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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 22, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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four meteologist brittney shipp has the numbers and the new estimate on when we might get some relief.whooshtwo gunshots on after the other police say an attempted home invasion in the east bay ended very badly for a pair of would=be robbers whooshyou want it you need it you gotta have it.quarter pounders ... without leaving your couch, fast food gets even faster on kron four news in prime time. (steve) breaking news right now in san francisco where rescue crews are fighting to save a teen girl's life. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. that teenage victim is in serious condition tonight... after a falling from a cliff kron-4's jeff bush is live from where she was rescued...
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jeff what can you tell us? a teenager girl is in critical condition after she fell from a cliff and into the water at lands end in san francisco around six thirty tonight. rescue swimmers were able to reach the teen, who was unconscious and is in critical condition fire officials say "strong and treacherous search conditions" initially hampered their ability to reach the victim, but ultimately, "crews fought aggressively" and got to her. they secured the teen to a floating device and transported her to china beach. crews with the u.s. national park service assisted the fire department with the rescue operation.
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(steve) our other big story... homes damaged by a fast-spreading fire. firefighters acted quick to put it out. but not before it came right up to backyards in vallejo.(pam)
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the extreme hot and dry conditions did not help another scorcher in the nearly week=long heat wave for the bay area. kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here to break down when we can expect relief..but first, charles clifford is live in vallejo, where neighbors saw that fire come within inches of their homes. charles.. natsthursday afternoon, ahmed mangel was visiting his mother here in the glen cove neighborhood of vallejo when saw smoke and heard an explosion on interstate 80 down the hill behind her house. sot
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the upper hand on the blaze. in all, four homes suffered minor fire damage. fortunately, there were no injuries. ahmed is relieved that everyone is ok. sot
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in along the coast and cool things down.(pam) but it's still hot inland with a heat advisory in effect tomorrowbrittney here with the forecast.. .heat advisories and warnings are in place today through 9 pm for dangerously hot temperatures. a shallow marine layer along the central coast will keep the monterey bay coastal areas much cooler. temperatures will still be hot across the interior for friday, just not as hot as this afternoon. additional cooling will occur over the weekend. (steve) safety is (steve) weekend. occur over the weekend.
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(steve) safety is the top priority for organizers of the alameda county fair. as people poured in to enjoy the attractions. temperatures soared to triple digits. kron-4's alecia reid joins us live from the ecia how did the heat wave affect the fair? the high today was about 104
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here in pleasanton, but that didn't stop folks from coming to the fair and walking around. although i must say it was noticably slow when it came to rides.pkgvisitors did everything they could to stay cool in the steaming temperatures from finding any type of shade, to staying hydrated. it was quite the task sotsotsotthere was no need to worry about lines in the hot sun. and water rides were a big hit. sotsotsotmanagement tells me all rides are in top shape. but they decided to shut a few of them down for safety reasons.angel moore / alameda county fairgroundsthe first day of horse racing was canceled. that normally brings in an additional 7-10 thousand people per day but keeping
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the animals and jockeys health in tact is more important. all 230 horses spent the day cooling off in their barns sot standupim told now that it's cooled off to a whopping 95 degrees, all rides should be back open this evening. reporting live from pleasanton. (steve) and now is the time to download the kron four mobile app... you can use it - to get your full bay area forecast, right down to
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your neighborhood we will also alert you as breaking news happens. all on the kron-4 mobile app (steve) two men were killed overnight in brentwood - in what looks to be a home invasion gone wrong..(pam) kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with details on the homeowner .. who apparently took matters into his own hands. (vicki) yeah, pam and steve.... police are saying this was a case of a home-invasion robbery - and the shooterwas the resident - trying to protect himself... it happened on birch street in brentwood...only a coupleof blocks from a middle school. police say two men in their 30's, one who had a gun...forced their way into the house and were shot in self-defense. when police arrived they found the two men suffering from gunshot wounds both died at the scene. one neighbor says she heard the gunfire...but went to bed thinking it was nothing more than firecrackers. sierra parks/neighbor about 11pm i heard two gunshots right after each other. i woke up my fiance who said it was probably fireworks, being close to the fourth of july. i went out
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and made sure no one was in my yard or my parents' yard. it's shocking. it's usually a quiet neighborhood. this was the first time in more than 5 years that there's been a killing in brentwood... one neighbor tells us they saw a get-away car take off. the investigation is continuing...and the homeowner is cooperating. pam and steve? (steve) several san francisco police chiefs have tried without success to bring tasers into the hands of officers (pam) now san francisco's new chief is making his push. kron 4's dan kerman shows us how officers are trying to sway the opposition this time. this is the taser x2 and the taser x26p. it's these devices san francisco's police chief wants his officers to have as a less lethal option, something between a baton and a firearm the department says it fits in perfectly with it policy of deescalation and time and distance sot cmdr.
