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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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water levels at lake oroville continue to drop this evening - preventing more water from spilling over the dam's potentially hazardous emergency spillway. although this is good news - butte county sheriff kory honea says, the evacuation orders remain in effect until futher notice. "this is still a dynamic situation, a situation we're trying to assess the damage. we need to make...we need to have time to make sure that before we allow people back to those areas, it is safe to do so. so i want to make it clear. evacuation is still in effect." and those evacuation orders may not be lifted until the damage barrier at the dam is repaired. sheriff honea gave no timetable for the work. the problem at lake oroville started when a massive hole opened up in the main spillway. the hole...30 feet
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deep...200 feet wide. that issue prompted water managers to stop using the main spillway... that meant water in the that meant water in the lake...swollen from all this winters storms...started coming over the emergency spillway. the emergency spillway is just dirt and rocks... and with all the pressure from the water level so high... the concern...especially yesterday...was that the dirt and rock could collapse...
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and that would mean a 30 foot wall of water would come charging down this dirt hill... some into the feather river...but tons and tons would keep coming downstream...flooding towns as far south as marysville...30 miles south of the lake. we are also now learning ... that environmentalists raised concerns áyears ago about the stability of the emergency spillway at the oroville dam... but state officials insisted... the structure was safe. this is what the emergency spillway looks like today... water is no longer spilling over - but you can see the damage it left behind from this weekends spillover. back in 2005 - three advocacy groups filed a motion - with the federal energy regulatory commission - saying, the dam's spillway would cause significant erosion because it was not lined with concrete. the groups warned.... the soil, rocks and debris could be
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swept into the feather river, potentially damaging bridges and power plants. the group argued, it could also cause a failure of the dam itself, threatening lives and property. acting head of california's department of water resources, said today, he was not familiar with the 2005 warnings and could not comment. here's a list of a few evacuation centers. the red cross has set up in chico the silver dollar fairgrounds . on fair street. the glenn county fairgrounds on east yolo street and in paradise.. the elks lodge has opened its rv park to now cost. space is limited in the rv park. in woodland- the yolo county fairgrounds is also open for those who need to stay there. for a full list of evacuation centers in the area- go to more than a 12-hundred evacuees are at the evacuation center ... at the silver dollar fairgrounds in chico. that's about 20 miles north of oroville. kron four's spencer blake is live there
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this evening. spencer, how are people dealing with the anxiety of being away from their homes? earlier this afternoon they closed down the evacuation center in paradiseso those people are now coming here, which means they're expecting about 15 hundred people to sleep here. there are several buildings being used at the silver dollar fairgrounds.there are at least four filed with cots, one is a medical and pharmacy center, and one is where the salvation army is churning out meals three times a day.the red cross executive director in this region, amanda ree, says they'll stay here with the
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shelter open as long as the county needs them to.what i've seen a lot people dropping off food, water, blankets, and more to help everyone who's stuck away from home. "this is just an amazing, heartwarming thing to see. a lot of people really stressed out in a really dynamic time, it's just cool to see that the community is coming together and needs are being met."one thing the red cross is kindly asking that you ádon't donateis clothing.they really don't have the ability to distribute that well right now. but food and water brought by good samaritans gets gobbled up. it really is pretty cool to see how many people from chico are here offering their time and their kindnessagain, as of now they are expecting to fill this shelter to capacity in chico, spencer blake, kron four news.
