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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(pam) tonight at ten:bart says... it now has working cameras in all their trains. this is the view from the new surveillance camera. but there is a catch.... noone is actually watching the bart cameras in real time. good evening i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. tonight -- that fact is causing some concern. bart had promised to add cameras every train last year. that's after a man was killed on bart... it turned out many of the cameras on trains were either not working -- or decoys. new
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tonight -- we look into whether the newest safety upgrade goes far enough. kron4's hermela aregawi talked to the former bart police chief.
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(steve) breaking news we are following out of sacramento county:police in rancho cordova are investigating the death of a toddler who was found inside of a car... this is new video from the scene... as of right now...a man and woman have been detained and are being questioned by the last 30 minutes - we learned one of those two people is related to the child. just after noon today police found an s-u-v parked in the wrong direction on a popular street...officers approached the car and saw two people inside... one man inside had an outstanding warrant out of arkansas... and as officers began searching the car they found the body of a toddler covered with blankets in the backseat... we are contuing to get information - and we'll bring you more details as soon as they become available. (pam) developing news tonight:we are tracking a number of fires burning across
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california.... the latest one was in burbank... where it came dangerously close to homes .... the fire forced mandatory evacuations throughout the day... the fire started around three- this afternoon... firefighters were spraying water all around it .. to prevent the flames from getting to homes. crews managed to contain the fire... they are now keeping an eye out for any hot spots. (pam) also tonight -- firefighters are trying to get a handle on a wildfire that sparked yesterday in san bernardino county... so far... more than 600- acres have burned ... and it is only 40- percent contained... 560 -firefighters are battling the flames... authorities have lifted the mandatory evacuations in the area... but highway- 330, which is near the area of the fire, is still closed tonight. (steve) several wildfires are burning in the golden state state... here is map showing just where they are burning... most of them are in the central valley and southern california areas... (steve) while the bay area has avoided a major
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wildfire so far this fire season.. there have been some scares...(pam) today in san jose.... a brush fire came dangerously close to homes. kron4's j-r stone spoke to those in the neighborhood who said, they heard fireworks before the fire broke out. (j.r.)the home directly behind me is one of at least two that came dangerouslsy close to flames. you can see behind me the area that burned. you can also see where flame retardent was dropped in the distance. (steve) the "pine fire' we told you about yesterday in marin county is (steve) the "pine fire' we told you
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about yesterday in marin county is fully contained. we now know it started when a falling tree limb hit a power pole. the fire burned about 38 acres in a rural part of the county... near kent lake. the closest home to the fire was about two miles away. (pam) the weather will be heating up.. i'm here in the weather center with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
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holiday. 4th of july through the 4th of july holiday. (steve)california isn't the only western state dealing with wildfires.crews are also tackling big blazes in utah and arizona. today nasa relased images showing the smoke visible from space. the brian head fire utah began on on june 17.. it has burned more than 54-thousand acres and is 10-percent contained.
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the goodwin fire in arizona is about 18-thousand acres in size and is only 1-percent contained. (pam) happening now - a crime warning.a wallet thief and credit card fraud suspect... known for targeting bay area yoga studios has struck again... this time at the 'just-be- yoga' studio in walnut creek. the thief was captured on surveillance video. police investigators say, the suspect is likely targeting small fitness studios ... because of the low security profile (pam) police identify the wallet thief and credit card fraud suspect as christopher newton. investigators say, after stealing wallets, newton is known to take taxi-cabs to stores like target .... to
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rack up thousands of dollars in charges using stolen credit cards. (steve) in san jose tonight....police are investigating what appears to be an attempted murder-suicide. officers responded to a shooting on creston lane by mclaughlin avenue in san jose around 9:00 a.m. and found a man dead in the middle of the street shortly after... they found a woman in a nearby home who was also shot and injured.. police blocked off creston lane for about three hours as they investigated... police say the man called 9-1-1 after trying to kill the woman and then shot and killed himself... that's when the woman ran away into a nearby home and called 9-1-1 in the home... the woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries... no word on her condition tonight... (pam) a judge has set bail at $6- million- dollars for a santa cruz brain surgeon ... charged with sexually abusing children. doctor james kohut is facing 11- counts of sexually abusing children under the age of 14. he was arrested in his santa cruz home last month. .