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peter walsh/san francisco police 12-22the taser gives us a little bit more time and distance and if you look at the studies it reduces the inuries to the person we have to use it against and it also helps the officers not sustain injuriesin fact, in its review of the sfpd, the u.s. department of justice recommended the city "should strongly consider deploying" taserssot sean perdomo, sf police officers association 42- 47this could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives based on all these calls for service that we go onthe san francisco police officers association has been a long time supporter of the devices but opposition remainssot karen fleshmen/san franciscans for police accountability 54-101we're the only major city without tasers and we think it should remain that way karen fleshmen is with san franciscans for police accountabilitysot to equip all of those folks with tasers before there is a significant change in the culture of the
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department we think is a change in the wrong direction , we want to pursue de-escalation much further and test that out.policies for taser use and training are now being discussed, and public hearings will be held, but ultimately it will be up to the san francisco police commission to decide sot dr. joe marshall/sf police commissioner 127-136i am open the commission is open and what i want to stress is we will be thorough in examining all the issues involved. standup dan kerman/sf 137-147 over the next several months workgroups will meet and public hearings will be held and the commission will vote, but even if tasers get the thumbs up they likely wont be on officers utility belts before the end of the year, in sf dan kerman kron 4 news. (steve) the state of california is expanding its own travel ban tonight. (steve) today, state attorney general xavier becerra added texas, alabama, south dakota and kentucky to it's list. the states of north carolina, kansas, mississippi and tennessee were already on the list. this means the state will not pay for employees to travel to those states. this is in response to those
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states that have laws which discriminate against people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. ahead at eight.. big changes coming to bart. a series of policies are passed --- including a price hike. auto shops overwhelmed -- -backlogged on repairs as the extreme heat sends cars lining up for service. and next. a teen trying to restrain an attacking dog... ends up losing his life. how police say... the boy got shot instead. [ crickets chirping ] [ light music playing ] you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (steve) a tragic accident
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out of palmdale where a 17- year old was accidently shot and killed in palmdale after his dog attacked a deputy.(pam) deputies were responding to a noise complaint.... when the dog attacked them... they say, when they got to the house... a pit bull immediately charged at deputies.. biting one of them. the teen came outside to try and restrain the dog but that's when it charged at deputies again... and police opened fire at the dog.
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realized the teen had been hit by a gunshot in his upper torso ... they tried providing medical treatment.... but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the pit bull had to be euthanized. (pam) new details are coming out about the terror attack at a michigan airport that left one police officer fighting for his life... the suspect..idenitfied as amor (fu-tooey) ftouhi.... tried to buy a gun after he arrived in the united states last week. he was turned down... but he did manage to buy a knife. investigators say on wednesday...ftouhi yelled "god is great" in arabic -- and pulled a roughly 12-inch knife and stabbed the officer. the f-b-i says they are investigating this as a terror attack..but believe it was ánotá part of a wider plot. ftouhi is facing 20 years in prison. the officer is expected to survive. (steve) bart commuters get ready to pay more to ride. the bart board voted just passed new fare increases
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starting in january next year, all fares will go up by nearly 3 percent and there will be a 50-cent surcharge on paper tickets. the discount for youth riders ages 5 to twelve is dipping slightly. but there's a new fifty percent discount for riders 13 to 18. bart also passed a resolution declaring trains a safe space for everyone regardless of immigration status. they stopped short of calling it a sanctuary. and in a narrow decision the board repealed the "seat hog" ordinance...which would have banned riders from taking up more than one seat. (pam) scorching temperatures have been causing problems for bay area drivers. (pam) the heatwave has led many drivers to take their cars into auto repair workshops for several weeks now. one of the biggest demands from drivers .... is to have mechanics fix their air conditioning. now several bay area auto repair shop owners say, business has been increasing.
