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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 28, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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recently hit a train at the coliseum. officials say they have been able to identify and arrest two suspects involved. now they say with more cameras up and running it can help that much more. terisa estacio, reporting "while officials say this will keep riders safe, if you are on a train and see a crime in progress, you do need to take action. the cameras are not live - they record video, so it is vital to write down the train number so you can file a report or notify an attendent. troust. "if you are a victim, then you need to write down number, it is better and faster for the start of an investigation." jay clemons, bart technican "the geometry disallows a standard tool to extrat the screw." each train has four cameras - available to capture all action at a varied of angles. in concord, terisa estacio kron four news.
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(steve) now, bart police never made an arrest in that 2016 shooting... on a bart train that left an 19-year-old man dead. the murder revealed that the transit system did not have properly working surveilance cameras. however, police did release this surveilance video taken at the west oakland bart station. police believe he may be the gunman - that shot and killed carlos funez-romero on a bart train. bart is offering a 10- thousand dollar reward ... for
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information leading to an arrest. (steve) and happening now... fire crews are battling a wildfire that is becoming dangerously close to several homes. this is happening in the foothills north of los angeles... near burbank. several homes are under a mandatory evacaution order - as the flames are racing uphill through tinder-dry grass. no homes have been destroyed - however flames have been spotted in or near backyards. we will continue to follow this story - and bring you updates as they become available. (vicki) in the south bay, police in san jose are investigating an attempted murder suicide... it happened earlier today just before nine this morning... on creston lane by mclaughlin avenue... officers responded to a shooting and found a man dead in the middle of the street... shortly after... they found a woman in a nearby home who was also shot and injured.. police blocked off creston lane for about three hours as they investigated...
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she ran away and at a nearby residence called 911 to report she had been shot.">(vicki) the woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries... no word on her condition tonight... (steve) sheriff's deputies in sacramento have released the identity of the suspected gunman accused of shooting a deputy last night... deputies arrested nicory marquis spann... 27-year-old spann is accused of shooting four-year veteran alex ladwig in the face with his own service gun... the shooting happened at the watt avenue regional transit light rail stop near interstate 80 around six last night... deputy ladwig is assigned to regional transit and was working overtime when the gunman attacked him.
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with him.">(steve) ladwig underwent surgery after being shot in the jaw and is in stable condition. deputies say spann hid in a nearby motel for about three hours... which led to many buildings in the area to be evacuated. when deputies went into the motel-- they say spann was found inside of a room... lying on the floor in a fetal position. he was taken into custody. (steve) a former san francisco international airport screener... pleaded guilty to receiving a bribe as a public official. joseph scott... says he turned a blind 50 pounds of cocaine went through his x-ray machine. police say scott accepted a buy off of around forty five hundred bucks to allow the drugs to pass. bobby napier the man who bribed scott was sentenced last week to four years. napier admitted to smuggling cocaine and marijuana through s-f-o security..for several years by paying scott. a total of seven bay area airport screeners face similar charges. (vicki) bail has been set
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for a santa cruz brain surgeon... who was charged with sexually abusing children... the judge set the bail at over six-million dollars for doctor james kohut... kohut was arrested last month along with two nurses who were also charged with participating in child sex abuse. the 57-year-old has been charged with eleven counts of sexually abusing children under the age of 14. he has pleaded not guilty. doctor kohut and the two nurses worked at dominican hospital. kohut also worked at the sutter maternity and surgery center. (vicki) the wife of the gunman in the pulse nightclub shooting... has been dropped from a civil lawsuit... the lawsuit was filed last week in a florida state court by survivors of the deadly massacre and victims' families. it dropped noor salman from the lawsuit.. leaving only the security firm for which gunman omar mateen was employed. the lawsuit alleges negligence and wrongful death by security firm "g-4-s" for maintaining mateen's gun license... even though he had made threats against co-workers. g-4-s says it will vigorously defend itself and that the lawsuit is
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without merit. a wallet is stolen, followed by thousands of dollars in fraudulent credit card charges. the wallet theft suspect targeted an east bay yoga studio. police investigators tell kron4's haaziq madyun... that the suspect has targted yoga studios before walnut creek police sgt. andy brown is showing me surveillance video of a suspected purse thief and credit card fraud suspectsgt. brown says the suspect is known to walnut creek policeback on june 13th a suspect matching christopher newton's description allegedly stole a
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wallet from just be yoga studio walnut creek police say this is not the first time newton has targeted a yoga or small fitness studio, stole a wallet, and racked up fraudulent credit card charges but wendell says teaching of yoga also allows for compassion even in a situation like thisif you have any information about christopher newton's whereabouts, walnut creek police would like to hear from you. in walnut creek haaziq madyun kron4news
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(vicki) happening now... a decision to move arraignments in alameda county to a single location has some crying foul tonight.... (steve) some say the court is trading efficiency for fairness. kron 4's dan kerman is live outside the wiley manuel courthouse in oakland with more. it's here at the wiley manual courthouse in oakland where those arrested in oakland are arraigned. but beginning mid to late july, all in custody arraignments will happen at a new courthouse in dublin. which sits across from the santa rita jailsot chad finke/alameda co. superior court administrator 14-25given our budget constraints and
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the cost savings we will see from this it's hard to pass up the opportunity we also think it will be better for the defendants themselves to only travel a short distance to be arraigned.sot brendon woods/alameda county public defender 26=35the drawback is ultimately will be lead to more people spending more time in custody and it will keep family members from access to court.alameda county public defender brendon woods opposes the move saying many suspect's families won't be able to travel the 30 miles to dublin which can mean more time behind bars for their clients. sotoften family members will show up for arraignment and provide us with valuable information we can rely on and give to the judge to get our client released that day.soti don't know if i would draw a direct line the way the public defender does between families having more difficulty getting there and the defendants being incarcerated longer.court officials say they would be open to resuming arraignments in oakland if the oakland's north county jail was reopened, but that appears unlikely. to do that would cost about 3 million dollars year 118 a year
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(vicki) before you light up... there's several things you need to know for the upcoming 4th of july holiday.(vicki) coming up on kron four, we'll tell you where its legal to blow off fireworks - plus where you can now purchase them - leggally. (steve) then, kron four takes a closer look at the homeless crisis in the bay area. find out how one group in the south bay - is making a difference and getting people off the streets. (vicki) and next, a school questionnaire has parents in the east bay upset tonight. find out why its raising eyebrows. (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area
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forecast after the break.
