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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 3, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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country is still dealing with the deadly concert bombing not even two weeks ago. good evening. i am justine waldman.(jr stone) and i am jr stone. tonight at least 20 people have been taken to area hospitals in what the mayor of london is calling a deliberate and cowardly attack on innocent people. kron 4's hermela aregawi is following this breaking news story. she joins us now live. hermela, do we know how many people, if any, were killed here? (hermela aregawi)the situation still very much active so there is a lot we still don't know. police are on the scene in both locations dealing with the aftermath.what we do know is that there have been multiple casualties.. including some dead. just after 10 at night in london - police were called to reports of a white van hitting several people on london bridge.police say more than
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one person was killed and several others injured.they are also searching the river thames for anyone who may have fallen from the bridge.then armed officers responded to reports of stabbings at nearby borough market.police say at least one officer had opened fire there.(borough market witnesses)basically we just heard gunshots, a huge crash and then as we came out there were police sirens.. police came in very quickly, took control of the situation but again there was a lot of a lot of noise, a lot of loud noises, either more crashes or more gun shots we weren't sure. (borough market witnesses)we were just upstairs in our little apartment. and we were just looking down and people were all running and we were just confused as to what was happening. we just saw a whole lot of police and sirens, it was really loud.. (borough market witnesses)we could see immediately on people's faces, the fear, the surprise and the need to get out. there was a lot of running, a lot of commotion that was happening. london ambulance serveice says it has taken at least 20 people to hospitals across the city. (hermela aregawi)the prime minister will convene a meeting of her top security
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advisers sunday.we'll continue to follow this tragedy and bring you the latest as it comes in the newsroom, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (j.r.) and ever since this attack happened the tweets have been coming in. president donald trump first tweeted what you see on the bottom of your screen saying, "we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the courts to give us back out rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety." a short time later he tweeted, "whatever the united states can do to help out in london and the u.k., we will be there-we are with you. god bless!" san francisco police took to social media today. saying, "our hearts and prayers for london. s-f-p-d is monitoring developments regarding london. we are collaborating with local, federal and state partners. that with a picture saying "pray for london." and finally pop singer ariana grande took to twitter saying, "praying for london." a suicide bomber killed 22 people at her concert recently
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in manchester. justine... (justine) to help the victims from her concert boming... ariana grande is holding a benefit tomorrow in manchester. grande, along with justin bieber, katy perry, miley cyrus and pharrell williams.. will perform. no plans have been made to cancel that event. security is extremely tight. the concert will be seen live in over 40 countries across 5 continents. (jr stone) and we first alerted you of this shooting through a push alert this afternoon. to get the latest breaking news - download the free kron four mobile app. (justine) new at 8... police arrested one person in connection to the murder of an australian tourist outside a san francisco hotel. but police would not give any more details. on friday at 2 a-m, 33-year-old matthew bate got into an argument with two men ... that then turned physical ..outside the da vinci villa hotel.. on van ness aveneue in russian hill. police said no weapons were involved in the deadly fight.
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bate was a chemist with s- g-s australia. s-f-p-d said more information on the person arrested.. would be available on monday.. (justine) now to the east bay.. where in richmond, a man died after a car hit him this morning. the accident happened at cutting boulevard at south 16th street... just before 10. police closed off the busy intersection for several hours to investigate. the victim is an adult male in his 50's from richmond, according to police. srt aaron pomeroy/ richmond police department"at the corner of the street he was crossing cutting blvd at south 16th at one corner to the other corner which is completely legal in the state of california. even is there is no crosswalk? correct." (justine) police tell us the driver stayed at the accident scene and is cooperating with the investigation. and it is too early to say now if drugs or alcohol are involved. (jr stone) happening now. cal-water has cancelled the precautionary "do-not-water" advisory in south san francisco. meaning
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the water is safe to drink. follow-up test results today came back normal...and confirmed that water quality was not impacted by the breach at the utility's facility early yesterday morning. advisory cancellations notices are currently being delivered door-to-door to affected customers' properties. cal water is now working with state water officials to fully investigate the breach. during the advisory... cal water distributed nearly three thousand free cases of water...or 94 thousand water bottles.... to over three thousand impacted customers in the area. (jrstone) at the oroville dam... crews continue to rebuild the damaged spillway
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that forced evacuations earlier this year. reporter joe khalil has more on how officials are testing a new warning system at the dam. one blast at a time--crews at the oroville dam continue to chip away at the damaged spillway--clearing the way for a new one. john france/dam engineer: "dwr needs to proceed with designing and implementing construction and repairs in the short term." john france leads the "forensics" team of engineers-- tasked with finding out exactly what went wrong with the oroville dam. though his team's work is far from done-- they've already given dwr 24 recommendations--to prepare the spillway for a temporary fix ahead of flood season in the fall. john france/dam engineer: "we believe in all likelihood we aren't going to find a single cause that caused this event. normally there are multiple causes."and as the effort continues-- emergency sirens were tested
