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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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♪ ben affleck's rehab confession. new details about his history of addiction and how jen's playing a key role in his sobriety. >> were you triggered by anything. broken relationships a very common reason. >> then j.lo and a-rod already vacationing together. ♪ oh, but this trip did inside their pricey ultra-exclusive getaway. but what does jen's ex think? >> this is my brother. >> richard simmons brother breaks hi silence. then bachelor backlash after the final rose. nick and vanessa, on their struggles and their oh so awkward moments. will they stay together? >> describe your relationship in one word. >> easy. >> easy?
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i mean. >> and from beyonce's backup dancer, we're inside heather and maks first rehearsal. what she's teaching him. >> now this is "entertainment tonight." ben's ex, j.lo and her new man, alex rodriguez, known as j-rod. how much do you love that nickname too? we've got first photos of the pair together since their romance became official. >> things are definitely heating up after their first weekend trip to a tropical getaway. but what does her ex think? we asked him. ♪ >> the photos from last weekend are kind of grainy but you get the picture. this romance is on. a-rod, the gentleman dressed in a navy suit and tie wipes down the seat for j.lo. later she wraps her arm around his head. he leans in close on her shoulder. ♪
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j.lo showed off some serious leg for her thursday night dinner date with a-rod. the two arrived at 9:45 here at the romantically lit miami hot spot and stayed for 3 1/2 hours. earlier in the day the pair left the gym together, and could this be why j.lo's falling for the former yankee? check out how a-rod's a total gentleman, even when hounded by paparazzi. >> have your kids met jennifer's kids yet. >> oh, watch it. >> oh! >> are you okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. thanks for asking. >> the relationship should be supportive. it should uplift you. it should make you feel confident. it should make you feel better. >> while j.lo has clearly mofn on, her exbeau casper smart told us exclusively he's happy for her new romance. >> of course, always. i want nothing but the best in love. nothing but respect and love for each other. >> we caught up with j.lo's dance again partner in new york where he choreographed a special
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dance session to launch. he's still in contact with j.lo and looks back on their work/play relationship fondly. >> it was fun to go on a tour. the times were very nice to be able to travel the world in six months, especially with someone you're with and enjoy together. ♪ let's move on and get to the news on ben affleck after he just announced he completed another trip to rehab for alcohol abuse. >> many were surprised when ben revealed on facebook that he sought treatment, but looking back several months were there clues to his trouble? ben was candid in his facebook post. quote, i have completed treatment for alcohol addiction, something i've dealt with in the past and will continue to confront. the two-time oscar winner did not reveal any specifics about his recent treatment program, but here's what we've learned. affleck's last public appearance was at the oscars three weeks ago. a source tells "e.t." that affleck was sober at the event and had a male sober coach go
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with him that night. affleck was snapped with a different coach, this woman, back in january. addiction expert dr. drew pinsky says hiring help like this is a common strategy for celebs struggling with sobriety. >> is it enough? no, that person has to want to get better and actively paer participate. but a coach can be helpful. >> a source close to "e.t." says marrying jen garner helped him keep his drinking under control. in his statement, ben thanked garner saying, i'm lucky to have the love of my family and friends including my co-parent, jen, who has supported me and cared for our kids and i've done the work i set out to do. ben has been open about his struggle with alcoholism in the past. in 2001, he checked into promises treatment center in malibu. so what sparked the setback? >> it can be triggered by anything. by things going too well, too badly, broken relationships is a
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very common reason. >> but ben was back on dad duty on wednesday, a day after making his announcement. he was at his daughter's karate class. >> how are you feeling, ben? >> and while he may have been struggling in private before, ben's been gracious on the red carpet, talking after party. >> i wasn't too bad. i had to get up and take the kids to school. >> and co-parenting. >> how do you make all that work? >> we do our best. we do try our best. now to a serious story about richard simmons, the concern continues to grow for the fitness guru who's not been seen in public for more than three years. missing richard simmons is now the number one podcast in america. the latest episode is revealing his richard's brother talks for the first time. >> you think that he seems happy and healthy? >> happy is kind of a hard word to describe. there's nothing going wrong medically. does he have cancer? does he have aids? does he have this? does he have that? and he doesn't have any of that. and he's healthy. >> so why has richard simmons