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. along with two nurses. they are charged with participating in child sex abuse with the 57-year-old. kohut has plead not guilty. (sot) "we believe that the dollar number that should've been involved in his bail should've been at 40 million dollars. we definitely appreciate the court's analysis, but nonetheless we are concerned that that will not be sufficient to protect the public."prosecutors had opposed bail for kohut. . .saying the neurologist is a public danger who recruits women to help find child victims (steve) coming up:a bay area school enrollment form is causing controversy... why some asian families fear the information they're being forced to provide -- could impact their children's future. (pam) then a youtube stunt goes horribly wrong..tonight -- how a young couple's plan to go viral ended with one person dead -- and the other in police custody. (steve) and next: safe and sane fireworks go on sale
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around the bay area.. but be careful where you light them up... because it could land you in some serious trouble.
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(steve) we are now less than a week away from the fourth of july... some bay area cities do allow certain fireworks.... known as "safe and sane" fireworks. kron4's philippe djegal was in dublin... where the fireworks booths are now open for business. (philippe)nats- "you pay
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$19.99 and you get both of these." when you're among the first in line like the vaupen family... take your pick.aidan vaupen/14- years-old- "we got luck of the irish and the 49er pack." 13 fireworks booths are now open in the city of dublin. and, as long as you're 18 or older, you can make a purchase. lauren madigan/buying fireworks- "i thought sparklers would be fun, ha." all of the fireworks sold in booths like this one are considered safe and sane... and, if you need confirmation... check out the box of what you purchase... and, look for the seal of approval from the state fire marshall.kevin ferrell/buying fireworks- "some of the old favorites, you know, snakes and piccolo pete's and stuff like that." kevin ferrell -- buying his fireworks from a group of volunteers raising money for booster clubs at dublin high school.rosemary brassea/volunteer- "on the fourth, right up until we close, yes, it is very busy." feel free to light your fireworks in the city of dublin... but only at designated areas. if you own a single famly home, you can use your driveway.shari
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jackman/city of dublin- "we of course, ask that they stay away from all vegetation, trash cans, uh, fences and that sort of thing." and, if you live in an apartment building or complex... head to one of four parks where city of dublin spokesperson shari jackman says fireworks are allowed. shari jackman/city of dublin- "emerald glen park, shannon park, the dublin sports grounds, and alamo creek park. and, people can use them on the fourth of july between the hours of 10am and 10pm." aiden vaupen and family are looking forward to it.aiden vaupen/14-years-old- "i think its fun, i like to hangout with my friends and lighting of some fireworks and eating some food." bring some water too... to stay hydrated and to douse off you're used fireworks before throwing them in the trash. in dublin, philippe djegal, kron four news. (steve) in addition to are a few other bay area cities that allow safe and sane fireworks... pacifica, petaluma, rohnert park, petaluma and newark.we have a complete list on our website -- kron4-dot-com. (pam) calfire is reminding everyone to do their part to prevent fires and injuries caused by fireworks... here are some tips to stay safe this holiday... buy
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only state fire marshal approved 'safe and sane' firworks... have a bucket of water and a hose nearby in case of a fire. never attempt to re-light... or fix fireworks. and remember.. if you have illegal fireworks, you could face a fine of up to 50-thousand dollars and a possible one year jail time... they say two out of five fires are caused by fireworks on fourth of july... (pam) law enforcement around the bay area.... now cracking down on illegal fireworks... now they are turning to new technology to help catch people in the act. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows you a new app... that makes it quick and easy .. to report illegal fireworks. illegal fireworks might seem like harmless fun but they can start fires and cause injuries "illegal fireworks are monitored they're not overseen by any kind of state agency that determines how fast the fuses will ignite the
