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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 4, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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malaysia malaysia malaysia malaysia >> i'm oing to cut all my hair off. that's right. >> her new break-up hairdo. and where we found orlando shirtless. plus brad pitt and jennifer aniston reconnect. what we know about their private conversation. then -- >> jerry alan cole from chicago. >> from a 20-year prison sentence to the oscar stage. >> people with change. >> but if you think you know gary's story, think again. >> real men cry. >> and the major punishment after the oscar mix-up. >> there's a mistake. >> what the stars say happened backstage. plus "dancing's" controversial new cast. how beyonce's backup dancer scored a spot as a star. what they are competitors have to say about it. >> "e.t.," i pity the fool!
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>> then -- >> this is exclusive. >> backstreet back. >> issues have got to add up. >> and -- ♪ if i could turn back time >> life lessons from cher at 70. >> my mom said if you don't pay attention to age it won't pay attention to you. that's the dumbest thing i ever heard. >> now this "entertainment tonight." >> we're with the newest "dancing" cast and the bachelor's booted bad girl. i'm nischelle turner. cameron mathisen is on assignment this week. those stories ahead but first, what a week it's been after the oscars. the big changes after the best picture mix-up. the surprisinging details about one guy featured in kimmel's tour bus prank and katy perry and orlando's oscar party break-up news. we have been following it all. >> this is the recently surfaced video of orlando leaning in close, whispering and laughing with a 20-something brunette. and wait for it. she playfully rubs his ear.
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is this what caused the split with katy perry? orlando's flirt fest happened at a party in l.a. four days before the oscars and the same day katy was on stage in london performing at the brit awards. a source tells us the girl he was with, a recent college graduate met orlando years ago through a charity and she is nothing but friends with the 40-year-old star. >> yeah. that's how you do it. >> orlando had just flown in from a unicef trip in africa the day before and reunited with katy at sunday's "vanity fair" party. even though they 140ed up separately. this is the last photo of the couple together. katy made it clear later in the week that she's moving on with a dramatic new look. >> what do you think, chris? >> i love it. are you kidding? i've been wanting to do this since the day i met you. do you remember? >> i remember. i wasn't ready. >> katy also addressed the attention surrounding her split and rumors that orlando cheated tweeting "how about a new way of thinking for 2017? you can still be friends and love your former partners. no one's a victim or a villain.
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get a life y'all." as for orlando, he hit the beach. the newly single star soaked up the rays and a lot of attention in malibu on thursday. of course the pair's statement about taking respectful loving space at this time indicates there is a chance katy and orlando could get back together. >> meanwhile, another sharp-looking couple at the "vanity fair" oscar party, jennifer aniston and justin theroux. we've learned there's been a development with her and her ex brad pitt. a source close to brad tells us he's been texting with jen. "they have been friendly back and forth." pitt sent the first text which reconnected the two, telling jen happy 48 birthday on february 11th. brad and jen always publicly maintained they are not bitter exes. >> she's a dear friend of mine. she's a valuable person. we spent seven years together. you don't -- come on. >> what's so unfortunate is that people want it to be this war and this mean terrible shallow
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thing that's just like some soap opera storyline. and it's just not. >> that's oscar night. there was fallout this week after that epic flub. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight." you guys won best picture. >> on wednesday "e.t." confirmed that accountants brian cullinan and martha ruiz will not be returning to the oscars after sunday night's best picture flub. the duo from pricewaterhousecoopers walked the red carpet each carrying a set of winner's envelopes. cullinan has been under fire after it was revealed he handed presenter warren beatty the wrong envelope. it was the backup for actress in a leading role. academy president cheryl boone isaacs said the error was caused because cullinan was distracted. in fact, just three minutes before best picture was announced cullinan tweeted this photo of emma stone backstage. this image was snapped of him on his phone at 9:04 p.m. just moments after the backstage envelope mix-up. although cullinan and ruiz will
