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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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are live in oroville where residents return to flooded neighborhoods.whooshhere in the bay area highway 37 is under water, and hgiway 17 is partially closed by a mudslide. tonight, what they're doing to bring them both back on line.whooshi looked up in the sky and saw something bright up there.... what we've learned about that mystery light that streaked over the bay area.whooshand the newlyweds who will never forget their anniversaries,- "it seemed like a good day in february."valentines weddings on kron four news in prime time. now at 8. neighbors allowed back to their homes as mandatory evacuation orders are lifted. this as the oroville dam's water levels continue to drop. but there is still work to be done. thank you for joining us
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i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore. the federal government has just approved aid to support the rebuilding effort. grant lodes is tracking the latest developments in oroville. he joins us now... grant tonight fema actually approved two of governor browns requests for federal aid. one was áunrelatedá to was to help communities hurt by january's destructive storms. but another was to help with the crisis at lake crews work feverishly to shore up that emergency spillway. all day...helicopter s...working in tandem... carrying bags of rocks and fill holes in the lake's emergency spillway. and that work appears to be going well, because the biggest news this afternoon came when the sheriff lifted a mandatory evacuation order for those 190-thousand people living downstream of lake oroville. he says the risks of a catastrophic
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collapse off the dam's emergency spillway has been reduced significantly. and the water expert hopes the compromised emergency spillway will not be necessary during these next storms. water officials are releasing as much water as possible from the primary spillway. which has caused no additional damage to the hole in thatand the release of so much water...without any rain so far this week... has dramatically reduced the level
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of the lake ahead of the coming storms. with the all clear - the thousands of people who were evacuated - are now making their way home. kron four's alecia reid spoke with families in yuba city - who were forced from their homes. she explains the relief they're feeling tonight. these folks are happy to be back inside of their own homes, sleeping in their own beds. it's been a choatic couple of days with having to rush out of here at a moment's noticeone family i spoke to within the last hour tells me they didn't send their children to school on friday because of all the warnings and they wanted to make sure everyone was together. thousands of people went to evacuation centersothers opted to stay with family
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outside of the flood zone, and some stayed here inside their homessaying they were going to wait until the very last minute before leaving everything behind.since sunday it has been a ghost town around here.stores are closed, schools are closed, and the majority of homeowners packed up and left.a lot of people are still making their way home.including mary ellen garra-hy who instead of going to an evacuation center, decided to head to her mother's house with her neighbors with her neighbors in tow.. so about a dozen people have been piled into her mother's house for the last couple of days. she says the level of stress they felt packing up and leaving in an emergency was surreal.sot - sot thousands of families are now ready to finally get back to normalreporting live from yuba city.
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as people return home ... there are still serious fears about what could happen in the next few days. fears because rain is headed this way.kron 4's j.r. stone is continues our team coverage tonight in oroville.j.r. pam, many people that i talked with said they are happy to be home but fear they may be evacuated again with rain in the forecast.this is what the feather river looks like tonight in oroville. the water levels are extremely high. you can see at riverbend park the vistors
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center is under water. you can also see the strong current in this video. those who have lived here for years tell me they haven't seen this park under water for 20 years. and 20 years ago when this park went under water a number of communities went under water too. there are fears that this water will go downstream and effect low lying communities. still many are happy to be home tonight.back out here live you can see cars behind me. it is business as usual but again there are big time flooding fears with all that water being emptied out. as for the rain that's to come. fingers crossed up here in oroville. live in oroville, j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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though officials are releasing water from the oroville dam ... more rain is on the way. kron-4' chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with how much rain the area is expecting. more rain in the forecast with a series of storms starting wednesday night.
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you can track what's happening in oroville online and through our mobile app. find updates on the spillway repairs at kron-4 dot com. and stay connected on breaking news with push alerts on our free app. new at 8, commuters in the north bay endured another day of detouring around a flood prone section of highway 37. that roadway has been closed for most of the past few months and now caltrans is stepping up efforts to get it back into service.kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in the north bay with details. charles, does caltrans think they can get the flooding problem fixed before the next round of rain arrives?