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teve) a group of asian parents in the east bay are raising questions about why their school district is asking for more detailed racial information about their kids.(vicki) kron4's maureen kelly talked to two pleasanton moms who say the practice is unfair and they want it changed. i feel uncomfortable very uncomfortable because i don't know why you're doing this what's the purpose? what makes
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lucy ye uneasy is the registration form she was asked to fill out before entering her 5 year old son kevin into his transitional kindergarten class at the beginning of the last school year.under the section entitled what's your child's ethnicity.parents can chose latino or not latino, white, african american.but when there not just one box for asian.instead there are more than a dozen different asian subgroups. korean japanese chinese vietnamese and all of those countries in asia. why should we do that?sylvia tian is another pleasanton mom who doesn't think it's fair that asian parents are being asked to diferentiate themseleves in this way.why single out asians why single out all the countries? in asia? that's not correctboth moms feel that this data could end up hurting their kid's chances when they are applying for college.the pleasanton school district says they are just complying with legislation requiring the collection of this data that
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passed in 2011. a spokesperson with the state deparment of education says they use the data to track how kids from these subgroups are doing in school so they identify those who need more help.the law that required the state to collect this demographic data was co sponsored by several asian and pacific islander civil rights should be colorblind national origin blind it should be equal to all people the group that wants to see this practice end met with state assmemblywomab catherine baker of san ramon who says she will look into the issue and the possiblity of crafting new legislation. maureen kelly kron4 news (vicki) fireworks are now for sale in the city of dublin. it's one of a few cities in the bay area where you can both purchase and light up your fireworks on the fourth of july. 13 booths are open around town, where non- profits are selling to anyone 18-years of age or older. and, you can set the fireworks off at four designated parks throughout the city on the holiday from 10 in the morning through 10 at night.
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aidan vaupen/14-year-old- "i just like the feeling of lighting them off and like kind of watching the, the action in first-person."// kevin ferrell/buying fireworks- "just be safe, be cool, uh don't get too carried away."(vicki) the city of dublin says extra officers and fire fighters will be on the clock on the fourth... making sure everyone does stay safe, also, we mentioned there are designated parks where can use the fireworks on the big day. those are alamo creek, emerald glen and shannon parks as well as the dublin sports grounds. and you'll want to celebrate july 4th with kron- 4. watch live fireworks from around the bay area and across the nation from the comfort of your home. july 4-th live kicks off tuesday at 9 p.m. right here on the bay area's news station. (steve) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp.
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seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
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(vicki) kron four news is partnering with the san francisco chronicle as well as several other media outlets... to bring attention to the homeless crisis here in the bay area.(steve) it has been a year since the 'sf homeless project' began... however, the effort to end homelessness does not stop. our focus on the homeless takes us to the south bay. where a partnership between the public and private sector to end homelessness is making a difference, getting people off the streets and into permanent housing. kron
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four's rob fladeboe introduces us to one man who says it saved his life. nats (man punches speed bag) steve gutierrez is a fighter. he was down, way down, but not out. got into a drug treatment program and has been clean for almost three years. he lives here in a one bedroom apartment, in the casa de novo, or house of new beginnings. steve gutierrez/formerly homeless" abode service got contacted, i got on the list, i came from the drug program,i been here three years, i got a dog, i got a new life..."located on the alameda in san jose, casa de novo, formerly a motel, is a partnership between abode services, san jose and santa clara county. it's part of a countywide effort to provide safe and stable housing to homeless people like steve gutierrez, who is in turn trying to help other homeless
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people.".....some people want help, some don't, im trying to help the ones who want help, i will do what i can...."about half the rooms here are dedicated to temporary or transitional housing for individuals and families, the other half, like steve's apartment, are permanent housing. abode also provides gutierrez and his neighbors with services like counseling and job training.steve gutierrez"....i don't have to worry about the rain or the heat, i'm stable, i go a tv, a place to live,i thank god every day....."....and a long ways from the jungle. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(steve) kron four has been shedding light on the chronic homelessness problem - here in the bay area. on our website kron four dot com - you can find a list of the stories we've covered... including possible soultions - to getting people off the streets and into affordable housing. (vicki) coming up, fire crews are battling several wildfires across california... we'll have an update on the fire in burbank - that's threatening homes. (steve) plus, the senate vote on the republican health care bill has been delayed... now the g-o-p has to hit the reset button to get the legislation back on track. find out - what's next for the bill.
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nat of demonstrators( vicki ) the debate over health care turns very vocal as more than 1=hundred protestors gathered at half a dozen senators' offices.capitol police arrested 40 people as they chanted "kill the bill, don't kill me."(vicki)republican
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senators spent most of the day behind closed doors as they try to hammer out a new version of the bill to replace obamacare.(steve )majority leader mitch mcconnell has to balance the demands of conservatives and moderates in his own party.catherine heenan is here to tell us how he's doing. (catherine) he still has some work to do.the number of republican senators opposed to the draft bill is increasing ... nine as of today. some of them say it doesn't go far enough ... others say it goes too far. "the spectrum is really wide." sfx tick tocka wide spectrum and a narrow time spansen. roger wicker/-r- mississippi: "the leadership is trying to get the members to come together and have something agreed to by the time we leave on fridayafter that, the senators take a week off.... and then a month=long recess in august. "we know that we cannot afford to delay on this issue. we have to get this done for the american people." ""we're going to have a big surprise with a great health care package. i think we're going to have a great, great surprise."the president insists his plan will benefit all americans,
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"this health care would be so good, would be far better than obamacare and would be much less expensive for the people, and actually much less expensive far more for the country.."here in the bay area, the kaiser family foundation has been calculating the impact of the current republican bill.for example, a 27=year=old in alameda county making 20=thousand dollars a year would pay more than a thousand dollars more for the silver level coverage, the second cheapest coverage.that's a 120 percent increase in three years,a 40 year old making 30=thousand would pay 41 percent more.for a 60=year old making 50=thousand, premiums would rise by nearly 12=thousand dollars, an increase of 228 washington today six medical organizations said the republican bill would be disastrous. "if enacted, this legislation would cause millions of people to lose their health coverage. including those with employee- sponsored insurance." (catherine)a pair of new polls
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today indicate the republican bill is deeply unpopular.only 18 percent supported it in a marist poll for npr and pbs newshour.and just 12 percent approved of it in a suffolk university poll for usa today. (vicki) a youtube stunt - gone wrong... now one man is dead and his pregnant girlfriend are in police custody. find out what happened - coming up. (steve) and next, president trump plans to crack down and ápunish so-called 'santuary cities'... what he plans to do - next.
