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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(pam) tonight at ten:new details on the workplace shooting rampage today in san francisco. within the last fifteen minutes -- the victims killed have all been identified.hello i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve
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aveson.tonight -- the man who walked into the ups facility and opened fire has also been identified the shooter was jimmy lam.... after the rampage -- he turned the gun on himself. union officials say he had recently filed a grievance with the company. kron4's j-r stone is live in san francisco.. tracking the latest developments. ==
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sot this was a frightful scene the san francisco assitant police sot this was a frightful scenethe san francisco assitant police chief describing what it looked like after a gunman walked into the ups customer service center and opened fire. sot the suspect is deceased as are three of the shooting victimstwo other people were hurt. officers say the shots rang out around 9 wednesday morning. police have identified the shooter as jimmy lam. a man dressed in a ups unifrom at the time of the killings. officers say at one point they confronted lam. sotlocated suspecthe put gun to his head and discharged the weaponhe was pronounced dead immediately after that. we can confirm that lam had filed an overtime grievance. f.b.i agents spent wednesday afternoon searching lam's home in the inner richmond district of san francisco. as for the victims.mike lefitipictured here and two others were killed. in fact this man, who doesn't speak english, and works at a day spa near the shooters home says he didn't know the gunmanbut he did know the two other victims50 year old benson louie and 56 year old wayne chan. they were clients at his job who
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were good people and had families. (pam) there were intense moments at the u-p-s facility... many employees were trapped when gunshots rang out ... they scrambled to the roof of the u-p-s building... you are looking at just one dramatic image... employees raising their hands to show they were not involved in the shooting and needed help. (steve) tonight we are are learning more about one of the victim's of today shooting. 46-year-old mike lefiti was a driver for u- p-s for more than 15 years. he was also a dedicated family man and apparently very
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well liked. kron 4's charles clifford spoke with two of his friends this afternoon. both say they are devastated by his loss sothe was very gently. like a big fuzzy bear with a big heart.llary fong remembers mike lefiti from high school. he says that even back then big mike made a lasting impression.sotyou just can't miss his big personality. he's just a big cool guy.he read about his friend's passing facebook.soti'm still in shock, even at work.soti can't believe he's gone.erika miller lives near glen park in san francisco. her home was on mike's ups route for over a decade but she says that he was more than just a delivery mansothe went out of his way to make your day better even
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if you were having a bad day. sothe always had something funny to say. he had a special way of honking. even if he didn't have a package, he would honk in his special way and you knew that mike was here.wednesday afternoon, she recalled the time that mike back his truck into her tree, snapping off a branch. she says his remorse was obvious. sothe felt bad about it.erika heard of mike's passing on the news. she devastated.soti can't believe he's gone. i'm going to wake up tomorrow and not believe this is real.while the events that lead to mike's death are still under investigation, erika can't believe anyone would want to hurt him. soti figured that he probably jumped in front on someone to save them. that's the kind of person mike was. (steve) tonight at least two shooting victims are being treated at san francisco general hospital. police could be seen coming and going at the hospital today.... at times escorting unmarked cars to the entrance. we have also seen pople comforting each other but they declined to speak.
