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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 23, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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lands end, new questions :is the national park service doing enough to keep hikers away from dangerous cliffs? whoosha warning for home sellers in the east bay ... listing your property on social media could be dangerous.whooshan oakland teacher's home is burglarized ... the thieves make off with her little dogshe's the sweetest thing ive ever known and i want her backyou're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) we are following breaking news from bart. riders are seeing major delays because of problem that started inside the transbay tube. thank you for joining us... i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. this started around six fifteen this tonight and has forced stations to close at one point. this is video from the embarcadero station just minutes ago ===a crowded platform... trains were running on a single track for over a hour. but
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normal service resumed in the past thirty minutes. now initially bart said there was a blown insulator on the track but now they say debris was on fire under the tracks. crews are working to see how extensive the damage is. in the meantime -- -bart riders can expect delays. we will continue to track the delays and bring you updates throughout the newscast. (steve) our other big story tonight a busy weekend ahead for the bay area. as san francisco's annual pride celebrations are underway (pam) and nascar races into sonoma this sunday. both events expected to draw huge crowds... and delay traffic.(steve) tonight kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here with how hot things will get. but first, hermela aregawi is live in san francisco .. to talk about the added security measures to this year's pride festivities. hermela (hermela aregawi)sizeable. a lot of people i talked that have been coming to this even for years say this is actually the biggest crowd they've seen
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(hermela aregawi)thousands marched through the streets waving the rainbow flag, holding signs promoting trans right and lgbt rights. and just inclusivity of people that identify as something that doesn't necessarily fit a mold.before the march, there were a lot of activities including a youth and elder brunch.and a resource fair for those who had questions about legal issues, housing, just any need that may be particular to trans people. this event is just one of many thsi weekend.tomorrow there's the dyke march and of course the big parade sunday.we spoke to sfpd about security at the events and their game plan. lets take a listen. robert rueca/sfpd piowe're always keen to looking at things out of the ordinary, suspcious behavior, suspicious persons. we'll always be on the lookout for that. what we're asking from the
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community is to be that extra set of eyes. if they see something, say something. that is an immense hep for us so that we can erspond to areas that may be vehicles other than official vehicles are going to be allowed near the stageand officers tell us in the past they've been a bit lax about alcohol in the streets.but this year they'll be enforcing the open container law. (hermela aregawi)i asked people at the march if they were concerned about security. and most people said they trust that sfpd will be on top of it.reporting live in san francisco, aregawi, kron 4 news. (steve) volunteers are starting to assemble an iconic symbol of pride weekend. the giant pink triangle on twin peaks in san francisco... the pink triangle was originally used by nazis to identify homosexuals. now volunteers are commemorating those forced to wear it in concentration camps. it's been put up every years for the last 22 years and can be seen for miles. our pride weekend coverage continues at kron-4 dot com.
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there you can find all you need to know about the weekend celebration including street closures and a calendar of events. (pam) if you are traveling through the north bay --- expect major traffic delays on highways- 37 and- 121. that is because nascar is coming to the sonoma raceway. this is video of the drivers in san francisco on wednesday for a luncheon. the toyota/ save mart -350.... happens this sunday. but there are practices and qualifying races before that, so expect heavy traffic all weekend long. (steve)time for the weekend weather.. brittney has details. cooling trend started today for most areas as onshore flow returns. the far interior valleys will remain seasonably warm through this evening. the overall trend this weekend and into next week will be a
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return to more seasonable temperatures along with more extensive night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons. (pam) in san francisco...
