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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 22, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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having just brought home the babies. >> clooney was snapped out tuesday on a row boat here thinks london home. yesterday, a giant purchased his tequila company. >> george will keep he is role working on the marketing with me. >> how does he follow up a billion dollars tequila deal? he's also the face of nespresso. this is the behind thes footage of his. he's doing all right for himself, but king harry says none of his family could choose to be a king or queen. harry says they're hoping to reshape the monarchy.
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>> bip "bachelor in paradise" is being reshaped the it have controversy that involved corinne and demario. we now know one of the two will not be returning. >> suffering from anxiety, seeing a therapist. damaged because he'll always be linked to the "paradise" sex scandal. those are the reported reasons why demario is questioning a return to paradise. as for corinne, she reportedly hasn't even been asked back. and there's a strong chance she won't be in pair dice ever again. what does it take? you have to sign your life away. contestants actually agree to let producers change, add to, edit or redo anything they do. they also acknowledged producer don't encourage sexual contact and it's okay with the series
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exposed them to public ridicule or condemnation. >> i have an it factor guys really like. >> how much of reality tv is actually real? this scene where corinne is censored and it looks like she's naked, she had underwear on. this scene, nothing happened. and here, where it looks as if claire lost it, she was talking to a rabbling coop, she was talking to a producer. >> i don't want that. it creates drama. i don't want it. >> certainly, entertaining tv. just yesterday we showed you ashton curber's addiction to "bachelor in paradise." watches the way he gushes about them with jimmy fallon. >> i invented another human.
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>> just look at ashton being proud. >> she speaks three languages. she's got russian and spanish and english. the boy is just like, a chaunk. just a chaunky, like -- >> ashton's a little frustrated that he can't talk yet. >> he says mama, but i can't get dada off him. wyatt had papa at four months. >> the kids helped make this for mother's day. ashton got the fallon's children book. >> i got to dada book for father's day because i want something other than -- bahh. >> i'm ashton kutcher, that's me. >> i'm mila kunis. >> reporter: mila was 14 when they met on "that '70s show."
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he told howard stern -- >> she thought i was cute. >> i have a really great husband. i do. we're very new at this. >> they kind of are. they'll celebrate july 24th. >> i love it. till in the honeymoon space. >> courteney cox is also talking kids. >> in a new interview, courteney cox says she'd love to have a baby with her boyfriend. she's 53, and says i could carry someone else's egg. >> i don't know if kate beckinsale wants more kid, but she has a brand new guy. >> she sure does.
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>> okay, kate's 43, he's 21, and we know they aren't shy about pda. but "e.t.'s" learned she and comedian matt rife have been together about three weeks and are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. they met through a famous mutual friend, matt's fellow comedian pal sarah silverman. >> sarah is currently dating kate's ex, actor michael sheen. but who is beckinsale's new man. >> the stand-up comic, who's been featured on nick cannon's mtv show "wild 'n out," refers to himself as the justin bieber of come si. kate values a good sense of humor. >> i do find that humor can save an awful lot of things. >> she's also into fitness and he's got that down. his insta bram is rife with videos. also like kate, matt's a cat lover. kate's big on keeping her family
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close. earlier this month, she opposed with daughter lily. >> he's family. i've known him since he was young. >> kate's entire family thinks he's the nicest and most lovely person. >> i'm going to be the best step dad ever. i can help their kids with their home work. i took that class last year. >> kelly clarkson was spreading the love this week, helping two lucky fans getting dates in las vegas. >> at first it looks like a normal backstage meet and greet, but then alex planned to pop the question to long time boyfriend had been hatched with kelly just moments before when alex first met with her solo. >> she was like, let's do this. go get him. let's go it now.
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>> i was like, okay, i can do that. >> oh, my god! >> yay! >> kelly's a big fan of marriage. she and hubby have two kids, river and remington. >> we're definitely in teams. even if everything else didn't work out, that's still beautiful. >> i really did not think for all of this to happen -- this made me -- >> the guys are planning to tie the knot early in 2019. >> kelly clarkson, thank you so much. you definitely made a life changing moment for us. she is more than welcome to attend the wedding. if anything, she can officiate. >> she needs to sing! >> kelly said to the guys, you need to go gamble now, and they did, and ethis lost 200 bucks.
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>> coming up next. >> i'm back. >> bad chad on his return to tv. his promise to be way different from the guy that we know from bachel bachelo bachelore texas e in pair dice. >> can you guess the superstar singer in this throwback toddler pick? >> which dee have is r
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alison brie the a struggling actress turned prowrestler
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reality addict chad johnson. he crashed and burns in the bachelor franchise. he's back in a new show, famously single >> in a couple words, who is the chad people don't know? what are some characteristics? >> oh, perfect, emotional, sensitive. day in and day out, i just got to wake up and you know remind myself, it's okay to be perfect. >> okay, chad, last time it was far from a picture of perfection. >> come at me. serious, man. >> in hess than 24 hours he was booted for drinking too much and making threats. now he's looking for love on famously single. >> it does show a different side of me. i have to show up and be myself. there is some partying, but it's -- there's no extreme crazeness and the cast doesn't attack anyone like on paradise.
