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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight - new video tonight of a tense situation on a bart train. the people involved ... come close to throwing blows.hello i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve's just the latest incident on a bart.... which has been plagued by crime in recent weeks. in the video -- police are nowhere to be found -- as the situation escalates. new at ten: we look into what you need to know if something like this happens
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when you are on bart.(pam) kron4's alecia reid is live in san francisco -- alecia - what do riders need to know to stay safe? according to bart, this particular incident was not reported to police.but officials say it is important for people to report crimes if they believe they've been victimized.pkgnatsot - did this áááá just spit on me? i will fade youit isn't clear what started this altercation, but it quickly got out of control. at one point one of the people in the background, who isn't visible may have spit at the two men on the screen.natsot - both of you shut the áááá up before i knock you the fuck out.sot - i see a lot on bart. i see it all the time unfortunatelya passenger managed to record the altercation. at one point, 2 women stepped in to break it up. but the two parties were still going at racial slurs were thrown out back and forth.delia martin - i'm
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immune now. before i'd get scared but not anymorenatsot - you people in the back, can you call the train operator? this is one of the steps bart officials suggest riders take if there's an incident. you can also change cars, reach out to bart p-d on your cell phone or the bart-watch app, or the intercom inside the car. sot - i would press the intercom button and hope that someone will come. otherwise you gotta fend for yourself mario brown (black guy) - i think that bart should do something to make sure that responses to make sure that something to should do think that bart (black guy) - i mario brown yourselfmario brown (black guy) - i think that bart should do something to make sure that responses to situations like this is quicker mookie flora (asian) - like any major city you're gonna have bad people and you're gonna have good peoplestandup bart officials are looking into what happened. i'm told there are cameras installed on all but 2 dozen of their rail cars. by the end of next month, all train cars are expected working cameras. reporting live from san francisco. (pam) here is a look at
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just some of the bart crimes we were tracking over the memorial day weekend. yesterday, there were car burglaries at the millbrae, colma and el cerrito stations. on sunday -- a man was punched and robbed at the richmond station. and on saturday, a train operator was attacked at the pittsburg -baypoint station. (steve) breaking news at ten:a jet blue airways plane is back in the air and on the way to san francisco international airport... after a laptop battery fire forced it to land in michigan. gerald r ford international airport fire crews responded -- but the fire was out before the plane landed around 8:00 p.m. jetblue flight 915 -- was headed from j-f-k airport in new york. the airport in michigan tweeted this just after eight.. saying the plane is fueled up and will be back on route to sfo. we just checked -- the flight is set to arrive just before midnight. (pam) another big story: police say, a san jose state university student ...
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lied about being kidnapped and forced to drive 500- miles north .. to oregon. we reported earlier.. the woman was found running along a road near brandon, oregon. the 22- year- old told police she was kidnapped at knifepoint ... and the man told her to drive. she said her car eventually ran out of gas. police now say, she has admitted making the story up. (steve) new tonight at ten: oakland's city council is considering whether to go forward with the city attorney's recommendation to try to settle the police sex scandal issue.(pam ) the council has been meeting for hours. our grant lodes is here with the millions of dollars being discussed. (grant) jasemine abuslin...also known as celeste the young woman at the center of this sex crimes scandal. in her claim against the city of oakland...she's looking for 66 million dollars. oakland's city attorney is recommending the city settle for just under
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one million. tonight we talked with council member rebecca kaplan who says she certainly hopes the council approves the settlment. rebecca kaplancouncil member at large kaplan says because this case involved so many officers...a culture change is needed...several officers have been disciplined...four are facing charges. and there is a new, seemingly long term chief in oakland... but that's not the only local city facing legal and or financial issues. abuslin has also
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filed claims against richmond, livermore and san francisco. four . (steve) east bay community is mourning...again...after two more young lives were lost. the two teenagers who died in this terrible crash on memorial day in the city of alameda... went to school in the new haven unified school district in union city. the 17 year olds have been identified as brianna ortega... and simon sotelo. these deaths come
