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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 1, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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accord.why the president says america is hurt by the fight against global warming.whooshi want to tak to you about your restaurant ... i;m a reporter we visit the east bay restaurant shut down by rats. whooshsix figure salaries for bart janitors .. cleaning up in more ways than one,, i can tell you they earned every single pennyyou're watching kron four news in prime time. (grant) breaking news tonight at 8. evacuations are underway right now. because of a fast-spreading fire. thank you for joining us i'm grant lodes...steve aveson is off tonight.(pam) and i'm pam moore. that fire is burning near highway- 12 in fairfield. it is in the area of pennsylvania avenue. the fairfield vista apartment complex is evacuated because of the fire. and fire officials say, the backyard fences of some homes were also being threatened at one point. the fire has shutdown westbound lanes of highway- 12 between
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pennsylvania and beck avenues. (grant) fueled by wind and grass the fire has been growing since this afternoon ... now it is threatening those apartments... and fire fighters from vallejo have been called in to help. the highway closure is causing traffic to backup on the east bound side ... a kron-4 crew is on the way.. we will keep tracking the breaking news and bring you updates throughout the hour. and you can always stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free mobile app (grant) the verdict is in. three jail guards are guilty of second degree murder. (pam) it is in the beating death of mentally ill inmate michael tyree .. it happened back in 20-15. kron 4's charles clifford was in the south bay after the verdict was read.. he joins us live from san jose with the punishment those deputies could face. charles. . . well, the jury in this trail
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deliberated the case for three days and now three correctional deputies here in santa clara county are each facing 15 years to life in prison. thursday afternoon, a jury found 28 year old rafael rodrigues, 30-year-old jereh lubrin and 28-year-old matthew farris each guilty of second degree murder in the killing of 31-year-old michael tyree. tyree was found dead in his cell at the santa clara county jail back on aug. 26, 2015. he was naked, badly beaten, and covered in vomit and feces. several weeks later, the coroner later determined that tyree had died from blunt force trauma. the three correctional officer charged with his care at the jail. .rodrigues, lubrin and farris. . were arrested the next day. the defendants showed no emotion while the verdict was read on thursday.. all three were handcuffed and taken into custody shortly there after. speaking in front of the courthouse, santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen said he believes justice has been served, but that the verdict brings him no joy.sot
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it's a sad day when law enforcement officers are convicted, when those who are sworn to uphold the law and protect others choose to victimize and in this case kill a mentally inmate. so it's a very sad day.santa clara sheriff laurie smith, who's department came under intense scrutiny as a result of this case, said she hopes the sheriffs office can regain the public's trust.sotwe will not be defined by the actions of these three individuals. we have been undergoing a broad transformation ensuring transparency, safety and quality within our facilities. smith also said that an internal investigation into this case continues at the sheriff's office. the three deputies will also be eligible for parole, but will need to serve at least 15 years before they are eligible. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant) a pastor in menlo park has been arrested on suspicion of sex crimes against minors and adults. police interviewed 47-year-old victor tax-gomez at the police department after they say several victims...some less than 15 years old...say he voilated them sexually.