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(steve) controversial immigration bills are set to be taken up by the us house on thursday. (vicki) proponents say the aim is to keep americans safe. but as kron four's washington correspondent drew petrimoulx reports opposition is coming from several directions. take pkg mother of victim in gop video:"she was at a stop light and hit from behind by a 19 year old illegal immigrant." in the run up to key votes immigration bills republicans are highlighting crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. mother of victim in gop video:"my son joshua who was 18 and a senior in high school was murdered in november of 2010."on thursday the u-s house will take up two bills. one would increase the penalty for repeatedly
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entering the country illegally. alabama republican martha roby helped craft the legislation.rep martha roby, r-al:"it is a sentencing enhancement to act as a deterrent of those who are trying to persist in breaking our laws."but policy analysts at the libertarian cato institute say it would swell the population of federal prisons. david bier, cato institute:"were really paying to care for illegal immigrants 24/7 in our jails and thats a huge cost to the taxpayer."the other bill seeks to punish cities and states that do not fully comply with federal immigration officials. rep martha roby, r-al:"they will not be eligible for certain grants within the department of justice and homeland security." but opponents call that a federal overreach that drains resources from local law enforcement. david bier, cato institute:"really what this bill is trying to do is coerce and threaten and bully these states and localities." democrats are largely against the legislation. but in a sign of his hard line stance --on the eve of the vote president trump hosted victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants at the white house. in washington im drew petrimoulx (anchor) time now to check on
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our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
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(steve) an update now on a wildfire - that's burning in southern california. this is live look now - as the fire is basically out however crews remain on scene. this is happening in the foothills north of los angeles... near burbank. this is what it looked like 30 minutes ago. several homes were evacauted order - as the flames were racing uphill through tinder-dry grass. no homes were destroyed - and no
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injuries have been reported. firefighters have fully contained the 38-acre pine fire south of san geronimo in marin county. the pine fire started monday morning... near kent lake. it never threatened any homes. the cause of the fire is not known. the fire slowly made its way through some rugged terrain... but with favorable conditions... firefighters were quickly able to get the upper hand. the closest homes were about two miles away... and no evacuations were needed. (steve) there are some ferocious wildfires raging in western states....including california. catherine heenan has an update now on the fires that have hundreds of firefighters and homeowners in emergency mode... (catherine) the biggest of the california wildfires was sparked tuesday... it's in southern california....and has burned roughly a thousand acres... . the fire is next to the cities of highland and san bernardino....and some small
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communities have been evacuated... there are other smaller fires in the area...but this is the one that has crews most worried. hundreds of firefighters are on the scene but they haven't been able to contain it yet. some homeowners say they were astonished by how quickly the wildfire seemed to take off... residents: the fire covers mountains and it spreads all the way across. i see this big old monster fire and i'm thinkingit's like someone dropped a nuclear bomb. i asked what's going on? and then i saw fire from my window. we've lived here 15 years now and it's never been so close so it's scary. among the other states dealing with large wildfires -- utah.where a fire is still raging 10 days after a homeowner using a blowtorch accidentallystarted it... more than 20 cabins and other small buildings have been destroyed - and a lot of wildlifehas been killed, including deer. it's
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burned more than 54-thousand acres. arizona also has a huge fire... which has grown to 32 square miles and forced thousands of evacuations. and there's a new view from space....showing both the utah and arizona fire zones.. it could be days or weeks before these fires are out... vicki and steve? (steve) potential new evidence has led fremont police to reopen the case of woman who went missing over 25 years ago. 25-year-old sheri lynn muhleman was last seen febuary 27th , 1989...with her boyfriend michael abraham at his home in fremont. the couple....had a five-year-old daughter. police say abraham was planning to attend a business trip out of town... and current witness statements indicate that abraham didn't trust muhleman to take care of their daughter while he was away. authorities now believe muhleman was the victim of homicide...although her body
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has never been found. investigators are reviewing physical evidence that was originally found in abraham's home in 19-89...for further clues. (vicki) we are following more brekaing news... firefighters are battling a large fire that's spread through a building in boston. this is live aerials... take a look at the heavy smoke coming from the top floor and roof of the six-story building. service at a nearby rail station was shut down due to the thick smoke.the building is a mix of condos and apartments and was set to open in july. it's currently unoccupied and was set to be inspected at the end of the week. no injuries have been reported. (vicki) still ahead, warriors star steph curry is taking his talents from the basketball court... to the green. find out how steph is swinging in the off-season.
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(steve) and next, less than a day after a monument of the ten commandments was installed outside the arkansas state capitol - it was destroyed. we'll tell you what happened. (vicki)
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less than 24-hours after being installed. . . a ten commandments monument at the arkansas state capitol is destroyed.this is what's left of it.police say 32-year-old
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michael tate reed intentionally drove his car into the structure.he has been arrested and charged.the total cost for the structure was around 26-thousand dollars in private donations.the monument has been the center of controversy for the past two years. . . after lawmakers approved a measure to have it placed on state grounds. trt:26/ ""and this person came to our capital and with intent ran over and destroyed public property, all because he simply has a disagreement on an issue i think that's a real problem. that's the same hatred, that's the same motivation that motivates somebody to put on a mask and take a bat and go to a college campus and attack somebody who's standing there exercising their free speech rights. it's a problem in america." (vicki) officials have already ordered a replacement monument. . . and it's in the process of being made. (steve) a youtube stunt goes terribly wrong for a young couple in minnesota... now one of them is dead and the other is facing charges... it all started with the
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couple... 22-year-old pedro ruiz and his 20-year-old girlfriend monalisa perez... they were trying to achieve youtube fame.. by doing pranks and posting them online... but they felt their pranks weren't good enough so to rack up views, subscribers and tothey amped-up their 'pranks.' ruiz gave a handgun to perez and insisted she shoot it at a book he was holding... thinking the book would stop the bullet. they even said they had already tested it. but instead ruiz was shot and killed in front of his home...