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natsit's the detour that won't go away.sotit's a little bit of a painfor yet another day, commuters in marin had to grind their way along the atherton avenue detour in order to get around a flood prone section of highway 37. natsbut what makes today unique is that 37 is actually water free. caltrans is keeping the route shutdown so contractos can move in heavy equipment and start making some short term improvements that will hopefully will keep future flood waters at start, crews are taking core samples of the road to see if the persistent flooding has done any damage.sotthat way we
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can examine the pavement, find out what the damages are and the best way to repair them. after studying the samples, caltrans may add several inches of asphat to the highway ,in order to raise the roadway above the flood waters. they are also going to build a concrete and steel wall along the side of the east bound lanes. the hope is that the barrier will stop or at least reduce the flooding. sotit won't solve the flooding but it will make it less bad.crews will also be replacing old drain pipes with larger pipes to help the water flow away fastersotso these are mostly short term, inexpensive things we think will . . again it's not going to eliminate flooding but it when it does happen it won't be as bad.for drivers that have been stuck on the atherton detour these past weeks, a fix can't come soon enough.sotas long as it done.sotall i can do is hope it gets better. work is underway once again to clear up the mudslide that is blocking the northbound lanes of highway-17.. so far this winter ... highway 17 has had its share of problems. . . it was even closed for about a week. now, commuters are bracing for more wet weather, and so is the on the slide came to a halt last thurday ... after an accident
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involving a sub- contractor.. killed one worker and injured another. a new safety plan is now in place... but the lane closures will continue indefinitely. officials are keeping one lane open in each direction for commuters. . . officials say, virtually all other alternative routes are plagued by slides.and there's a growing problem ... people are beginning to ignore road closures. trt:13/ "help you out" officials say commuters could expect delays of two hours or more. a mysterious light streaks across the sky. ahead at eight.. first it sparked confusion... now there is an answer. plus... love is in the
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air! a popular day for weddings at city hall. we talked to couples tying the knot. and next. a father killed in an east bay road rage incident. tonight, a plea from his wife who describes the terrifying ordeal.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay,
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unlike cable. police in san leandro have identified the vicitm in sunday night's deadly road rage shooting... but say, they have little information about the shooter. 45-year-old wardell taliaferro was shot and killed on marina boulevard near verna court while driving his car. his wife and their two young children were with taliaferro when he got into a verbal altercation with someone in another vehicle. when the two vehicles reached the intersection...things escalated. thinking quickly...his wife grabbed the steering
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wheel...and actually had to get underneath his body to drive the car to the shoulder of the road. she says her husband died before the car was stopped. tonight...police in san leandro are looking for leads on the shooter. early this morning - viewers saw a mysterious white light streak across the sky. and then a few hours later - there were reports of another sighting. here at kron four .. we had lots of people calling our newsroom... trying to figure out what it was. now, the u.s. military has stepped in with an answer. the navy confirmed in an email to kron four... that early this morning, it launched two trident- 2 missilies. the launches are part of a reoccuring testing system. valentine's day can be pretty busy for county clerks' offices around the country. a lot of people make the sometimes spur-of-the-moment decisionto get married on the day of love.kron four's spencer blake found a lot of
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those newly married couples.... in san francisco. "getting married on valentine's day means sharing city hall with a lot of other couples, but at least the venue is memorable."staircases and balconies were perfect picture spots for brides and grooms who tied the knot at san francisco's city hall."i wanted to get married on valentine's day.why?it's the perfect day! and i won't forget it.i was okay as long as we got married here."the county clerk says 85 weddings were scheduled ahead of timeand there were about 20 walk-ins.that's almost three times the 36 or so ceremonies that happen on any other day. "we were quite shocked, actually at how smooth it went and we're excited for next year. next year we're going to make this even twice as big." normally three or four deputy marriage commissioners help with city hall weddings each daybut on february 14ththere were about twenty.some of the officiants took festive wardrobe seriously."we got married just because we've been together for eight years, and valentine's was was the perfect time."with special vow-making spots open like the rotunda and the mayor's balcony, some couples had more options for áwhere to
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get married than they did for áwhen. "actually, we were trying to get married in february, but valentine's day was the only day available." "we booked it like four weeks ago, and for some reason this afternoon was completely open." couples got souvenier marriage certificates for their special dayan anniversary which should be fairly easy to remember."take care of two gifs in one day. it's perfect." in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. toss weather
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last year's el nino is now being called the most powerful weather event of its kind ever recorded.grant lodes has the u=s=g=s report describing how it inflicted longterm damage on california's beaches, natpounding waves and crumbling cliffs.the winter of 2015-16 saw the pacific ocean crashing into businesses ...
