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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 28, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ live it up go >> we kind of thought that might happen, because people who knew us were already doing it. so, you guys, it's not like you were original or anything. >> oh, really? so, like, we didn't make it up. >> no, no, no, no. >> okay, they're j.rod, but she's j.whoa. the 47-year-old mom of two just killing it in two ultra hot looks. the black cutoff gown, with the underwear built into the dress. and this silver outfit she changed into to perform her new single, "mirate." >> "mirate" means look at you. >> okay. >> which means, it's about a guy who comes back after he's left, left a girl. and wants to get back together. >> marc anthony out there in the audience, cheering you on,
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producer of this, i mean, how cool is that? >> has alex heard the new music? >> yes. >> he has. >> what does he think? >> he loves it. he loves it. and i'm so excited, you know, every time i finish something, i bring it home and i want him to hear it. and he's so supportive. >> and drake isn't far away, he'll show up and try to steal your girl. >> you're starting more trouble than those dresses. last night, gwen stefani was supposed to perform, but a medical emergency prevented
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that. it caused her to withdraw from performing last night in las vegas. an eyewitness tells "e.t." an announcement was made that gwen had ruptured an eardrum, and couldn't sing. jennifer hudson stepped in, and jon bon jovi also performed, and a videotape was played where gwen told the audience, i'm so sorry i can't perform. >> i love the process. i'm perfect for the show. >> so, will gwen be back at "the voice" monday night? a source tells us, she's expected to be there. a ruptured eardrum can be serious for a singer, and can lead to them not being able to perform. now on to the latest from
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the accident involved chris soules. >> it's a tragic situation for the city. >> one of the first responders on the scene. the accident happened at dusk on this stretch of a rural county road, just after 8:00 p.m. young, the mayor, attempted cpr when he first arrived at the scene. so, where was chris soules? >> he wasn't there when i got there. >> a source tells us soules was not drunk, and he left the scene because he was in shock. he has hired a team of lawyers to represent him, and they say he acted responsibly after the crash. >> i've rear ended a guy in a tractor.
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>> yesterday, prosecutors asked the court to delay soules' preliminary hearing. i've been waiting so long to ask you this. >> it was the proposal heard around the world, when john cena got on bended aknee. and she said yes. they just made their red carpet debut last night. >> nikki's ring was on full display last night, at the premiere of john's new movie, "the wall." >> it can be summed up as, i had the balls to do it. >> no date set yet. >> i just want to make her as happy as she was at that moment. >> nikki is making most of the wedding day decisions.
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we were even there for the dress shopping. >> i'm not going to be particular about the sconces, or the silverware. i just want that smile. >> and nikki probably smiled at this. john deadlifting 602 pounds on his 40th birthday. >> is that a record? >> it certainly is for me. i just want to send a message when people say, you get to a certain age, that's it. just keep moving around. >> john should have no problem lifting nikki over the threshold. and i see your john cena, and a raise you a charlie hunnam, now going medieval with "king arthurs.
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." >> a shirtless charlie hunnam and a cameo by david beckham. just two of the reasons why we want to see this action-packed medieval adventure. even if becks looks like this. >> that's what all the fuss is about? >> directed by guy ritchie and shot on location throughout the united kingdom, the centuries-old legend of king arthur gets a brand new spin. but no dragons in this mythical world. instead, look out for giant elephants. >> 85% of this film is about character and storytelling, and then we're going to sprinkle some magic on top and, you know, blow the scope way wider. as you see behind us, we're on fully realized sets, and you know there's very little green screen. >> 3, 2, 1, action! >> jude law is king vortigern, arthur's uncle, who wants to keep him from his birthright as ruler of all england. >> apparently you have something to tell me. >> he thinks this whippersnapper arthur, this peasant, can't possibly add or bring anything to the throne that he hasn't
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already considered and answered. >> oh, i like that. >> charlie packed on 20 pounds of muscle to play the part he's wanted since he was a little kid. he carved his own version of excalibur out of wood. this one's a little fancier than that. >> we've gussied it up a little bit and given it a tangible power. that can slow down time for the wielder. which can be incredibly useful if you're moving twice as fast as your adversaries. >> i know i don't have to tell you how amazing charlie looks in that movie. but i'm amazed by this. after finishing this movie, he lost nearly 40 pounds in two months for his new movie, "lost city of z". up next, not everybody knows oprah. >> how many "o" names are there? >> our most adorable video of the day.