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if you would like to help those impacted by the oroville dam disaster - log onto our website kron four dot com. there - we have listed of ways you can assist - including making a donation to the salvation army... or the red cross. it's all on kron four dot com. today's clear weather is allowing water officials to get a better picture of the damage to the dam's spillways. kron 4's haaziq madyun is in oroville tonight... with details on the urgent repair work that needs to be done. the oroville dam overlook has been turned into a make shift emergency rock quarry. on this backhoe loader has been doing the heavy lifting stones and boulders and loading them into these huge dump trucks. big rigs are moving in and out of the loading area hauling the stones to locations ready to be used to repair the emergency spillway in the oroville dam...says california
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department of water resources spokesperson chris orrock"we have repositioned some strategic assets to ensure that if that is the direction we choose to use to mitigate the erosion spots, that they are in place and ready to go" among those strategic assets is a pair of helicopters and dozens of these white bags filled with material that can be used to sure up the damaged spillway. here you see a pair of engineers with the water resources department keeping a close eye on the primary spillway releasing water to from the dam"we have a 100,000 cubic feet per second going down that spillway that has already been damaged, just like noticed the damage in the emergency spillway, we have teams constantly monitoring it so if something happens we are ready, we don't have to wait"in the meantime the water level has decreased 6 feet since last night. it water is roughly at 896-feet "our goal is to come down 50-feet of lake level in the next couple
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of days"do you think you will make it?"that's our goal"it's a race against time. there is wet weather in the forecast later this week, making the goal of releasing water from the dam even more of an the oroville damn haaziq madyun kron4news there is a sense of urgency tonight... because more rain is forecast for oroville. let's check in with chief meteorologist brittney shipp - who has been tracking the storm that is heading our way. showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains is still a mess tonight. debris from a mudslide last week is still blocking the northbound lanes. kron 4's dan kerman is back on the scene tonight... dan ... is there any sense of when all of the lanes will be back open.
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highway- 37 in marin is still closed today... as the road is still flooded from
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recent storms. it has been like this since thursday. now caltrans has created a plan to prevent this from happening again. crews will begin an emergency road work project to raise the level of the roadway. this will hopefully prevent flooding from shutting down the roadway in the future. now all the entrances to the road off highway 101 have been closed and east bound traffic has to use atherton road to detour around the flooded section. caltrans is running pumps in an attempt to divert he water off the busy route... but it has not successfully gotten rid of the flooding. . no word on when the highway might reopen. also shut down - highway 35 in los gatos .... a landslide there has destroyed the road. . this weekend... kron4 spoke to families who live near by- they are concerned that increased traffic on detour roads ... may cause them to collapse as well. the sheriffs department is out there in the area helping with traffic.
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potholes are popping up all some cases...they're huge. still ahead on kron four news, what crews in one east bay city are doing to fix the problem quickly. then, president trump's national security adviser, michael flynn, appears to be on thin ice. this as the president welcomes his neighbor from the north. the latest from washington - coming up. but first, we are following the breaking news out of oroville - where thousands of people have been evacuated due to concerns over a damaged spillway. our coverage continues right after the break.
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we're tracking breaking news in oroville where a dire situation with the dam there is threatening downstream towns. thousands of people have been evacuated as a damaged emergency spillway could fail sending an enormous amount of water into the central valley. here's a timeline of how quickly things moved leading up to where we are right now. on tuesday a massive hole began to form on the spillway of the dam. the hole formed during the heavy rain and it has continued to grow
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ever since. at around 5 last night...things took a turn for the worse. officials ordered people living downstream to evacuate saying a "hazardous situation is developing" after an emergency spillway severely eroded. last night, the butte county sheriff's office said the emergency spillway could fail within the hour. by 8 last night, officials said 188-thousand people had evacuated. while the spillway has not failed, causing a 30 foot wall of water to flood entire towns, officials are working to get the situation under control. just before midnight, the national guard
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was put on stand-by. 23- thousand soldier are ready to deploy to the area if needed. hundreds of evacuees are spending a second night on cots and in cars at the silver dollar fairground in chico. as kron four's will tran found out... they all have a story to tell.
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that was will tran at the evacuation center in chico. showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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coming up, the son of former penn state assistant coach - jerry sandusky - finds himself in trouble with the law. what charges jeffrey sandusky faces tonight. and work continues in the east bay - as people are dealing with a growing number of potholes. we'll show you where - after the break. why are you deleting these photos?
