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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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(steve) the san francisco police officer known as the "hot cop of the castro" will stand trial for felony hit-and- run. christopher kohrs is accused of hitting two pederstrians in north beach back in 2015 and then leaving
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the scene. at a preliminary hearing a passenger testified kohrs was the designated driver that night and appeared to be sober at the time. that same man said kohrs did not react fast enough and the next thing heard was glass shattering. kohrs faces two felony charges. he has already settled a a civil lawsuit filed by one of the victims. (vicki) this heat wave has now turned deadly - claiming the lives of two elderly people in san jose. and our temperatures are going to get hotter tomorrow. chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now - with a look at the updated excessive heat warning. brit? .more very warm to hot weather can be expected
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through at least tomorrow. therefore, a combination of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect for both days. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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(steve) not only has the sweltering temperatures now claimed the lives of two senior citizens... this heat wave is also leading to a signficiant increase in heat related illnesses. kron four's terisa estacio reports now on what officials are seeing... and some tips on how to protect your health in this heat.
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(steve) a reminder... you can stay on top of the heat wave with the kron-4 mobile app. you can track temperatures in your neighborhood.... plus -- get notified when breaking news happens in your area. (vicki) a 3-point-3 magnitude earthquake shook the parts of the east bay today. according to the u-s-g-s, the quake was centered in kensington... about one mile southeast of el cerrito and 3 miles northwest of berkeley. it hit around noon - and really startled some people. "all of a sudden we heard a rumble and we looked around, 'that was an earthquake. we thought okay that wasn't anyone upstairs because we only have one floor and so it was enough time for us to realize we were having an earthquake."(vicki) kron4 viewers called into
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the newsroom saying they could feel the quake in piedmont, pinole, martinez and walnut creek. (steve) a former milwaukee wisconsin police officer who fatally shot a black man during a foot chase has been found not guilty. today jurors found that dominique heaggan-brown, who is also black, was justified when he shot 23-year-old sylville smith after a brief chase following a traffic stop last august. the case centered on the second of two shots heaggan-brown fired at smith-- which happened less than two seconds after the first. while both sides agreed the first shot was justified, prosecutors argued the second, fatal shot came just after smith attempted to surrender. the defense claimed heaggan- brown made a split-second decision to protect his life and that of another officer... when he thought smith reached for a gun. the shooting sparked days of riots in milwaukee.
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(steve) happening now.. the stabbing of a police officer at a michigan airport is being investigated by the an act of terrorism. it happened this morning at bishop international airport in flint, michigan, . authorities evacuated the airport following the incident. officials say the attack appears to have been targeted against law enforcement but not against any specific person. the suspect was taken into custody. the officer was stabbed in his neck and is in critical condition tonight. (vicki) in bay area news. a fourth suspect has been arrested in connection with the brutal beating of a lyft driver on u.s. highway 101 in san francisco. 25-year-old quintrell anderson was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. three other suspects were arrested last weekand have already entered not guilty pleas to a number of felony charges. police say the four suspects were involved in a march ninth "attack" on a lyft driver on southbound highway 101. they allegedly vandalized his car, beat him up, and ran over his leg with a dirt bike. the lyft driver...needed surgery. during the
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arrest...officers also found several firearms, and a stolen dirtbike. (steve) anti-semitic graffiti was discovered at an elementary school in alameda over the weekend...(vicki) and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... this is one of a handful of hate- related incidents the alameda unified school district has dealt with since the presidential election. (philippe) edison elementary school in alameda -- again, dealing with what some consider hate-speech the alameda police department shared this photo of the graffiti in question. we've blurred it out, because the message is anti-semitic in nature. it was written in ink or chalk and has since been removed. it quotes a line from a popular sitcom, while insinuating a threat to an 18-year-old man who lives near the school. police say that person does not wish to file charges.susan davis/ausd- "there was a reference to hitler that was, um, relatively favorable." susan davis with the alameda unified school district says... while a teacher was cleaning out her classroom early saturday morning... she walked up this ramp to the
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main office, when she looked down to the ground and noticed the graffiti. davis says the teacher then called police. susan davis/ausd- "anti-semitism, for instance, is not new at all, but the increase in our school district's is new and we really need to modify our response to it." on tuesday... the superintendent sent a letter out to district families denouncing this most recent incident and past hate-speech cases. the school's prinicipal also addressed the situation in a letter to parents. davis says this is one of five hate-related cases the district has responded to since the november election. that month, racist messages against chinese, japanese and african americans were found at five different areas at edison elementary. parents and administrators responded at the time, by painting posters and putting up signs, telling students and their families that they are welcome. an a-u-s-d teacher and jewish mother with a daughter who is in third grade at edision says this latest incident upset her.
