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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 2, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- music's biggest stars make their way to manchester. how survivors will play a big role. >> i'm on the ground in england with the latest security measures. then -- james corden reveals why his upcoming car pool karaoke with ed sheeran was his most challenging. plus, secrets from a hol hollywood producer. some major coop to spill. >> what are gwen and blake like when the cameras aren't rolling. and bryan cranston. nicknames, on-set secrets and
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impressions. >> he's got some nerve. now for june 1st, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everybody, we're just three days away there the biggest and most emotional event of the year. the one love manchester concert for the victims of the terror attack. >> more acts have been added and our carly steele is on the ground in england with more. ♪ today crews set up the stage at emirates old trafford in manchester, and security is already in place. you can see warning signs are posted and personnel are screening those who enter. ♪ >> and while the black eyed peas have officially joined the lineup, we've learned that fergie will not be there. >> she is no longer part of the group. a source tells "e.t." fergie is still in the family but is focusing on her solo project. >> and today, more british acts were confirmed. girl group little mix and singer
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robbie williams will perform. the former take that frontman joining his old band. a fitting reunion for a city still healing. >> take that was recruited because they're a manchester ba band. >> and we've learned among the attack survivors attending sunday's benefit are several members of this local school choir, who will also take the stage with ariana grande during the show. ♪ >> i can't imagine what it feels like for the families of those who lost their loved ones. >> in an interview today, today on "good morning britain," john legend reached out to families of the 22 killed, including the parents of 15-year-old oliva campbell. >> i have a young daughter now. i couldn't bear the thought. >> olivia was a john legend fan, and this week he sent her mom and dad a message.
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>> i was so moved by your daughter's performance of the song. any love we can send you we want to send it to you. >> they have brought in nearly $8 million. i would not be surprised if james corden doesn't pop up sunday night. he's in london shooting the late late show and channeling mary poppins. don't worry we have an explanation and a new additional with car pool karaoke with ed sheeran. >> ready? >> he's got some quite tricky lyrics, so i really rehearsed in my car on my own. people driving past me thought i was insane. just doing that. ♪ >> just trying to do that for as long as i could so i could nail
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>> it it's being called the carpool karaoke that could break the internet. james and ed shot the skit last february but it's been in the works way longer. >> i've been in touch with james corden for about three years. he wanted me to do the first one and i wasn't around. ♪ shape of you >> corden broadcast the late late show from london next week. james dressed mary poppins sings a spoonful of sugar and let's go fly a kite with sir ben kingsley. >> warning, my accent gets thicker when i back home. >> just watching is fun enough. the same can be said about jim carrey, the talk turned serious with "e.t." online.
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because she got his take on kathy griffin holding the student with donald trump's head. when do you know you crossed that line. >> it's the job of comedian to cross the line at all times. because, you know, that line is not real. >> the 55-year-old channeling his inner mountain man with a bushy baerd at his l.a. premiere last night. commenting on the constantly moving lines when it it comes to comedians and politics. >> the comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing. it's impossible to get away from it. i had a dream i was playing golf with donald trump. i was standing beside him with a club in my hands i was considering my options, i woke up. i took up golf, anyway. >> she goes deep inside the
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world of comedians called "i'm dying up here." >> there's always kinds of my face from living in a closet to waking up in my new house. serena williams set the internet on fire when she brought into the light or accidentally posted this picture on social media revealing her pregnancy. today, serena's now walking back another oops after sister venus may have just revealed the tennis superstar is having a little girl. >> favorite aunt. >> what with us that, venus. >> favorite, aunt. >> serena's older sis seemingly let it slip that the 23-time grand slam champ's baby on the way is a girl during a post-match interview at the french open. so, how did beyonce's bestie, serena, feel about her sister sharing her special news?
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serena, who is just over six months along, set the record straight in an instagram post. and said using female pronouns is a default and that's how she and her four sisters roll. quote, i didn't grow up with any brothers. telling her fans she doesn't even know the gender. i think the surprise of knowing what you're going to have on that very special day you give is probably the best surprise you can ever have. which matches what she told gayle king during a ted talk in april. >> do you know if it's a boy or a girl? >> i don't. but i have a feeling. >> serena's in europe right now, babymooning with fiance alexis ohanian. as the founder of the website reddit he's worth a reported $9 million. >> i never would have put you with a nerdy geek. >> i wouldn't either. >> serena's little girl, or boy, is due in september and mama is already thinking about a tennis comeback.
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>> my baby's going to be in the stands and hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much. >> by the way, serena's remains the highest female athlete making between $15 million to $20 million a year alone. she's earned $77 million over her career, twice as much as any other female athlete in history. let's turn the new movie controversy. including chloe grace moretz. she's the voice of snow white. she's speaking out about the disturbing way the movie is being marketed. calling it fat-shaming. >> now, i can breathe. >> chloe is the voice of snow white who comes from learned to full figure. what if snow white is no longer beautiful? that has chloe upset. she's appall and angry. she doesn't like it.
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>> my first reaction when i saw the ad campaign was -- >> plus-size model was among the first to call out chloe. >> i was shocked that someone who's been quite vocal about feministissues. i kind of like, she doesn't really know that this is happening. >> red shoes and the seven dwarfs is a south korean production without a u.s. release yet. chloe was quick to defend it. the actual story is powerful for young women. tess go see it? >> i might see it. i'm definitely not compelled to. coming up next -- remember
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apparently, i wasn't who they were looking for. they wanted someone completely different. i walked in with my beard and my set my motorcycle helmet done. >> that's milo revealing he wasn't actually the first choice for "this is us." >> what? he's perfect. and kudos to the producers of bachelor in paradise. who just cast corinne on their show. >> now, we're going to show you why she's perfect for paradise. >> you go girl. you do you. i'm going to do me. >> for months, the sassy blonde breakout from nick's season of the bachelor, played it coy when we asked if she's heading south of the border in search for
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love. >> i don't know. still there's no question that the 25-year-old was practically made for the reality show set in mexico. we know corinne is not afraid to turn up the heat. >> i wanted to get even more romantic with nick. >> so, things expect to get spicy with or without stunts. remember that trench coat stunt? bachelor in paradise is known for pushing the limit. there are night-vision goggles. corinne loves bikinis and bubbly. with all that sunshine and champagne, here's hoping she doesn't pass out and get burned. >> oh, my god, sorry, guys. >> but there's someone sure to keep her on her toes.