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for the first time friday afternoon-- to alert workers at the dam--in cases of emergency.a reminder to people nearby--of the near catastrophe in february--when the emergency spillway failed- -forcing nearly 200,000 people from their homes. breezi kniss/evacuated home: "very scary. my kids were on one side of town, i was on the other side. just horrifying." frankie ledford/evacuated home: "we didn't really have time to pack up much so we just packed up what we could." many who evacuated their homes--like frankie ledford--now say they're more prepared--should the dam fail again. frankie ledford/evacuate d home: "we're ready. we got our stuff, some stuff packed up."breezi kniss/evacuated home: "we do have stuff packed up in the garage, and, in case we did had to go right now."as repairs to the spillway continue into the flood season-- this community will have its eye on on the dam. (jr stone)after crushing cleveland in game one of the
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n-b-a finals, the warriors are looking for the same outcome in game two both teams had part of their practice open to the media. kron four's spencer blake was there with hundreds of reporters from all over the world. he talked with some of the dubs and has details. the warriors definitely have the momentum in the finals after their 113 to 91 demolition of the cavs on thursday.but despite their 13 and oh run in the playoffs, they're still facing the kingand andre iguadola expressed a healthy respect for lebron james saturday."he can score on the block he can score from the three-point line, he can handle the ball, create his own shot, create for others. offensively, yeah, he's the best that i've ever seen."after the warriors' practice drills, klay thompson said it's more than just skill that keeps the team's defense on fire."we've go really prideful guys on this team who don't really like to get scored on, and really aggressive defenders, so that's a really great mix."now in his seventh consecutive
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finals, james himself was ready to work at the practice facility in oakland."ya know, we'll make adjustments, and they will too. that's what teams do. i look forward to seeing what happens tomorrow." meanwhile, steph curry mentioned some of the personal workouts he's been doing, including a balance strengthening routine similar to the famous one from 'the karate kid.'"every game's different. that's the beauty of the finals. it doesn't matter really what happened in game 1. it's a whole 'nother experience that we've gotta be ready for."warriors players passed the praise around for their teammates, and curry's focus and hard work off the court have caught kevin durant's eye since he joined the team."how regimented it is. ya know, he's like a robot. i think in order for you to be good in this league, it has to be an every day thing. and it is for him."game two of the finals is sunday at five at oracle oakland, spencer blake, kron four news. and we will have big coverage of game two tomorrow night... right here on kron 4 news at 8. some of the biggest comedians in the world are in san francisco tonight. and the clusterfest comedy
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and music festival.. is closing down a lot of streets near the civic center. thousands of people are there tonight to see the big comedy show. that's where we find kron 4's ella sogomonian live - ella any signs of some of the big name acts like jerry seinfeld? didn't see jerry but one of my favorites fred armisen among the many headliner comedians here this weekend along with set designs from popular shows and a close look at up and coming talent. tens of thousands of comedy and music lovers flocked to san francisco's civic center for a first-of-its-kind weekend festival. comedy central and sueprfly partnered up to put on the inaugural colossal clusterfest that goes on until 11 at night.street
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closures backed up traffic along polk, grove, larkin, and mcallister streets.sot: "it's a little hard with traffic and with ubers and lyfts and stuff like that but since we have ubers and lyfts that's great." saturday marked the second of three days of headliners like jerry seinfeld, bill burr, and ice cube.aside from standup - a fun feature for super fans are interactive set designs like paddy's pub from the show "it's always sunny in philadelphia".sot:"this is really awesome it looks just like the show."and a long line of fans waited to hang out in seinfeld's apartment.sot:"kind of feels like you're in the show. which is something i think we all really, really want is to be in the show.sot: "who are you in seinfeld?"sot: "i'm george. i'me definitely george with my luck with women and jobs."apart from established comedians clusterfest also showcases new talent to discover. sot: james davis, comedian//"my name james davis i have a new show coming out on comedy central it's called hood adjacent with james davis comes out june 28th and it's super, really good."sot: ella sogomonian, san francisco//"why
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hood, adjacent?"sot: james davis, comedian//"because i grew up hood adjacent. i grew up a block away from where hood got real."the south central native adds politics is part of the game when asked about the heat kathy griffin's been getting for her recent graphic photo of president donald trump.sot: james davis, comedian//"you have a moment in your joke to make a statement. but at the end there comes a laugh. so as long as you're fulfilling what a joke is, make your joke." with a tense political climate many say the comedy festival has made for a sweet escape. sot: "it's great you forget about all the other issues and just laugh and enjoy the time together." if' youre driving in the area remember to avoid polk grove larkin and mcallister streets that are closed off on the edges of the civic center. we're going to bring you more from inside colossal clusterfest tonight at in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. coming up at eight.
