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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> j.r.: >>: it was being disspirited and on american. >> j.r.: for a second day to day protesters are rallying of across america. >> j.r.: good evening and thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10 tricks >> j.r.: temporarily barring the
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u.s. from allowing immigrants entry into the u. s kit >> j.r.: they are recommending travelers to arrive three hours before their flight. due to the large crowds of protesters. >> reporter: right now if you look behind me they are actually surrounding the san francisco international airport. >> reporter: it is the second day of protest against president donald trump's executive order. >> reporter: earlier protesters
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slighted properly to blot terminals. >>: security has changed. the t s a has changed. >> reporter: the delay has affected travelers going to different countries. >>: excess and entrances are blocked so. >> reporter: she has a flight that leaves after 10:00 p.m. pricked >>: >> reporter: she believes in the right to protest but she is
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upset because he needs to get back to work. >>: they are blocking me and other passengers from leaving. >> reporter: she says while it is an inconvenience sheet supports their protest. >> reporter: no word on how long the protesters will be here. but there is food and drinks and up for the protesters. >> j.r.: why we have you there are the police close to a lot of these protesters? >> reporter: i did speak with one of the police officers
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spirit the protesters did move. they moved down to the second floor. >> reporter: as people are coming out of the of customs area they are surrounded by police. >> j.r.: thank you so much we will check back with of video at 10:30 p.m. thank you. even though the detainee's have been released >> reporter: the crowd at the international departure of terminal at that s f old
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terminal >>: there is cheering can and can't canteen. >> reporter: both be our arrival and departure terminals of eight and g. >>: really happy i really feel like i am in a community. >> reporter: the final detainee has been released. >>: i am not sure we can believe everything that we hear from airport. >> reporter: the ban has continued to play. eventually
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the crowd managed to block access to security checkpoints. >>: my partner who is irony in he is trying to leave. -- iraninan >> reporter: this could be a protest that lasts for days on end. >> j.r.: for some of these travelers kron 4 has spoke with attorneys. >> reporter: a sea of protesters rallied inside and are against
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the immigration ban that president donald trump has put in place >> reporter: there are still folks being head and immigration. --hail the that thatheld at immigration >> reporter: he will continue to stand with his colleagues to fight this executive order by president donald trump direct >> reporter: he worked with a refugee who was an interpreter in afghanistan.
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>> reporter: >>: he had his father killed for the cooperation that the show to the united states. and today people like kim are not being allowed entry into the united states. >>: is breaking the foundation that we are always a welcoming constant-as country >> j.r.: president donald trump is defending his actions today. this is not about religion this is about to work and keeping our country safe. >> j.r.: we will again be issuing visas to all country once we are sure our safety
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policy is in place. >> j.r.: they also insist that the commander in chief's travel ban is not a muslim band. >>: this is nonsense that this is a muslim band--ban. >> j.r.: he discriminated and the soup. gas-sued. >> j.r.: he is trying to raise $25,000.
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>> reporter: i hope that you enjoy the beautiful day almost green light out of sight--almost springlike out site. >> reporter: looking good in san francisco. as you did up tomorrow morning you are going to see a couple of the 30's and some 40 spirit. >> reporter: temperature's very similar in the '50s and the '60s. it >> j.r.: the 49ers have hired john lynch as the team's general manager. >> j.r.: there is no official
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word at the left of this contract. --length of this contract. >> j.r.: they do not know when the 49ers' will hire a new coach. there is a mothers against drunk driving even. --e event. >> reporter: it is clear and it is simple do not drink and drive. >> reporter: his family is one
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of dozens that i have met out here. >> reporter: it was a night of tears and tight hugs. people have come back to remember loved ones lost in a drunk driving crashes. >> reporter: it has been eight years without her daughter who left behind in that the world. --and that told girl. it >> reporter: one by 1113 names were called. families have gathered together in memory of the victims'. of three-year-old
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was killed on highway ... in a car crash accident. >>: after a major accident when they are taken away your life is totally changed. >>: my life is changed by everything that i do all my actions and reactions. >> reporter: this is an unfortunate growing community in which the families are asking please do not drink and drive. >> reporter: been at this event was a really sobering experience for me. bay area reports that
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they held up to 60 people every year. >> j.r.: coming up on kron 4 news at 10 state lawmakers try to great at third dander all. nasdaq's third gender law. >> j.r.: we will be right back
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>> j.r.: a big story left and the work are weighing in on the president's executive order. uber and lyft >> reporter: a chorus of voices on social media calling for members to delete their uber account. >> reporter:uber continues to
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send cards to the airport doing a taxi strike yesterday. >>: >> stanley: >>: the fact that uber decided to continue picking up those passengers is terrible. >> reporter: they picked up the protesters going to and from new york's airport. >> reporter: they are trying to create at $24 million legal funds including 24 outworked legal service. --24 hour legal
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service. >> reporter:lyft on the other hand is gaining customers. >> reporter: the founders of lyft recently stated that they are against the president's executive order. >> reporter: reporting yes san francisco kron 4 news. >> j.r.: start for talks that starbucks is one of the corporations that are joining the fight against the president and executive order. >> j.r.: it was said today that
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people who worked with the u.s. troops will be hired first. >> j.r.: other corporate leaders have also expressed concerns over this addictive ordered by the commander in chief. >> j.r.: police say no one was injured when a car hit a gas station and cost and gas leak in martinez. >> j.r.: no one was hurt. but it took a about one hour and half to shut off the gas. >> j.r.: offer service do not believe that the suspect was intoxicated. that stance officers do not believe that the suspect was intoxicated.