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explosive device the size of the blast area a lot of children unfortunately are injured nationwide every year by illegal fireworks"chris clements is with the pacifica police department like other cities across the country they are asking their residence to report illegal fireworks being sold or set off through this new called "nail em". "apps are the way that a lot of people are communicating these days and i think it's a great way to in kaiser community i think they want people see that something that they can download for free until they have it with them. they happen to see you soon activities is matter opening the app entering a few fields and then send me the report to the police department"in the report you create that is sent to local law enforcement you can enter notes, add pictures, you can add your location via gps map.. all this information neatly organized in a mini report will help the police track down the offenders " if you're not sure what fireworks are allowed while the stuff they selling these tnt booth that you'll see me across the bay area those are illegal and here's what's illegal" "the definition of everybody is if it has the state fire marshal seal on it then it's legal to possess it's something that doesn't fly it doesn't burst into flames or explode in your
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hand something like that"with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. (pam) celebrate july fourth with kron-4. we will be bringing you fireworks from across the bay area. 'july 4-th live' kicks off tuesday night at 9 p.m. - right here on the bay area's news station. seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday.
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very well... we could have a big surprise> (steve) another big story tonight:president trump teasing a possible big surprise... as gop sentate leaders try to line up more support for the stalled republican health care bill. the goal is to get a new draft of the bill in place by friday... before the july 4th recess. reporter emily schmidt is tracking developments. the story in the senate wednesday is what you don't see...sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- majority leader: "we know we cannot afford to delay on this issue."no vote on the republican-backed health care legislation ...none
10:21 pm deal-making keeps the bill behind closed doors.sen. roger wicker/-r- mississippi: "the leadership is trying to get the members to come together and have something agreed to by the time we leave on friday."so far, easier said than done. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hasn't found details on issues like opioid funding....medicaid expansion phaseout...and health spending account flexibility... to win enough conservatives and moderates to get 50 votes.sen. bill cassidy/-r- louisiana: "this should not be a republican plan, it should not be a democratic plan, it should be an american plan that puts our national priorities first." sen. patty murray/-d- washington: "what we are urging our republican colleagues to do is throw away this mantra of "repeal obamacare" and work with us through a committee."president donald trump: "we have a little more time to make healthcare perfect." president trump--speaking at an energy rountable--expressed confidence in the bill--while calling its passage tough.. president donald trump: "i think we're going to get at least very close and i think we're going to get it over the line."with the vote delay, lawmakers returning to their districts face what a new poll shows are skeptical voters. according to the npr/pbs newshour/marist
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survey, fewer than one in five americans approve of the republican senate health care bill. 55 percent disapprove. public opinion doing little to smooth the gop bill's road to passage. in washington, i'm emily schmidt. (steve) protesters shouted and held signs as president trump arrived at his first re- election fundraiser. donors for the event, at the trump international hotel in washington, paid 35-thousand dollars to attend. the fundraiser was supposed to be open to the press... but that changed at the last minute because of what the white house called "some confusion." this event comes two and a half years sooner than either president obama or president george w. bush started re-election fundraising. (pam) still ahead new at ten:the owner of a blimp that crashed .... is ánotá buying the official explanation.. he says, it was something far more sinister that brought down the blimp ...tonight -
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we have the 9-1-1 call which he says proves it. (steve) and next:a change to the way your credit score is calculated... just how much some people's scores could soon go up.
