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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 19, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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line. and catering trucks arrived, flowers delivered, bars put up. and the giant reception tent, people are calling it a glass palace. cost a reported $130,000 just to rent for the weekend. and we've learned that kate and william's kids will have a role in the wedding. charlotte will be a bridesmaid, or george will be a page boy. and megan enjoyed a spa day in london. she was casually dressed, wearing sunglasses and a blue jays baseball cap. she's expected to be attending the wedding tomorrow with harry. last night was an emotional one for prince harry and prince
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william, paying tribute to their mother. >> my mother taught me the value of doing good when no one is swat swatching. >> but tomorrow will be a happy day for harry. and everyone is wondering what's next for harry and megan. we'll have all those details monday. >> they need to get married. that's what needs to be next. let's go to kevin in los angeles, with new shots fired in the katy perry/taylor swift war. >> katy released a new duo that seems like an attack. ♪ >> you don't have to look too
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deep to see the shade. the song's title, "swish swish" is just two letters away from swift swift. we all remember war, and how about this video taylor posted of herself, and wait for it. sheep. ♪ you're calculated i got your number ♪ >> a word swift says she sates. as the katy versus taylor saga continues, harry styles may be on the end of some bad blood himself. his one direction band mate, liam, said this. >> harry's song is not something
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i'd die to listen to, but i think he did a great job of doing what he needed to. >> liam fired off another slam in the song. and harry isn't bothered. he has his pal, corden. meanwhile, there's other big music news to get to. the return of american idol. adam lambert left no doubt that he wants to be in as a judge. >> yeah, i'd be in. >> he also said that katy perry will be great on the show. >> i think they'd be great together, right? >> yes. >> and the billboard music awards are this sunday, and celine dion will be singing the theme to "titanic" to celebrate the movie's 20th anniversary.
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>> sometimes i'm like, oh, i can't believe. and then the curtains open, and people are crying. >> today, hosts ludacris and vanessa hudgens, were at rehearsal. >> i love being on the stage. there's nothing more comforting to me. it will be fun to share it with luda. >> there you go. >> celine has made other memorable appearances at the billboard music awards. in 2003, she had a totally blond makeover. >> he's a very spoiled little boy. trying to be as good a parent as we can be.
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i just collapsed, and i'm proud of my family so much. >> another thing to look forward to on sunday night, this year, cher will receive the icon award. and the premiere of another pirates adventure. >> and maybe orlando bloom has spent too much time at sea. he kept mixing us up with the other "e.t." >> "e.t." phone home, right? >> the way you delivered it. >> take me home," e.t." whatever. >> he's a kidder. before the premiere, orlando was having fun getting ready on instagram with his pooch. but his real pride and joy, his 6-year-old son, flynn. >> favorite thing about being a dad?
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>> being a kid again, reexperiencing that on that level. >> and lily rose crushing it on the red carpet. >> can we talk about this? >> shocking. she's 18, the perfect creature. and it's all happened very quickly for her. i'm very proud of the way she handles herself. >> jennifer garner, at the new york premiere of wakefield. in the film, her husband, bryan cranston, hides out from her for months. >> he just wants to take an adult snow day. >> and check this out, kevin hart announcing his wife's pregnancy. >> oh! you're pregnant? up next, julia roberts' death-defieing stunt with bear
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grylls. and, why does the "dirty dancing" remake have a completely different ending? and, blood is shed on "the bachelorette." our preview of the premiere. but next, ellie kemper is back. and we'll talk to her co-star, titus channeling queen bey. the show did four different beyonce how far should pure alpine spring water have to travel
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monday on "entertainment tonight," new bachelor gúw there's a place like no other... where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey! the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends,
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this is going to be the scary bit. your first step. >> somehow, runaway bride julia
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roberts didn't run away from this crossing a flimsy rope bridge in kenya. did i mention there are crocodiles in the river? >> yeah. >> i'm getting an idea for another -- my mind is churning now. julia, put to the test on running wild with bear grylls. and last night on abc, the season finale of scandal. and the cast got emotional. >> i cried a lot. kerry cried. bellamy cried. >> her co-stars dish on why shonda rhimes is ending the series. >> she wants to end on a high
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note. >> has she given you any mommy advice yet? >> kerry has been my mentor in every category. next, "dirty dancing" changes the ending. why? >> it's totally different but i understand, it's something that people love. >> abigail breslin says they add in more storylines. as for recreating patrick swayze's famous line -- >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> i ruined the take. >> i'm sure they can edit around it. i'm so sorry. and finally, "the bachelorette" gets bloody. looks like already-engaged rachel needs to get around some
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man drama. >> he has a girlfriend. i'm going to throw him under the bus. still ahead, behind the scenes of "wonder woman." from 3,000 calorie diets to horse back riding. how they got in shape. plus, the return of "love connection." and, can cam get over his biggest fear? bindi irwin introduces him to the world's biggest snakes and spiders. >> how quickly can we get an ambulance here?
