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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight at ten:a big apartment fire leaves dozens without a home on the peninsula. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve one was hurt -- but the damage is severe. take a look -- you can see the smoke billowing from the apartment in this video from our partnership with abc 7 news. this happened on olive avenue in south san francisco, not far from grand avenue... around 5:00- this evening.kron 4's j-r stone is live on the scene --j.r. you talked with some of the victims. how are they doing this evening?
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flames shooting out of a window and into the air in south san francisco after an apartment building caught fire. those inside, including 4 year old jewel salazar were forced to escape. young jewel described the moments before she saw the flames.sot my mom and my grandma was watching television in the livinglivingliving room? uh huhsot was in the living room watching tv and then my mother in law said she smelled a burn and my girlfriend went to check it out in a room and all of a sudden the room was on fire.neighbors watched as black smoke poured out of the top of the building. witnesses say they won't forget what it looked like.sot there was just a pile of smoke coming out of the apartment next door and the smoke just kept on growing and growing and it went literally up to the next floor on top.three
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apartments were destroyed but everyone was able to get out safe. including jewel who, along with her family ran out of their home without shoes on. tonight a friend has lent her shoes.sot i think i'm feeling a little bit sad because i accidentally burned my housebut i'm sure you'll be okay right? yeahfamily members of jewel assure me they are comforting her. working with the youngster so that she knows this was no ones fault.sot she was crying but that's because she has never seen thisshe's okay.
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another big story tonight.. a major update on the plane that crashed into a southern california neighborhood...on the way to san jose. today we learned the three people who died were all from the bay area. tonight -- kron4 has team have team coverage. hermela aregawi has reaction from friends. first.. let's go to grant lodes in studio.. with what we know about the three victims -- grant? the plane was headed to san jose from riverside when it crashed into two homes monday.. the people on board had flown to disneyland to watch a cheerleading competition. family members tell us 83-year-old nouri hijazi, who was the pilot, was killed along with his wife dana hijazi and 22 year-old adine fareles.
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all are from the san jose area. two other people...are hospitalized tonight....stacey pierce...who's the daughter of nouri and dana. also hospitalized...silvia farelas...whose daugher...adine ...died in the crash. .. we also have a photo tonight of one of the victims. this is adine fareles tongiht kron4's hermela aregaei spoke to some of her coworkers in los gatos.. they're shocked and saddened by the tragic loss. those who worked with adine farelas remember her fondly. dana osborn, former employer just a wonderful soul and beautiful person. everyone loves her here at peppertree and everyone is going to miss her terribly.just pure love, joy, every day she came to work with a great attitudethe 22 year old worked at this los gatos preschool for more than 2 years.. up until this past fall.her coworkers say she was a big part of their community.
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they say parents and children loved her dearly.sot dana osborn... just her passion for children is one of the reasons why i hired her. and she worked through a lot of college while she was working for us and completed a lot of college courses and we were really proud of her for that. farelas was on the trip to southern california in part to watch her little sister compete in a cheerleading congerence.her mother who was also on the flight.. survived the crash but is in critical condition according to friends. dana osborn describes the moment she got the tragic news. sot dana osbornummm. wow.. umm i was at home and our assistant director and myself got the news at the same time early in the morning and we just we just all held together yesterday.and just supported each other and got through our day. we're processing, its really hard. today was harder. today was a lot los gatos, ha k4 news.