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no longer work with the academy, we have learned they will remain as partners at their accounting firm. and finally, "e.t." was with gary from dhochicago. you know, he's a tourist who became an oscar sensation just days after serving a 20-year prison sentence. >> gary alan cole from chicago. >> but less than 24 hours later when his criminal record came to light many were surprised to learn gary was behind bars for 20 years. his public defender explained. >> gary was sentenced to 25 to life under the former three strikes law in california. he also did have a conviction for an attempted rape. and it was 40 years ago. he is to get all credit for turning his life around from someone who was committing crimes when he was a teen to someone who is now ready to start over. >> and of course we have more to get into, including a look back at some of last sunday's oscar fashions that people are still talking about. that's coming up later in the show. but right now let's talk about some big tv news. the new cast for season 24 of
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"dancing with the stars" includes bachelor nik viall. he can't make it to the announcement this week but our senior news editor jennifer perro talked to nick's competition. >> i pity the competition. it's on now. i'm ready to release the anger. release the beast. >> we love the tough talk, mr. t. but let's face it. you're up against two olympians, a couple of pop stars, and beyonce's former backup dancer. ♪ if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ >> that's glee's heather morris who took part in wednesday's reveal. >> do you think you have an unfair advantage? >> i don't think so. i think the competition is completely fair. there's a gold medal gymnast. like come on. yeah. >> that's simone biles, who won four gold medals and is poised to dominate another competition. >> you're used to performing in front of millions and millions of people. is this something that makes you nervous? >> i'm so nervous because you have to get out of your comfort zone, do things. >> another olympian, nancy kerrigan, jumped from the ice
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ring to the dance floor. >> but as an athlete i've been told what to do my whole life and then do it. and as a skater we performed to music. so i think that may help me. >> as for singers who dance -- ♪ that's my girl fifth harmony's normani kordei joins the cast along with "real housewives" erika jayne. >> you're used to being on stage and performing in front of so many people. why is this different, though? >> oh, my gosh. ballroom. i have no idea what i'm doing. very excited. nervous. all of it. nervous, excited. i can't wait. >> so now we know what nick viall will be up to later this month. but the question is which woman gets his final rose? this week nick sent bad girl corinne home and rachel is still in the final three even though we all know she's the next bachelorette. e.t. online's lauren zema talked about her future. >> nick said he misses you, that it was really hard to send you home. do you still miss nick at all?
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do you think there's any feelings there? >> nick said that? oh, god. >> corinne and lauren getting their pedicure on at the four seasons spa this week relaxing while having a bachelor postmortem. >> it's kind of surprising he didn't take me to the fantasy suite with all our sexual attraction toward each other. >> how did that feel? >> bad. >> i'm sorry if i ever did anything to make upset. >> you never did anything wrong. ever. you have nothing to regret. >> we had just had a really good hometown date. so to be sent home so abruptly after that was a little bit shocking. >> the breakout star of the season said good-bye monday night with one last rant in the limo. >> i'm dying. dying. trying to show my men how much i worship them and i love them and i care for them and i support them. i need that. so if someone feels that way about me they can come and tell me and they can bring a brain to
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go along with it. >> i also want to ask you about nick's tears. he cried quite a lot on the show. >> he was really emotional. i'm like, whoa. and my dad was like, he cried a lot,ar coy acorinne. i didn't realize that. >> corinne says she has no regrets about her time on the show and she's still single but she's not sure if she'll do bachelor in paradise. so that leaves vanessa and raven since as we've said rachel is already cast in the next "bachelorette." >> describe yourself as the bachelorette in one word. >> direct. >> the dallas-based attorney's groundbreaking for the franchise. >> i'm the first black bachelorette. i'm 31. so i'm an older bachelorette. i might be the oldest. i'm not sure. at the same time i have a different type of job than typical bachelorettes have. and then i've been through the journey. so i know exactly what it is that i'm looking for. >> and she's serious about settling down. as we saw on nick's season. >> i don't bring every guy home. so if i'm bringing you home it means something.
