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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 8, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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(mark) this is a live picture from washington, d-c. comey will testify in front of the senate intelligence committee about the investigation into russian interference in the u-s election. he is also expected to answer questions about whether president trump asked him to drop the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn.(darya) yesterday comey released a written version of his opening statements in which he says the president demanded his loyalty. his opening statement is expected to start soon. kristen holmes is live in washington this morning with what we can expect to hear from comey as the testimony gets underway kristen?
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kristen?underwaycomey as the hear from can expect to with what we can expect to hear from comey as the testimony gets underway kristen? (mark) thanks kristen. (darya)
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and we will have more coverage of the comey testimony throughout the morning. in just a few minutes we will go back live as he begins his opening statements. we will also have live analysis from the university of san francisco dean of the school of law. and a reminder, we are streaming the entire testimony through our kron four mobile app and kron4 dot com. (darya) we want to get a check of weather and traffic now. (mark) rebecca and robin are here... (rebecca)an approaching frontal system is forecast to
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begin spreading light rain across most of the bay area this morning. the primary impact will be during the morning commute when the most widespread rain is expected. temperatures will remain well below normal, especially inland, through the weekend. gradual warming is expected beginning next monday.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. (darya) back to our breaking news this morning... james comey is about to testify before the senate. (mark) james fletcher is at the breaking news desk with what is happening right now. james?
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(james) comey is on capiol hill right now... he will recount a series of conversations president donald trump had with him that he says made him deeply uneasy. this is a live picture from capitol hill. we know that comey, according to his prepared opening statement for the senate intelligence committee, that he was concerned about the blurring of boundaries between the white house and the fbi... a law enforcement agency that prides itself on independence. comey's opening statement
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is 7 (james) comey is on capiol hill he will recount a conversations president donald trump that he says made him deeply uneasy. this is a live picture from capitol hill. we know that comey, according to his prepared opening statement for the senate intelligence committee, that he was concerned about the blurring of boundaries between the white house and the fbi... a law enforcement agency that prides itself on independence. comey's opening statement is 7 pages long and recounts his one-on-one conversations with president trump. his account of demands for loyalty from the president, and of requests to end an investigation embattled adviser, are likely to sharpen allegations that trump improperly sought to influence the fbi-led probe. .. (james) i will continue to monitor the testimony and bring you updates. back to you. (darya) joining us now is u-s-f dean of the school of law john trasviqa. (mark) he is here with more analysis on what is expected on capitol hill today. good morning john.
7:08 am experts say conversations attributed by the
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fired fbi director to president donald trump were clumsy and inappropriate at best. in the worst light, james comey's recollections could provide enough evidence to build a case that the president tried to interfere with a criminal investigation. the comments were released wednesday, a day ahead of comey's highly anticipated testimony to a senate committee. the remarks detail a series of conversations
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between the men about the investigation into contacts between the trump campaign and russia. and they mentioned comey's discomfort with the interactions. (darya) and we will continue to have more coverage of
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the comey testimony throughout the morning. john trasviqa will continue to provide analysis throughout the morning. and a reminder, we are streaming the entire testimony through our kron four mobile app.
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(mark) it's the play everyone's talking about this morning... kevin durant pulls up for the durant pulls kevin this morning...talking about everyone's it's the play (mark)(mark) it's the play everyone's talking about this morning... kevin durant pulls up for the dagger from beyond the arc, giving the warriors a one point lead with under a minute left. the warriors were down six points with three minutes left in the fourth quarter. the dubs finished the game on an 11-0 run, durant scoring seven of the warriors last 11 points. the warriors went on to beat the cavaliers 118 to 113, taking a three to nothing lead in the series. lebron james and kyrie irving combined for á77 pointsá but it was not enough for the cavs.
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after the game the team talked about durant's game winning shot. (darya) the warriors 15-0 record in the playoffs is the longest playoff streak in the n-b-a, m-l-b and n-h-l history. the warriors go for the sweep tomorrow night. tip of is set for 6:00 from cleveland. and coming up at 7:30 we will have a live report from celeveland with kron fours mark carpenter. and at 7:45 we will talk to adnich
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about the possibility of the warriors sweeping the (mark) we'll be back as we wait for comey to give his testimony.
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(darya) in the weather center with rebecca tracking the forecast... (rebecca) (rebecca)an approaching frontal system is forecast to begin spreading light rain across most of the bay area this morning. the primary
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impact will be during the morning commute when the most widespread rain is expected. temperatures will remain well below normal, especially inland, through the weekend. gradual warming is expected beginning next monday.
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(mark) former f-b-i director james comey is delivering his opening statement right now. let's listen in. (james comey) chairman burr, ranking member warner, members of the committee.thank you for
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inviting me to appear before you today. i was asked to testify today to describe for you my interactions with president-elect and president trump on subjects that i understand are of interest to you. i have not included every detail from my conversations with the president, but, to the best of my recollection, i have tried to include information that may be relevant to the committee. first met then-president-elect trump on friday, january 6 in a conference room at trump tower in new york. i was there with other intelligence community (ic) leaders to brief him and his new national security team on the findings of an ic assessment concerning russian efforts to interfere in the election. at the conclusion of that briefing, i remained alone with the
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president elect to brief him on some personally sensitive aspects of the information assembled during the assessment.the ic leadership thought it important, for a variety of reasons, to alert the incoming president to the existence of this material, even though it was salacious and unverified. among those reasons were: (1) we knew the media was about to publicly report the material and we believed the ic should not keep knowledge of the material and its imminent release from the president-elect; and (2) to the extent there was some effort to compromise an incoming president, we could blunt any such effort with a defensive briefing.the director of national intelligence asked that i portion of the briefing because i was
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staying in my position and because the material implicated the fbi's counter- intelligence responsibilities. we also agreed i would do it alone to minimize potential embarrassment to the president- elect. although we agreed it made sense for me to do the briefing, the fbi's leadership and i were concerned that the briefing might create a situation where a new president came into office uncertain about whether the fbi was conducting a counter- intelligence investigation of his personal is important to understand that
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fbi counter-intelligence investigations are different than the more-commonly known criminal investigative work. the bureau's goal in a counter- intelligence investigation is to understand the technical and human methods that hostile foreign powers are using to influence the united states or to steal our secrets. the fbi uses that understanding to dithose efforts. sometimes disruption takes the form of alerting a person who is targeted for recruitment or influence by the foreign power. sometimes it involves hardening a computer system that is being attacked. sometimes it involves "turning" the recruited person
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into a double-agent, or publicly calling out the behavior with sanctions or expulsions of embassy-based intelligence officers. on occasion, criminal prosecution is used to disrupt intelligence activities. because the nature of the hostile foreign nation is well known, counterintelligence investigations tend to be centered on individuals the fbi suspects to be witting or unwitting agents of that foreign power. when the fbi develops reason to believe an american has been targeted for recruitment by a foreign power or is covertly acting as an
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agent of the foreign power, the fbi will "open an investigation" on that american and use legal authorities to try to learn more about the nature of any relationship with the foreign power so it can be disrupted. in that context, prior to the january 6 meeting, i discussed with the fbi's leadership team whether i should be prepared to assure president-elect trump that we were not investigating him personally. that was true; we did not have an open counter-intelligence case on him. we agreed i should do so if circumstances warranted. during our one-
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on-one meeting at trump tower, based on president elect trump's reaction to the briefing and without him directly asking the question, i offered that assurance.i felt compelled to document my first conversation with the president-elect in a memo. to ensure accuracy, i began to type it on a laptop in an fbi vehicle outside trump tower the moment i walked out of the meeting. creating written records immediately after one-on-one conversations with mr. trump was my practice from that point forward. this had not been my practice in the
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past. i spoke alone with president obama twice in person (and never on the phone) -- once in 2015 to discuss law enforcempolicy issues and a second time, briefly, for him to say goodbye in late 2016. in neither of those circumstances did i memorialize the discussions. i can recall nine one-on-one conversations with president trump in four months -- three in person and six on the phone.the president and i had dinner on friday, january 27 at 6:30 pm in the green room at the white house. he had called me at lunchtime that day and invited me to dinner that night, saying he was going to invite my whole