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no name/parent and teacher- "it makes me feel like we, as a community, have a lot of work to do." the school district says it may expand it's anti-bullying curriculum when school resumes in the fall. in alameda, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki) bringing home the groceries has taken on a whole new meaning for people in big sur. still ahead, find out how the people in big sur are surviving... after this past winter's storm - has basically isolated them. (steve) then, a major storm system is now threatening millions of people along the gulf coast. a closure look at tropical storm cindy - coming up.(vicki) and next, the c-e-o of uber is stepping down after an investor revolt. find out what's next for the ride- sharing company.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians
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it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. uber c-e-o travis
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kalanick has officially stepped down. in recent months-- his company has seen an exodus of top executives-- and a long list of p-r crises. (vicki) just last week, kalanick announced he was going on an indefinite leave of absence -- but that move failed to placate investors who have questioned his leadership. kron four's will tran has more on what's next for the ride-sharing company. uber is heading in a different direction... as the company is now in search of a new ceo. over the past few months.. .the scandals have not only rocked the company... but also cause many of its customers to question if they should continue using uber.(rob goren/uber rider-a lot of uber customers and shareholders have been frustrated with the
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allegations that have come out over the past few months with concerns of the culture in silicon valley. i am a tech worker for another company and i do really feel it's important to have an inclusive culture and to make sure it's good place to work for women and everyone. personally i have felt i have been switching over to lyft in the past few months as a result of what was going on with uber)in only 8 years .. uber has revolutionized the way countless people get around. but uber and its ceo couldn't get out of their own way.five powerful shareholders all agreed in a letter to kalanick that he needed to step down from the company he started back in 2009.they seem to have the support from the uber riding community.(michelle pollard/uber rider-amid comments or allegations of sexual harrassment i think that's a big deal. there are other things that have gone on with uber that are quite frightening because i do take uber and i'm glad someone is paying attention. and with him stepping down maybe we will see some changes with uber.)kalanick is no longer
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ceo but he isn't going anywhere.he will remain with the company as a board member and still has the most voting san francisco will tran k4 news (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. .more very warm to hot weather can be expected through at least tomorrow. therefore, a combination of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect for both days. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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(steve) people who live and work in big sur have been essentially stranded in recent weeks and months..after the wet winter sent cascades of mud and rock onto its highways..(vicki) catherine heenan is here with a new view of the area...and an update on thework being done.. (catherine) there are beautiful new views - thanks to drones - showing us the big sur area. beautiful, that is, unless you're down there - trying to get someplace. several mudslides and the loss of a vital bridge have made this more ofan island than a destination.. with residents forced to hike long distances just to get groceries..
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it's an area that usually depends on tourists....but very few of them are around.a huge landslide near gorda last month made things worse. highway one in that area has been closed almost continuously since january...and clearing the road will take about a year. as for the pfieffer canyon bridge... it had to be demolished and is being rebuilt. the heavy winter rains damaged the support system.... the work is continuing - but pfeiffer bridge won't reopen until at least late september. have to sign a waiver to get into the community. there's a rough path off the road meant for residents...whic h could be open to the public soon. vicki and steve? (steve) a fast moving wildfire in southern california has now burned more than 12-hundred acres. the so-called 'holcomb' fire is burning right now in the san bernardino national forest - which is northeast of big bear lake. the fire broke
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out monday afternoon... and the hot temperatures and strong winds... are making it difficult for firefighters to contain the fire. containment remains at 10- percent. an air quaility advisory has been issued for las vegas for today and tomorrow due to the smoke from the 'holcomb' fire. no homes are threatened at this time. (vicki) the heat wave is rapidly melting snow in the sierra... which is bringing freezing cold water into the valley's lakes, streams, and rivers. however, state officials are warning that the effects of the snowmelt can also be deadly. placer county sheriff's deputies say a group of friends from sacramento were swimming in the american river in auburn when one of them drowned yesterday. state park rangers say with the fast moving water, it does not take long for someone to get in trouble. and they are now asking people not to try and swim across the river. (steve) san francisco is the first city to ban the sales of flavored nicotine-laced liquid... which is used in electronic
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cigarettes and flavored tobacco products. the san francisco board of supervisors say that nicotine masked in cotton candy, banana cream, mint and other flavors... entices kids into a lifetime of addtion. other cities have passed laws to reduce access to flavored vaping liquids and flavored tobacco... but san francisco is the first in the country to approve a full ban. the measure does require another vote by the board - next week. the law would take effect in april 2018. (vicki) coming up, the way you move your computer mouse can actually reveal if you are lying. we'll explain... (steve) but first, raider's star derek carr... could soon become the highest paid quarterback in the nfl. sports director gary radnich breaks it all down for us - next.
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looks like oakland raiders star derek about to get a huge bump in his pay check.(vicki) the silver
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and black and carr.. are closing in on a new contract...that could make the young quarterback...the highest paid player in the nfl. sports director gary radnich breaks it all down for us now... gary? the timing was perfect for derek carr to receive his new 100 plus million dollar 25 mil per he becomes the highest paid play in the nfl..... is he better than brady..aaron rogers or atlanta matt ryan no....but how good were raiders when he was injured at the end of last season....moving to vegas in a few years the riaders want the face of their franchise happy....
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(steve) (steve) the extreme heat...
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making for an 'uncomfortable' commute. hear why bart riders are upset tonight with the transit system. (vicki) then, an update on the condition of the house majority whip steve scalise - who was shot last week. plus, what police are now learning about the gunman's background.
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isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. (steve) at 5:30... the bay
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area heat wave not going away anytime soon... and now its making for an uncomfortable ride - for commuters on bart. (vicki) kron four's averi harper shows us what bart riders are dealing with. with temperatures nearing triple digit heat in some parts of the bay area...the evening commute on bart can be quite are overcrowded. and many passengers we spoke to aboard the trains say the air conditioning doesn't work well enough or doesn't at all in some cars.. which makes for a sweltering sweaty commute. i talked to riders at bart about how they're dealing with the heat. "it can be intense because you don't get a seat you're hanging on i always wear layers so i can take things off and put them on depending on what it is. some days it's very nice and cool
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and some days it's just like a sweat box.""oh it's pretty warm but barnes actually been doing a good job they've had the air conditioning on but when you have so many people on the train there's only so much they can do the air- conditioning only works so well so it's pretty warm i try to get in when the trains are not as crowded i try to leave work early to try to avoid it but what are you gonna do.""i try to keep cool by imagining myself in a place that's cool and listening to music bart put ac in all the trains so we can all cool off and be happier bart riders.""in some cards for air-conditioning works and in other cars you can feel that the air conditioning does not work." "it depends where shout is pretty terrible right now trains are either delay cars are out of service and that makes a lot more crowded to me so it's not really the heat bothers me as having cars that are overloaded."with the temperatures expected to peak thursday... that hot and sticky commute will stick around for a while. in walnut creek, averi harper kron 4 news.