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>> when it comes to these guys that are picking for you what are your deal breakers? what are you like no, i don't want that? >> i need a funny guy. i mean, you don't need to be a comedian. it doesn't need to be kevin hart. but i need you to be funny, talk sports. bad breath's a deal breaker. i can't stand a cocky guy. that is a deal breaker for me. >> i do believe we could have been separated at birth. you know, rachel we are rooting for you. >> and nick meantime will face all the women that he rejected monday on "the bachelor: the women tell all" episode. it is always one of my favorites. now, in other relationship news lisa marie presley is locked in a really nasty custody battle with her ex and she claims in court documents that she is suffering severe money trouble. could the king's daughter really be drowning in debt? cameron asked her mother priscilla presley. >> how is she doing financially? >> this is very personal. and we're still going through a lot of different scenarios. there's been a lot of rumors and a lot of speculations and there's been a lot of everything
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which always goes along with these kind of situations. >> lisa marie claims to be around $7 million in debt in her divorce filing from her fourth husband musician michael lockwood. even though elvis's daughter says she has an income of $100,000 a month from his estate. >> lisa marie says, "i cannot recall the last time i spent money on clothes and shoes of any value." >> nothing's sorted out yet. everything's trying to be sorted out. and done with dignity and done with care. especially for those children. >> lockwood claims lisa marie has understated her income and wants spousal support. and the split even got more nasty. lisa marie accused michael of sexual misconduct, claiming to have discovered inappropriate photos of children on michael's computer, saying she was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach. but in a statement to "e.t." the tennessee bureau of investigations statesed, "we have concluded our involvement in this matter. we have not been able to determine a crime occurred." as for the couple's 8-year-old twins, priscilla says they're
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living with her until everything is sorted out. >> it's still a very family-oriented environment for them. >> are they with you full time? >> they've been with me for nine months. they're great. they're doing wonderful. they're living a great life. they see both their parents. and we'll see what happens. >> cameron spoke to priscilla at graceland. and coming up, she's giving us an exclusive tour inside. also ahead, our new one on one with cher. then is david cassidy's alcoholism related to his dementia diagnosis? >> people have been -- what are you, drunk? >> and only we're with the backstreet boys, rehearsing before their new vegas residency. are their kids trying to steal the show? >> he just started like singing. i'm like, really? i accept i don't race down the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too.
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and what way would that be? that's what i've always wanted to know. but the backstreet boys are back. i do know that. and this week they kicked off their biggest residency and i got a special peek inside the rehearsals. you know, they've been together for so long they know each other so well, you can tell they have a really tight bond. but the boys told me it hasn't always been this easy. ♪ i never wanna hear you say ♪ i want it that way >> they've sold over 130 million records, and despite some personal bumps in the roads and some counseling they've been together for over 20 years. >> our manager suggested you guys better get into therapy now because you're going to need it later. >> whatever. >> we talk it out, we box it out. whatever we've got to do. >> sometimes you've got to. you know. ♪ and that makes you larger than
9:16 pm
life ♪ >> now that they all get along the backstreet boys are taking their act to vegas. their planet hollywood residency kicked off this past wednesday. >> come see your boys. >> why is this the right time to stay and do a residency there? >> we're all fathers now. we're in the process of making a brand new album. we can record while we're doing the residency. >> are you going to bring your families with you? >> yeah. >> yes. >> we can actually bring out our families, especially in the summertime, for some of us who have our kids in school. >> i'm a little bit stressed right now because my wife and i are expecting number two. within the next two weeks. so i just hope we're not in the middle of our show when this goes down. but yeah, i'm kind of in freakout mode. ♪ ♪ without you i don't ♪ think i can live
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>> nick at 37 is the youngest. and his son odin seems to be toddling in daddy's footsteps. >> nick, you have the youngest right now. ten-month-old. how's that been? >> backstage today in this rehearsal i brought him for the first time to see what daddy does and he just started like singing and like gabbing. and i'm like, really? ♪ backstreet's back ♪ all right >> the guys plan to play some new music in their vegas show but they told me they're definitely doing a lot of fan favorites. and they're going a little retro with some of their old dance routines, which isn't easy to do these days. ♪ all you people can't you see, can't you see ♪ ♪ how your love's affecting our reality ♪ >> what is the difference doing this show now? >> oh, we hurt. we're hurting right now. >> lots of cryotherapy. >> advil.