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for the fifth time in a week ... first responders have been called to lands end in san francisco to rescue people. and sadly, an incident last night.. ended in death for a teen girl.. (steve) rescuers say she lost her footing and fell more than 50 feet from the top of the cliff. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with what we know tonight. (vicki) yeah, pam, steve. it appears an accident turned tragic for the young woman... who would have been a senior this fall at saint ignatius college prep... the u-s national park service says 17 year old victoria larocca of corte madera was in a restricted area of land's end when she fell off the cliff. it happened at around 6-45 thursday night. she hit some rocks on the way down and was knocked unconscious. an ocean rescue team was nearby at china beach. and, used a jet ski to get close to la-rocca. two rescue swimmers jumped in the water with a gurney and pulled her off the rocks and to shore... but she was
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pronounced dead at the scene... and, her friends were clearly devastated. there are signs warning visitors of the dangers walking along the cliff... suzie thigpen/hiker- "that's really scary -- we've been here several times, and every time we come, um, i always tell him to stay away from the edge, um it's really scary. its not safe, you know, there's no railings, so you have to watch out, um, and make sure you watch your step because its dangerous." the park service says it does have rangers in the area that do regular patrol. they warn - stay away from restricted areas. right now, the response time to this incident is being reviewed and the accident under investigation. pam, steve, back to you. (pam) for the first time --- we are getting a look at the man who killed three people in a rampage at a u-p-s facility in san francisco. as police reveal new details about what they say ... was a targeted shooting.(steve) the shooting happened last wednesday in the potrero hill neighborhood. and as kron- 4's dan kerman tells us police
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are releasing new information including why they believe jimmy lam chose his victims. this is jimmy lam, the ups employee who shot and killed 3 co-workers before killing himself. at a news conference friday afternoon, police said lam opened fire without a word during a morning meetingsot cmdr. greg mceachern/san francisco police 15-25police say this is the mac 10 assault pistol with a 30 bullet clip, that lam used to fire 20 rounds. as ups employees began to scatter or hide, police say security video showed lam calmly walking outside the buildingsotpolice believe the three victims were targetedsotlam eventually killed himself when confronted by police a motive remains unknown, though police have recovered a journal, several cell phone and a computer.
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(pam) east bay police are warning people who are selling their homes to be on the lookout.(steve) kron four's spencer blake is live in benicia tonight where police say burglars are targeting homes with 'for sale' signs out front. spencer, how big of a problem are we looking at? a lieutenant here at the police department says there have been five homes for sale that have been burglzrizedju st since the beginning of may. (live adlib)7 homes were vacant, but staged7 two instances - squatters actually living inside the homes.7 other cases burglars made off with some staged electronics.7 that's why they put out facebook message.7 they say giving everyone a head's up is only the first step.
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"our second step in this is now meeting with all the local realtors, and advising them of the trend that we have noticed in town, and providing tips to them that can help their clients so they're not victimized in the future."(vo) 7 that meeting will be sometime next week, when officers will focus on staging a home safely.7 as for two squatters, they identified them by connecting them to license plates 7 aren't releasing their identities yet7 haven't been arrested yet because they're suspects in áother bay area burglaries, so there's a jurisdictional issue police are trying to work out.7 live in benicia, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) tonight police in oakland
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are investigating the suspicious death of a 102 year old woman..(pam) we first told you about this over the weekend... the woman was found unconcious inside her east oakland home early sunday morning.. authorities have now identified her as mildred williams... officers say, they were called to her home on 22nd avenue just before 1-30- in the morning.. there they found williams unresponsive... she died after first responders arrived.. police are investigating this as a suspicious death... they did detain one person at the scene ... but that person have since been released. ahead at eight.. lingerie and clothing stolen ... as thieves áagainá target victoria's secret .. this time --- police tracked them down. plus. for the second time in three days robbers strike on an east bay road. and next. a local woman says, not only did someone break- into her home and take her belongings... they also took her dog.
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[ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (steve)in the east bay, an oakland woman is making an emotional plea for help finding her missing pup. on thursday someone broke into destiny weber's apartment and stole her 2 pound tea cup yorkie, zoey. destiny says she's heartbroken. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in oakland with details. charles. . .
