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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight - the bay area is feeling the impact of the heat wave.. and it's not over yet. hello i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore.the high temperatures already making for a dangerous situation. already we have seen muliple fires... including one that threatened homes near moraga.(steve) but first -- major concerns over power outages... take a look -- just one of the many local blackouts. this was the stoneridge mall earlier. tonight a statewide "flex alert" has been issued.. due to high demand of electricity.
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people are being asked to conserve power between the hours of 2-pm and 9-pm for the next two days. that includes ánotá using major appliances during those hours... and setting air conditoners to 78 degrees or higher. tonight, some people in the bay area are still in the dark kron4's ella sogomonian is live tonight in pleasanton. ella how many are without electricity now? pg&e reports at last check three thousand customers. the stoneridge mall here also shut down earlier in the day.they explain most outages have been caused by what most are turning to in the heat - air conditioning. pg&e crews have been working all weekend and into monday to restore power to 100 thousand or so customers across the bay area. in the east bay one homeowner has suffered for 19 hours without electricity in triple digit heat.sot: aziz ali rowjaui, home lost power
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//"and we have yesterday night it was so horrible. we don't have electricity. we have two kids. so much hot. and what can i do?"many are advised to head to airconditioned places to beat the heat- but in pleasanton the power went out at the stoneridge mall forcing at least a dozen shops to close just after 4 at night. sot: lazaro carrazco, shopper//"i was trying on glasses when the power went out so i don't know i couldn't really see anything.""is it the glasses you're wearing now?""yeah""so it worked out you ended up buying them." "yeah but i don't know if they look good because it was dark when i was buying them." despite the outage some kept their business going like these barbers who've improvised by taking their skills into the walkway.sot: "i'm a little skeptical but these guys look like they know what they're doing."and a few brave souls who took their chances getting their hair cut in the dark. sot: darius , hair cut in dark//"it did worry me. but my friends actually had the iphone light. so they were flashing me getting my cut done.""so what do you think?""yeah i think it looks good."a pg&e meteorologist explains the
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record breaking heat is to blame.and a high demand in air conditioning that overloads electric lines, transformers and other equipment.sot: scott strenfel, pg&e meteorologist/ /" sometimes they can over heat if there's too much stress, too many people running a/c for long periods of time. also just the ambient temperature outside can impact their efficiency." pg&e reports using their meteoroligists to pinpoint which locations may be most vulnerable in advance has helped their crews be ready to respond quicker. live in pleasanton ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) i'm here in the kron4 weather center with chief meteorologist brittney shipp.. tracking the heat wave. although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday,
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very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. (steve) tonight firefighters seem to have a handle on a fire burning in morga. it
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broke out on a hillside behind campolindo high school... dangerously close to the high school football field... kron4's charles clifford in moraga with the latest. natsmonday afternoon, a fast moving wildfire broke out on this hillside in moraga. it quickly escalated to a four alarm fire mostly due to the fact the the hill is surrounded on all side by homes including the home ike one point the fire was less than a mile from his back yard, with nothing but dry brush and grass between the flames and his fence. he wasn't home at the time.sot ike brandel says i was at starbucks having a cup of coffee when my daughter called me.ike raced home, navigating through around fire trucks and closed streets, and then set work doing the only thing he could think of.sot ike brandel says i'm gonna go in the back yard and start watering down the fence on the side where it might possibly come down the hill.fortunately, a gentle breeze was blowing the fire away from ike's house and an aggressive attack by multiple fire agencies kept the flames at bay. by around 5 pm, the wildfire was mostly contained, much to the relief of ike and his neighbors.sot ike brandel says so far everything seems to be alright. just a lot of fire trucks.
