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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  January 29, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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mmmm. the family favorite. yoplait.
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>> reporter: there is use rosa snapped at 35 fairfield 3337 for concord around the bay of location story in the 40's. san jose at a chilly 38 and then 41 going on for nevada contrasts yesterday. was a clear sunny all the way it to the afternoon. that was off from yesterday. in the south basin as a 65.
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primarily from the maggiore countries and all see you have filed a court petition to have those across the country. border agents from removing any one with a valid visa also covering anyone who has been approved but they'll see you to get a list of names of those who've been detained and then adding that that the detainees. and sent to in their words of danger. the court is set for the briefings
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and we will hear the case of the end of february the judge calling the ban unconstitutional so far they downplayed that ruling. video from dallas international and washington d.c. the bottom right video from o'hare and that's for refined at avery it this morning. >> averi: after hearing news of
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the executive orders had many detainee's here asset auto trade from last night and then gathering saturday afternoon and and then they one read there really a many of whom were in the air when he signed the executive order banning citizens from seven countries iraq syria iran and libya somalia and sudan and yemen from entering the country block any refugees from entering for 120 days. until
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this is resolved and then we're expected to gather assets of about half that happens while in the air we will be sure bring it to you. unclear what the current
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status is of some of the foreign nationals to and detained elderly couple and then a family from one of the banned countries. they were already en route to san francisco they ride the find themselves in medium and attention. breaking >> marty: news overnight gunman is on the list this morning after a shot a man and the action happened shortly before o'clock last night 1800 block of tell follow road is say it heard zero gunshots and then
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in critical condition please have not yet released a description of the sugar and continue to follow this story up the morning for you. they are affecting millions of people are on the world and show you how it's affecting families are 11 u.s.. and taxes as officially upon us.
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>> marty: officially taxis and irs is excepting electronic tags and turns things you may need to know as you file your report tax experts say that the tax
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side is pressing for a daddy kept getting warnings never give out personal information over the phone or on line unless you initiated the conversation and can confirm the identity of a tax professional. , example is finding out more than one tax return was filed for one person over one year.
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>> reporter: more of the past the color is as easy maring county. and the beginning of the color is asian with high clouds. . and then the earlier
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part of a week looking good. and then on tuesday late wednesday things start happening. coming and uniformly from the west not just dropping in from the north a mile system of temperature why is all covered in there. and threat today
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>> reporter: return end of the midweek and then wednesday the early thursday it respected. the next three days looked dead and then temperatures middle to upper 60s. and back to the news remembered by friends and family. it shot and killed by vallejo police this past week. after officers responded to reports of fights. fleet says the the young man did not have to die. uncle in defense. carla and brother who misses his younger
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brother. and a grieving mother understandably at a loss for words. more than for the other people arrested outside saturday afternoon to remember 21 year- old angel ramos as to what the man was shot to death early monday morning police say officers responded to reports of several people fighting their home on sacramento's street. when they arrived to witness a 16 year-old boy on the ground on his back. a year veteran of the force opened fire killing angel. but family disputes the case and
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that's why they've listed the help of attorney john berger. capel anti police tear project organized the memorial. the district attorney's office is investigating the deadly shooting. >> marty: more than a hundred people search dogs drones and moral part of the search on
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saturday at has been a week since strengthens i'm missing. kondo was recovered on tuesday researchers not able to find her after spending hours searching yesterday loved ones are not losing faith in finding her. unclear to when they will continue the search for jenkins. police in fremont asking for the public's help in finding a package the the police a man still package from fremont home back in november. police have now found the picture when the incident occurred. ask anyone with information to contact from police. all lanes of highway 47
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open. . >> marty: there were closed because of heavy flooding and then video from the clock copter for of what the area looked like caltrans crews worked all week to pump up the water chp reopened eased on lanes of highway 37 wednesday. was online for family opened on saturday in this was the same area flooded earlier this month because of all the rain. still ahead curry is stardom continues to reach new heights and we will show you the jaw dropping performance against the clippers coming up next.