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months after a rolling gun battle through the streets of san leandro -- police say, they have both of the suspected gunmen in custody. the incident happened back in november -- and left an elderly couple seriously hurt, today police arrested marcus jones in an apartment in san leandro. they say, the 35-year old was carrying illegal guns and drugs .. which they say suggests, he may also be involved in more crimes. police are now investigating why the suspect was carrying so much firepower .. jones is facing multiple charges, including attempted
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murder. the other suspect, davlon harris was arrested near the scene back in november. tonight two men have been arrested and charged stabbing a little league coach to death. frank navarro was killed near the san jose club where he worked as a bouncer. the two suspects made their first court appearance this afternoon in san jose. kron 4's dan kerman was there... he has details the charges the two men face and reaction from the victim's family. 24 year old aaron vallejo and 32 year old robert ruiz said nothing during their first court appearance wednesday. the two are charged with murder in connection with this weekends fatal stabbing of frank navarro.sot yolanda beltran/victim's aunt 13-18i wanted to see the people who took our frankie away from us navarro's aunt and uncle, and a family friend were in court for the hearing.sot phillip beltran/victim's uncle 22-31he didn't deserve to go out this way. very respectful, to know him was to love himnavarro, a beloved little league coach was working security at the tres gringos cabo cantina in downtown san jose. sometime before midnight there was a dispute when someone tried to enter using someone else's
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i.d. friends of navarro say the suspects left the scene only to return a short time later. that's when navarro was fatally stabbed. the two suspects were later arrested sot vincent brunelli/navarro family friend 59-108after seeing them there was no need for this to happen, they look old enough and there was no reason for francisco to lose his life over a false i.d. sot it's heart crushing man, i'm just glad they caught these guys and they get what they deserve, i really do.standup dan kerman/san jose 120-130due to a court order the da's office and police are not releasing specifics about the crime. the two suspects did not enter a plea. they are due back in court on march 21. in san jose dan kerman, kron 4 news.
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a generous donation.. for the victims of the devastating flooding in san jose. a southern california billionaire gave 5- million dollars to the victim's relief fund.this.. as thousands of families continue to clean up their water-logged homes. kron 4's alecia reid is live in san jose... where one family won't be able to return home for months..alecia? flood damage is extreme on this stretch of road.evidence is still visible, both in and outside the homes.folks here are grateful hearing that a billionaire donated 5-million dollars.pkgnatsot - it's one
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of the worst disasters in over a hundred yearsit's been days since environmental plus has been working on this home. louie valle / environmental plus - sot - it's a lot of work, a lot of damage, a lot of people lost their homes and their valuablesthe entire basement flooded and seeped into the home. at least a foot of the wall had to be removed. for safety, cleanup crews come fully geared, biowash and sanitize the property, then suction and dry it all out. sot - every house varies, but this house had a lot of mud on the bottom so it could take a week or 2 weeks depending on the structurethat's only the first step of the cleanup. with restoration and remodeling, it could take 3-6 months before the family can move back in. sot - it's just sad to see people going through this strugglerepairs here can cost anywhere from 15 to 20k. even with insurance, many families on this block are happy to hear that a billionaire with local ties has donated 5-million dollars to san jose's flood victim relief fund.sot - the pain you can see in their face and their eyes is devastating there's still mud on the floors of this home. due to severe water damage, the owner tells me he ripped up the carpeting himself. however, after a disaster like this one, getting professional help
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is recommended.sot - all this testing that needs to be done. there could be lead, asbestos, and that's why you have to have the proper companies come in to make sure it's done right standupthat homeowner says a cleanup crew will finish the work inside his home.but in the meantime .. in order for him to remain inside the property, he had to get rid of that wet carpeting before it started to mold. reporting live from san jose. new tonight:crow canyon road is back open between norris canyon road in castro valley and bolinger canyon road in san ramon. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news.the popular shortcut been closed earlier in the day due to a mudslide.
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coming up:what we know about the first ever "openly gay" disney character... that will be part of the new beauty and the beast reboot. then:concerns over a crackdown on illegal immigration ... has some in the bay area taking action.. hear from one teen who fears his family could be rounded up any day.. and next: daredevils base jump off a high rise hotel in
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san francisco...right into the hands of police. the suspect...still on the run tonight.
