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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 10, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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tells us instead of the traditional grueling cross-country audition tour, this time around, auditions could be held at disneyland and disney world. it could be family friendly who has two children at home. second, kelly has the experience. >> kelly clarkson! >> clarkson won first season and was a guest judge on the last. she was an adviser on the voice and a mentor on the singing competition "duets." three, kelly loves the collaboration. other idol alums who could be in the run, adam lambert. and kelly pick ler would you want to come back as a judge. >> i'd love to. i want ryan's job. watch out. >> speaking as ryan as host, this morning he said he's up for the job. >> i love the show, so we'll see. >> last week he relocated to new york to co-host "live with kelly
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and ryan." today, they were pleased the grammys were returning to new york. >> one less red carpet, one red carpet has come to new york. >> if they would just move ""american idol"" it would be so much easier. oh, my god, they got to do it. they got to do it. katy perry is teaming up with calvin harris for a new song. katy and calvin have another common bond -- that lady. right there. yes, is katy sending taylor a message? >> empowered, vulnerable. strong. words that she uses to describe her new album. what about shade? i'm so getting back at taylor for getting back with one of my boyfriends. >> can we talk about my new music. >> yes, of course. why i'm here. not just to stir controversy. all of my songs have had
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meanings. they have never been one-did mentional. >> katy tells ew is there's no one thing that's calling out any one person. but then she confuses us a little saying, you can't mistake kindness for weakness and don't come for me, honestly when women come together and they decide to unite, this world is going to be a better place. ♪ >> okay, but that explains this one -- while taylor has been m.i.a., not seen in public since february while she's working on her own new music, katy has collaborated with taylor's ex, calvin harris for her upcoming album. these two met up backstage at the 2013 europe music awards and we're putting money down that they have had at least one very candid conversation about taylor. >> ♪
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>> i'd love to have a transcript from that conversation. by the way, katy has a big tv gig coming up. she's joining james krorden for brand-new carpool karaoke. right now, "e.t." has learned that jennifer garner and ben affleck have taken a major step in their divorce because ben hasn't officially moved out. jennifer peros has been contact with a source on the story. has exclusive insight on jen's new life today. >> i'm told this has been a continual move over the past couple of weeks. >> moving trucks were spotted again sunday outside of jennifer and benn's pacific palisades estate. they separated in 2015. but he hasn't moved far away. >> according to our source, benn and jen want to make this a smooth transition to make sure the kids feel comfortable in both houses.
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making sure this doesn't interrupt the kids' lives too much. >> continuing family traditions. sunday, jen and ben regularly attend church. we're told expect more outings. >> how do you make it work? >> we do our best. >> that's just really important at home to make sure that our kids know that we both dedicate time toward making our own slice of the world a little bit better. >> garner talking about her charity work now has her hands full -- literally -- since returning home from shooting a drama in atlanta with josh duhamel and since affleck completed rehab he's gearing up to film the batman and is expected to promote justice league before its release. the exes filed for divorce a month ago. are they seeing other people. >> they're not ruling out dating anyone in the future. >> meanwhile, nischelle, married life seems to be treating eva
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longoria quite well. >> he gave "e.t." online the marriage download at the premiere. >> i'm celebrating my one-year anniversary. some days we feel we have been married for 40 years and other times two seconds. >> eva's media mogul husband jose baston didn't walk the red carpet. he was already inside waiting to see her new movie. eva plays a step mom, struggling to keep her family together. >> two kids. you don't stop trying. >> it's a family drama. >> as for being a mom herself, eva put those recent rumors to rest. it was just cheese, y'all. >> simmer down, simmer down. >> keep an eye on your snapchat when you do have something to
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announce. >> maybe. >> keep us guessing there, eva. in case you're wondering how they'll celebrate one year, eva will be in cannes working for l'oreal. miley cyrus drew a lot of attention last night heading into a concert last night with liam hemsworth. what does miley's famous dad billy ray think about that? are you excited about having liam as a son-in-law? >> he's great guy, i like his heart. he's a great artist, a painter. he's very humble. about it. >> a good time to hang out with him a lot. >> we have been hanging out more in the last couple months than the last couple years. >> hanging with the cyrus clan sound great for us.