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family, but decided to have just me this time, with the whole family coming the next time. it was unclear from the conversation who else would be at the dinner, although i assumed there would be others. it turned out to be just the two of us, seated at a small oval table in the center of the green room. two navy stewards waited on us, only entering the room to serve food and drinks.the president began by asking me whether i wanted to stay on as fbi director, which i found strange because he had already told me twice in earlier conversations that he hoped i would stay, and i had assured
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him that i intended to. he said that lots of people wanted my job and, given the abuse i had taken during the previous year, he would understand if i wanted to walk instincts told me that the one-on-one setting, and the pretense that this was our first discussion about my position, meant the dinner was, at least in part, an effort to have me ask for my job and create some sort of patronage relationship. that concerned me greatly, given the fbi's traditionally independent status in the executive branch.i replied that i loved my work and intended to stay and serve out
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my ten-year term as director. and then, because the set-up made me uneasy, i added that i was not "reliable" in the way politicians use that word, but he could always count on me to tell him the truth. i added that i was not on anybody's side politically and could not be e political sense, a stance i said was in his best interest as the president.a few moments later, the president said, "i need loyalty, i expect loyalty." i didn't move, speak, or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at each other in
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silence. the conversation then moved on, but he returned to the subject near the end of our dinner. at one point, i explained why it was so important that the fbi and the department of justice be independent of the white house. i said it was a paradox: throughout history, some presidents have decided that because "problems" come from justice, they should try to hold the department close. but blurring those boundaries ultimately makes the problems worse by undermining public trusinstitutions and their work.near the end of our dinner, the president returned to the subject of my job,
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saying he was very glad i wanted to stay, adding that he had heard great things about me from jim mattis, jeff sessions, and many others. he then said, "i need loyalty." i replied, "you will always get honesty from me." he paused and then said, "that's what i want, honest loyalty." i paused, and then said, "you will get that from me." as i wrote in the memo i created immediately after the dinner, it is possible we understood the phrase "honest loyalty" differently, but i decided it wouldn't be productive to push it further. the term -- honest loyalty -- had helped end a
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very awkward conversation and my explanations had made clear what he should expect.during the dinner, the president returned to the salacious material i had briefed him about on january 6, and, as he had done previously, expressed his disgust for the allegations and strongly denied them. he said he was considering ordering me to investigate the alleged incident to prove it didn't happen. i replied that he should give that careful thought because it might create a narrative that we were investigating him personally, which we weren't, and because it was very
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difficult to . about it and asked me to think about was my practice for conversations with president trump, i wrote a detailed memo about the dinner immediately afterwards and shared it with the senior leadership team of the fbi.on february 14, i went to the oval office for a scheduled counterterrorism briefing of the president. he sat behind the desk and a group of us sat in a semi- circle of about six chairs facing him on the other side of the desk. the vice president, deputy director of the cia, director of the national counterterrorism
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center, secretary of homeland security, the attorney general, and i were in the semi-circle of chairs. i was directly facing the president, sitting between the deputy cia director and the director of nctc. there were quite a few others in the room, sitting behind us on couches and chairs.the president signaled the end of the briefing by thanking the group and telling them all that he to me alone. i stayed in chair. as the participants started to leave the oval office, the attorney general lingered by my chair, but the president thanked him and said he wanted to speak only with
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me. the last person to leave was jared kushner, who also stood by my chair and exchanged pleasantries with me. the president then excused him, saying he wanted to speak with me.when the door by the grandfather clock closed, and we were alone, the president began by saying, "i want to talk about mike flynn." flynn had resigned the previous day. the president began by saying flynn hadn't done anything wrong in speaking with the russians, but he had to let him go because he had misled the vice president. he added that he had other concerns
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about flynn, which he did not then specify.the president then made a long series of comments about the problem with leaks of classified information -- a concern i shared and still share. after he had spoken for a few minutes about leaks, reince priebus leaned in door by the grandfather clock and i could see a group of people waiting behind him. the president waved at him to close the door, saying he would be done shortly. the door closed.the president then returned to the topic of mike flynn, saying, "he is a good guy and has been through a lot." he repeated that flynn
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hadn't done anything wrong on his calls with the russians, but had misled the vice president. he then said, "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he is a good guy. i hope you can let this go." i replied only that "he is a good guy." (in fact, i had a positive experience dealing with mike flynn when he was a colleague as director of the defense intelligence agency at the beginning of my term at fbi.) i did not say i would "let this go."the president returned briefly leaks.
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i then got up and left out the door by the grandfather clock, making my way through the large group of people waiting there, including mr. priebus and the vice president.i immediately prepared an unclassified memo of the conversation about flynn and discussed the matter with fbi senior leadership. i had understood the president to be requesting that we drop any
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investigation of flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the russian ambassador in december. i did not understand esident to be talking about the broader investigation into russia or possible links to his campaign. i could be wrong, but i took him to be focusing on what had just happened with flynn's departure and the controversy
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around his account of his phone calls. regardless, it was very concerning, given the fbi's role as an independent investigative agency.the fbi leadership team agreed with me that it was important not to infect the investigative team with the president's request, which we did not intend to abide. we also concluded that,
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given that it was a one-on-one conversation, there was nothing available to corroborate my account. we little sense to report it to attorney general sessions, who we expected would likely recuse himself from involvement in russia-related investigations. (he did so two weeks later.) the deputy attorney general's role was then filled in an acting capacity by a united
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states attorney, who would also not be long in the role. after discussing the matter, we decided to keep it very closely held, resolving to figure out what to do with it down the road as our investigation progressed. the investigation moved ahead at investigative team members -- or the department of justice lawyers supporting them -- aware of the president's
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request.shortly afterwards, i spoke with attorney general sessions in person to pass along the president's concerns about leaks. i took the opportunity to implore the attorney general to prevent any future direct communication between the president and . and actually be cleared in a way that could be shared with the american people? >> i remember thinking, this was a very disturbing
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development, really need to preserve it in a way and this committee gets this, sometimes when things are né) 6muclassified, hard to share with an investigative team and you have to be careful about it. and my thinking was if i write it in such a way that wouldn't trigger a classification, that would make it easier to discuss it with the fbi and the government. . >> and it's our hope, particularly since you are a pretty knowledgeable guy and wrote this in such a way that was unclafd, and ge -- unclassified and i think it would be important to our investigation. let me ask this in closing. how many investigations does the fbi are go ing going
7:46 am
orphan? >> tens of thousands. >> any other -- >> no. >> this speaks flumes and doesn't get to the questions around the phone calls about lifting the cloud, i know other members will get to that, i rial really appreciate that and the service to the nation. >> you're welcome. >> questions on fbi director e8:r: james comey, questioning. >> and minced no words, right off the bat, taking notes right away and thought the president was going to lie. that's a ;f led in the presidential election and president donald trump did not ask him to stop the russia investigation. >> we're going to cover this live and give you other programming this morning and
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other news that is important to you and keep monitoring this and an expert here, a dean of law to let us break down what's going on here live this morning on capitol hill as we continue here on a rainy thursday morning in the bay area. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
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>> rain widespread in the area and more on the way. going to be hitting the bay area shortly and right now, a closer look ofxactly whe touching down from nevada south and san francisco, starting to hit, parts of the east bay, especially around the bayshore line from union city into fre mont and sfo, san mateo, getting the kids ready, don't let them leave c73zqñwithout a sweater or light jacket or umbrella, they're going to need it. the rain is going to continue this morning throughout the morning and lunchtime and scattered showers. temperatures in the 60s, chilly once we get to the afternoon hours, we'll see some peeks of sunshine and going to get to the upper 60s and possibly low 70s on the board as well. a gorgeous weekend in store and also a heat spike coming in,
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i'll have more on the seven-day forecast full forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. let's switch over to traffic. >> traffic is slow coming out of the maez. don't -- the maze, don't forget to reduce your speed. 13 minutes in town. udóz] the bridge, heavy and 14-minute bridge to the north bay and 151 and san raphael. heavy traffic, 26 across the bridge and over to 101. stay with us. the kron4 morning news will return right after the break.