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the hunt is on tonight for a female daredevil who base jumped off the hilton hotel in san francisco.police arrested two men who they say jumped with her. the dangerous stunt happened early this morning ... since then, both suspects have been released. tonight -- kron 4's charles clifford explains how they pulled off the jump
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at the worst possible time. the san francisco police department says that 25-year-old brendan weinstein and 26-year-old joshua glovac . . both from san francisco. . .base jumped off the top of the 46-story hilton tower near union square around 1130 tuesday evening.after jumping, the pair apparently parachuted several blocks to the west and landed on jones street. sfpd officers sitting in a police cruiser watched the whole thing.sotthe officers just happened to be in the area coincidentally and called into dispatch that they saw two people jump from a building. after landing the pair were taken into custody and have since been charged with trespassing and conspiracy for entering restricted areas of the hilton hotel without permission.sotthey were trespassing on property they didn't belong at and they were conspiring to enter that property which is against the law.the police department also says that they do not condone this sort of activity because it poses a danger not only to the jumpers but the people on the ground as well. sot people
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who are doing these extreme sports need to remember that there is a public to look out for and they need to remain safe. so that's why we don't condone this sort of thing. if someone had gotten hurt there may have been additional charges. a follow up to a story we brought you on monday.a 17-year-old student now faces charges for snapping a nude video of a school administrator...and sharing it
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with students.the incident happened back on february 20th. executive director david linzey who works at clayton valley charter high school in concord. . . says he was at a fitness center in walnut creek. he says the student who goes to the same high school. .. secretly recorded him naked in a locker room.he says the student then proceded to put the video on snapchat.the unidentified teen was cited on suspicion of invasion of privacy before being released to his parents.some don't think the photo scandal is a big deal. . .but others are upset. trt:29/ "so that's unfortunate" the school district says they
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are taking disciplinary action. on just her third day on the job... oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick took the time to talk to reporters.... she talked about her broad goals for the department ... and the people it serves. the new chief says, she wants to change the hearts and minds of police officers... and help care for the city's most vulnerable residents. however, chief kirk-patrick won't say how she plans on accomplishig that.... saying it is too soon to jump into specific policies. kirkpatrick says, she is living in downtown oakland.. she has 35- years of experience in law enforcement... and this is the fourth time she has held the position of chief. her department's single mission she says --- to make oakland safe. .. sot- "i want to be part of a team that wants to be the best. i have always been
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attracted to that. and, i believe that oakland and this police department has everything in its make-up to be the best police department in this country." chief kirkpatrick did touch on protests -- saying, she knows that oakland is a city which hosts a lot of them. she says protests are a part of our american democracy..... but should never result in damage to property or people. the chief also says, she will put a strong emphasis on leadership training for the entire department. an unusual delay for some people headed from london to san francisco. passengers on a british airways plane just about ready to takeoff from heathrow airport... when a mouse was spotted on
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the plane. everyone was taken off the plane and moved to another -- the plane made it to s-f-o about four hours late.
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toss weather skies will be clear and chilly tonight with lows in the mid 30s and 40s. tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week with highs in the upper 60s in the warmest places.
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still ahead --- breaking news;new revelations attorney general jeff sessions spoke to russian officials during the presidential campaign. now some lawmakers are calling on him to resign. and next:the c-e-o of uber caught on camera -- berating an uber driver. after the break - the uber apology he is offering.
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uncomfortableá. the founder and c-e-o of uber is embroiled in controversy yet again tonight .... this time there is video... and he is apologizing. that new video shows him verbally sparring uber driver...on super bowl sunday. grant lodes is here with the video... and why the tech titan says he needs help. the founder and ceo of uber says he needs to grow up. travis kalanick is apologizing after a video of him surfaced...where he's arguing with an uber driver in san francisco. kalanick is seen in the video getting into a heated exchange with a driver on super bowl sunday. the driver tells kalanick that he is frustrated that the company has made pricing changes that mean less money for drivers. kalanick gets confrontational with the driver.
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to say that i am ashamed is an extreme understatement...i must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up. this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help and i intend to get it. the video comes on the heels of other high-profile incidents for uber. last week, a former engineer accused the company of sexism. and many customers deleted the uber app after the white house travel ban was announced and kalanick was serving on the president's business advisory council. kalanick subsequently stepped down from the council. coming up at ten:parents beware: your kids social media posts could bring the wrong type of attention. what you need to make sure your family is sharing safely.
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then: disney breaking a barrier.the first openly gay character... in the upcoming 'beauty and the beast' reboot. and next:action being taken to protect undocumented immigrants in the bay area.. the safe houses being setup... that could begin operation if there is a major crackdown.