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because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. in the east bay - another rush to take care of failing infracstructure - dozens of potholes posing problems for residents. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, residents say it has been challening and costly to deal with. with no time to spare - these crews rushing to fix this roadway - this is the sycamore park and ride in danville. sot/tc: 8 dave casteel/danvill e maintenance supervisor yeah, we have a lot of issues to deal with like other east bay cities - danville took a
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hit with the heavy rain storms. dave casteel - the c ity's maintence supervisor explains water weakend this stretch posing a hazard for drivers. sot/tc: the water went down - and now with a small break until the next series of wet weather - crews are out in several areas of town making repairs. sot/tc: we are going to be filling, paving, doing things we can't when it is raining. sott/c: 48 rich coffeen/danville resident/storm damage yeah, it's been bad - residents say driving around town steering clear of potholes has been challenging. sot/tc: 54 deb ginn/storm damage yeah, you gotta be on your toes. glad to see them get this done. and it wasn't just pot holes, here off of diablo road - landslides are forcing crews to take measures, including cleaning up and shoring up the road. tes: 1:09 for the next few days, the crews will be out - so they have a request. sot/tc: we will - try and be patient and go slow. in danville, te
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president trump's national security adviser - is in hot water tonight. this, after he possibly mislead vice president mike pence. more on this story - just ahead. and next, an update on the breaking news situation out of oroville - where thousands of people have been forced from their homes. we check in with some of the evacuees - in a live report.
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the oroville dam crisis. thousands of people have thousands of people have been evacuated - in parts of three counties... over concerns that the emergency spillway at the nations tallest dam - could fail. this comes after
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the main spillway broke last week...and yesterday water began gushing over the emergency spillway at the oroville dam...and there was fear that spillway could also fail. after a rainy winter season that has caused lake oroville to swell.. nearly to the point of overflowing. officials with cal- fire say, the big problem is with erosion as the water comes down the mountain. and cal- fire is warning about just how dangerous this situation can be. we have just learned - california's u- s senators, dianne feinstein and kamala harris... are calling on president donald trump ... to approve a disaster declaration for the state... in response to damage from recent storms. the senators are asking the president to provide nearly 163- million dollars in disaster assistance.
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the red cross evacuation center at the fairgrounds is expected fill up tonight. kron four's spencer blake is there live, checking out how everything is running.spencer, are things going smoothly?
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one hiccup was cots that came in from sacramento last night. they didn't arrive until two a-m, but they're here.other than that, red cross says things are clicking. aside from beds, there are also places for evacuees that brought their pets.service animals are allowed in the main sleeping areas, and for all the other pets, there's a kennel area.pets are also one thing that volunteers from the chico area have kept in mind, which made this guy happy, even though he chose to sleep áwith his dog in his car. "they gave me a blanket and whatever i needed; they have dog food here for everybody - all the essentials for your dog."volunteers have also been bringing in cookies, games for the kids to play with. i saw a local piza place bring in ástacks of pizzas.7 one man: red cross has been absoluely
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amazing7 in turn heap praises on volunteers. because they closed the red cross shelter in paradise, there will probably be about 15 hundred people sleeping here in chico, spencer blake, kron four news. with more rain on the way - this could cause even bigger problems for the people in oroville. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the upcoming rain for us. brit, when can we expect the rain to hit? showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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jeffrey sandusky, the son of convicted sex abuser jerry sandusky, has been arrested on felony and misdemeanor child sexual abuse charges.that's according to court documents from the state of pennsylvania. the younger sandusky, who's 41 years old, faces 14 counts, including sexual assault of a child older than 11 and sexual assault of a child younger than 16.his father... former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky, was found guilty in 20-12 of 45 charges related to sexual abuse.he was sentenced to no less than 30 years in prison. still ahead... adele wins big ... but bows to beyonce. what she had to say about her fellow singer that had her in tears. then - some good for parents.