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animal rescue group are increasing the reward money for information on the person responsible for dumping the remains of nearly a dozen dogs. kron4 was there as the dogs were rememered. hundreds dressed in orange and marched across the golden gate bridge this morning. we'll tell you why they did it and about other marches like this that were held all across the country today. plus we're tracking the latest from london as officials continue the investigation into multiple terror attacks.
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(jr stone) police have arrested a woman they say injured a san mateo police officer by dragging him with her car during a robbery. on thursday police arrested 33- year-old allisa thomas in san francisco on may 25th authorities say an officer spotted thomas at a safeway grocery store on north delaware street in san mateoloading stolen alcohol into her car. when the officer grabbed thomas and told her to turn off the carshe hit the gasdragging him about 35 feet before he let go and hit the ground. he suffered minor injuries...and has made a full recovery.
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(justine) fremont police have identified the man shot by an officer after.. they say he refused to put down a metal pipe last week. officers say rolonte simril was in a grocery store parking lot waving a metal pipe at people and threatening to hurt someone. when officers arrived and ordered him to put down the pipe... he ran away. police say an officer tried to taser the man... but it did not work. a car then pulled infront of simril... cornering him for police. authorities say he then ignored several more orders to put down the pipe... then began to approach officers. that's when the officer shot him ...three times. (justine) for the second time in less than a month.... three north bay animal rescue groups are increasing the amount of money they're offering in an apparent animal cruelty case in vallejo.(jr stone) in february, at least a dozen dead dogs were found mutilated off columbus parkway... today, kron four's philippe djegal reports from where the dogs were discovered and where, this morning, they were remembered.
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(philippe)bill vizza/nats- "you're spirits along with your bodies were crushed." shedding tears for and memorializing as many as a dozen dogs they never knew.... carine peters/nats- "there are meadows and hills for all our special friends." heartstricken animal lovers -- touched by tragedy.monica stevens/nats- "as we reflect upon, uh, these poor dogs that lost their life to some brutal murderer." surrounding the site where carine peters discovered the butchered bodies in february...carine peters/discovered dead dogs- "animals were put on this earth not to, uh, use and abuse, um, they have feelings and i saw that that da with my dogs." volunteers from three north bay non-profit animal rescue groups fly and lay down white kites along columbus parkway at lake herman road... a gesture symbolizing each lost soul. monica stevens/co-founder, jarr- "the fact that a box cutter was left with the animals, there's no doubt that the animals were severely
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tortured and brutally murdered." during the serivce... monica stevens announcing the reward being offered for information that could help solve this has been increased from ten to 15- thousand dollars. stevens is the co-founder of jameson animal rescue ranch in the napa valley. her group in tandem with the center for animal rescue and education in solano county... and, norcal bully breed rescue are putting up the money.monica stevens/co-founder, jarr- "we're hoping that, two-fold, one that we can bring the person to justice, but also that we keep them away from further harming any other animals and certainly not harming any humans." as emilie kuhlman (cool-men) sprinkles lavender over what's left of the animals... it pains her to think of the dogs' last moments.emilie kuhlman/volunteer, jarr- "i, i can't. i mean, it, its so greaves, you know, very sad." carine peters/discovered dead dogs- "whoever did this, i want them to know that we are watching." in the end, a moment of silence and pledge to never forget. in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron
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four news. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. lawrence karnow: it was a cloudy start to the day for most of the bay area before sunshine returned in the afternoon. temperatures were slightly cooler but nice with highs in the 70s to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay d cooler 50s and low 60s at the coast. skies are still mostly clear this evening but
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it is breezy in spots especially near the coast. a weak area of low pressure is now moving toward california. this should bring slightly cooler temperatures for sunday. i don't think the fog will be as widespread tonight but we will likely see a few patches near the coast. it should be a beautiful starry night in the bay and valleys. we can expect more hot temperatures in the central valley with highs in the mid to upper 90s. it should be a bight sunny day in tahoe too with highs in the low 70s. highs for us tomorrow will again be warm but slightly
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cooler. highs in the valleys will be in the upper 70s to low 80s, 60s to mid 70s around the bay, with 50s and 60s at the coast. the weather for the next 7 days could be very interesting. a building ridge of high pressure will warm temperatures on monday an tuesday. but an approaching storm will bring a few clouds and cooler temperatures on wednesday. on thusrday the clouds will move in with a slight chance of showers late thursday and into friday morning. that would be highly unusual but not unheard of. if not rain, it will be much cooler heading into next weekend. next... a driver plows into a sandwhich shop... what he was shouting as he was taken into custody. coming up(who are you?) who are you? (who are you to be