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destroying decades=old icons the uss palo alto, otherwise known as the cement ship ... is founderingthe researchers focused on seasonal changes on 29 beaches along about 12=hundred miles of the west coast they used 3-d surface maps, gps topographic surveys and measurements of sand levels along with wave and water level data from each beach between 1997 and 2016. the average erosion was 76 percent above average, way above the previous record of 49 percent.natlast year's el nino generated unusually powerful waves.monitoring buoys at point reyes and monterey reported historic high numbers.and nowhere are the results more evident than in the cliffisde community of pacifica ... as we reported in january of last yearwith each wave and each el niqo driven storm, more and more of this retaining wall meaning bad news for these apartments in the manor district of pacifica.
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historically, beaches rebuild themselves during la nina years...mainly though river runoff.but the u=s=g=s says climate change is interrupting that warming means el ninos will occur more frequently and they will be stronger.and california will get less rainfall, reducing river flow.sobering news for the 25=million people living west coast. new ahead at 8. she said she put her dog on a flight...then he became so sick he died. now she's demanding answers from the airline which closed.
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of juggling all your passwords for your websites and apps , we might have some relief for you kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate says, password managers can create complex unique passwords for all your log-ins, and then, you only have to remember one master password to access them all. he shows us how the managers work... and the convenience and safety they can bring to your digital life. most of us have a notebook or a file folder hiding in plain sight we keep near our computer at home with all our passwords written out.. there's too many to remember.. and we are supposed to make them all different make them long, complex and change them every 6 months.. it's annoying.. bpassword managers can do all that for you. and give you a better chance of not getting hacked there are dozens of good ones out there. they all basically offer the same thing after researching and looking at a lot of reviews and speaking with users i picked dashlane password manager to try out. and i'm liking it it works
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on all devices for phones or tablets it's an app for computers you download the software it's free if you only use it on one device. or $40 a year if you use multiple devices. when you first create an account you choose one password that will be your master password for everything only you know it it's in your head. never write it down.then dashlane creates crazy complex passwords for all your accounts. and it will automatically log you in whenever you visit those websites or apps. so even though your password to bank of america or netflix will actually be something like this.. you only have to remember your master password you chose for dashlane. every 6 months you can jump into your dashlane settings and have the program change all your passwords for you to a different stiring of complex characters.. but as always you still only need to remember your one master password if you need to jump on a device or laptops that is not yours and access your websites or apps like at an internet cafe or on friends laptop password managers still work. sot - emanual so let's address the elephant in the room. i asked emanuel who helped build dashlane why would we put all our eggs in one basket?what if dashlane gets hacked and then all your accounts are vulnerable because you only have one password to unlock them all. sot - emanualthere is no backdoor to dashlane.. a judge can't supena them for your password or to open your account.. they can't. safety comes with price if you forget your master password
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they can't help you you're locked out for good.. you would have to reset all your passwords directly with your accounts and start over with a new dashlane account or with another password manager so if you go down this route make sure you can commit. gsk4n there are more questions than answers. that's how some are describing a major blow to the trump administration. ahead at eight.. the fallout from the resignation of michael flynn. mexico provided more than two billion dollars for one industry ..why that revenue is now being threatened. and next. catastrophe averted --- for now. the oroville dam crisis eases, as residents are allowed back home. but the concern is not over yet.