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become a total recluse? turns out even his older brother, lenny, doesn't know, or if he does, he's not saying. the fitness guru has not been seen since 2014. lapd officers have conducted two wellness checks on richard and have dispelled one theory that he's being held against his will. when richard spoke to us a year ago by phone, he denied other rumors including that he's transitioning into a woman and hiding out after a massive weight gain. >> i cook every day, and i eat very healthy. >> we spoke to lenny by phone this week, and he told us, quote, we talk every sunday, and we have a great conversation. he's worked hard, and he still loves people, but he needs some time for himself. he last saw richard at christmas. "e.t." witnessed their bond first hands. >> lenny, it's me. >> richard surprised his brother in 2005, waking him up to reunite after lenny and his wife were forced to evacuate their new orleans home after hurricane katrina. >> i wanted to make sure you
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were okay and that everything you need you have. >> we're fine. >> three years later at his now defunct exercise class, richard showed us how he helped lenny and his wife each lose 50 pounds. >> he's always been my motivating factor. >> you can't do it separately. you have to make the commitment of doing it together. ♪ together, wherever we go >> wow, this podcast has literally left us with more questions than answers. okay. speaking of questions, let's move on and get to two head-scratching big tv finales this week. "this is us" and the bachelor. i mean come on, what a week. we begin with nick, who picked vanessa of course but it kind of went sideways as some fans started questioning if they even like each other. i mean it wasn't much better when "e.t." online spoke to the happy couple. >> vanessa grimaldi, will you
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marry me? >> he said, oh my god, what's your number? >> our relationship so far has been me dating 29 other women and then having to watch that back while having a relationship long distance. i don't know if you think that might be easy. it's not. >> it's been four months since they got engaged and already there's a rumor they've broken up. could that explain all that awkward body language that happened after the final rose? >> do you feel like you're a team? >> absolutely. >> are nick and vanessa just not that into each other? >> and i see you're holding hands. that's very nice to see. >> bachelor nation went into over drive on social media. when you made a bad decision but it's too late to go back so you just have to ride it out. >> what are your fears now today for your relationship? >> i think my fear would be it not working out in the end. >> but any i do's will have to wait.
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nick's next stop, "dancing with the stars," which debuts monday. meanwhile right after nick's bachelor season wrapped, the new bachelorette rachel lindsay started meeting potential suitors live on after the final rose. >> i am ready. i am ready. >> lauren graded the guys. this suitor gets an immediate f. >> i'm ready to go black, and i'm never going to go back. >> among the enraged fans, one tweeted, this is what guys say to the first black bachelorette? >> that guy is dean. he's 26. he's a high-tech recruiter from aspen, colorado. now, apparently dean has a lot to learn, but he did make rachel laugh, and she told me she's open with the types of guys she'll date. >> i've dated all races before. i need a guy who knows exactly what it is that he wants. >> demario is 30 and from l.a. he's a recruiting consultant, but he's going to get a c for that on the spot near proposal. >> i booked us some flights to vegas for us to elope. >> last but not least is eric. he's a 29-year-old motivational speaker from baltimore.
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he just might have redeemed this whole live tv stunt. we give him an a. >> i'm looking forward to spending time with you, to get to know you. >> i love what you just said. >> hey! >> meanwhile, let's move on to another big season finale. "this is us." we were with the stars after a cast screening tuesday night. >> the buildup to this finale, we all thought jack was going to die. >> have to wait a little longer now. >> the online reaction, i feel cheated. yep, no death scene. just a very big fight. >> i am a housewife to three teenagers who do not need me anymore. >> i think they needed a break. i think things got heated. >> i am supporting this family financially and emotionally and still i am being attacked for not being supportive. >> i'm really satisfied with the note we leave people on. i think it's impactful. >> oh, and the cast is moving on after the finale.