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>> marty: a's fans getting ready for this evening. jack london square in oakland john
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doolittle and 15 fouls and of their closest friends autographs pictures all for for yesterday. issuing a state of be a speech and big news for fans of the green gold.
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>> reporter: santorum beautiful pictures heavenly is what looks like. and all the snow that's collected looking good for you. adding to that later on that, look at the bay bridge high clouds making appearances and all the action as well looks like things what get it together until the middle the week. but
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pushes things from early morning until late wednesday night. ford is on the board piquancy on the perimeter of the bay and then the south bay and the north space and chile and concord livermore checking and from the chilly temperatures and then all afternoon highs like this. and the mostly sunny temperatures well in business of the '60s. generous today with highs from yesterday 61 going on for oakland's everett cisco at 58. coming up we have the force of forecast fast >> marty: immigration ban may prevent an oscar nominee from attending an awards ceremony the
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director of a film not be able to travel to the ceremony on the february 26th on clear if you try to get any kind of flavor. >> j.r.: controversial executive order signed by the trump in washington d.c..
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>> j.r.: carry clearance to of to the west. he believes that trump is taking that process to an unnecessary extremes. he
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worries about his family lives in iraq. they it a family can do now is take it one day at a time.
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>> reporter: is a matter of washington d.c. last week for the march as well. several bystanders show support from sidewalks. >> marty: 1 >> marty: from the presidential inauguration and from yesterday's stand fast the caption reading that more people attended today's fanfare as the villa inauguration. short time before that they also note save 15,000 people attended fan fuss. apple ceo says the company does not agree with the president's
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controversial executive order and an e-mail to employees he says that apple is opened everyone no matter where they come from which language they speak with a lot or how they worship. also says that apple would not exist without immigration. apple was founded by steve jobs son of a syrian immigrant. >> stanley: fishing's cameras making rounds. this is one of the more sophisticated tricky ones i have seen very hard to not fall for this want to treat it how works coming up in kron 4 news. sphere
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>> marty: even experienced context of the users are being checked by a and game shows us what you should be looking for >> reporter: this one starts with an e-mail one of your actual context. you're taken to this page asking the log and again if you do that you've given away your password and control of your e-mail. the logging page at clubs almost identical to log in page that users are used to seeing. attachment in the fishing e-mail will look real. it will have a thumbnail image of an actual real attachment that your contact e-mail out in the past. it might be a picture document. something sente before the trade and the reason it comes from actual contact yours is because
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your contact has fallen victim to the fishing stamps and now they're using your account to collect more victims. i think not deleted. and how the use your e-mail to log into non jeopardy. at that right side of the in box: details will show you when and where what devices have log into your account.
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>> marty: plenty of sunshine and the spell on the bay bridge and taking credit for all that is our meteorologist. >> reporter: another shot from heavenly for you heading up to the mountains looks good and then adding to that some in the middle of the week. it enters a feature cast a it's good for today and tomorrow 0 little warmer than yesterday. middle
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the week talking about it's interesting and then gladys runs thursday overnight monday or wednesday and thursday. it may not even be free when six new home. and then by thursday morning commute looks busy and as the thursday evening. lingering looks by friday as it we will clear up in time for weekend. where we see the numbers number 50's. heading down the south bay's common view and this is where the lower to middle sixties will be found in the south bay are wrong milpitas and also san jose. meanwhile severs cisco 54 here several cisco also down to san mateo county. most will be in the '60s maybe even a little bit
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cooler along the immediate coast however although we all have a lot of the on our offshore winds working just yet and perhaps some fifties lingering a little bit we break out some approaching middle '60s a look- alike the wine country and mostly sunny for all locations to accept some high clouds. early part of a week looking good and then showers after sunset concert clear up brigantine for the weekend. >> marty: the governor brown's the cancer can be readily treated with a short bus of radiation therapy there should be no significant side effects
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and retrieval be taking place late next month the governor's office says he will continue his work schedule while the treatment is going on governor was first diagnosed with early stage is back in 2012. in concord a conference was held discuss those concerns jeff pierce was there. prospect of
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losing coverage because of a pre-existing condition. >> : 39 years old daddy fought for my life should not have to fight for health care. they saw this as a part of a rising and how dangerous the committee. dangerous and are on endangered
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to our health care and jobs and then that's why you see these organizations sprang up. >> : and the 20 americans most powerful country in history why don't we have universal high quality health care in this country. >> marty: non all stores and laying off all its workers the company told its employees it was not able to raise enough funds are found a buyer to remain open. retailers and limited also recently notified employees there would be losing their jobs with a bankruptcy filing. sears also have mass closures later this year.