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(vicki) preventing street racing. coming up - we'll show you how one california city is combating this ongoing problem.
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(vicki) more security is coming to a bart train near you. pam moore is in the newsroom with what we are working on for kron 4 news at six. (pam) vicki... today bart announced it has completed installing working cameras .... in all of its train cars. it is something the transit agency committed to ... after a deadly shooting on a train back in january of 2016. after the shooting it was revealed... that not all cameras on the trains ... worked .... and that some are decoys. now ... after spending more than a million dollars, the cameras are working... but don't think some ne is watching you live as you ride the train. we'll explain how the cameras work tonight. join us for that story and more on kron 4 news at six. vicki back to you.
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(steve)a popular southern a popular (steve)a popular southern california illegal street racing spot. . . has turned city officials are implementing ways to try and prevent it once and for all.the so-called "canoga speedway" in san fernando valley. . .is where 9 people have died from racing incidents in the last five 2015. . . two men were killed while watching a race when one of the drivers lost control. . .and plowed into the crowd.about a week ago. . .rumble strips were installed.the move is part of a 14-thousand dollar pilot program.just in the last week. . speeds are down about 10- percent. . .but now not all drivers think it's the right path. hokanson: "there are enough pot holes in the city we don't need extra bumps and stuff to tear up your car."neiman: "there's a great likelihood that they are not going to get traction they need to compete at the level they want to compete at."(steve) englander says rumble strips
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don't harm your car . . . and that people can even drive at normal speeds. (vicki) turning to the warriors-- the accolades keep pouring in for the world champions. earlier this week, bob myers and draymond green...took home some special honors at the nba awards ceremony.(ásteve) today-- the two were the big men on campus at a special assembly at myers' old high school in danville. mark carpenter has the sights and sounds warriors general manager bob myers... two-time executive of the year and proud alum of monte vista high in danville-- the site of a special ceremony today honoring him and defensive player of the year, draymond green."i played on this court and it wasn't anything that special just so you know. my freshman high school coach, he seriously said to me, he said, 'we are better if you don't shoot'. so just so you know, your life can turn in a good way, just keep sticking with it." to help with that trip down memory lane, myers and green were joined by two men that remember the very early stages of their careers-- their high school coaches.
5:48 pm
myers' high school coach>"he was a great great rebounder and i bet you, i said i didn't want him shooting outside the key either, but now i read in sports illustrated what a great shooter you are. myers; well it's not really true. all i do is shoot, without you yelling at me, it's a lot more confidence."
5:49 pm
he's had. you know we are trying to build a dynasty here. so executive of the year award is great. but i won't be satisfied till he's headed to the hall of fame. "he showed perseverance because for two years he was in that second spot. i know draymond doesn't like being in second place. so he got what he deserved, which is the award, the recognition and i couldn't be happier for him." and with the way this team is built, awards will be piling up for years to come. mark carpenter kron4 news. (steve) and two-time nba mvp steph curryis set to test his golf game against the prosbut not everyone is happy about it. the "webdotcom tour" annoucned today that curry will play in "the ellie mae classic". it will be the first p-g-a tour- sanctioned event for curry who has golfed at several celebrity events and against mr.obama. but some sports analyst and fans are upset. they believe an actual professional golfer should compete in the event...not a pro basketball player. the
5:50 pm
dubs point guard has yet to comment. the three day event starts august third at "tpc stonebrae" in hayward. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday. holiday. through the coast right away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
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(vicki) now to a bizzare story out of new york... travelers go to pick up their luggage after a flight... and álive crabs flood the baggage claim carousel. (steve) you can see the crabs coming out as the carousel spins after they escaped their container. this video was posted to youtube on friday. it's not clear what airport it happened at... but the comments on the video suggest it was a flight from ghana to new york. one man was scrambling to pick up the crabs and put them back into a
5:53 pm
cooler. (vicki) if she's not
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anchoring the kron four morning news - you might be able to catch her working at a local pizza joint. kron four's darya folsom shows us what is takes to flip pizzas. so the cool thing about kron when darya told them she wanted to flip pizza's for a living and she wanted to give it a try, they set her up with tony's. it is the most famous place throughout all of
5:56 pm
north beach and tony is going to be the one to teach darya how to do it. tony has been making pizzas for over 26 years. it is also when tony started tossing pizzas too. spinning has a purpose. tom cruise did it in the movie "cock-tail", but tony is just going to show darya how to spread the dough. tony also shows darya how to toss it a little bit. creating the crust is to stretch it and turn it. tony says darya has to feel it. don't be the scared pizza thrower. be the cool one where it comes right down to you. make it look pretty. don't be picasso. bring it over here. just want to look at tit. oh nice. it has a great bottom. look at that. it's perfect.perfect bottom. really?! you do i swear. if i had a dime for every-time i heard that, you can't get any better than that. it's cooked all the way. she did a really god job. but that's what you are looking for. very delicious. delish. tony liked darya's pizza and said hers is better.
