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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 8, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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style on instagram. from green silk chiffon to this floral maxi dress. and that extravagant push party 2 1/2 weeks ago. >> she's very calm and very happy. >> over the weekend, beyonce's mom said she's ready to spoil the grandkids. >> absolutely. buy them loud toys, get the parents back. >> are you nervous in. >> of course not. i've been there, done that. >> beyonce's twins are expected to be delivered at los angeles at one of these deluxe maternity suites. they go for almost $6,000 a night. blue ivy was born in new york at lennox hospital. what's the best thing about being a mom so far. >> it's just, i have such a full life. now i know the reason i was
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born. >> the big stars of country music turned out for the cmt awards, including keith urban and nicole kidman. ♪ what if i fall i won't let you fall ♪ >> showing lots of pda, keith and nicole were the couple of the night. >> it is the year of nicole. we are so excited for you, there is a lot of emmy buzz. how would you describe this past year? >> unbelievable. i'm like, i can't believe it. if someone had told me that this year in my life everything would come together like this i would have gone, no way, so i just say wow. >> and the winner is -- keith urban. >> keith urban! >> keith urban! >> it was keith who had the big night last night, picking up an award for every category he was nominated for. >> i want to say a massive thank you to my wife, nicole mary, because you have no idea how
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much of what i do, she's involved in every little piece of it. >> now, how many trophies is that tonight? >> four. >> four? >> yeah, it's never happened to me ever. >> carrie came solo in a shimmery mini dress, her husband mike is still playing in the nhl finals. it waslso single night for blake shelton. en stefani watched thehow on tv and seemed to be missing her man. it was date night for sam hunt and wife hannah, luke bryan and wife caroline, miranda lambert brought her boyfriend anderson east. and there is a country baby boom. thomas rhett and wife lauren, florida georgia line's tyler hubbard and wife hayley, and jason aldean and wife brittany are all expecting. >> we're finding out the boy's names are a lot harder to come up with than girl's names for some reason. and, we got a couple things we like but nothing for sure yet. >> nothing solid. >> i'm going to say be careful
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drinking that water in nashville because something's gone on. let's keep going with the musical theme. lionel richie and mariah carey are going to get the road next month for all the hits tour. >> it was supposed to start in march then lionel had the health issue that forced them to postpone. >> first thing i heard was lionel richie and mariah carey. i said, oh, really? >> that was designed to get that impact. this may be a shocker. she's extremely respectful. we have known each other forever. >> she calls you mr. richie? >> yes. >> the hitmaker teaming up with mariah carey for a 15-tour. >> he's been doing this for so long, he's got such incredible songs we all grew up hearing and loving and just listening to so, i'm excited about it. >> reporter: postpone the original concert dates. what hapned to you?
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i'm glad you're well now. >> thank god, what i had was a torn meniscus. i feel great now. i'm back to normal. ♪ hello >> the other diva that we are all sister clamoring to see you with was adele. ♪ hello >> she got really busy really fast. >> she'd made time for you. >> she's trying to keep it in balance. >> talking about balance, let's talk about nicole. >> i already requested 500 tickets and i said, i'm not exaggerating. >> did she really ask for 500 tickets? >> i am going to tell you that is a true statement. >> really. >> nicole has never done this before. >> yes, lionel's the cool dad, to a point. daughter sophia recently called him out for tracking her phone. >> did you really track her phone? >> who told you that? i would never -- i would never -- it's not that i have investigators. >> i should lionel never admitted to tracking her phone. he's got people, people in the airport who call him when they
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see sophia to let her know where she is. we're talking tom cruise right now. the tummy hits theaters this weekend but standing in his way for box office domination, the gal with the golden lasso. dominating the first weekend. tom is doing everything he can to topple that. let's talk about tom's cruise. >> we had a blast. >> tom tactic number one -- crank up that charm. >> dancing in your underwear that's just it's a must. >> last night corden got cruise to poke fun at his classic roles. >> he was amazing. he was incredible. >> you complete me. >> amazing. >> after wonder woman's late-night professional blitz tom went hard for the mummy.