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(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. .more very warm to hot weather can be expected through at least tomorrow. therefore, a combination of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect for both days. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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(vicki) you can stay on top of the heat wave with the kron-4 mobile app. you can track temperatures in your neighborhood.... plus -- get notified when breaking news happens in your area. (steve) tropical storm cindy is churning slowly toward the gulf coast....where millions of people are expecting heavy rain and flooding..(vicki) catherine heenan is here with more on the storm some are describing asa "slow motion disaster..." (catherine) these are drivers in of the places already getting flash least 17 million people are under a storm warning from parts of texas to the alabama-florida border.. by tomorrow morning....some of those places will get a foot of rain.... and there's already damage from high wind and downed trees.... this is okaloosa county florida.. the national hurricane center predicts that cindy can cause
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torrential downpours,high waves and even some tornadoes. it's believed cindy will make landfall sometime thursday morning over texas orlouisiana... authorities spend much of the day urging people to take all warnings seriously.. louisiana emergency official - don't wait till the last minute so fire services having to come out on a you. get out ahead of time. these first responders need to be responding to emergency situations, not things we could have prevented. gov. john bel edwards: we obviously continue to take the storm very seriously, and we urge everyone in louisiana to do the same. this is a waterspout in ocean springs, mississippi...another area of the gulf feeling the effects of the storm. it was under a tornado watch at the time. and - satellite images show a view from space - overlooking cindy... warnings continue tonight about potentially life- threatening flooding. vicki and steve? (steve) a big story we've been tracking... the trump
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administration filed its final brief today...urging the supreme court to reinstate the president's travel ban. the administration met its noon deadline to respond to yesterday's briefs from attorneys arguing against the ban. the supreme court is likely to decide later this week whether or not it will hear the case. it takes a vote of four justices to take up a case and a vote of five to stop the lower court rulings that blocked the ban. the travel ban would suspend entry into the united states from six mostly muslim countries for 90 days. (vicki) tonight doctors are upgrading louisiana congressman steve scalise's condition from critical to fair.(steve) scalise, his security detail, and two others were shot a week ago today - while practicing for a baseball game near washington d-c. tonight, the f-b-i is also releasing brand new details about their investigation. (vicki) kron four's washington correspondent mark meredith has the latest. the f-b-i says 66-year-old thomas hodgkinson acted alone when he shot congressman steve scalise and four others at a congressional baseball
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practice last the special agent in charge of the investigation laid out hodkginsons past. "while the shooter was not known to have a history of diagnosed mental illness, he is known, or it was known to have an anger management problem." investigators say hodgkinson abruptly moved from illinois to d.c. in march.once in the area - agents say he lived in his van near the baseball fields.however the f-b-i says there's no sign he planned last weeks attack in advance even though investigators found a list of names near the gunman's body.reporter: is it believed that was a hit list? tim slater: no ma'am, i would not classify that as a hit list; it's more of a piece of paper with six congressional member's names on it. on capitol hill, members continue to reflect on what the attack means for their own safety. congressman jim costa of fresno, california says members are a target."bottom line, there are threats on our lives, i've had a number of threats on mine, and i take them seriously"the capitol police's chief says the two officers who killed the gunman are expected to make a full recovery and eventually return to work.that's a relief for
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congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers who says her focus remains on those who saved lives.they risked their lives so that there wasn't a worst tragedy. we're grateful for their service every day and we owe them just a debt of gratitude.""reporting on capitol hill, i'm mark meredith. (vicki) still ahead... a new report reveals, how climate change will impact the quality of your morning cup of joe. (steve) and next, fidget spinners. it's the latest craze amoung kids... but now, there's a new warning out about just how ásafe these toys really are.
