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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 30, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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(steve) our top story.... president donald trump's controversial travel ban is moving forward. i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore... the revised travel ban limits travel from six- muslim countries.. they are libya, syria, sudan, yemen, somalia, and iran... the ban is in effect and it is already facing a new legal challenge.(steve) kron4's ella sogomonian is at san francsico international airport... where she got reaction to this controversial move.... deja vu at the san francisco international airport. immigration attorneys yet again huddled in the arrivals section plastering contact information in case anyone may need legal help in light of a travel ban that went into effect at 5 o' clock thursday night.sot: nuhra abusamra, aroc immigration attorney//
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"we've been advising them of course know your rights. that's huge. as a green card holder you have rights. of course you are entitled to an attorney. if you are in detention and are undergoing questioning by a government official."confusion rippled across the nation this week when the supreme court partially approved the ban on travelers from 6 majority muslim countries -that's libiya, iran, sudan, somalia, yemen and syria. the newest version requiring travelers provide proof of a bona fide relationship with a family member in the united states. sot: nuhra abusamra, aroc immigration attorney // "those that have visas and do not have this bona fide relationship as stated in the legislation in the law will also be affected it's not just those seeking to obtain a visa status."that include s a parent, spouse, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling already in the united states but leaves out grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, and uncles or other extended family not deemed by the government to be "close" (nats: )so a small group of protestors gathered the same night at 5 to share their outrage with what they call is a fascist administration imposing xenophobic law.sot:
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xochitl johnson, refuse fascism oranizer// "we're at a period where we can't wait for another election andwe can't rely on the courts as we've seen now. the people themselves have to come out into the streets and that's why i'm here."sot: rafael kadaris, refuse fascism protestor// "and we're here to say no not in our name will we allow you to ban a whole religion of people. muslims are human beings they do not deserve to be treated as less than."tag the travel ban does not apply to refugees who were already granted asylum and on their way to the u.s. before 5 o clock tonight. for more answers on who is impacted and how log onto kron 4 dot com at sfo ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) the house of represenatatives.. passed two bills today that target undocumented immigrants. the first one is the "no sanctuary for criminals act"... it allows the government to deny federal funds to so-called sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with ice officials. the
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second one is kate's law... the law is named after the young pleasanton woman kate steinle. steinle was struck by a bullet nearly two years ago while walking on pier 14 with her father. the man charged with murder in steinle's death, is a mexican citizen with a prior history of drug convictions and deportations. "kate's law" ... would 'increase' maximum penalties for undocumented immigrants who enter the u-s illegally ... after being deported. both bills are now headed to the senate... (steve) san francisco... which is arguably the most famous sanctuary city... is poised to pay an undocumented immigrant nearly 200-thousand dollars... (pam) and it's all because of violating its own policy. kron4's maureen kelly talked to the man's attorney earlier today who says the man was turned over to ice by s-f-p-d. back in 2015 pedro figueroa zarceno showed up to the
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police station to recover his stolen car.instead of a getting his ride back..he was turned over. < about how was was lead to ice.>his lawyer says this all stemed because he had a civil warrant issued by an immigration judge on his recordnot a criminal warrant. the asian law causus says the city has admitted they violated the spirt of their sanctuary city policy and have agreed to pay the el salvador native 190-thousand dollars. speaking through his attorney the san francisco resisden t says what happened to him was an injustice.his attorney says while she is happy for this settlement today she is unsettled by today's votes in congress cracking down on the undocumented and the santuary cities that shield them.bite the board of supervisors are expected to vote on the settlement next month.maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(steve) a big story tonight a fire came dangerously close to homes in east san jose.. residents say they saw the flames outside of their homes around four oclock this afternoon... after calling 9-1-1 they took matters into their own hands and quickly jumped into action doing everything they could to keep the fire from spreading to their homes. the fire burned about 80
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acres.. fire fighters were able to put it out pretty quickly...thankfully no one was injured and no structures were damaged. (pam) wildfires are burning across the west coast... in colorado... one home was destroyed and at least 150 others evacuated.. the fire has grown to 360 acres. itstarted wednesday night and is about 25-percent contained. in arizona a fire north of phoenix has burned roughly 21-thousand acres. the governer has declared a state of emergency for yavapai county.. crews say the high temperatures and strong winds are keeping the fire is now 43- percent contained. and in utah the fire out there has burned more than 55 thousand acres... destroying 21 homes.
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it started almost two weeks ago...and is only 20 percent contained. (steve) tonight -- we learning about an attack on happened the same day new security cameras were installed on trains. it happened around 11:15 lasst night on a train bound for dublin. bart says a person was punched. then four suspects -- believed to be under 18 -- grabbed the victims phone and ran out of the east dublin station. bart police say they are still reviewing the video. the new cameras come more than a year and a half after it was discovered bart had been using some decoy cameras on trains. (pam) an argument between two close friends turns deadly ... when one allegedly runs the other down with her car. now the driver is facing murder charges. it happened around 7:15 -tuesday morning , at the intersection of north leigh avenue and montemar way, in campbell... police say, it all started when two women were arguing inside the car... the driver pulled
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over ... and they started arguing in the street , before police say, 23-year- old elsie de la rosa ... got back behind the wheel.. and ran the other woman over before taking off... de la rosa was arrested the next day and she is now being held without bail... it is not clear what led to the altercation or why it turned deadly. and police have not yet released the identity of the victim... this is the city of campbell's first homicide in two -years. (philippe djegal) here in petaluma... a 23-year-old man arrested for mutiple sex crimes against a 15-year-old boy.paul gilman/petaluma police dept.- "they met on the social media app, grindr, and that's how they ultimately met." the petaluma police department says alex battaglia had sex with the boy. the two met on three occasions. intially, police say battaglia may not have been aware the boy was a minor --
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he may have lied about his age... but eventually battaglia did find out and yet continued to meet with the boy. the app users to verify their true age. in petaluma, philippe djegal, kron four news. (steve) still ahead... waking up to another round of fog around the bay area... chief meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete forecast... seasonable summer pattern will
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remain in place with a marine layer along the coast leading to areas of night and morning low clouds followed by sunny afternoons away from the coast. these conditions are expected to continue through the 4th of july holiday. ( pam )( pam ) ( pam ) you can celebrate 4th of july with kron-4.
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