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check out these new images of chrissy metz in a red swimsuit. she proves that beauty definitely comes in all sizes. but even she was surprised about it, saying, quote, when i first heard harper's bazaar wanted me to be sexy, i was like, who, me? i knew y'all were edgy, but this is credible. it's validation. you go, chrissy. do your thing. yes, indeed. on the way, it's too bad that you let yourselves go. you look horrible, both of you. >> she's just like, oh. >> our exclusive with derek and julianne hough. plus beauty and the beast julianne hough. plus beauty and the beast secrets and while elizabeth when you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, julianne hough. the unpredictability of a flare secrmay weigh on your mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how i thought it had to be. but then i talked to my doctor about humira, and learned humira can help get and keep uc under control... when certain medications haven't worked well enough.
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...but when you choose unitedhealthcare, finding an in-network doctor is easy. unitedhealthcare ♪"my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. ♪ in theaters now is beauty and the beast, a live action film based on the animated classic. emma watson and her cast hit new york city for a special screening and stopped to talk to our senior news editor. >> who are you wearing?
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>> this is givenchy. >> once inside, emma changed into this yellow dior gown. new york city's is emma fifth stop on her beauty and the beast tour but the l.a. premier included a couple of fans. >> did you get a chance to meet them at the screening? >> i didn't but i was so touched to see beyonce and blue ivy dressed up together to come see the movie. it made me so happy. i did get to see her. it's amazing when you see beyonce. i became such a fan girl. she's amazing. >> i didn't get to meet her but i did sit directly behind celine dion and spent the entire movie sort of watching the movie behind celine dion's head. >> before emma walked the red carpet, she sat down with us to reveal a side of herself we never knew existed. >> i think in real life i'm probably sillier than i am. it's fine, you know.
9:15 pm
how do you say it? underpromise, overdeliver. people think i'm super serious. i can be like, ah! >> we love the serious emma who does things like hide books in the new york city subway to promote literacy. >> ran ddom acts of kindness. >> what we love even more, the modest emma who let loose as belle in the new movie with a voice even she didn't know she had. ♪ >> how daunting was it when you heard you had to sing? >> i was convinced i was florence foster jenkins. it took some conversations with myself in the mirror a few mornings. get it together, watson. >> now in theaters. next weekend is another live action movie based on a classic. power rangers. now, yes, there are a lot of new faces in this film, but they are paired with comedic vets bryan cranston, bill hader and their co-star elizabeth banks. elizabeth and i talked about her wild new look in this role, which by the way is leaps and
9:16 pm
bounds crazier than even her hunger games transformation. >> i wondered when i was seeing it like, whose hair and makeup application was more complicated? rita or essie? >> rita had prosthetics. i spent a lot of time in the chair basically naked. you know, every time i went to set, it was like a big reveal. >> she is pure evil. >> let's talk about your boys and whether or not they are power ranger fans. i mean come on. >> of course. i got a red ranger and a blue ranger at home. i feel like i don't want them to be afraid of their own mom. so i don't know if they're going to see this in the theater. they're so little. >> do they recognize you when they see pictures of you? >> they can't. the only time that i totally freaked them out was i face timed them from set. they were like hey, mom, ah! >> another project that sort of in the works is the charlie's angels reboot that you are directing. present status of that? >> we're still developing it.
9:17 pm
we're getting closer and closer. >> did you cast yourself in this? >> not as an angel? >> no? >> no. i have to train. i'm like -- >> how is the training for this? i mean you were like -- >> i mean i flew around on some wires and stuff, but honestly the hardest thing about this movie was holding up a sack because it weighed like -- i was like, oh, yeah, i'm getting -- i don't have -- there's no -- woo! . the whole shoulder is involved. my arm is going to fall off. >> elizabeth working it out. she didn't getting any time to recover. she's also shooting pitch perfect 3, and she told me there's even more action this time around because they go on a big adventure, and that hits theaters in december. now to some tv stars making music. the cast of the flash and super girl are teaming up for one epic musical crossover. and only "e.t." online was on the set. ♪ >> it's super musically. >> this is our first day shooting many of the musical, like, dream sequence, dream world themes. >> what's going on?