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(pam) millions of americans could see a jump in their credit scores ... when a new law kicks in this weekend. kron 4's justine waldman explains... what will be wiped off of all credit reports... experian, equifax and transunion, are changing their standards starting on july first.the big three credit agencies will wipe out about half of tax liens and almost all civil judgments from credit reports.erica sandberg / consumer money expert sot because they cannot be proven and until the can be proven they can be correct off they go
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consumer finance expert erica sandberg tells me the new law will help about 12 million people get a better credit score.the law is in response to a class action law-suit.. that claimed in many cases people with the same name - one with good credit and the other with bad - would be mixed up. damaging the good persons score.sot because simply there were too many mistakes too many consumers said where did that come from? hey i paid it? or that isn't even mine.people impacted could see their scores jump 20 to 40 points.a better credit score should make it easier to get loans, credit cards and mortgages approved.sot you want to have a credit score of 740 750 so if you are not quite there this gets you end up with a far better mortgage and you pay less over all.but this could be a law with unintended consequences. consumers may appear more credit-worthy than they really are.sot they may just increase credit rates across the board because they take a greater risk justine waldman heads-up, just because those marks from tax liens or civil judgements not appear on your credit score after the first of july... it does not mean they've totally vanished. you still have to to pay them off. in the newsroom justine waldman kron
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4 news. (steve) coming up:we are learning more about the suspect accused of shooting a sacramento sheriff's deputy.. and his link to a high profile bay area crime. (pam) then:the young couple's youtube stunt.. that left the man dead ... and the woman in police custody. (steve) tonight a group of asian
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parents in the east bay...are raising questions about why their school district is asking for more detailed racial information about their kids.(pam) kron4's maureen kelly talked to two pleasanton mothers who say, the practice is unfair and they want it changed. i feel uncomfortable very uncomfortable because i don't know why you're doing this what's the purpose? what makes lucy ye uneasy is the registration form she was asked to fill out before entering her 5 year old son kevin into his transitional kindergarten class at the beginning of the last school year.under the section entitled what's your child's
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ethnicity.parents can chose latino or not latino, white, african american.but when there not just one box for asian.instead there are more than a dozen different asian subgroups. korean japanese chinese vietnamese and all of those countries in asia. why should we do that?sylvia tian is another pleasanton mom who doesn't think it's fair that asian parents are being asked to diferentiate themseleves in this way.why single out asians why single out all the countries? in asia? that's not correctboth moms feel that this data could end up hurting their kid's chances when they are applying for college.the pleasanton school district says they are just complying with legislation requiring the collection of this data that passed in 2011. a spokesperson with the state deparment of education says they use the data to track how kids from these subgroups are doing in school so they identify those who need more help.the law that required the state to collect this demographic data was co sponsored by several asian and pacific islander civil rights should be colorblind national origin blind it should be equal to
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all people the group that wants to see this practice end met with state assmemblywomab catherine baker of san ramon who says she will look into the issue and the possiblity of crafting new legislation. maureen kelly kron4 news (steve) another big story tonight:a sacramento county sheriif's deputy is recovering.. after being shot in the face last night. deputy alex ladwig is a four year veteran officer... and was working an overtime shift when he was attacked. (steve) also tonight we're learning more about the suspect accused in the crime. investigators say 27-year-old nicory spann shot the deputy, with the deputy's own service gun. reporter karma dickerson has more on the suspect's past -- including a connection to a high profile bay area crime. nicory spann... charged with
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attempted murder of a peace officer... is now behind bars at the sacramento county jail. the 27 year old is accused of shooting sacramento sheriff's deputy alex ladwig in the jaw tuesday... two weeks after being released from jail for another violent offense. sot-sgt tony turnbull- it's something we see all to often and something we're seeing more frequently sacramento sheriffs sgt. tony turnbull is talking about repeat offenders. in the case of spann... he was ordered back to the sacramento county jail may 24 of this year after the court found he violated his probation for a battery charge in galt.he was released about three weeks later.before that he spent about 2.5 years in a nevada prison between 2013 and 2016 for burglary and attempted burglaryin 2008 he was linked to the high profile murders of two mountainview siblings. prosecutors dropped the murder charge in that case and spann pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property and being an accessory after the fact. turnbull believes spann is just an example of a larger problem.sgt tony turnbull- there's no accountability and people realize that so we're seeing a lot more of this