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(darya) back to our breaking news this morning... james comey is testifying before the senate. (mark) james the . back to breaking news, james comey it having in front senate. >> james is following this. >> going back and forth and james comey in front the senate intelligence smeet xhooet about why he was fired and what his reactions with the private one- on-one meetings. and diane feinstein now. let's listen in. >> why can i not discuss this with you? >> good question. maybe if i was stronger, i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in and jz 1ruj$0@6cj% he id, playing in my mind
7:56 am
what mresponse would be, that's why i read the tweets and i hope there are tapes. and i said, i agree he's a good guy as a way of saying, i'm not x3!+xfvñ agreeing to what you are asking me. maybe not the same circumstance, people would do it. hopefully i don't have another opportunity, '0f49úmbut if i do, doing it better. >> two kfshgss with president donald trump, one describing the russian investigation as a cloud, impairing his ability, end quote and quote, asking you to lift the cloud, end quote. >> again, you are watching live questioning of james comey, diane feinstein, california senator thinking about the thought process in that private
7:57 am
meeting with president donald trump and asking james comey about the investigation into national security advisor miej flynn to go away. -- michael flynn to go away. we'll have more on this and the testimony of fired fbi director james comey. we'll be right back. . . do it yourself. what should we get help >> talking home and lawyers, tax debt, that can lead to financial disaster. >> why is that? >> the tax code and thousands and thousands of pages long. and the irs has people on their side that know those laws. could be a filing they didn't pay in full, penalties and
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noishted. >> terrific. what's the first step? >> call for a free analysis. >> great advice. if you owe $10,000 or more to the irs, call now for a free um consultation. (darya) good morning i'm darya folsom..(mark) and i'm mark danon. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... (rebecca)an
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parts of the east bay is starting to move out the north bay. you have seen that all warning light. the debt -- you will need your umbrella and a sweater or jacket. we are in the low 60s. around noon, a couple of isolated showers make continue. we will be in the mid 60s in land and around the bay. we will see cloud cover with peaks of sunshine. i will in with the >> thank you. be careful driving. you could easily spit out. i have a number of spit out
8:01 am
around the area. there's nothing major. it is quiet at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is 14 minutes for the drive. a quick check on the drivetime out of that east bay. stop and go into downtown oakland. it is underfed and -- 40 minutes for the trip. it is 35 minutes for that right. 280, stop and go but nothing major going on. we will check the drive times coming up in a bitn4euwz
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when he learned of the news that he had been fired. he learned that through the news as opposed to a direct communication between him and a president. we have that coming up in a minute but we are following this testimony as it develops. >> thank you. and joining us is the school of law that is joining us and that is a big bombshell saying the fbi director is concerned the president would lie about the meeting and that is why he took notes. >> this is continuing as expected.
8:04 am
this is about the fbi director's perspective. >> this is confirmation for the american people about the russian meddling in the election with no apparent interest in the administrati doing anything about it. shocked by what you're hsomething that people talk about. you see on, w(2the president has been criticizing director comey directly and criticizing the intelligence agencies. this is something that will definitely imperil the president's ability to get anything done. that is beyond the parts that will be investigated. >> something else that is interesting, james comey seems wild -- he said do not bother with the investigation, call it a matter. he seemed shocked by that. but you get the impression that he was interfered with?>> i think that is -- i got the impression on instance of that
8:05 am
was the previous attorney general as the reason why he was explaining why he went to the american people on the clinton tape investigation rather than on this investigation. >> he related. i was just thought i was in a meeting with my boss. as he said, he is very good at being able to remember the pertinent facts and present them to us so that we sitting here, we talk about this as well is people around the country. >> the lesson is, james comey said that donald trump did not ask him to stop the investigation. that is one of the quotes taken he did expect that is correct. we w, there are other people testifying over the course of the investigation about the president said or may have done over a period of time
8:06 am
. >> thank you. we will go back to watching james in the newsroom. we will continue to monitor this. as james comey is grilledí&n6on the senate. and also we are covering on her website, the best way on the mobile app, you can of what is going on live streaming on our double app as well as what we are providing with local programming as well is what is happening in the bay area. we have a lot of news we are ofgju covering this morning. 8:06 is the time. we will be back with more in a few minutes. what are you doing? watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
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(mark) it's the play everyone's talking about this morning... kevin durant pulls up for the dagger from beyond stir kevin durant pulls up from beyond the arc in front of le bon james. the warriors have a one point lead. they were down dig with three minutes left in the 4th. durand scored 7 of the 11 points and the warriors beat the cavs and taking the 3-zero -- 3-0 lead. they team talked about the
8:10 am
winning shot. >> in that situation dagger, well not a dagger but a huge 3 and we're confident in him taking that shot every time"kevin durant:i've been in this position, being up in the finals and trying to close it out so i know how exciting its going to be for us as a team but their fa they're gowanting a win">(darya) the warriors 15-0 record in the playoffs is the longest playoff streak in the n-b-a, m-l-b and n-h-l history. the warriors go for the sweep tomorrow night. tip of is set for 6:00 from cleveland. (james) this was an incredible game to watch. lebron gave it all he had.
8:11 am
they got gassed. they did not have any more juice. they could not keep up with the warriors. >> all right, we are taking a look at the bay area, another big story and we will continue the live coverage of james comey.>> we are watching this carefully. you can see james comey testifying at we will update you on what was said moments ago. around the bay area, the radar shows us why's red across the entire bay and more on the way. we have details when the news returns after the break.
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(darya) welcome back. let's get a check of the weather this 8:13 and we are looking at the ready. it is raining off and on. it's not that it is heavy, it is just that it is here. >> exactly. from all the sunshine and warm temperatures that we have been getting, the warm temperatures are on the way but for now, we
8:14 am
will take this rain. it is not that bad. it is widespread across the bay area. this is a wide shot to see. you can see more is on the way offshore. the radar shows that it is out of the north bay. we do see that heavy at times for much of the morning but from nevada, san francisco is getting a nice soaking and parts of the east bay is getting ready. future cast is showing us how the rain will shape up. it is moving out of the north bay by 10:00 and it will lighten up when we get closer to the new time hour. mostly cloudy skies for today. sunshine is good news. we do see conditions are wet with the peninsula zone with the golden gate bridge camera. the gray skies and the sea, it is starting to get silky.
8:15 am
and the south bay, south -- san francisco has a little bit of sprinkles. lorraine is on the way for san jose. temperatures, we are looking at upper 50s to low 60s. bundle up just a bit. look at the nice 71 is for san jose and mountain view along the east bay shoreline with mostly 60s for the north bay zone and for san francisco, low 60s are expected for the high today. ur tomo , the same as what were today. we have a slight chance of showers but a slight chance. we will keep you updated. getting it your weekend, lots of sunshine ahead. temperatures are mild. upper 50s along the coast and the next week, we will see hot temperatures and i will have those details when i come back. but see how the roadways are
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doing. >> it is wet and sloppy. driving to work, there is no problem getting to the bridge. do not forget the headlights and wipers. it is back up to the park weight which is normal. it is 14 minutes for the drive. you should drive at a reduced speed. it will be a wet commute. most traffic is in the bay. this is south of larkspur to the golden gate. that is why your drive time is holding at 40 minutes. that is because of the heavy commute traffic. it is drier here in san francisco and that is backed up but moving well across the upper deck. i look at the dunbar bridge commute dry 10, 21 minutes to work your way over to the peninsula. 237, stop and go.