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we're told her bachelor nemesis may also be there. >> it's ridiculous. >> expect to see a whole lot of drama if they square off for round two this august. >> you have this blank space on your face. you're not nice. >> the eloquent speaking. >> guess what, we found out that corinne will be on the bachelorette next week. things will get a little dirty, because corinne sets up a mud wrestling competition between the guys. >> that's going to be interesting still ahead -- secrets from tv superproducer mark burnett. a show on every network and is gwen coming back to the voice? >> she has a red chair you always have a red chair. then -- >> every fantasy, over the top piece of gossip, trash. >> is this new show based on "the view's" backstage drama? >> move! closed captioning provided by --
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ahh. you're preg -- >> that's bryan cranston doing his best kevin hart. a fun thy happened when those two guys got together to make their new movie "the untouchable." it's love story between two straight men. >> brian likes me, so let's just start there. >> what's not to like? these two became fast friends working on the film where kevin plays caretake tore bryan's wheelchair-bound millionaire. what was that like? >> he and i have drawn close. this guy is hyperdisciplined. he comes down and makes people laugh.
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he lift the spirits of the set to where the long hours, still long, but a little easier. >> bryan, your new name is cryo-b. like cryo therapy. >> even nicole kidman noticed the sparks between these two. >> they're both amazing. i'm so lucky. i have a supporting role in this. so i get to stand back and watch the two of them have this incredible chemistry together. >> but there might be trouble in paradise, because bryan's impression of kevin has gone viral. >> but that's how you reacted when you found out your wife was pregnant. >> first of all, bryan's got some nerve. that was confidential. to find out you got this impression running around the town that people are talking about. >> that's not the only secret
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bryan is sharing about kevin. >> he takes limit cat naps on the set. he works himself so hard he'll it is down on a chair and just -- >> in between i was like, i woke up that fast. >> kevin is the busiest man in hollywood. >> hold a minute, another crazy busy man, mark burnett. nobody in this century has master minded more hits shows than he has. >> basically if you watch television, you watched mark burnett, survivor, shark tank. >> i sat down with mark. i wanted to hear all the secrets of a superproducer, starting with how do you say good-bye to gwen? so gwen is going to be leaving the voice right? she's coming back i got that out of you. >> she's got a red chair. you always have a red chair. >> you can breathe again, voice fans, bring back blake and gwen
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back together. >> what are they like when cameras aren't rolling? >> they're exactly the same, cameras on or off. >> a major victory on monday and tuesday last week for nbc. just burnett's opening act. on wednesday, season finale of survivor on cbs. thursday the series premiere of beat the shazam. and friday, shark tank. all number one. the superproducer's secret to stay number one -- keep working with the biggest stars. he's bringing jennifer hudson and kelly clarkson the voice and a-rod to shark tank. >> you think j. lo may visit a-rod on the set? >> i don't know. >> tonight, burnett has a secret plan for beat shazam. >> jamie foxx gets a surprise
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visit from odell beckham jr. and with a few hits on every major network he's come a long way since his first job in america, he was a nanny in beverly hills. >> i can see the exact house where i was a servant. >> wow. >> only in america. >> it doesn't stop there. he's also head of the mgm tv. very impressive. all right, let's keep spilling more tv secrets. ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes of a daytime talk show? star jones knows. in her wild series. >> i'm fired. >> you can't fire me. >> it's my show. >> power struggles and tantrums. backstage drama really happen at
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"the view"? >> well, well, well, look what what the cat threw up and threw up again. >> star is one of the executive producers of "day thyme divas" a comedy inspired by her novel. >> i cannot tell you what it feels like to write about your life pu every fantasy over the top piece of gossip trash. >> have a great show! >> vanessa williams plays maxine the star of the chat fest called the lunch hour. >> i knew that it was pretty spicy, everything that star wrote in the book was either someone she worked with, someone she interviewed, so all these stories are seeds of reality. >> can we go to commercial? >> absolutely not. >> star shared "the view" desk with barbara walters and said she gave her blessing on day thyme divas.
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>> barbara is just that kind of person. she wants to see women succeed. >> we'll see some great cameos like kelly osbourne, patti la belle and star herself. when we come back brad pitt goes to universal studio lots of marketing going on in this aisle. fancy labels, slick designs; this one's got flowers on it, it's pretty. after the stomach flu ravages my home, am i supposed to believe
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travel consideration provided by -- brad pitt was amongst the stars who personally affected by the death of rocker chris cornell. they were close friends and brad is continuing to reach out to chris' family. >> yesterday at universal studios he took two of chris' children. >> an eyewitness tells that brad
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went on rides and strolled around like "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, kathy griffin faces the aftermath of her presidential photo controversy as her fellow comedians take side. >> i'm surprised that nobody said to her you should rethink this. then, jennifer garner fights back. why she's ready to get in the ring with "people" magazine. >> we are definitely a modern family. and number three, bethenny frankel's breakdown. >> inside the torture of her divorce. >> this last chapter in my life has been insane. plus, your "insider" bonus summer tv is hotter than ever. >> this is the dream team right here.


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