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tonight at 8:30... relief and return. the nearly 200-thousand people ... forced to evacuate near lake oroville ... are heading home. the mandatory evacuation order was lifted this morning... and
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tonight...more good fema approved two of the governor's requests for help. grant lodes is here to bring us up to speed. one of the air requests was áunrelatedá to was to help communities hurt by january's destructive storms. but another was to help with the crisis at lake crews work feverishly to shore up that emergency spillway... which is the dirt area to the left of the main spillway. all day...helicopter s...working in tandem... carrying bags of rocks and sand... filled holes in the lake's emergency spillway. this afternoon the sheriff lifted a mandatory evacuation order for those 190- thousand people living downstream of lake oroville. he says the risks of a catastrophic collapse off the dam's emergency spillway has been reduced significantly...b
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ut people still need to be on alert. water officials are releasing as much water as possible from the primary spillway. which has caused no additional damage to the sink-hole hole in tha. the intense, controlled water releasehas dramatically reduced the water level of the lake ahead of the coming storms. everyone tonight, cautiously optimistic. a day after a major trump administration official resigns.. and fallout is just beginning. now there are louder calls for an investigation into michael flynn. steve has more details. an erosion of trust. that's what the white house is saying is behind their call to ask retired general michael flynn to resign. but they are insisting there is no legal issue. white house
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press secretary sean spicer says flynn either mislead vice president mike pence or forgot "critical details" about his call with a russian ambassador. creating a quote " unsustainable situation." but spicer declined to say whether flynn had intentionally lied about the call. flynn stepped down late monday. days after a washington post report revealed he talked about sanctions with russia before donald trump was sworn into office. the resignation is stopping calls for further investigation. top senate democrat chuck schumer says flynn's resignation raises "more questions than it answers." one mexican leader wants his country to stop buying corn from the united states. the mexican senator plans to introduce a bill ... to buy corn from brazil and argentina
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instead of the u-s. in 2015... mexico bought two- point- four billion dollars worth of corn from the u-s. threats of a corn boycott are in response to president trump's tough stances on the border with mexico... and the north american free trade agreement. president trump blames nafta for sending manufacturing jobs to mexico. toss weather
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the city of hayward has one of the strictest illegal dumping ordinances in the bay area .. and it grants broad, sweeping power to city workers required property owners to clean up any trash within 72 hours or face penalties the problem is some business are being bombarded with trash almost every day stanley roberts investigates . typically what they'll do is pull up with their pickup truck tie off to one of these posts with some string and
8:36 pm
just drive off they've got it set up where it takes them a second to unloadwilliam furr, runs a printing business in the hayward industrial park he is just one of many business owners that has to deal with stuff like this items illegally dumped all around the area and its everything from brake rotors to leather sofas on and keyboards . lots of keyboards also known as e-waste nats: ambiance according to some of the workers in the area the items basically appear overnight and it's been happening constantly ... and usually, if caught on camera the license plates are blurry this brings up the use of cameras. the city of hayward actually has cameras posted which one might think is a detterent . but take a look at this behind the camera, funiture on next to the train tracks .and just out of range of the camera, even more, furniture and something else ... this know as a spotter truck it's used to move big rig trailers around inside a truck yard .. it was abandoned a few hundred feet from the camera nats: ambianceback over at mr furrs
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office he has tried to figure out who is doing the dumping typically i try to go through the stuff to see if i can find and address or thing like that most of the time i can't find anything the things he found. anything from clothing furniture you name its been out here . whe even had people dumping bags of marijuana and before you run over looking for free weed its gone .nats: ambiance many businesses are put cameras and chain fences to deter the illegal dumping on their property because they have to foot the bill for the cleanup but all that does is nove the dumping onto city streets . then you have to pay for it wheather you want to or hayward stanley roberts kron 4 news an unlikely deterrant... meet joey the squirrel ...who believe it or not... fought off a burglar. plus. stunning images out of yosemite where a mesmerizing "firefall" can be seen once again. and next.
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a woman says her dog died after traveling on a flight. what the airline is telling her in response. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging.