8:17 am
is a 14 minute trip and i do not see hot spots. is picking up on northbound 280 . back to the news 8:17. the breamorning, james chai or-- james comey is testifying before the senate. >> this is what is happening now. >> commies question by the senator from maine. you can see they are having an exchange back and forth. she is digging deeper into what we have heard other senators probe already, which was6ue4=s what was the nature of the private meetings you had with president trump? what impression did you get? did you perceive that as a directive to stop the investigation in the national security advisor michael flynn? and also questions about loyalty. that seems to come around quite a bit so far. i want to play a quick snippet of part of james comey's opening statement. you remember when he was let go
8:18 am
by president trump he was in southern california speaking at a conference. he arrived as the director of the fbi but he left as a private citizen because he found out why he was there, president trump had just hired him. listen as he talks about that experience. >> when i learned that i have been fired, for that reason, i came home as a private citizen. then the explanations, shipping explanations confused me and increasingly concerned me. they confused me because the president and i had had multiple conversations about my job before and after he took office. he had repeatedly told me i was doing a great job and he hoped i would stay. i assured him that did intend to stay and serve out the remaining six years of my term. he told me repeatedly he had talked to people about me, including the kern current
8:19 am
attorney general and had learned i was doing a great job. i was extremely well-liked by the fbi workforce. it confused me when i saw on television the president saying that he fired me because of the russian investigation. we learned again from the media that he was telling privately other parties that my firing had relieved great pressure on the russian investigation. >> that is some of the reaction this morning that he expressed during his opening statement. questioning him now. if theobviously bombshells, we will come back here and play some of that for you. we are keeping a close eye on this. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you. our coverage continues with the updates. we have the dean of the school of law and he will be back and a little bit for more insight. he is watching the testimony.
8:20 am
the time is 8:20. a health scare at an elementary school in fremont. a student is tested by hiv and hepatitis at a child was poking students with a diabetic needle. >> we are live with the details. rick? broke good morning. some parents this morning are worried about how long it took for the school to notify âí parent after this incident. we know this started on may 26, a child found a needle near the school where buses pick up at the school. a staff member saw it and took it away from the child. there was absolutely no indication to the teacher or the staff member that a child poked anyone with it needle. >> parents started calling the school and saying they had been poked with the cheadle. >> 14 children were stuck and they are urging affected children to get tested for hiv
8:21 am
and hepatitis. with officials but they are addressing concerns. >> as soon as we knew it student was involved óvreally come we tried to get an accurate information to the parents as soon as possible. it got to the point yesterday because there were a large number of students, eventually we discovered, there were 12 to 14 students involved there were -- there was smith center -- misunderstanding. parents were rightfully concerned about the how the health of kids. >> the student has been discipline by the school. we are told there is a student and a staff member here at the school who uses the diabetic needles.
8:22 am
school officials confirmed it did not belong to them. they do not know where this came from. the officials say they have set notifications to the parents, just -- not just the students affected but the parents i am talking to this morning, they have no idea about this needle. we are talking to more parents about this incident. at 8:22, we will continue the life james comey test many. >> we are following this question -- carefully. we will come back and update you on what he said so far and what the questions are that senators are asking. stay with us. do not leave your umbrellas at home. you will need. we have wide spread rain throughout the area. more is on the way and we have details coming up next.
8:23 am
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welcome back. we are checking in on your commute. it is soggy and slow coming up. we are backed up into the ÷qt6q no major issues. there is 15 minutes for the drive in. we have had spent out and fender bender's. i have a complete check in a bit. thank you. 8:25 and a man is arrested. he is accused of obtaining and selling disabled placards. montana is accused of forging a doctor's signature to apply for the packard's and selling them for as much as $1000. if convicted, he could face up to for years in prison.
8:26 am
his arrest is brought to light a growing problem in california. about 15% of the disabled placards license plates are misused. earlier this month, the dmv did an audit and found placards had not been canceled for thousands of people who die. they found parking enforcement does not have an immediate way to find out at the placards are legitimate. >> it is an opportunity for abuse. it is important that everyone in the system, the local police or the dmv, individuals and families, everyone in this complex of agencies and society, do our part to make it work. >> the dmv says they are developing an outreach campaign sheer. -- this year. it is what this morning and we have rainfall and war is on the way and i will let you
8:27 am
know,. that is can. we are keeping an eye onfkj4dcg testimony from james company -- james comey.
8:28 am
8:29 am
(darya) welcome back to the kron four morning news... lets start the half hour with a check of weath tr taking a look at weather and traffic. it's a rainy day. >> we forget how to drive. >> a little rain and they run
8:30 am
off the road. >> it's still coming down. >> especially the golden break -- golden gate bridge camera. storm tracker 4, our radar picture showing the bay area getting a nice soa it's widespread and you can see more on the way just offshore heading our direction as well. a closer look of where the rainfall is. anywhere from navarro down to san mateo. even parts of the south bay zone. it stretching farther east. getting over to brentwood and into tracy and part of the valley areas. it's widespread. a very wet shot of the golden gate bridge. lots of water on the lens and:. a friendly reminder, roadways are slick. the next eight hours look like
8:31 am
this. a few showers into the noontime our. isolated temperatures in the mid-60s. things will warm up just a little to about the mild comfortable temperatures. we might see low 70s. over to the traffic center, hopefully not too many accident. >> it's not too bad. wet and sluggish. lots of fender benders and drivers running off the road going too fast in the wet weather. be extra careful this morning. you can see how soggy it is. it still slow from richmond parkway but moving well across the span out to 101. 12 minutes for the drive. here is the bay bridge. it's not as wet but still slow from west grand. clearing out at the 880 over crossing. you are starting to get a break. since it's raining and wet, you should leave as early asible or even consider a mass transit option if you don't want to drive a deal with the traffic. 14 minutes for the drive in.
8:32 am
and other traffic check coming up. back to breaking news. the james comey testimony happening right now. >> james is monitoring. >> a number of senators have been posing questions. we have senator roy blunt, you see them on the screen. the republican from missouri beginning his lining -- line of questioning. i have a sound bite from comey earlier in the morning. when he was talking about his firing. he said that even though the president has the right to fire the director, he didn't question that, it was how he went on to characterize not only him at the fbi in statement that would come out later. here is how he reacted. >> and although a lot required no reason at all to fire and fbi director, the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi. by saying the organization was in disarray.
8:33 am
that it was poorly led. that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those or lies, plain and simple. and i am so sorry that the fbi workforce had to hear them and i'm so sorry american people were told them. >> back to life images coming out of the senate hearing room where the senator is beginning his line of questioning. i will listen into that and let you know what questions come up and what james comey's responses are. >> it's something you can be watching as well. we're streaming live on our mobile app. the app is free and you can watch all of the testimony r team coverage. we have an analyst, dean of the us law school in the studio to break down what he thinks the significant -- thinks is significant. will have the latest throughout the morning. bars and coffee shops
8:34 am
across the country have the doors open and they are hosting watch parties. >> we go live to san francisco. >> reporter: as you can see gino and carlo, everybody has their eyes on the tv sets and the testimony. this bar specifically opens it 6:00 a.m. the crowd today is much larger. a lot of people i spoke with say they haven't heard anything to shocking. one person told me they appreciate his demeanor. he looks like he is being very truthful and he is trying to tell the fact. we did speak with people earlier but what they expected from today's hearing. >> the only thing i want is the truth. if he's lying then drill him. if he's not lying hopefully it comes out in the right direction. you need to get this solved. >> i want the truth to come out.
8:35 am
to the american public. comey was there to do a job. he got fired. and trump said loyalty. i feel we need loyalty to the american public. >> reporter: a lot of people here are obviously drinking irish coffees and brandy and coffee. a lot of beer is being sold. on the e doing so special ike the impeached mint drink. but here a lot of irish coffee and brandy. reporting live from san francisco. kron4. california has more fatalities on train tracks than any other state in the country. >> people behaving badly. >> reporter: this is a segment or you can help me solve a mystery. it's about train tracks. right now these tracks are in the city of pittsburgh. i was waiting to see the move but they never did. they just sat there.