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(vicki) if your child has one of these... the popular toy known as a "fidget spinner," you may want to listen extra closely to this next story. this year's summer safety report is out from an organization called world against toys causing harm, or w.a.t.c.h-- it's dedicated to educating the public about children's safety. the non-profit group says fidget spinners are topping their latest list of potential safety concerns because they pose a choking hazard. james a. swartz/director of w.a.t.c.h.: "sometimes they pop out sometimes they don't. and when they pop out in this instance this was purchased by the way just within the last few weeks despite recalls and despite all the concerns out
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there about these small parts hazards and this is the industry choke tube. anything that can fit within this to is a choking hazard. these items are out there again very popular something that parents and to be aware of. very serious issue serious potential for a choking hazard and it's happening. " (vicki) also on this year's list of safety concerns-- hoverboards, bounce houses, recalled products sold online, and water safety, including electric shock drowning. you can find more information on our website kron four dot com. (steve) did you know that the way you move your computer mouse... may reveal if you're lying... researchers at the university of padova in italy say it's possible. a study they conducted showed there are differences in mouse movements between an honest answer and a dishonest one. for instance, people giving truthful answers slid their mouse directly to an answer-- while people giving false answers took a longer, indirect path to theirs. researchers say the technology
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may someday be used to help identify terrorists entering countries under false identities. (vicki) still ahead, shedding light on gun violence in the u-s. more than a thousand kids die every year from gunshot wounds... what local city officials want you to know tonight. (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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we are asking every parent to ask simply the question of any home where their children are going to play: is there a gun in that home? and is that gun locked up?(steve) the alameda county d=a's office kicks off summer with a plea for parents to keep their kids away from guns.just this week, a new report came out on the terrible toll gun violence is taking on american children. (vicki)gunshots are one of the
5:47 pm
leading causes of injury- related deaths in children, second only to car accidents. catherine heenan is here to break down the figures. (catherine) it happens an average of 19 times a day: an american child dies or is brought to an emergency room because of a gunshot wound. most of the victims are boys between the ages of 13 and 17. gunshot opponents of gun control say guns don't kill, people do.the shocking news is how many of the people they kill are the years from 2012 to 2014, the average numbers was twelve hundred and 97, or about 25 a week.of those 23, 13 were vctims of homicide, then were suicides and an average of two a week died from accidental gunshot overwhelming majority of the victims were an equal margin, most were teenagers.whites made up 43 percent of the victims. blacks, 35 percent.hispanics,
5:48 pm
16 percent.asians and native americans were each around one percent.on a per capita basis, black children were 10 times more likely to be homicide victims than white children. white children were four times more likely to use a gun on themselves,native american children were also had a four-times-higher suicide rate. the deadliest places for children ... louisiana and the district fof columbia, followed by wyoming, montana and those last three states, the high suicide rate of native american children was a factor. (catherine) international studies have compared the u=s to other high=income countries.91 percent of child gunfire deaths are in this country, vicki and steve? (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist
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brittney shipp. .more very warm to hot weather can be expected through at least tomorrow. therefore, a combination of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect for both days. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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(vicki) here's an aspect of climate change you may not have considered-- global warming could lower the quality of your coffee. a new study... finds that ethiopia -- the world's fifth-largest coffee producer -- could lose a significant amount of suitable farming land.... by the end of this century because of climate change. researchers found the combination of low rainfall and rising temperatures could have
5:52 pm
substantial effects on the coffee-growing areas in ethiopia. the study also found... that when temperatures rise the warmth causes the coffee to ripen too fast, which means it doesn't have time to develop complex flavor elements like acidity and sweetness. in other words, less flavorful beans. (steve) take a look at this... deputies come across a unique situation in solano county. they were riding in a patrol car when they saw a llama out on the roadway. the animal had apparently escaped from its pasture. the two deputies tried to coax the llama out of the roadway... but eventually had to walk the llama back to its home. the owner united him with his llama buddies after a quote: "verbal counseling."
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with school out for the summer, that means there are more teen drivers on the road. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us an app that was created to offer parents peace of mind. the driver protect feature of the life 360 app, was designed around that fear and worry that parents have with their kids on the road chris hulls /ceo, life 360 app says: " we offer a set of tools that lets you have insight into the most common areas of safe driving so are you speeding
5:56 pm
are you using the phone while the car is moving are you rapidly braking or accelerating which is the sign of reckless driving so we try to give a wide set of information and they can use it as they see fit and not only will help them know how the teens driving but how are their friends driving because it follows the phone not a car "the app lets you see where your kids are at any time on a map and where they have been. it gives driving reports if they used their phone while driving or went over the speed limit it will be in the report.. the app also provides 24/7 road assistance. like triple-a but cheaper as it's included with the monthly price the sensors in our phones have gotten so good that life 360 can detect if someone has been in an accident and alert the other family members chris hulls /ceo, life 360 app says: "telephone is like a supercomputer in your pocket you have tons of sensors you have gps and accelerometers have gyroscopes you have barometers we can use that data in real-time what is happening with the activity of that device so sometimes people ask cuz what if you drop it on the ground it's a completely different set of information" gabe slate /tech
5:57 pm
reporter says: you might be wondering kid the kid just turn off the track and features in the app on their phone and yeah they can so this is the outer system it's a bigger picture of parenting strategy chris hulls /ceo, life 360 app says:"because they have this at the parents aren't calling all the time we even see that the family members are driving better we have a 58% reduction in texting while driving when people use the service so actually gives away from moms and dads to back off and teens like it"with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson joins pam moore for kron 4 news at six. (steve) vicki thank you. the excessive and dangerous heat wave across the bay area is now deadly. at least two deaths so far. we'll tell you where next at six. (pam) and oakland mayor libby schaaf responds to new report .. which criticises her handling of the police sex scandal. kron 4 news at
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six is next.
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( steve ) the heat is still on in the bay area... and it is dangerous. not only is it suppose to get worse tomorrow... we are now hearing of deaths because of the weather. ( steve ) good evening... i'm steve aveson.( pam ) and i'm pam moore. late this afternoon... santa clara county confirmed two people had died due to the heat. the coroner's office says, the victims are 87-year-old jordan setsu of san jose. the other victim is 72- year-old dennis young, also of san jose. both of them died on monday. the county is investigating whether or not a third death is also tied to this heatwave .... which started over the weekend. kron 4 has a reporter on the
6:00 pm
way to the south bay.. we will have an update tonight at 8. a live look outside right now...(pam) let's get our first look let's get our first look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. .more very warm to hot weather can be expected through at least tomorrow. therefore, a combination of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect for both days. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. (pam) emergency officials say.... this heat spell is causing lots of health problems. and as brittney mentioned, thursday is expected to be even hotter. (steve) here is kron four's terisa estacio with what you can do to protect yourself and your family.