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well, whoever who took this pup broke into the victim's home during the day. they stole some valuables but also took a 2 pound dog whose owner is no devastated. natssotit's was on the ground. . . .thursday afternoon, destiny webster came home from work to find the screen on her bedroom window smashed and the window open. inside, someone had rummaged through her belongings and taken her ipad, camera and some jewelry. but most troubling of all, destiny's 2 year old tea cup yorkie zoey was missing. the pup should have been locked inside this cage but she's nowhere to be found. destiny is devastated.sotshe is the sweetest spirit i've ever known and i want her back. destiny called 911 and opd is investigating but so far there's no sign of the missing pup. zoey wasn't wearing her collar at the time and she doesn't have a microchip. destiny is now trying to get the word out through efsocial media. she's also putting up posters and calling everyone she knows for help.sotcalling family and friends. really hitting social media.destiny also hopes that whoever took zoey will bring her back.soti know that whatever you're going through must be hard but my dog had nothing to do with
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that. zoey has been my my spirit animal since i got her and she means everything to me. please bring her back. no questions asked. you can keep everything else. just please bring my dog back to me. finally, zoey weighs about 2 pounds. she's black and brown. she was taken sometime during the day from the redwood heights are of oakland. anyone with information is asked to contact the oakland police department. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) caught red- handed... four thieves were arrested accused of grabbing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a
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victoria's secret store in the east bay... (pam) and this latest crime.... is part of a bigger pattern of thefts. it happened about one- in the afternoon on thursday.. police say... several women went into a victoria's secret store in walnut creek... grabbed many items .. put them into bags and took off... a witness saw what was happening and alerted police... officers stopped the thieves around the corner from the store... and made an even bigger discovery.. they found the stolen items were from two different east bay stores... and the s-u-v the suspects were riding in ... was also stolen... now, police are trying to figure out if all the robberies at victoria's secret stores are connected... back in the spring, several other cases in the bay area with similar circumstances, including cars with paper license plates from dealers ... and several female suspects. in this case, four women were detained, three were arrested. (steve) police are searching for suspects after a man was robbed in berkeley early this morning. this
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is the second robbery on grizzly peak boulevard in three days. police say just after 2 in the morning, a man was sitting in his car in the area of grizzly peak boulevard.... when he was approached by 3 suspects... forced out of his car and was robbed. the victim sufferend minor injuries... and the suspects ran off. on tuesday a woman was shot in the leg during an armed robbery in this same area. those suspects have not been caught either. (pam)a live picture outside now of s-f-o... (steve) brittney has the weekend forecast
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cooling trend started today for most areas as onshore flow returns. the far interior valleys will remain seasonably warm through this evening. the overall trend this weekend and into next week will be a return to more seasonable temperatures along with more extensive night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons.
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it's hard to watch === difficult to bear and for two california parents the disturbing acts they caught their nanny doing on cam(pam) her feet were bare for
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less than a minute... and she got second degree burns. it is a cautionary tale about a common heat danger.
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daughter....over chicken!find out how it all unfolded..and what the victims are saying about the attack, tonight at ten.