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teen drug use - is on the decline. we'll tell you why - coming up. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine. president donald trump is welcoming the canadian prime minster to the white house today, hoping to build some positive momentum to start the week. this meeting comes as the president is facing some serious questions about his national security adviser
5:39 pm
and other members of his staff. from our parnters at cnn .. kristen holmes has more from washington. pres. donald trump: i think they might want a handshake president donald trump is welcoming his neighbor from the north today -- hoping to keep the conversation focused on issues like trade:pres. donald trump: we're doing some cross border things that are great for trade.. a lot better, a lot faster for trade. prime minister justin trudeau walked a fine line on trump's controversial travel ban-- which he has decried in the past justin trudeau/ canadian prime minister: the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. today's visit coming as president trump is facing questions about members of his inner circle. national security adviser michael flynn reportedly on thin ice, as administration officials say they think flynn did discuss sanctions on a phone call with the russian ambassador ábeforeá president trump was sworn into office. a source saying the president expressed displeasure with flynn to aides in recent days-- with
5:40 pm
concern among many that he mislead vice president pence, who went on national tv to defend flynn after it was reported that a call had taken, lawmakers from both parties want answerssen. ben cardin/-d- maryland: we need an independent investigation. chief of staff reince priebus also in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. newsmax media ceo christopher ruddy -- who spent time with the president in florida-- indicating displeasure with priebus christopher ruddy, newsmax media ceo: "i think there's a lot of weakness coming from the chief of staff. i think reince priebus, good guy, well- intentioned, but he clearly doesn't know how the federal agencies work"in washington, i'm kristen holmes.
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just withn the hour... president donald trump's pick to head the department veterans affairs... was unnaimously confirmed. steve aveson in the kron 4 newsroom.. has the latest. the senate voted late tonight... to confirm david shulkin. there was little debate over this nominee who promised not to privatize the v-a. he is the first veterans affairs secretary who is a veteran himself. he was
5:45 pm
not the only nominee to be confirmed today. we'll have a full rundown for you tonight at six. and we have a close eye on the oroville dam and the urgency to get the spillways shored up... while thousands settling down in evacuation centers tonight. that's coming up at six. but now let's get back to the news at five. the senate voted late tonight... to confirm david shulkin.little debate over this promised not to privatize the v-a. he is veterans is a veteran he was not confirmed we'll have a full rundown for you and we have a close eye on the oroville dam and the urgency to get the spillways shored up... while once again evacuation tonight.coming up at six. good news for authorities looking to reduce drug and alcohol-abuse rates among teenagers... new numbers show the number of kids abusing substances may be dropping ... for the most part. kim hutcherson has the details. drug use among american teenagers went down in 2016.a recent study found that overall use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications and illicit substances dropped among u.s. teens in the last year.the study... funded by the national institute on drug abuse.. surveyed nearly 50-
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thousand 8th-, 10th- and 12th- grade students-- from public and private schools. the research found that illicit drug use -- like cocaine and heroin -- among 8th graders was at the lowest level in the survey's history. and in all three grades, use of illegal drugs over the past year also dropped -- except for pot. marijuana use among eighth- graders did decline in the last year ... from 6.5 percent to 5.4 percent.however, 10th and 12th-grade marijuana use did not change.the study found higher rates of pot use among older students in states that legalized medical marijuana. in 2016, nearly 40-percent of seniors living in states with medical marijuana laws reported smoking states without medical marijuana laws, just over 33 percent of seniors reported using the drug.for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. toss weather showers will taper tonight but flash flood
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warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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time now for a wrap of the day's top headlines from around the sports world-- embattled raiders player aldon smith...finds himself in more trouble with the law. smith's comeback tour may have to remain on hold... as the pass rusher, who missed all of last season due to suspension, is in the middle of another legal scuffle. mark carpenter joins us with the details... mark? before this weekend, it seemed smith was on track to be reinstated in march. but now--there's another problem... as he is now involved in a police investigation. according to a tmz report, authorities are reviewing a 'domestic incident' which happened saturday morning in san francisco between he and a woman. the specifics of what exactly happened are unknown... but smith was not arrested and has not been charged. the 27-year-old
5:50 pm
is facing what's most likely his last serious shot at returning to the nfl... he was out for all of last season...after violating the league's substance abuse policy. turning to the giants-- spring training underway in pitchers and catchers have reported that means all the aces are back to work. madison bumgarner, jeff samardzija, and matt moore...are among those to show up today. but there is one hurler that's still on his way... johnny cueto will not attend until later in the he is taking care of his ailing father in the dominican republic. as for the a's-- their pitchers and catchers check in at mesa tomorrow. finally, in less than 15- minutes, the warriors return to the hardwood. golden state taking on denver... in a game that'll be much more emotionally toned down than their matchup over the weekend against the thunder. kevin durant, returned to oklahoma city for the first time since joining the warriors... and it was jampacked with drama. we all saw kd and russell westbrook get into it, and then later went nose-to- nose with andre roberson.