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after the interview tax-gomex was arrested for the sex crimes. tax-gomez is a pastor at a church on chilco street... investigators say they're still trying to find out whether tax-gomez had other victims.... and are asking people to contact them if that's the case. (pam) the u=s is dropping out of the worldwide effort to fight global warming..(grant)warming.. global effort to fight worldwide out of the is dropping the u=s (pam)accord.">the paris climate accord.">(pam) the u=s is dropping out of the worldwide effort to fight global warming..(grant) environmentalists are outraged, but the president's conservative base is cheering.. (pam) as catherine heenan reports, the prsident's message was ... america first. "i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not
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paris."the eiffel tower was lit up in green as then president obama and other world leaders met to sign the agreement .in november of 2015. it set a target of limiting global warming to three point six degrees farenheit by 2025. the u=s and outher countries pledged to cut thei output of greenhouse gasses by up to 28 percent.and the u=s pledged three billion dollars to a fundto help developing countries develop clean energy sources.president trump took that money off the table today. "at what point does america get demeaned, at what point do they start laughing at us as a country? we want fair treatment for its citizens, and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. we don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us any more. and they won't be."the president said his decision
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will mean more jobs ... particularly in the coal industry"and i happen to love the coal miners"critics say the pullout will dramatically undermine the efforts to fight global warming by reducing carbon emissionsthe u=s is the world's second largest producer of carbon dioxide.... behind china.the chinese government said today it plans to step into the leadership role."regardless whether other countries have changed their positions, we will continue to uphold the idea of being innovative and open in the fight against global climate change." but president trump says the talk about global warming is a smokescreen."this agreeement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the united states. (grant) reaction has been fast and furious since the president's announcement.(pam) kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with the latest. (vicki) yeah, grant and pam... cheers from some conservatives. jeers from others. the president's decision to pull out of the paris climate agreement... widely criticized by world leaders among others...
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ceo's reacting swiftly - tesla's elon musk tweeting out that he's leaving the president's economic advisory council as a result. disney ceo bob iger... resigning from the council he says as a matter of principle. ge ceo jeffry immelt says climate change is real. industry must lead and not depend on government. facebook's mark zuckerberg says trump's decision quote - "puts our children's future at risk." and here's what governor jerry brown had to say... also a group of 61 u.s. mayors
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signing a letter in reaction ... that their cities will uphold the paris agreement to protect the planet - with or without the president's blessing. grant? (grant) police have made an arrest in connection to a string of car break-ins at several bart stations. earlier this week... bart police reported as many as 16 cars had been burglarized. nine of those happening in one day at the millbrae bart station. then yesterday, a daly city police officer arrested two teens for auto burglary in the parking lot of century theatres - which is near the daly city bart station. one of the teens was then identified as a suspect in the string of bart crimes. (pam) a cringe- worthy story now... a popular seafood restaurant has been
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shut down by the contra costa environmental health department. yesterday, a customer at lin's buffet in concord ... reported seeing evidence of a rat infestation inside the restaurant. health inspectors confirmed the existence of rats... and quickly closed lin's buffet. (pam) environmental health officials say, lin's buffet has a history of complaints and violations. for now, the restaurant will remain closed indefinitely. it will reopen after it passes an inspection with no sign of any rodents.
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( grant ) family and friends of the victims in that terrible accident in alameda on memorial day are demanding answers from the driver.(pam) and tonight, we are also learning some new information about one of the victims, who is still in the hospital ... in critical condition. this is a picture of sergio garcia valdez. his aunt reached out to us - saying, family members have been by his side ever since he was taken to highland hospital. the aunt says he owned the truck involved in the crash, but he was 'not' behind the wheel. last night, at a vigil near the crash scene, family members of one of people who died said, they want the driver to face charges. (pam) alameda police continue to investigate the cause of the crash. witnesses say, they saw the truck speeding down the street.. when it clipped a minivan and rolled several times.