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after 3 - other students in the district died recently. one of those tragedies...just a few weeks ago on mothers day. < "this school is dealing with a staggering loss and so is the community. shane marcelino passed on mothers day morning after coming home on senior prom, then we had on labor day, two other teens in an accident."> counselors were brought in to help students and staff members. as far as the accident .... it is still under investigation... 7 people were inside the truck at the time. police say speed appears to be a factor. (pam) now an update on a story we first told you about last night. . . police confirm that a man who was shot and killed by police
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in vacaville . ... was unarmed. it happened monday morning ... when police discovered a honda civic was stolen .. from out of davis. police say, they attempted to pull the car over... which then turned into a pursuit. the chase began on interstate- 80. . . and ended at the retail outlets. some time shortly afterward the car came to a halt... shots were fired ... killing the suspect. police have not identified the man involved. (steve) just days after child took a terrible tumble off a brand new water slide in dublin... tonight -- there are questions about if the slide ever should have opened in the first place. there is investigation underway... to figure out what went wrong on the three story slide. kron4's justine waldman has an update. the 10 year old boy walked away with just scratchesafter he twistted and flipped over the side of the emerald plunge slide at the brand
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(pam ) within the last 30 minutes the novato school district has approved a measure that will put lights on the atheltic fields at san marin high school. the move will cost the district more than a million dollars.and has some people who live in the area upset.. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live tonight. j.r. what is the reaction from those in attendance tonight? hundreds of students and parents packed into the gym at san marin high school tuesday night in novato. this as the school board decided on whether or not to install lights on their athletic fields.sot and i saw go for itthese nimby's.not in my backyard are everywhere but i say yes lets support the yimby's.yes in my backyardthe plan would cost the district 1.2 million dollars. plus an additional 250-thousand dollars for a new p.a. system.
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neighbors who live nearby say not so fast.sot we're just opposed to the lighting of a neighborhood that has been unlighted for 50 years.sot so we're against it because the environmental impact's to our neighborhood but most importantly the schools can literally not afford it.while a majority of this crowd was in favor of the lights..some believe that the money should be spent in the classroom not on the sports fields. students i talked with said this move would actually benefit them academically.sot couple meetings ago someone said we lost 1500 hours of school time in the winter because we didn't have lights and we also now have a later start time which will increase that. i don't know the math but that's more hours than we need.
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seasonably cool, breezy conditions will persist through midweek with a slight chance of showers late tonight into wednesday morning as an upper level trough moves inland. a drying and warming trend is expected from thursday into the upcoming weekend. (pam) coming up:a man says he was sexually assaulted in a
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northern california park restroom. now -- he wants to share his story as a warning to others. (steve) then -- a suspected killer's courtroom outburst.what the man accused of threatening muslim teens -- and murdering people who tried to stop him -- had to say for himself. (pam) and next:we will show you some of the local men, who police say... they busted during a major prostitution sting.
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two undercover police operations here in the bay area..... have led to dozens of people being charged with prostitution related crimes. officers working in the south bay and east bay say that both men and women have been cited. kron 4's charles clifford has the story. according to the san jose police department a total of 27 adults were cited for prostitution related offenses between may 23rd and may 27th. the san jose police department's metro unit conducted the undercover operation here near oak street and 1st street. the operation targeted both prostitutes and johns. undercover officers solicited dates from suspected prostitutes and female officers posed as prostitutes in a reverse john decoy operation. in all, 6 women were issued citations for engaging in prostitution and 21 men were charged with criminal soliciting of a prostitute.none of the suspects are believed to be involved in human trafficking. police do say that one person was cited for possession of cocaine.of the male suspects, 18 are residents of san jose and two live in santa clara county.also, on tuesday, the hayward police department announced that 9 men have been arrested and cited for