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>> marty: your the rooster. and the lunar new year. and san francisco chinese new year and parade will be held on february 11th several streets will be closed making its way through chinatown. this is thousand marchers and floats participated
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>> reporter: new machine he is class bill last semester. but plot dropping and plastic bottles like payment. will be
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the first study of this is not your typical class project. this shows why. the machine uses less energy to charge the normal outlet. >> reporter: means get bigger as more phone they're plugged in. encouraging recycling adding phone outlets and power.
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>> marty: now u.s. district judge get u.s. border agents from removing anyone who you arrived syria are on somalia and
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yemen also covered anyone with approve refugee application and the judge is working with that ails see you to gather the list of names of those who were detained and will be meeting with each one providing counseling as well as adding that the detainee's will not be put on planes. >> marty: further said briefings and at the end of february the judge in calling it unconstitutional. also people across the country. and the ban on refugees from the majority countries on a left is video from jfk international airport demonstrators there in the york. the top read as a dallas international and washingtonpd'l
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airport in chicago. back here in the bay area thousands of demonstrators jammed sfo were refined avery this morning with the latest crop on conditions there. >> averi: to voice their displeasure with executive orders that dance lessons from several muslim majority countries from entering the west. some big help your asset about protesting about it and show the video from yesterday's protest these people very passionate signs chancing even points where they blocked traffic here at the international terminal assets fell they wanted their release release of the people many of her more already and air when
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trump signed executive order 20 banned from the majority countries you ban citizens from iraq's syria or libya somalia sedan yemen from entering the country at a refugee from entering from 120 days last night we were able to see with some protesters and gather what they had to say it. >> : its two bank people being here. also did receive a
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message the ridesharing company. donating $1 million from the aclu. and they sat is to defend our constitution. >> marty: middlesex that some lawyers tried to help several when the sfo last night unclear how many returnees have been able to talk with the detainee's won four national release from sfo. one attorney described the scene >> : people are very frightened, not long flights of is not the
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time of uncertainty and translation certainty they're being given. >> marty: unclear what some have been detained elderly couple afghan koppel and family from the ban countries. party on route to san francisco when he signed the executive order on friday arrived at sfo define themselves and immediate attention also learned of a stanford student detained at newark and jfk airport and she has been released. >> marty: breaking overnight a gun as on the loose in the east bay after he shot a man and manioc have happened shortly before o'clock and 1800 block of caravel road. they said they
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heard zero gunshots and critical condition of the hospital this morning please and not yet released a description of the shooter we will continue to fall this story throughout the morning for you here on kron 4 news weekend. still had a teenage driver remains missing in the east bay this morning following its huge research police officer of fremont and we will have that coming up.
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>> marty: officially tax season at the irs is excepting the electronic tax returns and some things you need to now tax time as prime season for daddy fat.
