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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 19, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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daughter's birth announcement, tweeting a ma loon covered birthday card and the caption, "they're here." our initial tuner is outside ucla medical center, where we spotted jay-z's suv today. >> we spotted it almost every day last week, now, we should point out, there's been no official word from the carters yet, but speculation is they had both a boy and a girl. that's partially because there have been two separate deliveries of pink and blue balloons to the hospital. the music mogul just announced the release of his 13th solo album. it drops a week from friday. now, jay is teasing the album with his 30-second black and white video, which features danny glover and monlights me her that la ali. "e.t." has learned this b has a very special production planned to introduce the twins to the world. ♪
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now, of course, her breg nancy was one of the most documented events in the history of social media. her pregnancy announcement is the most liked photo on instagram. >> can you imagine the likes that are going to be on the first pictures of the baby? >> the kids do not even know what kind of life they are in for. >> the babies are going to break the internet. let's move onto the bachelor in paradise sex scandal. there are new developments tonight. >> this is incredibly bizarre. i don't know that we want to know all the dirty dell tails. still trying to unravel what happened between corinne and demario. but guess who we spotted corinne with? her boyfriend, back home. >> how long have you guys been together? are you standing by corinne during this whole thing? did you influence her to get a lawyer? >> things are getting compliment cad. we told you corinne had a boyfriend when she signed onto paradise. well, our sources tell us they had a secret deal with each other and the details are pretty confusing. we're told by sources close to
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corinne, one, corinne agreed to not hook up with anyone. two, her plan was to stir up drama, get exposure, likely her for clothing line, then get kicked off. three, her guy, jordan, was reportedly okay with that. now the two have been spotted out together all weekend long. >> any wedding plans for the future? all right, guys, have a good day. >> so, how much did demario know? >> if you did know she had a boyfriend, would that change things? >> oh, 100%, i'm not a homewrecker, you know, i'm not that kind of guy. >> today, corinne remains holed up inside her l.a. apartment. as for her boyfriend, we've learned the 26-year-old is president of his own tobacco company and they've known each other since about high school. but corinne dodged the relationship question when i asked her about it in april. this mi >> this mystery man of mine is going to remain a mystery. >> how does he feel about you going on bachelor in paradise? have you talked about it? >> we've talked about it.
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it's so complicated. i don't know. >> we're told the investigation of sexual misconduct on the set of bachelor in paradise is expected to be completed this week. >> fans of the show, take heart. in the middle of this scandal, there is some happy news to report. evan and carly, who fell in love on the show last season, tied the knot on saturday in mexico. chris harrison officiated the ceremony. >> congratulations to them. look at this couple right here, ryan seacrest landed in france with his girlfriend, model shayna taylor. we're going to go back to kevin frazier in london, and kevin, ryan is all over the news today. >> nancy, you know big money deals make for big headlines and now the word is out on just how much it could cost to bring back ryan as host of "american idol." a source close to the "american idol" production does confirm to "e.t." that ryan is in discussions to become the host and reports put his price tag between $10 and $15 million. >> this is "american idol." >> in his hay day on the show,
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ryan was reportedly making $15 million a season. so, is he taking a pay cut? there are reports that producers bumped up their offer with an exec ty producer credit, which could mean additional money and a share of the show's profits. profits may be hard to come by since they are reportedly paying katy perry a whopping $25 million to be a judge. if most ever paid to a reality talent show judge. by the way, who are katy's picks to join her on the panel? >> my three people would be rihanna and, like, tim mcgraw. it's time now to, like, really make people's dreams come true. ♪ all night long >> nicole richie recently touted her father as ideal for the panel. >> he loves tv, he loves the camera, and he loves having all the attention, so, i'm sure he would do it. he's probably, like, knocking on the door, like, i'm still here. >> well, not so fast. lionel is ramping up his all the hits tour with mariah carey, which kicks off july 21st.
