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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 13, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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other people that first night, too. on her season of the bachelor, she drank frequently. the other contestants said when she was taking her "naps," that she was actually passed out. >> so, how much alcohol was flowing on what's been called the "adult spring break" set? sources tell us that both corine and demario were severely intoxicated during the incident. "e.t." has toured the puerto vallarta resort where "paradise" is fill mtd and we found out there's unlimited alcohol 24/7 and an open bar. if a contestant wants a drink, a producer will use their walkie talkie and radio to get one. the cast drink harder shots of liquor. >> our source said that producers have intervened if they felt some contestants were getting too drunk. our source has a different opinion about corine, believing that producers may have wanted her to have that big personality
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and that drinking definitely would have been a part of that. >> do you call this -- >> also today, i got some new information on the so-called whistleblower of it all. a female producer who allegedly felt uncomfortable and complained of "misconduct in the workplace." cast members believe it was a producer who is close to corine. now, my source also tells many that corinne has spoken to demario since it. >> no word yet if filming will resume. but today, host chris harrison tells us, quote, it's my sincere hope that we can come to a quick resolution on this and get back to work very soon. >> lot more on the bachelor. because we're joined by an expert, ali fedotowsky-manno. >> i love this franchise. such a big part of my life. this isn't the first time that controversy has struck the show.
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in fact when i was a contestant on the show there was what sex scandal with one of the contestants and why this guy was the center of so many controversies. meanwhile, a new development in the katy perry/taylor swift feud. katy wrapped up her livestream marathon after emerging from her big-brother-style house to play a concert and in the meantime bury the hatchet with taylor. >> the lyrics change happened during katy's performance of her new single "swish swish," a song which is rumored to be a diss at taylor swift and the latest volley in their longstanding feud. ♪ >> here's katy's original lyric from her kickoff concert. ♪ don't you come for us, no not today ♪ >> and if new version yesterday.
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♪ god bless you on your snee ♪ oh, baby girl >> katy used the phrase when she was asked about taylor. >> god bless her on her journey. god bless her. i love her and god bless her on her journey. >> taylor swift hasn't commented. >> let's go. >> katy kept it real until the end of her extrav began sa, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. >> i have a hole in my pants. i'm just going to walk like this. >> the big question, though, is this -- was katy's big-brother-style stunt a success? s s sophie shilaci. >> her fans connected with it and she shook up the album rehe game while at it.
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>> beyonce made the surprise drop a thing but here comes katy trying something completely new and it worked. i wouldn't be surprised if other artists take note. >> speaking of beyonce, where has she been and when will we get to see the baby twins? we spot jay z leaving his home yesterday. the new comedy rough nights stars scarlett johansson, kate mckinnon and a bunch of crazy ladies and demi moor, right in front of our jen per perry. >> i love it. oh, we'll try not to, ha ha. >> demi plays a swinger married to ty burrell in the film. last night she was age-defying in dior, hard to believe the 54-year-old has three daughters over the age of 22.
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>> so, when they're bachelor party comes along, are you going to partake if they invite you? like, will you go? >> well, i don't think -- it better not go there. >> does it make you kind of nervous for like when your daughter gets to her bachelorette party days? what advice are you going to give her when that gets here? >> you know, i'm still cleaning up a lot of poop. >> scarlett had a date to this movie. that's her 72yearold grandma, geraldine. >> let's have a drink, geraldine. >> throw the best pre-wedding bash? >> zoe kravitz. >> her dad kravitz. >> she's a new see star. >> me? really? that's a lot of pressure. >> i think we're going to get really drunk and kill a stripper. >> oh, my.
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while zoe was partying in new york another one of her friends nicole kidman was across the country of the l.a. premier of her new movie "the beguiled." we asked zoe help interviewing nicole. >> on a scale from one to ten how much does she love me? >> ten, come on, zoe, ten. >> long before she and zoe were co-stars kidman dated lenny kravitz. >> i watched her grow up and she's gorgeous, not just on the outside but on the inside. >> in the beguile, she's working with a largely female cast again. >> so, it's fantastic. i love it. >> the film is set during the civil war, nicole runs a fancy southern girls school and secret takes in injured soldier colin pharrell.
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>> does he? >> looking flawless, nicole turns 50 a week from today. heading down under to celebrate. >> making an effort to go back to see my mom in australia and take the time. coming up -- wwe john cena makes a surprising confession. >> plus, mariah carey invites us inside her vegas show rehearsal and as always, mariah came to play. >> this is a costume. >> who wears that regularly? >> me. and jamie foxx on the ups and downs on raising two daughters and his favorite father's day memory. >> cooki
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what a special day for diana ross as her son said i do. the 73-year-old legend looked absolutely gorgeous in a plunging white gown and that's
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diana ross's daughter tracee ellis-ross. speaking of singers, jamie foxx has landed some big hits, but did you know that jamie has had a hand in launchi ining som music's brightest stars ♪ i'm in love with you >> i had ed sheeran sleep on my couch for six weeks. >> really? >> yeah, i always set the table for the artist. >> he helped out an up and coming nick cannon and most recently, his baby driver co-star ansel elgor the who's an aspiring solo artist. >> i know it's hard sometimes. >> it's the surprisingly artistic. >> cas sa foxx is also where jamie kicks back and enjoys
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being dad to his two daughters, the girls introduced jamie to instagram, and you just got to check out his impersonation of an old man who's trying to figure out social media. >> what did the kid doing? talking about the selfie and on the big screen, jamie, ansel and jon hamm are bank robbers in baby driver which hits theaters june 28th. but mr. foxx has something else to celebrate before that. >> father's day's coming up. what's your ideal father's day. >> i remember one time i got father's day cook yeast and they were bit off of. so, you know, it's like -- happy father's day. >> maybe he'll get some whole cookies this year. still ahead -- former bachelorette ali fedotowsky-manno is here to break down the biggest scandals in franchise history. i was a firsthand witness to
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so many shocking moments. >> stop interrupting me. >> meltdowns, abuse allegations and don't forget about chad. >> you think this is all fun and games, this is my life. plus, diva lessons from mariah carey? >> i'm not married. >> so you're single. >> how he answers questions in an sew mariah way. we have a backstage to their soldout concert. closed captioning provided by --
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. this is something we have never had to deal with in the history of the show those were the words that chris harrison could have said many years in the 15-year run of the franchise. ali is here with a look at some of the biggest controversies to rock the show. >> there have been so many and i
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was actually that clip, i was contestant on the show when that happened. i will never forget that, nancy. that's when an acontestant was accused of getting intimate with producer. in season 14, rozln was kicked off the show and the producer in question fired. >> it's all hype. it's all ratings. i'm telling my side of the story. >> she insists they were just fans despite what the other contestants said what they witnessed. >> another shocker from jake's season happened after the final sore. vienna accused him of emotional abuse after the season wrapped. >> please stop interrupting me. >> the thing when i got down on one knee -- >> the explosive scandal costly to the franchise happened in season 11 of bachelorette.