5:51 pm
despite all that, warriors rolled by double-digits. tonight's contest wraps up a three-game road trip. warriors play the kings at oracle on wednesday...and then enter the all-star break. coming up next, after winning the grammy for album of the year- adele used much of her time onstage.. to gush about someone else... a fellow nominee .. find out what brought the singer to tears - after the break. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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artist of my life"... the insider's louis aguirre joins us with more of music's biggest night. hello.... montage wins; adele adele adele 2017ógrammyópr essóroomópoolófeedó021217 3:10:10adele: like i said in my speech.. my album of the year was lemonade- so a piece of me did die inside as a beyonce fan i'm not gonna lie // 3:20:15i felt like it was her time to winvo#1a reluctant 5 for 5 clean sweep for adele... she's always been extremely humble- but when the "25" singer dedicated the album of the year grammy to her idol beyonce... it brought mrs. carter to tears... airkó2017ógrammyóawardsór4ó 20170212 20:39:02i cant possibly accept this award // my artist of my life is beyonce and this album for me.. the lemonade album was just so monumental vo#2 mouthing "i love you" during the speech ... many thought adele took the gesture one
5:55 pm
step further, by splitting the statue in half for beyonce... though it's more likely the award just broke . she was seen exchanging the statuette backstage before posing for photos.. vo#3beyonce did win two of her nine grammy nominations... one of which was for best urban contemporary album. soon to be big sister blue ivy cheered on from the audience.. airkó2017ógrammyóawardsór2ó 20170212 18:36:30blue ivy in crowd looking happy when mom wins best urban contemporary album// 18:36:37 hi baby! // 18:36:50 i thank god for my family my wonderful husband my beautiful daughter my fans for bringing me so much happiness that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. thank you grant... with a sense of urgency... crews are trying to shore up
5:56 pm
the spillway at the the oroville dam. the clear weather gave them a chance to assess the threat... what they are doing to fix the problem before the next storm arrives. with close to 200- thousand people evacuated from the oroville dam area... new concerns are being raised about safety. who is keeping watch over their homes and stopping potential looters. we have a lot more news in 70 seconds... next on kron 4 news at six. ♪ ♪
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people remain evacuated tonight... anxiously awaiting word on the what is going to happen with the spillways at the oroville dam. good evening... i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. first of all: some of you may be wondering where oroville is relative to the bay area. this map gives you an idea of where everything is happening. it is about a four-hour drive to the north in butte county... not quite as far as chico... but close. chico is a little farther to the northwest. this shows the oroville dam and what crews are dealing with. behind it... that's lake oroville. all the water you saw rushing just a few seconds ago... it is going down the spillway... and there is the emergency spillway as well... it goes... and we could see an absolute catastrophy. that is why emergency action has been taking place all day to prevent a catostrophic even.. kron 4's haaziq madyun was on the scene
5:59 pm
today at the oroville dam .. he shows you what is being done to keep the dam from overflowing these two helicopters are lifting off from the lake oroville overlook carrying these white bags full of dirt to be used to shore up the dam's emergency spillway, which was recently compromised due to erosion"that emergency spillway was built in 1968 when the dam was built it is just bare and earth watr flowing down, it has never been used before, so water flow down there created a gauge that was working itself back up to the top toward the face of the reservoir, if it continued on there was a possibility there could have been an uncontrolled release of water"that prompted an emergecy evacuation order for residents of butte county"the evacuation order remains in effect until we notify the public that it is lifted"butte county sheriff kory honea says the towns of orroville, gridley and biggs were all evacuated"we also evacuated our jail, moved over 500
6:00 pm
