "this baseless fiasco." christie has long denied knowing >> j.r.:however, two people have been convicted in the scandal.
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>> j.r.:a baylor university graduate is accusing school football players of raping her in 20-13. >> j.r.:the woman filed a lawsuit yesterday. also alleging that coaching staff fostered a culture where alcohol and illegal drugs were provided to recruits. >> j.r.:the lawsuit also claims players committed 52 rapes between 2011 and 2014, including five gang rapes. the woman says two football players who raped her were previously named as suspects in a sexual assault police report. but were not charged. >> j.r.: police departments are relaxing traditional grooming standards and getting away from rules that used to require a uniformly clean-shaven, 1950s look. >> j.r.:that's because there's a national hiring crisis and departments are seeking a more diverse applicant pool. >> j.r.:that means more officers are on the job with tattoos inked on their forearms, beards on their chins or religious head
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coverings like hijabs and turbans in place of - or tucked beneath - their blue caps. >> j.r.:muslim new york police officer masood syed filed a lawsuit last year after he was suspended for having a long beard. the department changed its policy as a result. >> j.r.:audi is recalling more than 570 thousand vehicles in the u-s. volkswagen's luxury brand is recalling its a-5, a-5 cabriolet, and q-5 s-u-vs with two-point-zero liter turbocharced engines. will be right back.
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>> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel, that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our whole eternity has been changed. [music]
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>> j.r.:this recall affects
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model years 20-13 to 20-17. audi says the engines may have an electric coolant pump that >> j.r.:this can result in the pump overheating and causing a fire. the automaker is also recalling q-5 s-u-vs. model years 20-11 to 20-17. >> j.r.:the sunroof drainage system can allow water to soak into the foam surrounding the side air bag inflators. if that happens. the inflator fragments into the vehicle. >> j.r.:audi will notify owners and repair the vehicles for free. the recalls are expected to begin next month. >> j.r.: happy chinese new year. >> reporter: i only know this because the kids weren't throwing firecrackers. >> j.r.: i love celebrity in the
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chinese new year. >> reporter: hey the weather is working out great this weekend. most of the energy for this storm system is off of the coastline. >> reporter: we have lots of sunshine heading our way. what is interesting now we are seeing dollar offshore winds kicking in. >> reporter: tomorrow more of the same you are going to see about 61 degrees. in san jose the mid-60s in that afternoon. >> reporter: the system behind
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his goal is the one we will have to watch out for. last fall round. --let us fly all round. >> reporter: 65 and had san jose. 65 in campbell. 64 and the evermore. 64 in antioch. 61 in a
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bottle--enough i don't >> reporter: looks like some rain and possible showers on wednesday. >> j.r.:a school solves 2 big problems with one unique solution. how they ar getting students to recycle while also making sure no one's phone dies at school. >> reporter:gas delivery apps like "we=fuel", "yoshi" and "fuel panda" . are gaining popularity in the bay area. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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>> j.r.:with a couple swipes on your phone, you can order a truck to your location. and get a fill up. saving you time from having to go to a gas station. >> j.r.:sounds conveinient but how much extra does it cost? and is it safe? kron4's tech reporter gabe slate tried it out. >> reporter:next time the needle on e instead of tyring to figure out when you will work in a pump stop in already busy day you can just pull out your phone. >> reporter:with the app filld you enter your location, car information, credit card info, and a choose a window of time for the fill up. >> reporter:if you're in a garage you can add in special notes like an access code. then you make sure your gas lid is unlocked. that's it the gas truck comes. >> reporter:it has a 50 foot hose so it can get inbetween parked cars and tight spaces. >> reporter:the truck is loaded with safety gear a fire extiguisher, a spill recovery
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kit, and emergency shut >> reporter: our drivers goal has my training they're all certified. >> reporter:after the fill up you are emailed a receipt >> reporter:here's the price. based on the location of your car they look at the three closest gas stations and give you the price of the lowest one. they include costco so if you parked near a costco you'll get a better deal than the average gas station >> reporter:the delivery fee is $3. if you need it right away within a tight window of time that can go up to $5. i wondered about the quality of the fuel so i asked jason lin with filld about that. >>:- quality fuel jason said people use the service to save time with their commute home getting a fill up
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>>: - while sleeping >>: number one day find gas stations and safe at night. no. 2 they find them extremely dirty. >> reporter:jason said they are finding their service is appealing to women more than they had orginally expected >> reporter: - women gsk4n and if you'd like to connect follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at-kron4-dot- com. >> j.r.:a group of louisville, kentucky students have invented a plastic bottles.but get this.charges your cell phone >> j.r.:from our partners- a c- n-n. reporter william joy has the story behind this creative gadget.
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>> reporter: the original name for the machine was deborah. >> reporter: he leaves the in energy management class. >>: i hate that we do not recycle. >> reporter: this complex carrot. the machine uses less energy to charge. >>: every time we pluck a phone in it does not double it just goes up of small percentage. >>: the graveside is the
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applications this can be used for. coming up we'll show you how hong kong is celebrating the chinese new year. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company.
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say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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>> j.r.: the golden state warriors in action tonight and it was an all out assault turk. >> j.r.: drain on was fired up
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with a slam dunk. all around the black shoes from deep stephan car ring. bass-car read. >> j.r.: did this nine threes tonight. >> j.r.:can you believe season is right around the corner. >> j.r.:today the oakland athletics held their fanfest at jack london square in oakland. you can see it was all about the selfie. here is a shot of sean doolitte, sonny gray, and around 15 thousand oakland a's fans in a selfie they took. autographs were free and photos were free. a's president dave kaval issued a "state of the a's" speech. >> j.r.: this is a team that struggled big time last year at 24 games below 500. kaval says that there will be major news when it comes to the team this year. he says that there will
8:55 pm
soon be lots of talk about their new stadium. >>: i want to thank everyone for their time. we will make a an announcement this year. it will include when we will break ground. >> j.r.:well turning our attention back to football. we are one day away from the pro bowl and one week away from the super bowl which features bay area native tom brady and the patriots. >> j.r.:yesterday we spoke with tom brady senior who ripped nfl commisioner roger goodell over "deflategate." you may remember earlier this season tom brady was suspended 4 games for his alleged part in deflategate. the 39 year old came back after that suspension and has led his team to a super bowl. here is what brady senior had to say on the topic.
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>> j.r.:and that is sports. it's time to say goodbye to the monkey. and hello to the year of the rooster. millions across asia are >> j.r.:lots of dancing and fireworks are a common sight during the holiday. *and all over china, lanterns and light shows brighten the festivities. >> j.r.:the lights will stay up for two weeks -- and the celebrations will wrap up with lantern parades. >>: enjoy the springlike weather for tomorrow probably into monday. stormy on thursday and friday. >> j.r.: thank you so much for joining us we are back at 10:00 p.m. have a great night.
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♪ ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> "e.t." remembers mary tyler moore. >> i'm not just a survivor. i am a flourisher. >> we celebrate her life and legacy with the friends who knew her best. >> who will you miss most? >> her smile. >> she was the best there ever was. >> the stars she inspired, the co-stars who inspired her. and her lasting impact on women everywhere. >> hats off to mary. plus oprah's tears for her mentor mary. what she's only telling "e.t." then paris jackson hounded by paparazzi after claiming she was sexually assaulted. how she's ramping up security now. plus a dog's purpose animal abuse allegations. we're with the movie's star, dennis quaid. why he's calling the leaked vi


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