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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 17, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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kids yet? >> oh -- >> are you okay? >> yeah, i'm great. thanks for asking. >> relationship should be supported, uplift you, make you feel confident, make you feel better. >> while j.lo is moving on, her ex told us he is happy for her new romance. >> of course. always. nothing but. i want nothing but the best, you know. nothing but respect and love for each other. >> we caught up with j.lo's dance partner in new york where he choreographed a dance special pop a popable snacks. he looks back on their work/play relationship fondly. >> it was fun to go on a tour. tiring but nice to travel the entire world in six months. especially with someone you're with and enjoy together. >> by the way, bo has a big birthday in three weeks, he's turning 30. >> now, filming is officially
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under way for the bachelorette. here is rachel lindsay and host chris harrison on night one in the mansion. we counted more than a dozen cameras capturing at least 16 of rach will's potential suitors. a diverse group she told us she wanted. >> i'm hoping my cast reflects what a america looks like. i don't just date african-american men. >> i'm towaready to go black anm never going back. >> we met four of them on monday after the final rose. some fans say the surprise move was because bachelor nick's season was so boring that rachel's season had it start early. >> of course strategic in some way. >> last year, currently filming a happily ever cameo, said whatever reason for the early start, it's all positive. >> that's how it works, right? get eyes on the television. >> what about theories that nick and have as in whyvanessa's bod
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>> they weren't trying to hide anything. lauren and i have been there. we know that time in life is hard. they were just being honest. ben's advice to nick, concentrate on relationship more than anything else but can't blame a guy for doing "dancing with the stars." >> a great thing not only for someone financially but an experience you won't ever have again. >> let's move on. and tyra's tv takeover. >> my god, i'm doing top model again. >> cray momma is back. that's how she described her return to inthat gram followers. she stayed on as executive producer but handed over hosting duties to rita ora for the 23rd season. kevin asks tyra about the transition in july. >> how does someone come in and replace you? because this is their show. >> they don't. they will have a session with her in person. give her the ins and outs, and say, make to you. it's got to be her.
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>> after a promising start, the ratings dropped by almost half. before anyone could pit tyra and rita against each other, tyra tweeted rita, you exemplified the brand to the fullest. thank you to all you brought to antm. ri rita tweeted quote, love you all for an amazing ride. for tyra a jam-packed summer. she is the mother of 1-year-old boy. earlier this week it was announced she will replace nick cannon on america's got talent that shoots for 12 weeks. top model will shoot the 24th cycle this summer with tyra front and center. now let's turn to prince william and kate arriving in paris today. a trip that will be full of emotion. it's william's first official visit since his mother, princess diana, lost her life there so tragically nearly 20 years ago. today william and kate met with a french president after
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arriving in the city of liihts. their trip is to spread goodwill between great britain and france and the palace's official itinerary does not include a visit to the site associated with diana's death. the alma tunnel, has been a shrine to the late princess, replica of the flame carried by the statue of liberty long stood at the entrance of the tunnel. today photos and flowers are there in remembrance of diana. we all remember young william and harry's brave faces buring diane yeah a funeral in london. but this week william has been criticized in london over this footage of him at a nightclub in switzerland. the press calling it bad dad dancing. called out for being on vacation instead of common wealth service that other members of the royal family did attend. this morning before their trip to paris william and kate participated in a st. patrick's day parade in london.
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kate wore a sprig of shamrocks and the prince wore his full military uniform. perhaps to erase the bad dancing video. >> hip hip- >> hooray. >> the couple toasted the holiday with a pint of stout and kate broke into a grin after downing the traditional irish brew. >> so under way on sequel to mary poppins was emily blunt carrying the umbrella for julie andrews. this role earned julie an oscar so it is a daunting task for emily. but this should make her feel better. listen to what she told us. >> i won't be on it but emabily blunt will. i think she is terrific. >> high raise from the perfect nanny. emily has the look down from the cinched waist of her coat to her
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hat where she pays homage to her with what else, a robin. so here's what we know about the movie so far. lamp lighter jack. dick van dyke is back but not as the chimney sweep. >> they wanted me to play the son and this time there is no four hours in the make-up chair. >> other characters include angela lansbury as balloon lady. a nod to the original bird lady. and the cousin played by maryl streep. the movie won't hit theaters until christmas next year. the banks kids are all grown up and we hear she is edgier than last time we saw her. >> i am kind but extremely firm. >> it is making all the rest of the story that walt disney stored in his vault and now they've made it completely new mary poppins story. >> we're still hoping julie makes an appearance in the movie but in the meantime she has a new project of her own. julie's green room. aimed at preschoolers.