9:18 pm
what is inspiring this look in the episode? >> well, we've gone back in time as you can see. and we're stuck in a dream world and having to figure out shenanigans. >> shenanigans? >> yes, musical shenanigans. >> they're on a journey. they're both on personal journeys, figuring things out, together, as a team. >> this episode is also a glee reunion for melissa ben notice, grant gus ton, and guest star dare ren criss. >> what's going on? >> we're in a movie musical. >> yellow brick road? >> no. the script. it's all in the script. >> well, there is bound to be lots of drama. >> i know i should mention that if you die in here, you die out there. >> i miss being bulletproof. >> buckle your seat belt. it's going to be a bumpy drive. >> straight ahead, scarlett johansson behind the scenes of
9:19 pm
her new thriller. >> it's really been something else. >> then what's next for the divorcing flip or flop couple? what christina says about hg tv shooting new versions of her show with other hosts. >> do you think
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♪ [one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do] ♪ nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath
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by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple monday, how the stars are preparing for dancing's premier as shawna gives us backstage secrets to how the partners are paired up. monday on "e.t." in theaters at the end of this month is scarlett johansson's thriller ghost in the shell. we've shown you some of the behind the scenes, but let me tell you, you haven't seen everything. >> it wouldn't be ghost in the shell without the, you know, crazy fight sequences. >> she does those crazy fights while donning a flesh-colored skin-tight body suit specially made to fit her every curve. >> the suit is really -- it's sort of like a second skin, and
9:22 pm
it allows her to become invisible. >> scarlett trained heavily to get in shape for all that heavy action. >> gun play, realizing that you're in control. you've got this, and, you know, you can make it look bad ass too. >> base the on the popular japanese comic book of the same name, ghost in the shell is set in a bleak futuristic world. scarlett's an anti-terrorist cyborg fighting to save human kind. >> i don't want to say it's an alternate universe, but it's certainly i think what i would describe as the not so bright, not so distant future. i'm able to really handle the weapons, complete every fight, do all the wire work. it's been exhausting and really empowering at the same time to
9:23 pm
be able to be as physical, able as i have been. >> your body was damaged. only your brain survived. >> i now have a set of skills for life. it's a ride for sure. >> you saw a little bit of my time in new zealand with scarlett but the island nation has been home to many big films. take a look. in these trails is where they shot some of the most iconic scenes of lord of the rings. this trail right here is called hobbit hideaway. >> avatar, king kong, all shot here in new zealand and all done with the special effects help of this place. it's also where scarlett's cyborg was created. scar joe spent 75 days shooting in and around the capital city. >> it's kind of got a -- it's this beautiful harbor and it has
9:24 pm
this kind of outdoorsy vibe. it beats a lot of other cities that i've shot in. >> and if you're going to be on location that long, it doesn't get any better than this. >> you almost can't come to wellington without riding the cable car. >> woo-hoo! ♪ >> after doing my share of sightseeing, including a tour of the local farmers market with a sous chef, it was time to get some grub. >> i happen to know from talking to the cast of ghost in the shell that this is one of the favorite spots to hit in town. and you're going to help me finalize a dish, and it's called -- >> spiced octopus. >> who's hungry? >> i am. >> so much to see, so little time. now, back to scarlett. she is now far away from new zealand, filming avengers. that's in atlanta. all this while she goes through a divorce. meanwhile, hgtv's flip or flop
9:25 pm
stars christine and tarek el moussa are still shooting their show while they are locked in a divorce battle. "e.t." online got the latest straight from christina. >> how is filming with tarek going with what you guys have been through? >> it's going good. we're getting along really well right now. it's letting go of past resentment and looking to the future and remembering the kids are priority. >> chris tee into brought her and tarek's 6-year-old daughter taylor to the all-star chef classic where she told us she's focusing on her kids and work after ending a relationship with her and tarek's former contractor, derek. >> are guys asking you out now? are you thinking about dating at all? >> honestly a relationship is the farthest thing from my mind right now. not even on my radar. >> last month after "e.t." confirmed her split, tarek told us he found out about the breakup online. >> i know you said at first it was weird for you to know they were dating because you know him. how did you get over that? >> you know, it just took a lot
9:26 pm
of strength. stay strong, just not think about it. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> as each continues to earn about $10,000 per episode shooting the second highest rated show, the el moussas contract is up next month. the network just announced five new flip or flop spinoffs. >> how did you react to that news? >> we found out a little over a year ago, and we gave it our blessing. zblu think it means anything different for you and tarek's future on the show? >> there's a few things up in the air and some offers we're working on, so we'll just see. we do know christina is writing a book, which will touch upon the divorce, and she told us it's going to get personal. all right. up next, a dancing star's wedding count down. julianne hough on her wild bachelorette party. >> i had a couple of phone calls, and i was like, i can't talk right now. >> plus maks and pita's baby. is his little guy getting in the way of rehearsals before
9:27 pm
monday's premiere? >> i was one foot out the door and then, hey, bathtub. >> then, adam levine on the song that started it all. the story you never heard about his road to fame. >> instantaneously i knew. i was like, oh, my god. i accept i don't race down the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best.