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soliciting prostitution in hayward. all of the suspects were arrested after responding to an online ad and agreeing to meet undercover officers posing as prostitutes at a hayward san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) a couple has been convicted in the murder and torture of a 3-year-old girl in napa. 27-year-old sarah krueger and her boyfriend- ryan warner... now face 25-years to life in prison, for each of the murder and assault charges. kruegers daughter - kayleigh slusher's body, which had been placed in a freezer, was found in february of 20-14 in a suitcase in an apartment. police arrested krueger and warner the next day.. at a bart station in el cerrito. the napa county district attorney's office is 'not' seeking the death penalty in this case. ( pam ) in the south bay... the long running trial of the man convicted in the march 20-12 murder of sierra lamar... is nearing an end. closing arguments in the penalty phase of the trial got underway today... attorneys
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for garcia- torres asked the jury to show him mercy .... by sentencing him to life in prison without parole. the prosecution argues that the death penalty is the only fair and just sentence for sierra lamarr and her family. (steven clark/legal analyst):" i think in the back of the jury's mind is that if he's executed the knowledge of where sierra is will go with him and that may be a kind of subliminal thong that's out there with this jury, that the location of sierra is still a mystery (pam) the jury (pam) the jury deliberated just two days before reaching a decision in the guilt phase of the trial. clark says the penalty phase in a capitol case like this, deciding whether someone lives or dies, is the toughest decision any jury is asked to make. (steve) now back to a story we told you about earlier.. a child tumbles off a brand new water slide in dublin. kron4's justine waldman has an update on the
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investigation. the 10 year old boy walked away with just scratchesafter he twistted and flipped over the side of the emerald plunge slide at the brand new the wave water park.sot it is disconcerting to say the least that this occurredcalosha is leading the investigation into why the boy was ejected.. and landed on the concrete. spokesperson erika monterroza tells me.. reports indicating ponding is to blame as to why the boy hydroplaned .. are premature.sot we are def looking at the water levels at the bottom of the trouf the configuration of the slide and of course that was reviewed before the slide opened toothe $43 million dollar water park in dublin had its grand opening on saturday.but before the slide had to pass a series of strict tests.a report from a calosha inspection in april showed the plunge.. was in need of repair and lacking the required documentation.. .the slide had 17 problems including procedures for maintaining water bolts and sharp fencing.on friday, calosha did a follow-up inspection .. sot they
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completed that until punch list in order for the permit to be issued.the only thing outstanding park staff was not up speed on daily inspections.. including checking out equipment.the alameda county fire department would do that.the boy took his terrifying tumble.. 90 minutes after the park opened raising questions as to if the slide was really ready for riders sot listen that is part of what we are looking at we are looking into whether the inspection was up to par and there are corrections we need to make on our end as well justine waldman / @justinewaldman"we did hear from the maker of the water slide.. whitewater west told us fortuantly these types of incidents are very rare. but we take it very seriously because safety is at top priority.meanwhile the water slide will remain closed until the investigation is finished. that could be weeks. in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news."
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(pam) a live look outside tonight... a cloudy day all around the bay..(steve) brittney is here to tell us if the sunshine is back wednesday.. seasonably cool, breezy conditions will persist through midweek with a slight chance of showers late tonight into wednesday morning as an upper level trough moves inland. a drying and warming trend is expected from thursday into the upcoming weekend.
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(steve) this just in; police now say that a gunman reported at the orlando airport -- was attempting to commit suicide by cop. there was a massive police response...investigators say the 26-year-old man did not have a real gun -- only a replica. some flights were delayed during the nearly three-hour standoff. a crisis negotiator was able to get the man to surrender airport operations are now returning to normal. (pam) still ahead:doctors said, there was no medicine that could treat their young son.. who has severe epilepsy. that is until they learned of the healing powers of one controversial plant.tonight we go indepth on hemp. (steve) but first...a man says he was sexually assaulted in a northern california park bathroom. tonight -- the victim wants to share his story... so no one else gets hurt.