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new at ten:fear of ice raids spreading among undocumented immigrants in the bay area. tonight at local group is taking is action. kron4's lydia pantazes is in san jose to explain the services being provided. natsfor 17-year old leo... the harmony of his guitar brings him peace at a time when he feels uneasiness.both his parents are undocumented immigrants.... "it terrifies me really it does, because you don't know. because i don't know what's going to happen yeah""i am afraid, i don't want to think about it but everyday i pray."we're not showing you leo or his mothers face to protect the identity of their family."waking up, in always wondering if my moms going to be there at home when i come in or if she's ever
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gonna come back at all when she leaves the house, i'm always afraid."it's a fear that undocumented families across the bay area live with everyday."immigration and refugee communities feel a target on their back."maricela gutierrez is the executive director for the services immigrant rights education network or a response to recent immigration sweeps the group is establishing a rapid response network.the program will send text messages which will alert the community of immigration will also bring together immigration attorneys and community activists."like activists that are willing to come down and do a shield of protection if there's an ice sweep in their neighborhood or work site."they're also building a network of temporary shelters or safe houses for undocumented immigrants around the bay area. "the temporary shelter would include a family offering up their home if there's ever a sweep in that neighborhood or shelter if that family is afraid to come home they can stay in that house for a
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temporary basis."as for leo and his family...they already have a plan in place in case his parents are deported.but his mother says the fear of being separated from her family is keeping her awake at night."i can't sleep, i feel pain on my body for the stress i think, i don't know." breaking news:another trump cabinet pick under scrutiny for communications with russia. attorney general jeff sessions had two
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conversations with the russian ambassador to the united states during the presidential campaign.the justice department says the two conversations took place last year when sessions was a was an office visit that occurred in his capacity as a member of the senate armed services committee. the department says the other occurred in a group setting with other ambassadors following a heritage foundation speech.the revelations are likely to fuel calls for him to step aside from an ongoing fbi investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. attorney general sessions says he "never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign" that news comes one day after president trump's major speech to congress -- now, since that speech, many are asking, what is next for president trump's agenda? we know a revised travel ban could be on the way soon -- one that could exclude the country of iraq. today -- gop lawmakers visited the president at the white house
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with a goal of putting some of his other plans into action. but as karin caifa reporters -- the ambitious goals set last night could pose some political pitfalls.
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the wife of the orlando nightclub gunman ... has been granted bail. a federal judge in oakland... ruled that noor salman.. is not a flight risk or a danger to public safety. she is currently at the santa rita county jail.the judge granted a two-day stay, so
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prosecutors can appeal the ruling to the florida court... which has jurisdiction in the case. the 31- year-old is accused of aiding her husband omar mateen... in providing support to the islamic state, when mateen killed 49- people in an attack at a gay nightclub last october. a woman who says, she is like an aunt to salman... says, salman's son has been taking it especially hard. trt:10/ "where's my mommy" upon granting bail... the judge said, there is no evidence salman has any connection to the islamic state.she is set to be released by the end of the week ... she will have to wear an electronic ankle monitor.a trial date has not been set. a 15-year-old boy from ethiopia is getting a life- changing surgery.he's been
10:37 pm
struggling with scoliosis but hasn't been able to get the medical help he thanks to the help of a local organization. . . dawit berhanyu will finally undergo the necessary he met with doctor jeffrey kanel. . . who will perform the orthopedic surgery.kanel and the staff at good samaritan hospital in san jose. . . will be doing the work pro bono.the medical services for such a procedure is not available in ethiopia.a colleague of doctor kanel's sent berhanyu to se him.and this is not the first time kanel has lended his skills. trt:17/ "get it otherwise" berhanyu is scheduled to have the surgery on sunday.he will
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have a few weeks to recover before returning home to ethiopia. still ahead: more than half of teens use instagram.. but beware trying to get those likes,. we go indepth on the effect it could have on self-esteem. and next:a record setting day on wall street -- but will the gains last? we look at the impact president trump is having on the markets.... sleep is super important.
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president's speech last night. the dow rode a 300-point rally to crack the 21-thousand milestone for the first time- just a few weeks after hitting the 20-thousand mark.the dow ended its 12-day streak of all- time highs day.
