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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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what's that mean? (pam) tonight -- a teenage girl has died...after falling from a cliff in san francisco... this is video the 16-year-old being rushed to an ambulance... after rescuers managed to reach her. this all happened at lands end... near the legion of honor. i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. kron4's hermela aregawi is live on the scene tonight.. hermlea -- do we know what led up the girl falling? .
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basically lethal (steve)a home invasion robbery in the east bay ended with the homeowner shooting and killing two happened early this morning in brentwood. tonight neighbors tell kron 4 that surveillance video proves a third suspect was involved in the crime...and is still on the loose. kron4's ella sogomonian is live in brentwood with that video. despite the claims by a few neighbors that brich street in brentwood is normally quiet - two who live right beside the victim have mutuiple surveillence cameras that happened to come in handy last night capturing frightening moments right after the shooting. sot: reggie nichols, neighbor//"i think he defended
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himself with what he had to do. it was either going to be him or them."a brentwood homeowner shot and killed two men wearing masks after birch street neighbors say the robbers burst into his garage demanding he open a safe. police say the victim acted in self defense and has not been charged. sot: reggie nichols, neighbor//"they forced him to open the safe and i guess they just wasn't watching him close enough because he said as soon as they did he just started shooting at them."it happened between this white truck and the driveway just before midnight wednesday.police didn't identify the suspects only describing the men as antioch residents in their 30's.saying one of the two had a gun.sot: rich sherman, brentwood resident//"i was shocked because that doesn't happen here. it just doesn't happen. "a woman who says she rents a room in the home shared a worrisome thought off camera saying she was supposed to be there that night with her girlfriends. neighbors's surveillence cameras captured the aftermath pointing to one of the suspects lying in of the street still in a mask. sot: reggie nichols, neighbor//"it looked like he had made it out of a t-shirt. and cut the eyes and the nose and the mouth out. he had on gloves, a hoodie and a jacket. and he was bleeding out of his mouth, they were all wearing masks."people here suspect there may have been two more
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involved that drove off in a getaway car.sot: reggie nichols, neighbor//"they went slow enough for me to tell what was going on. then they went toward the guy in the street. then they accelerated and went through the stop signs. once they did that i knew they were involved."that information hasn't been confirmed by police. i talked with two women off camra who say they'll start a neighborhood watch after this. the case will now go to the da's office to decide if the homeowner will face charges. live in brentwood ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) our other big story tonight:the bay area heat wave.. today it reached its peak. the high heat has already taken its toll.... earlier this week, we learned two people in santa clara county .. died from heat- related deaths. also today... a sweeping grassfire
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damaged homes in vallejo... it started with a car fire and quickly spread.. we will have more on that story in a moment... but first, let's get to chief metoeorlogist brittney shipp... there is some relief ahead tomorrow -- but not much? .heat advisories and warnings are in place today through 9 pm for dangerously hot temperatures. a shallow marine layer along the central coast will keep the monterey bay coastal areas much cooler. temperatures will still be hot across the interior for friday, just not as hot as this afternoon. additional cooling will occur over the weekend.
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(steve) our weather team coverage continues..some of the hottest temperatures today were in the east bay... that's where the alameda fair is underway. kron4's alecia reid is there live tonight...alecia -- did concerns over the heat effect the amount of people there? the high today was about 104 here in pleasanton, but that didn't stop folks from coming to the fair and walking around.