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idol's auditions start in august. >> after the tour, what's next? >> some more touring. this is the u.s. then, from here, we go to australia and pacific rim and then come back in. we're already into next year. >> back to ryan for a moment. he's not the only "american idol" veteran vacationing in france. jennifer lopez is lighting up paris with alex rodriguez. ♪ j-rod was living it up, all right, in the city of lights. the couple of four months showed off some of their fashion style for their long weekend trip to france. the pair held hands while checking out the sights. even stopping for ice cream. come on now. j-rod's trip kicked off on thursday with some sunbathing on a yacht in the south of france. 47-year-old j-lo rocked the monokini, while a-rod took a plunge into the water. after a visit to monaco, the
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pair arrived in paris on saturday for a romantic night out. jennifer showed off her curves in this tight pink look. just 99 bucks. the mom of two looked like a million bucks in another budget friendly outfit, instagraming a pic of this $209 dress, with the hash tag vacation vibes. bull for a trip to the louvre, j.lo changed things up with a $3,100 gucci outfit. he posted this picture of his girlfriend in front of the mona lisa. yesterday, the couple jetted back to the u.s. a-rod posted this picture, telling fans, au revoir. j.lo got back to work quickly. there she is shooting "shades of blue." brad pitt is still in france, while his ex, angelina jolie and their children, are here in london. >> hi, angelina.
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>> saturday, joe lee alie and t kids left l.a. for london, getting out before father's day and doing it in style. angie wearing a nearly $2,000 burberry trench coat. it's been nine months since the headline making split got contentious, but this awkward farewell got them giggling. >> team angie! team angie all the way. >> 11-year-old shiloh got a kick out of the shoutout. the fwang's suv did make a pit stop earlier that day at brad's home, which a source tells us has been a flurry of activity in the past few weeks. on friday, workers delivered a giant tree into pitt's gated community. this, after angelina had her home nearby outfitted with a giant slip and slide. brad wasn't alone on father's day. here he is in nice, france, with his war machine producing partner didi gardner. now, according to reports, angelina's going to take all the
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kids to ethiopia to celebrate sa what are's adoption date, which is july 6th. all right, coming up, here here in london for the premiere of the new transformers movie. wait until you hear how mark wahlberg and his 13-year-old daughter spent father's day. you'll love that, and you'll love this. the surprise that josh dukele got from his 3-year-old son that left him with tears in his eyes. ahead, what the just released autopsy reveals about powerful drugs found in carrie fisher's system. alyssa milano, why is actress says she's millions in debt. and our bachelor et exclusive. behind the scenes of tonight's group date, turning a spelling bee into a booze cruise? >> your word is champagne.
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carrie fisher's full autopsy
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report has been released. the hollywood legend had an array of drugs in her system when she suffered a massive heart attack. cocain cocaine, morphine, ecstasy and hairn. her daughter released a statement, saying, "my mom battled drug adix and mental illness her entire life." >> so, to tragic. some other news star. alyssa mill lab know claims she's now in, quote, fushl ruin. but alyssa is fighting to get her millions back. the actress and her hiusband hae filed a lawsuit, accusing her former business manager of negligence, fraud and theft. in court papers, they claim kenneth hellie left their credit in shambles. >> more important to have nice people to work with. >> alyssa alleges her former business manager forged her signatures on checks, did not
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fay her federal taxes on the mortgage on her home. over the weekend, alyssa and her his appeared in toronto to promote her sports apparel team. milano sails she walked away from her role on abc's "mistresses." and claims she would have never turned down the job if she had not been in the dark about her finances. alyssa's his is an ajegent at t prestigious creative arts agency. our calls to the couple's former business manager were not returned by our deadline. while milano and her his's attorney tell "e.t." they are asking the court for a jury trial. well, alyssa is about to start work on a new netflix comedy. the story takes place in the world of beauty pageants. get that work, girl. >> all right. still ahead, in the wake of the bachelor in paradise scandal, "e.t." has a bachelorette exclusive.
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>> a little suspicious, because they were bringing out a lot of shots. >> behind the scenes of rachel's new group date. plus, father's day star surprises. >> i teared up a little bit. >> the gifts that floored josh due mel. and is will ferrell trying too hard to help his kids success? >> i check their work. >> uh-huh. >> oh, they're not straight a's. they're doing terribly. >> closed captioning provided by --
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your word is champagne. >> i'm so ready to show that kenny is not just brawn. he's brains, as well. c-h-a-m-p-a-n-g-e. >> well, things went only b-a-d bad for kenny, that is an exclusive peek of tonight's episode. and we talked about how much
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drinking is involved in the bachelor franchise. well, booze is definitely a big part of this game. >> i was kind of a little suspicious because they were bringing out a lot of shots really quickly. i have the feeling we're going to get off this boat and have to do something up here. >> so, that's how you start a bachelorette spelling bee. a bunch of dudes on a booze cruise. shot back in march on hilton head island, south carolina, rachel brought 13 of her remaining 15 guys on this date. >> we were testing the brain portion today. separated the good spellers from the bad spellers. >> because some of the words were a little racy, the kid judges actually put on ear muffs. get a word wrong, go to detention, where a server was waiting with more drinks. with four cameras, 20 producers and 75 plus extras, that spells romance to us. >> at this point, who are your three front-runners? >> oh. i don't know.