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, kendall jenner's jewelry theft. kendall called 911 at 1:15 thursday morning to report missing some personal belongings. and said there was possibly a burglary suspect in the home. officers rushed to her house in the hollywood hills but found no robbers. turns out, according to police, kendall had a few friends over wednesday night. she reportedly left them alone inside while she went out around midnight and called cops when she returned and noticed missing items. number four, selena gomez, the
9:31 pm
24-year-old tells vogue she's been in rehab twice, not for an addiction to drugs or alcohol but for what she calls, quote, burnout. selena says that having panic attacks and depression before and after her concerts is what led to her admitting herself into a psychiatric facility for 90 days last summer. number three, what's going on with richard simmons? his whereabouts are the focus of the number one podcast in the country right now, missing richard simmons. its producer spoke to richard's brother lenny. >> you think he seems happy and healthy? >> happy is kind of a hard word to describe. there's nothing going wrong medically. does he have cancer? does he have aids? does he have this? does he have that? and he doesn't have any of that. and he's healthy. >> number two, j.lo and a-rod are dating. she posted this selfie on instagram, then deleted it 60 seconds later. it appears to show the 41-year-old former yankee nuzzling her ear. ♪
9:32 pm
and the photos are kind of grainy, but you get the picture. this romance is on. a-rod, the gentleman dressed in a navy suit and tie wipes down the seat for j.lo. later she wraps her arm around his head. he leans in close on her shoulder. and the number one story this week, ben affleck completes rehab. the actor was candid in a facebook post on tuesday. quote, i have completed treatment for alcohol addiction, something i've dealt with in the past and will continue to confront. affleck's last appearance was at the oscars just three weeks ago. a source tells "e.t." that affleck was sober at the event and had a male sober coach go with him that night. affleck was snapped out with a different sober coach, this woman, back in january. go to for the latest. also in the news this week, monday's upcoming season 24 premiere of "dancing with the stars." julianne hough is back as a judge, but pro brother and past winner derek is out. i talked to the busy siblings about everything going on in
9:33 pm
their lives, and let me tell you there is a lot, including julianne's impending i do's. >> nice to see you guys. it's really too bad you let yourselves go. you look horrible, both of you. >> engaged and still recovering from that epic bachelorette party in cabo, but check out how cindy contract crawford and mama jenner ended up the squad. >> that kind of just happened. they were on their own girls trip. >> you guys joined forces? did you guys know each other before? >> i called chris actually. i was like, hey, you know, can you surprise my sister? >> if you think 2 looked like things got out of hand, you'd be right. >> i had a couple of phone calls. i was like, i can't talk right now. do everything. yes, everything. >> julianne will say yes to her hockey player fiance, but what about the first dance? >> who is going to choreograph your first dance with you and
9:34 pm
brooks? is it going to be derek? are you going to let him have a say? >> i never thought we would do that, but he really wants to do a first dance and have it be like a special thing. >> one night we were kind of sitting down and he started full on busting out the dance, you know. >> come on. >> he's like, yep, this is it. >> get it, brooks. >> of course derek and julianne are hands down the prettiest to look at, most energetic, busiest brother and sister duo. the 28-year-old bride to be is back as a judge on dancing. 31-year-old derek's a judge on world of dance with j.lo, jenna dewan tatum. and neal. and he just finished directing and starring in michael buble's video, i believe in you. michael asked derek to step in so he could be with his son, who is battling cancer. >> have you heard from michael since he's seen the final product? >> i got a phone call, and i have to say i've never met him before, but he just told me that obviously he's been going through an interesting time right now and that video