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(grant) a week long search for a suspect... ended in an officer involved shooting in vallejo. police there say they tracked a man who led them on a chase to martinez last night. they say 20 year old kevin de-carlo twice evaded officers in recent days... one time leading them on a chase....he got away another time crashing into a patrol car before running away. then last night they found him at a house near martinez. police say he tried escaping for a third time by hitting another patrol car... that's when officers shot him.. he's now in the hospital. (pam) the wait is finally over for warriors fans. the warriors and cavs are playing in their third straight n-b-a finals(grant) the game is late in the fourth quarter right now kron-4's mark carpenter has some storylines to keep an eye on throughout this series mark carpenter checking in for game 1 from oracle arena for game 1 of the nba finals, part three of warriors cavaliersso
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many storylines going into this series, lets start with the fact both teams are 24-1 coming into this championship round, the warriors a perfect 12-0theres also so much starpower...7-all stars on both sides. and we cant forget about last year, warriors win 73 games, have a 3-1 lead and the cavs come back to win in 7. so much drama and intrigue and we'll see what unfolds tonight (áááon camááá)coming up later on kron4 news at 10, we'll have full highlights and postgame reaction ahead at eight.. planned parenthood locations in the bay area... shutting down . why they have to close their doors. plus. sickened by a rare disease,.. but she survived. we're hearing from a woman who contracted botulism. and next... more than
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300-thousand dollars. the eye- popping amount of money just three bart janitors racked up .. how they ended up with the extra cash. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. (pam) more than 365-thousand dollars ... that's the mind boggling amount of money three bart janitors, combined to rack up in overtime last year... (grant) but as kron four's philippe djegal
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reports... bart says those employees, or any others for that matter, will not get close to that figure this year. (philippe) records show that in 20-16... three bart system service workers, or janitors.... each worked more than two- thousand-500 hours of overtime... gapo (gah-poh) chan... liang zhao zhang (lee-ang jzao jzang)... and, yiu fai ko (you-fi-ko).alicia troast/bart- "they're taking the hours, but i can also tell you they don't have the highest seniority, which means, other people are saying no to the hours and they are taking them." bart spokesperson alicia troast says that abundance of volunteer overtime resulted in each of those employees making more than 115-thousand dollars in overtime... on top of their roughly 60-thousand dollar base salary. all while working in the downtown san francisco stations. and, this isn't the first time zhang (jzang) has made headlines. in 20-15, he
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earned about 162-thousand dollars in overtime, working an average of 114 hours per week.alicia troast/bart- "and, i can tell you they earned every single penny, and they are doing a thankless job of cleaning up urine, feces, uh, needles. they are scrubbing our downtown san francisco stations troast adds though that in anticipation of up to a 25-million dollar budget shortfall to start off this year... bart cutoff the overtime available for employees like the three janitors in question. so, in 20-17, they're only making their base salaries.alicia troast/bart- "our police officers are still able to do overtime because that's a safety issue, but when the 20-17 data comes out, its gonna show a significant drop, um, in the overtime of these employees and others." by not offering overtime so far this year... troast says bart has saved seven million dollars. though bart is in a hiring freeze on vacated positions due to retirement... it is filling in new openings for janitors.
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though, bart concedes it's cheaper to offer current employees overtime... rather than fill the vacated positions have to pay out benefits. philippe four news. (pam) planned parenthood is slated to close three bay area locations ... this month. (grant) the closures come after their federal funding is threatened under the trump administration.(grant) the clinics in pittsburg, vacaville and central richmond are closing their doors. officials say they help all patients...regardless if they insurance... in those cases they get re-imbursement from the state. but it's been low....and it's costing them. they are pushing for more funding including money from the cigarette tax. planned parenthood plans to direct their patients to nearby locations. (pam) with the recent outbreak of botulism at a walnut grove gas station... a 22-year old survivor is speaking out about her
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experience with the disease.. karina uroza says, the first sympton she experienced last feburary was blurred vision.. by the next day, problems escalated... she was losing her ability to walk or even talk.. it took a few days for doctors to diagnose her correctly. she ended up staying in the i-c-u for three weeks... and was forced to drop out of u-c- davis for the semester. (pam) karina uroza recovered in about half of the usual time... she was able to return to school and is graduating this year with a degree in psychology.. (grant) dam safety experts across the nation are raising concerns after the surprise failure of the oroville dam spillways. investigators say there appeared to be no warnings of them falling apart. this caused nearly two-
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hundred-thousand people to be evacuated from their homes back in february. now a private team of experts will be performing their own investigation into the failure. (pam)live look outside (grant) brittney has the forecast seasonably cool conditions are expected today with slight warming friday and saturday as weak high pressure builds over california. an approaching low pressure trough will bring cooler temperatures to the area by early next week.