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(steve) we do an update on the deputy's condition... he has undergone surgery -- and is in stable condition. (pam) happening now: fremont police are re-opening the investigation .... into a woman who went missing more than 20- years ago. the decision to reopen the case .... comes after police obtained potential new evidence. then, 25- year-old sheri lynn muhleman went missing back in 1989. she was last seen packing up her things from her boyfriend's fremont house at the time. they shared a daughter. police say, based on current witness statements and physical evidence ... they believe muhleman was the victim of homicide. but her body was never found. .. (pam) a former san francisco international airport screener... has pleaded 'guilty' to receiving a bribe.. as a public official. joseph scott admits... he turned a blind
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eye. as 50- pounds of cocaine went through his x-ray machine. police say, scott accepted a buy- off of around 45- hundred dollars to allow the drugs to pass. bobby napier the man who bribed scott was sentenced last week to four years. napier admitted to smuggling cocaine and marijuana through s-f-o security for several years ... by paying scott. a total of seven bay area airport screeners face similar charges. . (steve) new at ten:the department of homeland security announcing new changes to airport security for flights arriving in the u-s.airports and airlines that fail to follow the rules. . .could face fines. . .or worse. . .be banned from operating direct flights to the u-s.reporter andy rose has more on the security changes. john kelly/ homeland security secretary: "it is time that we raised the global baseline of aviation security. we cannot play international whack-a-mole with each new threat."after months of rumors that travelers on direct flights to the u.s. could face tightened aviation security
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the department of homeland security announced wednesday what some of these measures will look like. homeland security secretary john kelly described the new security measures as a mix of both "seen and unseen," aiming to protect the almost 200 million passengers that fly in and out of the u.s. each year.airports will conduct more thorough passneger interviews and better vetting of future employees.kelly says travelers can also expect enhanced screening of electronic devices. john kelly/ homeland security secretary: "we will also lay out a clear path to encourage airlines and airports to adapt, excuse me adopt, more sophisticated screening approaches including better use of explosive detection k9's, and advanced checkpoint screening technology."secretary kelly said these and other enhanced security measures--ones officals declined to specificy for security reasons-will be implemented over time. and while kelly didn't announce the "laptop ban expansion" that airlines and passengers have complained about- secretary john kelly says he isn't ruling anything out for the future. john kelly/ homeland security secretary: "make no mistake, our enemies
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are constantly working to find new methods for disguising explosives, recruiting insiders, and hijacking aircraft."i'm andy rose, reporting. (steve)meanwhile. . . the trump administration has set new criteria for visa applicants from six mainly muslim includes requiring "close" family or business ties to the u-s for all refugees. coming upgetting from point a to point b in san francisco has always been a challenge. but some challenges are completely avoidable i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (pam) but first - new at ten:remember the blimp that crashed recently? the owner says, he thinks it was shot down -- and he says there is proof.
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billion users .. . facebook has hit 2 billion users. ceo mark zuckerberg announced the milestone on his facebook page on tuesday, only a few days after he shared the company's new mission statement of "bringing the world closer to together." with 2 billion users, facebook is used by roughly two-thirds of the world's population with internet access, according to 2016 data from the international telecommunicatio ns union. 4 tricks to keep wedding costs low . . .gettmarriage should last forever. the cost of your wedding shouldn't. wedding spending hit a new high in 2016, the knot said in a recent report. the wedding marketplace specialists say average weddings now cost
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$35,329, up eight percent since 2015. meanwhile, the wedding report says the average cost of a wedding rose less than 1 percent, to $26,720 in 2016. something everyone seems to agree on: the cost is too high. i think the wedding industry has monopolized into a business. (steve)the n-t-s-b is blaming a blimp crash, near the u-s open was caused by the airship's outer fabric catching fire after collapsing around the blimp's burners.the blimp crashed june fifteenth about a mile from erin hills in wisconsin, where thousands of (steve) a business.monopolized into industry has think the wedding industry has monopolized into a business.