9:35 pm
brought, you know, some yjoy an light into their lives. >> next month, they launch their live tour. 48 shows, 48 cities in 59 days. >> this is our third tour, so we wanted to make this beyond anything we've done before. >> go get your tickets. >> a little excited about the show. now, since monday is dancing's big premiere, contestants are geared up to hit the ballroom but only "e.t." was invited to pro maks' with heather morris. number one, maks' new baby boy. >> we're waiting for maks to show up. >> but you told me why and everyone was forgiven. >> i was like one foot out the door, and then, hey, bath time. 45 minutes later he's sitting there playing with his feet. >> the dad already has the baby dancing but maks and new mom peta murgatroyd still have to
9:36 pm
focus on the battle for the mirror ball trophy starting monday. >> i wanted to do the right thing, and peta is very responsible with her partnership with me. peta has a lot harder job than i do because she's a mom. because it's what women go through with pregnancy. >> she just had a baby two months ago. >> it's insane. >> so far maks and heather are the early front-runners. heather, a former backup dancer for beyonce has already proven she can shake it. but can she master the cha cha. >> heather, for you obviously with a dance background, what's been the hard part about this experience, about learning ballroom? >> my biggest thing is just having to squeeze these muscles. that's so hard. >> assuming unfair advantage has brought out the haters, which maks said is unfair. >> she's the spokesperson to everyone who danced and then got into -- and it's like what the hell is this.
9:37 pm
>> you think you're doing one thing and then, you know, you're not doing that thing. >> maks knows ballroom but heather definitely has a few tricks of his own. >> have you taught maks the single ladies dance? >> i have not, no. >> you haven't? >> no. >> should we do a little now. ♪ >> then you go down. go down to your knees. >> yeah. >> then you're going to go -- >> then -- >> like that. [ applause ] ♪ >> maks is a good sport, right? now, i can't wait to see monday when everybody gets a shot at dancing for the first time. always looking forward to that. now, over on nbc's the voice next week, the battle rounds begin. winning that show can of course change everything for an emerging artist, and only we have coach adam levine remembering the day that that happened to him, when he finally realized he'd made it. >> there's this song called she'll be loved. the day we wrote it, we thought
9:38 pm
to ourselves, wow, this song is going to mean a lot to a lot of people. we just kind of had that feeling. ♪ >> that was 15 years ago. with the song on their debut album and the video featuring kelly preston, she will be loved helped send maroon 5 on the road to fame. >> it was one of those special moments where i thought, wow, we're going to have a career because of this song. ♪ >> adam was right. maroon 5 picked up a grammy for best new artist before going on to a string of hits. ♪ >> not bad for a guy who told us he fail the guitar class and once played at a bar where no one showed up. >> i do remember we had sold no tickets, and at one point the bartender definitely left the room. so there's literally nobody in the entire room the entire time. those are the kind of things you need to go through so you can keep your head. >> and he's admitted failure was
9:39 pm
never an option. >> i didn't have a plan b, so i was all in. hi i had to make this work. that's kind of why i am the way i am. because i had to be bullish about it. i didn't have a backup. >> his career still going wrong. adam recently got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. with his model wife behati pr z prinsloo and his daughter che cheering him on. >> this weekend is a good one for adam. he just turned 38. so happy birthday to him. now, here's what's up ahead. >> i'm kristen bell interviewing for "entertainment tonight." >> kristen bell grills her chips co-star and hubby, dax shepard. >> you almost didn't cast me, dax. can you explain this? then is blake shelton popping the question on live tv? >> that would be my dream come true. >> exclusive voice outtakes. plus, i'm with sister sister star tia mowry. her difficulty con
9:40 pm
to cry, right?