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situation. i was in fear for my life."> new ahead at 8. afraid for her life ---she
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((gary sports tease))gary radnich"coming up a little later in this broadcast, you know the story coast to coast tonight. it's the warriors and the cavaliers, we will show you some highlights and if they show up in time, we will have some post game reaction. warriors and cavs, its game one, later in this broadcast. "
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lead)) new at has expanded its two hour home delivery service; known as "prime now", throughout the bay area.and amazon is now offering almost all products you find at grocery stores or department stores...including some bay area local favorites like "peninsula beauty".... kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows you how this app can offer some convenience during your busy week. ((pkg))
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((pkg))amazon's prime now is a separate stand alone app that let's you order groceries or products and have them delivered to you within 2 hours for freeor if you want to pay an additional $8 you can opt for their 1 hour can also choose for something to be delivered to you the next day if you want to plan ahead.i tested it out this type of service seems like it would come in handy if you need a last minute gift anniversary is coming up so i grabbed a few things for the misses.after ordering you can track the driver and your stuff on a map the items were delivered to me in the 2 hour window no cash exchanges hands payment is through the app attached to your amazon payment use prime now you need to be an amazon prime subscriber and the purchase minimum is $ first this service only offered a couple hundred items for delivery now you can find almost anything you might need..and they recently made a deal with peninsula beauty to tap all of their products for
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2 hour delivery. gabe slate /tech reporter says:they will verify age upon delivery and they stop alcohol deliveries at midnight.where i really see this prime now coming in handy is for those items you really need quickly and don't have time to go to the store . like diapers or if your coffee maker breaks you know things you use daily and rely onif you have amazon's echo speaker with the voice assistant alexa you can order items with your voicenats - orderingand two hours later they show up..wytrgs ahead at eight.. a california father calls his five year old son a hero.... what the young boy did.. when the family was in life- threatening danger. the ultimate finals showdown. warriors take on the cavs in game one. we're live from oracle arena
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ultimate finals showdown, as the warriors and cavaliers go head to head for the championship.... for the third straight year.(pam) dubs fans rocking tonight at oracle arena. and right now it's looking like the victory will be theirs.. (grant) kron-4's alecia reid joins us live tonight from oracle....where fans say they aren't too worried. alecia
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this is a game everyone's been waiting for all season long, and now we're finally here.the jitters and excitement were on high this evening.the energy inside the arena is electric. people came from near and far. both cavs and warriors fans. this is what many are calling a revenge's the first trilogy in the history of the n-b-a and dubnation is here for itwe took it in 2015, then the cavs won the trophy last year in game 7 . and the worst part about that win, was that it happened right here in our home. dubnation fans are not here for that this year.this is a high stakes finals, and both teams want that win.sotsotsot
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sotthe warriors definitely came out to play may be a little premature, but warriors fans are already planning for the parade. reporting live from oracle arena .
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((pam))we are staying on top of breaking news in the north bay.((grant))a grass fire in fairfield forced the
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evacuation of an apartment complex.((pam))kron 4's hermela aregawi just got to the scene.... she's live tonight with the very latest, hermela?
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(pam) a family in sacramento is crediting a five-year-old boy... with saving them from drowning this weekend... joshua serna... had never been on a jet ski before, and he does not know how to swim... but this weekend his family says,
8:37 pm
despite all of that ... he jumped into action. his father was driving a jet ski with his mother... younger brother and a friends' child was being pulled behind on an inner tube.. that's when the inner tube began to deflate.. the father jumped in to help, but all four began going under. in the midst of panic and confusion..... young joshua was told to drive the jet ski over to his family. and somehow.... the little boy managed to do it. (pam) a couple of other boaters eventually showed up to help too... but the family is crediting god ... and their young son ... for everyone being ok..