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tonight --a man and his husband say they are traumatized... that's after one of the men -- who struggles with disabilities -- says he was gang raped in a sacramento park restroom. reporter son-see-ahray tonsall -- talked to the victim -- who wants his story heard. sot: 2-shot: 20:37:44:22/ 4 secs"how are you doing? today?" how are you feeling?/ today has been really bad." steven clouse.... struggling through the last three days since he says he was physically attacked and gang raped at tahoe's a claim under investigation by the sacramento police department.clouse - who has autism, cerebral palsy, lujan- fryns syndrome and adhd - was at the park filling in his coloring book - when he says the attack began with indecent exposure.sot: 20:33:26:55"all of a sudden these four guys came up to me whipping their things -opening their zippers and i was like...what the heck.. and they they said retards shouldn't be coloring in their coloring books this and that...ignore them..they're gonna ago
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away... they never did..went to the bathroom and i got sick. while in the park bathroom... the 29 year old says an older man armed with a knife whom he hadn't seen before came in and attacked him...the original group of 4 joining in a violent assault.sot: 2034:23:26/ 28"i had to do what they wanted so they just raped me the whole time." sot: 20:30:17:27/ 5 secs"you did something horrible and just know that you did something horrible. we're gonna find you the cops are going to find you."nat sot : horriblefriends have brought by some of clouse's favorite aniamls to try and bring back the smiole they say he lost friday. 20:40:51:28/ 10 secswhat would say to the peple who would behavi8orn this way hurt someone they don';t know. i would wnat to sday think begfgore hurting somenoinie cux you don't know what you're doiung to that person's life." (pam) that was son-see-ahray tonsall reporting typically, we would not identifty a sex assault victim.. but the man in this story specifically wanted
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to share what happened .... in hopes of catching the suspects. (steve) still ahead -- the courtroom outburst from the man accused of threatening muslim teens on a train.. then killing people who tried to stop him. (pam) then:with looming threats from north korea how the united states tested its california missile defenses today. (steve) and next:parents and students demanding action... after a girl was videotaped using the restroom..t's not the only recent problem at this east bay school.
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(steve) zero tolerence for bullying in the san ramon valley unified school district. that is what some students are calling for in the wake of a recent bullying incident at san ramon valley high school. (pam) that incident involved a student video- recording a classmate, who was using the restroom. although the student was arrested for invasion of privacy.... the student was allowed to return to school after a short suspension. this is the latest in a string of controversial incidents dating back to 2016 .... at san ramon valley high school. today, kron 4's haaziq madyun talked with a group of students.... they say, it is time for the school district to say.... 'no more' to these types of incidents
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would have handled it a little more seriously it wouldn't have come to this"> these san ramon valley high school students are discussing incidents of bullying, racial insensitivity, islamaphobia and invasion of privacy that has occurred on campuses throughout the school district this year...and what they think the san ramon valley unified school distrcict needs to do about it
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right not dealing with everything we are dealing with. i think it could have been prevented">today the san ramon valley unified school district released this statement on their website regarding these recent incident which reads in part... "the san ramon valley unified school district is committed to protecting students. we have policies in place that prohibit the bullying of any student or employee. srvusd takes reports of bullying very seriously, and site administration investigates them immediately"however these students say the district needs to establish a clear policy, zero tolerence for bullying in danville haaziq madyun kron4news
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(steve) chaos in the courtroom... the man accused of killing two people who tried to defend two muslim women - making his first court appearance and within moments of stepping before the judge... the man - who police believe targeted the women because they were muslim - started to yell - as cnn's dan simon reports, his outburst lasted the hearing. nats"free speech or die in portland. get out if you don't like free speech."35 year old jeremy christian launching into a verbal tirade.... at what was supposed to be a routine court hearing in portland. he didn't specifically acknowledge the stabbings... but the message was clear.... no remorse..nats"death to the enemies of america. you call
