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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ñ brace yourself for another round of heavy rains, gusty winds and whole new set of weather related probelms... a dangerous storm is about to slam the bay area... taking a look at stormtracker four showing light rain now .... but that's all about to change come tomorrow morning ... ñ good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm j-r stone...ñ let's get right to meteorlogist lawrence karnow...he's been tracking this storm all evening long. lawrence how is it looking out there? rain and wind will develop tonight becoming heavy after midnight. rain will be heavy
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on monday with flooding likely.
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ñ the north bay is one of the many areas being hit hard tonight ....ñ kron4's lydia pantazes is live in novato... where crews are helping people in the area prepare for this next storm. adlib about conditions ...i'm at the public works department for the city of novato.this is where people who live here can get sandbags....there is no one here right now....
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but this has been a busy place recently.with the ground saturated from the recent storms....public works crews are keeping their eyes on trouble spots along the coast including ross valley waterways.a six mile stretch of fairfax-bolinas road remains closed from azalea hill trailhead to ridgecrest boulevard.that area has been inaccessible since last month due to saturated and unstable ground that caused rock falls, mudslides and downed trees. there are plenty of other areas here in marin county that have seen damage from the recent storms...including highway 37 from highway 101 to atherton.that area isn't expected to open until february 25th... we did speak with someone who works here.he didn't want to go on camera but he told us no crews have been called in just yet..he also told us they've been preparing for this storm all week... looking at different trouble areas.he says county crews have been busy clearing debris from creeks to prevent flooding. reporting live in novato, lp
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kron4 news. ñ the weather causing headaches for travelers this holiday weekend... more than 150 flights delayed so far at sfo.ñ kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to some who were delayed for days.. this group of co-workers visiting from la... unexpectedly spent the long weekend together ..sot enri rodriguez we were supposed to leave friday 845 to burbank. and that was delayed. and the next available flight was tonight at 845.. but it's delayed midnight tonightsot enri rodriguez, flight delayed 2 days we are had plans. its the long weekend so we werent expecting
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to be stuck with each other another two days this long weekend.they paid out of pocket for 2 night in a hotel.. but fortunately..their employer has agreed to reimburse the peak.. delays were on average about 3 hours..sot sry forgot to get name we're on our way to denver colorado and right now it's pushed back an hour. it started off a half hour then 45 minutes so i have a feeling it might be an hour and a half by the time we're done. vacation plans 3 weeks in the making.sot sry forgot to get name we came here on uh, just a vacation and we knew there was going to be a little rain but we didn't know there was going to be a lot of weather delayswe also spoke to travelers who were getting conflciting information about their they were delayed.. but when they get to the airport.. they're told their flight's on time. standup overall a lot of confusion for travelers. and its not just here at sfo.. there are dozens of delays of delays at oakland and san jose airports. reporting in sf, ha, k4 news.
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ñ additional measures were taken at the oroville reservoir today... in anticipation of these forcasted storms.ñ the department of water resources has increased the reservoir's outflow nearly ten percent. the temporary increase is expected to help balance water flow in and out of the reservoir. according to officials... the flood control spillway has remained stable through changes in flow releases. the increase is not expected to interfere with construction and debris removal efforts below the spillway. once flows have been increased...officials will monitor the reservoir conditions using drones and crews on the ground. in the south bay. the anderson reservoir is above capacity and the water level is up one percent from yesterday. this weekend water is flowing over the spillway of anderson reservoir for first time in more than a decade. the santa clara
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valley water district has opened up the spillway. water is rushing down the hill...creating a waterfall. this is what it looks like. the first time since 2006 that this spillway has been used.the santa clara county water district is currently trying to get water levels down to 68-percent as soon as possible. the water district hopes that by releasing water from the spillway, water flowing over the dam will be avoided. pg&e crews spent sunday removing and replacing two light poles that toppled onto two san mateo homes. amd as kron 4's alecia reid reports .... about a dozen families have been without power because of the downed lines. natsot - it shook my internal organs an instant sot - it was just so frightening two power lines sot - it was very loud crashed into two yards.sot - i just had a vision that we dropped into a huge sinkhole just after 11 saturday