6:01 pm
(pam) emergency officials say.... this heat spell is causing lots of health problems. and as brittney mentioned, thursday is expected to be even hotter. (steve) here is kron
6:02 pm
four's terisa estacio with what you can do to protect yourself and your family. supers: 14 rick stephenson, contra costa fire protection district 1:02 terisa estacio estacio reporting the pool at heather farms in walnut creek very popular on these hot days, and that is a good thing - a way to cool off - according to emerency medical experts, as they are dealing with a significant rise in heat related illnesses. rick stephenson. "heat stroke, heat exhaustion. rick stephenson is with the contra costa fire protection district. "we are seeing a dramatic increase in heat related, the bay area is not use to this protracted heat. in response, stephenson says hydrate. stephenson. drink lots of water or a sports drink, water is best though. he says while older people and those with compromised health are vulnerable - he says kids are also at risk while out at summer camps. he says everyone needs breaks in the shade or in air conditioning during these conditons. in walnut creek, terisa estaico
6:03 pm
the hot weather is causing problems for people who have to leave the comfort of home air conditioning - and actually go someplace.. that includes the many local residents who commute to work using bart...catherine heenan is here to explain.. (catherine) no one loves a crowded bart ride on the best of days... but throw in hot weather - and things can get miserable pretty fast.. we talked to some riders today who say that bart's air
6:04 pm
conditioning systemcan be pretty spotty. it sounds like it could be a matter of luck....with some people saying they're fairly comfortable... and others insisting they often get stuck in cars which don't seem to have much, if any, air conditioning.. other places where everyone is paying attention to the heat --- athletic fields.especially where young students are involved. coaches at this high school football camp in walnut creek say they make surethe players drink plenty of water.....wear sunscreen and take extra breaks if necessary. they also don't practice during peak heat hours.. pam and steve? ( steve ) a reminder...
6:05 pm
you can get weather alerts.. as well as the forecast for your neighborhoodd.. through our website... or the kron four mobile app. the app... is available for free for apple and android devices. it has the current conditions, radar and the long- range outlook. to receive breaking news alerts... make sure to enable the "push alert" feature. (pam) another big story tonight: oakland police under fire again .. accused of mishandling the investigation into sex abuse involving its own officers.(steve) the jasmine abuslin case sparked attention across the bay area, and now a report by the federal monitor overseeing the department says had they not gotten involved, no one may have been disciplined. kron 4's dan kerman is live at oakland city hall tonight with reaction from the mayor and the city's new police chief.
6:06 pm
this woman jasmine abuslin was at the center of an oakland police department investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by its officers. but a new report by the federal monitor overseeing the department says opd's investigation into these allegations was wholly inadequate and the mayor and city administrator did not do enough to determine why the department had not investigated the case more thoroughlysot libby schaaf/oakland mayor 25-32we appreciate the report from mr. swanson and we are completely prepared to implement all of his recommendationsthe report
6:07 pm
says former chief (sean) whent sent an unmistakable signal that this case was not a priority.and that both (the) "cid and iad wrote off this victim" due to her involvement in prostitution and drugs and because she had mental health issues.sot anne kirkpatrick/oakland police chief 53-101one of the comittments i can make to you is how we treat victims, with new eyes and with care and attentionbut promises are not enough for these two attorneys. john burris and jim chanin filed the original opd misconduct suit over a decade ago that lead to federal oversight of the department.sot jim chanin/attorney 116-124i've asked the chief to compile a list of every act of wrongdoing in this reportjim chanin says he wants officers who botched the investigation investigated themselves and disciplined . that's something the new chief was not ready to comit to.soti like you have just received a report that only speaks to titles, i don't even know who the people were , the entire command staff i have in palce today i have confidence in.
6:08 pm
(pam) a san franciso police officer, nicknamed the "hot cop of the castro"... is going to stand trial for hit-and-run. this is video of christopher kohrs from one of his previous court appearances. kohrs is accused of hitting two pederstrians in north beach, back in 2015 and then running away from the scene. a passenger testified that kohrs was the designated driver that night... and appeared to be sober at the time. the same man said, kohrs did not react fast enough and the next thing he heard was glass shattering. kohrs faces felony charges... a judge is supposed to set a trial date next month. (steve) in san francisco. a fourth suspect has been arrested in connection
6:09 pm
with the brutal beating of a lyft driver on u.s. highway 101. 25-year-old quintrell anderson was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. three other suspects were arrested last weekand have already entered not guilty pleas to a number of felony charges. police say the four suspects were involved in a march ninth "attack" on a lyft driver on southbound highway 101. they allegedly vandalized his car, beat him up, and ran over his leg with a dirt bike. the lyft driver...needed surgery. during the arrest...oficers also found several firearms,and a stolen dirtbike. ( steve ) uber is in need of a new c-e-o tonight and at least one person has already taken their name off the list. sheryl sandberg was quickly mentioned as a replacement for travis kalanick. however she is going to stay at facebook. the list is long and among those who could be considered is arianna huffington. she is currently on the uber board.
6:10 pm
kalanick resigned following a series of scandals that did not sit well with investors. a light earthquake rattled the east bay earlier today.... and was strong enough to generate a few calls to the kron four newsroom. the u-s geological survey says, it hit just after noon, measuring 3-point-3 in magnitude .. it was centered near kensington. no one was hurt and there are no reports of any damage, but it definitely frayed some nerves. we had a few callers reporting feeling a sharp jolt... and their homes shaking. an update on story we have been following in the south bay. san jose is moving forward with plans ...l for a massive google development. the city council late last night ... passed an agreement to enter negotiations with the company. google is proposing a 6- million- square- foot office and retail center around the diridon station. the project could bring as many as 20 -thousand jobs to the city. google likes the location because of its close proximity to a transit hub. but some people are
6:11 pm
expressing concern that a project of this magnitude could upend the housing market. a big story tonight: the f-b-i is looking into terrorism as a possible motive in an attack at a michigan airport. a police officer was stabbed in the neck at the airport in flint. the suspect is from canada and identified as amor ftouhi. witnesses reported hearing him yell "allahu akbar" and reference killings in syria, iraq and afghanistan. the officer has undergone surgery and was in critical condition but is said to be improving. the f-b-i says the suspect arrived in the united states last week.... but at this point it does not appear to be part of wider conspiracy. coming up.. san jose making a move to extend the deadline for help... for the victims of this years massive flooding.. an update on the condition of the congressman hit by gunfire during practice for a baseball game .. and more on what investigators found on the shooter. plus, hate speech discovered on the walls of a local
6:12 pm
elementary school.. the latest in a string of disturbing similar incidents.. how are your teeth whiter than mine?