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(pam) tonight... we're also hearing from the mayor of san francisco on the shooting. he says the city is ready to help. (pam) u-p-s released this statement about the shooting: "the company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members and the community we share. " a representative from u-p-s also spoke today saying, the company is bringing in counselors to help employees deal with what happened. (steve) nearly 900 people work at the ups facility on san bruno avenue near 17th today kron4's philippe djegal talked to u-p-s workers who were there when the shooting happened -- and survived. (philippe)nats- "all ups employees -- let's go." amid the chaos...nick/ups driver- "we were in the center
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when the first shots rang out inside the building." u-p-s truck driver nick describes panic as he rushed outside.nick/ups driver- "that's where i saw one of our guys get shot, saw, i saw the first shot and i turned and ran. so, uh, little shook up." same goes for the rest of his colleagues. initially, witnesses inside the u-p-s building say the area was locked down... no one allowed in or out. shortly after learning the shooter was dead and there was no longer an immediate threat. workers streamed out of the building... those who witnessed the shooting, separated from their co- workers... headed in another direction with investigators for further questioning... nick is just grateful to be alive. nick/ups driver- "thankfully, i ran across the street, otherwise i would have been right there, um, and that's that's when the, uh, second series of shots rang out." stumped by what would drive the gunman to open fire
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puzzles nick. who says he couldn't make out the shooter or the colleague he saw get shot.nick/ups- "circumstances are strange. um, and, uh, i don't know. just, uh, there's a lot of bad energy in there. uh, if you see someone stressed out, ask them if they're um, you know, pray and everyone." (steve) on our coverage of the ups facility shooting continues online. we have a timeline of how the shooting unfolded today. we are also posting what we know about the gunman.. and information on the victims. (steve) an update on a story we brought you earlier: some tense moments today at travis air force base in fairfield. the base put on lockdown after a report of a shooting... it turned out to be a false alarm. the base was searched -- but no threat was found. it's possible someone reported a gunshot becaue there was a training exercise underway today. (pam) another big story tonight:the washington post is reporting -- the special counsel investigating russia's activities during the 2016 u.s. election ... is
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also investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. robert mueller is reportedly interviewing three top intelligence officials as early as this week.. as part of the probe . in a statement-- a spokesman for the president's private attorney ...condemned the washington post report.... telling c-n-n tonight -- 'the f-b-i leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal.' meantime, tonight - president trump and first lady melania trump made a surprise visit to medstar washington hospital. that is where republican lawmaker steve scalise is being treated -- after a shooting today at a g-o-p congressional baseball practice. scalise was one of six people hurt ... the shooter was killed by police. reporter kristen holmes is at the scene in alexandria, virginia tonight... with video of the shootout. shots rang out at a quiet virginia park wednesday morning... as a gunman opened fire on a baseball practice of republican leaderssen. jeff
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flake/-r- arizona: " a lot of us ran into dugout for cover. and there was just pandemonium." striking majority whip steve scalise in the hip, and wounding three others, a congressional aide, a lobbyist for tyson foods, and a capitol police officer-- who was part of a detail protecting scalise. rep. roger williams/-r- texas: "there could have easily been 25 deaths or more today.//but officers griner and bailey prevented that and my family and i will be forever grateful. the thin blue line held today..."the shootout ended when police took down the gunman-- identified by law enforcement as sixty-six year old james hodgkinson of belleville, illinois. a former volunteer for senator bernie sanders's presidential campaign, hodgkinson's social media is littered with anti-trump sentiment... raising the spectre of a politically-motivated attack... rep. ron desantis/-r- florida: "a gentleman walked up to us and wanted to know whether there were republicans or democrats practicing out there. congressman duncan said that it was republicans. and he immediately turned around and went towards the field."the fbi is not stating a motive yet, but is asking the public for help in the investigation tim slater/fbi special agent