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morning, valerie acker grabbed her husband and their dog and ran out the front door.sot - the flash of light through the kitchen window was tremendous one after the other. 2 light poles toppled over.sot - very loud explosion and you can feel it like an earthquake in one of the homes, children are normally in the backyard..sot - luckily the kids weren't playing.that's the number 1 issue. safety. because those poles came down hard. they didn't come down dangling, like from a car crash, in the air hanging there.these things came down crashing and tore up things. and if someone was there you can't replace a human being.everyone was home, and is accounted for.however it's been 2 days and about a dozen families still have no electricity.sot - we've got lanterns, candles, and a lot of support from our neighbors sot - gotta get the ice chest, and anything that is melted needs to be thrown out the plumbing was also damaged in
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ackerman's home. for them it's no light, no heat, and no water.sot - we couldn't get to the shutoff valve because it's on the side of the house and there were so many wires there, so we had the fire department shut it off from the box due to all the weather related emergencies, pg&e signed on 100 mutual-aid crews from other states to help out across the bay area. reporting from san mateo alecia reid kron 4 news. ñ pg&e says they had the power back on in the affected neighborhood by 9:30 this evening. ñ one of the areas that is expected to get hit the hardest with this storm is south san francisco. kron four's spencer blake was there, where the city is hoping to get more volunteers to help them prepare for storms. there are more than three thousand storm drains in south san francisco.the industrial city recently launched a new initiative to get people just like you to help clean them up. "i'm thinking about the storm drains right outside my house, in our particular - right by
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our neighborhood." if you're like this guy and want to help out, all you have to do is sign up online to adopt a storm drain - or even several, if you want.the map lets you pick specific ones."you really only need three bits of information." so far people have adopted 50 drains.after city councilor mark addiego got the idea approved by the council, public works began carrying it out in early february."junk that doesn't get pulled out of the storm drains will wind up going to colma creek, and eventually into san francisco bay." sometimes it's trash but sometimes it's broken tree limbs or plant debris.that can be just as problematic when it comes to flooding."one or two times a week should be all it takes. a few minutes." and if you don't do it that frequently, at least keep an eye on the sky - and on the kron four forecast - and do a quick drain sweep before the rain starts pouring down."if it helps them in any way, definitely i would step forward for it." the city will even provide the stuff you need - gloves, buckets, and
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other tools - for south san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. ñ you can find the link to adopt a storm drain at kron four dot com. be sure to tune in to kron4 morning news starting at four a-m tomorrow... we will have complete coverage on this storm system...including traffic hotspots for your morning commute. ñ coming up on kron4 news at ten... the recent storms causing maor probelms for one strech of highway in the east bay... we'll show you the progress cleanup crews made.ñ plus.... many workers fired after not going to work on 'a day without immigrants' hear what one business owner had to say....ñ and after the break... we'll take a look at president trump's new guidelines.
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the department of homeland security appears to be beefing up immigration enforcment. in an effort to deport immigrants living in the u.s.illegally. the guideline was signed by d-h-s secretary john kelly. it includes hiring thousands of additional enforcement agents . expanding the pool of immigrants prioritized for removal. and enlisting local law enforement to help make arrests. a white house official says the white house has raised objections with the documents which are memos sent from kelly to department heads.. the
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policy has not yet been finalized. ñ over a thousand people gathered in times square today at the "i am a muslim too" rally. people of various faiths gethered in support of muslim americans... and protested trump's immigration policies. activists waved american flags and held signs saying "no muslim ban," and chanted "we are one." mayor bill de blasio spoke at the peaceful rally, saying "we have to dispel the stereotypes"... and that america is "a country founded to protect all faiths and all beliefs." hip-hop mogul russell simmons headlined the rally. ñ it was an effort to show the trump administration how much immigrants contribute to the countryús economy....many skipped work and vowed not to spend any money on thursday. reporter macradee aegerter has the story.