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the wireless wars are heating up. one carrier is now offering one- year of unlimited data, talk and text for just one- dollar. there are a couple catches. but overall, if you are in the market for a new phone.... and don't mind switching carriers, our tech reporter gabe slate says, it is a good deal. in his report tonight.... he shows the pros and cons of this offer. ((pkg)) if you buy a new iphone from virgin mobile they will give you a year of free unlimited data, talk and text for one dollar.not one dollar a month that's one dollar for the entire year these wireless carriers are really taking the gloves offand this surprised me.. you don't have to buy the high end iphone 7 plus for over $700 they are selling different models.. including an iphone se for $ get this deal you must sign up by july 31stafter the year is up
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you drop to a $50 a month plan. during the first year for a dollar and after that there is no contract you cancel anytime without a termination fee.and they will unlock the phone you bought from them for free so you can take it to another carrier. gabe slate /tech reporter says: "if you're in the market for a new iphone and you don't mind switching carriers this is a hard deal to pass up. however here is a couple of things to consider"this marks the 10th anniversary of the iphone so apple is expected to unveil a fancy new 10th anniversary iphone this september with a slew of new bells and whistles so you might want to wait for that and if you're worried about virgin mobile's signal and coverage in the bay area.. that's a valid concern.. here's the deal with that. virgin mobile uses sprints towers. so wherever there is good or bad sprint service that is also how good or bad virgin mobile will be.sprint is continuing to build out their network but it is widely considered to have the least coverage compared to the other big three carriers.and. sprint will give signal priority to sprint customers meaning if you're at a big public event they will dish out signal to the sprint phones before virgin mobile onesso if you frequent big public events like concerts, pro sports games, big
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festivals. you may want to shy away from virgin mobile. with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. johnny depp-- the latest celebrity to make a controversial comment about the president. and he says... he knew it would get a rise out of people. plus. a california father arrested --- now suspected as the killer of his five year old son. and next. another bombshell rocking washington... pointing to vladimir putin himself as the orchestrator of russian interference in the u.s. election... and that president obama knew about it. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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"so we'll have to see. the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters."(steve) special counsel robert muller not exactly getting a vote of confidence from president trump (pam) as we've reported..... muller is looking at russia's meddling in the presidential election... and possible white house attempts to derail that investigation.(steve)the washington post quoting intelligence officials tonight as saying russian hackers were operating under direct orders from the catherine heenan tells us, those orders came right from the top. the washington post says the u=s intelligence probe of russian meddling in the election-- pointed to vladimir putin himself.sources deep inside the kremlin captured putin's personal instructions
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directing the broad hacking and misinformation campaign, plus, its goals: to defeat or hurt hillary clinton in the election, and help donald trump. "this was intelligence coming from directly within the russian government. it was incredibly powerful. it shocked election day approached president obama spoke directly to putin, warning him not to try to hack the voting results.covertly, he also ordered the development of cyber=implants to be hidden in russian computer networks. "...a kind of ticking time bomb, a cyber ticking time bomb that could go off should president trump want to use it."the president's critics say he still hasn't even acknowledged the unanimous conclusion by the intelligence community that russia did try to interfere. "what's important now is we know what they did-- and we have a president today who sits in the oval office who doesn't appreciate the attack that occurred, that doesn't acknowledge it."at the white house, a vague response. "of course he's concerned about any country or any actor that wants to interfere in elections>right now the president seems more concerned
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about his former fbi director. on fox news he was unrepentant about falsely implying he had secretly recorded his meetings with james comey "smart way to make sure he stayed honest." "well, it wasn't very stupid, i can tell you that." (pam) actor johnny depp is the latest celebrity making a controversial comment about violence against the president. (steve) and depp said he knew what he was about to say --- would get a rise out of people. speaking to a crowd in the u-k... he said quote "when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? he answered saying "it's been awhile, but maybe it's time." depp later apologized saying it was a bad joke and in poor taste.
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white house spokesman sean spicer called the "lack of outrage" over the comment "a little troubling" the los angeles county sheriff's department says, the father of a 5- year-old who has been missing for two months .... has been arrested on suspicion of his son's murder. 35- year-old ara-mazd andres-sian senior... was arrested today in las vegas.. and is being held there on 10- million dollars bail. investigators have been looking for the 5-year-old since his father was found passed out in a car... doused in a gasoline the father was initially arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, but he was later released. (steve) a live look outside tonight at the golden gate bridge(pam)brittney has the forecast.. cooling trend started today for most areas as onshore flow returns. the far interior valleys will remain seasonably warm through this evening.
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the overall trend this weekend and into next week will be a return to more seasonable temperatures along with more extensive night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons.