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i'm starting a garden with my neighbors so our kids can eat better. and we feel happier! i have more energy at work. i feel stronger! small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. it's been a month, and we feel better! i can totally read those lips. oh, my god, is right. >> i said yes to this, but part way through, i was going to tap out. >> but all week long, we've pushed this man to the limit.
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vanilla ice, stripping on stage. and tonight, true terror, facing spiders and snakes. can cam overcome his fear? >> i'm overcoming my fear today. bindi irwin and family bringing some scary species. for real. that didn't make me feel very confident. >> how sweet is this diamond python? >> i'd use a different adjective, probably. >> i'm going to take his little head. he's going to wrap around you, like you're a tree. >> how quickly can we get an ambulance here? >> bindi has been handling snakes her whole life. got her first snakebite at 18
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months old. she's ready, but i wasn't, for what comes next. >> since you smell like a snake, you have to wash up, otherwise he may try to -- >> could we have started with that snake? a five-foot indigo python. >> he's never eaten a single person. i swear. >> okay. then i saw this. >> what's happening? okay. >> slow. >> what do you mean, slow movements? he looks heavy and angry. a 14-foot albino python named lemon. the one she danced with on "dancing with the stars". >> she glrows sto be the longes
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snake in the world? >> is she hungry? >> she's shedding, so she'll need something the size of a small goat. >> she's going to my crotch. >> her forked tongue actually senses heat. >> oh, please. oh, god. come on, what's happening. >> i promise you -- >> you're totally fine. >> you're paying. god answers prayer. >> i want to swear so badly. but i'm not going to. note to self, never do this again. >> the only thing i have to say is that cam can handle snakes. >> congratulations! >> okay. all right. >> well done. >> i got to say, i thought you were a little more -- >> it's a natural phobia. i can't do anything about it.
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and i should have been wearing a heart rate monitor, so you could have seen how it was busting out of my chest. out of control. >> and the results are in, and cam definitely can. >> i was going to give him a ten out of ten, but i'm still bitter about the josh duhamel thing. >> rematch! >> let's talk about the return of "love connection" with andy cohen. here's proof a love connection is really possible. >> before "love connection," i was a single mother, working a full-time job. >> i had just gotten divorced, i did a videotape, boom, boom, boom, we went on our date. >> would you like to go out with me again, michael? >> yes! >> from the time i stepped out
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of the limosine. >> i proposed to him, and months later, we had kennedy. and now, we have a grandson. >> the classic show is back. >> and the couple will witness something special, their daut daughter going on the show. >> we kind of owe our lives to "love connection." >> you know who else owes everything to the show, chuck woolery. still going strong at 76, working on his podcast, and just lent his voice to an episode of "family guy". never let your guard down. you expect the battle to be fair. >> this is not your mother's "wonder woman." gal gadot said she felt very
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lucky to land the role, but it's a wonder she survived the shoot. >> i had five months of preproduction, horse riding, martial arts, and body work. >> and gal's workout regimen wasn't easy. weapons training, to get her in shape to play princess diana. chris pine as her co-star. >> she's stunning, like, six feet tall, superstrong, kind of emotionally, and her presence is very captivating. >> you're stronger than you believe. >> robin wright is diana's aunt
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who teaches her. and she had a 3,000 calorie a day diet, and said it was totally worth it. >> i get to teach wonder woman how to be a warrior? come on. it was a hoot. >> yeah! >> she's already been a warrior. you've seen her on "house of cards," right? season five coming out on netflix on the 30th. and when we come back, michael fassbender reveals his hidden talent. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: breaking news out of the east bay where the driver in a d-u-i crash that killed a three- year old.... is now facing charges. we have the family's response a mentally unstable man abducts a toddler from san francisco triggering an amber alert. where police think he could be headed i'm steve aveson. i'm pam
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what is your name? >> walter. >> that's michael fassbender. >> turns out he has a hidden talent even ridley scott didn't know about. >> you're a great dancer. >> that was improvised. >> michael plays two androids and it leads to some interesting twists, which opens today. >> you kissed yourself. >> it was actually my double. very close.
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now at eight the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy in custody tonight, facing manslaughter and dui charges in the death of a three year old boy.tonight the boy's family reactswhooshan amber alert issued for a 21- month-old boy taken by his father. ... why police say the boy may be in danger.whoosh i head one gunshota terrifying moment for costco shoppers in danville as masked robbers strike for the second time in less than two weeks,whoosh "comey was just disgusted" friends of the former fbi director relay his feelings about the president ... as new leaks reveal the president called james comey a nut job. you're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) breaking news at 8. eight months after a crash killed a three year old boy in the east bay. the suspected d-u-i driver is now facing charges.(steve)


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