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(vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (pam) thank you vicki. next at six. a close call for several homeowners
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today... as an explosive wildfire comes dangerously close. we'll have the latest on the efforts to contain the blaze.(steve) plus a brand new courthouse in the east bay is drawing criticism from some. tonight why the public defender says the new building could harm some of his clients. kron 4 news at six is next. ( pam ) a glaring reminder
5:59 pm
tonight that it is always fire season in california. flames are coming within feet of scorching homes in the burbank area. we have seen helicopters dumping water .... and firefighters doing what they can to protect an upscale neighborhood.( steve ) the fire erupted just
6:00 pm
about three hours ago. some residents have been evacuated as the flames raced up the hillside. but we have seen crews creating fire breaks and thus far the only visible damage has been to a fence. firefighters are now mopping up the hot spots ( steve )s this map from cal fire shows all the wildfires in the state of california. if the flame is gray... it is under control. a red flame.... that means it is active and crews are trying to get a handle on it. the majority of the wildfires are in the southern part of the state. we will keep an eye on the situation in burbank and bring you an update when we learn more. ( steve ) good evening, i'm steve aveson.( pam ) and i'm pam moore. we do know tonight .... what sparked a wildfire in marin county.( pam ) the 'pine fire' as it was called... started yesterday morning... near kent lake. firefighters contained it earlier today at
6:01 pm
38- acres. it never threatened any homes. investigators say, a tree limb came down on a power pole... and that is how it started. the fire slowly made its way through some rugged terrain... but with favorable conditions... firefighters were quickly able to get the upper hand. the closest homes were about two- miles away... and no evacuations were neeeded. (pam) we are less than a week away from the fourth of july... it's always an exciting night... and we are looking forward to sharing fireworks shows from all across the bay with you ... on our special that evening... (steve) our coverage is called - "july fourth live." some cities also sell and allow people to light up "safe and sane" fireworks. dublin is one of them... that's where kron four's philippe djegal reports.. the fireworks booths are now open for business. (philippe)nats- "you pay $19.99 and you get both of these." when you're among the first in line like the vaupen family... take your pick.aidan vaupen/14- years-old- "we got luck of the irish and the 49er pack."
6:02 pm
13 fireworks booths are now open in the city of dublin. and, as long as you're 18 or older, you can make a purchase. lauren madigan/buying fireworks- "i thought sparklers would be fun, ha." all of the fireworks sold in booths like this one are considered safe and sane... and, if you need confirmation... check out the box of what you purchase... and, look for the seal of approval from the state fire marshall.kevin ferrell/buying fireworks- "some of the old favorites, you know, snakes and piccolo pete's and stuff like that." kevin ferrell -- buying his fireworks from a group of volunteers raising money for booster clubs at dublin high school.rosemary brassea/volunteer- "on the fourth, right up until we close, yes, it is very busy." feel free to light your fireworks in the city of dublin... but only at designated areas. if you own a single famly home, you can use your driveway.shari jackman/city of dublin- "we of course, ask that they stay away from all vegetation, trash cans, uh, fences and that sort of thing." and, if you live in an apartment building or complex...
6:03 pm
head to one of four parks where city of dublin spokesperson shari jackman says fireworks are allowed. shari jackman/city of dublin- "emerald glen park, shannon park, the dublin sports grounds, and alamo creek park. and, people can use them on the fourth of july between the hours of 10am and 10pm." aiden vaupen and family are looking forward to it.aiden vaupen/14-years-old- "i think its fun, i like to hangout with lighting of some fireworks and eating some food."water too... to stay hydrated and you're used fireworks throwing them in the trash.philippe djegal, kron four news. ( steve ) want to leave it to the professionals? you have plenty of options on the fourth of july. we are putting together a list of all the shows in the bay area... it is right on the front of our website. click the link for all the celebrations taking place that day. and don't forget about this: ( steve ) you can celebrate july 4th with kron- 4. watch live fireworks from around the bay area and across the nation from the comfort of your home.
6:04 pm
july 4-th live kicks off tuesday at 9 p.m. right here on the bay area's news station. (pam) a prolific wallet theft and credit card fraud suspect, known for targeting bay area yoga studios, has struck again... this time at the 'just-be-yoga' studio in walnut creek. the thief was captured on surveillance video. police investigators say, the suspect is likely targeting small fitness studios ... because of the low security profile police identify the wallet theft and credit card fraud suspect as christopher newton. investigators say, after stealing wallets, newton is known to take taxi-cabs to
6:05 pm
stores like target .... to rack up thousands of dollars in charges using stolen credit cards. (steve)police in the east bay are now opening up a cold case. . .after a woman went missing over 20 years ago.the decision to reopen the case comes after police obtained potential new evidence.then 25-year-old sheri lynn muhleman went missing back in 1989.she was last seen packing up her things from her boyfriend's fremont house at the time.both shared a daughter.police say that based on current witness statements and physical evidence. . . they believe muhleman was the victim of homicide.but her body was never found. (steve) bart riders have some strong opinions about the system putting cameras on all of its trains. the nearly million and a half dollar project was officially finished today. (pam) as kron four's terisa estacio reports, most riders like the new sense of security, but some say, they want even more from this new system. if you plan to catch a ride on bart be sure you are camera
6:06 pm
ready - all trains are now equipped with 4 cameras recording your every move. lt. terence mccarty, bart "we wanted to get the word out and let people know." bart rider. "i think it is great, it will make me safer feeling." bart has long had cameras on board - but some where decoys. the agency came under attack for that - especially after a homicide in january b2016, although some cameras caught the suspect you see here, a camera near the crime scene was not working. the case remains unsolved. lt. mccarty. bart "it is not a live feed. if a crime occurs we need to go out and get the video. officials say because the cameras are not live , it is essential for riders if they report a crime to remember the train they are on. alicia trost. bart if not then we have to stop all trains and go through them all. i think they should be a live feed, better that way. two thousand cameras were bought and installed - four per train. the cost, 1.4 million dollars.terisa estacio kron four news
6:07 pm
(steve) in the south bay... police are investigating an attempted murder suicide... it happened earlier today just before nine this morning... on creston lane by mclaughlin avenue in san jose... officers responded to a shooting and found a man dead in the middle of the street... shortly after... they found a woman in a nearby home who was also shot and injured.. police blocked off creston lane for about three hours as they investigated...
6:08 pm
police say the man called 9-1-1 after trying to kill the woman and then shot and killed himself... that's when the woman ran away into a nearby home and called 9-1-1 in the home... the woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries... no word on her condition tonight... a live look outside right now... a bit cooler today. (steve) let's get our first look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
6:09 pm
(pam) opposition tonight to a plan to move all... in - custody arraignments in alameda county .. to a new courthouse in dublin. (steve) the public defender says it harm his clients and their families.