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and never give out personal information or on line unless used for the conversation identity of a tax professional perennial one tax return was filed for one person in the year epirus record show more wages then you're actually earned could mean someone's using information to steal your money. >> reporter: 40 across the perimeter of the bay 45 oakland 47 and then all in the north face 41 cerros the
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>> reporter: raised her the forecast x straight golden gate this is don close and personal log to marin county their use to the clouds pass the skies without a specific plots of action going on here. mid-week we're talking about and then not a typical doughnut shape system they coming in from the gulf alaska this will not be a cold core system like its predecessors it should have mild temperatures but bringing a strain in on stowe's. in the south bay and 38 san jose monday. in mid 30's for nine spots still quite cold 31 said
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rosa corrected the and the next hour. and then and the '60s ago to back down again to a chilly start in your monday. advance knowledge of the middle of a week looks like in the latest run this is wednesday overnight thursday morning. the report is magical thursday morning you may be hit by some rain also in the thursday coming back home again it will linger into friday morning's commute as well and friday afternoon a little sloppy on that from what it will clean up by the ptarmigan the weekend. early was a sunny and mild warm depending on the prospective the latter portions things change with rain developing in the late wednesday night. the man who was
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shot and killed by vallejo police in the past week. responded to reports of fight. the ramos family says he did not have to die. police say officers
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responded to reports of several people fighting on sacramento's street. when they arrived a 16 year-old boy from union city of aground on his back. little by the vallejo police apartment that's what they've enlisted the help of attorney john berg. >> reporter: organize this
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memorial. and the families of mario romero gunned down by police. an alex by services to police in 2014 offering their support. the solano county district attorney's office is investigating the deadly shooting. + >> marty: 35 year-old man and woman from sacramento taken a local hospital. the man's injuries described as significant. on other news this
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morning they're not able find missing teenager but jenkins and fremont. more than a hundred people volunteer search dogs and drones not able to find data after researching the area of law decree. they're not losing faith in finding her. >> marty: conditions prevent them from searching this morning unclear to when they continue or it will continue the search for hankins. all lanes of highway 37
8:21 am
now will open close last sunday because of heavy flooding video from the squad cop there the area looked like caltrans crews worked all week to pump out the water and chp reopened the lanes on highway 37 wednesday was on lines were finally reopened yesterday out this is the same area that flooded earlier this month because of rain. >> marty: still had curries' arm continues to reach new heights we show you with the jaw dropping performance against the clippers coming up next.
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>> marty: those just the beginning that another game and another one of the games that this makes you say well as they dismantle the critical words last night to finish with 43 points and played just three- quarters of the game for and scored 25 in the third quarter. golden state his importance. so for 6:00. >> marty: and the best fans and friends were there all free yesterday the as presidents and dave issued a state of the date speech great news for the green gold.
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>> marty: why look outside
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golden gate bridge plan of sunshine for the week and how about a japanese tea ceremony and tasting in south san francisco and joy delicious tea and and trickle taste all happening at the main library. is free to attend we will be right back.
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>> marty: it will be be a full day fishing not a nice weekend what the sunshine and up the temperatures. and then clearing not by next week and the timing that out for you. mt. hamilton heading back to the bay bridge. some high clouds are the east
8:30 am
bay hills haven't updated the temperature and then 36 coming in at 33. some spots will be in the '60s are on the bay a vacancy in the lower 60s forecast shows for 65 san jose.
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>> marty: the presidential immigration ban may effectively awards next month a director of our on the in a movie and a foreign language, a category it i ran as one of the seven majority muslim countries affected by the president's immigration ordered. and they may not be able to come. if they get any type of a waiver. five years ago they got oscar and golden globe a separation. the president's executive order affected files ends of people including refugee family in oregon who say they're very concerned the president's actions may not allow them to see their loved ones back home.
8:32 am
>> j.r.: as for concerns growing fur groups. and they brought the family organ and 2014. before this executive watercolor i took family seven years to get approval and security clearance to move to the west.
8:33 am
>> marty: upset to order saying to those fleeing persecution terror and war canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. and they oversaw the
8:34 am
arrival of more than 39,000 syrian refugees soon after he was elected in 2015. protesters in san francisco march again spurred by actions in the first in office much as one main complaint among demonstrators. spencer black explains. >> reporter: also out stances against misogyny racism police brutality and more. >> reporter: police escorts
8:35 am
cleared the streets and headed to under so people they made their way down the mission street these men in washington d.c. last week for the women's march as well several bystanders show their support from the sidewalks there will likely be more signs and banners of making their way through severance this illustrates the next four years. >> marty: 10 days responded to the president on their page with these two photos one from the presidential inauguration at the top of the screen and then yesterday's then fast at jack london square.
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>> marty: close: stick closer to haul material conditions of the san mateo bridge things will be nice and easy at the dance craft and the prize is going on in san carlos family fun at the center from new build for its free to attend.