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>> kier prachiropractic care. >> ibuprofen. >> you've got to stretch it out, keep those muscles warm. >> i always want to note demands celebrities have on the road. don't you? well, the guys told me the one thing they must have in their dressing rooms at all times, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. they did. now, on the way, beauty and the beast 25 years later. we're with the stars. how they belted out those classic songs. ♪ there goes the bikaker with h tray ♪ >> and the best dressed and undressed stars. >> my husband did just text at all that bucks. for 4
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and before you say but denny's,
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those 2 strips of bacon, 2 eggs and 2 fluffy pancakes are clearly breakfast. we say: at 4 dollars does it really matter? denny's $4 all day, everyday value slam. part of the 2468 value menu. my father. >> come into the light. >> that is "beauty and the beast," the new live action retelling of the animated
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classic hits theaters later this month. 25 years after the original. and we were with the cast at their big premiere. ♪ be our guest >> emma watson showed off in this oscar de la renta jumpsuit. but the 26-year-old's been pretty much killing it on her global press tour. >> if my 5-year-old self nknew was going to get to do this, she would have died. >> supporting emma two "harry potter" co-stars. making it date night, matt damon and life luciana and these two without their adorable baby girl. >> beauty and the beast would be a good first movie for luna. >> yeah, i know. and she'll be so proud of daddy. >> in this movie john puts a new twist on celine dion's duet from the original, which celine told me changed her life. >> that was the beginning of my career. it put me on the map. >> i'm so nervous for her to hear the final version. >> and celine is actually back again on the new soundtrack singing "how does a moment last forever" a decision she
9:22 pm
discussed with her late husband. >> i kind of talked to rene and he said, you should. it was an amazing privilege again. "beauty and the beast" brought me to where i am today, as a big part of it. played a big role. ♪ there goes the baker with his tray ♪ ♪ >> emma sings the classic seven-minute opening number that was in the animated version, plus she gets a new original song. >> we see, you know, what is kind of the story of belle's life before she goes to the castle and she meets beast. ♪ tale as old as time ♪ song as old as rhyme ♪ beauty and the beast >> that classic title tune was sung by angela lansbury. celine dion and peabo bryson did one for the original movie's credits. and this time the duet is with ariana grande and john legend. ♪ tale as old as time ♪ song as old as rhyme
9:23 pm
♪ beauty and the beast >> everyone envisioned us in the studio together. but almost every time someone does a duet these days we do it separately. we respect the song a lot and we respect the original recording a lot. ♪ i'm especially good at >> luke evans takes on the comical role of gaston. ♪ and now that i'm grown i eat five dozen eggs ♪ >> ever since i told people that i play gaston without any prompting they will come out with lines from the song "gaston." these lines like i use antlers in all of my decorating. the amount of times i've heard people come out with that line and i didn't even remember that line. >> man, luke evans can belt out a note, can't he? everything about this movie is just spectacular. including the costumes. emma's yellow gown from belle's iconic ballroom scene took
9:24 pm
12,000 hours to create. crazy. well, speaking of elaborate gowns, some of those dresses at the oscars still have people talking. and in case you missed it we at "e.t." chose to hand out our own fashion awards, including the -- >> from the bottom to the top let me hear you, hollywood! ♪ >> let's talk about your wife first. she looks incredible. >> that's my favorite topic. ? did y >> did you pick this outfit? >> no. we were on our way here, and i was like, i win. everybody go home. i have my own gold statue already. >> jessica was winning in that gold column gown but her afterparty look really turned up the heat with those sexy cutouts. j.t. seemed a little confused by the cake but there were many oscar transformers. emma stone went from glam to power dressing for the office. while halle and her amazing hair changed to super sexy in the front and party in the back. the 50-year-old ended the night
9:25 pm
right, stripped out of her dress and went skinny dipping. from nicole kidman to charlize theron gold was definitely a trend. but the star most likely to be named oscar's golden date is chrissy teigen, especially since husband john legend kept stepping on her dress. >> this dress will be stepped on at least 30 times tonight. >> you've got to be careful. >> and it's not a plan but it's a prediction. >> i thought maybe it was a plan because look at that slit. you step on it too much you know what might happen. >> it might fall apart. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> favorite accessories. >> these earrings. i don't know. my ears pierced. these are some slip-on action. i'm just flipping out every second making sure they're there. >> how many dresses did you try on before you decided this is the one? >> we tried on a lot of dresses. >> kate hudson and mariah carey engaged in a little battle of the plunging necklines. but best undressed goes to gabrielle union. >> my husband did just text me where are your clothes. so perhaps not everyone in my life is happy about this. >> when it comes to the girl
