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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 17, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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3." tonight, janet jackson's 50-pound weight loss. "e.t." has new photos. exclusive details about her single life in london. plus, was the gender of beyonce's twins revealed by president obama? then, orlando bloom's response to katy perry ranking him as her second best lover. and the tough love of mark wahlbe wahlberg. now, for june 16th, 2017, this
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is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks so much for joining us. >> kevin frazier is in london and that's where we're headed right now. >> it's a picture-perfect day for the stars of "transformers" to hit the city. but first, janet jackson now calls london home. she just faced off in court against her ex. >> janet was all smiles, beaming after an appearance in court. she's lost more than 50 pounds since giving birth in january. she and her estranged husband both appeared. the reason for it is being kept quiet. and the look was quite a contrast to the heavy sweats she
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wore in april while out shopping for her baby. her husband appeared subdued, looking at his phone. it was randy who could be heard off camera last night, when janet talked about getting in shape for our upcoming tour. >> i have put on quite a few since having the baby. >> more than a few? >> please be quiet, randy. nobody is talking to you. >> her husband has agreed for janet to bring their son on tour. but when it ends, janet will be calling london home so they can more easily co-parent their son. >> she has 64 shows coming up, but she will spend the holidays here with her baby. and what is going on with
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beyonce and jay-z's twins? and did president obama just give away the twins' gender? >> we're also fools for our daughters. >> it had the beyhive buzzing, since obama has two girls, and beyonce only has one, the only way they'll get beat is if there are two girls. but it may have just been a confusing word choice. a source says he simply meant that they'll have more children than he does pretty soon. and here's another clue that baby news could break at any moment. jay-z didn't go to an event in
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los angeles last night, speculation is that he was at her side in the hospital. >> we'll be all over baby watch all weekend long. if the twins do arrive, you can get the latest details on our websi website. and we've been keeping you aware of all the developments in the "bachelor in paradise" sex scandal. paradise has officially become hell. >> it's been reported that you lost your job. >> he's not speaking. >> can i ask why you hired martin singer as a lawyer? do you think the franchise will stop after this? >> no comment. >> corinne and mario both hounded by paparazzi. and both have lawyered up, they were both on speaking terms
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before charges surfaced. now, mario feels like he's being thrown under the bus? >> are you going to go after the show or corinne? >> i have no comment about corinne. >> she was in paradise, and hth allegation, corinne is not a victim. after the incident, everything seemed fine. there was no mention of being hurt. however, when producers tried to cut her off from drinking, she said, watch what i'm going to do. >> there's still no word on whether "bachelor in paradise" will continue as a series. when the previous season aired last summer, the show was
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watched by nearly 5 million people each week. the injury in the bill cosby trial was deadlocked yesterday, but today there was another turn. the 79-year-old actor held on to his publicist while arriving. >> good luck, bill. >> thank you. >> crosby is accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand. the jury indicates they're struggling to reach a verdict. they said they were deadlocked, but the judge asked them to keep trying. if the jury can't reach a anonymous decision, a mistrial will be declared. if that happens, it's up to prosecutors to decide whether they want to retry the case. take a look at this.
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this is andrea, she managed to blow off some steam by making a perfect swish. welcome back to london. i'm on westminster bridge, and this memorial is a reminder of the terrorist attack that took place in march. and when i sat down to talk with mark wahlberg, i asked him about the resilience of this city, and how much it reminds him of his hometown of boston? >> we're going to continue to live our lives, and good is going to continue to prevail. it's nice to see how strong, resilient people are. >> mark starred in "patriots day" before going into production for "transformers."
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how important is your prayer time for you? >> it's the most important thing. >> what does it help you do? >> i wish i had done it when i was longer. it would have helped me to make better choices. >> come on, man! be careful! >> mark is back for his second turn in the "transformers" movies. what did you do to get ready? >> i would have a strict diet, and run on the golf course, then go to work. >> but the most important role for mark, being dad to his four kids. >> your daughter had a cute little instagram. she was imitating the cash me
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outside girl. >> she may get in truouble for that. was it inappropriate? >> and the older daughter, one thing and there may be consequences. she's here in london. >> and still to come, i'm talking to josh duhamel about who he worked it. and we're the only show to be behind the scenes of all five "transformer"transformers". then, ed sheeran gives "e.t." the scoop about his "game of
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now, ed sheeran tells us all about shooting his "game of thrones" cameo. >> it was cold. >> season seven premieres july 17th. >> i feel like my cameo is being built up too much. it's not an integral part of it
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at all. >> but he did get some new hardware last night. >> ed will be in london performing thursday night. and remember when katy perry was with james corden, and ranked her lovers, putting orlando bloom at number two? well, how does orlando feel about that? >> he mustered up barely a smirk at that, just fave days after katy ranked her ex-lovers. >> oh! >> can we talk about that? come on, orlando. >> i'd put you number one. john is a nice guy. but i've seen pictures. you had a smile. >> number two took it all in stride while clutching his little dog. but where was katy's number
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three? >> diplo was deejaying last night, saying i won the bronze medal in the sex olympics. and calvin harris, dropping the single with katy. swift has remained silent after katy seemed to reach out to her at her concert. i wonder if orlando will ever live that down. and katy became the first person to ever have 100 million twitter followers. i guess the stunt inside the house paid off. coming up, t the "transformers" stars on their body transformation. what is josh duhamel's workout
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secret? then, kerry washington on joining the "cars 3" cast. plus, what is it like being married to wonder woman? gal gadot's husband has a funny answer.