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it was a day meant to unite ray, fired from job: "if i had to do it again, i would do it again."but on a jobsite in denver ...ray, fired from job: "thatús my forklift or that was my forklift."thursdayús a day without immigrants movement ... instead ripped apart a company and at least 30 of its workersjim serowski,jvs masonry, owner: " if you do not show up, youúre not going to have a job."ray, fired from job: "he said whoever took the day off today can find another job tomorrow"ray was the foreman of two crews working for jvs masonry.he says when he told his boss his crews would be missing work thursday to support the cause of immigration, he was toldray, fired from job: "you stand for what you believe, make sure you stand for whatever consequences are going to come."all of them, he says, fired for standing up for families.ray, fired from job: "the guys that we have out here that have families that are afraid to go out and get a gallon of milk, get gas, going to get groceries in case they get stopped and deported."but family is what the owner of jvs masonry says he supports jim serowski,jvs masonry, owner: " if you want to go to work to support your family. i donút care if you have antentens coming out of your head, i really donút care. if
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youúre going to betray the company then i have a concern." for him, he says, it comes down to businessjim serowski,jvs masonry, owner: "i have no view on immigration laws or anything going on with that. all know is i have a business to run' ñ a day meant to unite ...instead creates another divide. ray says he told his boss the crew would be at work on saturday to make up for the missed day. but his boss said that wasn't good enough. but he also says, if they want their job back, all they have to do is ask. in the east bay...due to recent winter storms.a popular road is plagued by potholes. officers say williow pass road is filled with dozens of potholes. some big enough to cuase some serious damage to your tires. crews are on call 24/7... to address these issues. luckily no damage has been done to any vehicles. and with more rain on the way. chp is
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asking drivers in the area to stay on high alertwhile traveling on the road. rain and wind will develop tonight becoming heavy after midnight. rain will be heavy on monday with flooding likely.
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three people were rescued today during windy, high-surf conditions on tomales bay. the sonoma county sheriff's helicopter team rescued the three kayakers who were stranded in choppy conditions. the
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three had been camping near point reyes the night before and did not anticipate the severe weather. no one was hurt, all three are expected to be okay. ñ space-x is celebrating a success at the kennedy space center.ñ after a 24-hour delay... the company successfully launched a falcon-nine rocket this morning. the rocket is carrying a vessel-- called the dragon-- is on its way to the international space station. it is packed with over 5000 pounds of cargo and experiments. crews will unload the vessel... then fill it with trash and sends it back to earth. the first stage of the rocket returned to earth without a hitch. the company plans to use this technology to reuse rockets in the future to cut costs. this is the first launch for space-x since a falcon-nine exploded on the launch pad in september. ñ coming up... another shooting on an east bay highway ... where is
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happened and what alerted officers...ñ and big bay area business is being accused of smuggling hazardous materials into the country. find out who is it after the break...
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ñ an east bay man is facing charges for using his business to smuggle hazardous materials into the country.ñ according to the indictment. ... peiwen zhou and his company ... a-k scientific... would smuggle hazardous chemicals into the country by mislabeling the containers. zhou would not complete required import certifications ... and the chemicals would be sold to customers such as universities and research labs. zhou and the company are being indicted on charges of smuggling hazardous materials and conspiracy to defraud the u-s.
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if convicted...zhou could be fined over 500- thousand-dollars and face up to 25-years in prison. ñ concord police recently recovered illegal and dangerous weapons in a family home.ñ concord residents had expressed concerns about illegal activities in their area. as a result...police began patrolling the neighborhood. officers say they obtained a search warrant for a home. according to police... when the home was searched...officers found illegal guns and other dangerous weapons that were accessible to children. two residents of the home were arrested. ñ in the south bay ... two men were taken to the hospital after an early morning shooting.ñ officers responded to a report of a shooting around 3:30 a-m. officials say it happend around south third street and east san carlos street...near the san jose state university campus. according to officers... two men were found suffering from at least one gunshot each. both were taken to the hospital with non-
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life threatening injuries. police have not found the suspect... no description has been released. ñ a shooting early this morning shut down a portion of highway 580 in oakland.ñ officers were conducting a traffic stop near 98-th and las vegas avenues around 1:30 a-m when they heard a gunshot. the c-h-p closed the highway and the streets in the area to look for the shooter. according to officers... evidence of the shooting was found but the suspect was not located. officials do not know if officers were the intended target. no officers were injured during the shooting. a woman was thrown on the ground during a robbery attempt at a popular santa clara county park. it happened around nine yesterday night at eleanor pardee park in palo alto. police say the woman was walking her dog on a path in the park. when suddenlya man began following her. the woman tried to move out of the suspects way. but he threw her to the ground. and attempted to steal her cell phone. luckily the victim's dog bit the
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suspect...forcing him to drop the phone. he ran away. the suspect is described as a hispanic male in his 20's. standing around five foot-ten with a medium built. he wore a dark baseball hat and dark colored hoodie. ñ still ahead... this latest storm is already causing some major flooding concerns for some areas... we'll take a look how some places in the bay area are preparing for the worst....ñ and we are tracking the dangerous storm hitting the by area... our storm coverage continues after the break...