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filming people here), it's a public street (yea so.) so i can publicly film, (really) yea enjoy it than you toohmmm they can see me but not the red light i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(jr stone) in michigan. cell phone video captures the aftermath of a car...flying right into a popular sandwich shop in detroit. police say three workers and a customer were inside this " jersey mike's sandwich shop yesterday...when a car barreled through the front window. luckily no one was injured. the driver of the car was eventually led away in handcuffs. two witnesses who work near the sandwich shop. coulnd't believe what they saw. (sot)
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"all of a sudden i see a car ju slam on its gas and just go right over the curb into the store. sounded like a bomb went off or something, i didn't know what it was." detroit police are currently investigating to see if drugs and or alcohol played a role in this incident. (justine ) a red light means stop. but what do two red lights in a row mean? (jr stone) drivers are not so sure... here's stanley roberts... (who are you?) who are you? (who are you to be filming people here), it's a public street (yea so.) so i can publicly film, (really) yea enjoy it thank you you too while i'm recording in public is some information that will save you the headache of getting a ticket for running a red light see this black and white sign which reads stop here on red
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. it's pretty much self explanatory but just in case its still confusing ill try to dumb it downnats: ambiance i'm just outside the moutain view caltrain station on castro street and there are two sets of lights one set before the tracks and one set behind the tracks when the light turns red everyone must stop here at this limit line and wait for the light to turn green easier said than done. nats: ambiance cause many drivers roll right past the first set of red lights a stop at the second set . the problem with that is when you do that you are running the red light nats: ambiancein other cases drivers stop at the limit line only to drive forward to the second set again that is considered running the red light whether in a car or on a bicycle nats: ambiance all day every day you will see drivers run the red risking 400 dollar ticket and point you your driving record the reason for this is simple, it's to prevent people from stopping on the caltrain tracks and potentially getting hit by a train nats: ambiance
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and even with a green light drivers need to keep clear of the tracks all to often i watch drivers get stuck on the tracks or have to back up when if they stayed behind the stop here on red sign they would put themselves in a sticky situation. if driver would pull there head out there phones and pay attention to the road many of the mistakes could be avoided nats: ambiance so basically keep back until its your turn you can save money by not getting a ticket or have a life by not getting hit by a train .. in mountain view stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley.... e-mail him at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com ... still ahead... we'll have an update on todays deadly terror attacks in london. ... as police there just gave an update on the number of victims. plus the autopsy of rock legend chris cornell reveals more information about his state of mind at the time of his death. we'll have the results.
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(jr stone) we are continuing to track developments in a series of what is now being called terror incidents in london. (justine) here is what we we know right now 6 people are dead. at least 30 people have been injured in a car and knife attack in the london bridge area. kron4's hermela arigawi joins us with the latest.hermela, london police just said that the 3 assailants are also dead... éwe've now learned that three suspected attackers have been shot and killed.police say the suspects were wearing hoax explosive vests.unclear at this time if they were on the london bridge or at borough market.the bridge is where a white van was reported running over people just after 10 at night there.and around the same time, reports of stabbings at the nearby market. the london ambulance service says it has taken at least 20 people to hospitals across the
8:31 pm this point, the number confirmed dead still at six people.both scenes are very much active.and people are being asked to avoid those areas.the prime minister and london's mayor are calling the incidents terorism. (justine) thousands gathered from coast to coast today to protest president trump what is being called the "march for truth."(jrstone) many others rallied in support of the president's decision on climate change. ashley corum (core-um) has more. "are you ready to march? yeah!" demonstrators from all across the country took to the streets saturday.. united in the "march for truth" protests. nats - cheeringorganizers are calling for an independent commission to investigate russian interference in the 2016 u.s. elections ... and
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possible ties to president trump. they also want congress to requre trump tp release his tax returns. the protests come ahead of testimony by former fbi director, james comey to the senate intelligence committee scheduled for june 8th.linda sarsour / political activist: "it has to be an transparent investigation because the people need to know the truth." the march wasn't the only rally happening in the nation's capital.. nat-trump, trump, trump trump supporters gathered to back the president's decision to pull the united states out of the paris agreement on climate change.trump: "i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh not paris."nats (chants) trump said his decision to back out was to support american workers. mos:"we wanted to come out and show our appreciation for what the presidents' done following through on his campaign promise."despite facing global disapproval, trump said he was open to renegotiating aspects
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of the agreement. european union leaders say that's not an option. i'm ashley corum reporting. (jr stone) hundreds of demonstators walked across the golden gate bridge today in opposition of gun violence. kron4's averi harper spoke with marchers at another event today called the orange march...
