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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 27, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- >> my name is kits soules. >> a bachelor's frantic 911 call. >> i rear-ened a guy on a tractor. >> the night of the fatal car crash. chris in his own words. accuse of fleeing the scene. was he hiding from police. >> it took hours to get a search warrant to retrieve mr. soules from inside of the house. a breakthrough in brad and angelina's divorce battle. why is george clooney popping up if hollywood classics only we can take you behind the scenes of the dad to be's new project. and -- >> i'm groot. >> vin diesel on father hood and what crow don't know about his baby groot voice.
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now for april 26th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." new insight about bachelor chris soules and the car crash that took a man's life. >> kevin, i'm so shaken by this. chris and i became friends because we're part of the bachelor family. he was prince farming on the show and everyone was rooting for him on "dancing with the stars." >> he had so fans out there who loved him. chris called authorities for help after the collision. why did he disappear from the scene? we start with his frantic 911 call. >> i rear-ended a guy on a tractor. >> a tractor in a ditch? >> yes, yes. >> okay. and the guy was thrown into the ditch? >> yes. >> is the tractor on him? >> no. >> former bachelor star sounds frantic and emotional as he tries to help. >> he's not conscious. >> what's your name. >> my name is chris soules.
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>> is he breathing, chris? >> i can't tell. >> is anyone there who know how to do cpr? i can talk you through it if you're near the patient. >> at this point, someone at the scene attempts cpr on the driver of tractor. the victim later died at the hospital. from there, it went from bad to worse. >> one of the subject tas was involved just took off northbou northbound. >> so soules called 911 around 8:20 p.m. left the scene and wasn't arrested until 1:16 a.m., that's more than five hours later. authorities say he possessed, quote, alcoholic beverages. officers didn't connect a field sobriety test. he's charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash. the county's assistant attorney said soules hinderred the
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investigation. >> it took hours to get a search warrant to retrieve mr. soules from inside of the that house in order to continue the search and that took hours. >> the reality star is back in court on tuesday. now, court documents point out that chris has a record of irresponsible driving, kin colluding dui. question, ali, do all female contestants get to know the history of the bachelor before they go on the show. >> no, i mean, everyone's given a an extensive background check but you don't know what the other contestants' background checks are. brad pitt looking thinner than before. now it appears he may have finally caught a break in his custody battle with angelina. the 53-year-old actor recently had his first overfight stay with all six of his kids. nannies were present for the
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visit. we found out that the family therapist is the one who recommended the nanny also stay over. this was the first overnight stay. while the nannies were employed by angie and not brad a source tells us because angelina is the one with sole physical custody with the children so of course she has nannies. brad has no need to have his own nannies right now. >> we'll be stronger out of this. >> the couple is remaining focused on family. despite rumors to the contrary, sources tell us neither angie or brad have been dating. it's all about the kids. you know what, in the end that's all that matters. more kid talk. last week, social media lost its mind when serena williams posted this photo announcing she was 20 weeks pregnant. >> she took the photo down and we were wondering was it true? serena will clear the confusion up. >> getting ready to go on stage.
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>> that t.e.d. talk came with a confession. serena didn't mean to reveal her pregnancy. she's been taking weekly pics of her bump and she made this picture public and immediately the secret was out. my phone doesn't ring that much and 30 minutes later, i'd miss four calls so i picked it up and was like oh no. the dad is alexis ohanian, co-founded of reddit. >> i would have never put you with a nerdy geek. >> me, neither. i'm going to be honest with you, it's been the best thing for me. >> serena says she never considered herself the marrying type, and loves her freedom. so, when, alexis popped the question in rome, she was actually upset. "when he proposed, i was angry because it was right in the middle of my training season and i thought, i have to win the australian open." still, serena said yes, and went on to win the tournament. squaring off against her sister
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venus in the final, all while eight weeks pregnant. there's no question 23-time grand slam champ will be back on the court after the baby's born. >> i definitely plan on coming back. my baby is going to be in the stands and hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much. >> can she get a time-out to go to her baby? i don't think so. for a star to look her best on the red carpet, hours of hair and makeup and making sure everything's perfectly in place. just because you're a star you can't control mother nature. demi lovato looked like this on her way to the time 100 event, all rained on hair, clutching slit of zuhair murad gown as she battled 26mileperhour winds, but by the time she hit the carpet she was stunning. >> meanwhile, chrissy teigen almost bared more than she bargained for in her skin-tight golgden gown. she was on her way in after attending another event across town. hubs john legend was an honoree.