8:36 am
which begs the question, how does someone get hit by a train? this is the leverage road crossing. amtrak's uses these because trains need tracks to get from point a to point b. in the absence -- there are no trains. antioch at the hillcrest avenue setting, again there is a stationary set of tracks mounted to the ground. terminally bolted. okay. before you reach the tracks is a black and yellow sign alerting you to the tracks. along with the railroad crossing symbol painted on the street. and a few feet away a black and white sign saying don't stop on the tracks. and these stands with lights flash when a plane -- train is approaching. let's be honest, according to the department of transportation there over 129 will crossings in the united -- 129,000 railroad crossings in the united states.
8:37 am
yet somehow every three hours a person is hit by a train it's not really difficult to avoid to metal tracks. you stop before them or safely proceed past them but never stop on them. never. not for a second. as a journalist and not supposed to ask questions, i'm supposed to give answers. but no matter how many answers i give you reports of people getting hit by trains coming. is it because people think they are invisible this invincible in the car? the only advice i can give you is don't -- trains don't stop quickly. stay off the tracks. in pittsburgh and antioch stanley roberts kron4. coming up we are continuing to follow the latest developments on capitol hill. james comey testifies in front of the ence committee. we'll have continuing coverage in just a minute.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
welcome back. no major hotspots but plenty of fender benders. leave as early as you can. this is the bay bridge right into san francisco. moving pretty well across the upperdeck. it's starting to thin out.
8:41 am
a check of some drive times. the eastshore freeway, slow in pockets. about a 40 minute ride heading west. 24 minutes for west before coming out of walnut creek into the oakland mays. muni they are having delays and are prov buses. some trains are switching back. it's rainy. have seen it all morning long. you can see there's more on the way. more rain coming offshore. widespread around the bay area. on storm tracker 4 radar, we will see -- see things try out in the afternoon. the golden gate bridge is getting a soaking. slick on the roadway for much of the morning. for details just ahead. we're going to listen in live as former fbi director
8:42 am
james comey testifies before a senate commission that's looking into whether president trump perhaps maybe interfered with the investigation. handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
8:43 am
handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! in the weather
8:44 am
it is raining. we have something off happening. >> pretty consistently from the early morning hours. most in the north be. these are current temperatures. it's pretty chilly out there. upper 50s to low 60s. this rainfall we will see continuing and lasting through much of the morning. look at the rain at the golden gate bridge. we are seeing the:very wet. a lot of it primarily in the north be. it has become more widespread. as you can see on storm tracker for -- 4 it's touching down to our south bay location. a lot of east be areas getting a nice soaking and more on the way. you can see it on the left-hand side of your screen. we will see the rainfall last two possibly around noon when it will pick up. we will see temperatures getting
8:45 am
nice and mild for the next couple of days. a nice sunny and dry weekend. plus a chance of rain tomorrow and into next week, monday and tuesday and wednesday inland temperatures are gonna be in the 80s and it will spike once we get into the middle of next week. we will see it almost pushing the 90 degree mark and lots of sunshine with 70s and 60s along the coast. let's go to traffic. >> not so good, not so fast. highway 92 traffic barely moving. no major crashes or stalls. it's just a lot of traffic combined with the wet weather. that pushes you up to 24 minutes to make the trip to the peninsula. leave as early as you can. if you need to get into san francisco carpool. those lanes are open. west grand, that's considered an improvement because about
8:46 am
one hour ago it was through the maze. now it starts at west grand. don't forget the headlights and wipers. they are needed. here is the freeway. fremont, a whopping 51 minutes. 238 to 237. no hotspots. 17 is a slow ride. a lot of stop and go traffic northbound. right as you approach the reservoir, it's going to be off and on to the 85 split. plan on heavy traffic. 30 minutes to santa cruz. to the testimony happening live on capitol hill. former fbi director james comey has been dropping bombshells. >> more on the breaking news. >> he's being questioned by senator james lankford a republican from oklahoma. we have live pictures from inside the hearing.
8:47 am
senator lankford has taken the microphone. he's drilling down into the extemporaneous notes those he turned over to the special investigators. now he is asking if the senate could get copies of those. take a listen. >> the director of national intelligence. >> did anyone from the attorney general's office ask about that. >> no. >> did the head of an essay talk to? >> no. >> it seems like the president is trying to get you to touch it seems like a light touch. bring up that moment the day after he fired flynn to come back and say hope we can let that go. but never reappears. did it slow down your investigation or any investigation the may or may not be occurring with michael flynn? >> no.
8:48 am
although i don't know there any manifestations of the investigation between favoring 14th and when i was fired. i don't know if the president had any way of knowing it was effective or not. >> fair enough. if the president wanted to stop an invewould you do that. knowing it's an ongoing criminal investigation counte investigation, would that be a matter of going to you and you proceed and saying you make it stop because he doesn't have the authority? how would the president make an ongoing investigation stop? >> i'm not legal scholar. smarter people answer th better. as a legal matter he's president -- head of the executive branch and could direct in theory, we have important norms against this, but directed anyone be investigated or not be investigated, he has the legal authority. because all of us ultimately reported to the executive branch. >> with that be attorney general or you? >> i suppose if you wanted to issue a direct order to do it
8:49 am
through the attorney general or directly to me. >> is or any question the president is not fond of this investigation? i can think of multiple 140 word expressions to express he's not fond of the investigation. you shared your trying to keep the agents working on it away from any, the president made. white frankly the president has informed 6 billion people he's not fond of this investigation. you think there's a difference? >> i think there's a big difference in kicking superior officers out of the oval office , looking the fbi director in the eye and saying i hope you will let this go. if agents are as good as they are heard the president do that, there's a risk of a chilling effect on eir work. that's why we kept a tight. >> okay. re about
8:50 am
new stories and news accounthe names and specific times, have there been news accounts about the russian investigation, about collusion, about this whole event or accusations that as you read the story you were stunned about how wrong they got the fax next >> -- there've been many stories based on reportedly factual information that are dead wrong. >> i was interested in your comment that you made that the president said you if there were some satellite associates of hid the did something wrong it would be good to find that out. he seemed to talk to you specifically on march 30 and say i'm frustrated the word is not getting out that i am not under investigation. but if there are people in my circle that are, let's finish the investigations. is a you took it? >> yes. and then you may -- >> you made a comment earlier about the previous attorney general asking you about the investigation on the clinton
8:51 am
emails -- >> you're watching live testimony as james comey is being questioned about many of the instances in which comey and president trump interacted in trying to drill down more about the specifics. will keep an eye on this and get back with updates. we will continue to carry this streaming live on our mobile app as we have all morning. if you're about to leave the house you can take your smart phone or whatever you have and watch on our mobile app and not miss a moment. less we will continue our live coverage all mornin air on channel 4. we will have a breakdown on our later news program starting at 5 pm. police are searching for a man who robbed two people. the first incident happened yesterday afternoon. the victim says her gold chain was snatched from her neck.
8:52 am
second happened and the victim said a man approached her from behind, shoved her to the ground and pulled the necklace off her neck. the thefts are related. to popular trails in san francisco's presidio are temporarily closed two dogs. that is because this is a time of year and coyotes are giving birth. coyotes are very protective and they have acted aggressively toward other canines. the park trail and bay area ridge trail will be closed two dogs both on and off leash. it should reopen two dogs in august or september. a man has been charged with murdering another man on a bus in oakland. he's been charged in the death of anthony johnson. the two men got into an argument all riding a bus at main street and charles way. johnson died from stab wounds. it is 8:53 and a woman is
8:53 am
in critical condition after man attacked her with a hammer. it happened early yesterday morning on market street. the woman was trying to help a man who was suffering a medical problem and that is when another man walked up and got into an argument with her and started hitting her as a hammer. oath woman and the man she was trying to help taken to the hospital. the attacker was taken into custody. sapolice caught two thieves because they stole tracking devices. and let the cops right to them. they are called -- they are gps tracking device. the thieves stole hundreds of them. not realizing that they were trackers. eight hours after thefts -- the thefts, police followed them to a storage locker in union city. they also followed right to the thieves who have the devices in the car. >> it allowed us to catch them.
