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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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( film projector running ) boy: i made this. for the repeal of abortion
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laws, thinks gorsuch will team up with conservative justices roberts and alitowhich could mean big changes."it has been both of their life missions to overturn roe vs. wade. so i think they will definitely try and take up cases that would eradicate roe or at least eviscerate it."but she does point out that in last year's whole women's health case, the eight-person court went 5-3 on the decision saying texas placed undue burden on those seeking an maybe overturning roe won't be so easy."it really depends on what the case is and what's at stake in the case and what the court - where anthony kennedy is going to come down."though dudro would like the court to re-examine roe v. wade, even she doesn't think it will ever fully be overturned.whatever happens, she just hopes both sides can listen, and respect and understand one another."to take aim and appoint a supreme court justice where that is
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their going to be a mistake for this administration because it is so america is "you wanna the laws of do the utmost many other developments many other developments today .... as we track president trump's first 100 days. coming up in 30 minutes: how democratic lawmakers are staging a resistance against the president. why the white house argues .... you should not think of the recently imposed travel restrictions as a quote "ban". and the impact travel restrictions could have on the bay area economy. right now we have a storm tracker four weather alert for tomorrow night.. rain is on the way. this is a live look at san francisco -- clear for now -- but that is all changing. kron4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center .... tracking what you need to know.
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' happening now: a man wanted for a crime thousands of miles away, escaped from kentucky law enforcement officers today... áwhile they were in haywardáá.. tonight he's still on the loose... the prisoner bailed from the car... while they were on a freeway. grant lodes has more on the escape.
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he bailed out of the car on 880! 27-year-old shawn new is wanted in the state of kentucky, where he is on probation after being convicted of credit card fraud. this morning kentucky deputies picked him up at the santa rita jail and headed for the san francisco airport. but they slowed down because of stop and go traffic, and shawn new made his move...jumping out of the car...and bolting off the freeway into the streets of hayward. he was last seen wearing a blue plaid shirt, blue jeans and brown boots. and new does ánotá have a history of violent crimes.
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alameda county sheriff's deputies were called in, and searched the area along 880 and a street in hayward, but after 3 hours the suspect was no where to be found. kentucky authorities had new handcuffed at time of his escape. alameda county sheriffs deputies say when they transport a prisoner, they must follow stricter protocols here's a map of where the search was is focused...the general area of "a" street and mission blvd.don't know if planned... or a last minute either way, if will also face additional in california. coming up:the raiders owner sacked by another investor in the plan to move the team to vegas. what it means for the team's future in in a live report. then:a stunning defense in the sierra lamar murder trial: why attorneys for the accused killer believe
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there was no crime was committed. and next:he was the last person to climb out of the oakland ghost ship warehouse alive.. tongiht -- his family shares the struggle they have been going through ... as their son works towards a full
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new tonight at ten:it's been nearly two months since the deadly oakland ghost ship warehouse fire... tonight -- we are hearing from the family of a man who was the last person to crawl out of
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the burning building alive. 36 people died in the fire. samuel "peaches" maxwell from stockton, survived -- but he suffered severe smoke inhalation. so much ash went into his lungs -- doctors were forced to put him in an induced coma... so his body could heal. reporter ben deci spoke to the family -- doing everything in their power to help their son recover. nats the ghost ship warehouse fire started december 2nd and burned well into the early morning hours of december 3rd, may be out now. but it's not over.sot - wendi maxwell/mother "sam used to always say to me, 'the only way out is through.' i believe that's what got him out of the fire. and i believe that's what will get him through this long recovery."in a fire that killed 3 dozen, sam maxwell is a survivor. the theory is he lived by crawling out, on his hands and knees, in the choking smoke, clutter and darkness, feeling his way toward any exit he could find. sot - "we have no idea how much he remembers. we know he has horrific nightmares."and
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sam maxwell has been asleep for a long time. for 5 weeks doctors kept him in a coma-- to prevent further damage to his lungs and breathing, as his condition deteriorated in the hours after the fire. sot - "i haven't had a chance to see him. and the doctor said, 'how far away are you?' and i said, 'an hour and a half.' and she said, 'i'm sorry. i can't wait.'" they came anyway from their stockton california home.... sam's parents, cameto be by their son's side... and here they've stayed, as the weeks and months have piled up... and road to recovery has, at times, seemed so long.sot - "the first time i saw him was that night... hooked up to a ventilator, and tubes, and monitors and iv's. and then he stayed that way for 5 weeks." through three boughts of pneumonia. a heart problem. sepsis. he's doing better now. doctors have woken him up, and he's while he's learning to speak again, he hasn't yet asked about friends he lost that night. his recovery will be a full recovery.the path forward through the other problems cast in the light of this fire, though, they may be even tougher.sot - "i'm furious that there are brilliant people like my
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son... productive... people who are engaged in making their community better. and they're living in substandard housing because they can't afford to live in a house." success now comes in little steps for adam maxwell. today he was able to get out of bed, sit in a wheelchair, work on brushing his own teeth, and washing his own face... his parents there for him whether he needs- so he knows he's not doing it alone.