inmates out of our jail in the space of about 4hours"sheriff konea has been a law enforcement officer in these parts for 25-years and says he thought he had seen it all until this happenedyou ever see anything like this before? "i can't say that i have, this is a significant event, much more complex than say a fires that we deal with evacuations on or standard flooding that you deal with evacuations on, there is a level of uncertainty that make this very challenging and a potential level of threat that makes it even more daunting" and time is not on their side. although the water level is decreasing now, more rain in the forecast could raise the water in reservoir causing it to overflow again. oroville haaziq amdyun kron4news now just a short time ago.. governor jerry brown
6:01 pm
addressed the situation in oroville. he met with state emergency officials and then spoke to the media. the big takeaway... the governor has asked tonight for direct federal assistance to help with the state's response to the oroville spillway crisis. the red cross evacuation center in chico... is getting closer to capacity. on the map you can see chico is about 20 miles northwest of oroville, along highway 149. kron four's spencer blake has been watching people at the evacuation center, who are finding ways to pass the time. spencer's live at the silver dollar fairgrounds tonight. spencer, what is everybody doing? lots to be done:7 food, registration, medical, etc.but they also need to have some fun.
6:02 pm
one guy was playing his guitar in one of the picnic areas.7 assumed he was an evacuee.7 no - chico resident7 wanted to help people have a good time.7 dog was a hit, too.7 hackey sack, card games7 something that got kids and parents excited. "we're in the neighborhood. we're at the local school, chico state, and we wanted to bring some cheer to the kids here. i know it's a difficult circumstance, so we wanted to bring some positivity and some energy to what's happening."men's soccer team moved their practice to the evacuation center.played soccer with kids for a couple too.helped them burn some energy.craft table set up, also. getting a little more crowded. 800 people here sunday
6:03 pm
night.almost double that in chico, spencer blake, kron four news. we have the list of evacuation centers on the kron four website... you can see it right there on your screen. these are all in butte county... included are the addresses and any limitations they may have. some take animals some do not... also most take r-vs... but again... check the list to make sure. also on the kron 4 website .... you find ways to help the evacuees. the salvation army is pitching in ... and there is a link to
6:04 pm
this facebook page. it has updates on the situation in oroville, as well as a list of places accepting donations. again, just go to the kron 4 website or the kron facebook page to reach get the information. with all the thousands of people forced out of their homes... the issue of potential looting has come up. the butte county sheriff says, so far, he has not had to deal with any incidents... but he has a pretty direct message for potential looters.despicable. toss to brittney.. a look at rain on
6:05 pm
the horizon for oroville... showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
6:06 pm
this was the scene on friday along highway 17. lanes are still closed because of problems from a slide last week. and now we are hearing... not much has changed over the past few days. debris from the mudslide is still blocking lanes in the northbound direction. kron 4's dan kerman went back to the scene today to find out when the lanes may reopen.
6:07 pm
6:08 pm
meanwhile... highway 35 in los gatos is closed indefinitely. the road simply washed away leaving a massive gap that you can see here courtesy of our helicopter partners at a-b-c 7. caltrans needs to get a geologist to check it out so it can determine what the next course of action is. it may be able to simply fill in the dirt and pave it... or a bridge may be needed. a stretch of highway- nine .. is expected to reopen in a couple of days. crews are busy removing mudslides from the santa clara county line ... to redwood gulch road. the highway closed on friday morning ... and was originally supposed to reopen yesterday. but cal- trans needs more time ... and expects to have everything cleaned up by midnight wednesday. there's a new page in the legal fight over the reinstatement of president trump's travel ban. states like washington and minnesota. want president trump's travel ban case to proceed in lower court.