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and they put it off and put it off but now everybodys in a rush to get it done."(pam) with the business rush coming in ... many mechanics say, they are at least 3-days behind on work... and business has jumped at least 25-percent. (steve) well ice is a popular commodity in this heat wave.. and the animals at the oakland zoo .... got to enjoy hundreds of pounds of it today. the baboons were fascinated with the ice.. digging through ice chunks to find some treats. the river otters got to play with an ice cake which zoo keepers say were filled with ice treats! this weekend is the oakland zoo's 25th annual 'walk in the wild'... it is a chance to stroll through the zoo sampling cuisines from the bay area's top chefs. the event begins saturday at 5:30. (steve) a lot of people were reaching for ice today ... but finally the cooldown is starting to kick in..(pam) chief meterologist brittney shipp has the forecast.
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tracking tonight at ten...the sweltering heat is being blamed for the death of a california lawyer.the father of nine was taking part in a 5-k run...and it was 109 degrees at the his wife is questioning why organizers held the event in the first place.we'll hear from her...tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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uber lost a court fight today ... and now the company must turn over information about its local drivers. san francisco's treasurer wants that data .... to see if uber drivers are complying with the business registration requirement. the city wants driver names, business addresses and driver's license numbers. uber had argued.. the information was protected by a driver's right to privacy. but the city says, drivers who
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benefit from city services ... need to pay their fair share of taxes. fast food just got even faster a couple of the most popular chains are now delivering to your home or work in the bay area. this works through a mobile app.. on demand kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how it works.. this is nate kristoff he has been ordering mcdonald's the last couple weeks and having it delivered to his work " it's it's a it's kind of a funny concept just cuz you know fast food is pretty fast already but you know anytime that you can you know save some time and have an opportunity to get more done and work more efficiently than i think i think it's a good thing"nate works in a high rise 21 floors up getting out the building. dealing with lines. can eat out of his lunch time so he uses the mcdonald's app to orderhe showed me how it works pretty easy.. once your account and credit card are set up.. you
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just tap in your order you do this through the mcdonald's mobile app but the actual food pickup and delivery is made by a different app. the food delivery app uber eats the two in partnership claim they will deliver to you within 30 minutes..nate's order today took about 20 minutes.. ahead at eight.. president trump's tweeting spree... but this time, something was different... plus. grabbed by her waist and pulled into a car...what an abductor then whispered to a california teen and how she got away. and
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breaking news in san francisco... where a teen girl has died after falling from a cliff. a live report is next. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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whoa! you're not taking these.
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hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (steve) breaking news in san francisco, where a teen girl has died after falling from a cliff. (pam) this, after rescue swimmers fought harsh conditions to reach her and try to save her life.(steve) kron-4's hermela aregawi is live from where she was pulled to shore. hermela do we know how this happened? .heat advisories
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download. it's free to our app. (steve) we first told you about this breaking news on our kron-4 mobile app. stay connected on breaking news with push alerts from our app. it's free to download. (pam) the peak of the heat wave hitting all around the bay area today. people heading to the beach---- drinking lots of water. doing anything to stay cool. (steve) kron-4's chief
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meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with when we're going to cool down .heat advisories and warnings are in place today through 9 pm for dangerously hot temperatures. a shallow marine layer along the central coast will keep the monterey bay coastal areas much cooler. temperatures will still be hot across the interior for friday, just not as hot as this afternoon. additional cooling will occur over the weekend.