9:26 pm
stole my look category emma roberts and michelle williams were totally twinning. and twitter pointed out jennifer aniston might have been trying to steal angelina jolie's thigh-high slit moment from oscars 2012. but the best stars to emoji, sofia vergara's back side hus feeling like -- >> taraji p. henson was on fire with her old hollywood glam. and priyanka chopra, who picked her dress 48 hours before, wins for most fun fashion. >> every day. >> like me. >> right? >> so much fun to play with it all day. if i get bored i can play chess on it. it could be a tray. there are so many things that can happen with it. >> my favorite dress of the night was taraji p. henson in that mid-night flew alberta ferreti. she looked like a dream, that sexy hair, glowing skin, and the diamond choker. that's what did it. absolutely beautiful. but check this out. halle berry actually had a few oscar back-ups.
9:27 pm
she instagramed her other options and she could have been showing a lot more skin, both in blue or gold. up next we are with the iconic cher. ♪ do you believe in life after love ♪ >> how the single 70-year-old meets men. >> it's not like you can join >> plus david cassidy's first interview since his dementia diagnosis. >> that's when i began to be very concerned. >> does dr. phil think the partridge family's star's alcoholic past is to blame? >> then after hgtv's couple called it quits how the network is making changes with a new husband and wife team. >> that doesn't go there. >> that's how you did it. closed captioning provided by --
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elderly dementia patients taking rexulti have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor if you have high fever, stiff muscles, and confusion to address a possible life-threatening condition or if you have uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent. high blood sugar was reported with rexulti and in extreme cases can lead to coma or death. other risks are increased cholesterol, weight gain... decreased white blood cells, which can be serious dizziness on standing, seizures, trouble swallowing, and impaired judgment or motor skills. don't give up on the progress you may have made with your antidepressant. talk to your doctor about adding rexulti. and feel better about facing the world. learn about a free trial offer for rexulti at if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number 5 -- arnold schwarzenegger is leaving "celebrity apprentice." >> you're terminated.
9:31 pm
>> in a statement arnold was pretty blunt. "everyone from the celebrities to the crew to the marketing department was a straight 10. and i would absolutely work with all of them again on a show that doesn't have this baggage." what arnold meant by "this baggage" is pretty obvious. since he went on the air in early january, arnold has faced a barrage of criticism from the previous host of "celebrity apprentice," now president donald trump. >> i want to just pray for arnold if we can. >> "celebrity apprentice" ratings are down since arnold took over. 3-plus million viewers for his recent finale compared to over 6 million for trump's last finale. number 4, "dancing's" controversial new contestant. ♪ if you like it that's "glee's" heather morris who is beyonce's former backup dancer. >> do you think you have an unfair advantage? >> i don't think so at all. i think the competition is completely fair. there's so many -- a gold medal
9:32 pm
gymnast. like come on. >> number 3 the punishment after the oscars mix-up. >> the question is who's got the key? >> we both have a key to this. >> "e.t." has confirmed that pricewaterhousecoopers accountants brian cullinan and martha ruiz will not be returning to the oscars after last sunday's best picture flub. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight." you guys won best picture. >> cullinan handed presenter warren beatty the wrong envelope. it was the backup for actress in a leading role. academy president cheryl boone isaacs said the error was caused because cullinan was distracted. in fact, just three minutes before best picture was announced cullinan tweeted this photo of emma stone backstage. number 2, katy perry and orlando bloom split. ♪ recently surfaced video of orlando leaning in close, whispering and laughing with a 20-something brunette and, wait for it, she play fly rubs his ear. is this what caused the split? a source tells us the girl met orlando a couple years ago
9:33 pm
through a charity and she's nothing but friends with the 40-year-old star. of course katy and orlando's statement about taking respectful loving space at this time indicates there is a chance they could get back together. and the number 1 story this week, brad and jen texting after his split. >> do i talk to brad? yes, i do. >> they've been friendly back and forth. that's what a source close to brad tells us. pitt reportedly sent the first pic which reconnected the two, telling jen happy 48th birthday on february 11th. and we're told the pitts' custody battle and divorce are "not the basis of their discussion." go to for the latest. also in the news this week david cassidy, the "partridge family" star, sat down with dr. phil after the teen idol announced he was battling dementia. that left many wondering if his battle with the bottle was part of the reason behind his diagnosis. cameron mathisen got the details from dr. phil himself.
