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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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definitely changed here at san francisco international airport. >> reporter: the detainees have been released. >> reporter: hundreds crowded are round of our rivals a said at this san francisco international airport >> reporter: earlier protester'' cause flight delays. keeping some dollars from bidding on their flights. that task travelers >>: the delay is because people could in check in when it was
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supposed to. >>: because of the process many entrants in excess are being blocked. >> reporter: she has a flight that leaves after 10:00 p.m.. >>: right now i do not know if i am going to fly. >> reporter: she is irritated because the need to get back to work. >>: they are blocking me and the other passengers. >> reporter: at least one moment that we talked to said wally is an inconvenience she still supports the protest. >> reporter: organizers say that
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another reason that protesters last left is because tomorrow they go back to work. >> j.r.: san francisco international airport the five remaining the detainees have been released. >> j.r.: people who are here today say that sunday's crowd is much bigger. >>: is about four times bigger than yesterday. >> j.r.: they are not done yet they plan to continue their
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protest until the ban is resolved. >> j.r.: they are pushing against the immigration ban put in place by president donald trump. >> j.r.: lawyers have now made themselves available at the airport. >>: he went back and continue to serve less and his brother was kidnapped. but now he is being denied entry under presidents band. >> j.r.: he works with a refugee who is an interpreter direct
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his colleagues felt has now turned his back on him. >> reporter: in san francisco once again itsuber versus lyft. >> reporter: the strike took place during their protest their. but uber still pick up passengers from the airport. >> j.r.: president donald trump could announce his pay for the supreme court seat as early as tomorrow morning.
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>> j.r.: if all proved trounced nomination will replace and take the vacant seat. >> j.r.: the announcement was a reason we said to come out thursday. >> j.r.: police say to spuds that that that two suspects have been arrested and a mosque shooting in canada. >> j.r.: rescue crews have rescued 22 passengers from a boat. including five chinese tourists. the boat left at
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easter and state >> j.r.: they have beefed up their search and rescue team in hopes of finding the remaining people. >> reporter: they gathered in memory of the victim's of drought driving accidents. >> j.r.: happening tomorrow a apartment building located on the bluffs will be torn down. it
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is at risk of collapsing into the ocean. >> j.r.: demolition will begin at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and is expected to again by that afternoon. it will take two- three days to remove the debris of the apartment. >> j.r.: we will be right back with your complete forecast.
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>> reporter: nice night around the bay area. a few high clouds moving across. but that is going to change. a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge street >> reporter: kind of a gentle
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breeze out there. is only 6 mi. per hour. tomorrow maybe even a little bit warmer. we will have sunshine and a few high clouds in oakland. >> reporter: we have some great weather ahead. above freezing for overnight lows 40 in fairfield, 42 in concord. read some very mall whether. it as we head into what some middle of
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the week that will affect us. >> reporter: we are looking into the 50s in san jose. 63 in napa valley. all along the coastline can reach about 67 degrees. >> reporter: 64 degrees in livermore. things are one to change a bit. things are born to start to pick up as we head toward the middle of the week. >> reporter: rein in the middle of the night wednesday stormy for thursday and friday. >> j.r.: thank you so much and thank you for drawing up this meeting that passed this evening goodnight
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>> music >> kron4, the backstory >> the newscast >> day 13 >> music >> pam: new tonight at 8! the tragedy of young andrew wu's death was felt today among his young classmates. >> pam: kron 4's vicki liviakis went to san francisco aptos middle school. she spoke with parents and his fellow students. >> vicki: all right i'll bring it. do i need a tripod? >> vicki: no. i do not need a tripod. >> vicki: this is sad. >> vicki: just rushing trying to get to school. >> vicki: thank you, james! >> james: okay! you're welcome! >> vicki: i do not like doing stories about accidents that leads to anyone's


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