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your strips are slippy... ...mine are grippy. crest whitestrips stay in place. crest whitestrips professional effects... ...lock in the whitening for a whiter smile. these aren't going anywhere. these are. crest... ...healthy, beautiful smiles for life. hdid you get that email i sente wyou...before you wake up. ... when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. (steve) anti-semitic graffiti was discovered at an elementary school in alameda over the weekend...(pam) and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... this is one of several hate - related incidents the alameda unified school district has dealt with.... since the presidential election. (philippe) since the november election... the alameda unified school
6:15 pm
district says it has responded to at least five-hate related incidents at it's schools. susan davis/ausd- "in some cases, it's been things like swastikas painted, or spray- painted on school property. we have had some threatening emails and texts and some threatening texts in texts, which were, um, between students." in this most recent case... a teacher at edison elementary school called police saturday after walking by this message we've blurred out. it was found on the ramp leading up to the school office. it references hitler in quote used in a popular sitcom... and, also appears to make a threat to who alameda police say is an 18-year-old man who lives nearby. the message has since been removed. police have investigated the incident and say, without bringing charges, the case is closed.susan davis/ausd- "i can't stress strongly enough, how um, distressed we are that these incidents are happening in our community and how strongly we denounce them." susan davis, who speaks for the school district... says the administration is looking into expanding the anti-bullying curriculum.susan davis/ausd- 'its serious because of what's happening nationally now. so, we view any kind of anti-semitic or bias-related hate speech as painful to our community and something that we really need to address." in the meantime... both the superintendent and edision
6:16 pm
school principal sent letters out to district and school families tuesday, notifying them about what happened and how it's being addressed while class is out for the summer. in alameda, philippe djegal, kron four news. ( steve ) san francisco is one step away tonight from becoming the first city in the country to ban flavored tobacco products. the board of supervisors approved the ordinance last night.... the board needs to vote again next week to become final. it would take effect in april of next year. the ban would cover not only tobacco flavored products, but flavored liquids used in electronic cigarettes and vaping. supervisors says the flavored products target
6:17 pm
children and can lead to a lifetime of addiction. ( pam ) it has been exactly four- months since a flood swamped a san jose community... and the city is still dealing with the recovery effort. the city council has approved extending the local emergency declaration for another 30- days. this will allow the city to keep receiving financial aid from the state and recover any costs attributed to the recovery effort. there is a fund to help victims ... but it has closed, and there is about 2-million dollars left to help those whose homes were flooded. the february flood forced 14-thousand people to evacuate .... and displaced hundreds of people. by extending the declaration, the city is hopeful it can help those who are still homeless, find a permanent place to stay. ( steve ) tropical storm cindy is slowly churning toward the gulf coast. right now -- at least 17 million people are under a tropical storm warning.( pam ) and that means they face potentially deadly effects
6:18 pm
from the storm. kristen holmes, with our partners at c-n-n, is in new orleans where people are already seeing flooding. flooded streetsrough waves and high winds.all from tropical storm cindy.christina thornton/montgomery county ema director: "it's going to be rainy, it's going to be wet. it's going to be a miserable few couple of days."in mississippi -- this waterspout caught on camera off the coast. perhaps a sign of what's to come.the national hurricane center predicts cindy can cause torrential downpours -- strong storm surge -- and some john bel edwards/ -d- louisiana: "prepare for the worst, while we hope and pray for the best." from texas to florida -- people brace for the some cases - filling sandbags. emergency crews warn -- those in the storm's path should make plans now -- before cindy strikes.christina thornton/montgomery county ema director: "don't wait till the last minute so fire services having to come out on a boat to rescue you. get out ahead of time. these first responders need to be responding to emergency situations, not things we could have prevented."mayor mitch landrieu/new orleans: "we have learned many lessons from many other storms and unfortunately have paid the ultimate prince in some instances for not staying
6:19 pm
vigilant."in new orleans -- i'm kristen holmes. let's take a look outside right now for the current conditions in the bay area...(pam) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the forecast.
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
(pam) coming up .. new information on the gunmen who fired on a congressional baseball game practice.. plus, an update on the representative who was hit and still faces several surgeries.. (steve) what a surprise... you're driving along and all of a sudden, a creature appears on the hood of your truck .. we'll show you what happened next.(pam)
6:22 pm
new tonight at eight... bees are on the attack in one california city.hear from an elderly woman who says, a swarm of a hundred bees stung her, her dog... and the firefighters who came to help. that story.. tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
we are learning more about the man who opened fire on a republican baseball practice last week... injuring several people. catherine heenan is here with that story - and an update on the condition of congressman steve scalise of louisiana.. (catherine) the fbi said today that the gunman - james hodgkinson - acted alone....carried two weapons...and had no ties to terrorism. he also had a list of names in a pocket. they stopped short of calling it a 'hit list' -- but confirm that he carrieda list with the names of six members of congress. investigators say there's no indication he intended to target them...but they won't release the names or say
6:25 pm
whether they're republicans. we've also learned that hodgkinson had 200 rounds of ammunition stashed among the belongingshe kept in a storage unit. meantime - congressman steve scalise - who nearly died - has been improving. his conditionhas been upgraded to fair. his colleagues were talking about him today at a conference... rep kevin mccarthy:it just doesn't seem right without steve here with us. for so many years he's stood with us at this podium after each conference to talk to us.rep. paul ryan:i want to thank you for your outpouring of support and your prayers. he is one the road to recovery and its just going to take some time. rep. steve scalise has had several surgeries... the bullet entered his hip and shattered blood vessels, bones and internal organs. his doctors say when he arrived at the hospital - he was very close to death. they also say he's beginning what they call an extended period of healing and rehabilitation.pam and steve? (pam) in washington.