6:10 pm
kron 4's dan kerman is live at the wiley manual courthouse in oakland with the complaints about this change.dan? those arrested in oakland currently are taken to the santa rita jail in dublin, and then travel back to the wiley manual courthouse in oakland for their arraignmentsot chad finke/alameda co. superior court administrator 09-19they get up at 3am, they are put on a bus, they get a bagged lunch from the night before , they wait for the bus, they sit in traffic, then they are here, they are arraigned, they wait for the bus to go back.but beginning in mid to late july, all in custody arraignments will take place at a new courthouse in dublin, just across from the santa rita jail sot it presents an obvious
6:11 pm
efficiency for us to hold the arraignments therean efficiency that could save inmates travel time and alameda county's court system 100 to 125 thousand dollars a year in overtime.sot brendon woods/alameda county public defender 45-52what this decision by the presiding judge is doing is removing access to justice from the community in which it could take placealameda county public defender brendon woods opposes the plan saying the move freezes out suspect's families that can't get to dublin sotwhen families come it is important, its information we rely on , its information the courts rely on and woods says it can mean the difference between being released on bail or spending more time in jailsotwe're going to place this value on efficiency and its going to result in people spending more time in custody.soti don't know if i would draw a direct line the way the public defender does between families having more difficulty getting there and the defendants being incarcerated longer. 128/incarcerated longer
6:12 pm
( pam ) new details tonight on the suspect in the shooting of a sacramento county sheriff's deputy. the ties to the bay area ... and his criminal record.( steve ) and the fallout tonight from the senate's attempt to overhaul the affordable care act. could a new bill be unveiled by the end of the week?( pam ) an enrollment form is causing an uproar with some east bay parents. the choice has a certain group fuming at a school.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
(pam) there is a small battle brewing in the east bay city of pleasanton ... about racial data being collected on public school admission forms. (steve) kron4's maureen kelly talked to the asian parents who are raising questions about why their kids are being singled out. it all started when one of the moms went to fill out this form before her 5 year old started his transistional kindergarten class here at lydiksen elementary.under the section entitled what's your child's ethnicity.parents can chose latino or not latino, white or african american.but there not just one box for asian.instead there are more than a dozen different asian subgroups. including chinese japanese vietnamse cambodian laotion native hawaiian and samoan.
6:16 pm
now a small group of parents say it makes them feel discriminated against.all parents not only me is worried about why they are collecting data for asian groups ? we're not the biggest one or not the smallest one we're not the most poorly performing one why should we be selected?both moms feel that this data could end up hurting their kid's chances when they are applying for college. they'd rather just check one box for asian.i don't think any group should be divided and especially small groups. if they wanted to have fair and equal opportunity we should all get into a colorblind national origin blind society that could really provide equal based an equal opportunity for all kidseducation should be colorblind national origin blind it should be equal to all peopleit turns out this data is being collected because of a state law that passed in 2011. it was a law supported by several asian and pacifica islander civil rights groups as a way to identify populations that are struggling.i spoke with the executive director of chinese for affirmative action who says it's the collection of data like this that can prove if kids rom a particular sector of the community are being discriminated against.he believes all communtiies should work towards growing the overall spaces available at higher education institutions. maureen kelly kron4 news
6:17 pm
the man accused of shooting a sacramento county sheriff's deputy in the face has been arrested...... catherine heenan is here with what we just learned about the suspect in the incident that happened last night at a transit light rail station in sacramento.. and his ties to the bay area.... (catherine) new video shows people scrambling out of the motel where the suspect was arrested today... we now know he is a 27-year- old man named nicory spann.... spann is a san jose native who has a criminal record. he was convicted as an accessory in the slayings of a man and woman in mountain view in connection to a home
6:18 pm
invasion robbery. in 2009 - he also pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property.. he was sentenced to 16 months in prison with credit for time served. the shooting tuesday happened after some kind of argument or fight at the transit station.the deputy was shot in the face with his own gun..... he had surgery on his jaw this morning and is in stable condition. the officer is a four year veteran with the regional transit district police... sgt. tony appears that he made contact with the suspect, was talking with him. we don't know what the conversation was. the suspect then attacked the officer and began fighting with him. our prayers are with the officer, that he makes a full recovery. we know that it's a difficult time for his family right now so our thoughts and prayers are with them. the suspect was arrested today after a swat team searched for him room to room at that motel..officers say that he'd been hiding in
6:19 pm
an alcove... it's not clear yet what the two men were fighting about - or how the suspectmanaged to grab the deputy's gun... pam and steve? ( steve ) g-o-p senate leaders hope more time gets more members on their side as the caucus works to line up support for a stalled health care bill.( pam ) the goal is to get a new draft of the bill in place by friday... before the july 4th recess. emily schmidt, with our partners at c-n-n, has more on what it would take for this republican health care re-set ... to take hold. the story in the senate wednesday is what you don't see...sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- majority leader: "we know we cannot afford to delay on this issue."no vote on the republican-backed health care legislation ...none deal-making keeps the bill behind closed doors.sen. roger wicker/-r- mississippi: "the leadership is trying to get the members to come together and have
6:20 pm
something agreed to by the time we leave on friday."so far, easier said than done. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hasn't found details on issues like opioid funding....medicaid expansion phaseout...and health spending account flexibility... to win enough conservatives and moderates to get 50 votes.sen. bill cassidy/-r- louisiana: "this should not be a republican plan, it should not be a democratic plan, it should be an american plan that puts our national priorities first." sen. patty murray/-d- washington: "what we are urging our republican colleagues to do is throw away this mantra of "repeal obamacare" and work with us through a committee."president donald trump: "we have a little more time to make healthcare perfect." president trump--speaking at an energy rountable--expressed confidence in the bill--while calling its passage tough.. president donald trump: "i think we're going to get at least very close and i think get it over the line."with the vote delay, lawmakers returning to their districts face what a new poll shows are skeptical voters. according to the npr/pbs newshour/marist survey, fewer than one in five americans approve of the republican senate health care
6:21 pm