9:34 pm
>> he flatly denies that there was any alcohol involvement in that whatsoever. before or during the performance. >> david blamed that disastrous performance outside l.a. two weeks ago where he was slurring his words and stumbling on stage on dementia. this week he told dr. phil that the disease was diagnosed over two years ago. >> what was the first symptom that you noticed? >> when friends of yours or family members begin to say to you, remember i just told you this two days ago. and there's no memory of it. that's when i began to be very concerned. >> was that what becaused you to say i need to go get myself checked? >> oh, god, yes. >> but dr. phil was somewhat skeptical about david's claims of sobriety that night. >> a lot of professionals i've talked to felt like that behavior was more consistent
9:35 pm
with intoxication. >> symptoms of dementia? >> it certainly does. if you introduce toxins to any source of the brain if you introduce disease that's a bad combination. >> his mother actress evelyn ward died of alzheimer's-related dementia in 2012 at age 89. >> what's your greatest fear for the future as you continue on this path? >> being in the place my mother was the last two years of her life where i would completely disappear and i'd just be a burden to caretakers. and couldn't walk, couldn't talk, couldn't sing, couldn't play. that's kind of my greatest fear, actually. >> are you having trouble performing? >> no. i wouldn't say that. >> as for david's assessment of his now infamous show? >> i asked him how he felt the concert went. he thought it went just terrific. >> david told dr. phil he has no problem with ending his touring.
9:36 pm
this weekend marks the finale of his time on the road. meanwhile, the road to divorce has not been smooth for flip or flop's tarek and christina. but the former couple is still moving ahead shooting hgtv's second highest rated series. and now their network is adding to the "flip or flop" family. >> vegas is the most difficult real estate market in the country. >> that doesn't go there. >> this is how you do it. >> meet the newest husband and wife team on the home front, aubrey and bristol. they look a lot like tarek and christina. they even have that high five thing down. >> knock it out of the park. >> sta rec and christina's much publicized divorce left fans wondering about the fate of their show. hgtv tells us they're currently in production with new episodes set to air this summer. >> that's great news. >> so aubrey and bristol? well, they're not here to take over. actually, their show was in production long before the el moussas split. >> it will be two years in may since we first started filming. >> their home base, sin city. just one of five flip or fluor
9:37 pm
spinoffs. >> vegas glam is what i would call it. i'd say that's my style. vegas glam. the chandeliers, crystal, the hardware, the faucets is like the jewelry of the house. and if you don't have that kind of stuff you've got a plain old house. >> teams break. >> original series is among the network's highest rated shows. that's a lot to live up to. could we be facing another high-profile hgtv relationship meltdown? >> a green mosaic geometric pattern tile. i spent $19 a square foot on the material rather than what i would -- >> 19 bucks? >> aubrey and i's relationship is so solid and we just work so well together. >> on the way susan sarandon as bette davis. what this tv series unabout a legendary hollywood feud. then cher at 70. how she's defying the odds. >> would you like to see something amazing no one's seen? >> then only we're inside elvis's graceland property with priscilla presley. the $45 million expansion.