6:09 pm
but the justice department, in it's own court filing, wants the case put on hold. until the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals decides whether the full court will review the government's request to allow the ban. san leandro police are investigating a road rage indicent which left one man dead sunday night. according to police... a shooting was reported in the area of marina boulevard and verna court ... just before 10 p-m. while officers were responding to that call... police received another report of a woman in the kaiser permanente parking lot... screaming for help.
6:10 pm
there... police found a shooting victim in the driver's seat of a vehicle. the victim was with a woman, who identified herself as his wife... and other family members. according to officials... the man died in the parking lot. investigators say, evidence of the shooting was found in the 1900 block of marina boulevard. the identity of the victim has not been released. turmoil in president trump's cabinet. the top staff members that are coming underfire and who finds themselves at odds with vice president mike pence. like father, like son. jerry sandusky is behind bars for sex crimes... the crime his son is now accused of doing. and our big story tonight-- the potential failure of the spillway at the oroville dam. we will explain the series of events that would send a towering wall of water
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
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showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
6:33 pm
health officials across the u-s continue to urge people to get their flu vaccines as the virus spreads in 40 states. over 14- thousand cases of influenza a have been reported across the country. fifty-one of 54 us states and territories are experiencing elevated levels of flu and flu-like illnesses. flu activity is "high" to "extremely high" in 24 regions. influenza is a highly
6:34 pm
contagious viral infection and is more severe than the common cold. symptoms include a fever or chills, headache and muscle soreness. martin luther king junior was assassinated outside his room at the lorraine hotel in memphis, tennessee on april 4, 1968. you may remember áwhereá it happened, but do you remember áwhyá the civil rights leader was in memphis? dr. king was in town to assist hundreds of african american men and other poor people who were sanitation workers --- on strike. rudy williams spoke to some of the men who were on the front lines.. the hidden heroes behind the historic movement. supers:baxter leach/former sanitation worker take pkg: rudy williams/reporting: baxter leach/sanitation worker: "when i went to work for the city they weren't even making a dollar an hour."baxter leach was one of the memphis sanitation workers who
6:35 pm
stood-up by walking out with more than a thousand trash collectors in february 1968. baxter leach/sanitation worker: "we didn't have no where to wash our hands take a bath or nothing. we were just out there working in all that snow and rain."the 2 month long strike began when 2 trash collectors were crushed to death in the back of a garbage truck while taking cover from a thunderstorm.memphis mayor henry loeb was not a bit sympathetic to the mostly black sanitation workers' cries for better wages and working conditions.baxter leach/sanitation worker:"i got maced. i got tear gassed. i got run, like a rabbit, police behind me."tensions built as the striking workers met nearly daily at nearby churches... with mlk jr joining the fight in march of 1968.change came on april 16, 1968...when all of the striking workers' demands were met, but at the cost of the death of dr king 12 days earlier.the sanitation worker's union was recognized,
6:36 pm
salaries were increased and the strike came to an end. baxter leach/sanitation worker: "if we never had got that union we might not would be be making, might have been making $10 an hour now."in memphis, i'm rudy williams. the sanitation strike of 1968 .... set the bar for labor relations around the world. those 13-hundred men brought attention to inequality in jobs, healthcare and housing in the black and poor community. we are celebrating black history month on air and online as well. go to kron four dot com... you'll find all of our hidden history pieces from this month... as well as a look at the black panther exhibit currently on display in oakland. next stop... mars. nasa reveals its plans for even more exploration of the red planet. the space agency's goals for 2020.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
nasa has picked three potential landing sites for its next mars rover mission. the space agency is sending the robot, called the "mars 2020" rover, to the red planet in july 2020. nasa narrowed the list of possible landing sites down to three finalists last week. all three locations have one thing in common -- they used to have water. their names are northeast syrtis, jezero crater and columbia hills. the mission's goals include searching for signs of past life on mars -- and determining how dangerous it would be for humans to explore the planet. in sports... former 49er and current raider- aldon smith is being investigated in a domestic dispute...... while kevin
6:41 pm
durant's mom has some fun at her son's expense with one of those cupcake t-shirts... gary has that story... and all the sports... coming up
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
aldon smith may have run into a road block in is attempts to get reinstated into the nfl and return to play for the raidersaccording to a tmz report authorities are reviewing a 'domestic incident' thathappened saturday morning in san francisco between smith and an unidentified woman. the specifics of what exactly happened are unknown... but smith was not arrested and has not been charged. the 27-year- old was out for all of last season... after violating the league's substance abuse policy.