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ms. >> reporter: 60 territory the fourth zone coming up and just a bit in the middle part of a week here. the latest model pushes the ran opportunity out of wednesday and perhaps men dead in the thursday morning technically thursday morning commute may be on a sloppy side also combined with a thursday evening commute. a lingering in the friday morning with scattered showers throughout the day and finish off a week.
8:46 am
although it doesn't seem to beals lote potentially " closer. and antioch brentwood coming in about 60. milpitas and jose and then 65 senate clara. middle '60s at work in half moon bay at 6461 for daly city and then at the coast at dawn at the beach 5965 for napa up. vallejo comes at 61. and the seven day
8:47 am
forecast mentioning a few showers. >> reporter: 8 we have some thunder on friday. as he well knows of in california and northern california a bitter rivalry going on there. and then those of you that live in the bay area at the thought your top of travel and busiest day not traveling down the southern part the state. mid-70s >> reporter: plot the summer clothes let's go to l.a.. good walking shoes and griffin park one of those places that a lot of bay area folks don't
8:48 am
know the sections of l.a. even exist.
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>> reporter: amount and source code of the coast catalina island lot of people don't get married and when i lived there. . >> reporter: island has offered a lot of activity is on as a
8:50 am
the views that you get because it's incredible up high it and watching dolphins jumping and has a lot they also have a heart see where that takes you up and the elevation that's where you will spot the bisons. downtown
8:51 am
l.a. the riveting the grammy museum. many years still paying
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off holiday bills and the need quick getaway grant option.
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>> reporter: the dropping in a
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plastic bottle like payment for 15 as a phone charging time. or shall name for the machine was dead wrong. and leads energy management class. first to tell you this is a not year to below class project. this complex looking chart shows why. uses less energy charged than normal outlet. and the savings get bigger as more phones are plugged in. who started as
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problems into a solution. keith
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>> reporter: we should have a nice nice day with plenty of sunshine and the bay tarantella us more about the weather forecasters are made urologists. >> reporter: it will be more like yesterday except maybe temperatures l little bit in the business of the middle sixties. all the action is out in the pacific. galumphing at unchanged delayed the onslaught of the rain happening may be long after sunset and then 52 richman already graduated and a '50s 43 centavos a 44 month view up in the north bay at also warming up a touch and high of santa rosa and 38. most readings
9:01 am
to close yesterday performance. the upper fifties expected. and the '60s and the south bay and unsponsored banner on the bay 61 going on for a clinton forces coming in at 58. more about this rain deal time the south for you coming up in just a bit. merchant >> marty: to order the south u.s. from deporting people seven moslem majority countries named in doubt trump's troubled bank. and but warriors have filed a court petition on behalf of those detained at the airports. anyone who has been
9:02 am
approved refugee applications. the judge is working with the aclu to gather the list of names meeting with each one and provide counseling treated adding that the detainees will not be put back on planes and sent back to danger. said a further briefings. people across the country with a protest the ban on refugees.
9:03 am
>> marty: from dallas international law in washington d.c. then the bottom right is from o'hare international airport in chicago. here in the bay area thousands of demonstrators jammed sfo last night we want get an update on the protest and demonstration from avery harper. >> averi: here at the international terminal protesters are expected to gather for the second day in a row and preparing for it with an increase security presence and also barricades' a truck full barricades. they wanted the
9:04 am
relief of the people many of whom were in the air. those countries are iraq's cereal libya and sudan and yemen all those people have been blocked. but the video from this morning from their area security checkpoint. to donate food and supplies of the area is complete with signs of messages of support for the detainee's. been here since yesterday at 4:00 a.m. and plans to stay here
9:05 am
until last detainee is released. because of federal judges stay believes them in limbo. wondering what the next steps are and-and to the protest, and bay area companies speaking out on this issue. this morning
9:06 am
still unclear what the current status is of some of the foreign nationals have been detained. in
9:07 am
route to san francisco when trump signed the executive order. to find themselves and immediate attention also learn of a stanford student detained and since been released. >> marty: breaking news over night. shut manioc happened before 10:00 last night and 1800 block of coldwell road. witnesses say they heard several gunshots and in critical condition this morning police have not yet released a description of the sugar we continue to follow this story throughout the morning for you. major crash in vallejo happened about 145 this morning at the
9:08 am
intersection of a mystery and bertolt parkway and crews arrived at they've found one of the cars have had a light pole as well. both drivers 35 year- old woman and man from sacramento were rushed to hospital we understand that the woman has life-threatening injuries while the man's injuries are being described as significant. they continue to sit atop the story as well. >> marty: a teenager driver remains and missing we of the latest on the search n.y. her friends are not giving up hope. tax season is officially here our protectors of the monday effect.