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(pam) it is not just northern california dealing with the heat wave. in southern calfiornia -- a fast-moving wildfire is burning near big bear. voluntary evacuation orders were issued for the area. more than 800-acres have burned since just this afternoon. no buildings are threatened -- but there are road closures in that area. (pam) stay on top of the heat wave by tracking the weather in your neighborhood.. . using our kron-4 app. you can get weather alerts, follow forecasts and be the first to know when breaking news happens in your area. (steve) tonight we are following tragic news out of santa rosa. two young
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children were killed by their own father.. before that man took his own life. kron4's j-r stone is live at the apartment complex where police made this gruesome discovery this morning. (j.r.)yes, and they were heart broken when i told them what had happened. out here this evening you can see that officers are still out here gathering evidence and trying to get to the bottom of what happened.friends tell me that alvaro camara is the man that killed his two kids then hanged himself.he was always quick to smile, always talkative but lately he seemed like carrie was saying a little bit nervous and edgy. those with the sheriff's office found the three bodies here monday morning when they were doing a welfare check. camara was married but had been seperated for 6 months. he had the kids on father's day and was supposed to drop them back at their mother's home sunday night. that never
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happened. police believe he killed his 18 month old son and 6 year old daughter. neighbors told us he was aggravated sunday morning after someone in this complex had parked in someone elses spot. neighbors say alvaro had only lived here for a few months but the arguments between him and his wife were intense on several occasion.saying that the two were going through a divorce. from that one act(jr)officers aren't saying how the kids died. only that there was no obvious sign of what caused their death. no signs of any trauma.
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(steve)new at tenthe oakland fire department released a new report on the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. it says the flames started in the northwest area on the ground floor in the warehouse. but -- there is no conclusive determination of what sparked the deadly blaze. 36 people died in the december fire... two people are facing criminal charges... the buildings master tenant.. and a man prosecutors say organized a party the night of the fire. (pam) there are questions tonight ... about security at a san francsico u-p-s facility... where three drivers were murdered last week by a co-worker. the questions come ... as employees, and people who live nearby, gathered to remember those whose lives were lost. kron's dan kerman was there.. ups prayer service 0619176pkg more than a hundred people gathered outside ups's san francisco customer center during the noon hour monday to
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remember benson louie, mike lefiti and wayne chan, the three drivers who were shot and killed last week by fellow driver jimmy lam.sotall of them were good friends, it's just a sad thingthe interfaith prayer service was coordinated by the san francisco archdiosese as a way of bringing healingsot each of these men should have had many more years to laugh and to learn ,to relish love and share memories many of those in attendance were ups customers sot leo parker/ups driverit just shows the love they have for their drivers we take care of a lot of people and everybody loves us , we have a job, we go out and do it and people respect us for what we do.also on hand co-workers of those who's lives were lost.sot chris heifner/ups driver it's tough to be here where all these terrible things have happened, it changes the mood and atmosphere of the place so it is difficult in the meantime, questions tonight about how the shooter got a weapon past the metal detectors at the facilities 4 entrances sot joseph cilia/teamsters union they do have metal detectors
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here, whether they operate to the levels , obviously something happened here a weapon was brought into the facility.the union that reperesents the drivers wants some answerssotin this day and age they need to beef up security everywhere./security everywhere (steve) coming up new at ten:a man gets quite a surprise when grocery shopping... what he says he found crawling around at a store.
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(pam) then - caught on camera - chaos inside a jack in the box.what happened after a man crawled in through the drive-thru window. (steve) but first tonight.. the american student imprisoned by north korea has died..just days after returning to the united states. new at ten - what president trump is saying about his untimely death.
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(steve) american college student, otto warmbier (warm-beer), who was detained in north korea for 17 months
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died today in cincinnati he was sentenced to 15 years in prison after confessing he tried to steal a propaganda banner. reporter andrew spencer has more on the mysterious circumstances prior to his release, and his ultimately death. the 22-year-old student from ohio - kept prisoner in north korea until last week - has died. (((make graphic statement)))"it is our sad duty to report that our son, otto warmbier, has completed his journey home. surrounded by his loving family, otto died today at 2:20 p.m." north korea returned him to the u.s. tuesday, after detaining him for 17 months. fred warmbier/ father : "otto, i love you and i'm so crazy about you. and i'm so glad you're home." a week before his release, his family learned he had been in a coma for 15 months. and that's how he arrived in ohio-- where his condition was described as "unresponsive wakefulness" dr. daniel kanter/ univ. of
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cincinnati medical center: "he has spontaneous eye opening and blinking however he shows no signs of understanding language." north korea claimed he had contracted botulism, and fell into a coma after being given a sleeping pill. but his medical team at the university of cincinnati medical center says that just doesn't add up. dr. daniel kanter/ univ. of cincinnati medical center: "this study showed extensive loss of brain tissue in all regions of the brain. we have no certain or verifiable knowledge of the cause or circumstances of his neurological injury." president trump addressed warmbier's passing, monday eveninng... president trump: "a lot of bad things happened, but at least we got him home to be with his parents. they were so happy to see him even though he was in a very tough condition"i'm andrew spencer kron 4 news (pam) europe shaken by a pair of terror attacks... one directed against muslims in london... the other against security forces in paris. in france, a