bill. 55 percent disapprove. public opinion doing little to smooth the gop bill's road to passage. in washington, i'm emily schmidt. let's take a look outside right now for the current conditions in the bay area... (steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the forecast. seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
(pam) we have more coverage of the health care debate. medicaid remains a hot issue and is leading to protests. we look at how much some states could lose ... if the bill passes... and the massive budget hit ... california could take.(steve) and the russia investigation is not dying down. senator dianne feinstein's assessment on whether or not sanctions are the answer the u-s needs.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. california senator diane feinstein is
6:26 pm
referring to russia's meddling in the u.s. presidential election - as the 'crime of the century.' catherine heenan is here with more on today's senate intelligence committee hearing.. (catherine) the hearing today was on russian influence....and senator feinstein had plenty to say.. it was happening as the senate committee confirmed a deal to get former fbi director james comey's memos...of his conversations with president trump.. all of this of course, aimed at pinpointing russia's meddling in the presidential election.... today feinstein said she wonders if sanctions against russia are enough.... in any event, she says.....the list of damage done by russia only continues to grow... the defeat of a candidate, the intrusion into 21 state systems, the continuation, even now, with spear phishing, what's happening in europe. you know, the iron bear is on a march. how do you stop
6:27 pm
that? feinstein says sanctions against russia don't really seem to do much....she also suggested hitting back through the cyber world... the senate intelligence committee meantime, is also asking states to reveal whether their electionsystems were hacked in last year's elections.. pam and steve? (pam) a trial date is now set for a former federal contractor... accused of revealing classified information. the trial is set to begin in october.prosecutors say, a woman reality winner, took classified inormation home from work. ... and gave it to a media outlet. she is charged with leaking information about a 20-16 russian military intelligence cyber- attack... to an online news outlet called "the intercept." winner remains in jail.. she has pleaded not guilty.she could face up to ten- years in prison .... and a fine of up to 250-thousand- dollars. (steve) hungry? this
6:28 pm
might have you rethinking dinner. the whopping number of pounds of prime rib a woman managed to put away... in one sitting!(pam) a lot of big moves in the n-b-a today ... including why kevin durant is waiting to sign a new contract with the warriors. gary will have that story in sports.(steve) and dozens of people arrested during a medicaid protest. a look at just who all loses out and how much of impact the senate bill would have on the state of california.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
( steve ) earlier we told you about the republicans going back to the drawing board when it comes to overhauling the affordable care act. one of the main sticking points remains medicaid.(pam) the initial senate bill had all sorts of cuts .... and has generated a number of protests in washington d-c. kron 4's jason newton looks at the amount of money some states could lose with this plan.. ááánatsááá(sen. cotton kill the bill!)protesters, including a doctor from baltimore.. and a woman in wheelchair, were arrested wednesday at the russell senate office building, while protesting against the
6:32 pm
republican senate healthcare bill inside, democratic senator richard blumenthal railed against the medicaid cuts that would affect connecticut, if the bill passes..sen. richard blumenthal (d-conn)10:42:47 "the impact of these grotesquely cruel and costly cuts to medicaid will be a billion dollars in expenses for connecticut taxpayers." 11 secsmany states like connecticut expanded medicaid under obamacare.. the republican plan reduces the federal dollars that allowed states that optionnew hampshire sen. maggie hassan explained how obamacare benefited one her constituents sen. maggie hassan (d-new hampshire) "the reason bodie, has that phenomenal wheelchair is because of the affordable care act." 7 secspresident trump spoke confidently about the republican plan wednesday president trump"the fact that this health care would be so good, would be far better than obamacare and would be much less expensive for the people, and actually much less expensive far more for the country."surrounded by six doctor organizations all opposed to the bil,l the president of the american academy of pediatrics, disagrees with the president
6:33 pm
trump's prediction..fernando stein, m.d./ american academy of pediatrics"if enacted, this legislation would cause millions of people to lose their health coverage. including those with employee- sponsored insurance." 9 secsin washington, jason newton. ( steve ) california could really pay the price under the current proposal. the state department of health care services says the budget could take a 30-billion dollar hit... every year. its analysis shows the overall impact would be about 114- billion dollars on the state's budget between 2020 and 2027. the costs would largely come from reductions in federal medicaid funding. close to 4-million residents are on medi-cal... the state's insurance program for the poor.
6:34 pm
news. > investigators here at the walnut creek police department have identified christopher newton as the suspect whole stole a wallet investigators here at the walnut creek police department have identified christopher newton as the suspect whole stole a wallet from just be yoga studio and allegedly committed credit crd fraud at a target in pittsburgin walnut creek haaziq madyun kron4news (maureen kelly)
6:35 pm
nearly a dozen subgroups unlike white black or latino families.the moms feel that this data could end up hurting their kids chances at getting into college.a spokesperson with the state deparment of education says they began collecting this data after a law passed in order to track how kids from these subgroups are doing in school so they can provide help to those that need it.maureen kelly kron4 news> its here at the wiley manuel courthouse in oakland where north county suspects are arraigned. but next month that will change when all in custody arraignments will take place at a new courthouse in dublin across from the santa rita jail. the alameda county public defender opposes this plan saying it will prevent families from getting to dublin and keep defendants in custody longer. the public defender has scheduled a noontime news conference for thursday where he'll be joined by families of suspects, in oakland , dan kerman kron4news
6:36 pm
in dublin... fireworks are officially for sale. everything on the shelves at 13 fireworks booths across the city are considered safe and sane. and, you are allowed to use what you buy from 10 a-m until 10 p-m on the fourth of july at four designated parks in dublin. a percentage of the proceeds made at each booth will go to the non-profit organizations the volunteers inside the booths are working for. and, the booths will stay open through the holiday. in dublin, philippe djegal, kron four news. chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now... seasonable summer pattern in
6:37 pm
place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
6:38 pm
(steve) joey chestnut may have some serious competition. a woman chows down on prime rib... wait till you hear how much she managed to eat for dinner.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
a woman sets a new eating
6:41 pm