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here's what baby luna thinks about that. >> who's the most influential person in your life. >> my wife. she's very influential. she makes me cooler than what i would be normally. >> and good to know even experienced cat walkers can have an off night, yeah, this happened. >> i almost tripped on the carpet upstairs. >> but the night belonged to the couples on the carpet honoree sarah paulson brought holland taylor. honoree viola davis brought her husband and our favorite influencer of the night, ryan reynolds who brought his mom, and wife blake lively, to celebrate. and katie couric's husband. >> probably talking to blake lively or something. >> can't blame him. >> i don't blame him yeah, i do
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blame him. well, also in new york last night, we got to see another one of our favorite couples justin timer laik and jessica biel. jessica may have worked the red carpet solo last night to promote a new project. but you can be sure, it was still a date night. her hubby of four years, not far behind. >> she's really excited for me. he's been such a huge supporter of this all along. >> jessica, wearing an asymmetrical, conservative meets sexy tweed dress. justin, in blue, topped with a beanie. >> he's seen me in a very different light. >> i think there's something wrong with me. >> it was totally different from what i have done in the past. >> jessica is making a return to television after nearly 14 years, with a shocking departure from her days as a preacher's daughter on "7th heaven." >> i'm sorry. >> in the new usa series, "the
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sinner," the 35-year-old, who is also an executive producer on the series, plays a young mother who snaps, and murders a complete stranger in public. >> you have to go deep within yourself. even with villains. you know, you connect with them. >> not to worry, the mama to 2-year-old silas doesn't bring her work home. >> you can't be smoldering in the corner, the scene i did, no time for it. make dinner and get him to bed. >> you know that story. when you get home you have dierps to change. >> exactly. up next -- molly ringwald then and now. her big return to tv and her life as a mom. >> i try with my own kids, it never works. then -- >> fake rainstorm -- >> our exclusive on the set of george clooney's new project. and baby confessions from me and five more former bachelorettes. we all welcomed little ones in the same year.
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>> the minute you talk about my kid, i will come after you. closed captioning provided by --
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katie holmes was among the stars celebrating fashion, film and art at the tribecca
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or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. when you're 16 today. physic physically still 15. ♪ >> i remember those days. 16 candles was the movie that shot molly ringwald to fame. >> it was the pout that she nailed all the time. now molly's playing the mom role in riverdale. >> mom. >> hi, honey >> i loved archie growing up. i was always interested in am i
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more betty or veronica? who am i? it turns out i'm archie's mom. >> in the series, molly had left hubby luke perry and their son archie. but she's back in town. molly now 49 doesn't look a whole older than we met her when she was 15. giving her advice for teen wannabes. >> it's a lot of faun. you have to have a good family background. >> now surrounded by young actors on riverdale. she's keeping any guidance to her point. >> i really make a point of not giving advice. i tried with my own kids and it never works. people need to figure out their own paths. the most i could say is, you know, wear sun screen. >> with her husband, molly has
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three kids. it's just a matter of time before they'll be the age molly was when she suffered through those teen years in one hit film. >> my elder ma tilda is almost 14. she has seen them all. the other two are just 7. apparently they saw 16 candles at a slumber party which i didn't sign off on. >> oh, they saw the screen in the movie where she gives her underwear to anthony michael hall awkward. up next, george clooney in six movie classics. we're behind the scenes with dad to be with an exclusive sneak peek. and the bachelorette baby boom. inside our photo shoot with our babies. plus, the softer side of vin diesel, lessons for his kids and
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his guardians of the galaxy 2 diet. >> you don't have to worry about the washboard abs.