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driver in a car filled with gas canisters.. tried to ram a police van on the champs- elysees. the driver was killed ... no bystanders nor police were hurt. in britain, a man drove a van into a crowd of worshippers leaving a mosque. he reportedly said he wanted to kill all muslims. police have not released his name, but british media identified him as 47=year=old darren osborne. the father of four is being held on suspicion of murder and terrorism. he is accused of plowing into a crowd of muslims ... after late night services at a london mosque. . natit happened just after midnight on monday morning in the largely muslim neighborhood of finsley park in north londoni see a white van. i see people screaming, shouting, extremely devastated. "a big van crushing the people in the mosque."i was shocked. we were screaming. the van stopped and angry members of the crowd tried to attack the driver.he was a big muscley
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guy. he was really shouting and aggressive. he was spitting on us"he was shouting 'i did my bit' and 'you deserve it' and stuff like this. thanks for our imam...who went quickly and grabbed the guy. the people there was trying to hit and kick the guy, but he saved him, kept him safe until the police arrived."even after being loaded in a police van, he tried to provoke bystanders by blowing them kisses. "this is actually sending a shockwave within the muslim community. .. people are using terrorist forms of means in order to now put fear into the muslim community. maybe it's a symbolic message saying 'look something's happened at london bridge, we can do the same. british islamophobia has spiked since the london bridge terror attack on june third.on june sixth london police reported 20 incidents in 24 hours.the normal number is less than four.britain's minister for security says the suspect was not known to them. "this individual did not appear on the security service's radar, we didn't have any prior knowledge of him from the security services, and of course what
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we've seen across europe and the rest of the world is that some of these sudden violent extremist type attacks are both incredibly difficult to anticipate but also to counter." (pam) darren osborne was not a known member of any right= wing organization. he was known as a heavy drinker in his hometown in wales... also, as a man who frequently expressed hostility toward muslims. although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday, very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. (steve) usually when you go to
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the grocery store -- you're not expecting to see any rodents. well in a stockon -- customers were surprised while picking up tomatoes 'right there... three rats' look closely... you can see at least one mouse peeking its head through a bunch of tomatoes. a customer says he made the discovery sunday night at a food four less.. san joaquin county environmental health department sent an inspector to the store who found evidence of rodent activity. the agency ordered the store -- to close the affected areas in the produce section. remove all produce. clean and disinfect those areas. and take pest control measures.. customers got a chance to see the video of the rodent sighting (bennie martin, customer)'i wonút buy anymore tomatoes here.'(chris thomas, customer) 'oh no! thatús not good. iúm
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glad i didnút buy those today.' (lee yim)'look at it properly, inspect more often because you never know.' (steve) once employees were notified of the infestation -- they threw the produce away but they weren't not able to catch the rodents the store has not released a statement (pam) still ahead -- he has gained noteriety for his contentious relationship with the media... now we've learned white house press secretary sean spicer might soon be gone from the podium. (steve) and next - chaos inside a jack in the box. a man starts trashing anything he can get his hands on.. surprsingly witnesses say -- he called the police on himself. the video is next.
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(pam) tonight, a man is behind bars... accused of
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climbing in through a 'jack in the box' drive- through window and trashing the place. it happened in stockton -- and much it was caught on camera... kay recede shows us how it started...and how it ended. (nats cell phone video)'i need someone to call the (expletive) cops'chaos captured on cell phone video as this man — isaac greer — throws a cash register... cups..(anna collord, witness)'throwing the drinks, the sauces, everything...'anything he can get his hands on..... aiming for employees inside this jack in the box fast food restaurant on trinity parkway in stockton... (collord)'and he was getting really aggressive with the male employee that was there and he was like getting in his face, yelling at him and saying that he just got out of county jail and he better be careful.'anna collord was working saturday night — when close to midnight she says she saw greer crawl in through their drive thru window(collord)'as soon as he came in he started talking about how you know kids are being murdered and kids are being kidnapped like just saying the most ridiculous things.'(nats) 'thereús a little girl being
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tortured right now in the parking lot'in one of the videos collord gave us — greer is heard making wild claims — at one point he even called 911l... telling the operator he was the victim. (collord)'and then he ended up calling the cops himself and saying that he was being held hostage at our jack in the box.'frightened — collord says she thought of her 3 month old son — and called her husband — matthew epler for help(matthew epler, husband)'just freaked me out. i didnút want anything bad to happen to her so thatús why i ran over there.'by the time epler arrived — collord and everyone else was outside — while greer continued to trash the restaurant... (epler)'he actually spit in one of the cops face and it was bad...' (officer cocking gun)officers were forced to walk inside the restaurant armed... officers were seen in a bit of a struggle with greer— but eventually he was taken away on a stretcherthe epley family is grateful to put this incident behind them.(collord) 'luckily he didnút have a weapon and luckily you know the cops were able to get him under control.'