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kaitlyn b kaitlynbistowe spoiled the ending. >> finally chad's mexico meltdown. his trip to bachelor in paradise lasted just 24 hours. he got sent home after getting drunk and trying to fight his cast mates and host clir harrison. >> who think is all fun and games. this is my life. >> you chris harrison come at me. >> chris always gets thrown in sticky situations. maybe mariah carey should be the bachelorette, could you imagine? the greatest tv of all time. i had a chance to catch up with ms. mimi as she prepped for her upcoming tour with lionel richie. she's truly single and ready to mingle.
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>> we always have this conversation, are you single or not? >> why do you have this conversation? >> you're single. you're married. >> right. >> i'm not married. >> so you're single? all hail the diva. throwing it back at me when we know she's happy with boyfriend and backup dancer bryan tanaka, not the only love in her life. >> i'm so excited. >> the relationship she's willing to show off, 6 year old twins and their dad, mariah's ex dad. >> he's the kid's father and he does really nice things for me on mother's day. yeah. >> you guys have a great relationship. >> he's a good guy but it's not that hard to make it work. we can laugh and joke and do -- do the good parts of when we had
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a relationship. >> but mariah always delivers the goods when she hits the stage. she'll be wrapping up her vegas residency and then she's on the road with lionel richie. will you have special costumes? >> this is a costume, okay. >> no. >> wear this regularly. >> mariah who wears that regularly? >> me. >> you, but no one else. >> will you take your children on the road? >> yes, they're children. they're children. they're my babies. call them babies. >> nothing better than a chat with mariah carey. >> enrue iglesias sold 150 record million records. nischelle was all in.
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♪ >> reporte . >> enrique you're about to play in 150,000 people. >> you're making me nervous >> i tried to let it go. >> he's a sex symbol, but enrique has been coupled up with anna kournikova for 15 years. enrique has had 27 number one songs on the latin charts. what does he think about justin bieber hitting the top 100 singing spanish in. ♪ >> do you like that? >> i love that song. >> how do you think he did? >> i actually think he did really, really well. i was actually pretty surprised when i heard it. >> i'm a fireball. >> and if enrique wasn't enough to work the crowd into a frenzy his co-headliner is pitbull. >> what's the song that the
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crowd gets the hypest with? >> every song. in the middle, you already know, can't stop the party. at the end, they're going to give me everything. >> love you! >> both pitbull and enrique make time before the show for meet and greet. their tour is one big party. >> what is your favorite part of the tour, the performance sf >> i just like being upstage. i like my job. it doesn't feel like a job. ♪ >> that's a party. the on co-headlining tour continues through october. when we come back -- john cena makes a confession. the last thing you'd expect to next on kron-4 news at eight: cancer -
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causing contaminants in east bay drinking water .... the cities where the water is close to violating health laws as the weather heats up === fire danger is on
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travel consideration provided by -- john ce in, a is one of the big screen's toughest guy. standing over 6 feet tall and weighing about 250. >> yeah, he's a big boy. muscles on top of muscles. and that's why you're about to hear will probably surprise you but it's john's way of helping others. >> my name is john and i was bullied as a kid. >> john grew up in a town where his love for rap and wearing his hop clothes wasn't popular. he's helping others now. >> if you could confront all those people from your past what would you say to them.
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>> be yourself because you're beautiful. >> now this isn't the first time we've seen john's big heart, remember his very public prop e proposal to nicki bella and will you marry me. >> so while we're waiting for those i dos he team up with croc's come as you are" campaign. >> maybe they see something interesting and think they maybe i'm beautiful. >> i would lose the maybe. bye, everybody. now at eight ... a pair brushfires as the temperatures climbfirefighters getting ready for a long, hot summer. whooshfind out what's causing a spike in cancer causing contaminants in the east bay's water supply.whooshi'm not able to be rushed this fast ... it makes me nervous attorney general jeff sessions squirms under questioning by
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senator kamala harris.whoosh they have the championshipnow it's the fan's turn.what you need to know about getting to thursday's warriors victory're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) in the east bay, a cancer- causing compound in the drinking water.. has reached a near critical level... with concentrations of the compound, higher than they have been in the last 20 years. good evening. i'm pam moore.(steve) and i am steve aveson. this came to light today in a report by east bay mud.. which provides drinking water to 1.4 million people and the district also assured kron 4's justine waldman today... the water is safe to use. justine joins us live now from oakland ... to explain what is being done to lower the levels of this cancer causing element justine.. nat of water


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