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when cyrus is giving up more family secrets. miley was very real about how she had cleaned up and she hadn't done any drugs in the past few weeks, have you noticed any difference? >> her instincts, everything is at the top of its game. i can't point one way or the other to say what's the difference? what ever is going on it's -- >> believe it or not, it's been 25 years since billy ray and mullet hit the scene with achy breaky heart, just a few months before miley was born. even do a version in spanish. ♪ >> i like it. that's good. >> okay, thank you. you got me to do it. >> he's such a likable guy. >> the nicest man in the free
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world, for real. >> a sweetheart. just announced that miley will give the debut performance of malibu at the billboard music awards that air may the 21st on abc. up next -- our big bang finale. >> it's an earthquaky moment for us. >> is sheldon cheating on amy? then -- ♪ >> amy schumer's house party with kurt 57bd goldie and why is she in judge judy's court. and brad pitt. >> we need to finish. closed captioning provided by --
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hey baby girl. >> oh, my god. oh, my god, it's you. it's really you? oh, you smelt like hope and happiness. >> that never gets old. shemar moore gets a hero's welcome when he returns to criminal minds tonight on cbs. he left the show last season. and then, tomorrow night's "the big bang" finale -- and we have a sneak peek, there's trouble in paradise. can sheldon shown resist temptation. >> i miss you. >> i miss you, too. >> something big's gonna happen between amy and sheldon. >> while amy's away for three months working at princeton, their remons faces a big test. >> yes, there's a lady that returns from the past from sheldon's past.
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>> you may remember dr. nowitsky. she's back. >> she stalked sheldon and she was absolutely infatuated with him. >> you'd like her, she's extremely intelligent like you. unlike you, she's tall, blonde and used to be an olympic swimmer. >> is this really a love triangle? sheldon would never cheat on amy, right? >> dr. nowitsky i told you about, she's right here. >> she's what? [ laughter ] >> hello. >> hi. >> so nice to meet. >> obviously some jealous and that sort of thing >> i gave you one job! keep an eye on him. how hard is that. >> it's sheldon, nothing is going to happen. >> that's what you said when i started to dating him. >> i was shocked how this
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episode ended i really was. >> nothing surprises me anymore. >> looks don't matter to sheldon because he only has eyes for you. >> nice try. >> thanks, i was scrambling. >> go ahead, why is amy schumer sitting on judge judy's bench. then, james krorden's primetime special with katy perry and his special with harry stiles. and we're on the set of the "dirty dancing" remake how they pulled off those iconic moves. >> i was terrified. [ birds chirping ]
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♪ that's not what lennon and mccartney envisioned when they wrote "hey jude." amy schumer singing with goldie hawn and kurt russell at their house. amy spent the day with the number one judge. >> a sassier mouth in judy's court? it seemed impossible until "judge amy" rolled in with her sister kim, and even staged a little disorder in the court with judy's bailiff "byrd a judge judy superfan, amy posted that it was a "dream day" with byrd and judy, and demanded an authentic experience when she played judge. byrd always avoids eye contact when he hands judy legal documents, so, amy didn't hesitate to call him out.
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>> but you're looking at me. >> i'm sorry, i forgot, your hon honor. >> thank you very much. >> you need it here. in her new movie "snatched," which hits theaters on friday. she puts up with over protective mom goldie hawn. her tropical vacation goes horribly wrong. she's the best. this is judge judy's 21st season and she's still watched every single day by more than 10 million people. >> yep, that's because she gets us together. okay, james corden isn't there yet, he's celebrating year two of hosting the late late show. now he's back for another carpool karaoke primetime special.
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>> how did you pick katy perry. >> to have as many halftime super bowl performances we can. we had gaga, bruno, the red hot chili peppers. now, katy perry ♪ you're gonna hear me roar >> you hasn't sung roar at top of their voice. >> i have carpool karaoke with her every single morning. i sing it every morning. >> it's going to be great. i'm so excited. ♪ i have the eye of the tiger >> remember corden's bit toddler-ography? jlo will be the guest. >> i don't know, there's not really cute to me. >> really excited. >> can't wait. also exciting harry stiles will be guesting the late late show four nice next week.
