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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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now at 11. we are learning more about the victims killedin a shooting rampage at a san francisco ups facility. im steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. the gunman identifed as jimmy lam opened fire killing three people before turning the weapon on himself. tonight kron4's j.r stone .. in san francisco with the latest on the investigation. (pkg) sot this was a frightful scene the san francisco assitant police chief describing what it looked like after a gunman walked into the ups customer service center and opened fire. sot the suspect is deceased as are three of the shooting victimstwo other people were hurt. officers say the shots rang out around 9 wednesday morning. police have identified the shooter as
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jimmy lam. a man dressed in a ups unifrom at the time of the killings. officers say at one point they confronted lam. sotlocated suspecthe put gun to his head and discharged the weaponhe was pronounced dead immediately after that. we can confirm that lam had filed an overtime grievance. f.b.i agents spent wednesday afternoon searching lam's home in the inner richmond district of san francisco. as for the victims.mike lefitipictured here and two others were killed. in fact this man, who doesn't speak english, and works at a day spa near the shooters home says he didn't know the gunmanbut he did know the two other victims50 year old benson louie and 56 year old wayne chan. they were clients at his job who were good people and had families.
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(steve)one of the victim's of today's being remembered for his big smile..and big heart.people who knew 46-year-old mike lefiti . . .who was a u-p-s drivier for over 15 years. . . had nothing but good things to say about him.we're told lefiti was a dedicated family man. . . who was very well liked.but many just can't believe he's gone. "you just can't miss his big personality. he's just a big cool guy.""i can't believe he's gone. i'm going to wake up tomorrow and not believe this is real."a family member has setup a go-fund me account in mike's last check more than 37- hundred dollars has been raised. (pam) we talked with a clinical psychologist about
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workplace shootings... she says when this happens... we need to look at what led up to the shooting... and look for the two big warning signs.. (pam) doctor wade also adds that there is no "quick fix" to this type of violence and that we as a comminty need to take action to prevent situations like this from happening... this means being kind to each other and take interest in other people's problems and situations. (pam) on our coverage of
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the u-p-s facility shooting... continues online. we have a timeline of how the incident unfolded today. we are also posting what we know about the gunman.. and information on the victims as it becomes available. (steve) in vallejo. a family greives tonight after learning that a beloved husband and father of 10's body was found in an embankment earlier this month. (pam)our very own alecia reid tells us how they are coping. . . and what they are doing to demand justice for his death. this is the last memory dailey sparks' family has of him smiling at his son's high school graduation, 3 days before his body was found at this embankment.ariana lopez / daughterthat's the part that kills me. not knowing if he suffered, and that he was in the water for a day before anyone found him. if they had just stopped and called the police it would have made all the difference in the world. the 51 year old left to go riding one of his favorite hobbies . with a friend on saturday june 3rd. dailey's
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family didn't hear from him on sunday, but thought he was at his parents house. by the time his job called on monday, everyone knew something was wrong.chantelle sparks / wife he would never miss work. he really loved his job, and even if he was sick he'd still go in.within an hour, they got the call no one wants to hear. the only way they discovered his body was because caltrans was mowing the lawn dailey's motorcycle was in the water, a few feet away from his body. these skid marks lead his family to believe a vehicle hit him on northbound on highway 37, in vallejo .. then kept going.the saddle bag exploded too. there's no way the saddle bag would've exploded if he just fell off the bikethe loving father leaves behind 10 children and 11 grandchildren. as they face their first father's day without him, they've created a go fund me page to hire a private investigator, so they can find some's hard, i keep thinking it's a bad dream and he's gonna walk through the door.we just want justice. my dad was such a
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great guy. i've never met anyone like him before. he was always so kind and giving and happy. the family plans on holding a memorial in 2 weeks before cremating dailey's body. reporting from solano county (steve) we are now less than 12-hours away from tomorrows warriors parade... the city of oakland is gearing up for more than a million fans to take the city. . and take a look. crews were out all day setting up screens, stages, and testing the sound system. oakland police..have cancelled
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all days off. they say it's an all hands on deck situation. alameda coutny sherif deputies as well as c-h-p will be out...bout in uniform and in plain clothes blending in with the crowd. (sot) (stop)"you'll see barricades you will see k-rails. you will see cement barricades that are in place in statigic locations just to add safety to that area. what also helps our officers that are in place, and even the participants, if you see something say something." many streets in downtown oakland are closed. and the broadway, jackson and oakland off-ramps on 880 will be closed from seven a.m. until two p.m tomorrow. this is to try and keep traffic away from downtown. gates open at five a.m. and once it hits capacity...for safety...staff will close off the rally location. (pam) and here's a look at the map of tomorrow's parade route... the light
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blue line ... shows the route. the parade starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning at 11th and broadway... eventually making its way to lakeside drive.... ending on oak street...then the players and coaches will make their way to the convention center for the rally. fans can start lining up for the rally near lake merritt boulevard and 12th street starting at 5 a-m. (pam) and on can reference specifics on the parade route... plus additional advice from bart. also, we have fan pics...and a host of stories celebrating the warriors. and our website will be live streaming the parade and rally thursday...ditto for the kron4 mobile app. kron4's grant lodes and brittey ship will be at the rally...sports director gary radnich and darya folsom will be hosting from our studio. and we'll have a host of reporters with the players along the route. you can literally watch while
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you work ...on (pam) get ready for more hot temperatures ahead of the golden state warriors big parade tomorrow.((steve)) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is back to give us the
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>> shocking new video. >> moment by moment, what happened on the field of horror. >> stay down, stay down >> what we learned about the madman who opened fire on members of congress. >> the assailant has now died. >> then towering inferno, how to get out alive if you're caught in a high-rise disaster. >> if someone finds themselves in this type of situation, what's your advice? >> and? >> bill cosby verdict watch. >> then bachelor in paradise secrets straight from a woman who knows what really goes on behind the scenes. >> people would definitely be shocked to hear what happens. >> plus, oh,


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