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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 1, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PST

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president donald trump...finally named his supreme court justice nominee. thanks for joining us at eleven...i'm steve aveson.and i'm pam moore ...judge neil gorsuch has been nominated for the seat..which was held by justice antonin scalia, who died last year.grant lodes..has a closer look at the president's pick, grant? the president is relpacing justice antonin scalia, who justice antonin relpacing justice antonin scalia, who died suddenly nearly one year ago...with conservative...neil gorsuch.announcement tonight in prime time at the white gorsuch is a judge on the court of appeals in the 49-year-old supports freedom...he's thought to be like the majority of the supreme court, is harvard educated.
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now the question much of fight will democrats in the senate mount? with three court members in their 80's or near 80...all three liberal or moderate...pres ident trump could easily have one or more additional appointments...and those could really shift the way the court leans. some think the
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demoncrats should wait to make a stand. but many democrats are still bitter. last year, republicans refused to consider president obama's nominee for the seat....merrick garland. that was a big gamble leading up to the election, and it worked out for the g-o-p. democrats are already vowing to delay the process for confirming judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court .kron 4's alecia reid continues our coverage she spoke with people on both sides of the aisle about president trump's pick. most are expecting democrats in the senate to fight this nomination.not because he isn't qulified, but because donald trump picked him.pkg sot - the democrats right now have a lot of issues in respect to donald trumpneil gorsuch donald trump's nominee to replace supreme court justicce antonin scalia who passed away.tom del beccaro / former chairman california
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republican party sot - he's very well's the next supreme court justice where they're going to fight tooth and nailgorsuch will have a hearing in front of the senate judiciary committee, which is majority republican. he will still need left wing votes.dean john trasvina /usf school of law sot - there are still steps in the process where this nomination could get derailed, or it could get uglydemocrats are already threatening to filibuster the nomination. there's still tension after former president barack obama nominated merrick garland - who wasn't considered at all by the republicans. some say gorsuch isn't a far cry from his predecessor . sot - he's replacing justice scalia who was the most far right.his views won't really change the composition of the supreme court.james taylor / usf professor sot - he has a moderating effect and that's what he represents..if you're
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ideological it doesn't matter what, because it's coming from trump, but if you're down the middle, this is a mainstream safe selectionstandupthe next couple of months will be the time the public and senators can weigh in before votes are cast.reporting live in san francisco.. mark davis' plan to move the raiders to las vegas...appears to be falling apart. yesterday...billionaire sheldon adelson pulled out of the big money backer is bowing out. kron 4's jr stone has reaction from the city of oakland...and raiders fans. sot i mean that's like a glimmer of hope to us.oakland raiders fans feeling pretty good after hearing reports that the team is now 650 billion dollars short in a 1.9 billion dollar las vegas
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stadium plan.sot maybe the nfl will see that and when they at their next meeting the nfl will say maybe it ain't such a good idea to go down there. monday billionaire sheldon adelson pulled out of the plan. tuesday goldman sachs reportedly said if adelson isn't invovled in the deal, we're not either. we talked with oakland city councilman larry reid tuesday night who says oakland now needs the nfl's help.sot we need the nfl to pull mark davis aside and say you know what we believe that you can get a deal done in the city of oakland. in your home least one county commissioner in the las vegas area has been quoted as saying he feels raiders owner mark davis has no concern for those in nevada or california pitting communities against each other. councilman reid says the city of oakland still wants to keep the raiders and has been working with the county and ronnie lott's fortress group on fine tuning a plan for the silver and black to stay in town.sot we can get the deal done we just need the nfl to help us get mark davis to sit down at a table and work through the issues and show our commitment to the nfl and to all the raiders fans here in the east bay.
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an inmate has escaped police custody in hayward this afternoon. now police an inmate has escaped
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police custody in hayward this afternoon. now police are on the hunt for him. the inmate was being transported from a jail to s- f-o when he escaped. he remains at large this evening. don't put the rain gear away just yet...another storm is headed our way.meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete bay area forecast.
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rain moves in tomorrow night until friday with another system this weekend.
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