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with jimmy fallon, he read versions of "the mummy" movie script written by elementary school students. >> i'm going to throw one of my bones at you, okay? >> -- with the kids' theater, >> what did you think about the kids' take on "the mummy"? >> adorable. i love those. >> tom tactic number two, get in deep with the fans. cruise went snap happy as he could aross the globe. >> i want to do it where we get as many as possible. try not to leave anyone out. >> this after gal thanked her fans on instagram and even surprised them at a "wonder woman" screening. >> this is so much fun! >> she seems to be slaying social media. in addition to $139 million at the box office, "wonder woman"'s 2017 most tweeted about movie. with 172,000 twitter followers. the mummy just shy of 8500 followers and not as many celeb fans.
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tom third tactic should be -- win over more big stars. corden. >> he's talented guy up next -- what will george clooney be as dad? a fun-loving prankster to his dad? >> i would say letters to other actors. and katy perry is dropping a big surprise tonight. we have new clues. >> i do like planting things. >> and katy versus a kid? >> hi, poppy. >> hi, katy. >> her face-off with a 7-year-old. >> awkward. but first -- >> how much do you miss him. >> the cast of this is us huggg it out as they gear up for season two, the show broke hearts and season ratings. >> to me you're every part my son. >> i love our life. >> we love getting to know these kashgts and are "this is us" quiz revealed the actors do, too. >> i'm on set when i'm not even
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filming a scene. >> i cry when i watch the show. >> all day long. >> yeah. yeah, i do. >> i know. you know what else, man, i
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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that's how jamie pressly how cbs' mom announced she's pregnant times two. she has george and amal to turn to for advice. what kind of dad is george going to be? they'll learn the fine art of sarcasm. i did a tv show where i played a pediatrician for five years so, i worked with my share of little bastards. no, you know, i've had a great time with that. i always enjoy it because i'm not far from them. >> the first reason little ella and alexander hit the jackpot
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when it comes to dads, we have seen it in "one fine day." a fun dad. a big kid at hearts from the pranks he pulled on his favorite friends. >> i had stationery made up with his name and i would send letters to other actors from brad pitt. >> dad is a great humanitarian, campaigning for human rights, that makes him a compass gnat dad. family means everything to him and he's have great role models in his mom and dad. >> these are two beautiful babies. george will be an absolutely wonderful father. amal will be and already is, a magnificent mother. she's an incredible woman. george certainly married up. >> he gave me sort of this structuring, treating people a
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certain way. >> good advice from nick clooney. all right, still ahead -- paula abdul back on tour, how e he's surprising a new generation of fans and they're absolutely shocking her. >> i'm going, forever you're girl. i got to go zblrjts salma hayek at 50. she's making pajamas looking cool. plus, what is katy perry's big surprise? she's dropping major clues. ♪ >> while getting schooled by a 7-year-old. >> sometimes those worms, they turn into butterflies. >> no, caterpillars. >> closed captioning provided by -- [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] ♪ >> that's ariana grande, last night resuming her concert tour in paris. after she of course postponed it because of the pan chester
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terrorist attacks. >> she said, quote, first show back tonight. thinking of our angels every step of the way. >> katy perry joined ariana grande for the one love concert in manchester. but this weekend it's going to be all about katy. weekd. you excited about this >> that's katy teasi fans about a huge surprise that s has planned for tonight's debut of witness, her album in almost four years. she's dropping hints on social media about the unconventional record release. the latest clue, tv monitor that says fly on the wall. and she's been on a very creative media blitz promoting her new music from carpool karao karaoke and she sat down with a 7-year-old. ♪ 'cause baby you're a firework come on show em what you're worth ♪
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>> second-grader poppy asked katy some hard-hitting questions. >> how do you go about your outfits? >> whenever i wake up in the morning, i like to dress how i feel. or if it's about food i put food over my body. >> not like real food? >> no, i put real food over my body. >> okay. >> poppy giving katy some side eye. she wasn't afraid to school the 32-year-old when it comes to worms. >> i'm sort of freaked out by them. i might touch them but they are really slimy and they freak me out. it's not like they are a butterfly. >> you never know, sometimes those worms turn into butterflies. >> nope, caterpillars. >> you know, secon grades the most adorable age. >> yeah, i was cute then. >> it's not about you. by the way katy kicked off her tour september 7th.