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>> there is nothing to worry about. >> she executive produces the netflix show along with her daughter. and she has special guest stars along the way. >> certainly care carol burnett. in the last show, a great friend of mine. that wasn't too difficult. >> you can catch the whole season of julie's green room, just starting to stream today. >> still ahead, a "dancing with the stars" health scare. why maks and peta took their baby to the emergency room. >> and after this week's bat bachelor backlash, the finale for dancing. >> i couldn't be more excited. >> how far did this star go to get vogue? >> then, meet "transformers" newest star. >> fight like a girl. yeah, i fight like a girl. >> how
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now let's get you up to speed on more headlines. first up in the dancing edegs of know and tell, max's family emergency.
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"dancing with the stars" dual maks and peta revealed they had to take new born son to the hospital a couple of weeks after he was born. maks tells abc news quote he got a fever and we had to go to the emergency room. chi is aokay now but maks admits to being an overly protective dad and they admit they won'tly won't take their son to the set too often. >> i hope he got all peta. just personality. >> meanwhile, peta is in it to win it with bachelor nick. >> i think we're all afrnxious >> check out peta's look while arriving yesterday. nick, on the other hand, he said he is psyched about it. >> i'm very, very excited about the song. >> i was just going to say -- >> that peta and i have danced to. i don't want it spoil it but --
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>> it's a good one. >> finally a little cha-cha-cha with another con off to theante. here is charro giving her own lesson. the 65-year-old had plenty of energy as she left and she decided to teach a few young fanes a few dance steps. we love her. still ahead, is this new show based on rumors about tom cruise and katie holmes marriage? >> you never know what is true and what's not. >> we hear from the stars of arrangement. are they worried about backlash from tom sh. >> onset with 15-year-old and why she is not afraid it make fun of her co-star, mark wahlberg. >> he is like, man. >> and we are with melissa mccarthy's stunt double. >> we had her on wires flipping around through the air. >> how they work together to pull all those acrobatic trips flips and flops.
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melissa mccarthy is one of the funniest people on the planet and part of what makes her so hilarious is the wild dangerous, are you kidding me, physical comedy we get it watch her do. >> laugh out loud, absolutely. but here is the question. how much of that stuff is really melissa? well, i found out. >> i try to do as much as i can until someone goes, you're not doing that. what's the matter with you? >> when stunts get too crazy for melissa, usually stepping in is this woman. 35-year-old stuntwoman luci romberg. >> 3, 2, 1, action! >> what kind of injuries have you had? >> i've been super lucky. i've only today go to the hospital once. for some stitch possess. >> that's amazing when you consider shots like this on
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identity thief. that's melissa. that's luci on ghostbusters. melissa, lucy. on the boss, that's melissa. >> you're going to regret this. >> and that's lucy. >> she wants to do the stunts herself. on the boss we are doing the section where she is thrown against the wall off the bed. she is like, you can do it. and her husband is like, yeah, can you do it once. >> luci amazingly on her super bowl commercial, luci says that is mostly melissa. >> we had her falling down the crevice, picked up by the rhino shook around. >> when else are you picked up like rag doll and literally thrown around. >> she can do the splits. >> i saw that, the picture of you both in the splits. holy cow. >> she is incredible. >> what is the craziest stunt that you and melissa have done together? >> i would have to say the helicopter sequence on spy. getting the hangs from a
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helicopter. and she killed it too. >> meaning a lot of that work was mccarthy herself. it took three days to shoot that scene. >> hands go numb and there are blisters and i love that stuff. >> luci stays in shape by free running, a competitive type of running including gymnastics and acrobatics. how crazy me, i just had to try it. >> you can do it. >> here you go. >> yeah. >> the things that i allow myself to do on television. melissa has the new show coming to television called "nobody." she and her husband are excess executive producers and we will see them pop on the show. >> is this your mark wahlberg interpretation? >> oh yeah. >> and that right there is the
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moment i realize a star is born. look, i flew all the way to london to interview mark wahlberg on the set of "transformers" last night but didn't take me long to see that 15-year-old isabella might steal the whole show. she can hold her own against the robots. >> you think i'm afraid of you? >> and mark wahlberg. >> you are in my vehicle. you go anywhere with me. >> at mirs i wfirst i was intimidated. >> get back to your hole. >> later on in ti wasn't sure i liked me. but later on, we became friend and we're cool. >> isabella plays an orphaned street smart tom boy who counts a transformer as her only