9:41 pm
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maybe sleeping on the couch tonight. >> so was blake shelton ready to pop the question to fellow voice coach gwen stefani. it's not such a crazy thought because it sounds like gwen is ready to stay yes, on national television no less. listen to this. >> what about a proposal on the show? what do you think? >> would that make you feel weird, gwen. >> that would be my dream come true. >> so is gwen ready to tie the
9:43 pm
knot? >> it's incredible to have a best friend like that guy. he's an amazing person. >> dating since 2015, the two are clearly in love, and this outtake from the show might add heat to the rumors blake and gwen are ready to walk down the aisle. >> can i teach anyone my dance? >> just be an idiot. >> i tried to do that one. i couldn't do it. uh-uh. >> of course they could just be joking around since the full outtake which you can see exclusively on "e.t." online highlights the constant ribbing on the set, usually aimed at blake. >> what is the matter with you? >> but it's back to business monday night when the coaches bring in their advisers. >> you just mentored people. >> blake is working with luke bryan. >> i've kind of had an ability to kind of put my stamp on his team a little bit by helping. it's been a blast. >> adam is teamed up with john legend. and gwen partnered with celine dion. >> i wish they could all win.
9:44 pm
>> they all are winning because they get to be here. >> it's true. it's true. >> still to come, what is your name again? >> mike shepherd. >> and your christian bell. >> or kristen bell. she and hubby dax shepard are co-starring in chips and we have their takeoff. >> what was your favorite part about directing me or the worst part about directing me? then designated survivor star keefzer sutherland goes country. plus sister sister's tia mowry then and now. the extreme measures she took to stay skinny in her sitcom days and her information regrets. >> tia, what were you thinking? >> that is ahead, but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which beauty contest tant's parent sent out her birth announcement that read, here she is, miss america. is it halle berry, vanessa williams, or i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round...
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♪ i love that show. nearly 35 years after eric estrada and larry wilcox were ponk and john in chips, of course, dax shepard and michael pena are now bringing the story to a big screen in a bit of a wacky comedy. we picked the absolute perfect person to talk to dax about it, his wife. >> i'm kristen bell interviewing for entertainment. i have with me the lovely and beautiful -- your name again? >> mike shepherd. >> dax shepard. that was it. and michael pena.
9:48 pm
and you guys are in -- >> and your christian bell? >> christian bell. you're in a movie called chips. >> i'm john. >> upon cha release low. >> dax wrote and directed the action comedy where he and pena try to uncover some crooked cops in the california highway patrol. along the way there are shoot-o shoot-outs, motorcycle stunts and explosions galore. >> it's like when harry met sally with motorcycles. >> you gave me the best compliment we've had, which is she hates motorcycles, could care less. she saw the movie for the first time, she goes, i got to tell you what. you pulled off a miracle. i actually cared about the motorcycle chases. >> guys, guys, guys, that was spectacular. >> kristen plays dax's ex-wife, who he's trying to win back. >> what are you wearing? >> oh, it's my -- my uniform from the chp. >> you almost didn't cast me, dax. can you explain this? >> care to comment? >> yeah, you on cell yew lar
9:49 pm
4re68, likable. it's nauseating in fact. it's hard to stand next to you. and this role that you took on is a terrible, unlikable, jerk of a woman. i obviously did not think of you for that. then you read it, and then you said, i will be playing this role. and then i said, and you are the boss. >> and action. >> what was your favorite part about directing me, dax, or the worst part about directing me? >> there is no worst part about directing you. the best part about directing you is that your perfect on take one every time. >> what was your favorite part about shooting this movie? >> everything was good. i mean we've done a bunch of movies, you know, and a lot of times you just don't like doing that movie or those people. but this one was a great time. 45 days of like just fun. >> oh! >> thank you, dax and michael, for making the first ever ladies motorcycle movie, chips. march 24th. be there or be square. >> i'll see you, kristen.