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sam maxwell's family is accepting donations on youcaring- dot-com.. or directly through the bank of stockton .. to help pay for his treatment. another positive sign for "oakland" raiders fans. the raiders to las vegas deal may be falling apart. a day after billionaire sheldon adelson pulled out of the plan reports now say that the other big financial backer, goldman sachs, is backing out. kron 4's j.r. stone is live at raiders headquarters.. jr?
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a brief evacuation of the tanforan mall in san bruno has been lifted... after a bomb threat was found to be false. a kron 4 viewer sent us this video arpimd 6:00 this evening. mall security says, it got a report of a bomb placed somewhere inside the mall. after investigating... san bruno police and the san mateo county sheriff's bomb squad found... there is no threat. the mall will be open for normal hours tomorrow. another bomb scare today... a woman claiming to have an explosive inside her car has surrendered to police. the tower bridge in west sacramento was closed down .... as police surrounded her car. you can see from this helicopter footage, the vehicle was parked sideways on the road near raley field. police say, wires could be seen coming out of the gas tank. the bomb squad moved in and used robots to get to the driver ... who then surrendered to officers. she remains in
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custody .. as police continue to investigate. toss weather rain moves in tomorrow night until friday with another system this weekend.
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still ahead in a brand new edition of people behaving badly..we'll show an illegal homeless encampment that's so developed -- there's a waiting list to get in. and next:the crimes that have police stumped... thieves targetting cars in the east bay -- and they are stealing something very unusual...
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happening now: police are asking for your a license plate crime spree spirals out of control. the problem is centered in san leandro... where dozens of people's license plates have been stolen ... just in the past week or so. grant lodes is here with how people can help police track down these thiefs. since january least 25 license places have
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been stolen. they're all in san leandro's broadmoor neighborhood. all crimes happening when it's dark out. beginning january 21st, police have received 25 reports of license plate thefts taken from cars parked in residential neighborhoods. the thefts have occurred during the hours of darkness, and police are asking anyone with information to contact them, especially those with video surveillance that may have caught the thieves in the act.
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coming up: the move by democratic lawmakers to resist president trump -- that has some republicans fuming. and next:lawyers for the man accused of killing sierra lamar with a stunning defense.. why they say there is no evidence the missing teen was murdered.