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(justine) and president trumpis planning a major push next week to promote a one- trillion dollar overhaul of the nation's roads and bridges. it comes as the presidents agenda has struggled in congress and has been overshadowed by white house controversies. president trump is expected to spreak from the rose garden on monday about reorganizing the nation's air traffic control system. the president will then travel to ohio and kentucky ... to talk about the need for improving bridges and levees crucial to waterways. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast.
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lawrence karnow: it was a cloudy start to the day for most of the bay area before sunshine returned in the afternoon. temperatures were slightly cooler but nice with highs in the 70s to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and cooler 50s and low 60s at the coast. skies are still mostly clear this evening but it is breezy in spots especially near the coast. a weak area of low pressure is now moving toward california. this should bring slightly cooler temperatures for sunday. i don't think the fog will be as widespread tonight but we will likely see a few patches near the coast. it should be a beautiful starry night in the bay and valleys. we can expect more hot temperatures in the central valley with highs in the mid to upper 90s. it should be a bight sunny day in tahoe too with highs in the low 70s. highs for us tomorrow will again be warm but slightly cooler. highs in the valleys will be in the upper 70s to low 80s, 60s to mid 70s around the bay, with 50s and 60s at the coast. the weather for the
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next 7 days could be very interesting. a building ridge of high pressure will warm temperatures on monday an tuesday. but an approaching storm will bring a few clouds and cooler temperatures on wednesday. on thusrday the clouds will move in with a slight chance of showers late thursday and into friday morning. that would be highly unusual but not unheard of. if not rain, it will be much cooler heading into next weekend.
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(jrstone) an autopsy of chris cornell has revealed he had several prescription drugs in his system when he died. the medical examiner says the singer had sedatis anan anxiety ug in his system. according to theeport-- the drugs "did not contribute to the cause of death." the 52-year-old was found dead in a detroit hotel room after a concert performance on may 18-th. the official autopsy results rule the cause of death as suicide by hanging. cornell's widow hoped the toxicology report might shed
8:39 pm
light on why he killed himself. the police union is taking issue with the pittsburgh, pennsylvania police department's decision to put decals on their patrol cars supporting gay pride. why they believe this is a bad idea. plus a plastic surgeon is going to prison... after multiple victims of botched surgeries went to police. how police say he tricked them into believing he was a doctor... in pennsylvania.
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police vehicles are displaying "pittsburgh police supports pride 2017" decals. but the police union...isn't happy about it. dozens of police cars in the pittsburgh area are sporting these rainbow colored decals in honor of the steel citys pride parade this weekend. it's an idea created by city leaders a way to say thank you to the
8:42 pm
community. however members of the police union.... say the decals are biased. stating police are supposed to be neutral law enforcers.... not supporters of any cause. but locals...say they love the decals. (sot) gary van horn, pres., delta foundation: "doesn't do anything to repair relationships and bring people together. i'm concerned at why he specifically do it for this one." according to a release from the police spokesperson, five to six police vehicles in each of the city's six zones will have the community support decals (justine) and a fake doctor in colorado...who posed as a plastic surgeon has been sentenced to six years in prison. police say carlos hernandez-fernandez... performed plastic surgery to over 50 women in the denver area. many patients say they became sick after their surgery performed by the 37-year-old suspect... and were instructed by him to not go to the hospital. prosecutors say the suspect made hundreds of thousands of
8:43 pm
dollars off these women. (sot) joe morales/denver district attorney's office: "breaking bones, doing nose jobs, doing implants. liposuctions, facelifts, things with their eyes. scamrring them for life. for money."(justine) prosecutors actually negotiated a plea deal... a lesser sentence of six years... becuase they felt the compensation of around 200- grand would be more valuable to the they could get reconstructive surgery. however...the court says the fake doctor showed up with less than a grand. a rare whale sighting was caught on camera near the carmel coast. up next experts explain why its so unusual to see these animals so close to shore.