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plus, "the bold and the beautiful 's" heather tom showing
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tune in monday morning when cbs this morning's charlie rose,
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ten dollars. what's my name? starts with an "o." how many "o" names are there? >> i'm shocked there's somebody out there who doesn't know oprah's name. >> well, a lot more than ten bucks on the line at "dancing with the stars." and rashad jennings is a frontrunner to win it all. that's a lot of pressure. but he's keeping it fun, as e.t. online's denny directo found out. >> we do shirt days. >> who can dress the most funky. we have a competition within ourselves every day. >> it's called the reckless zest for life competition. >> rashad's clearly winning that competition. but the free agent running back says the fancy footwork you see in the ballroom doesn't come as easy. >> i've never ballroom danced before. every single tuesday is, like, banging my head on the wall. i don't know what i'm doing.
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every once in a while i look at the tape. i'll look at the video and be, like, hey, that's nice. hey, that's me! >> you are a born dancer. that was incredible. >> six weeks in, the single 32-year-old is a judge favorite and still can't believe he was actually picked for the show. >> it still tickles me now. even when we are behind the scenes doing everything, i'm still looking around. i'm on "dancing with the stars." since we are still on the show, it's like, i wonder how far we can go? >> what has been the reaction from the ladies since you've joined "dancing with the stars"? >> it's been welcoming. >> i really like him. >> rashad is very -- yeah. >> that man is beautiful. >> oh, my goodness. >> did you realize how sexy your partner was when you got him? >> well, yeah. i've got eyes. i'm not blind. so, yeah. yeah, i did.
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>> by the way, emma is engaged to sasha farber. >> doesn't mean she can't look. still ahead, why is this bride zip lining? heather tom is here to tell us about "the bold and beautiful" australian wedding. and maury povich on the one result that floored him. >> i was shocked.
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you are not the father. >> those words are forever a part of the american lexicon, thanks to maury povicpovich, fi being recognized for his excellence with a daytime emmy
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nomination. >> cameron, you are not the father. >> you are the father. >> i told you! >> maury's paternity shows are infamous. >> you are not -- >> and that brings us to secret number one. he's always just as surprised as we are. >> i will not allow my producers to tell me anything about the result. i want to be as surprised, shocked, whatever, as everybody else in the room. >> it's hard to believe that anything could surprise maury povich at this point. but that's secret number two, the revelations that shocked him. >> two instances on the show where when i was doing a paternity show, and this woman was accusing a man of being the father of her twins, and i read the results, and he's the father of one but not the other. >> when it comes to 1-month-old kagan, chad, you are the father. and when it comes to 1-month-old
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peyton, chad, you are not the father. apparently, you can be, with fraternal twins, you can have two fathers if the lady happens to be busy during that time of the month. >> now up for his first emmy, maury won't be attending the ceremony. the reason, that's secret number three. he's super superstitious about awards shows. it dates back to when his production company's documentary about 9/11 was up for an oscar. >> i made up my mind 10, 12 years ago when were nominated, i'm not going to go to the oscars. because i know i will put the kibosh on it. somehow i will be bad luck. my wife and i were in the bahamas, and we won the academy award. so, that's been my mantra ever since. >> maury's wife, of course, is former network news anchor connie chung. they've been married for 32 years. his marriage advice? that's secret number four. >> when your head hits the pillow at night, all
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discussions, i don't care how intense they have been during the day, they must end and the next morning is a fresh day. >> one more secret we learned. maury goes the extra yard to make sure he pronounces every person's name correctly. think about that. >> no trouble pronouncing this name. welcome, heather tom. how good is life for you right now? "bold and beautiful," 30th anniversary. and you could tie for the most wins ever? and here's another thing, "bold and the beautiful" is the most-watched soap on the planet. >> seen in more than 100