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it terrorism. i call it patriotism, you hear me? die!" it was friday night at the height of rush hour.... when christian began yelling anti muslim epithets at 2 women, including one wearing a hijab. destinee magnum/victim: "he told us to go back to saudi arabi and he told us that we shouldn't be here and to get out of his country."53 year-old ricky best and 23 year-old taliesin namkai meche confronted the hate spewing assailant ...that's when christian pulled out a knife....destinee magnum/victim: "he just started stabbing people and it was just blood everywhere and we just started running for our lives."best, a father of 4 and army veteran and meche, a recent college graduate, were both killed.a third victim--- 21 year old micah fletcher survived and is being treated for serious injuries.on a train the very night before ... a woman was so alarmed by christian's behavior--- she began recording on her cell phone.nats: "oh, it looks like we got a christian or a muslim (expletive) bus driver..i'll stab you too." christian's facebook page, also shows an affinity for nazism and white supremacy. president trump condemned the attacks yesterday on twitter--- notably from the official white house account-- not his personal one."the violent attacks in portland on friday are unacceptable. the victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. our prayers are
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with his critics it came two days too late... who note the president had time to tweet about fake news before weighing in on the stabbings. mayor ted wheeler, portland, oregon: "it's not my job as mayor of portland to wordsmith for the president but i would say the country needs his leadership on these issues." (steve) portland's mayor is also concerned about an upcoming quote "trump free speech rally." with the community still reeling, he is urging organizers to cancel the event saying these kind of rallies have the potential for bloodshed-- like past events in portland and berkeley, when groups from the far right and far left violently clashed (pam) another big story tonight:the pentagon says,
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it has ásuccessfully - shot down a mock warheard over the pacific ocean. the test was the first of its kind... in nearly three years. and it was the first test ever targeting an inter- continental- range missile.. like the ones north korea is said to be developing. officials launched a test missile from the marshall islands.. and used sensors to track its movement. the defense system analyzed the data and fired an interceptor missile from vandenberg air force base, north of santa barbara. (pam) we are also tracking developments out of washington tonight. today we learned... fired national security adviser michael flynn says .. he is going to hand over some documents to a senate intelligence panel. this, as the russia investigation continues to expand. meantime, the president is firing back at germany .. on twitter --- amid the latest white house staff shakeup. reporter scott mclean, from our partners at c-n-n, has more. president trump's public schedule is light -- but his
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to do list is only getting longer. white house communications director mike dubke -- is stepping down amid rumors of a staff shakeup. kellyanne conway/white house adviser "he has expressed his desire to leave the white house."fired former campaign manager corey lewandowski has been spotted at the white house recently -- and has been mentioned to potentially lead a new white house war room to quickly respond to develpments in the russian probe. on tuesday press secretary sean spicer held his first on camera briefing in nearly two weeks -- on the same day the president's personal lawyer declined to cooperate with congressional investigations into russian meddling in the election. spicer deflected questions about the probe, and complained about the tone of reporting. sean spicer/white house press secretary: "what i'm telling you is that the reason that the president is frustrated is because there's a perpetuation of false narratives, use of unnamed sources over and over again." the president is also struggling to make nice with allies. trump, a self-desribed counter-puncher, is punching back after german chancellor angela merkel, who is up for re-election, said again on
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tuesday: "there are more reasons than there even were before to take our fate into our hands in europe."on twitter, trump writing... "we have a massive trade deficit with germany, plus they pay far less than they should on nato & military. very bad for u.s. this will change"in washington, i'm scott mclean (steve) house minority leader nancy pelosi called for an independent look into russian interference of the presidential election at a speaking engagement in san francisco. the congresswoman spoke to a sold out event hosted by the commonwealth club in nob hill. she says she respects robert mueller, the former fbi director, who now leads the probe for the justice department. but she because mueller reports to trump appointed leadership, she believes the american people need an outside investigation. (grant) new tonight at ten: the man who married his former sixth-grade teacher
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after she was jailed for raping him has filed for legal separation from her. you may remember... mary kay letourneau, she was a married 34-year-old teacher - and mother of four in seattle - when she began an affair with vili fualaau... in 1996-- he was her 13-year-old student. mary kay gave birth to his child before she went on to serve more than seven years in prison...for having that relationship. after she was released from prison, the couple got married. that was 12 years ago. now, he has filed for legal separation. neither side is commenting publicly at this time. coming upnats: ambiance one of my co-workers sent me an email calling this location in san francisco u-turn city . is it really as bad as he claims . we'll have a look in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(pam) then: we go indepth on parents say.... a controversial plant helped their son with severe epilepsy.