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friend. >> are you having the time of your life on this set? it is amazing. >> i feel like that's a rhetorical question. like, obviously. >> yeah you can't get any better than this. >> and staying in shape with her co-star is a challenge. >> i worked out before so i had this stamina to keep up with mark wahlberg when we run through obstacles. >> who gets up at 3:30 in the morning i understand. >> he is committed. i get up like 10 minutes before my call time. >> it's okay to be a kid little j.lo. >> onscreen tough girl? >> fight like a girl? yeah, i fight like a girl. >> check. >> mark impersonation. >> he's like a man, you know. shz s >> she shur dure did nail it. >> next, mel gibson signed on to play mark's father while john lithgow will play will ferrell's dad. >> don't be surprise fed a box
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office superstar comes to mind when you watch "the arrangements." some have been saying the plot of the show remind them of tom cruise's life. "e.t." on-line got to the bottom of the comparison. >> the arrangement is a romantic thriller about a contract marriage in hollywood. >> ladies and gentlemen, kyle west and megan morrison. >> a mega movie star pays a struggling akes it $10 million to be his wife. that's the arrangement. >> they meet at the screen test and immediately are smitten with each other. he asks her out and then she gets this proposition. >> on this week's episode, nude photos of the actress surface on the internet. >> when were these taken? >> a year, maybe. >> josh henderson's role has been compared to cruise. josh's character is a member of the group called the institute for higher mind. some reports have noted the similarities of the story line to cruise's involvement to scientology.
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>> are you worried about any an backlash from a certain religious group? >> no. this is another tv show. but we are so unique in telling our story that it is entertaining. i'm not worried about any backlash from anybody else. >> there have long been rumors that tom's marriage with katie holmes was arranged. rumors denied bit church of scientology. be that as it may, josh says this is true fiction. >> you never know what is true or not and we are telling a unique story in hollywood. a love story. >> if she looks familiar, she is on the walking dead. she is not dead yet so we may see her again. >> who passed. up the role as dr. mcdreamy on gray's ac"grey's anatomy"? at answer is coming up next. kron-4 news at
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eight: five police shootings in eight days. the latest happening in the south bay.. what led officers to fire about a dozen
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shots at a man. violence on bay area roads is on the rise. police address a series of freeway shootings. and ask for your help in solving the crimes. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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>> when did you get married. >> we just eloped. we took off and did our thing. >> travel consideration provided by -- >> monday how the star are preparing for dancing. as sharna gives us back stage secrets from avoiding wardrobe malfunctions to how parters in are paired up. >> hey, it's me, joey mcentire. >> we're at home with this new kid on the block and his family. monday on "e.t." >> welcome back to the show,
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everybody. and tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star passed up on the role of dr. mcdreamy on "grey's anatomy"? that is rob lowe who turns 53 today. >> we have run out of time. one more ching to check out before you go. >> family ties turning to stars in the biggest fans of ncaa basketball tournament. bill murray all fist pumping styles when xavier beat maryland. >> went to the core. >> and look at julia shouting oh, my god. julia's son, charlie, plays for her alma mater. next up for northwestern number now at eight: the violent end to a police chase in the south bay ... and the fourth officer involved shooting in the bay area this week.whooshthe level of violence on our freeways in unacceptablestartling numbers on the rising number of
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freeway shootins.tonight the highway patrol asks for your help.whooshthe bay area's un=real estate...we'll show you the bidding wars as home buyers compete ... and hear why a sellers market will only get tighter.whooshgreen beer ... green clothes ... green don't need a calendar to know it's st. patrick's day. the police know it too ... weare live at a d=u=i're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. about a dozen shots fired at a man in his car. an officer involved shooting in san jose. the fourth police shooting this week. this time a man is in critical condition. (steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the latest incident happening... after reports of a naked man acting erratically... before leading police on a chase.(steve) kron-4's lydia pantazes is live from where that chase ended..


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