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>> marty: ever give out personal information unless catches are the conversation and can confirm the identity of a tax professional common example is the text returns finding out more than one was filed for one person i year and irs records show more wages are and then actually occur and it could mean someone is using your information to steal your money. >> reporter: 40 across the bay area we of the forecast coming out when the morning news continues.
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>> reporter: fidel more rain coming our way in the middle of a week and then here's the golden gate bridge a little bit of a pasty white sky the high clouds drifting on from the north wider perspective all the action and pacific middle of a week latter portion of the week. not seeing this from the gulf alaska. and particularly cold storms and a problem be pushing really love with all of it. alicia temperatures richmond forties' elsewhere in the most part graduate of the 43 senators say livermore studying in 39 and then 38 cerros the choice spots there 51 have been made already
9:17 am
and the business of the fifties here's how it looks like it's coming together of the models in the middle of a week we talk about the real opportunity that appears to be very late wednesday and thursday morning close to midnight. early in the league sunny and mild and clouds return late wednesday and thursday morning created an next three days in the business of metal or 60s and spots and bake
9:18 am
temperature lows of mellows the thirties tonight and then tomorrow looks like or on tuesday it clouds roll on and 40's. and close philip also your neighborhood with a force on forecast. >> reporter: after officers responded to reports of a fight and felipe reports that the ramos family says angel did not have to die.
9:19 am
>> reporter: adana's back and then one officer a year veteran of the force opened fire killing angel. then type please tear project organizes memorial.
9:20 am
gunned down by vallejo police in 2012 at alex to listen for a cisco place in 2214 offering support. the district attorney's office is investigating the deadly shooting.
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>> marty: it was a lie in the
9:25 am
beginning he had another one of those games that you have to shake your had the golden state warriors demolished the clippers' last night with a 43 point outburs yesterday last night ally played three quarters of the game 25 points in the third quarter alone nine three- pointers and klee added 23 of his own trip there with six teen they win going away the final quarter 44 to 98. fan festival jack london square sunday gray and about 15,000 a's fans autographed pictures all free
9:26 am
>> marty: as the first grand slam in five years and this is the first time that the 35 year- old beat a doll and a grand slam tournament in over a decade and last time they beat the doll was in the 2000 wilmington finals. it would again.
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>> marty: let's go ahead and take a live look outside from our embarcadero camera pri's strong winds there. and the sweet day today lots of sunshine. in the rain held off for a couple of days in the middle the weeks of you from the bay bridge and a facilitator shades in your travels here's how it's and space bornholm it continues to develop. and wednesday night late wednesday and early thursday morning 39
9:30 am
livermore and then elsewhere in the '40's for those part 52 richmond. cool again and maybe not as cold. the next eight hours his hot lines up middle '60s i should say for the south bay and parts of the east bay street oakland 51 1/4 on forecast in the middle of a week. the director may not be
9:31 am
able to travel to the ceremony on february 26th still unclear if they'll be able to get a waiver five years ago he won a golden globe for his movie is separation. >> j.r.: controversial executive order signed by trump in dc.
9:32 am
cause for concern is growing among muslims and other groups. before this executive order to his family it seven years to get approval and security clearance to move to the west. and president trump was taking the process to an unnecessary extremes. he worries about his
9:33 am
family in iraq. and it may never be able to see them again. and lives father still lives there is very l.