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tonight: a lawyer for the man accused of killing teenager sierra lamar says, there is no evidence the teen was murdered. that was just part of the dramatic opening statement from the defense attorney representing antolin garcia torres. 15-year-old sierra lamar vanished on her way to school back in 2012. her body was never found. kron-4's rob
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fladeboe is tracking the trial. ááááááthe conclusion of opening staements on tuesday foretold a case that will focus heavily on forensic evidence. the jury told by the prosecution about a stun gun used in earlier attacks on other women that had the defendant's fingerprint on it, about his dna on sierra lamar's clothing and her dna on a hair found in his car. the defense in turn asserting there's an innocent explanation for the fingerprint, that dna the evidence was cross- contaminated by sloppy handling and lacks blood or other evidence that sierra lamar was killed. former prosecutor steven clark.sot steven clark/legal analyst shown here at a previous court hearing, antolin garcia torres stands accused of the march 2012 murder of then 15-year- old sierra lamar, who vanished on her way to school near her
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home in morgan hill. her body has never been found. family friend roger nelson is among thoseattending the trial.sot roger nelson/lamar family friendthe jury was told it will hear from as many as 100 witnesses in a trial that could take months. much of that testimony expected to revolve around the credibility of circumstantial evidence and statements made by garcia torres to investigators before and after his arrest. the 25 year year old admitted to being on the road where sierra was last seen but claims he was going fishing. happening tomorrow:the widow of the man who carried out a deadly terrorist attack
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on a florida nightclub, will appear in an oakland court. lawyers for noor salman are fighting for her release from jail.. they say ... salman had no knowledge of her husband's plan for the shooting. her husband omar mateen is resposnible for the pulse night club attack in orlando, back in june. 49-people were killed... and another 53- others were wounded. salman, who lives in the east bay with her family, was arrested last month. also tomorrow: polarizing breitbart news editor milo yiannopoulos is expected to speak tomorrow at u-c berekely. it is the last scheduled stop on his tour... it is being sponsored by the school's republican club. yiannopoulos's tour has frequently sparked protests... like this one at u-c davis a couple of weeks ago. that appearance had to be cancelled over security concerns. cal officials say while there have been calls for tomorrow's event to be halted... it is going to be allowed in the name of free
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speech. yiannopoulus is known for controversial comments and is a self- proclamined internet control. new at ten: bay area congresswoman - nancy pelosi reacting to president trump's choice of neil gorsuch for the u.s. supreme court. he is a nominee who could face a filibuster by congressional democrats. democrats have already walked out of hearings for two cabinet nominees. catherine heenan shows us how partisan rhetoric is
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reaching new heights ... under a president who campaigned against politics as usual. minority leader "here we are, two weeks into the new trump administration and we're already on the cusp of a constitutional crisis. we are already in a crisis of competence."a controversial immigration ban .... and the firing of the justice department official who refused to defend it ... touched off a firestorm on capitol hill. "donald trump has essentially stepped in to office and shredded the constitution."acting attorney general sally yates was dismissed with strikingly harsh language.reporter: "why use the word 'betrayal'?"sean spicer/white house press secretary: "because the department's job is to execute - i mean they're the department of justice and if you have a legally executed order and the attorney general says i'm not going to execute it that truly is, that clearly is a betrayal."at her confirmation hearing two years ago, republicans were pressing yates to stand up to the president alabama if the
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views the president wants to execute are unlawful, should the attorney general or the deputy attorney general say no?" "senator, i believe the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the president." sessions is now trump's nominee to lead the justice department.senator president trump's next immigration order could be bad news for the tech sector here in the bay area. documents obtained by our partners at c=n=n suggest.... the administration is looking to change how h=one=b
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work visas are given out, or limit how many will be available every year. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate talked to people in the tech scene who say, this could hurt innovation here, and the overall u.s. economy. the fear of president trump going after h-1b visas hits home for venky ganesan, managing director of menlo ventures, a prominent venture capital firm in silicon valley. sot - venky ganesan, managing director of menlo ventures, a venture-capital firm in silicon valley only 65,000 h-1b visas are given out a yeartech companies here have already been saying that's not enough for them to compete to keep silicon valley the capital of innovation and technology... and now the thought of even less really scares them.sot - venky ganesan, we don't yet know when or if president trump will announce changes to h-1b visas it's possible he has heard the uproar from the tech community. top republican speaker of the house paul ryan addressed the executive order sot paul ryan sot - venky
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ganesan, venky is hoping silicon valley and the white house can work together. in menlo park gabe slate kron 4 news.
