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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>: not to allow anyone to be called up nationwide. >> j.r.:a federal judge issues an emergency order * temporarily barring the u-s from deporting people from of seven muslim- majority countries named in president donald trump's travel ban. >> j.r.:good evening and thanks
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for >> j.r.: this also cover anyone with an improved refugee applications. they will be meeting with each one and providing counseling. nationwide protests are underway >> j.r.: the judge called the ban unconstitutional.
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>> reporter: we don't know specifically but we know they have been trying. one of those detainee's asset s f o send us a video of protesters cheering. we know at least one of those detainee's has been released. >> reporter: people are being interrogated in secondary inspection at the gate.
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>>: these people are very frightened and coming off of long flights >> reporter: meanwhile we do not know the status of all those detainee's. an elderly couple from mirer ran at an end afghanistan's couple. >> reporter: they arrived here in san francisco to their immediate detention. >> j.r.: well there were nationwide protest today's intimate things as travel ban.
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--implementing a travel ban. >> j.r.: hundreds of protesters filled san francisco airport. the protester sound like they're chanting still tonightstill >> reporter: they are chanting they are chanting right now let them go. >> reporter: there are police here with right here in front of them. >> reporter: they do die support recent past-is that the orders
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to buy president donald trump. >> reporter: the topic is an emotional one. >>: we are here to show with of the view of the public body how we feel about this order. >> reporter: the protests here are crossed the world on social media. >>: i'm here today and the guy who is of said disliked rest of every one year. --up set up like everyone else.
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>> reporter: i know that people who are watching expect more. >> reporter: behind me you can see that the security checkpoints are closed off. it did start at 3:00 reporting live at s f o kron 4 news. >> j.r.: i don't know if we can ask you a question there? to keep up to date with this key event do not forget to download the kron 4 application. >> reporter: lots of sunshine
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said selling nicely for the week end. we needed this nice break. it is getting in the patchouli in some parts of the bay area. >> reporter: low 40's and livermore 41. 49 degrees in san jose. plenty of sunshine as we start out this sunday. temperatures will drop down to write about freezing the early- morning monday. settling into that afternoon he will see a lot of sixties outside. the weather
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is looking very nice over the next couple of days. >> j.r.: it has been a weak sensejada jenkins car plummeted into the lake. it >> reporter: crews were out for about six hours today. families france strangers all desperately searching forjada. >>: we have done just about everything that we can do. we
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have covered 100 percent of what we can access. >> reporter: canines drones and divers were a part of the search party >>: when you see something like this on our priority is life safety. >> reporter: >>: >> reporter: people from the family's hometown scoured area too. >>: the family when never met them till today. it my heart goes out to them. >>: we basically divided and
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conquered separated into eight different teams. >> reporter:jada date car was recovered yesterday around 215 but she is still missing. >>: of nerco is will we are here for hoping to find jada. >> reporter: a miracle is what they are hoping for. kron 4 mills. >> j.r.: 2 night all lanes of highway 47 are now open. >> j.r.: crews worked all week
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to pump out the water. rush hour lanes were opened up today. > j.r.: 41 year-old ngel was remembered today. angel family said he did not have to die. >>: he was us shoulder for a good he was in for bad. >>: if you are wrongangel; you were guaranteed to laugh. >>: i cannot understand why it
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happened. >> reporter: family and friends gathered around saturday afternoon to remember angel. >> reporter: police say when they are arrived they witness the 16 year old boy on and is back. >> reporter: one officer said he had a weapon into the victim's back and was threatening so one of the serbs opened fire killing angel.
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>> reporter: the families of mario are here this afternoon to show support. >>: all i know is that i want justice for my son. >> reporter: and that is why we are here today in vallejo kron 4 news. >> j.r.: another potential and this time asking donald trump to release his tax exemptions. >> reporter: we will be right back after the break.