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meanwhile, paula abdul has hit the road for the first time in 25 years. >> can i tell you something paula has still got it at 54. and she proved it when she lit up the lip sync stage with one of her biggest celebrity admirers, jenna dewan-tatum. ♪ straight up now tell me >> i had no idea the impact that i had on jenna until channing came up to me at an event. he said, dude, straight up, i'm not kidding, when i tell you this, i'm going, was that planned? he goes, my wife is like, you're the reason she's in the business. and she goes, i've always wanted to be you and do "coldhearted snake." ♪ coldhearted snake >> then, cut to a couple months later and i got to work with her. ♪ coldhearted snake >> yeah, that lip sync battle surprise was all jenna's idea. but what's crazy is jenna is 36, paula is 54. and they look and dance like they could be sisters. ♪ girl don't play the fool >> she said on this show about
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how freaked out she was that she was dancing with you. >> well, she's incredible. i just she's a bright light. >> jenna's not the only one fan-girling all over paula. ♪ 'cause opposites attract and you know ♪ >> since the former laker girl got her start in mid '80s as janet jackson's choreographer, three generations love the songs. those moves and little girls love her fashions. ♪ i'm forever yr girl >> now, t'break down paula's total package tour by the numbers. she hafour costume changes. she performs six of her hits. paula, along with new kids on the block and boyz ii men, are hitting up 45 cities and as for the fans, she did have this one shocking moment. >> there's a part where i can go out to the mosh pit area, really connecting with the fans. they're having full-on conversations while i'm singing "forever your girl" and i'm going, i can't have these conversations. they're asking me questions, we're googling you, we can't believe your age. i'm sorry -- i'm going, i'm forever your girl. i got to go.
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>> let me tell you, nobody rocks a body suit like paula abdul. i saw this firsthand friday night. paula invited me to come to the show. she was great. the crowd loved her. welcome back, paula. paula's not the only star making it look easy to hit the 50s. s salma hayek. she talks about style with our carly steel. >> you looked incredible in cannes. >> thank you. >> i loved your instagram with the pajamas. i loved that. >> but it was pajamas you can go out with, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> at age 50, salma looks perfect in everything she wears. and the cannes film festival was no exception. it's a rare woman who can rock a pink wig. >> you just decided to go for it? >> yes, i'm 50 years old, so bored of the same face and the same hair.
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>> one look at her instagram feed and it's obvious salma was cannes' queen. she even secretly flew a mariachi band in from paris to pump up the fest's 70th anniversary dinner. ♪ >> it was not easy. >> do you know how to turn up a dinner party? >> now, salma's signature style is on display again, as she travels the world promoting her new movie "beatriz at dinner," which opens friday. >> when i first came to the united states a long time ago, >> did you come legally? >> yes. >> she plays a principled holistic healer bold enough to face off with racist real estate tycoon, john lithgow at a fateful dinner party. >> how do you instill those values in your own daughter, you have that fiery, fabulous -- >> i don't have to at all. she's like born with them. you know, i just have to keep them in check.
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>> like mama, like daughter. when we come back -- jamie foxx and jon hamm buckle up for their own "fast & furious" ride. >> tequila! next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a terrible crash that killed two teens -- now claims a third life. tonight we talk to family at a memorial for one of the victims. and an east bay teen boy dies ---- after being shot with a b-b- gun... i'm steve aveson. i'm vicki liviakis. the news -- at eight -- is next. there's a place like no other...
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travel consideration provided by -- aren't you the lucky one sf. >> that's right, you tell him, baby. >> usually don't get that kind
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of action without a lot of special effects. the new movie baby driver is so unique. >> they put the newcomer behind the wheel and some pretty big stars, jon hamm and jamie foxx inhe backseat and the result -- just wait until you see. >> jamie foxx, jon hamm a fantastic cast. i was like, wow, count me in. >> he plays baby and the fear factor captures ansel's alley chase. for jamie it took 25 minutes to apply all of his character's tattoos and jon's role of the sexy bank robber was written just for him. >> it's fun to play a dangerous guy. i'm glad i don't have that hair cut anymore. now at eight ... more than one week after a deadly auto crash in alameda ... a third victim has died(sot from hermela)
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whooshwindshield wipers in june.the bay area gets a rare late=spring dousing ... find out how long the rain will last.whoosha very disturbing fbi's former chief says e president trump is a liar who can't be trusted...tonight he president's response.whoosha bay area woman shows off a purse she was given by her employers.when she complained she was fired.she's suing them, charging racial're watching kron four news in prime time. (vicki) now at 8. a horrific car crash claims another victim. sergio garcia is the third person to die after the rollover crash in alameda. two other east bay teens were also killed. good evening i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. tonight kron'4s hermela aregawi joins us live from hayward. she spoke with family and friends gathering to remember one of the victims... hermela?


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