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in charge: while the subject is deceased, we continue to actively investigate the shooter's motives, acquaintances, and whereabouts that led to today's incident. as president trump calls for unity... president trump: "we are strongest when we are unified, and when we work together for the common good." lawmakers are showing determination, and vowing to play ball at tomorrow night's annual charity game at national's park:rep. gary palmer/-r- alabama: "there's tremendous camaraderie that exists between the republicans and the democrats. we enjoy the competition with one another. it's a unique game and an american sport but it's also a tremendous fundraiser" (steve) coming up:dubs fans get ready to celebrate! we are less than 12 hours away from the warriors victory parade.tonight - everything you need to know about the big celebration. (pam) then -- new at ten: an intense confrontation at a convinience store... sending the internet into a frenzy. the role a bag of "hot
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cheetos" played in the brawl. (steve) and next - also new tonight... a father killed in a hit-and-run crash.. now the family is reaching out for help to get justice. stay out front with tempur-pedic. our proprietary material automatically adjusts to your weight, shape and temperature. so you sleep deeply, and wake up feeling powerful. find your exclusive retailer at (pam) happening
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tomorrow: the warriors victory parade. it starts at 10:00 o'clock thursday morning.. tonight, we have
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covered with what you need to know. here is the parade map. the light blue line ... shows the route. the parade will run right through the heart of downtown oakland along broadway.... and then end by lake merritt for the big rally. if you plan on going -- kron4's justine waldman has some important advice. nats beep beepit's a crunch to complete all the construction ahead of the warriors championship celebration.the big screens are onas crews secure the fencing and test the speakers.nat 1 2 3 oakland! nats money thank youat oracle arena, in the warriors store fans purchased their favorite gear.. to wear to the parade n rally. and they plotted their commute to join the celebration bart seemed like a good fit to some.sot you don't have to worry about the parking you might have to park 20 blocks down take bart and come on down on lake merritt and just walk right on inothers will try driving.sot just go early
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and try and find a place to park like everybody elsenats streetsdriving could be dicy. many roads are closed downtown. and the chp will block off the broadway, jackson and oak off-ramps on 880 starting at 7am thursday. :59- 1:07 sot officer sean wilkenfeld / california highway patrolsot that is because we there are going to be so many road closures downtown we cannot have all the extra traffic coming from the freeway don't want it to back up on the freeway which can cause collisions traffic on 880, 580 and 980.. will likely be slow. with 1.5 million people expected police will be on high's all hands on deck for oakland policeuniformed and plain clothed officers will be in with the, barricades up along the way to prevent cars from plow people down.1:30-1:37 officer marco marquez / oakland police departmentsot if you see something please say something we are aware of those unfortunate events that have happened across the world and we do take that into consideration as we plan and prepare for this eventnats the stage is set and the excitement is building even though we've done this before. sot some people are going to say the warriors names and then they are going to wave and everybody is going to scream
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and kron4 has you covered. our morning crew will have coverage leading up to the parade. and we will be airing it live on kron4 - we are also streaming the parade live on the kron4 mobile app and kron four dot com. (steve) now let's get a check on the parade weather. i'm here in the kron4 weather center with
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chief meteorologist brittney shipp. the region-wide warming trend is forecast to continue today into thursday as high pressure builds over the southwestern portion of the country. by friday and into the weekend, inland temperatures will warm to as much as 20 degrees above seasonal averages and begin to pose potential heat related illnesses. dry weather conditions and mostly clear/sunny skies will also prevail through the forecast period.
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(pam) the traditional "senior prank" got way out of control this year at irvington high school in fremont. a group of soon- to- be graduating seniors .. is being blamed for vandalism and graffiti. and as kron4's rob fladeboe reports -- that includes a "swastika". mostly scrubbed clean, you can still make out the large, offensive swastikia and other graffiti that was scrawled on pavement in the courtyard here at irvington high school. and you can still see traces of the flour and oil that was dumped onto the hallways. principal sarah barrious showed me how door locks were jammed with clay.sarah barrious/principal" i walked down the hallways i saw the flour and oil and then i saw the graffiti and the profanity and how they had drawn pictures of human anatomy...."a disappointed barrious says as many as 50
