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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 4, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- brad pitt tells all about his split. tears in his eyes, how he's moving on after angelina his candid new interview. what he's blaming for the breakup and how his ripped-apart family caused him to hit rock bottom. then -- amy schumer on the moment she introduced her father to co-star goldie hawn. >> i felt very close to him. plus, is this jlo's secret love message to arod. and our may radmy rye ya exclusive. is she looking for a new man? >> just come to the club and be like, hey. >> she just told a lie.
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>> that's never true now for may 3 rd, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." brad pitt speaks out for the first time about his bombshell breakup with angelina jolie. in this day and age it's surprising when a superstar like brad literally bears his soul. >> he's putting it all out there for the world to see. >> a reflective brad. hands pressed together, seemingly deep in thought. this dramatic new footage and photos are for "gq style." in the article, he bares his emotions, revealing quote, i just started therapy. i love it. i went through two therapists to get to the right one. >> he's going through a split but there's zero finger-pointing. it's all about making a better life for their family. >> he only mentioned angelina once during the interview and says their divorce has been jarring for their six children. he admits that in the beginning, quote, i was really on my back
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nd chained to a system when child services was called, and you know, after that, we've been able to work together to sort this out. >> they've been able to put this potential court battle behind them. >> appearing on three different covers of the summer issue, pitt shot the spread in three national parks. he appears thinner than he's looked in the past but definitely looks fit. in this photo his eyes seem to be filled with tears. >> there weren't any rules going into the photo shoot or the interview. he wasn't traveling with a publicist. >> a road trip celebrating the beauty of the parks. shot over eight days. he explored caves in california, rolled down the white sand dunes in new mexico and ventured into the florida everglades, jumping through puddles. he said he quit smoking pot when he started a family and stopped boozing after the split. pitt acknowledged that drinking became a problem. >> he's getting rid of all that
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so he can basically look in the mirror and look himself in the eye. >> now fear of free of alcohol, he says he replaced wit cranberry juice and fizzy water, saying, i've got to cleanest urinary tract in all of l.a., i guarantee you. pitt's now living alone with his dog in his longtime hollywood home, but right after the breakup he slept on a friend's floor for a month and a half. >> this is the latest video of brad leaving the sculpting studio where he's been creating art. he was also spotted animatedly chatting with people outside. he says sculpting is the manual labor he needs right now. >> he just loves that hands-on act of creation and making something that wasn't there before. >> above all, family come first and he wants to improve his relationship with the kids saying, quote, it's hit me smack in the face with our divorce. i got to be more. i got to be more for them. i have to show them. and i haven't been great at it. >> in the interview brad was never asked about dating again. but a source tells us he's focused on his kids and not on
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starting a new relationship. >> great news to hear. meanwhile goldie hawn and kurt russell are still going strong after 34 years. >> 4 years and they joined amy schumer last night at the new york premiere of "snatched." >> earlier in the day, amy made a dream come true for her father who's living with m.s. >> i saw your beautiful post bringing goldie to meet your dad. >> who are you about to meet? >> goldie. >> you're about to meet goldie. >> oh, my gosh. my dad -- i'll start crying -- he's loved her forever and, you know, he's not doing great in the assisted living place. he loves -- our whole family loves goldie. he's been looking forward to meeting her. >> oh, my god. i'm emotional, too. >> play it cool, dad.
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>> such an amazing, special moment. >> it was really special for me. it's not just a fan thing, it's so deep and pure. i felt very close to him. i got emotional, too. it's crazy. >> a beautiful moment. i'm glad you guys captured it. >> another beautiful moment you have coming up, you and kurt russell are going to share double walk of fame ceremonies, how special that if. >> really great and really funny because we never got married. this is really interesting. is this really happening? we're having our stars together? it's kind of a celebration of the two of us, right. it's not a marriage -- >> this is ceremony. that's true hollywood ceremony. >> yeah, it's kind of a ceremony. >> that's tomorrow meanwhile snatched hits theaters a week from friday. kate hudson missed the premiere was because she was 40,000 feet
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in the air trying to get home after the met gala. cameron mathison with stars scattered all over the world. this is jlo in blue valentino to laughing with ray liotta on "shades of blue." it's her met gala after-party fashion statement that has everybody talking. ♪ >> he's such a supportive person and he's so lovely. >> take a closer look at that valentino coat. that's heart on her sleeve. also hearts on the valentino dress and hearts on that valentino purse. oh, she's in deep. a source close to jennifer tells "e.t." that she and alex are madly in love."