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james has known harry since competing on the british x factor. >> i remember when he was on e "the x factor." this was before i got married. he was at my wedding. it's a miracle we're technically the same specie. >> you're the one with the good-looking wife, by the way, a high bar set for this special the one he did last year earned him an emmy for outstanding variety special. ♪ i had the time of my life well, this unforgettable song won an oscar back in 1988. we'll hear it over again when the tv remake airs on abc. a whole new cast is catching every iconic moment. they were nervous on the set when we went behind the scenes. ♪
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>> i want to dance like that. i'm the most uncoordinated human being on the face on the earth. >> 21-year-old abigail breslin played jennifer grey's "baby." and we're thinkin' those very impressive abs helped colt prattes win the part as patrick swayze's johnny. but his biggest fear was having to say these words -- >> nobody puts baby in the corner. i felt like i got that do it with an eyebrow. just as naturally as possible. >> say it. >> say it. >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> that iconic lift was tough for abigail, who had absolutely no dance experience. she rehearsed for about eight weeks before trying it the first time in the lake. >> i was terrified. i could feel like my heart racing so much and then when i was up there and we held it i was just like, ah, i did it. i'm here.
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>> i wanted to cry when -- when i saw abby do the lift for the first time. i've known abby since she was 1, i was 6. and to see her conquer something like that is really amazing >> "modern family's" sarah hyland plays older sister lisa. nicole scherzinger is dancer, penny. bruce greenwood is baby's dad. debra messing plays her mom. from the dance on the log to swayze's jump, shot for shot, abc's tv movie is remaking the original film -- which is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special collector's edition dvd. sfwli called this dirty dancing 2.0. we have a three-hour movie event instead of an hour and a half feature. >> beau casper smart plays the guy that befriends baby. perk of the job? during filming, his ec, jlo, visited the set and even stayed for an epic onesie-wearing dance party. that's jlo in the back, she's the bear. >> i was like, i just had sushi and had a onesie dance party with jlo. pretty fun. >> do you have a onesie?
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>> i do. >> i got to get an animal one. stick around. we have brand-new scenes from next on kron-4 news at eight:a child...nearly snatched in front of his own the boy got away..and who police are looking for next in a live report. also - it's tick season.why this year could be especially bad and how you can prevent the pests from spreading.i'm catherine heenan i'm steve aveson. the news -- at eight -- is next. how far should pure alpine spring water have to travel from its source to the bottle? ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. travel consideration provided by -- brad pitt is starring his first-ever netflix movie, war
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machine. >> and listen, he's all-in as a four-star general asked to clean up the mess in afghanistan. >> president gave me a job to do. >> ask for more troops -- >> you're cutting out, can you hear me. >> i'll talk to you later, dude. you can't help them and kill them at the same time. it's not humanly possible. >> boss, i'm pretty sure the afghan ambassador here is from afghanistan. >> where did he get that voice from. war machine starts streaming on netflix in august. now at eight ... a ten year old boy, the apparent target of a kidnap attempt outside his east bay home.we're looking for a suspect, large build male adult.whooshshots fired get back!deadly drama on market street.newly released body cam and surveillance videos of a police shooting in san francisco.whooshhealth
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concerns shut down a popular fast food outlet in the east bay.whooshi hear someone screaming help helpfind out the story behind this passenger brawl on a flight to the bay're watching kron four news in prime time (steve) our top story tonight... a child almost taken right in front of his home... and now police are looking for the suspect.... good evening and thanks for joining us i'm steve aveson... (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore... it all happened on 45th street near broadway... that's where we find kron4's justine waldman. she's at oakland police headquarters....and has details on what happened and how the 10-year-old boy managed to get away.(steve) justine, what do you know? justine: in the struggle to break free from the man trying to grab him.. the10 year old boy didn't get hurt. but he did go to the hospital to


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