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seniors came onto campus on sunday and what was supposed to a senior prank, which usually results in mostly minor shenanigans, quickly got out of control. pipes and other stuff tossed into the empty pool and profanity left on the pool walls. sarah barrious/principal"..the 11th grade class couldn't get into their classrooms, the entire school was disrupted for a coup,e hours that morning..." the student newspaper, which posted these pictures of the entire class being made to clean up the mess, voiced it's outrage at how hate symbols like a swastika had marred an otherwise light hearted school tradition.sarah barrious/principal" ....i think you have a high level of expectation for their behavior so of course it's disappointing when they disrespect their campus and their school on their way out the door..."a handful of unidentified pranskters are being held accountable. they'll have to come back to school after graduation and perform a few days of community service. in fremont rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(steve) in san pablo... police have arrested a man accused of molesting a young girl over a period of at least five years. (steve) officers arrested norman alexander lozano on june sixth ... after the victim reported she was underage. she says, the 41-year-old suspect would take her to various hotels... in order to molest her. lozano is the owner of the "n-y learning center... a richmond- based center for children with developmental disabilities. he is alleged to have known his victim since she was five- years old. he is being held on a ten- point- nine- million dollar bail. (pam) next at ten:members of a bay area community ... taking matters into their owns hands... after police say ,, the same man was arrested for a seventh time --- for allegedly driving under the
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influence. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. new tonight at ten: a
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judge in solano county has revoked a vacaville man's bail .... after his seventh arrest for driving under the influence. the man -- michael f. wynters was still driving --- and had not faced much jail time after his six prior arrests in as many years.... because he was never convicted. reporter lonnie wong has the story. ===margorie peralta, vacaville resident 'i think thatús ridiculous'== marjorie suffered major injuries when she was a passenger in a duo accident. itús no surprise that she has strong opinions about the seventh arrest of michael f. wynters over the past 6 years.==margorie peralta, 'i think he should have been in jail for whatever period of time after that many arrests== wynters' linked in page lists him as a healthcare consultant. the
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problem is that wynterús dui cases, including one in seattle and another in benicia, were extended into over 40 court appearances while he posted bail in each case...trying to use court delays nis not an unheard of tactic.==heath coppock, driver 'iúve heard guys say to fight them because, i donút know, they think there are ways...loopholes to go through...i think 7 is a little excessive== wynters was driving down orange drive in vacaville this weekend when he was arrested for the 7th time...a judge has since placed him behind bars.. revoking a 130 thousand dollar bail. itús a frustration for vacaville police because dui related deaths can be the most tragic calls to respond to.==lt. chris polen, vacaville police 'i have a young driver at home, i want to make sure sheús protected== the last arrest prompted a posting of his picture on the vacaville crime and information face book page...with a caption...'call the police if you see this man in a bar' and 'do not sell this man any alcohol..' there was a fire storm of reaction from a host of likes posts saying that wynters is a nice family man and that his rights and privacy were being trampled. ==marjorie 'i donút think it is his own business because our lives are at stake when
10:26 pm
heús out on the road, my kids lives are at stake=====heath úiúm not going to judge him as a person, heús obviously got an issue with alcohol, but iúm most concerned about my family==and police say there are community programs to help people dependent on drugs and alcohol.==lt. chris 'weúre here to help and the courts have offered the same thing...all you have to say is i need help..== (pam) that was lonnie wong reporting..the man's bail had previously been set at 130- thousand dollars -- before it was revoked. coming up new at ten:an intense confrontation at a convenience store going viral.. tonight -- you don't want to miss the unusual story behind this violent brawl. (pam) then:pigs removed from an island on the delta.. but was it a rescue -- or a theft? you decide.
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(steve) and next:new at ten: after today's ups facility shooting.. we talk to an expert about the warning signs in the workplace you need to know about.
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♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. (steve) tonight -- we
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continue to track big news...a gunman enters a ups facility in san francisco and opens fire.(pam) new at ten: we
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talk to an expert about the warning signs in the workplace.. that could indicate a potential problem.. but first -- the latest on the today's shooting: the gunman, identified as jimmy lam, shot five people -- killing three - before turning the gun on himself.(steve) tonight all the victims have also been identified, kron4's j-r stone joins us live. (jr)first off the three victims have now all been identified. mike lefiti, benson louie, and wayne chan. earlier this afternoon the fbi raided this location. the spot where the shooter jimmy lam lived. they were seen collecting evidence for sometime.