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i don't have to defend myself. i'm still super muscular. ladies, if you want to get a guy like me, take care of yourself, think posttive. >> have you ever regretted not asking somebody out on a date? i regret every time i see a hot girl and don't can her out on a date. i saw ten on the way here. oh, wait, i have a girlfriend. >> there is a woman out there who will put up with his s shenaniga shenanigans. >> still ahead, we are back staej on tonight's boy band premier. nick carter, timbaland, and baby spice. >> i have been trying to keep my
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cool. >> reporter: we sat down with camila alves. >> we're best friends. >> after five years of marriage, how they keep their romance smoking hot. >> you're wife is beautiful. >> it's the company she keeps. closed captioning provided by -- there's a place like no other...
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all right, can you name that super star singer wac when he was a toddler? he looks exactly the same. >> same hair, same eyes, same mouth. bruno mars. >> still had to get the answer from you. remember last year when three of the spice girls promised a reunion? what happened to that? >> i don't know. i can dream, though. we asked for an update >> what are the chances that we can get another reunion of some kind from you ladies? >> oh, my goodness, who knows? i mean, i would love to do something. i love working with my girls. it's a very, very special time
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when we're together, but we're kind of doing individual stuff at the moment. we've all got children, so it's very hard to tour, because we are mommies. personally for me, i'd of to work with them again. we have so much fun. maybe in the future. >> so we'll keep waiting for the spice girls to give us what he want. baby spice has a crush on one of our coworkers. >> were awe a back street fan? >> i was a huge fan, but i think i've kept my cool. i've trying to keep my cool. >> it's funny, and because she's baby spice, and i'm baby back street. we are two blonds up there in the judge's booth. >> i sing a lot of backstreet's back, all right. i love him.
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he's adorable. >> joining them is 26-year-old rita ora. the majority of the boys are in their teens. >> all these little guys, they're little heartthrobs. >> i know. i have to hang it with them the most. i'm basically like really rant these guy tobs my friends because i'm a loaner and a loser. they're cheeky, they're flirty, and they know where to look and how to look. >> are you getting winks? >> i am. and i don't hate it either. >> boy band tonight on nbc. >> ♪ that's all i want >> that's a sneak peek. last night on the late, late show.
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corden's not in the car. that's okay because they had things under control. they star in the hilarious new movie "girls trip." this is this summers bridesmaids or bad moms. >> i slay. all day. have a good evening, ladies. >> jada does some slaying in new orleans as she bonds with another queen latifah. they are friends, but haven't been together since back in 1996's robbing banks. >> how does it feel to be back together? >> we have been having fun. we have been having so much fun. >> i miss being on screen with her. why have we been waiting so
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long? >> why have you been waiting so long? >> we have been working. >> it stars them during a, you guessed it, girl's trip. >> you're going to see some grown -- >> some grown things. zip lining goes real bad on bourbon street. >> anything can pop off at any moment. >> i'm about to get pregnant tonight. >> tiffany haddish is the breakout star of this movie. by the way, the day i was there, will smith was hanging out, watching jada work. >> jada is his better half. george clooney is in awe of his wife, and matthew mcconaughey is another member of the lucky husband's club because camila alves is a super star many her
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own right. >> i have a wife that says, go do your work. i got your back. >> my husband, we're best friends. >> they just celebrated their wedding anniversary. how do they keep the love hot? matthew's got a great sense of humor. >> your wife gets more and more beautiful. >> it's the company she's keeping. the kids. >> reporter: camilla's not just a gorgeous date. he's a working mom, an organic food line, yummy spoonfuls. he admits she suffered from mom guilt. >> you have to find time for the kids, time for yourself. toif figure out a way. >> we three general itically blessed little once, what would they say if one day they wanted to take on hollywood?
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>> we support they will in whatever they do. it's their journey, we are here to support them and guide them. >> those children are certainly getting exposed. camilla said they're on location. that's how they make it work. next on kron-4 news at eight: breaking news at 8. rescue crews rush to save a teen girl's life... after she falls from a cliff. we have a live report. extreme conditions at the peak of the heat wave fueling a fire that damaged homes. when you can expect a cool down. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. -- at eight -- is next. how far should pure alpine spring water -- at eight -- is next. have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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it's not often you get to hear a big star talk about the work she's had done on her face and how she's undoing it. >> this is fascinating. >> courteney cox's facial filler. why the 53-year-old star is done with injections. on the set of her new movie. the gorgeous costumes, the girl power. >> bring it on, give me more girls. >> tomorrow on "e.t." homes damaged by a fast moving wildfire in vallejo. residents hose down their houses as the flames move right into their back yards.... whooshhow hot is it? very hoteven monkeys at the zoo need help cooling offkron
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four meteologist brittney shipp has the numbers and the new estimate on when we might get some relief.whooshtwo gunshots on after the other police say an attempted home invasion in the east bay ended very badly for a pair of would=be robbers whooshyou want it you need it you gotta have it.quarter pounders ... without leaving your couch, fast food gets even faster on kron four news in prime time. (steve) breaking news right now in san francisco where rescue crews are fighting to save a teen girl's life. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. that teenage victim is in serious condition tonight... after a falling from a cliff kron-4's jeff bush is live from where she was rescued...


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