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(pam ) this week we've seen some of the hottest days of the year. of course when it gets this hot .. people often flock to the
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coast or to the the beach to cool off (steve)however, it sometimes gets crowded and we have to work together to enjoy our delicate coast but, some people are not playing by the rules when taking a selfie, it's important to locate the highest point to take said selfie nats: ambiance unless the spot you picked had been designated as a dangerous area and hiking and climbing is prohibited and no two people are not safer than one .. it just means there are more people to rescue nats ambiance when the weather heats up, people often head as far west as humanly possible im at pacifica state beach in the well the city of pacifica the only beach i know with its own taco bell some of the beach guidelines are posted before you hit the sand . but we all know signs in the bay area don't mean much.this is robert and he is picking up
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items off the beach. i was wondering what it was so i asked him what do you have here .. just plastic bits on the beach that ah birds and fish eat they think it's food . then it cause a fullness feeling in their stomach they don't eat and they die so how does it get on the beach? how does it get on the beach people just not picking it up after themselves and robert is correct; when i walked on the beach i found cups and broken glass and sand don't mixhere a case of empty bud light cans just left here for someone else to clean up . nats ambiance also, dogs are permitted but they are required to be on a leash . which means the leash must be on the dog and you attached to said leash in fact over near the pacifica pier, another sign reading no glass containers and dogs on leash . guess what. glass containers and dogs off leash .again my concern was more about the trash robert had a
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very good suggestion if you pick up just three pieces litter every time you surf your doing a favor not only if you surf if you plan on beating the heat at the beach . enjoy the beach but pack in and pack out leave nothing but nature behindoh and never turn your back against ocean . i make sure i clean up after my self (you are one of the few i don't want to get caught behaving badly you have a good day in pacifica stanley roberts kron 4 news still ahead at 8,. serious burns on her feet----just after walking on pavement for 45 seconds... now she has a warning for others and next. parents just happen to turn on their nanny cam... only to be shocked to watch live... as a nanny beat their special needs child...
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (pam) a nurse ... caught
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on video hitting a child -- as a horrified mother watches it unfold live on her phone. (steve) it happened in los angeles as the two-year-old with special needs was left in the nurse's care.this video you're about to see is extremely disturbing.... the boy's parents were just 20 minutes away... his mother, dyana ko decided to check on her son through her phone's nanny cam app...she kept getting alerts saying there was a lot of movement in the living room... the next thing she saw changed her life forever... the nurse that was supposed to be taking care of her son was beating him... and at one point rolling up a magazine and hitting him with it. what make's it worse is the boy suffers from a rare disorder where he requires 24 hour care... eats through a feeding tube and can't talk...
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because we - we left someone to take care of him and instead we left him at home where he thought... chris - just to see him so helpless, it was heartwrenching - we had to force ourselves to watch it live.>(steve) officers arrested the nurse thelma manalastas... manalastas was employed by maxim healthcare services-- a nationwide company that provides home healthcare. maxim fired manalastas and also notified the california board of nursing. the family has filed a lawsuit against the company and the nurse. (pam) a woman is suing uber... after she says she was sexually assaulted by a driver in hollywood. erica holland says, the assault happened earlier this month... after requesting a ride to work. she says the driver attacked her.. after she sat down in the passenger's seat..
8:42 pm
attorney: "we want uber to be transparent about what is going on with their female customers. you know for a 69- billion dollar company, i don't think that's too much to ask.">(pam) uber says, it has removed the accused driver, as the case is being reviewed. in the past two months .... two other uber drivers in southern california have been involved in similar incidents. holland says, she hopes that sharing her story will help prevent this kind of incident from happening again. (steve)just how hot it is in las vegas?so hot that a woman suffered second degree burns just by walking barefoot on the pavement.we want to warn you, the photos of her injures are hard to look at. two days ago 21-year-old amani fitzgerald was wearing sandals outside when they she ran barefoot to a grassy area. on a hot day the asphalt in las vegas can reach 170 degrees.she was only on the hot asphalt for 45 seconds but
8:43 pm
that was long enough to leave her with severe injuries. fitzgerald is a cocktail waitress on the vegas strip. she says she will be unable to work for 10 days because the injuries have impacted her ability to walk. in sports -- gary joins us with his lovely wife alicia to read fan emails. plus -- the warriors introduce former oregon star, jordan bell as their newest player. we'll hear from general manager, bob myers on why bell is a great fit for golden state... gary has that story and all the sports coming up.