6:45 pm
spring training is heregiants pitchers and catchers reported today in scottsdale, arizona many position players aslo came in three days earlier than requiredmadison bumgarner, jeff samardzija, and matt moore...were among those to show up today.johnny cueto will not attend until later in the he is taking care of his ailing father in the dominican for the a's-- their pitchers and catchers check in at mesa tomorrow the warriors without klay thompson and three other players in denver tonight right now
6:46 pm
kevin durant's return to oklahoma city saturday night had one major theme"cupcake" signs were all over the arena this was in reference to an instagram post russell westbrook made after durant signed with the warriors intimating durant was a "cupcake" for leaving the thunder steph curryand draymond green got into the joke however donning cupcake t-shirts after the gamehere was durant's reaction to his teammates wearing the cupcake shirts then durant's mom wanda got into the act wearing a cupcake t-shirt of her own with the caption"after this tough & crazy weekend, i
6:47 pm
realized how much i love a great!!! cupcake"the website "warriors world" is now selling the t-shirts with the proceeds going to charity the greatest player ever and the nba player ever the greatest the greatest player ever and the nba
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
commissioner are trying to mediate a truce between charles oakley and the knicks adam silver and michael jordan spoke with oakley and knicks owner james dolan today to bring the public dispute between oakleyand dolan to rest.oakley and dolan met with silver at nba headquarters, with jordan participating by phone the league said both dolan and oakley apologized for the fallout from oakley's arrest after an altercation with madison square garden security guards during a knicks game last wednesdaya statement says dolan hopes oakley can return to msg as his guest in the near future the team had banned him from returning following the incident
6:50 pm
breaking news tonight on kron 4. the spillway at the oroville dam... teetering on disaster. we will bring you the latest developments... in less than three minutes.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
the big story tonight is the ongoing crisis at the oroville dam. here is where things stand right now. nearly 200-thousand people remain under an evacuation order tonight. crews are feverishly working to get the damage spillway shored up... using huge boulders.
6:54 pm
governor jerry brown just about an hour ago asked for direct federal assistance to help in the response to oroville crisis. senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris are calling president trump to approve a disaster declaration for the state.
6:55 pm
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ ♪ >> i can't accept this award. >> she is my icon of my whole life. >> number one, adele beats beyonce at the grammys, but her -- splits her prize with the queen. >> that makes her one incredible woman. >> we break down the red carpet fashion trends that are truly something to sing about. ♪ ♪ [ singing ] >> then, inside the grammys' top-trending moments. ♪ >> it could be a viral moment. >> and tributes to the musicians we lost. ♪ >> and number three -- the
7:00 pm
pearson men from "this is us" give me a dire warning about jack's death. >> will i be a mess and ugly crying all night long? >> absolutely. plus your insider bonus, how does matt damon really feel about his bff ben affleck slamming his man-bun. >> all of a sudden he looks like one of the founding mothers of our country. >> you kind of do. >> i kind of do. >> now -- >> "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. adele called beyonce the artist of my life. music's biggest night, that was a show. >> it was amazing and it was one big lesson in hollywood girl power, as well. yo and keltie were all over it starting with adele and beyonce's grammy lovefest. ♪ hello from the other side >> hello. >> hello. >> adele. >> 25. adele. >> my album of the year was lemonade, so a piece of me did die inside.


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