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danon: wage growth wasn't really around for a good part of the economic recovery but we're starting to get enough wage growth, do you think or at least some?black: enough. so enough to very good. . . .enough to good is the way i would refer to it. so economic data that will probably put you to sleep if i get too fine-detailed with it. . . income rose about four-tenths of a percent in the month of april. there was a almost no inflation. u.s. consumer spending also recorded its biggest increase in four months in april. . . monthly inflation rebounded ever so slightly-- appointing to the firming domestic demand. this could mean again the federal
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reserve raises interest rates later in the year, probably another two times, which would hurt those mortgages and home prices and would hurt our borrowing costs and buying a new car-costs. so there's good news and there's bad news. really no right answer when you talk economics. . . .there's just compromises. so incomes are rising but that means inflation is right around the corner. danon: alright, we're talking amazon and you know, i remember opening up my amazon account back in ninety-seven, ninety- eight and people thought it was crazy to put my credit card information online. now, a thousand dollars a share for the stock for the first time ever today. pretty incredible.. . .black: yeah, and they've had stock splits along the way. so if it wasn't for the stock splits, i'll tell you what the price will be in just a minute, but alphabet and google have been going race against each other to get to that thousand dollars a share. looks like amazon beat them, they hit a thousand dollars a share today. alphabet which is also known as google, real close as well. they're probably ten/fifteen points away at this point in time. so the
10:43 pm
company is fifty-two week low for amazon is six eighty-two. so in the last fifty-two weeks you can get it for six hundred and eighty two dollars. it's a monster gain this year. . . up to a thousand dollars a share. amazon's had three stocks what, since 1997. when amazon hit thousand, they technically. . .that means their shares are at 12- thousand considering their ipo came out in the forty-dollar range. that was a heck of a steal if you were able to get in on it. black: post your questions for rob on his facebook place and we'll try to answer them on the air here at kron4.
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breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! (pam) in depth tonight: we look into the potential healing power of a controversial plant. reporter leanne stuck .... introduces us to one kentucky family.. who had run out of hope. doctors said, their was no medicine that could treat their young son with severe epilepsy.
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then... the family tried hemp. the wooton family was at a dead end with no hope in site, no medicine or medical treatment could cure 5 year old eli of his severe epilepsy...but little did they know their hope would sprout from the ground. and the cure that they had been so desperately looking for would come from a natural planthemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man.hemp is a cannabis based plant that contains low amounts of thc, commonly found in marijuana. (chad wilson -- green remedy: "but the difference is in the thc and the fiber and quality of the stalk but the main thing is the point three thc and there is no psychoactive effect ") hemp is a renewable resource that can be used to make food, fuel, and fiber. and now has healing abilities that are shocking the nation. meet now 7 tear old eli wooton. two years ago he couldn't talk or get through a day with out
10:48 pm
having dozens of seizures. he was battling a rare form of severe epilepsy. (rita wooton -- elis mother : "the doctor comes in and we talk and at this point eli has probably had 70 or 80 seizures in like 12 hours and we had did loading doses of dilantin we did nezelverstat but they never stopped ")eli would often stop breathing during seizures, leading to countless emergency room trips. (rita wooton -- elis mother: "that one particular year we made 25 trips to cincinnati childrens five life flights and 17 admissions ")but still no improvements...( rita wooton -- elis mother:"there was nothing else in the medical world that could be done for him there is no cure for this ")that is until a rural kentucky based company, green remedy, heard eli's story and stepped in.(chad wilson -- green remedy: "i called and said look i'm chad with green remedy please don't think i'm crazy i said i grow hemp and she started crying and she said you're going to help my baby and i'm sorry but this is real for me ")(rita wooton --
10:49 pm
elis mother: "we were willing to try anything because we knew eli's life was on the line ")amazingly using after just one treatment, of oil extracted from hemp, eli began to speak.not only did he speak, but his seizures stopped.(rita wooton -- elis mother : "two days after we started the medicine we got words the first time i ever heard him say mom mom he was 5 and a half years old ")since beginning cbd oil treatments, eli has not had a seizure in two years...bringing not only his family, but doctors to tears. (rita wooton -- elis mother: "they were like in awe even dr mangonna a big strong man that we absolutely love and you know he was crying and in tears ")(nat: hut, hut, hut.)(ricky wooton -- elis father : "today all he wants to do is when he gets home from school is play football he has about 50 or 60 footballs he loves to play football ")leanne stuck kron 4 news.
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seasonably cool, breezy conditions will persist through midweek with a slight chance of showers late tonight into wednesday morning as an upper level trough moves inland. a drying and warming trend is expected from thursday into the upcoming weekend.
