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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 29, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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response to donald trump executive order. >> j.r.: they are blocking any refugees from entering for 120 days. president transe as a good civil order read >> j.r.: is being battle at all airports across the country. good evening i am day are. --j. dodd are not >> j.r.:j.r. what does this situation and the like into a at international airport this evening?
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>>: they did not go anywhere after the news came out. the crowd at the international departure terminal. of families of four had been released. >>: i think they will stay until everybody being detained will be released. >> reporter: both their arrival and departure floors of terminals a n g e. >>: there is twice as many people is now four times. >> reporter: more good news for the protesters. >>: the crowd to not go
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anywhere. >> reporter: some people may have wondered if custom of the tank others from foreign international. >>: let them go carry gas-let them go. >>: my husband is i ran in he is also in london and cannot come back any more. >>: it breaks my heart to the things that they travel all these hours from europe and are being detained. >> reporter: i spoke with an immigration attorney today. five
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detainees have been released. they are still trying to figure out if there are any other people from gum countries. believe we have you actually right here. >> j.r.: last night we were talking about the offer serbs who were there. --officers. >> reporter: i would not say ron vance. --running in said. >> reporter: they have capped a
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certain area clearer. >> j.r.: thank you so much. we will check back in with you at 830. >> j.r.: delta has grounded domestic flights he cuts of an unrelated issue. >> reporter: protesters are not like game terminals. that's that's blocking the terminals. >>: people will checked in late
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maybe i'm a little bit late. >>: be cut of all of the protests many flights are being delayed. >> reporter: c has of flight that leaves after 10:30 p.m. et. >>: i noticed that the staff working here. >> reporter: while many travelers are of sex. then that's that's up sat. >> j.r.: during that as not have
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bought old protest. the s.f.o protest. at >>: chance. chants >> j.r.: protesters are saying that donald trump had to go. >> j.r.: not use all the thousands of protesters at san francisco international airport.
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>> j.r.: these protesters vowed to fight the ban. >> reporter: a sea of protesters rallied round the san francisco >>: no band no wallchant. >> reporter: >>: we are getting questions from people that are in transit. we are getting questions from people that are not able to get on a airplane at this point. >> reporter: he will continue to stand with his party to stop
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this bent on the immigration act. >> reporter: he works with a refugee who is an interpreter erred in afghanistan. >>: he had his father killed for the, that that corporation he had with the united states. >>: people like kim are now being denied entry under the president's ban. >> reporter: 342 from san francisco international airport kron 4 news. >> j.r.: protest rallies continue all across america president donald trump issued a executive order to ban
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immigrants. >> j.r.: >> reporter: cheers and applause as a detainee immigrant reunites with love once. >> reporter: the demonstrators at jfk and airports all cross airport are all pro attesting to the president's immigration policy. >> reporter: the executive order is to ban all immigrants from entering the " country for the next 90 days. >>: i have a emigration visa and passport me and my family. >> reporter: 7 muslim countries
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war recently flagged by old, this administration. >> reporter: under obama surgeon at country's work flag. >> reporter: senator schumer says the ban goes against what america is all about. >: that makes america less safe less american. >> j.r.: president donald trump says this is not about religion it is about terror.
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>> j.r.: we will began issuing visas to all countries once we are sure security has been reached. >> j.r.: they incensed that the commander in chief travel ban is not a muslim band. >> j.r.: kron 4 is live at woburn headquarters in san francisco. >> reporter: the second is ubers involved men recently.
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>>: i have seen so many protesters saying to ban all were. >>:uber continue to stand guard to let airport during the protest. >>: the fact that uber decided to continue to pick up those passengers they were breaking up the protests lion. >> reporter: there say they were bringing protesters to and from new york airport.
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>> reporter: they say they are urging the u.s. government to remove a ban. it includes a dozen others see any holes. -- ceo's carry it >> reporter: they say that there will be donating that amount over the case for the next several years. >> reporter: to make a difference you have to have a seat at the table. reporting live kron 4 >> j.r.: we are live from the
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event of love this show. --a vigil. we will be right back.
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>> j.r.: in east bay a dozen of families arc lights tonight for a vigil this evening. >> reporter: well is an unfortunate tragedy. this one even to hear it and president gas-pleasdent. >> reporter: >>: >> reporter: one by 1113 names
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were called out by a drunk driver deaths. >> reporter: it was a new experience for after his three- year old son died in a accident. >>: i want to be here because i want to keep my son's memory i like. >> reporter: his brother says every day can be a struggle >>: i hear this on radio and makes me emotional. >> reporter: to look in see the lights of a loved one gone. >> reporter: they contacted 5260 different families all across their area. to remind all people
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to not drink and drive. >> j.r.: 80 of apartment building located on a double loss of the pacific cut it prepared to be be modest. >> j.r.: we have done numerous stories on this. the demolition will begin at 8:00 a.m.. the removal will take two to three days. >> j.r.: it was so nice out today. >> reporter: really was very nice. >> j.r.: side-by-side. >> reporter: a lot of people out
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there to enjoy and that set aside today. about right now you can see a few clouds. as we look toward the next couple of days. it will not be maybe as cold periods, out afternoon. you thought it was warmer than average you were right. >> reporter: 62 in san francisco, 63 in concord. last night was down in the '40's go. >> reporter: we have 46 degrees in a bottle. nevafdovado
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>> reporter: but for now we are looking very good. no real frost to worry about evert. >> reporter: more of that as we did towards tuesday. later wednesday on a couple of chances for rain drops. >> reporter: to mahler would be looking toward the '50s or maybe the '60s. that task to malraux. >> j.r.: coming up on how to help refugees and work towards the president's executive order.