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(pam) new tonight.. we talked to a psycholigist about the warning signs in the workplace... before a situation turns violent. kron4's hermela aregawi is live with that..and some new details ... about one of the victims of today's shooting -- hermela? (hermela aregawi)this is a man that was devoted to his job and to his family.and by all accounts was a loving, generous person.mike lefiti lives here in hercules but a
10:33 pm
lot of his family is also from san francisco.there is a a beautiful memorial set up for him at the diamond heights shopping center.lefiti leaves behind a wife and five children.i spoke with one of his sons who said he was still in shock.another one of his sons took to facebook to share his grief.saying nothing was going to be the same without his father.lefiti had worked at ups for 17 years. described by colleagues as hard working and someone who was always willing to help..lefiti was 46 years old.(hermela aregawi) these kind of things of course are just so shocking. and every time leaves people asking why.. why does this happen?how do you know when someone at work is on the edge. i spoke with a workplace violence expert who says generally there are two signs to look out for.brenda wade/clinical psychologist: people are overworked, underpaid, the workplace is hostile. they feel they're not being listened to. more and more stress hormones hit the brain, when that happens, either that person becomes increasingly agitated, hostile, they have outbursts,
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or flip the coin, they go flat. all of the sudden, they are disconnected. all the sudden, they're almost unresponsive. they look as if they've given up because they have given up.(hermela aregawi) she says both instances are something to be concerned about.reporting live in hercules, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) on our coverage of the u-p-s facility shooting... continues online. we have a timeline of how the incident unfolded today. we are also posting what we know about the gunman.. and information on the victims as it becomes available. (steve) another big story tonight:12 deaths now confirmed in the massive london apartment fire. . . we
10:35 pm
first told you about this last night as it was happening. dozens are now injured. . . and officials say that number could grow. it started in the early hours of the morning. . . some survivors who were able to get out say the 24-story building did not have smoke detectors or a sprinklers system.about 125 families were inside the building sleeping when the fire broke officials are still trying to figure out how it all began.meanwhile the community is working together to help survivors of the fire with donations and shelter. (pam)ó a family is searching for answers ... after a loving father was killed in a hit and run accident. it happened in vallejo last father's day approaches, they are asking whoever is responsible ... to come forward.kron 4's alecia reid has the story.
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this is the last memory dailey sparks' family has of him smiling at his son's high school graduation, 3 days before his body was found at this embankment.ariana lopez / daughterthat's the part that kills me. not knowing if he suffered, and that he was in the water for a day before anyone found him. if they had just stopped and called the police it would have made all the difference in the world. the 51 year old left to go riding one of his favorite hobbies . with a friend on saturday june 3rd. dailey's family didn't hear from him on sunday, but thought he was at his parents house. by the time his job called on monday, everyone knew something was wrong.chantelle sparks / wife he would never miss work. he really loved his job, and even if he was sick he'd still go in.within an hour, they got the call no one wants to hear. the only way they discovered his body was because caltrans was mowing the lawn dailey's motorcycle was in the water, a few feet away from his body. these skid marks lead his
10:37 pm
family to believe a vehicle hit him on northbound on highway 37, in vallejo .. then kept going.the saddle bag exploded too. there's no way the saddle bag would've exploded if he just fell off the bikethe loving father leaves behind 10 children and 11 grandchildren. as they face their first father's day without him, they've created a go fund me page to hire a private investigator, so they can find some's hard, i keep thinking it's a bad dream and he's gonna walk through the door.we just want justice. my dad was such a great guy. i've never met anyone like him before. he was always so kind and giving and happy. the family plans on holding a memorial in 2 weeks before cremating dailey's body. reporting from solano county
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(steve) contra costa county's district attorney has resigned .... after pleading no contest to corruption charges. mark peterson entered the plea to a felony count of perjury. he was sentenced to 250 hours of community service. a dozen other counts of grand theft and perjury were dropped. peterson had admitted to spending more than 66-thousand dollars in campaign cash over five years on personal items such as movie tickets and clothes. and failed to report any of that spending in his campaign finance disclosure documents. peterson has since repaid the money and has been fined 45- thousand dollars by the state fair political practices commission.
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train tracks don't actually move and trains don't usally deviate off course who knows maybe you can help me solve this mystery in the next edition of people behaving badly.> (steve) but first -- a wild confrontation at a convinience store... we have the story behind this now viral video.
