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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 1, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight, did jay-z just say he's sorry for cheating on beyonce? and, what he's revealing about their twins. plus, how princess diana is being honored by her son. will harry bring his girlfriend? plus, our megan markle exclusive. >> i guess i'm just disappointed. plus, more trouble for "bachelor in paradise"? lady gaga's secret surprise for her fans. now, for june 30th, 2017,
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this is "entertainment tonight." beyon beyonce's man jay-z dropping a new album and a whole lot more. >> the music has everybody talking, especially after the birth of his new twins. ♪ >> jay-z appears to publicly apologize to beyonce. the release follows beyonce's hugely successful visual album, "lemonade". >> she threw the gauntlet down. for him to just ignore it and not respond, people would all over it. ♪
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♪ you did what with who >> the perspective is of a man who has sinned but who is contrite, living with it, and trying to live on. >> can you tell us how beyonce and jay-z are? >> he has a record coming out. >> anything you can tell us? >> just have a good day. >> in 2013, beyonce talked about having a miscarriage. >> especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world. >> on his new title track, jay-z shares the pain. ♪ ♪ i apologize >> it's more vulnerable, more
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personal. it was a brilliant move, business-wise, narrative-wise, and probably personally to put it out the there like that. >> we'll be following every development all weekend long, go to as "bachelor in paradise" resumes shooting, here's what we know now. >> season four of the reality show started filming less than a week ago, but three of the guys have already been given the boot. vinny, iggiggy, and alex all sa adios to mexico. and some love connections were lost when production halted on june 6th. warner brothers says no
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misconduct occurred. the host chris harrison spoke to the cast, and the two-drink per hour rule was enforced. so, how will the show address the drama? according to our source, the s incident is being talked about on camera. corinne says she was invited to return, but respectfully made the decision not to. and meghan markle is in london so should harry and her reunite? tomorrow marks what would have been princess diana's 56th birthday.
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>> over the years, have not talked enough about our mother. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge and harry will rededicate their mother's grave. >> we will carry on the special gifts that she portrayed when she was alive. >> the private service will include the prince and princess. but the big question, will harry's girlfriend meghan attend? there is no official word from the palace. the special service will include words of reflection and prayer from the archbishop and cant canterbury. >> after 20 years, somebody shifts from being a contemporary path from one of history,
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actually. and diana deserves a place in history. >> the abc special will give an intimate glimpse into the people in her life, nearly 20 years after her tragic passing. >> of all the things about diana, perhaps the most incredible thing, she was the most hunted person in the world. >> and meghan has to take off from the uk pretty soon, because she has to come back to work on "suits" by tuesday. and brooke shields is back in her calvins. but this time, it's underwear. wearing nothing but a white bra and panties, she's on full display as she poses for "social life" magazine. and she said the hard work is starting to pay off. >> the calvin klein piece, it's
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surreal. because decades have gone by. >> brooke was just 15 years old in that iconic ad. and now, she's banned her daughters from modeling until after their finish college. it's a cutthroat and demoralizing business, and you have to be there for auditions and work, and my kids aren't missing school. >> they have enough of being self-absorbed with selfies and, i don't know, all that kind of stuff. it's enough, already. we don't want to add hollywood to it. >> advocating women with curves, brooke adds we shouldn't just see 15-year-old bodies. i don't want to look like a little boy. ♪ lady gaga is returning to the stage. she just wrapped filming "a star is born," and now she's about to
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go on tour. and she's giving us a few secrets. here's one more reason to love lady gaga. kicking off the bud light dive bar tour in a secret location in vegas for selected friends. >> i've made so many amazing friends in dive bars over the years. and they have a special place in my heart. >> last year's gigs were filled with personal stories and stage dives. the singer tweeted yesterday it was so much fun, i had to make one more stop before the world tour. >> music is such a powerful common ground, and i can't wait to continue bringing my music to my fans. ♪ if you can't snag a ticket to the dive bar tour, don't worry. these performances will also be live streamed on bud light's
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facebook page. up next, where we caught j.lo and a-rod. plus, how lily collins' real-life eating disorder helped her brave who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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"e.t." has your exclusive look at julian edelman
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check out bruce willis, kicking off his fourth of jewel holid holiday a little bit early. bryce had fun on splash mountain. singer phil collins' daughter lily is now 28, and she's fstarring in a new netfli movie about a girl with an eating disor tder. and it's a role that struck
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close to home. "into the bone." it resonated with lily, who has revealed in a book that she s suffered from an eating disorder. >> what fears did you have? >> everyone was holding me accountable as an actor and as lily. >> the crew used makeup and digital effects to make her look frail. >> i've come to a better understanding of myself in terms of body image, and food not seen as punishment. >> lily is celebrating her new approach to body health and
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wellness, by posing for "shape". >> magazines for hesitant about putting me in them, because they didn't want to promote a body image that wasn't positive. it was such an empowering day for me. i can say that i've done it. >> lily is kind of the netflix movie queen. she also has "okja," streaming now. coming up, inside anna nicole's mansion on the market. and halle berry on being a hollywood mom.
