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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 14, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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(steve) now at 11. we're tracking breaking news out of london... a massive fire has engulfed a residential high rise. im steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. more than 200- firefighters are currently battling this 27- story apartment fire. this fire has been burning for several hours grant lodes has been closely monitoring the blaze...he's here now with the latest. (glo) it's seven a-m in london right now...the fire started six hours ago...and we just learned minutes least 30 people have been hospitalized after being injured in that raging fire. some for smoke inhalation...unclear what else. no confirmed fatalities. firefighters are finally getting a handle on things. these are new images as it's
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now daylight in from the second floor...up to the top of the 27 story building. several witness says they saw people jumping from about halfway up. the cause of the fire will be investigated once it is extinguished....but given what's been happening in the hope terrorism is not involved. most people were sleeping when the fire started... officials are asking people to bring coats and shoes for folks who lost everything and barely have clothes on their backs. . (steve)back here in the bay season is kicking into high crews across the region will be on high alert as tempertures climb to the triple digits in some parts. kron4's jr stone is in vallejo... where a grass fire came dangerously close to homes. (pkg) flames shooting into the air
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in vallejo tuesday afternoon coming dangerously close to this house and another. sot and then my husband texted me and said there's a fire and i'm like whatsot it's terrifyingi had to park down the street because there were fire trucks all over.this fire broke out in the hiddenbrooke section of vallejoanother in orinda. in vallejo investigators tell us a lanscaping crew is to blame. sot doing some weed eating. laid the tool down to change some swain.exhaust started the fire.he tried to stomp it out himself and it got away from himtemperatures are expected to heat up as we go farther into the week and there are serious concerns from firefighters sot this weekend will be from what we're being told triple digits in some areas and it could potentially be one of our first red flag warnings in the area.sot the late season rains have made the grass crop very high and grass carries fire and windfirefighters recommend
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doing yard work in the morning hours when there is more moisture in the air and less of a chance that something like this could happen. (pam) in the east bay. a cancer- (pam) in the east bay. a cancer- causing compound in the drinking water... has reached a near critical level. that's according to "east bay mud" officials... who say, they found high levels of tri-halo-methans... or t-h-m's ... in the water. t-h-m's are known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. the chemical compound always exist in water... but concentrations of t-h-m's have increased in the last few years. officals say, the drought ... may be partially to blame. (sot)
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now... east bay mud is exploring other ways to treat the water... such as adding new chemicals and changing equipment at treatment plants. but tonight ... the officials say... the water is safe to drink. (steve) now at 11. a san rafael man is under a ton of backlash tonight.(pam) police say, he entered a latino- church .... sporting a fake i-c-e jacket. kron4's alecia reid ... at that church... where worshippers say... the suspect began taking pictures of them. (pkg) the person in question lives close to this church . and according to police, his reasoning for walking into sunday service with that ice jacket on was because he had previous noise complaints that went unresolved.pkgit was a scary day at church last sunday for a number of parishoners. police say a man first took photos and video of people in the parking lot of lutheran church of the
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resurrection then made his way inside the sanctuary to continue taping. all while wearing what looked like an immigration and customs enforcement jacket.hank dagenais / isn't affected by church noiseit sounds like someone has a problem and they're taking advantage of current events. probably for their own motive but i certainly haven't had any problems. nor has my family that i know of, with the church or its congregants or anybodypolice were called to the church after the scare. after further investigation, both the f-b-i and ice confirmed there was no official operation, and that the man in question was not an employee.that sounds pretty lousy to mewe now know that he is an employee at san francisco international airport. a rep from s-f-o tells me this matter is under investigation, and that the employee has been placd on administrative leave pending the outcome. his name is not being released at this time. although neighbors say they hear music from the church on sundays, it doesn't bother them.winscott stokes / isn't affected by church noisewe've been in gospel choirs, i mean we know what a good service is
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all about. but, my wife is probably more annoyed than i am. but i accept it, no problem. they're doing their thing. i'm not gonna stop them. it's a good thing. if they're happy, i'm happyat least one neighbor doesn't feel the same.he had too many years of it and he was probably a little tired of it. you know other people have different tolerance levels police say the jacket was a novelty item that was purchased online. as of right now, authorities say it doesn't appear that this act was in violation of any state or federal laws.the case will be transferred to the marin county district attorney's office.reporting live from san rafael. (pam) fewer than six arrests - amid the thousands of people celebrating in oakland after the warriors big n-b-a championship win over the cleveland cavaliers.
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police say, it all started when people began throwing rocks and bottles at officers during a sideshow on city streets. more than 40 citations were issued and police had more than 30 cars towed. but overall ... oakland mayor libby schaff praised her city ... for partying responsibly. (steve) and the partying is just getting started... dubs fans across the bay area are gearing up for the team's championship parade in oakland. the parade is set to start at 10:00 thursday morning at 11th and broadway... eventually making its way to lakeside drive.... ending on oak street...then the players and coaches will make their way to the convention center for the rally. fans can start lining up for the rally near lake merritt boulevard and 12th street starting at 5 a-m thursday. (sot)
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and just like the last parade...two years ago...the weather thursday in downtown oakland is supposed to be tremendous...sunny and warm... but not hot. if you want to avoid the crowds - you can watch it right here on kron4. or live stream it on the kron4 app. here at uber hq in sf, a changing of the guard at ridesharing titan uber as ceo travis kalanick (cal-uh-nick) announces he will take a leave of absence for an unknown period of time. uber's leadership and workplace culture has been the center of attention following a string of incidents. kalanick's departure comes as uber's board adopts a list of recommendations that former attorney general eric holder has submitted after being tasked with investigating what some have called the toxic culture and workplace environment at uber.ubers top hr officials says change doesn't happen overnight but they are comitted to reestablighing trust with riders drivers and employees. at uber hq, dan kerman kron 4news
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(pam) get ready for even hotter temperatures ahead of the golden state warriors big parade on thursday. ((steve)) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is back to give us the weather in your neighborhood.
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