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(steve) new video tonight... a man and woman
10:46 pm
appear to be caught shoplifting at a convenient store. when employees try to intervene-- the situation turns violent. reporter karma dickerson spoke to the cashier who saw the whole thing go down. ((pkg))the last and most violent moments of a strong-arm robbery in citrus heights... replayed on the convenience storeús security monitors.wyatt bennett- i'm like calm down, don't swing at himstore clerk wyatt bennett says it all started tuesday around 6pm when the man and woman in the video were called out for allegedly shoplifting from the ampm on madison and san juanwyatt bennett/sore clerk- we said iúm going to have to see your purse. her boy-friend got pretty upset at tat wyatt is on the phone with citrus heights police as the couple hit and push him and the other store clerk as they try to stop them from walking out with food they didnút pay for.sot- wyatt bennett- i'm thinking what's going to happen, i just don't want anything to get out of hand i don't want him to start throwing punches at my boss meanwhile... a customer sitting outside in her car captures... this now viral
10:47 pm
video on her phone. georgia petersen watches appalled as the suspects keep fighting... sot- georgia petersen/witness- she went to hit the clerk with the bag of chips and they exploded everywhere so she went and got some morethen another woman and man join in. the man is a customer trying to help--but the woman...sot- wyatt bennett/store clerk- she walked in shoved me, 'don't touch my sister', that's what i heard sot- georgia petersen/witness- she literally just used her body and bulldozedthen comes the part thatús sending the internet into a frenzy... she heads straight for georgia.but instead of her phone... nat- taser the woman gets at 7.5 million volt threatsot- i just grab my taser like okayno one was seriously hurt... but the victims are left in wonder of the senselessness of it all sot- over chips, hot cheetos are they that delicious?sot- get a job? (steve) store employees and witnesses say they called police but officers didn't respond until two hours later. the police department did not comment other than saying officers respond faster to
10:48 pm
reports of assault than shoplifting. (pam) one person's animal rescue is another's animal theft. these pigs were first placed on delta island years ago .. in order to eat overgrown vegetarian. now the animal rights group "farm sanctuary" is moving them... saying the pigs are abandoned and starving. but others say, the pigs were doing just fine on the island. (susie coston/farm sanctuary): "all were trying to do is just get them to a safe place." (blair hake/calif. delta chamber of commerce): "oh i definitely think they were stolen... they were running free, they were happy, they were fed." blaire hake-- the director of the california delta chamber of commerce-- says the community was caring for the animals. and there's another twist in this pig tale... there is a man who says the pigs are rightfully his and considers their relocation to be a theft. he is now working with police to get the pigs back. the region-wide warming trend is forecast to continue today into thursday as high
10:49 pm
pressure builds over the southwestern portion of the country. by friday and into the weekend, inland temperatures will warm to as much as 20 degrees above seasonal averages and begin to pose potential heat related illnesses. dry weather conditions and mostly clear/sunny skies will also prevail through the forecast period. on the eve of their championship parade... the warriors are losing jerry west...the executive board member an special consultant... who played a major role in not trading klay thompson and helping lure kevin durant to golden state... will be leaving to take a similar position with the los angeles clippersthe 79-year-old west does live in bel air with his family and has lived in the los angeles area
10:50 pm
on the eve of their championship parade... the warriors are losing jerry west... the executive board member an special consultant... who played a major role in not trading klay thompson and helping lure kevin durant to golden state... will be leaving to take a similar position with the los angeles clippersthe 79-year-old west does live in bel air with his family and has lived in the los angeles area since he played for and later was general manager of the lakers... he turned down an offer for that position with the clippers about two weeks ago(wipe to wariors parade route)
10:51 pm
check out this map of the route for tomorrow's parade the light blue line ... shows the route the parade will run right through the heart of downtown oakland on broadway.... and then end over by lake merritt for another rally. today the nba champs took some time to recap their season. steph curry and kevin druant...become free agents this summer but they're confident deals will get done to make sure the squad stays intact"want to do everything we can to keep this team i'll have that mindset...kd's going to have that mindset...i know dre, shaun...all the guys that are up negotiating a new contract...we'll see what happens.""i feel as though i am going to be back