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(pam) that was kay recede reporting..the suspect faces charges of vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery on an officer. (steve) coming up new at ten:bicyclists looking to get away from the city... finding themselves pelted with rocks. who's believed to be behind the strange attacks. (pam) then - new and disturbing allegations against a former santa cruz brain surgeon -- already accused of molesting children. (steve) but first --we tracking the sizzling tempertures in the bay area right now. it's going to get worse, before it gets better.brittney is back with your forecast.
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to track the major bay area heat wave.(steve) it's causing all kinds of problems.. we've seen fires -- and power outages. now claifornia is calling on people to conserve energy. a flex alert has been issued for tomorrow and wednesday between 2 p-m and 9. power officials are asking people to avoid using major appliances.. and set air conditioners to 78 degrees or highter.(pam) it's all an attempt to ease the strain on the power grid. officials expect usage to exceed 47- thousand megawatts... the record is around 50-thousand back in 20--06. all this
10:31 pm
as the triple digit temperatures are set to continue.(steve) chief metoeorlogist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center... with a look at tomorrow's highs. although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday, very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. (pam ) and a reminder -- about the danger of hot cars. this dog (pam ) and a reminder --
10:32 pm
about the danger of hot cars. this dog was rescued in napa -- after being left in a vehicle at the south napa market place... around noon yesterday. the owner apparently was shopping. police say, the temperature inside the car reached 136 - degrees! (pam) tonight -- many people are thinking about ways to stay cool during the heatwave. as kron4's alecia reid reports -- fans, air conditioners and miniature pools are flying off the shelves.. all across the bay area.
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(steve) fire crews worked into the afternoon to clean up a fire that broke out this morning at a wood recycling plant in benicia it started about five- miles from the valero refinery. it is believed to have started in the piles of wood - and it quickly spread to some nearby grass. it came close to highway- 680... causing a traffic backup for morning commuters. but fortunately there were no injuries.
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. (steve) stay on top of the heat wave by tracking the weather in your neighborhood.. .using our kron-4 app. you can get weather alerts, follow forecasts and be the first to know when breaking news happens in your area. (pam) popular bike paths have too many homeless camps... that's what cyclists in sacramento are now speaking out about .. (pam ) last week, at the american river parkway trails, one cyclist was attacked and ended up going to the hospital. police say, a homeless man threw a rock at the cyclist ... making this the third incident within two weeks. community members are saying ... the problem is getting out of control. (pam) sacramento county officials say, there are 25- rangers patrolling at least 45-thousand acres. now, officials are pushing for more funding for park
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rangers to get rid of homeless camps. new details tonight on a case involving a former santa cruz brain surgeon. according to prosecutors... he has been molesting children for years. the neurosurgeon was in court today to face new sexual assault charges. dr. james kohut is accused of sexually assaulting several children -- including a three-year-old boy. two of his nurses are also accused in the abuse of children. now, the newest allegation comes from a woman who says he abused her thirteen years ago in louisiana. prosecutors have added that to the charges against him. last week, the doctor pleaded not guilty to ten felony charges of molesting two boys and a girl under the age of 14. the santa cruz district attorney's office says kohut also attempted to impregnate the women. kohut is scheduled to be back in court on june 28. (pam) happening tomorrow: a highly anticipated special congressional election... which may prove to be an early test for president trump and the republican party.