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>> j.r.: if passed california will become the third state-that the first state to allow a third tender option. that task third engendered option >> reporter: it was so nice outside to date. igor this day in the middle of winter here. a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds. the jazz a little breeze right now in a few high clouds. tomorrow we will see a mix of
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sun shine in cali wetter. -gas cloudy whether barrett >> reporter: all the way up to 64 degrees in san jose. if you are going out tonight you might want to grab a jacket it is 42 degrees right now and never more. 43 degrees in santa rosa. strong claws off the coastline. -that storm clouds. >> reporter: high-pressure in control now as we head into tomorrow morning. it will be a nice day. by late wednesday
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there wil be cloudy weather in and more rain. >> reporter: it will be as warm as 74 degrees in los angeles. you are looking good in san jose with a cool start in the morning. >> reporter: in oakland you will find some sunshine and around afternoon you will be in the '60s. >> reporter: getting along the coastline we are looking and maybe into the '60s-'70s. >> reporter: it will be rain coming in later to in the wednesday on thursday stormy weather. >> j.r.: still ahead a shooting in the canadian mosque.
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>> j.r.: where it happened specifically coming up shortly. >> j.r.: find out why the people oakland are: testing against the confirmation >> j.r.: we will be right back.
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>> j.r.: another rally is set for tuesday. organizers of the rally believe that the vase has little information about public education.
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>> j.r.: of protest is taken across the calm 3 to protest the president's nominations. >> j.r.: 29 year-old girls were dropped. --29 year old girls were rocked this morning. >> j.r.: went what works learned about the theft they donated the waste to the children. -that the police to the children >> j.r.: in world news tonight a
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update to the story that we brought about earlier. six people have been injured in a shot to king in a canadian mosque. >> j.r.: prime minister to fleeted his condolences same-as we take that-tweeted >> j.r.: president trumka could announce his pick for the supreme court as early as tomorrow--president donald trott, announced his bid for the supreme court as early as tomorrow.
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technical difficulties.
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>>:chanting >> j.r.: now at 10:30 p.m. a second day of protest. all in response to president donald trump's the executive order to ban immigrants from entering the united states of america. >> j.r.: she has lied at san francisco international airport. >> reporter: things have definitely changed here at the san francisco airport. one part of this group has dispersed. he
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told me he is not sure if they will be back tomorrow. >> reporter: there is that small group that is right there. they are surrounding this area at this international rivals section. the police have started to take down the barricades. >> reporter: earlier protesters were surrounding that area. they were surrounded international departures and arrivals section. >> reporter: most of the aum of course have dispersed from that area. a lot of them have went home because they have to work tomorrow >> reporter: that could change
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it " often i note it begins on the president's actions. >> j.r.: as we do keep your shot up just curious is dear tension between the protesters and police officers? >> j.r.: are there any arrest at that? >> reporter: i did not see any tension between the protesters and the police officers. >> reporter: at one point he did get a little raw for in the toll was. >> reporter: those protesters are cheering it a little bit. >> j.r.: thank you so much
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lydia. in sacramento protesters gathered. they say there were loud but peaceful in the baggage area >> reporter: it was a ordinary day at the airport. a message that was being shown across airports nationwide. >> reporter: of about 500 protesters crowded though rivals area. >> reporter: this was spread to social media buying their tweeting.