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so what does george clooney love most in life of course his wife amal and the twins rank up there. one other thing that the oscar winner can't live without. >> i remember when i was a kid
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sneaking my dad's coffee at work. clooney twins, take note dad's not okay with your swiping his cup of joe. >> about three cups a day. >> the man loves his coffee. even willing to get soaked for his latest nespresso ad. >> we had a fake rainstorm. >> in the new spot, george makes cameos in no less than six classic films from "seabiscuit." >> have a nice night. >> to "psycho." to "smokey and the bandit." before riding shotgun in john candy in planes, trains and automobiles and linking up with smokey and the bandit. >> it's easier to work with green screen. the horse and i got along fine. >> and he does it all without uttering a single word, all with that signature clooney smirk, reminiscent of his first american ad for the brand, with danny devito, this time around he's reuniting with his "ocean's
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eleven" co-star andy garcia. >> we were enemies for a period of time on the film. but we got along later. >> can i talk about george's upcoming movie? cameron mathison you have seen a little bit of it. >> the studio is so excited about this film. >> it looks fantastic. by the way, george directs. you won't see him in the movie. vin diesel is the voice of baby groot in the guardians of the galaxy sequel. not having to appear on screen it definitely has its advantages. we see chris pratt eating out like crazy. it has to be a break. >> you don't have to worry about the washboard abs for that screen coming up tomorrow. instead vin can hit the pizza and burgers knowing that all he has to contribute to "guardians of the galaxy volume 2" is his enthusiasm, his voice and those three little words. >> i am groot. i am groot. that's right.
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i am groot. it's so good because this is the one i can take the kids to. they can't see fast, they can't see all these movies because they're still too young. but they can see guardians. >> you're such an angel. >> he says playing groot has created teachable moments for his three kids. >> i gave my kids an opportunity over dinger to discuss the word sacrifice. how it applies to everything in our life. ultimately, groot sacrifices himself for his family. >> the way, very little video processing to vin's baby groot voice. turns out since he was a kid he's been imitating cartoons. >> what do you mean. >> it's funny coming out of this. >> vin mentioned his kids not
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being able to see the fast and the furious movies. guess what, he doesn't need their allowance money for this one. in less than two weeks, the movie has topped $900 million worldwide. say hello to little molly sullivan-manno. hi, molly. >> here she is. >> just 9 months old. >> take the cover of "people" magazine. >> this is my proud moment right here. >> perfectly clear that life after the bachelorette is all about babies. >> that's right. pretty amazing that all six of us have little ones in the exact same year. you could call this the most epic play date ever. six bachelorettes. six babies, all under 14 months old. nine-hour "people" weekly photo shoot. then some girl talk.
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>> i think it's funny that we used to stay out late. now we walk in, bags under our eyes. we were texting who wants to get together for a drink? sure if it's 5:00. >> desiree and chris are still happily married after he got on one knee in 2013. they welcomed baby asher last october. jillian harris is now an hgtv host. she's engaged to 8-month-old leo's daddy, justin pasutto. deanna, now a mom of two, confessed she's seriously sleep-deprived. >> i was asleep before the clock turned to 9:01. and emily maynard gibson, well, she's got a family of five. >> i worry about gibson's safety around jennings.
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he loves to kiss him. >> all of us moms love posting pics of our family. the toughest part about that is the mom shaming. >> i didn't put sun screen, i'm like, how do they know? >> i lowered them to take. picture. i was like, i lowered them. >> you know, somebody says something about me, fine, whatever. the minute you talk about my kid, oh, i will come after you. >> don't talk about children. >> never all right, would you ever let molly become the bachelorette? >> i met her dad, my husband. after doing the show. a different baby when we come back, w per roll
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tomorrow -- "e.t." is withal tom hanks. why hollywood's nicest guy went bad for his new role. >> we can finally realize our potential. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> one day molly you'll meet a guy fall in love and want to dance with him. >> kevin, one day at time. for now, watch the preview of the new "dirty dancing." >> what's your name? >> baby. >> one of the most beloved movies of all time. from the choreographer of hamilton the show premieres may 24th on abc. >> say bye-bye, molly.
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bye. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, former "bachelor" chris soules' 911 call from his fatal accident is released. >> i rear-ended a guy in a tractor. >> is he breathing, sir? >> doesn't appear to be. but where is he today? and is he facing jail time? plus, the 100 influential on the red carpet. but who were their biggest influencers? >> number three, inside justin and jessica new york date night. and is jessica hinting at a "7th heaven" reunion? >> i love that whole cast. plus, your "insider" bonus. >> when it came to drugs, the only thing i haven't done is crack.


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