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (steve)the n-t-s-b is blaming a blimp crash, near the u-s open was caused by the airship's outer fabric catching fire after collapsing around the blimp's burners.the blimp crashed june fifteenth about a mile from erin hills in wisconsin, where thousands of people were gathered for the golf championship. however the c-e-o of the company that owns the blimp suspects that something much more sinister happened. voice of: patrick walsh/ ceo, airsign:"when we dig deeper into it and we look there's no way this should happen." tonight airsign c-e-o patrick walsh is open to the possibility his company's blimp was shot down.voice of: patrick walsh/ ceo, airsign: "then there was multiple events that pieced together definitely raised the question. we don't necessarily believe in coincidences here..."he says this 9-1-1 call could be the smoking gun...voice of: patrick walsh/ ceo, airsign:"they just landed
10:46 pm
a great big blimp off the property next to me and it's scaring the living (expletive) out of my cattle.""can i shoot that son of a (expletive) down?" dispatcher: "no, we'll send a squad right over." caller: "thank you."the washington county sheriff's office interviewed the caller who said he had no intention to shoot the airship and made the comment because he was frustrated.walsh says that call combined with how the blimp crashed leaves him wanting answers.but after the blimp burned up he worries the evidence may be gone.voice of: patrick walsh/ ceo, airsign: "at that point you know no longer was there a lot of physical evidence to work with. so anything that might specifically show bullet holes or a direct cause of the failure, there's limited evidence for them to work with." (steve)the pilot told authorities that he heard a panel tear as he was trying to land.he said he tried to turn off the burners, but the part of the fabric collapsed and caught fire.the pilot was
10:47 pm
treated for serious injuries. no one one the ground was hurt. (pam) a youtube stunt has gone terribly wrong for a young couple in minnesota... now, one of them is dead ... and the other is facing charges... it all started with the couple... 22- year-old pedro ruiz... and his 20-year- old girlfriend monalisa perez... they were trying to achieve youtube fame .. by doing pranks and posting them online... but they felt their pranks were not good enough, so to rack up views, subscribers and notoriety... they amped -up their 'pranks.' ruiz gave a handgun to perez ... and insisted she shoot it at a bible that he was holding... thinking the book would stop the bullet. they even said ... they had already tested it out. but instead, ruiz was shot and killed right in front of his home... (pam) perez and ruiz
10:48 pm
already had one child .... she is seven months pregnant with their second child... now .. she is behind bars charged with reckless discharge of a firearm. seasonable summer pattern in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast right through the 4th of july holiday. giants going for their first sweep on the seasonjae gyun hwang (jay-hyoong-wong) the south korean making his major league dubet at 29 years of age bottom 3rdnolan arenado dives to snag blach's grounder gets ball back and throws from his giants going for their first
10:49 pm
sweep on the seasonjae gyun hwang (jay-hyoong-wong) the south korean making his major league dubet at 29 years of age bottom 3rdnolan arenado dives
10:50 pm
to snag blach's grounder gets ball back and throws from his buttocks to get block at 1st bottom 6th/ 3-3 tie hwang gets a hold of one and his first major league hit is a home run but ended up being a game-winning home run at 29 years and 335 days hwang becomes the oldest giant since at least 1913 to homer in his major league debutfinal: 5-3 giantsgiants get first sweep of the year (3 games) mark melacon was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a sore forearm the a's 2nd of 3 games in houstongeorge springer. and the astros with the best record in baseballthe a's hit
10:51 pm
five home runs including two bykhris davis this his 2nd homer a 3-run job 5-4 a's (davis: 21st home run)but the astors score 11 runs all one run at a timejosh reddick the former "a" had 3 three of those rbi to go with 3 hits and 2 runs scoredfinal: 11-8 astrosall-star vote- leader yonder alonso had to ater fouling a ball off his yet on his condition steph curry will take a shot at a professinal golf tournament in about a month he will play in the tour event at tpc stonebrae in haward the first week of augustcurry who is a scratch golfer will compete on an unrestricted sponsor exemption his amateur status you may remember in 2014 jerry rice tried his hand on the nationwide tour also at tpc stonebraemaintaining he did not fair well finishing next to last and missing the cut at 17-over