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. every day... 92-percent of teens report going online to use some form of social media... that's according to a pew research center study. kron 4's gabe slate reports.. 52-percent of those
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teens... ages 13 to 17... are all about instagram... and getting those online álikesá... but be careful. pkg:it's human nature to want to be liked but when is it too much? how many "likes" are enough?rachel says: "it definitely makes me feel a little bit better when more people like it but when i notice a photo doesn't get a lot of likes it might cross my mind a little bit does someone just not like this picture or do they not like me?"rachel and elena are twins in the 7th grade and both have had instagram for about six months. jennifer mother says: "i was really nervous about them being on instagram but once they hit middle school everybody had instagram and they begged me for it." their family was able to figure out a way to make it work, where the girls could get what they want and their mom could monitor what they do. jennifer says "i follow them on instagram so i see what they post, but i'm also able to log in as them. you can toggle between your accounts, they hate that! but i can do it and see if they have any private messages, who they've started following, who started following them." jennifer's concern wasn't as
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much about the addiction to the app as it was the reprecussions of what her girls might see. sot: 6:32 js: "that was what i was really scared about more than anything was the, are they going to see pictures of a party they weren't invited to or is a friend hanging out with another person and ignoring them."stacy hernandez is a licensed counselor she says early teens are in a self concept stage at this point in their lives.stacey hernandez/licensed professional counselor, mhsp all ages counseling says: "because they are trying to identify themselves and they are looking for that validation they're looking for that popularity for that comparison. it's the stage their brain is in right now and they don't understand it." in extreme cases hernandez says that can sometimes lead to depression or it could do the opposite and boost your self-esteem either way risk is involved. stacy hernandez says: "if i'm trying to figure out who i am, and i'm trying to figure out how and what people see me as, then do i want to set up a positive feature of myself, or do i just want to put out a message of 'can i be liked?'"so besides monitoring your
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child's instagram activity what else can you do as a parent?first, privacy settings. evaluate them. maybe limit your child's exposure online. when they do post, encourage them to post something they like not necessarily something that requires them to receive attention. and - encourage them to use instagram lightly. let the app be used as a tool for fun rather than competition and a scale for self-esteem.stacy hernandez says: " unfortunately instagram can ruin your self- esteem, depends on how you use it. but the girls say among their friends, numbers don't really "it doesn't really get to me if they have more likes or more followers than me because it's just instagram it's not real life." but if things get out of hand, thankfully instagram can be deleted. pictures can be deleted.then you can start a new account.. in an instant. gabe slate kron 4 news. tonight... a milestone in american cinema... the first openly gay character in a disney movie. grant lodes is here with the details on the character... and the movie about to hit theatres.
10:48 pm
beauty and the beast...will the ground- breaking disney film... as gaston's sidekick... the character with sexuality questions in the plot. here he is. the director of the movie telling the magazine... attitude...."lefou is somebody who on one day wants to be gaston and on another day wants to kiss gaston," he calls it a small but significant sub-plot...saying it's a nice, exclusively gay moment in a disney movie." some people believe disney has hinted at homosexuality in the past...frozen's elsa has been discussed in that regard by some. but the
10:49 pm
director...leaves no doubt about beauty and the beast...which hits theaters march 17th. skies will be clear and chilly tonight with lows in the mid 30s and 40s. tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week with highs in the upper 60s in the warmest places.