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>> reporter:-year >> reporter: there is also some video screens out there. what
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there is an another tier that is going. >> reporter: you can hear the drums in the distant. they were blocking stairs. i want you to notice this time over here on the wall as well. ed
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>> reporter: they are bringing boxes of old. we are talking about about crackers, and snacks. being involved in this protest it could go on for a lot longer. >> reporter: they want to continue growing even in the coming days. kron 4 mills. >> j.r.: it just a question are the police close to the protesters,? or will of all officers keep a distance what are you seeing this evening? >> reporter: that was earlier
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like i said mostly when they weren't getting close to the security checkpoint. officers are in the area. >> reporter: from what i have seen they are keeping a perimeter. >> j.r.: thank you so much. protests are happening in some big cities and others in small towns. >> j.r.: there were chants of no band. --no band. >>: we put our trust in god
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first. we realize what's happening is happening. >> j.r.: this alameda rally wasn't just attended by muslims but others to support their muslim friends. - >> j.r.: the mayor of los angeles made a statement. >>: here in america we understand that there is a constitution. yesterday we also have the third level. it >>: that he had of calls on the levels that we have seen. they have determined that these as it
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took orders cannot be acted on. >> j.r.: in sacramento protesters gathered at the airport. with in an hour the group of buses grew to more than 100. >> j.r.: starbucks has joined the corporation is fighting for refugees' rights. in the next five years the company will hire 10,000 refugees. >> j.r.: they said today that people who served with the u.s. army will also be hired first.
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>> j.r.: they and expressed concern over tromp's order including several techniques- gas tax yvette >> j.r.: apple is open open to everyone. apple would not exist without immigration. it >> j.r.: next howl a veteran who is now visually impaired. we will take you to lake tahoe area >> reporter: a lot of sunshine around the bay area today but
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looking off the coastline we will have wuther when we come back.
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>> j.r.: he is a finalist this year for about pro football. >> j.r.: we go from a 49ers story to a raiders fan. >> reporter: a lot of sunshine.
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we are going to see some stormy klaus. bass-call notes. >> reporter: you can see that storm system off the coast. mild temperatures today. a chance of rain on the way. tomorrow lots of sunshine. >> reporter: in san francisco high as 67 degrees brigit 65 in sunnyvale, 68 degrees in campbell. temperatures to 66 in
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hayward, and in the north bay you will find some sign. in napa valley 63 degrees. >> reporter: by wednesday at chance of showers. that's the forecast back to you. >> j.r.: this man is ripping up the slopes. he will tell us about this ec uses. >> reporter: flying down the hill you will never guess that that that >>: i lose my vision and no
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lights. >> reporter: how fast he goes all relies on site. >>: i listened to the noise as he gets louder louder >> reporter: we can really open up and go fast here. >>: he gives us instructions on terrain. >> reporter: an organization with a simple goal to get this able people to do things they thought were not possible. >>: this changes everything. >> reporter: gallinules is important for sergio. he was in
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i iraq. >> reporter: the sundries left his life changed. as fast as you want to. >> j.r.: people making money off of donald trump's-tweed's we will explain how. >> j.r.: there will be right back.
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>> j.r.: >> reporter: there is something
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to be sent out about president donald trump's effected on the market. >> reporter: shares dropped 1.4 per cent. >>: i don't understand anybody with that much power using sweatshirts or any platform like that. >> reporter: they call it the trump in dump. >>: is starts with barring a stock. you borrow the stock and
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immediately sell that. you've been buying and you return the stock to bart and you immediately profit. >>: any different day we have 10-15 different dots walking or wrong balls picked >> reporter: the pollard of the president's tweets kron 4 news. >> j.r.: amazon officials say the company has been slower. but this is quickly changing this year treat west in 10 days you will begin paying sales tax on purchase dispirit >> j.r.: they are rejecting a
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challenge to colorado all. >> j.r.: many of you have had a new year's resolution to eat healthier maybe drop some way to. >> reporter:, who could resist a hot slice. >> reporter: this is peace up with all the taste buds with don't regrets. >>: cucumbers and more. >> reporter: it is based on a health group wrote.
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>>: never frozen, fresh and organic. >> reporter: at inside out qunoa burger. as when you first came in. >> reporter: there are these brightly colored juice cocktails. >>: i may help coach so i talk to people and recommend this place. >>: i have no idea this is so good >>: mom is having a burger. i am having a burner. >> j.r.: 20 years after her
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death princes william and harry are honoring her death. >> j.r.: our mother touched so many lives we hope this that you will follow her legacy. >> j.r.: no word on when the statue will be unveiled. >> j.r.: princess diana died in a car crash in paris. >> j.r.: we will be right back.
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>> j.r.: well we are spared
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approaching sports night live in a matter of minutes. >> j.r.: this man was hired as a general manager. he was on the buccaneers, on the denver broncos. >> j.r.: they are certainly questions about how well he will do in the general manager's position. >> j.r.: he will become the 49ers general manager. those to its peers will be working together for now. >> j.r.: on to the war years because they work in an action tonight. --war years
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>> j.r.: after that big game he had last night. the war years in a winning this thanks. >> j.r.: draymond green has 14 planes. klay thompson had sought 27 points. >> reporter: the award winning musical la la land topped 100 million in domestic grosses. >> reporter: if figures kept its hold on third place.
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>> reporter: adolf purpose touched a enough yours are to debut in second place. >> reporter: to enroll for split. >> reporter: hard to watch a movie when the weather is so nice tonight. 67 in the beach. we have a change is coming our way >> reporter: a chance of rain as he had towards the evening hours on wednesday. >> j.r.: thank you so much. thank you folks for watching. it we hope to see you for the
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10:00 news. have a great night
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>> reporter:, raising your does not hold back. the charge so their stuff during the nhl all- star weekend. >>


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