9:38 pm
>> you get the full experience of elvis presley. >> but first we think lauren dagel is an artist you should know. ♪ the grammy-nominated singer is the fastest selling new artist in christian contemporary in a decade. surprisingly, she said she wasn't a fan of her hit "trust in you." >> now on the other side of the song, all these people that come in or they write or you meet them at shows and they're just bawling and they're saying you don't understand how that song changed my life, i was -- when you hear that, it changes everything. ♪ i will trust in you >> lauren's album "how can it be" has gone gold and its songs have been streamed 115 million times. >>
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
9:41 pm
bette. >> joan. >> that is "feud: bette and joan" with susan sarnton and jessica lange premiering this weekend. it's ryan sloan's sure to be addictive series about joan and bette's relationship. two icons playing two icons. doesn't get much better than that. >> how big was this feud between bette davis and joan crawford? >> i think there was a great
9:42 pm
deal of competition. i don't think they necessarily liked each other. >> that's jessica lange, who plays joan crawford. >> you can't be serious. >> susan sarandon is bette davis. >> i'm going to steal this picture right out from under your nose and you know i can do it. >> "feud" follows the actresses in their later years during the make of the 1952 film "whatever happened to baby jane." >> she did that on purpose. >> but flashbacks help answer the question what caused this feud. one factor, the legendary actresses fought for the same role. >> i think had the studio not pitted them against each other and had things gone more smoothly in terms of the production probably they would have been all right. >> davis added to all the feud talk when she was quoted as saying "miss crawford is a movie star and i am an actress." >> i am just too much.
9:43 pm
>> "e.t." sat down with davis several times in the '80s, and you could see just how hard she fought for a good role. >> i am praying on my knees every day to get a good script. you must never give up. never give up. >> competition aside, there was another issue. crawford's brief marriage to actor -- >> weren't they in love with the same man? >> well, yes. the history was special. i think bette fell in love with him but he was in love with joan. >> then there were stories of dirty tricks. in this scene from baby jane legend has it joan wore a weight belt to make it more difficult for bette to drag her across the floor. all of this made us wonder how bette might have reacted to her portr portrayal. here's what she told "e.t." about dealing with bad press 35 years ago. >> we all want to be liked. but that's part of the training of a hollywood creator, is to have terrible things said but.
9:44 pm
my mother was always wonderful about this. she used to say to me, bette, do not forget it's the best fruits the birds dig at. which is a wonderful thing to remember. >> can't wait for this. now, "feud" is an anthology series. bette and joan is just the first season. the next season will focus on prince dharcharles and princess diana. that's expected to premiere sometime next year. still to come, cher on looking for love at 70. >> are you open to meeting guys? then priscilla prsly gives us an exclusive tour at graceland. the $45 million expansion. what changes are being made to the property? >> this was actually one of elvis's personal cars. >> well, that is ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which emmy winner once worked at "people" magazine? is it allison janney? patricia heaton? or mariska
9:45 pm
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♪ do you believe in life after love ♪ well, yeah, i believe in life after love and i believe in life after 70 because cher is teaching us all some lessons. the icon still tearing up the stage today and in an "e.t." exclusive nancy o'dell got life lessons straight from cher. ♪ if i could turn back time >> do you ever think about age? or do you not even think about that because it doesn't matter? >> my mom said it doesn't. she said if you don't pay
9:48 pm
attention to age it won't pay attention to you. but i think that's the dumbest thing i ever heard. but there's not much you can do about it. you just do your best. >> her show, "classic cher," features a dazzling display of wigs and 11 costume changes which reveal her amazing figure. >> what are you doing here? what's your secret? >> well, i'm a big worker-outer. and it's genes. my mom is 90 and fabulous. and it doesn't happen by accident. >> so you put a lot of hard work into it. >> i certainly do. >> how many days are you in the gym? >> i am in the gym probably five days. ♪ when i was walking in memphis ♪ >> looking like this i've got to ask you about your love life. >> you know, i'm not talking about it. every time i talk about it -- >> it gets you in trouble? >> yes. it's like someone said to me what's something that's not true about you? and i went, i've been dying for a year if you're reading "the
9:49 pm
enquirer." >> so you're open to meeting guys? >> yeah. it takes kind of a special person. it kind of cuts this down because people are frightened of being mr. cher. >> i'm sure they are. >> it's a certain kind of guy. >> you can't go out in public and meet someone. >> well, you actually can. but it's just a crap shoot. >> isn't it always? >> yeah. >> it's not like you can join >> she's in residence at the park theater at the monte carlo in las vegas and later will be at the mgm in the d.c. area. cher's always pushed the fashion envelope, and this look might have been one of her most talked about ever. >> i don't think there's been a more famous oscar outfit than this. that bob mackie did for you. >> i said this is what i want. and he said okay.