8:54 am
the quicktime and the fact that the company was cooperating helped. it all played a part. >> it turns into a roambee commercial. they are used to track shipments of bananas and other products around the world. >> still ahead, we are following the l hill. we have former fbi director james comey testifying and talking about his interactions with president trump. and now talking about the potential for russia's interference in the last election and possible collusion with the trump administration. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers advocates too? turns out, it's californians
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it's me and it's you. don't stop now it's easy to add to the routine. and do your thing.
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8:57 am
(darya) back to our breaking news this morning... james comey is testifying before the senate. (mark) james fletcher is at the breaking news des is back to breaking news live testimony of former fbi director james comey. >> just a brief reminder we are following this live. he's being questioned by senator from west virginia. we will have a live testimony coming up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
(darya) good morning i'm darya folsom..(mark) and i'm mark danon. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... we will start off with weather and traffic. wet roadways. >> so many spin outs. lots of sluggish traffic. complete check in a bit. >> it's not going to stick around too much longer, we haven't seen it come down through the morning. it's causing a lot of spin outs. roadways are slick. if you're about to leave your home make sure you don't leave without an umbrella. look at the rain. storm tracker 4 showing us it's widespread across the area. more offshore, as we take a closer look all the way from novato down to san francisco and san mateo. even getting toward the south bay zone and for our friends in
9:01 am
san jose it's moving farther east as well. it's going to be a very wet -- very wet causing wet roadways. water on the lens, 101, it's been this way all morning long. here's how the rest of the day is shaping up. for the most part. upper 50s along the coast.'s afternoon we will see peeks of sunshine through the clouds. most sunshine expected today inland. mid-60s around the day. once we get into the later part of the afternoon we might see areas touching in the low 70s. for some of our warmest inland valley locations. this weekend will be gorgeous. i will have the full for cast in about 15 minutes. let's go to the traffic center for an update with robin. >> let's check the baby dry. -- be bridge ride. you are clearing out at the be
9:02 am
bridge. now it's just a minor weight, 14 minutes is not bad. don't forget the headlights and wipers. so many people forget. also watch your speed. we have had a number of spin outs and fender benders. they are querying -- clearing quickly. your ride into san francisco is fairly quiet. and the concord 19 minutes. livermore to dublin. the 101 is heavy for san jose but under 30 minutes. excuse me, san francisco. that because of an earlier crash. and 9:03 we want to go back to breaking news. coverage of james comey's testimony. we are listening in live to te the live shot is going to show you, we have former fbi director james comey being
9:03 am
questioned by senator tom cotton from arkansas. he is asking former fbi director james comey about his reaction to comments that senator feinstein made to the media. she was one of the ranking members of this committee. before january. let's listen and see how it's playing out. >> you said would be fair to characterize that story is almost entirely wrong? >> yes. >> did you have at the time the story was published any indication of contact between trump people and russians? other government officials are associates of the russian government next >> cannot answer that sitting here. >> we can discuss that in a classified setting. >> i will turn my attention to the allegations of mr. quinn -- mr. flynn. his alleged in interactions with the russian ambassador on
9:04 am
the telephone and what he said to senior trump administration officials. i understand there were other issues with mr. west -- mr. flynn. advocacy activities on behalf of foreign government. those are serious allegations. i want to speak specifically about his interactions with the russian ambassador. there was a story generate 23rd in the washington post that said, fbi reviewed flynn talks with russian ambassador but found nothing expose that. story accurate? >> don't want to commenm pretty sure the bureau has not confirmed any interception of communications and i don't want to talk about that in an open setting. >> would be improper for an incoming national security advisor to have a conversation with a foreign ambassador works >> in my experience no. >> but you can confirm or deny
9:05 am
that it happened and we would note -- need to know the content. >> i don't the guy can talk about that in an open setting. i've been out of the government for one month. i don't to talk about things that is now someone else's responsibility. maybe in the classified setting we can talk about that. >> we are following live as former fbi director james comey is being questioned. they have touched a number of different issues. that countries potential interference with the 2016 election. whether or not they may have colluded with the trump administration and the questioning has gone to president trump himself. did he interfered with the fbi's investigation into either national security agency mike flynn, or with the fbi investigation into the russian matter altogether. these are the topics in covered. there are a lot of senators asking questions. we will keep you updated as a broadcast continues.
9:06 am
you brought up senator dianne feinstein. we have sound from earlierthat we want to talk to her expert asking james comey why he didn't stand up for himself when they were in a private meeting. comey and trump. >> why didn't you stop and say mr. president this is wrong? i cannot discuss this with you. >> a great question. maybe if i were stronger i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. and the only thing i could think to say, because i was playing in my mind, because i had to remember every word he said, i was playing in -- in my mind what should my response be. that is where i carefully chose the words. i've seen the tweet about tapes. i hope there are tapes. >> at this point they were the only ones in the room. it's a matter of he said, he said. >> this will be in reference to
9:07 am
the president telling james comey to go easy on michael flynn the day after he fired him. >> director flynn comes across as very patriotic that even when you're in the room with the president of the united states, and he's hinting are telling you to do something, i'm not surprised he was tongue- tied in his answer and in retrospect he might have been stronger. but this is the hearing president trump did not want to have. he wanted to get the flynn matter behind him and get the cloud lifted. he is now wallowing in it. we will wait to see what the tweets are. this opens up more and more questions about what went on both in terms of what was covered up as well as what were make a more by the fact that everyone was asked to leave the room. it was a private conversation six --? does that make it more troubling as far as criminality? >> criminality is a specific question. whether you're in a red state blue state when someone says
9:08 am
clear the room because i want to have a conversation, everyone knows what that means. >> let's listen. >> even if i remember clearly that's not a question i can answer in an open setting. >> are you aware of efforts by trump campaign officials or associates to hide their communications with russian officials through encrypted communications or other means? >> i have to give you the same answer. >> in the course of the fbi's investigation did you come across anything that suggested indications records or other evidence had been destroyed? >> i have to give you the same answer. it would touch on investigative matters. >> are you aware of any efforts are potential efforts to conceal communications between campaign officials and russian officials next >> i have to give the same answer. >> thank you. i have a series of questions about your connection with the attorney general during the course of your tenure as director. what is your understanding of the parameters of general sessions recusal from the
9:09 am
russian investigation? >> i think it's described in a written release a statement from doj. the just is he would be recused from all matters relating to russia and the campaign or activities of russia and the 2016 election. something like that. >> is your knowledge extended his recusal is based on the has made? >> correct. was a memorandum issued to the fbi outlining the parameters of his recusal? >> not that i'm aware of. >> it you know if he reviewed any fbi or doj documents pertaining to the investigation before he was accused ask >> i don't know. >> and after he was recused? >> same answer. >> aside from any notice or memorandum, what was in place to ensure that the attorney general would not have connection with the investigation to your knowledge?
9:10 am
>> i don't know for sure. i know he had consulted with career ethics officials the know how to run a recusal but i don't know what mechanism they set up. >> in the attorney general recused himself from the investigation but you believe it was important -- appropriate for him to be involved in the firing of the chief investigator of that case? >> they something i can't answer sitting here. it's a reasonable question. it would depend on things i don't know. what did he know. did he realize the president was doing it because of the russian investigation. i don't know the answer. >> you mentioned that the president essentially asked you for a loyalty pledge. are you aware of him making the same request of any other members of the cabinet? >> i am not. >> you know when we or anotard anything about it. >> i mentioned -- you mentioned you hoped he would -- february 14, it's my understanding that mr.