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although i must say it was noticably slow when it came to rides.pkgthe sweltering heat kept a lot of people away from the county fair during the day. sweltering hot. it's very very hot out here today visitors did everything they could to stay cool in the steaming temperatures from finding any type of shade, to staying hydrated. it was quite the taskwe thought we were gonna die it was so hot. we were in the buildings, we were so hotit was unbearable. we wanted to stay inside the stores, and it's not even like fun in thereit's been really fun, really cool. the water ride has been a lot of fun and also this thing.there was no need to worry about lines in the hot sun. and water rides were a big hit. it helped a lot and especially now that the sun is going downonce it started slipping out of the triple digits, more folks started showing upthis wind helps a lot and now we can go on more rides and not worry about dehydrationone thing that was prety noticable the first day of horse racing was
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canceled. that normally brings in an additional 7-10 thousand people per day but keeping the animals and jockeys health in tact is important. all 230 horses spent the hottest part of the day cooling off in their barns.the horses have been practicing early in the morning, so they come in at 6, and they're off by 10, and tomorrow they'll start at 2:15 standupraces are back tomorrow afternoon ... as for tonight ... i'm told all rides are back in business ... some of them were shut down earlier today because of the excessive heat.reporting live from pleasanton. (pam) and we mentioned the fire
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in vallejo.... tonight, all lanes of interstate- 80 are back open. it all started with a car fire ... that spread to some nearby brush... the flames coming very close to a neighborhood. kron 4's charles clifford talked to people who watched the flames creep towards their homes. natsthursday afternoon, ahmed mangel was visiting his mother here in the glen cove neighborhood of vallejo when saw smoke and heard an explosion on interstate 80 down the hill behind her house. sot
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minor fire damage. fortunately, there were no injuries. ahmed is relieved that everyone is ok. sot
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story tonight:the senate released it's version of the obamacare replacement bill today. the bill that was largely hammered out behind closed doors ...tonight -- at least four gop senators are saying they will not support the bill in its current form. republicans can only afford to have two republican senators not vote for the bill.. without the support of democrats.reporter scott mclean has what the bill would mean for the future of healthcare. pres. donald trump: i hope we're going to surprise you with a really good plan.after weeks behind closed doors, republicans finally released their health care bill. surprising, for some. a good plan? that's up for debate. sot pres. donald trump: we're putting in a plan today that's going to be negotiated. the closely-guarded draft was released just a week before republicans hope to pass it. sen. mitch mcconnell/-r majority leader: it's time to act because obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class. -- the bill would phase out medicaid expansion starting in 2021 -- a year
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"later" than the house bill. it would repeal the individual mandate to actually buy health insurance, repeal obamacare taxes on the wealthy, and defund planned parenthood for one year.republicans can only afford to lose two votes -- since no democrats are expected to support the bill. sen. chuck schumer/-d- minority leader: this bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing.the bill does not include the controversial house proposal that would allow states to decide on protections for people with pre-existing conditions. but... it does allow for a "new" set of waivers that "could" eliminate essential health benefits. majority leader mitch mcconnell is trying to get both moderates and conservatives on board.... with a very ambitious timeline. but it won't be easy.. even with some republicans... sen. ron johnson/ -r- wisconsin: i can't imagine, quite honestly, that i'd have the information to evaluate and justify a yes vote just within just a week. several senators already promising to oppose the bill in its current form..sen. rand paul/-r- kentucky: we need to negotiate over what's good, what's bad and what we can get into the bill to make it better. in washington, i'm scott mclean.
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former president barrack obama posted a scathing statement on facebook... refrencing the quote "fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation." (steve) we also have reaction from california's democratic senators... senator kamala harris tweeted: the gop released their health care bill today. let me be blunt: it's worse than we thought. and senator dianne feinstein tweeted: it's clear now why senate republicans kept the health care bill secret. it does nothing to improve health care in america! (pam) coming up new at ten: a california father of nine dies after running a race in 109- degree heat.tonight -- his family wants to know why the event was held in the dangerous temperatures. (steve) then - also new at ten:a disturbing scene at the zoo plays out right in front of children.. what led up to this brutal fight involving chimpanzees. (pam) and next:a rate hike
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youth discount is being lowered to fifty- percent -- which will extend to riders age five- to- 18. also today -- the controversial bart "seat hog" ordinance was repealed. it would have prohibited riders from taking up more than one seat. the bart board of directors also passed a resolution making bart a "sanctuary" transit system.... declaring the agency's commitment to being a secure and inclusive system for all passengers, regardless of their immigration status. new at ten... the person suspected of trying to run down a group of protestors on a motorcycle has been cited for reckless driving... this is video from the incident yesterday outside of san francisco's federal building.. a group of roughly 20 people were protesting the republican health care bill while lying down in the middle of the street. that's when a motorcyclist drove down seventh street plowing through the crowd. he tried to turn around and drive back through the group but was stopped by federal police.