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are i dos in their future? source says marriage isn't on the radar at the moment. >> you moved everything around here with what happened at the met gala. you sort of stole the whole show. >> yesterday, arod was busy navigating an awkward morning-after-the-met interview that was supposed to focus on his humanitarian work with fellow former yankee derek jeter. instead it went to jlo. >> it was an awesome night. >> people want to know. >> that's great. >> can i ask you about that? >> okay. we'll moving on. >> you can't blame the guy. kerry washington, she was the toast of another big celebration last night. but the scandal star was still basicing in that met afterglow. >> the most surprising thing from last night? >> i saw my husband jumping --
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>> kerry slayed again in this dramatic black and white carolina herrera gown. where the bronx native was being honored. she told us she has fond memories of growing up in the bronx. >> jennifer lopez was my dance teacher. i remember when she left to go to l.a. and she left a big impression on me. >> another a-lister who made an impression on kerry back in the day, gwyneth paltrow. the biggest influence on ms. washington clearly her parents. her mom is on the board of the museum and presented her with the imagination award. >> they always know best. >> this is a passion project for my mother. >> the scandal star auctioned
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the set visit to her show to benefit the museum and she told does season finale on may 18th is full of surprise and nobody gets what they want. >> when we shot the final season for the last episode of this season i had goose bumps. i never saw it coming and i'm crazy excited about next season. oliva will get her happy ending and that's how shonda defines happy. >> you never know with that show. >> they always shock you. they blow your mind. >> that's what makes it so great. up next -- behind the scenes of lady gaga's sta starring role. and wait a minute, is that two bradley coopers? we're on set with the men and women who make the stars even sexier. closed captioning provided by --
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because life needs ziploc. sc johnson. hi. it's me, we're back at the voice. >> i sound like i have been smoking and i don't smoke. >> gwen stefani posted that photo backstage. that her voice was sounding a little husky. >> the snapchat queen put that rest doing the show. note i will try to fix you ♪ >> it sounds like she'll be okay. if she isn't, that's still good because she can design clothes. >> let me ask you this, kevin, would you pay to see lady gaga on stage? >> yes. >> listen if i had lady gaga's
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voice -- they love her so much. you know they have their dollars ready for a chance to see stefanie. talk about the ultimate monster experience. at l.a.'s greek theater last night an intimate crowd of extras were treated to a performance as gaga shot scenes for "a star is born." bradley cooper shooting his rock-star moments. gaga kept the crowd of extra small. just about 1,000 people. they forked over 12 bucks with every penny going to born this way her foundation. her update of the classic starring barbra streisand. she has been spotted with bradley cooper all over in the production. some were shocked when she
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didn't sing during the scene. but with an impromptu performance of bad romance all was forgiven at the end of the night. as she got up close with some of her most devoted monsters. >> tell your friends it's going to be really fun. >> they did. because gaga and bradley are shooting more scenes from the greek theater again tonight. still ahead -- we're heading back to the set and we're going to have you thinking you're seeing double. which stars use a butt double? behind the scenes of a tv fairy-tale wedding and when is this bachelor couple saying i do? >> we're excited for that day. and mariah carey on her newly single life. only we're getting the real story. >> we can't believe everything we read, darling. you don't let anything
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what do you think -- >> that's mariah carey being mariah carey posing with a fan in a convertible rolls-royce after her launch party at a hollywood spot. i talked with mariah about from
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her upcoming tour and her newly single life. and the possibility that she might get back together with her ex nick cannon. he's supporting you. why won't you all get back together. >> kevin, come on. >> look in the camera right now. why won't you get back together. >> we're together when it counts. we're together for the kids. ♪ ♪ >> i love her. i adore her. you know, that's always going to be my dream girl. but i think asthma church adults we just operate better the way things are right now. >> the photo of the family in bed together, nick asleep started the talk that these two could rekindle things after nearly two years of the split. do other men have problems with nick and your relationship? >> how should i know what "these