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countries worldwide. and i wanted to show you what happened when we filmed in one of my most favorite places in the whole world. you've got the sydney opera house. and a surprise wedding where the jumpsuit wearing bride enters -- via zip line? you can't tell from watching the finished scene, but these "i do"s almost didn't happen because of some unpredictable weather. today it rained cats and dogs, so we are just now getting started. it's about 2:00 p.m. we only have 60 pages to do in 4 hours. >> we're singing and dancing in the rain. >> i pronounce you husband and wife. >> yes! >> but the best part -- the fans. aussies go crazy for "the bold and the beautiful." signing autographs is what our cast does between scenes. >> i'm gonna have to steal you. >> of course, this soap is known for its fashion. and with the sydney harbor as a
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backdrop, my co-stars showed off some couture gowns and bikinis. >> we might make it look like we're just relaxed, chilled on the beach, but this is work. when those cameras roll, it's pressure time. >> up close with the wildlife. crazy fun in the hotel. but the biggest perk for me was getting to bring home some aussie swag for my 4-year-old son, zane. >> is he going to be your date? >> probably not a good idea in those heels. >> good luck. >> and i hear that "e.t." is nominated as well, so good luck to you. >> i've got something bold and beautiful for you. kristin cavallari, not many moms could pull off this top. but she can. she had her third baby a little less than a year ago, and that paved the way for a "the hills"
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baby boom. >> pretty much everyone from "the hills" is either pregnant or had a baby. it's really cool to see everyone in the next chapter of their life. >> what was the first question that heidi asked you about being a mommy when she told you she was having a baby? >> she just asked my input on names, and i was like, heidi, this is your baby. >> well, kristin is the expert. she and husband jay cutler have three. the former chicago bears quarterback has his hands full especially with 17-month-old daughter sailor. >> she's feisty, man. we call her the honey badger, this sweet little innocent animal. it looks so cute but really vicious and will tear you apart. >> at l.a.'s fig and olive, kristin was launching her new jewelry line, uncommon james. >> i'm involved in every facet of the company. so from measuring out the jewelry and deciding what jewelry, to overseeing shipping. jay and i were shipping orders the other night. i put jay to work too, which was awesome. >> kristin also told me her secret to staying fit was
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consistency with the workouts, eating, and cutting out the alcohol. when we come back, kelsea ballerini is telling us a secret, too. what has her petrified about hosting the disney music awards? kron-4 news at
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eight: a deadly police shooting shuts down a peninsula highway. what led up to the fatal confrontation. bart makes its first arrest in a weekend mass robbery attack. as they reveal they're fighting a crime spike at stations. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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this weekend, brittaney spes
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will get the icon award at the radio disney music awards. >> and kelsea ballerini is the host. >> i'm doing a tribute to britney. i'll probably be petrified to look down and see britney. you're going so see, it's going to be a thing. >> you can watch the show sunday now at eight ... we are live on the peninsula, where a deadly freeway shooting has closed down highway 101 at the peak of the commute.whoosh nata burst of gunfire and then a suspected killer surrenders. the east bay murder that led to a tense 19=hour standoff. whooshthe first arrests in the mob attack on bart passengers.
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tonight ... a warning to those behind bart's spike in crime. you will be identified and you will be brought to justice whooshnorth korea test=fires a ballistic missile.... it went up ... but where did it come down?you're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) breaking news at 8. a deadly police shooting along highway 101.... shuts down all lanes of traffic. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. tonight we know this all started as a car accident it happened on northbound highway 101 near the highway 92 on-ramp in san mateo.(steve) that's where we find kron4's charles clifford . he joins us live from near the scene. charles do we know what triggered the confrontation? police sources say this shooting stemmed from a road rage incident involving


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