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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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(steve) now at 11 summer officially begins tomorrow...but the bay area is already in the midst of a heat wave.and it's not over yet. i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. multiple fires have already scorched the ground in moraga and benicia... to make matters worse...thousands of people are still without power at this hour. california is calling on people to conserve energy during the heat wave.a statewide "flex alert" has been issued.. due to high demand of electricity. a power alert asks for voluntary conservation tomorrow and wednesday between 2 p-m and 9. the state's power grid operator says you should avoid using major appliances during those hours. it's all to ease strain on the power grid. officials expect usage to exceed 47-thousand megawatts... the record is around 50- thousand back in 20--06. the grid's capacity is around 70-thousand megawatts. ((pam))meteorologist
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brittney shipp is here with a look at what we can expect for tomorrow... brittney? although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday, very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. p-g&e crews are working round the clock to restore power to thousands of homes... and one mall in the east bay is also in the dark.
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the stoneridge mall closed several businsses after the power went out. kron 4's ella sogomonian has the story. pg&e crews have been working all weekend and into monday to restore power to 100 thousand or so customers across the bay area. in the east bay one homeowner has suffered for 19 hours without electricity in triple digit heat.sot: aziz ali rowjaui, home lost power //"and we have yesterday night it was so horrible. we don't have electricity. we have two kids. so much hot. and what can i do?"many are advised to head to airconditioned places to beat the heat- but in pleasanton the power went out at the stoneridge mall forcing at least a dozen shops to close just after 4 at night. sot: lazaro carrazco, shopper//"i was trying on glasses when the power went out so i don't know i couldn't
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really see anything.""is it the glasses you're wearing now?""yeah""so it worked out you ended up buying them." "yeah but i don't know if they look good because it was dark when i was buying them." despite the outage some kept their business going like these barbers who've improvised by taking their skills into the walkway.sot: "i'm a little skeptical but these guys look like they know what they're doing."and a few brave souls who took their chances getting their hair cut in the dark. sot: darius , hair cut in dark//"it did worry me. but my friends actually had the iphone light. so they were flashing me getting my cut done.""so what do you think?""yeah i think it looks good."a pg&e meteorologist explains the record breaking heat is to blame.and a high demand in air conditioning that overloads electric lines, transformers and other equipment.sot: scott strenfel, pg&e meteorologist/ /" sometimes they can over heat if there's too much stress, too many people running a/c for long periods of time. also just the ambient temperature outside can impact their efficiency."pg&e reports using their meteoroligists to pinpoint which locations may be most vulnerable in advance has helped their crews be ready to respond quicker. in pleasanton ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) this afternoon in moraga -- a fire broke out on the hillside behind campolindo high school -- dangerously
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close to the high school football field. many residents living near the area were worried about the fire reaching their homes. at one point the fire was less than a mile away from ike brandel house. he wasn't home at the time it started fortunately, a gentle breeze was blowing the fire away from his house and thanks to the multiple fire agencies they were able to contain the fire. ike brandel/home threatened by fire:so far everything seems to be alright. just a lot of fire trucks.(pam) officials still don't know the cause of the fire.. it remains under investigation. (pam) stay on top of the heat wave by tracking the weather in your neighborhood.. .using our kron-4 app. you can get weather alerts, follow forecasts and be the first to know when breaking news happens in your area. (steve) a tragic story tonight out of santa rosa... where a father apparently killed his two young children this father's day weekend before taking his own life. kron4's jr stone is in santa rosa... and talked to be people that knew the dad. (j.r.)yes, and they were heart
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broken when i told them what had happened. out here this evening you can see that officers are still out here gathering evidence and trying to get to the bottom of what happened.friends tell me that alvaro camara is the man that killed his two kids then hanged himself.he was always quick to smile, always talkative but lately he seemed like carrie was saying a little bit nervous and edgy. those with the sheriff's office found the three bodies here monday morning when they were doing a welfare check. camara was married but had been seperated for 6 months. he had the kids on father's day and was supposed to drop them back at their mother's home sunday night. that never happened. police believe he killed his 18 month old son and 6 year old daughter. neighbors told us he was aggravated sunday morning
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after someone in this complex had parked in someone elses spot. neighbors say alvaro had only lived here for a few months but the arguments between him and his wife were intense on several occasion.saying that the two were going through a divorce. from that one act(jr)officers aren't saying how the kids died. only that there was no obvious sign of what caused their death. no signs of any trauma.
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( pam) the scorching hot temperatures aren't done yet.(steve) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is back with your complete forecast.
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although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday, very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat
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advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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♪[ music ] carrie fisher death investigation. >> just released. the shocking results of the toxicology report. >> cocaine, morphine, oxycodone, ecstasy. they were all in her system when she died. then. >> deborah: as the search for a hidden treasure chest filled in gold claimed yet another life. >> two people have been killed. will you stop looking for this treasure? >> plus, where did bill cosby go after the mistrial? and she spoke for mrs. cosby. >> she sounded mad. >> then megyn kelly's interview with conspiracy theorist alex


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