6:26 pm
members of congress and members of the press. face off in an old fashion softball game for charity. players left the politics at home .... for a friendly rivalry of fun that raises money for cancer patients. however, this year's game takes a different tone as it comes just a week after the g-o-p congressional baseball team was ambushed by a gunman during practice. several participants were shot including house majority whip steve scalise. who, as catherine just reported, is in fair condition tonight. (steve) a disturbing surprise for scientists... one of the groups most vulnerable to the flu ... got the least benefit from the flu vaccine.. (pam) raider quarterback derrick carr could be bouncing back from last seasons injury .... with a huge bounce in his paycheck. (steve) plus, the investigations into the russian hack of u.s. elections intensifies ... now word on how specific states were targeted..
6:27 pm
moore, steve aveson, brittney shipp and gary radnich. the kron 4 news at 10. every night.">
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
(steve) a live look outside on this wednesday... it was another hot day around the bay..(pam) chief meterologist
6:30 pm
brittney shipp is here.. and the worst of the hot days is still ahead..
6:31 pm
( pam ) ( pam ) if you are on the go... you can kron 4 with you when it comes to the weather. the mobile app has the latest forecast as well as any weather warnings. you can download it for free... and make sure to enable push alerts to receive notifications about breaking news. (pam) today, senators questioned state election officials about russian meddling in the 2016 elections, and what can be
6:32 pm
done to protect the voting in 2018 .. (steve) one election official revealed his state was targeted by hackers. our national correspondent jessica smith, spoke with him after the hearing. steve sandvoss -- illinois state board of elections jessica smithsen. susan collins (r-maine) sen. mark warner (d-va)sen. marco rubio (r-florida)pkg sound hearing steve sandvoss leads the illinois board of elections.he told congress how hackers attacked illinois' election system in 2016. sandvoss: it was a form of cyber attack known as sqlsandvoss told us he believes us election systems are secure -- but he can't make any guarantees. sandvoss: it's impossible to fully protect, in my opinion any type of it system from tampering...or what they call hacking. he says election officials need to remain vigilant -- and learn lessons from the 2016 elections. sandvoss: we at least kind of know what to look for with respect to intrusions. stand up: the committee also grilled witnesses from the fbi and homeland security. homeland security confirmed that russia targeted systems in at least 21 states during the 2016
6:33 pm
elections. burr: do you have any doubt at all that the russians will continue their activities in subsequent elections? fbi: no doubt they will continue. illinois and arizona, have publicly acknowledged they were targeted... but the officials would not name the 19 other states. several senators said they want more information to be made public. 10:04 --warner: i think there is a public obligation to disclose//to make sure that we're prepared for 2017 where i state elections in my state this year. 10:24 -- rubio: it's really critical that people have confidence when they go to vote, it counts. the senators again vowed to get to the bottom of what happened, and make any changes necessary to protect future elections. in washington, i'm jessica smith. ( pam ) new details are emerging tonight about the man who tried to carry out an attack at a belgium train station. police say, he is 36 years
6:34 pm
old and of moroccan descent. they describe him as an "isis sympathizer"... though the terror group has yet to claim responsibility. police raided the man's home in a suburb of brussels.. they say they found materials that could be used to make a bomb. soldiers shot and killed the man after he charged at them. they say he had tried to set off a nail bomb .... but it caused only a couple of tiny explosions. ( steve ) a rather alarming revelation today about the flu vaccine this past winter. u-s health officials say it was ineffective in protecting older americans against the illness. this... despite the vaccine being well-matched against the various flu bugs going around. the data shows overall... it was 42-percent effective against the flu which is considered so- so. but it did a poor job in protecting people over the age of 65. that group is the most vulnerable to the flu... having the highest number of deaths and hospitalizations. (pam) the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals says,
6:35 pm
law enforcement must provide a valid reason to hold people's vehicles and cannot automatically impound them for a set period of time. the unamimous ruling today... struck down a california law that requires police to hold impounded vehicles for 30- days. the court believes... the law violates the fourth amendment prohibition against unreasonable seizures. and said, police cannot continue to hold a seized vehicle... without some new justification. in alameda... a teacher cleaning out
6:36 pm
her classroom over the weekend discovered an anti-semitic message drawn near the office at edision elementary school. this after racially charged messages were spray-painted at the school back in november. the alameda police department was called and investigated this incident... but says the case is now closed and no charges are being filed. however, the alameda unified school district says this case, and many others may result in the district expanding its anti-bullying curriculum for the next school year. in alameda, philippe djegal, kron four news. uber is now looking for a new ceo after found and ceo travis kalanick received from powerful shareholders demanding that he step down immediatelyover the past months the company has been rocked by scandals including sexual harassment allegations and a federal investigation
6:37 pm
kalanick did not fight the resignation letter saying he loves uber more than anything in this world but it's time to start building again and not be a distractionin san francisco will tran kron 4 news (steve) an uninvited hitchhiker shows up for a ride .. while a man is driving along the highway... we'll tell you what happened next.