10:52 pm
question...we'll figure it all out you know..." giants-royals an afternon delight at at&t park last nightthere was a shark in the san jose shark in the stands patrick marleau in attendance. top 2ndsplash hit for mike he sends a homer straight to the water off johnny cueto his 18th bomb of the season. and check this out someone from the walkway uses a net to snag the ball from kayaker cueto was touched up for 3 home runs giving up 5 runs over 5 2/3 inningsfinal: 7-2 royalsjoe panik returned to the lineup after 4 games out he went 2-for-4 a's trying to get out of miami with a split of their 2 games top 2nd ryon healy gets to edison volquez early... sends one out to center field for a 3-run home run healy's 15th
10:53 pm
of the season... 4-0 a'sbottom 4th / 5-5 tiedee gordon an rbi-single that was part of a 7-run explosion from the 3rd though the 5th inningsfinal: 11-6 marlinsnew york yankees visit the coliseum for 4 games starting tomorrow dodgers right fielder yasiel puig... has been suspended one game for making an obscene gesture to some indians fans. after hitting a home run in last night's game in cleveland puig gave the double bird to some fans because he says they were heckling him in the on-deck circle.he was also fined and will appeal the suspension the date is set for the showdown between floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor. the matchup (pam)(pam)
10:54 pm
(pam) next at the top of the hour bullets fly... at the u-p-s facility in san francisco... four people are dead... including the gunman. we'll hear from employees who witnessed the shooting. coming up on kron 4 news at eleven. (steve)but first. . . california leads the nation in deaths on train tracks...our very own stanley roberts is up next to show us. . . what could be causing such staggering numbers on tonight's edition of people behaving badly.
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whoa! you're not taking these.
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hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (steve) california leads
10:57 pm
the nation in fatalities from train collisions (pam) last year there were 265 deaths in the country --- 191 of them were in the golden state. many of those deaths could be avoided. this is a segment where you
10:58 pm
can help me solve a very perplexing mystery it's about train tracks right now these set of track are in the city if pittsburg i was waiting to see the tracks move but they never did they just sat there which begs the question how does someone get hit by a train nats: ambiance this is the loveridge road crossing amtrak uses these tracks because trains need tracks to get from point a to point b with the absence of tracks there are no trains do you agree or disagreenats: ambiancelet move over to the city of antioch at the hillcrest ave crossing and i'll set the scene for you again there's a stationary set of tracks which are permanently bolted to the ground. i did say permanently bolted right? before you reach the track there is a black and yellow sign alerting you that you are approaching a set of tracks along with railroad crossing painted in the street . and a black and
10:59 pm
white sign reading don't stop on the track and these weird looking metal stands with lots of light that apparently flash when a train is approaching. nats: ambiance and let's be honest with each other . according to the us department of transportation there are just over 129 thousand rail crossing in the united states that's not a whole lot yet somehow according to operation lifesaver about every 3 hours, a person is hit by a train. it's really not a difficult take to avoid two metal tracks . you either stop 15 feet before them or you safely proceed past them but you never stop them . never not every for a secondnats: ambiance now as a journalist i'm not supposed to ask questions, i'm supposed to give you answers . but no matter how many answers i give you reports of people getting hit by trains keep pouring in nats: ambiancemaybe people think that are invincible while sitting in there cars often texting away . the only advice i can give you is the advice that comes from operation lifesaver is trains don't stop quickly .. in pittsburg and antioch stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) now at 11.(steve) now at 11. we are
11:00 pm
learning more about the victims killedin a shooting rampage at a san francisco ups facility. im steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. the gunman identifed as jimmy lam opened fire killing three people before turning the weapon on himself. tonight kron4's j.r stone .. in san francisco with the latest on the investigation. (pkg) sot this was a frightful scene the san francisco assitant police chief describing what it looked like after a gunman walked into the ups customer service center and opened fire. sot the suspect is deceased as are three of the shooting victimstwo other people were hurt. officers say the shots rang out around 9 wednesday morning. police have identified the shoor


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