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that's gal gadot with her husband. and zooming on close to his shirt, he's bragging about being married to wonder woman. and in the new "transformers" movie, you may be surprised about josh duhamel's workout
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regime. >> i've had back issues, and since doing yoga, it's good. >> yoga? >> come on, let's go. >> wahlberg, he gets up at 3:00 a.m. and works out. i'm not doing that. >> 15-year-old isabelle moner, called josh a goofball. >> looking like a goofball. he doesn't really in the picture, but to me, he is one. he's acting all serious, i just start laughing. >> because in real life? >> in real life, he is not bad, doesn't take himself too seriously. are you finding now your son is becoming his own man? >> oh, yeah. his thing is wearing batman and spider-man costumes.
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carrying a southwaword as long can. boys and their weapons, crazy. >> did you know that "entertainment tonight" is the only show that has been on-set for all five of the "transformers" blockbusters? >> it's like i'm a kid again. >> one of those trains are getting blown up today. >> these are michael bay sets, so things are getting blown up. >> it's a big shot. >> that's michael on the set of "transformers" in 2007, that started it all. and shia lebouf fighting robots. >> you're thinking, they're protecting the camera, why don't i have a bullet proof box?
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>> and josh duhamel even flew in a fighter jet. >> have you done this before? >> it's my first time. >> two years later, we were in new mexico. they had time to punk us a bit. >> did you get that? >> we got everything on camera, including these incredible fly-bys. >> there has to be. >> the real-life jets. >> that's awesome. >> for 2011's "dark of the moon," the action moved to chicago. >> oh, my god, we're in the middle of the action. >> we also saw b.a.s.e. jumpers take off from 110 stories up.
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>> awesome! >> come on, get in the game. what are you doing? >> for "age of extinction," we were in detroit, and mark wahlberg took over as the lead. >> when you think of a michael bay set, what comes to your mind? >> we're going to be working extremely fast. >> downtown detroit was dressed to look like hong kong, and cars were being tossed like toys. then production moved to hong kong, and mark was in the same outfit. >> i never washed it off. the energy is pretty crazy. >> now, michael bay told me he was editing this last film up until the day before the premiere in china. of course, the global premiere in here in london on sunday. and we'll have everything that happens on monday. nicole scherzinger, making
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her acting debut as a dancing instructor in "dirty dancing." >> we have an interview with you guys from 2004. >> yes! >> we had just finished a song, on shall we dance. >> oh. that was so long ago. >> 2004? >> how do you feel seeing this? >> wow. >> i'm so sad for my bangs. >> we go way back with the pussycat dolls. to 1996, when other stars were making guest appearances. who was the best dancer? >> cameron. >> i think gwen stefani as well. ♪ don't you wish your girlfriend
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was hot like me ♪ >> by 2005, they had morphed into a chart-topping act. now, the choreographer responsible for the group has another passion. her new dance studio, playground l.a. here, they will teach you how to move like a pussycat doll. >> hopefully the women who leave her today feel good about themselves, feel confident and empowered. >> well, the studio is also where some of the "dancing with the stars" contestants rehearsed. when we come back, why did kerry washington's own daughter think her mom's voice wasn't right for "cars 3"? >> 1.2% higher top speed.
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1.2% higher top speed. >> kerry washington has joined the cast of "cars 3," which hits today. we sat down with the stars, and couldn't help but wonder if they were a car, what kind of car would they be? >> bye, everybody. >> i think i'm a tesla, but my friends think i'm a volkswagen bug. >> i'm a pickup truck. >> meanwhile, impressing their own kids, that's not so easy. >> we talk about having your own
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voice. my daughter said, that's weird. that car should have its own voice. not like my voice was the wrong voice, it should have its own voice. >> and it's not over yet. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, the "bachelor in paradise" scandal grows as corrine builds her crisis management dream team. >> i don't know. it just seems very scary. >> what really happened behind the scenes? >> a lot of strategy, drama, love. everything is happening. >> then ed sheeran clears up his engagement rumor. >> one day i would love to be engaged. one day. >> and number three, scarlett johansson and her girl squad tell us all about their roughest night. >> and your "insider" bonus.


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