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>> come on. >> i don't know. it is so hard for me to narrow it down. >> rachel may be playing coy, but there was no deny iing the sparks between her and peter. look at the smile. >> how would you describe your attraction to her at this point? >> it was easy to fall for her real quick. >> so, white peter is falling for rachel, it seems the games have been making some connections between their own. >> there is a huge bromance going on in the house. they are so nice and sweet. >> i would say right now, it's a gentleman's game. >> we're all here for the same reasons, and i couldn't tell you -- >> i think the biggest issue is all of us are very concerned about our hair. we've been hounding the producers to get us barbers to come in and cut our hair. >> there are more important things for those guys to worry about. how about rachel? how about being a good guy? all right, believe it or
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not, the p toic of hair did not come up when carly sat down with will ferrell and amy poehler, and this was to talk about their new movie, "the house." but somehow, will's facial appearance did. >> will has been described as a person who has a woman's face. >> are those women sunglasses? >> no. they're italian. my mother and father used to say, you will go far in life because you have a beautifully, shapely woman's face. look at that jaw line. >> these two have been friends for more than 15 years, and they really know how to crack each other up, even when they're supposed to be working. >> please! >> luke, i am your lobster. >> tell us something we'd be surprised to know about each other. >> that amay is a really good kick boxer. >> yeah. one thing people don't know about will is that he's really, really -- >> see, this -- no. >> he's really conceited. >> all right, momma likes.
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>> in their new movie, "the house," will and amy discover they don't have enough money to send their daughter to college. so, they turn their neighbor's house into a casino. what are the most extreme measures you've taken for your kids? tak >> taken the tests. >> you take their tests? >> straight a's. >> i check their work. oh, no, they're not straight a's. doing terribly. >> kind of sounds like a failing plan. well, will has a comedy in the works about being a dad, "daddy's home 2" with mark wahlberg, and kev, you've been hanging out with mark in london. >> it was the global premiere of "trans formers: the last night." and listen to me, it lived up to the hype. fans lined up for hours to catch a glimpse of the cast, as they took over london for the father's day premiere. mark hit the blue carpet solo, even though his 13-year-old daughter, ella, joined him on
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the overseas trip. >> my child has not understood the concept of jet lag. so, she is now slept all day every day, stayed up all night every night in the hotel. so, i'll see her in a little bit and hopefully she'll catch back up. >> josh duhamel was solo, but his wife fergie and son axle were on his mine. what did you do from father's day? >> this amazing came from my son. i teared up a little bit. >> it's what it's all about. you stop, you're like, this is why i'm out working hard. >> exactly. this is -- that's all i really care about. >> now, fergie also posted a message on instagram to josh, saying, "see you in chicago." she's talking about the "transformers" premiere that happens there tomorrow. ladies, you know what? i'm going so stick around here for a minute and get a little r and r. i have some kids to take to a castle. but i will see you soon. >> that's not r and r.
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but stay safe. >> sounds like fun. enjoy, kev. next on kron-4 news at eight: triple digit heat scorching the bay area and creating dangerous conditions. and it's not over yet. what you need to know for the next few days. a shocking discovery made by police who find a father and his two children dead in their home. we have a live report. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- ♪ tell me why >> nick carter on his boy band past. >> i went a little bad.
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and then i kind of got a little more mature. >> and how she's helping find the next big super group. tomorrow on "e.t." so, what do you get when you put a rodeo clown, a fitness superstar into a house with 13 other strangers? well, you get "big brother" season 19, of course. >> of course. cbs just revealed the house guests. 21-year-old ramsey is the youngest house guest. he's a cos play artist, which means he's into costume role play. they have a lot of fun. conventions, everything. 55-year-old kevin is the oldest. he's a stay at home dad from boston. >> and julie chen is back to host. she has given "e.t." the only tour of the house before the season premiere. we're going to have that for you on wednesday. bye, everybody. sotnow at eight ... oh im hot. very hotthe bay area
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