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warrior general manager bob myers returned to his high school alma mater todayhe was accompanied by draymond green and green's high school coach lou dawkins at monte vista high school in danvilleit was a celebration of myers 2nd nba executive of the year award as well as defensive player of the year awardmyers was self usual(sot: myers) "my freshman high school coach...he seriously said to me 'we are better if you don't shoot"....just so you guys know, you're life can turn in a good way" are you ready for klay thompson dancing in china?... thompson is there for his chinese shoe company... "anta"... but took some time
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to hit the clubs as he gets down to some electronic dance music (e-d-m)...edm is especially big in china and the crowd was getting into it with the two-time champion... steph curry replied... posting... "having the time of his life 14 cry-laughing emojis. (pam) next at the top of the hour. wildfire season.. ramping up across california. hear from one bay area family who took action when flames came dangerously close to their home. stay tuned for kron 4 news at 11... the day's big stories and your forecast.. in half the time. (steve) but first...a brand new edition of people behaving badly stanley roberts breaks out to show just how many people double park in the bay area.that's next.
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in san francisco you've no doubt found yourself stuck behind someone with their 'park anywhere' lights activated .... or in laymans terms.. their hazard lights. (pam) well among the worst culprits are uber and lyft drivers who are clogging city streets ... and its making lots of other drivers see red.. getting from point a to point b in san francisco has always been a challenge. but some challenges are completely avoidable roll you window down there is a parking space behind you why didn't you just park instead of blocking traffic im just in a hurry sir what i'm just in a hurry you were in a hurry yea so everyone else in not in a hurry i caught sight of the
10:58 pm
uber eats driver while i was cruising down chestnut street in san francisco, i go around the block expecting him to be gone ...but before i could even get there .see this right turn only sign? watch this driver with her right turn signal on turn left nats ambiance as i approach the double parked uber eats which made this muni bus cross into oncoming traffic behind the car was a perfectly usable parking spot it's commercial until 11 it was 11:30 i just never updated the dashcam timestamp nat: ambiance allow me to introduce you to a new feature i call dashcam follies where i simply drive around and see what my dashcam captures like this uber passing me up by using the transit lane as a work around ..not permitted nats: ambiance how about this uber using the bicycle lane to pass on the right of me . again not permitted it had uber and lyft dress trade on the front but not on the back as required by state lawthis red uber again double parked on
10:59 pm
chestnut street with no clear intention to move so there the driver sitswhile other drivers are forced to go around nats ambiance ok now im not sure if this driver is broke down or simply stopped on ofarrell it had no decals so i not sure what going on it was just sitting there nats: ambiance now to be fair its not just uber and lyft because finding delivery trucks double parked has become standard operating procedure if there is parking available but the truth is when you have 47 thousand ridehail drivers from all over the state converge on san franciso parking where ever they like and often blocking traffic to the point where it making people upset very upset so uber and lyft drivers, if you can find legal place to park, maybe just maybe people won't have so many negative preceptions . remember preception is the new reality in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) now at 11...
11:00 pm
several fires are burning across the state right now.. and it's only going to get hotter. im steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore... while the bay area has avoided any major wildfires.. so far. there have been some close calls. kron4's j.r stone spoke with one south bay family... who says, a fire came dangerously close to their home. (j.r.)the home directly behind me is one of at least two that came dangerouslsy close to flames. you can see behind me the area that burned. you can also see where flame retardent was dropped in the distance. homeowners using hoses to protect their homes in san jose on wednesday as a fire tore through the hillside grass.sot just a big line of fire probably ten feet talljoe martarano said workers at his house alerted him to the flames.sot before they saw the smoke they heard bottle rockets going off and firecrackers and shortly after that they saw the smoke and that's why they came and got me.


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