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ñ now at 10:30... the dangerous strom already causing major probelsm across the state... flooded backyards ... downed trees, mudslides and unstable roads.. and the bulk of the storm is not even here yet... taking a live look at stormtracker four showing where the rain is now...
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ñ i'm here with meteorlogist lawrence karnow...lawrence... just how dangerous is this storm compared to the rain and wind will develop tonight becoming heavy after midnight. rain will be heavy on monday with flooding likely.
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ñ the north bay usually taking the biggest beating
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when the storm hits... and there is already major flooding concerns further north in lake county... some peoples backyards are completely flooded in lakeport... kron4's lydia pantazes is in novato with a look at how things are out there tongiht...
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in the south bay... this evening's storm comes at a time when mudslides and road closures are plaguing the santa cruz mountains. those who live in the mountainous area ...usually travel on black road to get around town. that popular road is now too fragile to travel on. with rain in the forecast tonight. and
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the uncertainty surrounding the stability of the roadway. families are concerned about how they will get in and out of the area. residents in the area are now working to convice the county to do a temporary fix to stabilize black road. ñ lawrence has been talking about this storm system but keep in mind it has been a very wet 72 hours in southern california. today we got new video into our newsroom showing some of the dangerous weather scenes that left at least 5 dead.ñ "we've had a lot of water and floods, but this is ugly."a soaked northern california is bracing for several more days
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of relentless rain the southern part of the state dries out following downpours that left at least five people dead.on friday, a storm victim was electrocuted after a power line fell along an intersection in los angeles. another person was found dead in a flooded vehicle in san bernardino county.authorities recovered a body from a river, saturday, after floodwaters receded.and two others died following a traffic accident in san diego due to the wet road the santa barbara area, some motorists were even forced to abandon their vehicles ..kenny/car flooded: "i was going to get out of there.... it was too deep and my car stopped and i said oh crap."in one neighborhood, the storm uprooted two giant trees that crashed down on a couple of vehicles, caused structural damages and ripped out utility lines.witness: "it was an oh my god moment and i was thankful i was alive and it did not come this way super scary and i am still shaking about it."now there are fears
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that we'll see similar situations in the next 24 to 48 hours. new at 10.around the clock patrols are along the san joaquin ensure the county's levee is holding up. this is what it looks like in stanislaus county along the swolen san joaquin river. residents are still dealing with flooding from previous storms and all the water is causing concerns for dairy farmers in the area. many roadways are also closed due to flooding...creating heavy traffic in the area. and with rain in the forecast. officials are preparing for the worst. resident's of the community say they aren't evacuating without a fight. they have assembled a sand bagging team and levee response team... to make sure the levee holds up.
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ñ coming up... someone now owns the phone once owned by nazi leader adolf hitler... we'll tell you how much it was auctioned off for....ñ and find out the alternative technique teenagers are using e-cigarettes for for.