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811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. a woman is blaming united
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airlines for the death of her golden retriever. kathleen considine says her dog- jacob- was unresponsive after finishing his trip from detroit, michigan, to portland, oregon through united airlines' "petsafe" program. considine says jacob was supposed to fly from detroit to portland with a 1 hour layover in chicago. that turned into a 20 hour layover and she says the dog was not fed in that time. considine says her veterinarian told her jacob's stomach flipped due to the stress of his journey and suffocated his organs.. "after rushing jacob to the emergency vet when his breathing became scarce, he was pronounced dead after 8 min of cpr. we lost him " united airlines released a
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statement reading in part- 'we worked to ensure jacob's comfort throughout his entire journey and he showed no signs of distress nor behave in a way that would suggest he was unwell while in our care. it adds the case is closed. but jacob's owner says the matter is not resolved. it's a spectacular sight to see and it only happens once a year. for a few weeks each febrary...visitors to yosemite get to catch of glimpse.... of the firefall. the phenomenon gives an illusion that hot flowing lava is pouring off the waterfall's edge. the setting sun hits horesetail fall at just the right angle... and can make it naturally illuminate. if everything comes together at the right moment... the famous yosemite firefall can light but like this for about
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ten minutes. we've all heard of a dog protecting a home. . . but what about a squirrel?it appears a would-be robber didn't stand a chance against joey. . . which is adam pearl's pet squirrel. adam came home tuesday to realize his home had been broken into.he then called officer came to his home to take a look.shortly after. . . she left. . . only to return a few hours later with some of his stolen belongings and unbelievable news.trt:25/ "much more than that"adam says he thanked joey by giving him his
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favorite treat. . . whopper candy. in sports... we have a little baseball... some n-b-a news... and a cockroach named after tom brady...... but the biggest event of the day... the westmonster dog show... gary has highlights and the the reveal of which pooch won "best in show"... that's coming up
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spring training a's pitchers and catchers reported today and the giants had their first workout of
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spring after their pitchers and catcher reported yesterday mark melancon spending $62 million for him to be their closer over the next four matt cainis that 5th spot rotation after and injury-ridden season was left off postseason matt moore he figures to be a very solid #4 starter behind cueto and and will again be the ace of what will be a very deep rotationposition players officialy thursday a few are scottsdale a bizarre and unfortunate turn for one royals pitcherkansas city reliever brian flynn will miss eight weeks after breaking a rib and fracturing three verebrea after falling through a barn roofthe 26-year- old left-hander was working on his barn in oklahoma when the roof gave in and he took the spillflynn made 36 appearances last year, 35 coming in relief, and finished with a 1-2 record and 2.60 era.
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not everyone is happy with the warriors sending four players to sunday's nba all-star game the spurs lamarcus aldridge was left off the team for the first time in six seasons he didn't like the fact that four warriors steph curry, kevin durant, kay thompson and draymond green made the team and only one spur kawhi leonard did despite them having the 2nd best record in the nbatoday klay thompson was asked on jason whitlock's fox sports show how he felt about aldrige's complaints a big loss for the reigning nba champions... cavaliers forward kevin the next 6-weeks...due to surgery on his left knee. it's another hit to the cavs lineup... as j-r smith has been out with an injured thumb. this year-- averaging 20-points and 11- if he does return as he'll have about two ready for the playoffs. this is a new one for tom brady"zoo atlanta" lost a bet with another zoo in the new endland area the loser had to name one of it's animals after the winning team's quarterbacksoo "zoo atlanta" decided to name one of its madagasgar hissing cockroaches after brady and it was the smallest one the baby of the bunchbrady and the patriots came back from a 25-point deficit to defeat atlanta 34-28 in overtime to win the team's fifth super bowl title.
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last weather and goodbye
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( gavel strikes ) bailiff: will the witness please rise and take the oath. i, dana katherine scully, swear to tell the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me god. ( pounds gavel ) i would like to read from a prepared statement. you may do so. "i left behind a career in medicine "to become an f.b.i. agent four years ago "because i believed in this country, "because i wanted to uphold its laws, "to punish the guilty and to protect the innocent. "i still believe in this country, but i believe "there are powerful men in the government who do not-- "men who have no respect for the law and who flout it with impunity." ms. scully. i have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible--" agent scully. this is not a soapbox, ms. scully. your statement will be entered into the record.


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