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>> reporter: there is a safety concern that comes with his good will be it >>:chanting... >> reporter: this back and actually makes america a less safe. >>: this is a group of people that will not stand still and allow this to happen. >> reporter: he did it includes
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a man who just got off their plane from el a pitl thata>a >>: we saw last night the power of the people. we are wont to fight until it is permanent. >> j.r.: prevent donald trump couldn't announce his pick for supreme court as early as tomorrow. >> j.r.: this position has remained vacant for almost one year. the announcement was our
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original set to come out thursday. > j.r.: at up are met on the reef of the specific cut is said to be demolished. the safety received over $1 million in state assistance. >> j.r.: the debris removal will take two-three days. from the apartments. >> j.r.: police are looking for a suspect who is called dragging a capped by its bank. that thata cat by its kneck. we will be
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>> j.r.: after seeing a one man dragging a capped by its neck to people called the police. >> j.r.: a cat was being dragged by a rope and hung from its net. --net. >>: i was horrified >> j.r.: this story happened down in los angeles. the cat has eight you would on is all but is expected to be ok.
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>> j.r.: 2 parents are took into custody after finding out that they were passed out on drugs and alcohol in their car with their children in the back seat. >>: i guess at my door third zero weeks and that half ago so we really hit a sore spot with me. >>: that kid is better off anywhere else besides in a car with some junkies. >> j.r.: the girls were said to be just 18 months and five months.
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>> j.r.: and the drugs were by the baby bottle. it >> reporter: such a nice weekend for the middle of winter i will be back with more of the weather. >> j.r.: the warriors came down to the wire tonight good news i will have for you when we come back to treat
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>> j.r.: well many of you might be in the midst of a new year's resolutions. we found a restaurant with a healthy etch. >>: 8 began crusted pizza with
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roasted but to not squash scared picture >> reporter: now open here in walnut creek. it is based on a health group. it is loaded with feel-good nutrients. >> reporter: dishes like fresh vegetables or a inside out quinoa barter. that hasburger >> reporter: their brightly colored juice cocktails.
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>>: i am a nutritionist and i'd recommend this place. you can have a bearing in still feel good about it. >> j.r.: we take a live look at san francisco tonight. there are no clouds above us. >> reporter: but this is going to change. >> j.r.: as i was a warning to the wharf i was dodging people >> reporter: we have some cool temperatures we are running in
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the '40's. some temperatures are going to be on the cool site. >> reporter: we have a couple of high clouds drifting over there we go. it >> reporter: it will not be as quiet as cold as well we had over night. hey everybody is gone all there is a card. >> reporter: is a nice night out there as well in santa rosa 43. 51 in oakland as well as san francisco. >> reporter: right now high-
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pressure is in control. we are looking pretty good to start out the week. some springlike weather or around the bay area. >> reporter: the next couple days should be nice and dry periods >> reporter: looks like as we head into my room morning it will be fairly dry. >> reporter: we will see more of the clouds started moving in as we head towards tuesday. >> reporter: as we headed toward tomorrow afternoon we will see lots of sunshine again. san
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francisco will be one more at 67 degrees. >> reporter: 65 in elgar not up. that's-el granada >> reporter: 64 in livermore, 62 degrees in concorde spirit >> reporter: there will be as high as 64 in santa rosa. there will be a little cooler in spocks. looking out over the next couple of days. on tuesday there will be a chance of rain. >> reporter: now back to j.r
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>> j.r.: 29 stephan currie was ruled out of the game with a stomach flu. >> j.r.: klay thompson here is going tough. kevin durant had 18 points in the first period. >> j.r.: willard is looking he is calling for lowball. >> j.r.: he pulls up and tells back-to-back three-point shots. >> j.r.: little dirt on a reverse layup. that-lillard
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>> j.r.: bladers are down by two with five seconds left. his shot rattled out. >> j.r.: best of the nfc and afc were squaring off in the pro bowl. >> j.r.: 23 yd touchdown check out their rater pro bowlers. --
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raider >>: we appreciate your support we have the raider nation here carry >> j.r.: they moved on to the championship game against the metropolitan. the pacific had a one to nothing lead. the division tie the game up at three. metro wins the game 4-3.
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>> j.r.: moviegoers had a choice this weekend. we will be right back.
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>> j.r.: the moviegoers have a choice this weekend a prowler or a killer. >> j.r.: 2 in a row for split. $26.3 million >> j.r.: coming up at kron 4
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news at eleven another round of protesters today.
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>> j.r.: our big story tonight our second day of protesters. donald trump issues a executive on third-inning immigrants from entering the country. >> j.r.: we are life from san francisco international airport. > reporter: pangs have
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definitely changed here at san francisco international airport. >> reporter: the detainees have been released. >> reporter: hundreds crowded are round of our rivals a said at this san francisco international airport >> reporter: earlier protester'' cause flight delays. keeping some dollars from bidding on their flights. that task travelers >>: the delay is because people could in check in when it


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