9:50 pm
even got that slug in. well played. how about this blast from the past. remember sister sister star tia mowry. the mom, now 38, showed me how she's become a master slchef in her kitchen and how she's come a long way from her 90s sitcom days. >> here we are in new york. >> when we first met tia and her twin, they were just 13. tia is now revealing that the pressure to look good on the show led her to take diet pills. she says, quote, i'm not proud of it. i got skinny, but the pills caused my heart to race, and i knew in my gut that i was hurting myself. she gave up the pills in college and never took them again. she now looks back at the series fondly, kind of. >> you guys really have your place in television history. >> yeah. you know, they still air that show. >> they do. >> it is still on the air, sister sister. and when i look back at the show, oh, my gosh, what were you
9:51 pm
wearing? oh, geez, tia, what were you thinking? >> now 38, she's been married to actor cory hardic since 2008. >> is it true that you met him at the bus stop? >> oh, my gosh. you know, i've seen this story online. >> they actually met on the set of a low budget movie. >> i did see my husband at the bus stop. he's like, you know, i'm going home. i was like, well, i can go ahead and take you home. and he was like, well, um, it's in the hood. i was like, i don't care. like so? like -- >> aw. >> yeah, so i took him home. >> so that's the real story. >> after tying the knot, tia learned she had a medical condition and had trouble conceiving a baby. >> when i was diagnosed with endometriosis, it was a very miserable time. >> so she ditched dairy, refined sugars, and processed foods. she claims it changed her life. >> i ended up getting pregnant with my son, and the first thing
9:52 pm
when i told my doctor that i was pregnant, the first thing she told me was, it was because of that diet. >> now, would you call cree a miracle baby, then? >> i would. >> tia shares her struggles and her recipes in her new book, whole new you. i helped out making turkey meet balls. adding oatmeal instead of bread crumbs. >> mmm. now, tell me if that is not good. >> that's good. >> honestly, i fell in love with her and had such a good time. by the way, i didn't leave hungry either. she's a good cook. now to another tv star, kiefer sutherland. he is back playing the president in designated survivor. the show looks like it's shot in the actual white house, so how do they make it look so realistic? well, we found out. >> the sets, they are incredible, and technology allows us to shoot on the street in toronto and put a backdrop in that would be georgetown or kind of the capitol area. >> yep, that's a fake white house in front of a digitally created backdrop.
9:53 pm
here's what the set really looks like, and this is a pretty darn good replica of the oval office. >> anything you can do to help root it in something that is real is going to help the audience kind of make that leap with you to suspend their disbelief. >> it took production designers three weeks to plan and three weeks to build the fake oval office on the toronto sound stage. part of the research included a one-hour rarely granted visit to the real thing. no photos allowed. instead, producers had to sketch every detail, like the moldings they recreated. and that rug? set decorators found it in an antique shop and added the presidential seal. this week we found out more about president kirkman's assassination attempt and kiefer tells us we'll soon get some answers to some big questions. >> i think one of the things that we will resolve in this first season is who was beyond the conspiracy all the way up the chain. >> now, when kiefer is not playing the commander in chief, he is a country music rocker. he's got an album out and he's going to hit
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
travel considerations provided by -- plenty of stars with birthdays this weekend. queen latifah is 47. bruce willis is celebrating
9:57 pm
turning 62. glenn close, 70. now, take a final look at your choices. which beauty contestant's parents sent out her birth announcement that read, here she is, miss america? that is vanessa williams, who of course became miss america. she's celebrating turning 54 this weekend. crazy story. monday, how the stars are preparing for dancing's premiere as sharna gives us backstage secrets from avoiding wardrobe malfunctions to how the partners are paired up. monday on "e.t." we are almost out of time but for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our website. before we go, check out the new video from lorde for her song. >> it's off the album mel drama. it's racked up close to 30 million views on youtube. >> i love it. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. >> bye-bye. >> bye. ♪
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