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suspensions have come down for yesterday's brawl hunter strickland has been suspended 6 games bryce harper 4 games both were also fined and both have appealedmadison bumgarner throwing for the first time since his dirt bike injury two days before originally scheduledtop 2nd/ 2-0 nationalsjeff samardzija tagged early gives up the rbi single to the pitcher gio gonzales (former oakland a) 3- 0 nationals(samardzija: 4 ip, 9 hits, 3 runs threw 100 pitches in 4 innings)bottom 2nd giants make a comeback orlando calixte (cal-ix-ay)
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drives one into the left field corner aaron hill and gorky's hernandez score calixte with the his 1st two major league hits and 1st major league rbi 3-2 natstop 5th/ 3-2 nats michael taylor up the middle off bryan morris 2 more runs scores 5-2 nats(turner: 3 hits)right now: 6-3 nationals buster posey: 3 hits (3-for-3 so far) a's in clevelandthe stadium club behind the glass at progressive fieldthe a's took a 3-0 lead but it all came apart fast bottom 4thbradley zimmer doubles off the wall in right field 2 runners score 4-3 indians a 4-run 4th (zimmer: 2 hits, 4 rbi)sonny gray: 4 2/3 innings pitched, 7
10:53 pm
hits, 7 runs (2-2) warriors-cavs game 1 only two days awaysteve kerr at practice today working his back out on the exercise ball mike brown back at practice after being out yesterday due to illness kevin durant working with special assistant steve nash this is this first time in nba history the same two teams will meet in the finals three stright yearsof course the key for the warriors will be slowing down lebron james who is averaging 32.5 points per game in the playoffsdurant and brown were asked how do you handle lebron?(durant, borwn & david west) "challenge him, just challenge him like we do with any other really good player. try to challenge him, don't get discouraged. he's gonna make shots, he's gonna shoot tough ones. just let him know you're gonna come back down the next play and play the same type of defense." the raiders continuing their offseason training tday in alamedajack del rio
10:54 pm
strutting aroundmarshawn lynch working out with the running backsbut the big topic derek carr's contract the quarterback is in the final year of his rookie deal and making less than $1 million per season maybe the best bargan in football negotiations are ongoing to sign him to a mulit-year deal worth well over $100 million today carr said if it's not done by training camp he doesn't want to talk about it anymore but he's not worried (sot: carr) derek carr" that should get going real soon, i would hope because once training camp hits i'm all football. i'm not going to distract my teammates. you guys are going to want to know and things like that. trust me, if it's not done by training camp i'm not worried about it." much more news ahead at the top of the hour... including the flight headed to sfo, which was diverted.. after a laptop erupted in flames... when that plane is now expected to arrive in the bay area... stay tuned for kron 4 news at 11.... all the day's
10:55 pm
news and your forecast... in half the time.but first... stanley roberts hits the streets of san francisco where drivers apparently aren't paying attention to the signs that clearly u-turns.
10:56 pm
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emails from viewers with ideas for his segments,... however this time... the request came from a member of the kron4 family. ((steve))our 6pm producer noticed a real danger for his neighbors, an increasing number of unsafe u-turns in an area where u-turns are against the law. there is a right way and a wrong way to get around in san francisco nats: ambiance this u-turn in front or should i say behind the cable cars at california and davis is the wrong way the driver this is
10:59 pm
an uber driver and needed to pick up a fare ambiance welcome to san francisco's financial district which is really one giant business district which basically means no u-turns nats ambiance however since people like to make up their own rules like running red lights nats ambiance and ignoring no turn signs. you end up getting people doing what every they feel such as making their own turn lanes and of course illegal u-turns nats: ambiance it really wasn't hard to find drivers making u-turns that were not in the intersection but more like in questionable spotsnats: ambiance for example this uber driver if stopped to pick up a passenger then shortely afwards the driver flips a uturn across the cable car tracksnats: ambiance the driver in the van also flips a u-turn so close to the intersection but not in the intersection all so the driver could get a parking space in the opposite direction nats: ambiance this drivers driver across the cable car island and takes off nat: ambiancedispite the fact that u-turns are not permitted not many people are paying attention and they usually don't until there is someone with a ticket book in hand and who knows that may actually
11:00 pm
happen shortly . but want do i knowin san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news ((steve)) ((steve))frightening moments onboard a jetblue plane headed to san francisco...i'm steve aveson.((pam))and i'm pam moore.that flight from j-f-k to s-f-o ... had to be diverted to michigan after a laptop caught fire.((steve)) grant lodes is tracking the developments.... grant? (grant) that plane is set to land within the hour here at sfo. and any fire on any plane is always disconcerting, but especially so tonight...because of terror concerns connected to laptops on planes.


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