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a grandmother on a beer run is arrested yet again for child endangerment this time in ronhert park when she put her 12 year old grandson on a motorcycle and he was hit by a car. he is now battling severe injuries at oakland children's hospital. we'll have that complete story tonight at 10. before derek carr came along -- it took the raiders more than a decade to find their next franchise quarterback well the team made sure to lock him up for a longterm deal. today at raiders headquarters -- the
8:48 pm
highest paid quarterback in n-f-l history had his press conference. carr was very relaxed and happy the deal got done before training camp. he says this process couldn't have gone much smoother now that's he's among the richest in the league derek plans to use some of that money to give back to several charities. carr says this new contract will also allow his teammates earn a big pay day. "all along the way i was like... well how do i keep my teammates. as weird i don't know if that sounds, but that was just what i kept telling them. i was like... ok that's cool, yeah that's awesome wow, cool. is this good for gabe, is this good for khalil, is this good for... i mean he can tell you himself, these are things i said to him numerous amounts of times. i don't want to hurt our team. that's the last thing i would ever want to do." the warriors didn't have a draft pick in this year's draft -- but just like last year they bought the 38th overall pick to draft jordan bell from oregon. golden state gave 3.5 million dollars to the bulls -- in order to draft the pac-12 defensive player of the year. bell wasn't happy he fell to the second round -- but after learning he was heading to golden state 'he was screaming with excitement'
8:49 pm
today he was over at the oakland marriot with bob myers for his introductory press conference. the warriors general manager breaks it down why bell will help golden state this upcoming year(sot: myers) "you see that jordan, first and foremost loves to play basketball. that sometimes gets overlooked in our jobs. it's just a passion for what we do. and a lot of how he plays whether its blocking a shot finishing a play, running the floor, being there for his teammates, that's the type of people that we need to win in championships we want as many of those people as we can get..." why do you refuse to have any passion about this horrible, horrible giants season? the giants have to many holes in their roster. they struggle offensively and on defense. when the pitching isn't there, good chance they're going to
8:50 pm
lose the game. i love when you tell stories about your dad. did he also work in the media? my father was a great man. he
8:51 pm
was very supportive in everything i accomplished in both of my career's: basketball and broadcasting.
8:52 pm
you reveal weak character when you support a cheater like pete rose. pete rose made a mistake, but he's one of the best ball players to ever played the game. he's suffered enough, just put him in the hall. how can the giants keep announcing sellouts? every time i go there are plenty of empty seats. my husband and i moved to honolulu, but still listen almost every day. i love the story about your wife never bowing to money.
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(steve) world's ugliest dog contest tonight in petaluma...(pam) and here's the winner. this is martha she is a 3- year old mastiff from sebastapol... her owners say, she is full of love and a lot of drool. here are a few other finalists.. pet owners from all over the world bring their pups to compete.. the event is intended to show all
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how did we test our improved
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dixie ultra plates? with two pounds of steak. in each hand. so they stay strong. even when dinner's a bit of a challenge. dixie ultra, with new flexproof technology. stress tested so you can stress less at dinner.
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- welcome to the las vegas strip, where the hottest ticket in town is here at mount midoriyama, because this could finally be the night someone conquers the world's toughest obstacle course and becomes the first american ninja warrior. hello, everyone, i'm matt iseman alongside former nfl defensive end akbar gbajabiamila. all season long we've said the ninjas were more prepared and stronger than ever, and they proved it on a very challenging stage 1 course. as a record number hit the buzzer to move on to stage 2. well, one down, seven to go on stage 3. but up next, it's kevin bull. and it is amazing to see how he has gone from unknown walk-on to superstar in just two years. - it's been a wild ride since i first started my american ninja warrior journey. you know, i started as a walk-on. whoo! - and today, i am here at the second-to-last stage of mount midoriyama. it's really been an amazing ride.


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