6:38 pm
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this video. two men got quite a surprise in texas... watch what crawls out from the hood of a truck.( pam ) the snake not only poked its head out, but started slithering about... as the
6:41 pm
truck sped down the road. and it isn't exactly a small snake either. the driver is heard saying .. he is afraid of snakes.. while the passenger had a few laughs about the reptile. they both however quickly noticed it was not a rattler... but a bullsnake. it eventually fell off the truck... both reptile and the two men are fine. in sports... warriors head coach steve kerr has an interesting comparison betwqeen steph curry and michael jordan... and says the team will be even better next season... and the raiders are about to make derek carr a very wealthy man... gary has that story... and all the sports... coming up
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
some good news for the raiders better news for derek carraccording to miltiple
6:45 pm
reports the team is close to finalizing an extension with the quarterback that will pay him about $25 million per season it would make him the highest paid player in the leaguethe contract is expected to be done soon possibly as soon as the end of this week last season carr passed for alomost 4,000 yards and 28 tochdowns in leading the raiders to the playoffs for the first time since 2002(wipe to carr tweet) but carr did tweet to pump the brakes a little bit on the deal he posted"nothing done yet... trust me you will hear it here first."
6:46 pm
steve kerr may have forgotton steph curry during his parade speech but he didn't hesitate to compare him favorably to michael jordan and says he thinks the warriors will be even better next season"i've never seen a player who elicited so much of a defensive schematic response because of his ability to shoot from 30 feet and dribble around everybody, even michael jordan...people had the jordan rules...but nothing has ever been as dramatic as what i've seen from oppenents defensive schemes as how they have to deal with steph...i think we
6:47 pm
will definitely be better next year from the experiences this year...from having kd have a year under his belt and a comfort level with his teammates and his surroundings...and i think guys like kd...there's a weight lifted off their shoulders when they win their first one..." and this man jim-plunkett cole went the extra mile for the warriors literallythe 48-year-old englishman ran 50 miles through the streets of san francisco following a route that spells out "warriors 2017 nba champs." a special app showed the result of his effortsthe run was part of a larger goal. plunkett-cole is trying to duplicate the run from "forrest gump" - not the route, but the distance, about 20,000 miles. according to his calculations, he has to run 17 miles a day for three years. his next stop is san jose and then silicon valley.
6:48 pm
giants manager bruce bochy somewhat annoyed at cubs manger joe maddonmaddon took exception to criticism toward one of hise players anthony rizz'os bowling over of padres catcher austin hedges earlier this week when buster posey had his leg broken 6 years ago on a similar play a rule was created to protect the catcher maddon responded to comments that rizzo violated that rule saying posey's "poor technique" led to the injury and the rulebochy responded
6:49 pm
"i don't really care to visit it. i don't. anybody who goes into that, they don't know what they're talking about where buster was at on that play." the pope welcomed seven pro football hall of famers to the vatican today and forty-niners legend ronnie lott was among the selective group.pope francis welcomed lott and six other gold jackets early this morning...acknowledging their teamwork...fair play...and career achievements both on and off the field...lott took in the pope's wise words..saying..."when you think about having peace in our lives...the pope gives us a great example of how
6:50 pm
important it is to live your life that way"....
6:51 pm
(pam) just ahead.. a new state by state look at the richest americans... do you really use head & shoulders?
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no, not really. i knew that not the one you think you know the tri action formula cleans removing up to 100% of flakes protects and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair ( pam ) some familiar names are on top of the annual forbes list of america's most wealthy people.( steve )
6:54 pm
forbes did it state by state this year. bill gates is the richest person in washington and the entire country... the microsoft co- founder is worth just under 89- billion dollars. warren buffett of course leads the way for nebraska which places as second wealthiest at 76-billion. mark zuckerberg is the richest person in california... at just over 62-billion. that comes in third. and at 33 years old, he is the youngest person on the list. however if amazon stock keeps rising... jeff bezos could rocket past gates and move to the top of the list. last weather and goodbye final look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp.
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you crave it, we serve it. my new sweet or spicy barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. crave van! "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, the "bachelor in paradise" investigation comes to a close. >> you must be pretty relieved. >> no comment. >> so what happens now for corrine and demario? >> corinne and her team are continuing the investigation. they feel that warner brothers did not do they full duedy. then, maks and peta prepare to say i do. did peta just spill wedding date details? don't think we're fully prepared yet. and number three, "ew" takes us inside "american crime story: versace." >> what happened before his death, it's a fascinating story. >> to be able to shoot in the house where everything happened is nothing but a luxury. plus, your "insider" bonus. lisa vanderpump reaches into the great beyond with hollywood medium tyler henry. >> auntie kaye, if you can hear
7:00 pm
me, let me know. and -- woody, you got muscles, man! >> how mr. harrelson stays sexy at 55. but is he suffering from "cheers" amnesia? >> i don't remember that at all. i don't remember none of that. now, "the insider." tracking hollywood from the inside out. just ten days after the news broke of trouble in paradise, it is full speed ahead for the embattled bachelor spin-off. it's tonight's number one tracking story. >> yeah, and this after warner brothers found no misconduct in their internal investigation, but for the two people at the center of this controversy, corinne and demario, the drama is far from over. >> the investigation is over, you must be pretty relieved. >> no comment. >> a silent nod yes, while ve verbally not answering the questions directly. >> can you tell us if you're going to return to mexico now that filming is resuming? >> no comment. >> with speculation that production may resume in mexico later this week,


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