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people" think? >> we're friends. beyond friends we're family. i think we put the kids first. >> i'm so excited. i'm so happy. >> kids first. but does that mean dropping a small fortune on the twins' disneyland birthday party that happened sunday a certain online source said you spent six figures on that party. one moment you're looking like a mama and then you're looking like this. >> wait a minute mamas can look good. >> the kids are ready for school. are you ready for pta meetings at school? make that working mom/queen of the pta. after the last night's launch party she told me new music is
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coming soon. >> there's nobody like you. there's nobody like you. i can't -- you like, you rule interviews better than me. i love you. you love me. >> 100%. you know that. >> okay, mariah, you know i love you but i just wanted the information. by the way, her all the hits tour kicks off july 21st in oakland. when nick and mariah renewed their vows at disneyland? >> i was there. it was in front of sleeping beauty castle? >> it was a magical moment. now bachelor couple ben higgins and lauren bush knell are hosting a show from disney. >> we wanted to know what is going on with the plans for their big day? >> we get it. people are interested in when we're getting married. we're excited for that day. but -- >> we don't know.
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>> we don't know. >> our life is pretty crazy and we're having a blast being engaged. >> while the bachelor couple isn't ready to say i do just yet they did get some inspiration hosting disney's fairytale wedding special. >> i always wanted a small wedding, even eloping but then i see this view, wait, this is so beautiful. i could see myself getting married here. ♪ >> we were behind the scenes as the a cap la group performed live as the bride arrived. >> i just about lost it. >> the same one mariah used four years ago with 30 cameras all around the park, the brand-new tv event took four months and 500 people to plan. >> they got married seven years ago. it was a rush, he got called to serve our country in iraq and now eric is back and he wants to give his bride the most special
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wedding husband and wife! >> once in a lifetime experience. i think is going to be hard to beat. >> giant finale, a giant waterworks in front of the castle. >> earlier we told you about la did gaga and bradley cooper shooting a star is born. when it comes to shooting movies what you see isn't what you if necessarily get. this is bradley cooper is at greek theater and this is his look-alike double. it looks like his double has that scruffy look down. when dwayne johnson needs a stunt double he keeps it in the family. >> got a great stunt double, he's my cousin. >> the rock's cousin has been doubling johnson his entire
1:11 am
career including baywatch and this scene. the double for zak efron stood in for him in dirty grandpa. sofia vergara has been known to have a few butt doubles. tom cruise and his double along with cameron diaz and hers. melissa mccarty is this woman. an identity thief that's melissa. that's lucy. on ghost busters melissa. lucy. on the boss -- melissa -- lucy. >> i have been superlucky over the last 12 years i only have had to go to the hospital once. bradley cooper's movie
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guardians of the galaxy volume 2 is predicted to make $60 million opening weekend. we'll be right back.
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ modern family won five emmys for outstanding comedy. none of the stars are signed on for next season yet. >> lot of questions floating out there. we'll get into that tomorrow. >> oh yeah. bye, everybody. we're with the cast of modern family. could this be the show's final season? what the stars are telling us. how much modern family do we have left?
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>> well -- plus a "dancing with the stars" wedding. what went wrong as the bride walked down the aisle. tomorrow on "e.t.." (steve) that breaking news we're following tonight is out of san francisco... a shelter in place as been issued as police are investigating a suspicious package... i'm steve aveson...(pam) and i'm pam moore... it's happening in the city's castro district... grant lodes is here with the latest details... grant what do you know? (grant) we're traking breaking news in san francisco's castro...where people are being told to stay in their homes...and a major intersection is closed because of a suspicious package. the intersection at market and castro is closed to traffic. police have flooded the area and have a shelter in place in effect for people in the area of market & castro, 18th & castro and diamond & castro. uncelar if the package is really a threat...the bomb


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