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he has since been cited and released.. no one was hurt in the incident. (steve) there is a new push by san francisco police to give officers tasers. but ánotá everyone thinks that is a good idea. kron4's dan kerman shows us why this issue is so controversial. (dan kerman)it's been suggested that mario woods may not have been shot and killed by san francisco police had they had the option of using a taser while we'll never know if that's true tasers are back on the table in san franciscosot cmdr peter walsh/san francisco police 12-24what we want to lower is a place where we can use deadly force when someone has an edge weapons and blunt objects, if we have an opportunity to deploy a device like a taser as opposed to going right to a firearm, the potential to save lives is there. the san francisco police department is before the police commission suggesting these two types of tasers be given to officers so
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they have an additional less lethal optionsot recently san francisco became the only metropolitan police department to no have tasers 4the san francisco police officers association has long been a supporter of tasers and points out in its review of the sfpd, the u.s. department of justice recommended the city "should strongly consider deploying" taserssot sean perdomo, sf police officers association 103-110in having an extra item like a taser can help and assist us in deescalating situations so we wont have to use force.but opponents point out that tasers are force and can be lethalsotplenty of police can do their job with out a taserkaren fleshmen is with san franciscans for police accountabilitysot karen fleshmen/ san franciscans for police accountability 123-134 who is sfpd being called to serve, a lot of our homeless and mentally ill , people with health problems and we don't want sfpd to come in and tase these people when they are in that situationultimately the decisions lies with the san francisco police commissionsot
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dr. joe marshall/sf police commissioner 143-153right now its gathering all the information all the facts talking to the experts and getting lots of community input about how they feel about it pro or con and we'll bring that all back to the commission and probably not right away,, but we'll make a decision. .heat advisories and warnings are in place today through 9 pm for dangerously hot temperatures. a shallow marine layer along the central coast will keep the monterey bay coastal areas much cooler. temperatures will still be hot across the interior for friday, just not as hot as this afternoon.
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additional cooling will occur over the weekend.
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(pam) still ahead:in a brand new edition of people behaving badly... lots of folks hitting the beach in this hot weather... but it turns out, many don't know the basic dos and don'ts. (steve) and next - new at ten:it's one of the few rules at the conservatory of flowers... but one man just could'nt seem to keep his hands off a rare plant.tonight -- reaction to this unusual video.
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stay out front with tempur-pedic. our proprietary material automatically adjusts to your weight, shape and temperature. so you sleep deeply, and wake up feeling powerful. find your exclusive retailer at (steve) new at ten:some unusual video getting a lot of
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buzz tonight... a man at the conservatory of flowers in san francisco touched the large and rare "corpse flower".... repeatedly. he was caught on facility's live stream.... somone posted it on youtube.. you can see the mystery man for yourself here.. ignoring the do not touch signs...... the corpse flower is a large flower that smells like rotten flesh. at one point the person he's with even snaps a photo... as he pulls on the rare plant. while some people online are very upset about the whole thing.... we talked to the conservatory today who says they'd like the person to come visit again.
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man in the video is not in any serious trouble. and again -- they'd like him to come back. (pam) new video tonight.. firefighters in oakland made a friend today.. this osprey got tangeled in some wires near the port of oakland earlier.. luckily, some firefighters were able to get it down.. they have now taken it to wildlife emergency services so it can get the help it needs. coming up at the bottom of the hour... shocking video of zoo animals attacking on of their own, while young children tropical storm cindy is gone but there
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is a big mess left behind.find out which areas could still see serious flooding.and new at 10...a tragic story out of southern california.hear from the wife of a man who died...while running a marathon in 100-degree heat.
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wave hitting california is being blamed for as many six deaths tonight.(pam) two in santa clara county -- three in sacramento -- and now a father in bakersfield. that father died after running a race in 109- degree heat on tuesday. benjamin greene was a well known criminal defense attorney in the area... he leaves behind nine children.... tonight -- reporter lori lizarraga... talked to family and friends.. they are wondering why the race was held at all... in such intense heat. summary: benjamin greene was participating in the summer series 5k run, organized by the bakersfield track club at hart park tuesday night, along with more than 100 other runners even though it was 109 degrees at the time. but a simple 5k run ended in tragedy when greene collapsed after the second mile. it was the second of a series of 5 runs scheduled throughout the summer through
10:30 pm
the btc. wife michelle greene says, "they did not have a paramedic, paddles anything. it took 20 to 30 minutes before the paramedics arrived." there was no medical staff on site at hart park for the race tuesday night. but kcso confirms an off-duty firefighter attended to greene, and eventually began cpr. greene was later taken to kern medical where he was pronounced dead. in all, ben and michelle greene have 9 children together. greene leaves behind his wife and 9 children, 6 of whom still live at home - 14 year old twins, a 13 year old son, and three 5-year-old autopsy will be performed to determine greene's cause of death. ultimately, we will have to wait for the coroners report to confirm if heat contributed to greene's passing.