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continuing to follow breaking news in london.
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(jrstone) h-b-o late-night host bill maher is under fire for using a racial slur on his program. it happened last night during an interview with republican senator ben sasse of nebraska. maher used the n-word when trying to make a joke. in a statement today-- the comedian said the word was offensive and he was sorry for using it. the comedian took the beating on twitter, including some calls for him to be fired. h-b-o has called his comment "completely inexcusable and tasteless." (justine) a rare sight off the shores of the central coast this week-- a group of people spotted two groups
8:50 pm
of whales ten miles off of carmel bay. mariana hicks explains what the whales were doing in monterey county. drone footage.. captures a baird's beaked whale of a tale ten miles off of carmel bay. nancy black//marine biologist, monterey bay whale watch "very rarely seen out in this area because they're normally found quite far off shore and they can hold their breath for up to an hour. so the chances of seeing them are pretty slim normally."two pods were spotted by passengers and crew members of monterey bay whale watch last saturday.marine biologist nancy black was able to identify them by their short puffy blows...bulbous foreheads and long beaks.nancy black//marine biologist, monterey bay whale watch "in 30 years i've seen them maybe 15 times or so and normally quite a ways out, probably 20 to 50 miles off shore but every once in a while they'll come in a little bit closer because we do have a submarine canyon here. the monterey canyon is the deepest and largest canyon on the west coast so every once in a while, they'll come in close because we do have deep water close to shore."black believes
8:51 pm
the whales were following food like squid.also hanging out on the central coast...juvenile white sharks from carmel bay to santa cruz county -- they're coming back.volunteers and staff with the pelagic shark research foundation have been on the water monitoring them.sean van sommeran//exec. dir. pelagic shark research foundation: "we're working on identifying individual sharks documenting with gopro cameras, is it male, is it female does it fit into a generational category. look for tags, individual identification of animals through their scars and marks." no word how long the sharks will stay, but while they are here... they're commonly seen between manresa and the seacliff cement ship.he doesn't believe there are more sharks in the water, rather more people reporting them.and that being said -- not seeing any sharks should be a cause for concern. next... game two of the nba finals ... right around the corner. and a cav's player took a jab at the warriors performance... it's getting fiesty now! we'll have a preview of
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tomorrow's warriors game. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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there is a place where heroes hspider-man.... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal.
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come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! (jr stone) we are now less than 24 hours away from game two of the n-b-a finals. cavs star j.r. smith says they can beat anyone on a good day including the 96' bulls...we'll get to that in a minute... the warriors and cavs had practice today at the oakland practice facility. usually you see three or four cameras at these events...not today though. nba finals and two different teams meant that dozens if not hundreds of reporters and anchors from around the world were there today. the players and the coaches preparing for tomorrow's big game. here's more on what j.r. smith and others had to say. j.r. smith:"one thing about us is that it's all about us. if we take care of what we suppose to take care of it doesn't matter that the 96' bulls it doesn't matter. we
8:56 pm
will win". draymond green:"i think they'll try to get j.r. and those guys involved trying to generate some points from those guys. then i think they'll just raise their level of physicality, but as long as we play our brand of basketball, continue to lock up the defensive end we should be just fine". (jr stone) after game two tomorrow night -- don't forget to join us we will have extended coverage on kron4 news at eight and ten. on sports night live at 9 pm. -- bip and i will break everything down -- sports director, gary radnich will be live from mark carpenter will well. big night and all the talk will be about the dubs. j.r. smith also called out draymond green tonight....being a bit too descriptive for our show. (jr stone) after a dominant performance yesterday over the phillies the
8:57 pm
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music's biggest stars descend on manchester. how survivors will play a big role in ariana's tribute concert. and new safety concerns. >> double the security presence. >> then the latest on tiger woods after his arrest. >> what are we doing? >> confusednd disoriented. his field sobriety test caught on tape. >> have you taken any illegal drugs? plus, olivia newton-john's devastating breast cancer diagnosis after thinking she beat the disease. >> you don't know if you're going to die. there's a lot of fear. then, james corden reveals why ed sheeran's upcoming carpool karaoke was his most challenging yet. >> people driving past me just thought i was


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