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ñ new research tonight finds a quarter of teens who vape say they've used e- cigarettes for an alternative technique known as "dripping." this comes as an alarming new report from the surgeon general which says e-cigs are the most commonly used form of tobacco among young people in the united states. reporter kim hutcherson explains how dripping exposes these young vapers to a whole new set of risks.. the normal process of vaping relies on an e-cigarette's reservoir and wick to feed a liquid to a heating coil within the device.the liquid turns into a vapor which is
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then inhaled.dripping is when a user bypasses the usual battery-operated process and manually drips the liquid directly onto the coil. according to a study in the journal pediatrics... dripping creates thicker clouds of vapor, gives a stronger sensation in the throat and makes flavors taste better. unfortunately dripping also increases the release of harmful chemicals.the toxins are linked to cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a progressive illness that makes it difficult to breathe.handling the liquid so often also means there is a greater risk of skin contact. if enough liquid is spilled a vapor could be exposed to toxic levels of nicotine.even before dripping became an issue...other health concerns led the f-d-a to announce it would regulate e-cigarettes the same way it regulates other tobacco products. i'm kim hutcherson. a phone owned by adolf hitler has sould at auction for $243 grand. the telephone was sold earlier today to a person who bid by
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phone. bidding for the phone started at $100 thousand dollars. the red telepohne includes a nazi party symbol and hitler's name engraved on the back. russian officers found the phone during a visit to hitler's bunker in berlin. a porcelain figure of an alsatian dogalso owned by hitler. was sold today to a different biffer for nearly $25 grand. ñ coming up... rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. we'll take a look at conditions in kirkwood tonight....ñ ñ ahead in sports ...
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kirkwood resort has received four inches of snow... and 13 inches in the past 48-hours. ñ take a look at this video courtesy of kirkwood resort. you can see kirkwood resort is in full- service...providing skiiers and snow boarders with fresh powder. this season...the resort has reached 500 inches of snow at its summit... and its not stopping. according to the the national weather services... snow is expecting to fall through out the week. rain and wind will develop tonight becoming heavy after midnight. rain will be heavy on monday with flooding likely.
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we go to new orleans for the 66th edition of the n-b-a all star game. kevin durant and russell westbrook playing together for the first time...since k-d decided to join the warriors. just like old times... russell and k-d providing the fans with some entertainment... the players celebrate in the bench... westbrook and durant are all smiles. in the second...russell plays it off the glass and deandre jordan throws it down for a vicious dunk... lebron james might be one of the oldest all stars...but showing us why he's still the king... he makes a three from steph curry's range. in the third...the great freak posterizes steph curry ... the west were still in the lead 121-116. but the night belonged to anthony davis... in the fourth ... he broke wilt chamberlain record for most points in an all star game with 44 points. and
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being the host... his teammates kept feeding the eyebrow steph plays it off the backboard for a davis dunk... he had 18 slams in the game. davis puts the icing on the cake with another slam... he finished the game with 52 points and is name all-star mvp. the west wins 192-182... here's durant and westbrook after the game... demarcus cousins will be teaming up with all-star m-v-p anthony davis... the kings traded their all star center
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to the pelicans. sacramento will receive buddy hield, tyreke evans, langston galloway, and a pair of draft picks. the kings also ship out omri casspi to new orleans earlier this month the kings general manager vlade divac said 'we're not trading demarcus. we hope he's here for a long time.' the sharkies down at the sharktank to face the bruins. san jose has lost six of their last 8 games. in the second period... patrick marleau slaps it between the pipes to tie the game at one and send this game to overtime. on a fastbreak...brad marchand scores the game winning goal. boston wins 2-1. the sharks remain in first place in the pacific ñ coming up after the break... we'll take a look at which movies topped the list at the box office...
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a pair of new movies tried to take on "the lego batman movie" at the box office this weekend. but were they able to outbuild the bat? let's find out looks like lego batman is back at it again toppinng the box office. the movie landed 34-point-two million dollars. that brings its domestic total to 107-point-five million. "fifty shades darker" held on to second place in it's second week in theaters with 21-million dollars.
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and "the great wall" had a less than great domestic debut, opening in third to 18-million dollars in ticket sales. ñ we're tracking a dangerous storm about to hit the bay area... we'll take a look at how bad this latest storm is going to be ... after the break on kron4 news at 11... ♪ ♪
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the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. ñ our big story tonight...
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get ready for another round of heavy rain and high winds... a dangerous storm is about to slam the bay area... thanks for joining us at eleven, i'm jr stone. meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us just how bad this storm is going to get ... rain and wind will develop tonight becoming heavy after midnight. rain will be heavy
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on monday with flooding likely.
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breaking news out of marin. where in the last hour we've learned a deadly accident has three of four lanes blocked on southbound 101... just north of spencer avenue. this is a picture of the scene on your screen. you can see a car fully engulfed in flames. c-h-p says there's no estimated


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