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republican karen handel... and democrat jon ossoff ... are looking to fill a vacant congressional seat in metropolitan atlanta. that seat was vacated by republican tom price when he became president trump's health and human services secretary. both parties and campaigns are going all out to win over voters ... it has turned out to be the most expensive house of representatives race ever.. an estimated 50-million dollars has been spent. at this point -- polls suggest the race is too close to call. (steve) a developing story tonight: sean spicer may step down from the white house podium. a white house official said monday they're considering a new role for the current press secretary. spicer has delivered remarks in the white house briefing room for six months-- although his time at the podium in recent weeks has decreased. spicer's style was parodied by in several "saturday night live" skits. the white house official said the timeline for the change in spicer's role is
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"fluid". (pam) a new autopsy report... traces of cocaine, heroin and ecstasy were found in actress carrie fishers system. officials say, fisher took cocaine three days before she fell ill on december 23. investigators could not determine what impact the drugs in her system... had on her death. coroner's determined fisher died from sleep apnea and other related issues. coming upi'm glad he's out here busting carpoolers there are so many cheaters, i pay money for electric car no cheaters .. love you crackdown on carpool cheaters in san jose . i'll explain in the next edition of people badly
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deal will change how you buy food forever .. . for anyone in the business of selling, supplying or hauling groceries: things just got's $13.7 billion purchase of whole foods instantly makes it a major player in the u.s. grocery industry and that leaves a lot for shoppers, retailers and other companies involved in the industry to chew on.the online seller is bringing its firepower to a grocery industry plagued by razor-thin profit margins. despite airline scandals, carriers' stock prices keep climbing . .. apassenger is bloodied as he is dragged from his seat. later that same
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month, a family flying home from a hawaiian vacation is booted from a delta air lines flight after a dispute over seating for an infant. in may, violence erupted at fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport in florida after spirit airlines canceled several flights because of a labor dispute with pilots. but despite such ugly incidents involving the nation's airlines, their stock prices have continued to rise. to rise.have continued their stock prices have continued to rise.
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(steve) tongiht --- concerns that around two hundred million registered voters may have had their information leaked. that could include names, dates of births, home addresses, and phone numbers on people from both political parties. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate met with a cyber security expert .... to learn how this happened, and what you should do if your information was breached. "the way this happened was a third party that was being used by the republican party for analytics of data around voter information. and that company was using a cloud service by amazon and the system they were using they left it unprotected without any passwords which basically meant that anyone on the internet could access the information and get access to terabytes of data without any passwords or credentials" varun badwar with redlock security in menlo park specializes in online cloud
10:47 pm
security he showed me how the voter information was left unsecured on the cloud server according the researchers with "up guard" "if you select this box "everyone" than anyone can access it" he says these shared cloud servers are convienent because a lot of different people can have access to the data.. but because this precious data is managed by so many people it's easy to make security mistakes "a lot of the traditional security tools companies have invested in don't work with cloud servers like amazon so hopefully as an industry we will wake up and start security more seriously.. with just a little more care this could have been avoidable " the rnc has not made a comment on this yet. the data company behind this leak, deep root, said in a statement they take full responsibility, the security hole has been fixed, and it is expected that this was discovered before any cyber criminals took advantage
10:48 pm
of the unsecured cloud server. but until we know if anyone got their hands on this information who should not have redlock advises "people should monitor credit reports and credit card statements to make sure people are not using their identity" in menlo park gabe slate kron 4 news although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday, very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then
10:49 pm
expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. a's hosting the team with the best record in baseballastros fan wearing throwback "rainbow" uniform (10,482)top 5th/ weekend. the upcoming from friday into expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. a's hosting the team with the
10:50 pm
best record in baseballastros fan wearing throwback "rainbow" uniform (10,482)top 5th/ scorelessjake marisnik 2-run home run off daniel gossett off the center field facade 2-0 astros(gossett: 6 2/3 ip, 6 hits, 2 runs, 6 k's) bottom 6th/ 2-0 astrosjed lowrie drives one into the right-centerfield gap one run scores but george springer is able to cut it off and carlos correa guns out chad pinder at the plate 2-1 astrosthe a's never got closer top 8th george springer solo home run off john axford 3-1 astros (springer: 20th home run) final: 4-1 astros (47-24)their 7th straight win in oakland the giants had a 45 minute rain delay in atlantabefore they got to play their first gaame in the brand new suntrust park they probably wish it rained all nighttop