record.... at a steakhouse in wisconsin.( steve ) she chowed down one slab of meat after anotheron her way to victory. molly schuyler travels the country as a competitive eater. she accepted an invitation from ward's steak house in milwaukeewhich has an honor roll of people who have eaten large amounts of prime rib in a single sitting. but this perforance puts them all to shame. when schuyler was done, she had polished off 22 and a half pounds of meat. she nearly doubled the previous record of 11 point five pounds. in sports... steph curry decides to try his hand at professional golf...... and what a debut for one giants player... and he had tpo wait a while... gary has the highlights... and all the sports... coming up
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
giants trying to sweep another team for the first time this season...jae gyun hwang (jay- hyoong-wong) the south korean making his major league dubet at 29 years of agetop 1st/ scorelessnolan arenado blooper to center of ty blach two runs score 2-0 rockies (blach: 6 1/3 ip, 3 runs, 1 earned)bottom 3rdarenado dives to snag blach's grounder gets ball back and throws from his buttocks to get block at 1stbottom 4th/ 2-1 rockiesnick hundley deep down the left field line and out for a 2-run home run.. 3-2 giantsbottom 6th/ 3-3 tie hwang gets a hold of one and his first major league hit is
6:46 pm
a home run but ended up being a game-winning home run at 29 years and 335 days hwang becomaes the oldest giant since at least 1913 to homer in his major league debut final: 5-3 giantsgiants get first sweep of the year (3 games) mark melacon was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a sore forearm chris paul is headed to
6:47 pm
houston after agreeing to a sign and trade deal with the clippers earlier todaythe trade will send paul to the rockets while the clippers will receive six players and a 2018 first-round pick...paul opted out of his contract and informed the clippers of his intent to sign with houston and the two sides quickly made a deal...the nine-time all star was supposedly dissatisfied with clippers head coach doc rivers after he refused to trade his son austin rivers to the knicks in a deal that would have landed carmelo anthony in los angeles... paul will now team with james harden in what instantly becomes one of the league's most dangerous back courts...though it will be interesting to see who has the ball in his hands more phil jackson is officially unemployed as the new york knicks and owner james dolan released their president of basketball operations early this morning... the two sides agreed to a buy-out with the 11-time nba champion with two years still remaining on his contract... jackson had signed a 5-year, 60 million dollar deal with the knicks in 2014.... dolan and company will jackson's replacement in the coming days as nba free agency begins july 1st... kevin durant will resign long-term with the
6:48 pm
champion warriors but is in no rush to do so... the finals m-v-p said he will hold off until the end of july to sign with golden state because he wants the team to focus on other off-season acquisitions... durant also previously stated that he is willing to take less money to help the n-b-a's best team retain its core players... the seven-time all n-b-a player is elligible for a max contract....but after tasting victory at the highest level...winning seems more important to him than getting paid the max... bt he will still make more than 30 million per season steph curry will take a shot at a professinal golf tournament in about a month he will play in the tour event at tpc stonebrae in haward the first week of august curry who is a scratch golfer will compete on an unrestricted sponsor exemption his amateur status you may remember in 2014 jerry rice
6:49 pm
tried his hand on the nationwide tour also at tpc stonebraemaintaining he did not fair well finishing next to last and missing the cut at 17-over
6:50 pm
warrior general manager bob myers returned to his high school alma mater todayhe was accompanied by draymond green and green's high school coach lou dawkins at monte vista high school in danvilleit was a celebration of myers 2nd nba executive of the year award as well as green's defensive player of the year award green's coach had a story from when they were bounced from the state playoffs his sophomore year while myers was self effacing as usual (sot: myers & lou dawkins) "my freshman high school coach...he seriously said to me 'we are better if you don't shoot"....just so you guys know, you're life can turn in a good way""he called me around six o'clock in the morning and got me out of bed and in the gym with him and the rest of the players that was on the team...and the next two years we went 54-2...two state championships..." new 49ers general manager john lynch played for bill walsh at
6:51 pm
stanford lynch explained how it was walsh who convinced him to give up a pro baseball career to play a football position he had recently switched too"i was off playing pro baseball and i was going to take that opportunity with the marlins and bill called me up and i had just played a little bit my junior year and first year at safety and bill called me up and said...'listen, i know you have this opportunity with the marlins, but i think you can be a pro bowl safety,' hear....i had just switched to saftey, i hadn't played but 50 percent of the snaps and bill walsh is telling me i can be a pro- bowler at the next level...but like you would expect...he didn't just tell me he made a tape...he would show a play i made my junior year and then he'd show a play of ronnie lott and he said 'tell me what's different'...he made a good case and he inspired me to come back...i had a great year and history" and tune into sports night live this sunday at 9pm for the full lynch interview as he hits on all topics "49ers" (pam) the force is strong with one star wars fan. how
6:52 pm
much someone paid... to become the proud owner of one of the r-2 d-2 droids ... from the popular movie series.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
an r-two-d-two unit that was used in several " star wars" films has been soild at auction. the price to own the little robot nearly three- million bucks. the auction house " profiles in history" says... the 43- inch tall unit was sold for two-
6:55 pm
point- seven- million dollars today. right now it is not known who purchased the droid it was the most expensive item offered in a movie memorabilia auction. last weather and goodbye
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- katy perry gets candid about those infamous paddleboarding photos with ex orlando bloom. >> he was just trying to show off to all the people back at the shore. >> and why she just fanned the flames of her feud with taylor swift. then, "bachelor in paradise" returns with a new sex rule. >> i don't think any girl actually feels secure. and number three -- steve carell's silver fox status has gone viral. >> what have you thought about all this response, the reaction? >> i love it. >> how it's changing his home life. >> my wife finally said she's in love with me. plus, your "insider" bonus. meet the new cast of "big brother." >> i am an auctioneer and a rodeo clown.
7:00 pm
>> who you'll be talking about all summer long. >> my life motto -- i don't go anywhere without a beer cozy. and tom holland gets candid about the restrictive role of his spider-man suit. >> what's the most uncomfortable part? >> probably the male region, if i'm honest. now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> katy perry seemingly throws more fuel to her bad blood fire with taylor swift. i don't see these two doing a duet anytime soon. >> neither do i, but more importantly, remember those orlando bloom naked paddleboarding photos? well, katy is finally revealing something else about that very exciting time. keltie has tonight's number one tracking story -- katy's blooming confession. >> remember the photos we saw of you and orlando, he was nude? who needs him? why weren't you also nude in that? what was going on there? >> i've had lots of therapy about that moment actually.


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