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>> j.r.: the 78 year old politician is being treated by a san francisco doctor. experts
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say there should not be significant side effects to the radiation therapy. you may remember it was back in 2012 2012 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. >> reporter: hundreds are worried about what the new administration is going to do about health care. >>: the fact is today that over
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20 million people have access to a system that they did not have access to a few years ago. >>: the absence of health care or the absence of access of health-care is the problem we face now. >>: i represent one end and women with and reopen at >> reporter: the former congressmen said this is part
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of the rising movement to in former president. >>: this is to show people all over the world of the president and how dangerous he can beat. >>: 320 million americans in the most powerful country why do we now have premium health care coverage. >>: of attention is being posted on the white house web page asking donald trump to release his tax exemption.
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>> j.r.: u.s. presidents are not required to release tax returns. >> j.r.: president chun has been critical of the expense of jets. in asa has also ordered a review. before but happy chinese new year.
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>> reporter: if i was not working out will probably still be on my roof. >> reporter: throughout the week them lots of sunshine coming our way. high-pressure sifting over head right now. in the north bay valley some of those areas temperature will be down near freezing. a lot of sunshine now and then nice break. 61 in san francisco 59 in livermore. 60 in concord.
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>> reporter: 61 in santa rosa. we are down to 39 gold in fairfield. this will bring a lot of sunshine into our skies with a little bit of offshore wind. the dust is maybe 50 or 60 mi. later. when you wake up about 9:00 or sold issue still be nice outside. >> reporter: as we head toward the latter part of monday
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heading towards tuesday the clout to start to roll in the spirit >> reporter: more snow is coming on the way on wednesday. 72 in los angeles about 76 in san diego. in san francisco mostly sunny skies and temperatures warm up. overnight lows will be in the 30's. in the next couple of days we will enjoy the sunshine. but beginning
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wednesday stormy weather expected going into thursday and friday. >> reporter: the new e-mail fishy scam is making his way all round. i will show you how it works coming up on kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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>> j.r.: an e-mail fishskins dam makes them highly effective. >> reporter: fishing scam it
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will include an attachment. it lasted log into low if you do that you have given away your e- mail and password. >> reporter: the attachment in the e-mail we'll look real. >> reporter: it may be a picture or a document. something you have used before. it will hacked into your account that act more victims. >> reporter: they can see any e- mail you have read or sect that has not been deleted. you can
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check your lot in activity to find out if someone else is lonnie into your account. >> reporter: if you do not recognize south and you may have been packed. kron 4 mills. -- news. >> j.r.: it told its employees it was not able to raise enough funds or state open. >> j.r.: shares and macy's mall also alps massed soldiers.
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sears and macys >> j.r.: ruby or bad. we will be right back.
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good >> j.r.: now at 1030 bread then trump. 2 night like thousands of others said an iraqi refugee. >> reporter: as another controversial presidential executive order.
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>>: we do not want them here. >>: shame on president traub. -- shame on president trump. >> reporter: he is proud to be a muslim american president trump is hard to except. it >> reporter: before this executive order did take his family seven years to dig clearance to come to the u. s. >>:
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>> reporter: he worries about about his family who still lived in hyrax. bass-i grabbed. >> reporter:iraq >> reporter: all he can do at this point is take it one day at a time. >> reporter: canadians will welcome you.
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>> j.r.: protesters in san francisco march once again. >> reporter: drums kept upbeat as chance rang through the evening. but the checks were constantly changing. >>: we are both here marching. >> reporter: the evince face book page also shouted stances against police brutality and more.
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>> reporter: police escorts cleared the streets ahead of the people to hundred feet or more >> reporter: these men were in washington d.c. for the women's march near to. >> reporter: several bystanders who were not part of the protest showed their support. >> j.r.: the oakland athletics trolled the donald trump on their twittered h today. that posted these two pictures >> j.r.: 1 from the
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inauguration and the of their one from jackson square. >> j.r.: there was nearly 15,000 people showed up at the fantastic. >>: what a turnout this is definitely bigger than the inauguration. cheers and applause. >> j.r.: there was even a new stadium talk coming from the president of the organization. >> j.r.: and early morning car crash has left a man in critical condition it happened just after 230 in the morning.