10:51 pm
1str.a. dickey the knuckleballer was good striking out buster posey swinging (posey: 0-3, hitting .347)(dickey: 7 ip, 3 hits, 0 runs, 6 k's)bottom 3rdender inciarte doubles into the right-centerfield gap off a hard-luck johnny ciueto posey can't put the tag on jordan carmago 1-0 braves(cueto (5-7): 7 ip, 5 hits, 2 runs) things come apart in the 8th the braves score 7 runs off josh osich and derek law including this 30run home run by free agent danny santana off law to finish the scoring 9-0 bravesfinal: 9-0 braves giants 20 games under .500 (26-46) nothing is official yetas free agency doesn't start until july 1stbut kevin durant is reportedly returning to the warriorsdurant will
10:52 pm
decline his player option, become a free agent (briefly) on july 1 and then re-sign with the warriors according to espn's chris haynes.durant is willing to take less than a max deal in order to help the warriors retain some free agents. namely andre iguodala who reports have possibly looking elsewhere because of nba rules bob myers can't talk about any deals or negotiations so he had to play it coy about durant today (sot: bobmyers) "i think he was happy with the season personally and obviously for the team and i don't know if it could've gotten any better for him, so i look forward to sitting down with him and doing whatever is fair but we certainly want him back and i think he wants to be back. so when you win, those exit interviews are pretty good." the warriors steph curry got inked up... with his family... made a house call to tattoo artist the day after winning his 2nd title to celebratesteph, along with his brother seth and dad dell curry all got their forearms inked up while steph's wife ayesha got a tattoo on her neckdell was so
10:53 pm
excited after getting his first tattoo that he got a 2nd one on his right wriststeph, along with his brother, got 2nd set of hebrew letters on his forearm (pam) coming up at the top of the hour. the first day of summer is officially tomorrow... but the bay area is already feeling the heat. the hot weather is causing thousands of power outages tonight.the warning tonight from the conserve energy. that story, and all the day's big stories... in half the at 11. (steve) but first in a brand new edition of people behaving badly. carpool lanes are usually for drivers with more than one passenger. but stanley roberts shows us where drivers are ignoring the rules. stick around
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lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. the purpose of h-o- v lanes .. is to permit drivers with more than one passenger... to use the lane in hopes of encouraging car pooling, easing congestion .. and speeding traffic. (steve) now there is one exception is for hybrid vehicle if you have a clean air sticker ... but the problem is a lot of people ignore the rules and use the hov lane illegally which undermines the goal of the program and can be a pretty expensive ticket did you know you were in the carpool lane, yea i just switching a little bit because i was a meeting to go to but what about being in the car pool lane i was just in a rush i'm trying to get to work those were excuses from people stopped because they committed a potentially expensive highway foul they were in a two person carpool lane by themselves i'm on highway 101 at highway 87 with officer morasco of the san jose office
10:58 pm
of the california highway patrol and he is hand stopping drivers violating the carpool lane . where the cheaters come to him .something that the drivers who follow the rules are delighted to see i'm glad he's out here busting carpoolers there are so many cheaters, i pay money for electric car no cheaters .. love yousometimes the driver doesn't respond to the hand stop so they get the traditional stop go past the wall go past the wall the turn out finally the driver stops hi, i stopped you for driving solo in the carpool lane and also you ran the metering light apparenty the driver thought it was ok to use the carpool lane if you are late for a meeting and what about the running the red light how come you didn't stop at a red light i did stop with the red light 9i just brought this new car so the break is not woking how i used my old car this driver is have a bad day her words not mine and
10:59 pm
it started with her bumper i litterely got if knocked off this morning (really) that's why i'm running late but what about the being in the carpool i lnew i had to get off of 101 soon ok let's be in the left lane because i don't want to miss the exit maybe i should tell her the exit is in the right laneand then i was trying to like get an opening it was just lile packed the whole way down the fines for being in the carpool lane without the required amout of passengers can set you back 491 dollars in santa clara county but no points a fine that many people apparently don't have a problem paying sice so many were caught including this driver who had bigger problems what happened to your drivers license? i lost that a long time ago man he will get his own segment in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) now at 11
11:00 pm
summer officially begins tomorrow...but the bay area is already in the midst of a heat wave.and it's not over yet. i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. multiple fires have already scorched the ground in moraga and benicia... to make matters worse...thousands of people are still without power at this hour. california is calling on people to conserve energy during the heat wave.a statewide "flex alert" has been issued.. due to high demand of electricity. a power alert asks for voluntary conservation tomorrow and wednesday between 2 p-m and 9. the state's power grid operator says you should avoid using major appliances during those hours. it's all to ease strain on the power grid. officials expect usage to exceed 47-thousand megawatts... the record is around 50- thousand back in 20--06. the grid's capacity is around 70-thousand megawatts. ((pam))


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