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did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. now it's our lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed, save $700. ends sunday. go to for a store near you. (pam) a lyft driver in
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wichita, kansas loses her job... after she pulled a gun on her passengers... she says.. they were sexually assaulting her...(grant) now because of that weapon... lyft says she can no longer drive for them... it happened during memorial day weekend... the woman who only wants her first name of coumba used...says it was her first night driving for lyft... she picked up two men who initially told her to just drive and didn't give her an address... she drove to a few places including the zoo before going back to the original place... where a third man got into the car. coumba drove to another location and as the men were getting out of the car... both men touched her breasts... she called police and even called lyft... who initially apologized for the incident , but when she woke up the next day... her driver's account was deactivated due to the
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company's 'no weapons' policy. (grant) coumba says she wouldn't change a thing about carrying the gun. wichita police are investigating. (grant)live look outside(pam) brittney has forecast. seasonably cool conditions are expected today with slight warming friday and saturday as weak high pressure builds over california. an approaching low pressure trough will bring cooler temperatures to the area by
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early next week. (pam) in sports -- (pam) (pam) in sports -- game
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one of the n-b-a finals between the warriors and cavs.. is in the books (grant) our sports director, gary radnich has all the highlights and reaction from oracle arena after their blowout win over cleveland that's all coming up after the break the bathroom. when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well,
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eating. laura:: from there there are some apps you can keep on your smartphone that will help you save money once you've chosen your healthy products.ibotta and grocery i-q are two good ones that can help you save money.i'll link you to some of our other grocery finally warriors-cavs game 1 steph and lebron sharing a hg before the gamekevin durant...
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getting ready1st quarterlebron james big dunk over javale mcgee(james: late 1st quarter steph curry with the razle- dazzle and makes the lay-up 2nd quarterkevin durant takes over coast-to-coast for the big dunkdurant again on the break and throws it down!... he had 20 at the half 60-52 warriors at the half celebritiesm.c hammer the oakland nativekevin hartjay-z rihanna3rd quartercurry fakes out lebron and hits the 3- pointer warriors up 21 (73-52) lebron blocked by durant curry the other way pull-up 3- pointer and the high kick celebration 87-68 warriors (curry: still 3rd quarter draymond green on lebron
8:49 pm
throws it in and is fouled by jameslebron not happyfinal: warriors lead series 1-0 game 2 sunday in oakland some props for a cavs player not named leron jameskyrie irving was announced today as the cover athlete for the upcoming "nba 2k '18" video game which is due to be
8:50 pm
released in septemberit's the first time a cavs player will be featured on the cover lebron was on the cover of the 2014 game but he miami heat thenthe nba 2k franchise is best selling sports video game in the surpassing the franchise the a's hoping to wrap their seven-game road trip with a win over cleveland. in the sixth -- the sprinklers turned on causing around two- minute delay -- bob melvin didn't seem too pleased. corey kluber shut out oakland -- struck out ten and threw a 2-hitter in six innings bottom sixth the tribe with two on -- daniel robertson brings in the fifth run of the game on a field error -- ryon healy bobbles the ball -- oakland had three errors in the game indians take two out of three they win 8- nothing this week's lexus experience amazing ultimate highlight goes to albert pujols. last night against the braves a bloop one to center
8:51 pm
that hit moves him past babe ruth to 44th on the all- time hit list with 2,874 angels go on to win the game 2-1 the 49ers reaching out to their "faithful" last night they held a special event for fans outlining the state of the franchise as well as new fan outreach plansincluded was new stadium signage plans to illustrate the franchises ast success homage to the greatest plays like "the catch" and their five super bowl championshipsceo jed york talked about the need for the recently struggling team to reach out more aggressively to the fans and honor its past (sot: york & lynch)
8:52 pm
jed york"it's communicating with the fans. obviously we feel it in the building, there's great communication. but we need much better communication externally." john lynch"this has been awesome this far and i'm looking forward to doing it for along time. we got all this excitement and we haven't even played a game yet. now we really got to get to work."
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tonight at 10 (who are you?) who are you? (who are you to be filming people here), it's a public street (yea so.) so i can publicly film, (really) yea enjoy it than you toohmmm they can see me but not the red light i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (grant )bones... is next then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories, including people behaving badly, gary has highlights from the warriors big game one win... and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station.last weather and goodbye
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