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(steve) the former fbi director's
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prayer ... went un=answered. the president tweeted out today: "i have no idea ... whether there are "tapes" or recordings of my conversations with james comey, but i did not make, and do not have, any such recordings."(pam) the words, much more formal than the usual off= the= cuff trump style... they were reportedly drafted with input from his communication team.(steve)as catherine heenan showsus, no one at the white house was budging from that message, "i think the president's statement via twitter today is extremely clear. i don't have anything to add beyond the statement itself."today's white house briefing was off=camera ... that has become increasingly common, along with a reluctance to interpret the president's words. "you guys asked for an answer, he gave you one. he said he would have it to you by the end of this week which he did. and beyond timing of that i can't really speak anything further." this all goes back to the probe of kremlin meddling in the presidential election ... the secret russian meetings of former national security adviser general michael flynn
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... and finally, whether the president fired his f=b=i director to block that investigation.just days after the firing, the president tweeted, "james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversation," "did the president intend to threaten james comey with that tweet?" "not that i'm aware of, i don't think so." "does the president regret the tweet?" "i don't think so."one prominent republican says he's not amused by the tweets. "i think he'll learn that his words matter."the presidential fingers were still busy today, writing," i certainly hope the democrats do not force nancy p out. that would be very bad for the republican party."house minority leader nancy pelosi is under fire after the democrat's loss in a hotly contested congressional race this she fired back. "we're paving a way for a new generation of leadership. and again, i respect any opinion my members have, but my decision about how long i say is not up to them."catherine heenan, kron four news
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(pam) a californian teenager who escaped a kidnapping says, she thought she was going to die before she managed to escape. (pam) the 18-year-old says, she was walking home, when a man in a truck drove by her house in san diego... asking her if she cared for a ride. after multiple attempts of telling the driver no, he then managed to grab hold of the young woman. she says, the driver managed to whisper something in her ear moments before she escaped. (pam) police say, the teenager hid underneath bushes before calling the police. now police are using home surveillance video for any trace of the suspect. (pam) in the city of san francisco... there are more than 30 -miles of transit- only lanes. they are used to help speed- up traffic and help keep commuter buses on time. (steve) but there's one transit lane for folks heading home to the east bay that is a source of constant it
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because people don't see the signs or ignore them intentionally. let's watch this nissan on folsom street in san franciso, the driver will soon be forced to make a decision and neither one will be the correct decision nats: ambiance the driver is now at the light but she can't go straight . because right here there are two do not enter signs and if she turns right she will have to cross the bay bridgenats ambiance so she flips a u-turn and heads back to this.. backed up traffic from commuters leaving the city after a day of work most drivers know that this is a dedicated transit lane it's only available for buses and taxi .. there are numerous posted signs blocks before even reaching the do not enter signs nats: ambiance that being said .there is always a driver unware of the road configuration like this guy and note of the cell phone in hand (how did you end up in this lane?)i don't know do you
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know that this is only for the bridge only buses and taxis only)no i did not (i guess you looked at your phone huh) well i'm delivery for postmates (where you trying to go?) pick up a food order (where?) pick up a food order (where?) ahhh it's like right down the street ( dead end) are you serious i did even know that . you can always spot a driver every few minutes, be turning around to head back the other way .. sometimes it's lost tourist you can usually tell from the out of state license plates nats: ambiance and uber drivers who think they fall under the taxi category . but they don't some use the transit lane and make the turn to beat traffic to cross the briderisking a 79 dollar fine for driving in a transit only lane not including court fees and making the u- turn in what would be considered a business district 238 dollars nats: ambianceoften there is a traffic cop waiting there if you to ignore all the signs and drive down the lane . and they don't have a problem issuing you a ticket also, the only bikes permitted in this
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direction are the ones mounted on the front of the buses .. or being towed by caltrans to get some bicycle commuters across the bridge trust me on this one treat this transit lane like it's a dead end unless you want to make your next turn around midway across the bay bridge in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news still ahead at 8. from toilet to tap water.... a california company is pushing to get people to try it out and next. a mother's breast milk dumped by t-s-a. now she says... they violated their own rules .. e like no other...
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where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey! the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! (pam) a colorado mother says, she was shocked after she says.... the t-s-a dumped her baby's breast milk. (steve) now the new mom believes t-s-a may have violated their own rules. the mother says she familiarized herself with t-
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s-a guidelines --so she packed bottle with breast milk in a cooler in her carry on. shawstad says the t-s-a officer screened the bottles then tested the bottles with strips. but they told her the bottles were setting off the alarm. what the agent did next left her shocked and in tears. (steve) shawstad had to buy formula at the airport. but couldn't shake off the incident especially since t-s-a rules allow mothers to travel with breast milk. she filed a complaint and t-s-a has since apologized saying "standard checkpoint procedures were not followed to resolve the alarm" (steve) would you drink a glass of wastewater turned into drinking water?(pam) a california company is hoping you will at least give it a try (pam) an orange county water plant.... treats
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wastewater so it can be used for human use. they call it "toilet to tap." county officials are providing free samples.. and trying to convince people it's safe to drink.