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>> j.r.: the patient was quickly rescued from their car and transported to hospital in critical condition. >> j.r.: fireworks appear to be the cause of a house fire in san jose. between highway 101 and story road. >> j.r.: the fire displaced 11 people including children. no injuries were recorded. fireworks are illegal in san jose. >> j.r.: more than 40 rabbits
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were rescued in san francisco you can see their practice here in this picture. rabbits in san francisco. animal control says brad this will be ready to be adopted in 30 days. >> j.r.: animal control as you report any type of animal abuse to the organization. >> j.r.: of video of a dog placing its puppies into his foster homes parent's lap one by one. we will be right back.
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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>> j.r.: now known as the next guy he took matters into his own hands. the sex worker has become an on-line celebrity. -- fed and ex. >> j.r.: geckos worker since he will beekeeping is about. >> j.r.: one by one the doll
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brings it puppies to the foster parent. technical difficulties. >> j.r.: it is the end of the
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baseless fiasco. coming up the recent storms have brought a lot of snow. to the sierra. >> reporter: the storm clouds are gathering once again when can we expect rain we will talk about that next. >> j.r.: we will be right back.
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>> j.r.: after several rounds of
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wet days. one snow day after the next. >> reporter: perfect weather, with amounts of snow. >> reporter: after a series of storms that hit in january. >>: we are just warming up. >> reporter: 24 ft. in just 22 days. they are taking advantage of all this fresh snow. it >>: we're deciding down the snow. >> reporter: some brave the weather. while others wait for a clear day.
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>>: i don't use the dome rose way is to ic. >> reporter: snow dumping on days on its >>: half a mile hike up here to get to oust. >> reporter: he is not the only one with issues. >>: selling a lot of snow. >> reporter: this weekend is expected to be a busy one. >> j.r.: now on to the weather. >> reporter: know i have not. it is gorgeous up there. the last
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five years there hasn't been a big snow. >> reporter: high-pressure is speaking in for the weekend. and the conditions are perfect out there with all that whether it >> reporter: kind of a quiet night out there. it will be a little cool in spot spirit we have three degrees in san francisco. 49 degrees in san jose. >> reporter: the wends have been trying offshore. we have a nice clear skies. although in southern california there are seeing where and. >> reporter: plenty of clear skies out there the day tomorrow
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to be a beautiful day. the temperature there in the mid- 60s. >> reporter: high-pressure out ahead of it please enjoy it because things are wanted change here. as we get toward the middle of the wheat it will get a little rough out there. >> reporter: 64 in half moon bay. mid-60's in tore sunday dealt. east bay you will wake up to some chilly temperatures about 64 degrees in livermore. >> reporter: the north bay wakes up to some coal pit
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temperatures. that dashed temperatures >> reporter: as we look toward the next couple of days. we have chances of showers developing late in the day. late into wednesday going towards friday. >> j.r.: sports. the golden state warriors into action. second court stephan r. ring- daststephen cuurry
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>> j.r.: check this outcurry with the rebound and hit the inning with one hand. if >> j.r.: a half-court shot and slides on the floor who does not love that. >> j.r.: he had nine reporters tonight warriors win >> j.r.: can you believe baseball season is right around the corner it you can see is all about the self feet. >> j.r.: sophiese: gaslfie. >> j.r.: there will be major
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news when it comes to their new stadium. >> j.r.: >>: you will receive an announcement this year when it comes to us breaking ground. >> j.r.: a week away from the super bowl. tom brady senior ripped that nfl commissioner. >> j.r.: tom brady came back
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after that suspension and has led his team to the super bowl. " >>: what he constantly lied about it here recants a bowl. - that'sincomprihesibqa technical difficulties. >>:
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we will be right back parent
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>> j.r.: the celebrations are under way. time to say goodbye to the year of the monkey and hello to the year of the rooster. >> j.r.: several streets will be shut down as the world celebrate. >> j.r.: coming up on kron 4
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news at eleven protesters against the president come back to us orders.
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>> j.r.: are big story tonight at federal judge issuing an order to against the ban e on visas for muslims trawlers. >> j.r.: lawyers from the american civil union filed a petition. >> j.r.:


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