9:50 pm
i ran into jane fonda and she said wait a minute, this is the best. it was something everyone got a kick out of. and the academy didn't love it so much but it was okay. >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's seen? >> yeah. >> these are one-of-a-kind boots created just for cher and her show by famed designer christian louboutin. >> oh, my gosh. that is phenomenal. >> how cool is that? >> oh, my gosh. >> and i just said, you know, make them in a bunch of colors and about a million girls would love these. >> seems like life is pretty complete for this well-heeled mom. son chaz bono and elijah blue walledon married since 2013. >> do you want grandkids? >> yeah, but no one wants to come up with them. >> somebody give cher some grandkids. you know she deserves them. from one legend to another you know elvis would have turned 82 earlier this year and the king's resting place is of course his beloved graceland. earlier you saw elvis's ex-wife
9:51 pm
priscilla talk to cameron mat s mathison there but she also gave him an exclusive tour of graceland's new entertainment complex that cost $45 million to construct. >> this is the famous gold lamee chu suit he didn't like the pants. >> you can also see some of the bell bottom jumpsuits he had made in the 1970s. >> he would share things with his audience, like even his costumes. he couldn't move in them. when he would squat the pants would rip. so bill blue designed the jumpsuit, which gave him much more freedom. >> he liked them. >> right here. >> the new attraction called "elvis presley's memphis." some of his prized collection of cars are on display for the first time. >> we've never been able to have the space to take these cars and put them all in one place. we've got cadillacs.
9:52 pm
we've got oh, my gosh, ferraris. >> what a beauty. this is so gorgeous. >> isn't it beautiful? 1960 mg. now, this was actually one of elvis's personal cars and they used it in "blue hawaii." >> swinging. >> elvis and his cars. people think of the pink cadillac. >> he told his mother when he was young because she was working very hard, she worked in a hospital, she worked cleaning floors and he said mom, i never want you to work. when i get famous i'm going to buy you and daddy a cadillac and one for me. >> and you can eat like a king. on the 13-acre property is a barbecue restaurant named for his father vernon and another serve's dishes his mother used to make. >> i knew you were going to get to that. i get a little uptight because it's such a joke, oh, peanut
9:53 pm
butter and banana sandwiches. you know, if you taste it, it's actually quite good. that came really from them being very poor. and they really didn't have the finances to buy food a lot. and that's what their go-to food was. when the money wasn't coming in as much. >> so what's the most valuable item in the collection? this guitar, valued at $1 million. >> we're very, very proud of what we're able to do now to really get the full experience of elvis presley. >> cameron gets all the good assignments. now, this is opening weekend for the entertainment complex. the first time graceland was ever opened to the public was 35 years ago back in 1982. it has become one of america's most visited private homes, behind only the white house. we'l
9:54 pm
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travel consideration provided by -- well, look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. catherine o'hara is 63. eva mendes is celebrating turning 43. and kevin connelly also turning 43. now, take a final look at your choices. which emmy winner once worked at "people" magazine?
9:57 pm
that is patricia heaton. she's 59 this weekend. happy birthday. monday on "e.t." -- katy perry's first public appearance since her big break-up. but where is orlando? plus -- ♪ i can't stop the feeling justin timberlake, miley cyrus, bruno mars. "e.t." is with the hottest stars at the i heart radio awards. then your "this is us" sneak peek. is tv's favorite couple on the rocks? this monday. for all the late-breaking hollywood news go to our website at but before we go check out this video from the chainsmokers for their single "paris." it's off their upcoming debut album "memories do not open" that's out april 7th. the video racked up 20 million youtube views in two weeks and it stars victoria's secret angel martha hunt. i get it. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪
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