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how did we test our improved dixie ultra plates? with two pounds of steak. in each hand.
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so they stay strong. even when dinner's a bit of a challenge. dixie ultra, with new flexproof technology. stress tested so you can stress less at dinner. winner: us weekly jobless claims total 241,000 vs 240,000 estimate . . the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits increased slightly last week. the low rate of claims suggests the job market is healthy. the labor department
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said weekly applications rose by 3,000 to 241,000. many economists consider the labor market to be at or near full employment. the unemployment rate in may declined to a 16- year low of 4.3 percent. wal-mart could enter a bidding war with amazon over whole foods . . .wal-mart could step in as a rival bidder for whole foods market, jpmorgan analysts said, as shares of the grocery chain rose above the $42 price offered by amazon earlier this month. jpmorgan research analysts said in a note thursday that wal-mart could be drawn to whole foods for its relatively wealthier customers and strong brand, not to mention the chance to thwart amazon's ambitions. it is in a better position than other retailers such as kroger, costco or target coming in over the top.
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the warriors bought a pick from the bulls to take jordan bell from oregon. golden state paid 3.5 million dollars to chicago to draft bell with the 38th overall pick. the former oregon duck is considered to be one of the best rim protectors in this draft class. just like last year -- the warriors bought the 38th pick -- last year select patrick mccaw from u-n-l-v
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as expected... washington's marquelle fultz went number-1 overall in the nba draft to the sixers...but it was the 2nd pick of the lakers that was of the biggest interest... with lonzo ball waiting... and dad lavar confident as usual... "from the words of zeus, jesus, everybody said we was gonna be a laker""the los angeles lakers select lonzo ball..."and there it is ball indeed going to magic johnson, luke walton and the lakershe grew up just east of l.a. in chino hills and spent a year at ucla wher ehe was pac-12 freshman of the year and a first team all-american
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(wipe to draft picks fullscreen) the top 5 picks fultz number one ball number two with the 3rd overall pick the celtics who traded out of that number-1 pick took duke's jason tatumthe 4th pick the suns take josh jackson out of kansas jackson played his high school ball at prolific prep in napa and the sacramento kings took kentucky point guard with the 5th pick cal's ivan rabb went in the 2nd round 35th overall and is headed to the memphis grizzlies
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it was made official today derek carr has a 5-year, 125- million dollar contract extension.... making the 26- year-old the highest paid player in nfl history $40 million is fully guaranteed it has $70 million in total guaranteesthis deal puts carr ahead of andrew luck as the highest paid player in the nfl. he announced the news himself this morning on twitter(wipe to tweets) the a's hoping to avoid getting swept by the astros at
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the coliseum. fans wearing a catcher's helmet and dressed as umpires -- after longtime team catcher stephen vogt was designated for assignment. in the first inning -- jesse hanh hits george springer -- he had to leave the game -- left under his own power things got worst in the second for hahn -- jake marisnick hits a 3-run home run -- houston scored eight runs in the inning making it ten-nothing astros oakland made a run in the eighth -- matt olson doubles off the the wall -- the a's also piled up some runs in the inning -- they scored six runs but it wasn't enough -- astros win 12-9 meanwhile the giants playing the series finale against the braves -- after nearly an hour and a half rain delay right now -- braves are winning 12-6 this week's lexus 'experience amazing ultimate' highlight goes to miles daisher of the red bull air force. he set a new record for the most unassisted
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base jumps in twenty-four hours on tuesday. the record-setting sixty three jumps occurred in twin falls, idaho on the perrine bridge... after each jump...daisher landed on the bullseye on the bank of the river... he hiked and climbed a total of 35-thousand feet regime. training his offseason wresting to adding sumo wresting to his offseason training regime. there's a place like no other...
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where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey! the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! last weather and goodbye
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(rain pelting, wind howling) (leaves rustling, branches snapping) ♪ ♪ you say i woke up ♪ to everyone who's ever admit ♪ i worried for you at last ♪ i don't want anyone else... hannah: i-i can't imagine going from being a woman to being a mom. booth: when parker was born, everything changed in my life-- everything. hodgins: like what? well, "everything." "everything" means "everything."


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