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(pam) that was lori lizarraga reporting. an autopsy will be performed to determine the man's exact cause of death. (steve) i'm here in the kron4 weather center with chief meteorologist brittney shipp... the weather starting to cool a little -- but still the potential for some dangerously high temperatures tomorrow. .heat advisories and warnings are in place today through 9 pm for dangerously hot temperatures. a shallow marine layer along the central coast will keep the monterey bay coastal areas much cooler. temperatures will still be hot across the
10:33 pm
interior for friday, just not as hot as this afternoon. additional cooling will occur over the weekend. (pam) happening now: the hot weather continuing to put a strain on p-g-and-e. there has been near record breaking electricity usage in california...obviously people and businesses are turning on their air conditioners to stay cool. all this week... we have seen the high temperatures causing power outages all over the bay area. p-g-and-e says, a primary issue is transformers succumbing to the heat.
10:34 pm
distribution center in fremont... thousands of transformers sit and wait at the ready... to get pushed into action. p-g-and-e says, they are all hands on deck -- and expect to see crews working throughout the night tonight ... to keep the lights on and power flowing. (pam) stay on top of the heat wave with the kron-4 mobile app. you can track temperatures in your neighborhood.... plus -- get notified when breaking news happens in your area. (steve) tropical storm cindy has wreaked havoc across the gulf coast and southern u-s. heavy winds, rain and a tornado was brought on by cindy. reporter andy rose has more on the flood warnings that could still be a problem along the area. art faulkner/ alabama emergency management director: "fortunately, we have weathered the storm pretty
10:35 pm
well. unfortunately we've had one fatality."cautious optimism, that's how many along the gulf states are feeling after tropical storm cindy seemed to spare them the worst.cindy made landfall in southwestern louisiana early thursday...just south of lake charles...bringing more rain and heavy winds to already water-logged the storm moved north east, it was downgraded to a tropical depression.but even as a depression cindy was still destructiveauthorities in fairfield, alabama, are looking into possible tornado damaging several buildings outside birmingham mayor ed may/ fairfield, alabama: "i heard about it one second, the next thing i know the abc store's gone, the same thing with express oil change and the kfc."cnn affiliate wvtm reports three people were taken to the hospital with injuries. nicholas dyer/ fairfield police chief: "we had some injuries, but none life-threatening at this time, we're still trying to get the full scope of the damage across the city.meteorologists caution that flooding remains a concern for the next several days throughout the region
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cindy is expected dump 3 to 6 inches of rain, and in some places 15 inches, through friday morning. (pam) new video tonight.. a violent exchange in a kansas city zoo... leaves an animal dead... a chimpanzee climbed into a tree, while fighting with other chimps... then fell nearly 40- feet to his death. one zoo vistor captured on camera ..what happened next.. "mean monkeys, why would they tackle the guy that felt? they should help him because he fell out of the tree!"(pam vo) one zoo official said, chimps fight from time to time to establish dominance... but this morningús aggression level was unexpected. he says, during the fight the 31-year old chimp... bahati... climbed onto a tree branch that could ánotá hold his weight. (sean putney / kansas city zoo)he ended up falling and getting some pretty severe internal injuries.we know that animals are born and animals die and everywhere in between, but we want people to be able to come out and experience the lighter side of the zoo and
10:37 pm
not have to deal with the tragedy the zoo staff members say .. they are hurting over bahatiús death.. and are sorry people saw the fall. coming upthey come here and use the beach and they don't take their trash with them now that the weather has warmed up, there are some tips on what not to do if you plan on hitting the beach.. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (steve) and next:the impact the heat wave is having on vehicles around the bay area. this is the story
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claims total 241,000 vs 240,000 estimate . . the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits increased slightly last week. the low rate of claims suggests the job market is healthy. the labor department said weekly applications rose by 3,000 to 241,000. many economists consider the labor market to be at or near full employment. the unemployment rate in may declined to a 16- year low of 4.3 percent. wal-mart could enter a bidding war with amazon over whole foods . . .wal-mart could step in as a rival bidder for whole foods market, jpmorgan analysts said, as shares of the grocery chain rose above the $42 price offered by amazon earlier this month. jpmorgan research analysts said in a note thursday that wal-mart could be drawn to whole foods for its relatively wealthier customers and strong brand, not to mention the chance to thwart amazon's ambitions. it is in a better position than other retailers such as kroger, costco or target coming in over the top.