9:11 am
sessions was recused from any involvement in the investigation about two weeks later. to your knowledge was the attorney general, did he have access to information about the investigation in those interim two weeks rex >> in theory, sure. i don't know whether he had any contact with materials. >> to your knowledge is there a directive that he should not have contact with information about the russian investigation between favorite 14th and the date he was recused on march 2? >> not to my knowledge. i don't know one way or the other. >> in you speak to the attorney general about the russian investigation before his recusal ? >> i don't think so. >> you know if anyone in the department or fbi forwarded any documents or information or memos to the attention of the attorney general before his recusal? >> i don't know of any remember
9:12 am
any. it's possible. i don't remember any. >> you know if the attorney general was involved in any aspect of the russian investigation after his recusal on 2 march? >> i don't. i would assume not, let me say this way. i don't know of any information that would lead me to believe he did something he touched the investigation after the recusal. >> in your written testimony you indicate after you left president you mentioned that it was inappropriate and should reply and you write he did not reply. what did he do? if anything? did he just look at you? was there pause? what happened? >> i don't remember clearly. i have a recollection of him looking at me. and projecting onto him. this may be a faulty memory. his body language gave me the sense that settled am i going to do.
9:13 am
>> did he shrugged? >> i don't remember clearly. the reason i have the impression is i have some recognition of something imperceptible. i don't have a clear recollection of that. he didn't say anything. >> on that same favorite 14th meeting you said you understood the president to be requesting you drop the investigation. after that meeting received two calls from the president march 30 of april 11. the president talked about a cloud over his presidency. has anything you learned in the month since the favorite 14th meeting changed your perception of his request? public interview? >> correct. >> is there anything about this investigation that you believe is in any way biased or is not being informed by a process of seeking the truth? >> no. the apartment of a special counsel, especially given wh
9:14 am
great comfort to americans the matter what your political affiliation is. it sh completely and honestly. >> do believe -- to pursue the investigation? >>'s. and knowing him well, over the years, if there's something he needs he will speak up. >> do you believe he should have full independence? >> yes. he wouldn't be part of it if he wasn't going to get full independence. >> thank you mr. chairman. -- >> questioning former fbi director james comey. >> she was going into a lot of things he couldn't answer. why would she do that? what does that mean? >> her origins are district attorney in san francisco. it's very much showing her as a prosecuting attorney. in this case it might've been more helpful to get him to be able to speak more.
9:15 am
and apart from the questions she had prepared. it's difficult being the 15th senator to ask the questions you want to. >> it was classified. >> i'm sure in the closed hearings she will pursue those things. you have two processes. the open process shared with the american public and the closed process. that we are not able to be there, that's going to carry on as well. for the senate intelligence committee to investigate as well as judiciary since there's oversight. >> i think people were looking for a smoking gun. did the president commit offense rex --? >> i think a lot of people want to look for that. but i think that's the wrong approach for this hearing. for the nature of the investigation. there is something shared to the public this is after all
9:16 am
the testimony of james comey on his firing. we are looking at, was there a cover-up? what we're left with is what were they covering up about? 's testimony at the beginning emphasizes to the american people, russians meddled in our election. and president trump having no interest in that. that is one of the most telltale parts of what we'll take away from this hearing. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your perspective. the dean of the school of law. we will be back with more in just a few minutes.
9:17 am
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9:20 am
breaking news we are following out of sunnyvale. police are investigating a shooting t ne breaking news, a shooting left one person dead and another injured. it happened at a shooting left one person dead and another injured. it happened at 7:30 am. we have some video from the scene. one person is in the hospital. no information about a possible shooter. happening now, one of the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire makes his first court appearance. derek will be arraigned at alameda county. he was the man in charge of the warehouse that caught fire last december. 36 people died in the fire.
9:21 am
he is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslahter. he faces up to 39 years in prison. as we go to break continuing coverage of the james comey hearing. fired fbi director on capitol hill.
9:22 am
> in on the babe breiget.w -- be bridge into san francisco. for the last week or so it's been a nice ride during the 9:00 hour. 60 minutes for the total commute . rest the bay area is fairly quiet. little wet and slow in san francisco. stop and go north 101. still heavy, 20 minutes.
9:23 am
280 is moving better on that to 80 extension. a much better ultimate because no one has not picked up. a san francisco man is arrested for falsely obtaining and selling disabled placards. montana lee is accused of forging a doctor's signature to apply for the placards and then selling them up to $1000. he could face up to four years in prison. his arrest things to light a growing problem. officials say 15% of disabled records and temporary records and license plates are being misused. earlier in the year the dmv did an audit and found the placards had not been canceled for thousands of people who had died. the audit found working enforcement does not have an immediate way to find out if they are legitimate. >> it's important that everyone
9:24 am
in the system, whether it's the dmv, the local police, individuals with disabilities, that everyone in the complex of agencies in society do our part >> the dmv says it's developing a public outreach campaign for later this year. still ahead on the morning news we are tracking the latest developments out of capitol hill. former fbi director james comey is currently testifying before the senate intelligence committee.
9:25 am
9:26 am
let's take a peek at the weather and traffic. robin? >> a little wet and sloppy. drive times are improving. >> is it almost over? >> it really is. as soon as the morning commute winds down, that is when the rain is expected to as well. most has moved to the far east.
9:27 am
most of it hanging out in the bay area. live on storm tracker 4 radar, you can see as we take a closer look and zoom in you can see we're still getting the widespread rainfall. most of it just south of novato. getting a lot in san francisco at the golden gate bridge. along the peninsula and parts of the east bay, the south bay not too much little head in that direction. this is a soggy co the golden gate bridge. it's been this way for much of the morning. look how wet the:is and raindrops on the screen. you want to reduce your's breed -- speed. -- reduce your speed. mostly cloudy skies and peeks of sunshine here or there. some pictures inland upper 60s. by 1 pm mid-sixties around the bay. upper 50s at the coast. a gorgeous weekend ahead. i will have that and all the
9:28 am
details coming up in about 15 minutes. let's check traffic with robin. the camera is all wet. it has been coming down for the 580 commute. it's already a nice ride into the north be. eight minutes. that's quick from the polls at 211. -- tolls to will -- to 211. a little crowded across the upperdeck. hotspot free. a quick mention of capital quarter, we have medical emergencies, 27 minutes late departing martinez because of that earlier ethical emergency. back to the news. let's get tour breaking coverage of the james comey testimony. >> now an update. >> good morning. right now at this moment we have senator john mccain lessening
9:29 am
james comey. the sitting members of the senate intelligence committee have asked their questions. we have now are a couple of the unofficial members of the committee like senator john mccain, they are there because of their senator leadership commissions. he is chairman of the committee. he has chosen to sit on this panel. he just started his questioning. let's listen in life. >> at least it wasn't -- >> but it's still ongoing? >> it was when i left. >> that investigation was going on. this investigation is going on. you reached separate conclusions. >> that was done. >> only an investigation of any involvement, secretary clinton or any of her associates is concluded. >> yes as of july 5 the fbi completed its investigative work and that is what i was announcing we had done and what we had found.
9:30 am
>> well at least in the minds of this member there's a lot of questions remaining about what went on, particularly considering the fact that as you mentioned it's "big deal" as to what went on during the campaign. so i am glad you concluded that part of the investigation but i think the american people have a lot of questions particularly since you just emphasized the role the russia played. and obviously she was a candidate for president at the time. so she was clearly involved in this whole situation where fake news, as you just described it is a big deal. took place. going to have to help me out. in other words we are complete, the investigation of anything that former secretary clinton had to do with the campaign is over and we don't
9:31 am
have to worry about it anymore. >> with respect to sector clinton, i am confused. we investigated her use of a personal email server. that is the best vacation i announced the conclusion of july 5. >> at the same time you made an announcement there'd be no charges against then secretary clinton for any activities involved in the russia involvement and our engagement in the election. i don't understand how you can be done with that but not completely done with the whole investigation of their attempt to affect the outcome of our election? >> when i left, when i was fired may 9 it was still an open and invective -- and active investigation to understand the russian efforts and any americans it worked with them.