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all things considering not bad news for the warriors today concerning kevin durant and his left leg...the all-star forward will be out at least 4 weeks with a sprained mcl and a bone bruise of the tibia the larger bone in the lower leg after those 4 weeks he will be re- evaluated and the team seemed to be optomistic he will return before the playoffs durant injured the knee early in last night's game when zaza
10:51 pm
pachulia was pushed and fell into him the knee hyperextended durant played a couple more possessions before leaving the game for goodhere are pachulia steph curry and klay thompson on what happened and where they go now with no k.d. colin kaepernick's agents... have informed all 32 nfl teams that will opt out of his contract and become a free agent he can make it official as soon as next weekfurther indication kap is gone is he just sold his home for a litle more than $3 million the house has 4 bedrooms, 5 = bathrooms and almost 4,600 square feet of living spacethe 49ers will save $14.5 million if kaepernick does opt out meanwhile new head coach kyle shanahan is in indianapolis
10:52 pm
for the nfl combine what are his plans to adress the quarterback situation?... matt cain trying to get that 5th starter spottop 1sthenry ramos takes cain into the right0centerfield gap 2 runs score romas with a triple 3-0 dodgersbottom 3rd/ 3-2 dodgersjarrett parker
10:53 pm
completing to start in left field 3-run home run his 2nd of the spring 5-3 giants final: 7-6 dodgers ty blach: pitched 2 hitless inningsfor the a's sonny gray pitched 2 scoreless innings striking out 4 in 5-0 loss to the padres los angeles got closer to being picked as the host city fr the 2024 summer olympics todaybudapest's assembly has approved a motion to withdraw the city's bid for the games. the decision leaves los angeles and paris as the only remaining candidates the international olympic committee will choose the host city in september.l.a.has hosted the summer games twice in 1932 and 1984 and check this out last night's boise coming upbikes are vehicles you shouldn't go when there's a red light you shouldn't be on the sidewalks you shoulder on the right side of the road
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it's illegal to across a red lightwait what just happened . i'm talking to a bicyclist.. did i just get punked? i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. it's spring time and the
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good weather means more an more are out and about walking and riding bicyles for the entire month of march, one local city and their police department will be focusing on pedestrian and bicycle safety city wide it is all in an effort to cut down on collisions .. our stanley roberts takes a look at some of the problems .. often we hyper focus our attention on drivers behaving badly . we see them do things like distracted driving like this driver on her cell phone or what about this one also on the phone one would think that in silicon valley one of
10:58 pm
the high tech capitals of the world the archaic act of holding a phone would be a thing of the past.we also focus on red light runners because let's face it a 4 thousand pound plus vehicle running a red light can be dangerous and deadlynats: ambiance well, lets switch gears for a moment and look at the bigger picture. its not just drivers that are on the road we have pedestrians and bicyclist for example, these three are men sitting on the corner of pear and shoreline in the city of mountain view one just pressed the walk button waiting for the signal nats: ambiance when the signal changes ride their bikes inside the crosswalk . they should be walking nats: ambiance how about this cyclist who was riding in the center lane of shoreline then get a red light and turns left basically running the red light and causing traffic to stop nats: ambiance and then there are the right-hand turn red light turn runners the are very common in mountain
10:59 pm
view so what should a ride do . well here's a good example the riders stops then turns right nats: ambiance how about this rider who actually comes to a complete stop but why did he stop bikes are vehicles and need to be treated that way but what about all the bikes that keep running the red lights that illegal wait he's riding a bike am i getting punked bikes are vehicles you shouldn't go when there's a red light you shouldn't be on the sidewalks you shoulder on the right side of the road it's illegal to across a red lightwow never thought i would hear that from a bicyclist because most bicyclist don't know what their doing in mountain view stanley roberts kron 4 news fire rips through an apartment complex.. sending dozens out in the cold.thanks for joining us at eleven..i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore. 14 people have to find a place to stay tonight.. as investigators try to determine the cause.kron 4's jr stone spoke to residents who had to get that fire spread.
11:00 pm
flames shooting out of a window and into the air in south san francisco after an apartment building caught fire. those inside, including 4 year old jewel salazar were forced to escape. young jewel described the moments before she saw the flames.sot my mom and my grandma was watching television in the livinglivingliving room? uh huhsot was in the living room watching tv and then my mother in law said she smelled a burn and my girlfriend went to check it out in a room and all of a sudden the room was on fire.neighbors watched as black smoke poured out of the top of the building. witnesses say they won't forget what it looked like.sot there was just a pile of smoke coming out of the apartment next door and the smoke just kept on growing and growing and it went literally up to the next floor on top.three apartments were destroyed but everyone was able to get out safe. including jewel who, along with her family ran out of their home without shoes on. tonight a friend has lent her shoes.sot i think i'm feeling a little bit sad because i accidentally burned my housebut i'm sure you'll be okay right? yeahfamily members of jewel assure me they are


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