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(steve) the state of california is expanding its own travel (steve) over the coming in kroger, costco or retailers such as than other a better position than other retailers such as kroger, costco or target coming in over the top.
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (steve) the state of
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california is expanding its own travel ban tonight. north carolina, kansas, mississippi and tennessee are already on the list. today, the state attorney general added texas, alabama, south dakota and kentucky. this means the state will not pay for employees to travel those states. california's attorney general claims thoses states have laws which discriminate against people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender .. (steve) president trump has kept washington guessing for more than a month .. on whether or not there are recordings of his conversation with james comey. today, he confirmed... there are no tapes... scott mclean has the latest from washington. "oh you're gonna be very disappointed when you hear the answer"tapes... or no tapes... that's the question raised by president donald trump more than a month ago when he tweeted "james comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he
10:46 pm
starts leaking to the press!" the tweet was about the fbi director who trump had just fired. comey testified under oath that trump told him he hoped he could let go of the michael flynn investigation -- something trump denies. trump's tweet raised a number of questions-and until now the white house never clearly answered if the private oval office encounter was tapedsean spicer/white house press secretary: "the president has nothing further to add on that//when he's ready to to make that announcement, we'll let you know" comey himself said tapes would confirm his version of events james comey/fmr. fbi director: "i've seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes"but today trump tweeted in part " i have no idea... ...whether there are "tapes" or recordings of my conversations with james comey, but i did not make, and do not have, any such recordings." republicans hope trump has learned a lessonsen. lindsey graham/-r- south carolina: "i think he'll learn that words matter"sen. james lankford/-r- oklahoma: "it distracts everybody prosecute priorities. i'd like to remain more clear and move on." but the top democrat on the house intel committee adam schiff is not quite ready to move on. rep. adam schiff/-d- intel
10:47 pm
committee: "the president hasn't explained why, if there were never tapes why he made that suggestion to begin with. was he trying to intimidate james comey"schiff has asked the white house to confirm by the end of the week that no one made tapes in washington, im scott mclean. (pam) the prolonged heatwave has been taking its toll on vehicles around the bay area. auto shops we talked with say.. they have been overwhelmed by requests for service. kron4's philippe djegal shows us the key items in need of fixing. (philippe)dave timmons/timmons auto and truck repair/nats- "you can feel the heat coming off of this -- its really extreme." if you think it's hot outside... consider spending the day nose deep in a running car engine. dave timmons/timmons auto and truck repair- "when we're running vehicles and stuff, you know, they're 200 degrees all the time and it just puts out a lot of heat, so we have a couple fans and stuff in here that the guys use to keep themselves, cooler." dave
10:48 pm
timmons says, the last two weeks, business is up 25-percent... he owns timmons auto and truck repair in pleasant hill. customers are coming in with dead engines, drained batteries and air conditioners that need repair.dave timmons/timmons auto and truck repair- "a lot of times, they'll have a small leak and then the frion level gets low, so that brings the temperature up -- it doesn't bring it as cool in there, especially when it's 105 degrees and it only cools it to 70 or 80 degrees in the car -- its not good enough for them."ken barsabal/concord auto service- "doing a break inspection. this family is about to go on a road trip." ken barsabal at concord auto service says his mechanics have been working non-stop through the heat wave.nats- tire repair he says customers are rotating in and out of the garage... with many dealing with busted tires.ken barsabal/concord auto service- "if tires are cracking, they'll come apart and that's why you see those big rolls of tires, you know, on the freeway, especially when it's 105, that floor has to be anywhere between 130, 150 degrees on that asphault." even if you're car is working fine... ken says now may be the time to book a week or so in advance... especially for your air conditioning system. barsabal/concord auto service- "your a/c usually probably an ounce per year. so, if you haven't had it done in like definitely have it checked. and, do so before you problem
10:49 pm
and it's too late. philippe djegal, kron four news. .heat advisories and warnings are in place today through 9 pm for dangerously hot temperatures. a shallow marine layer along the central coast will keep the monterey bay coastal areas much cooler. temperatures will still be hot across the interior for friday, just not as hot as this afternoon. additional cooling will occur over the weekend.