9:34 am
>> marty: not just one main complaint that for the demonstrators. draw >> reporter: news rang through the castro district saturday afternoon. the chance or constantly changing. silences violent as for a whole list of things. and the head of the toyota tercel people down mission street. these men in
9:35 am
washington d.c. last week for the women's march as well. several buy standards show their support from the sidewalks. companies said yesterday while protesters demonstrated against the executive order and jfk airport that had suspended surges for the area a move dollars the cost of a ride and response they've and put out of the last week was not meant to break the strike and then lent the alicea statement negatively affected by the order.
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>> reporter: it will include an attachment if you click guy you're taken to this page asking you to log on again if you do that you give away your password and control of your e- mail is strictly this log and paid the identical to the read logging page that users are used to seeing. the attachment and the fishing egal will look real. it will have a thumbnail image of an actual real attachment
9:41 am
that the contact e-mail out the past. document so that perhaps said the before the now comes from natural context of yours is because there contact us fallen victim to a fishing stamps and i use in your account set get more victims once known as access using it the fish others as always your concerns like and see any e-mail read sent anything not deleted and other cast are now in jeopardy. and as someone else's son and your account feature is that the rights of the boxes.
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>> reporter: high clouds today we have temperature is about a couple little bit more so than yesterday and rain coming back again to the umbrella still the clouds. look at alcatraz little bit san francisco born on the background 39 livermore and then in the 40's at least 54 for richmond half moon bay and to
9:46 am
get to it in terms of our alicia a good mid part of a week that's when things are happening. update all it model runs a later wednesday and thursday overnight after thursday morning as we start the day and early morning. we probably deal with rain even into the commute home looks like lynn very little bit for friday morning to. here's what we have going on going on for oakland's 64 or the east bay hills and lots of lower middle '60s hiding out campbell 65 also for milpitas and san clara san francisco looking at 58 rather
9:47 am
64 mission district and then most the readings in the lower middle sixties have monday at a pleasant 64 and then sfo at about 60 speeches of the north bay lower 60s not too bad 61 for nevada and 65 for now was 61 vallejo and vacaville at 52. lightning activity for friday and some stability atmosphere for under on settled week looking into next weekend.
9:48 am
doctors say there should not be any significant side effects and the treatment will take place late next month governor brown's office says that the governor will continue his work schedule all the tree is going on governor brown was first diagnosed with early stages of prostate cancer back in 2012. >> marty: americans are fearful that they will lose their health care coverage and the new administration concord conference was held to discuss those concerns and jeff pierce was there. >> reporter: that access to a
9:49 am
system that they did not have a few years ago. among the concerns of the prospect of losing coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and they
9:50 am
mark a question under the minds of everyone attending. >> reporter: they are going alicia down and laying off all its workers as well. the company told its employees or find a buyer to remain open. they have one on its 71 stores across to 32 states american apparel and also recently notified employees they would lose their jobs in connection with
9:51 am
bankruptcy filings for those companies as well series macy's also announced last closures this year. time to say goodbye severe a monkey in the hollow to your the rooster many people are on the world is celebrating the start of the lunar new year spring festival of sampras's coach chinese new year festival and parade will be held february 11th on several streets and shut down as the world famous parade makes its way through san francisco. last year they thousand marchers 20 floats all took part in that big parade.
9:52 am
live look at conditions at the embarcadero camera hazy it and warming temperatures as well we will be right back.
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9:55 am
trigger >> reporter: starts all these in front. james rogers is explain in the machine he and his class the last semester. dropping in a plastic bottle is like payment for 15 at the phone charge in time. original name was deborah. les energy management class. he'll be the
9:56 am
first to tell you this is not your typical class project. this chart shows why. less energy charge of their normal outlet. and it the savings get bigger as more phones are plugged in. they're encouraged in recycling adding phone outlets and sitting power. what started as a problem is turning into a solution.
9:57 am
beautiful forecast going on sunday temperatures in the middle '60s and enjoy that some high clouds and all the business early next week we keep the train going by the latter portion of wednesday night overnight that's when things change. brain develops and to work on thursday and even in the friday.
9:58 am
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