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pull over now! >> that's halle berry's new movie, "kidnapped". >> halle is here in new orleans, and i talked to the oscar winner as she held a surprise screening of her new action thriller. i hear you're like whooping people's behinds, taking folks out. >> they've got my son! >> i'm being a mama bear, like any mother who has children would be. no different. you son of a -- no! >> halle is mama bear in another
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way. in "kidnapped," she's one of the producers. is it tough being the boss? >> i love being the boss. it's nice to be able to not just be the dancing bear anymore, but to be able to have a hand in who the director, the writer is. and i wanted to be a part of this, because i think it's time for women to be empowered. >> you took the wrong kid. >> halle is all about empowerme empowerment. she said her dramatic oscar win in 2002 now means nothing. >> i thought it meant something, but i think it meant nothing. >> what did you mean by that? >> i feel like it meant something. of course it meant something, i was speechless up there in a way. i guess i'm just disappointed there has not been another woman in 15 years that has stood on that stage like i did that night. >> several women of color won
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the supporting actress award, but not the one she won, best actress. this fall, relaunching her websi website, hallewood. at the same time, she's the single mom of a 9-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. how do you balance the two? >> i feel like the last decade, i've taken a backseat, my career, and spent time with my kids. you only get one chance, but i'm kind of back now. >> by the way, up next for her, the "kingsman" sequel, coming up in the fall. nancy, back to you. let's talk about j.lo's new
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co-star, ray liotta, and a-rod. chatting in between takes while they show off some pda. j.lo's twin. >> my dressing room is right next to jen's. every now and then, i'll go see max. he always wants to play games. >> jennifer seems like a great mom on-set. like she's balancing it all. >> she definitely does. she has a lot going on, but the kids are there a lot. >> do yourself a favor, when i crack, run. >> you can say things went a little south for ray in the season finale of "shades of blue," after being shot. but they wouldn't kill off
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j.lo's boss, would they? do we need to be worried too much about your character's fate? >> no, i'm back. >> and she's hanging out with d.j. khaled. this time, they're at the gym together. >> i have certain songs i want to listen to. >> are there certain roles on your bucket list? >> it would be nice to play something where you're falling in love. >> one more item he wants to knock off his bucket list, acting with meryl streep. this year marks ten years since the death of anna nicole smith. now, her home is up for sale. it's a place where "e.t." found
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anna nicole still in her prime. >> her life was filled with drama. but this nearly ten-acre spread was the one place anna nicole could be herself. now, the ranch is up for sale, the price tag nearly $10 million. >> i perk up when i come home. >> the 6,000 square foot home has a pool and a pond, but there's still room for all the animals anna nicole loved so much. the onetime guess model spent a few days a month at the ranch, and sold it in 1998.
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she always reminded us she was just a downhome country girl at heart. >> got my ranch i always wanted, got my animals. i don't have to go hungry. i've been poor all my life. i can at least say i had it once if i lose everything tomorrow. i at least have that, i did it, i did something i wanted to do. >> her daughter is practically all grown up now. 10 years old, and carrying on her mom's legacy. she and her dad make a point to visit kentucky derby every year, including this year. that's where anna nicole and larry first met. and coming up, look out, bad moms. we have a new crop of ladies getting crazy. >> anything you want, we've got it.
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and we've run out of time tonight, but check out what we've got for you on monday. have a great weekend, everybody. >> take care. these moms just want to have fun. >> you get to sleep at daddy's home tonight. and mom gets some alone time. >> it's our first look at "fun mom dinner." with toni colette. >> i'm babysitting tonight so you can go out and have fun. >> it's not babysitting when they're your kids. >> with adam levine, and paul rudd playing an unlikely drug dealer.
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>> it's very illegal. >> sounds good. >> paul's real-life wife wrote the film. the full "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, jay-z's new album drops and queen bey's hive is losing its mind. ♪ >> how bonnie and clyde are controlling the narrative and profit in the process. >> jay-z would like to sell what he makes in the store he owns. >> then, why dating j.lo is humbling for a-rod. >> the paparazzi was screaming at me. not even in english. get the hell out of the way. >> then, number three, will ferrell comes clean about mariah carey's missing cameo in "the house." >> is it true she showed up late to shoot? >> true. >> why mimi's role became a


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