10:50 pm
it's been a tough road trip for the giants -- they lost 8 of 9 games heading into tonight's seris finale against the braves . bruce bochy and the giants were looking to split the series before heading back to san francisco. bottom 5th -- lane adams hits a 3-run blast down left field --
10:51 pm
atlanta takes the lead 11-6 but in the ninth the giants made it interesting with the bases loaded -- kelby tomlinson reaches first on a fielder's choice -- everyone is safe thanks to danny santana's hesistation -- giants only down by 2 hunter pence with a chance to drive in the tying run at second -- but he grounds out to end inning braves win 12-11 over at the coliseum -- a's fans wearing a catcher's helmet and dressed as umpires -- after longtime team catcher stephen vogt was designated for assignment. in the first inning -- jesse hanh hits george springer -- he had to leave the game -- left under his own power things got worst in the second for hahn -- jake marisnick hits a 3-run home run -- houston scored eight runs in the inning making it ten-nothing astros oakland scored 6 runs in the eighth -- but astros hang on to win 12-9
10:52 pm
the warriors bought a pick from the bulls to take jordan bell from oregon. golden state paid 3.5 million dollars to chicago to draft bell with the 38th overall pick. the former oregon duckwas the pac 12 defensive player of the year he's considered to be one of the best rim protectors in this draft class. just like last year -- the warriors bought the 38th pick -- last year select patrick mccaw from u-n-l-v the top 5 picks marquelle fultz number one to the sixers lonzo ball number two tp the lakers with the 3rd overall pick the celtics who traded out of that number-1 pick took duke's jason tatum the 4th pick the suns take josh jackson out of kansas jackson played his high school ball at prolific prep in napa and the sacramento kings took kentucky point guard de'aaron fox with the 5th pickcal's ivan rabb went in the 2nd round 35th overall and is headed to the memphis grizzlies it was made official today
10:53 pm
derek carr has a 5-year, 125- million dollar contract extension.... making the 26- year-old the highest paid player in nfl history $40 million is fully guaranteed it has $70 million in total guaranteesthis deal puts carr ahead of andrew luck as the highest paid player in the nfl. he announced the news himself this morning on twitter(wipe to tweets) there's a place like no other...
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to the coast or to the the beach to cool off (steve) however, it sometimes gets crowded and we have to work together to enjoy our delicate coast but, some people are not playing by the rules when taking a selfie, it's important to locate the highest point to take said selfie nats: ambiance unless the spot you picked had been designated as a dangerous area and hiking and climbing is prohibited and no two people are not safer than one .. it just means there are more people to rescue nats ambiance when the weather heats up, people often head as far west as humanly possible im at pacifica state beach in the well the city of pacifica the only beach i know with its own taco bell some of the beach guidelines are posted before you hit the sand . but we all know signs in the bay area don't mean much.this is robert and he is picking up items off the beach. i was wondering what it was so i
10:58 pm
asked him what do you have here .. just plastic bits on the beach that ah birds and fish eat they think it's food . then it cause a fullness feeling in their stomach they don't eat and they die so how does it get on the beach? how does it get on the beach people just not picking it up after themselves and robert is correct; when i walked on the beach i found cups and broken glass and sand don't mixhere a case of empty bud light cans just left here for someone else to clean up . nats ambiance also, dogs are permitted but they are required to be on a leash . which means the leash must be on the dog and you attached to said leash in fact over near the pacifica pier, another sign reading no glass containers and dogs on leash . guess what. glass containers and dogs off leash .again my concern was more about the trash robert had a very good suggestion if you pick up just three pieces litter every time you surf
10:59 pm
your doing a favor not only if you surf if you plan on beating the heat at the beach . enjoy the beach but pack in and pack out leave nothing but nature behindoh and never turn your back against ocean . i make sure i clean up after my self (you are one of the few i don't want to get caught behaving badly you have a good day in pacifica stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) the bay area heat wave has reached its peak.. but don't expect too much relief yet. i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking what you need to know for tomorrow. .heat advisories and warnings are in place today through 9 pm for dangerously hot temperatures. a shallow marine
11:00 pm
layer along the central coast will keep the monterey bay coastal areas much cooler. temperatures will still be hot across the interior for friday, just not as hot as this afternoon. additional cooling will occur over the weekend. (pam) our heat wave coverage continues tonight at the alameda county was downright hot out there today. as kron 4's alecia reid shows us... it was so hot.. some rides had to shut down for part of the day. the high today was about 104


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