9:32 am
a >> but you reached the conclusion there is no reason to bring charges against secretary clinton. you reached the conclusion in the case of president trump, you have an ongoing investigation. so you have one candidate who you are done with and another who you have a long ways to go. is that correct? >> i don't knowthe fbi has to go, but yes, the clinton email investigation was completed. the investigation of russia's efforts in connection with the election and whether there was coronation and was so with whom -- the ongoing -- it was ongoing when i left. >> you said it was a big deal. it's hard to reconcile in one case you read -- reach a conclusion and in the other side you have not. in fact obviously there's a lot more there as we know. as you called it an "big deal".
9:33 am
>> you're watching senator john mccain asking questions of former fbi director james comey. it seems to be a bit of confusion in terms of the clinton private email server investigation. and the current investigation into russia's involvement in the 2016 election. i will watch this and see if they resolve that. for now, back to you. a lot of people are watching this morning. bars and coffee shops are opening their doors to host watch parties. let's go to a san francisco bar. >> reporter: there are still a lot of people here. not as many as there were earlier. a lot of people have left to go to work or start their day. but there are still several people here. all eyes are on these television sets as they watched the james comey testimony. earlier we spoke to some and they told methat there wasn't anything shocking about what's being said. expect everything he is saying,
9:34 am
but one person told me they appreciate his demeanor and think he's being very truthful and stating the facts. we did talk to the bar manager about this testimony and people coming to the bar to watch >> typically we are not showing political stuff here. but it just reminds me of the red scare. history repeating itself. we will see how it shakes out. it should be very interesting to see what happens. >> i think it's important that people are coming together in politics. especially these days, to have our voices heard. to make a larger point and make sure we get the message out. i think coming to something like 80 comey watch party hits home -- like a comey watch party hits home. a >> >> reporter: a lot of people are regulars and others came just to watch the testimony. in case you're wondering what's being sold, mostly beer. irish coffee and coffee with brandy. kron4.
9:35 am
9:36, we will be back with more. if you want to watch the testimony happening live get it on our mobile app. osco --
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(darya) a health scare at an elementary school in in the east be a health scare at an elementary school in fremont. a student start poking other students with a needle. now though students have to be tested for hiv and other diseases. the needle was a diabetic needle and this happened late last month. 18-year-old boy told his family he was poked in the arm with a diabetic needle and it drew blood. the needle was found in the street at the school near the bus turnaround area. 14 children are now getting lead tests. one of the children's great grandparents said the school should've alerted them sooner. >> the school knew about it one week or so before the call. they waited too long to call. the should've called and
9:40 am
notified the parents immediately. >> five days after the incident the school started getting calls from concerned parents. the school says the parents were contacted immediately to get the testing done. one student and employee are diabetic but there is no confirmation that that was theirs. 9:41. >> will be right back as kron4 news continues. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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(darya) welcome back... checking traffic with rebecca. k) checking the weather. >> you're going to need umbrellas all morning. it is starting to taper off. the south bay is going to be the last zone to get sprinkled with light showers. storm tracker 4 showing us the bulk of the activity has fruit -- moved further east. we still have a good portion of the bay area covered and more on the way.
9:43 am
you can see it offshore. san francisco, it's pretty thick. san mateo all the way down the peninsula. most of the east a. it's starting to move out of parts of ugly and fremont. san josewill be getting some shortly. as we look at futurecast 4 the pocket of rain offshore is going to head further east across the peninsula and into the south bay. once we get closer to noon, things are going to thin out and it will be nice and dry into the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies, then peeks of sunshine, here is a look outside, gray in all four of our zones. a soaking at the golden gate bridge. look at the gray clouds bringing showers. the matter where you wake up, if you're going to hit the road soon make sure you are careful. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the most part. things will warm up just a bit.
9:44 am
mild temperatures. mild the -- 60s for oakland in hayward. low 70s for mountain view and san jose. livermore valley possibly topping out at 72. low 60s along the coast. 62 for the high of san francisco. anywhere from low to mid-60s for our north be zone. it's going to be nice as far as temperatures go. make sure you have your sweater or jacket handy. tomorrow, a slight chance of rain. similar temperatures as to -- like today. 70s inland. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. upper 50s along the coast and a big change in temperature as we get into next week. we will see upper 80s once we get . roads and see despite the rain it's looking good. no major hotspots. ride into san francisco, minor delays.
9:45 am
17 minutes for the trip in. eastshore freeway, we have had some accidents and stalls. 34 minutes. an accident here it just a point. north 11 h+mzto-)=fd0rúdrcfñ> at the hearing has wrapped up. you can see the live shot behind me. this is inside the hearing room. they hammered the gavel and put the hearing into recess. they will reconvene for a closed door session. in that the senators can ask more questions was possibly classified information. for now
9:46 am
it has come to a close. we have of course soundbites from earlier this morning. banksy questions from members of the senate intelligence committee.. one of those questions circled around the fact that had been taking copious notes, shortly after the encounters with president trump. when asked whether he had done this with past presidents this is how he spotted. >> as i said in my written testimony, as fbi director i interacted with president obama. we spoke only twice in three years. and didn't documented. and i was deputy attorney general i had one meeting with president bush about an important national security matter. i didn't write a memo documenting that conversation. i sent an email to my staff to let them know something was going on. i didn't feel with president bush the need to documented in that way. again because of the combination of those factors was not resident -- present with bush or obama. >> questioning revolved around
9:47 am
russia, its involvement with the 2016 election and with president trump and whether or not he tried to influence the fbi through director comey in trying to stop his work. we will talk about that coming up. for now back to you. >> thank you. we will be right back.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
( mark ) fremont police are searching for a man who robbed two people of their gold chains. the first incident welcome back. police are searching for a man who robbed two people of gold chains. the first robbery happened yesterday afternoon and the victim says she had a gold chain snatched from around her neck. the second incident happened on stevenson boulevard. the victim says the man approached her from behind and shelter to the ground and pulled a necklace of her neck. police say they are related.
9:51 am
9:52 am
(darya) back to our breaking news this morning... james comey is testifying before the senate. (mark) back to breaking news. james comey's testimony. >> right now we see cameras
9:53 am
being set up just outside the hearing room where we had former fbi di the we had members of the committee come out and speak at the microphone. we heard from the chairman and vice chairman. we will wait to see who else comes out. the me give you a recap of the highlights. some points the former fbi director was trying to make. right out of the gate in his opening statement he literally said the president had lied about him and the fbi and his relationship with some of the lower ranking members of the fbi. he didn't trust the president would accurately describe their encounters and that is what motivated him to draft these memos, these notes about what they discussed and what the situation and surroundings were like. so he could better recall it later. he also took the president's words regarding michael flynn as a directive to end the investigation into his investigation.
9:54 am
he said he believes russia had been attempting to sway our election all the way back to the summer of 2015. more than a year before the election happened. he said he didn't have the utmost confidence in special counsel robert mueller who has been assigned to complete the investigation into russia and the potential meddling with the 20th 16 election. and if there's -- 2016 election. and if there's any collusion with the trump campaign and russian officials. those are the main points he made during the testimony. you can see that is where he was seated with a sea of reporters and the panel of 15 members. i should say we have heard from president trump. he said "he and his supporters are under siege that will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever. " ng to this more than 2.5 hours of testimony by the former fbi director. the rain coming down, it
9:55 am
should rub up in the next couple of out -- it should wrap up in the next couple of hours. maybe pop up showers tomorrow morning. the cooler side next couple of days. then warmer weather by sunday. with hot weather in the forecast by wednesday. >> we will see you back here tomorrow at 4 am.
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