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coming upthis land is owned by nobody so technically it's still indigious landa city park in west oakland, taken over by wooden homes, a kitchen and even a shower but who does park belong to i'll explore in the next edition of people behaving badly
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on the side and even beneath the highways and byways ofthe bay area.... you often see encampments of homeless people. the structures used to protect people from the elements come and go and often change but in west oakland one hascropped up
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in a park that is different. it's been there for a while and is so well put together thatthere's an actual waiting list to get inside. however there is a problem this is the sign to grove shafter park in west oakland this is unlike another park in the area which i shall attempt to explain to you in the next few minutes, first off according to the city of oakland there are count them 18 different code violations in the park nicknamed the village they are state, local and fire codes which all publicly posted. you just have to read past all the power to the people written on the notice nats: ambiance the park is located beneath where highway 24 and interstate 580 meet. if you're on the freeway a good point of reference is this market
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street san pablo ave exit sign the reference to the freeway will make sense shortlynats ambiance the park has an encampment which includes tents and lined up under one of the overpassesbut there are other things that make this encampment unique there are structures make out of wood and other materials; some have windows and doors . there is a kitchen where food can and is prepared including a pantry they have also tapped into the city water supply and there is a porta potty and a hand washing station all inside the park there is shower which has been constructed which has hot water, there is another feature i have never seen in any encampment, it has a spokesperson this is needa bee this encampment was started by an oakland residents both homeless and housed who have been most of us dealing with the impact of gentrification oakland since the 90's when it started coming over from san
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francisco to oakland and we have been engaged in the city for 20 years so my question was why take over this city park the city dosent own this park the county dosent own this property and from what both the county assessors and their supervisors told us two weeks ago and again a week ago is that their stumped because there is no parcel number for this land they have no idea who owns this land so based on the groups research this is the conclusion they reached this land is owned by nobody, so technically it's still indigious land which brings me back full circle to the freeway overpass, the freeway is state property caltrans and the land below it also caltrans property who, in turn, leased the land to the city of oaklandwhich might explains why there is no parcel i reached out to oakland parks and rec who inturn confirmed my finding, so basically the group who told me this is a protest and an encampment have to vacate the park in fact, they have already received a 72 hour notice to vacate or else the city will remove it for them including the kitchen and the clothing shop there will be more on this story as it west oakland roberts kron 4 news the city of oakland says, a 20 million bond was approved which will eventually fund housing for
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the homeless. toss weather rain moves in tomorrow night until friday with another system this weekend.
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toss sports/ gary the raiders proposed move to las vegas is getting more tenuous by the dayyesterday
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after the major financial backer for a stadium in las vegas sheldon adelson backed out of the deal word was that raiders owner mark davis could replace the $650 million contrbution to the $1.9 billion facility with backing from goldman sakstoday reports are goldman saks won't do the deal without adelson involved they obviously want to make sure they get their 650- million back and without adelson backing it they don't want to commit that kind of money super bowl media day went off last nightand making the rounds was a fan wearing a tom brady mask reaction to the mask it that it looks a bit "creepy" in that it is so realisticthe fan was actually a staff member of bleacher report the creepy brady mask atook a month to make and includes real hair at one point the "fake brady" caught they eye of the real tom brady who was amused by the mimickeryas for the real brady he talked about his family and what it meant to have them at the game wtachinh
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him go for a 5th super bowl title our nextstar crews are in houston and got an early peek of the field at nrg stadium on which the super bowl will be played on sundaythe patriots won super bowl 38 here but there was natural grass then instead of the field turfthat is there now will be decided sunday whether to open the retractable roof for the game right now on stub-hub a lower
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level seat is going dollars the sharks at the tank hosting the chicago blackhawksyoung sharks fans on the glass2nd period scorelesspatrick marleau puts it in the back of the net for his 499th career goal 1-0 sharlks2 minutes left in game 1-1 tie tomas hertl cleans up brent burns slapshot for the game- winning goal joe pavelski added an empty-netter to seal itfinal: 3-1 sharkssharks up one point in the pacific division they are 18-7-1 at home
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lebron's response"i'm not the one who threw somebody through a window. i never spit on a kid. i never had unpaid debt in las vegas... i never showed up to all-star weekend on sunday because i was in vegas all weekend partying."
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trump...finally named his supreme court justice nominee. thanks for joining us at eleven...i'm steve aveson.and i'm pam moore ...judge neil gorsuch has been nominated for the seat..which was held by justice antonin scalia, who died last year.grant lodes..has a closer look at the president's pick, grant? the president is relpacing justice antonin scalia, who justice antonin relpacing justice antonin scalia, who died suddenly nearly one year ago...with conservative...neil gorsuch.announcement tonight in prime time at the white gorsuch is a judge on the court of appeals in the 49-year-old supports freedom...he's thought to be like the majority of the supreme court, is harvard educated.


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