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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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and i'm justine waldman... if you are celebrating the fourth of july on a boat...the coast guard has some tips for you. kron4s hermela aregawi spoke to officials...and has some advice ...that could save your life. (pkg) this 4th of july.. a guide to staying safe in bay area waters.the coast guard has your back.. but they need your participation.drivers are urged not to drink and operate a boat.the legal blood alcohol level is the same as driving a car.. .08.lieut megan mervar/coast guard:don't boat if you are drinking alcohol because you are not only responsible for your vessel but also those who are out there boating.while you're on the waters.. remember to have a life jacket for everyone on board.and make sure the jackets are easily accessible. there are also other security measures you can put in place. lieut megan mervar/coast guard make sure you've got radios vhf radios. even if you're
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operating a small craft, there are handheld vhf radios. that can be a matter of life and death. if you're able to guard on channel 16 you've got a radio. file a float plan, make sure someone knows where you're going and when to expect you back. that also can be the difference between life and death if someone knows that you're supposed be back at a certain time and you don't show up. they can give the coast guard a call.last year the coast guard saved 4 people celebrating the 4th of july in bay area waters. (hermela aregawi)as far as those vhf radiots.. i was told you can get them from a boating equipment store or some outdoor equipment store like r.e.i.reporting in alameda, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (jrs) drive sober... or get pulled over. law enforcement across the bay area are going to be paying extra attention to impaired drivers. kron 4's ella sogomonian is in contra costa county with the reminder. police will be out in full force in hopes their presence on bay area highways and streets will prevent tragedies on an otherwise fun filled fourth of july weekend.sot: "i'm staying off the roads, hanging at home."but if you
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are on the road expect officers to be on the look out for any sign of drivers under the influence of drugs, alcohol or even medication. sot: it's not worth it. fifteen dollars for an uber or lyft is better than $15,000 for a dui and maybe hurting someone else."local authorities point to research that shows dui crashes are reduced by 20 percent when dui operations happen on a regular basis and are publicized. noting people should help out their friends to make the right decision too.sot: "take their car keys and also make sure they take an uber. there's already going to be a bunch of crazy drivers. so just one less person on the road is a great thing."ride share companies like uber and organizations like mothers against drunk driving are encouraging drivers to call for a car instead of taking a chance behind the wheel. in walnut creek ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) and if want to avoid all the traffic and congestion of the roads... you can enjoy the fireworks show from the comfort of your own home....with kron 4's july 4th live special.... watch live fireworks from around the
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bay area and across the nation. july 4-th live kicks off tuesday at 9 p.m. right here on the bay area's news (j.r.) starting tomorrow.. the price to go across the golden gate bridge will increase by 25 cents. pay by plate drivers will pay seven dollars and seventy five cents. fastrak users will pay six dollars and seventy five cents. car pool prices for drivers will go from four dollars and fifty cents to four dollars and seventy five cents. the increased prices are part of a five year plan to raise 138 million dollars.. the prices will go up by another 25 cents next july. (justine) and is more expensivce to ride muni. single trip fares went up by 25 cents from 2.50 to 2.75 if you're paying for cash. it is now at 2.50 if you're paying by clipper card. monthly passes went up two to three dollars depending on
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what plan you chose. muni says the money will go to making your ride safer, quicker, and smoother. (jrs) in concord. police arrest a connection with a hit-and-run that killed a ten-year-old boyand his five year old brother. an infant and the children's 35-year-old mother.... were seriously injured in the crash. officers arrested lemuel wilson jr they say he caused the crashand that he ran away from the a nearby movie theather. bail is set at half-a-million dollars. the collision happened friday night on the solano way off and on ramps... to highway four. (justine) in the north bay, police are looking for the person who left a car crash... that has left a man in critical condition. police say the suspect is 47-year-old laura ha from napa. but they have not been able to find her yet.. the hit and run crash happened thursday night on redwood road in napa. witnesses say she was in a white cadillac s-u-v and hit a man who was in the
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street. police say ha stopped and got out of the car..but drove away before police got there. the victim is being treated for spinal and neck fractures. anyone with information on where "ha" is should contact napa police. some protesters are responding to president trump's latest twitter headquarters.. take a look... they are projecting this image that reads "cyber bully" on the twitter building.. justin herman plaza was filled sunday with
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the voices and signs of people who don't want to wait three and a half years to get donald trump out of the white house. speakers called trump corrupt - saying he ástill has not divested himself of his business enterprises.they also declared his incompetence to lead the country, and called on congress to launch an impeachment investigation immediately.people at the rally got creative with the signs and postersand even the costumes.soon, they hit the embarcadero for a short march through they ended herman plaza for a final rally call. many of these protesters don't think a republican led congress will do anything, at least a little bit of hope. (jrs) we are getting more details on the hospital shooting in new york that killed one doctor and injured six other people.. authorities say the shooter...identified as henry bello...came to the bronx- lebanon hospital looking for a physician he blamed for losing his job.. but that physician was not there at the time. bello then opened fire.. hospital officials say bello worked at the hospital until feburary of 20-15 when he resigned to avoid being fired. the doctor that was killed has been identified as 32-year-old tracy sin-yee tam.. five of the six others injured are
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in stable remains in critical condition. (justine) and in arkansas. 28 people were injured after a shooting at a concert this weekend. authorities say the rapper who was performing that night...known as "finess-two- times"...has been arrested on unrelated charges.. during his arrest authorities recovered two handguns and an assault rifle... it is unknown if these guns are related to the concert shooting.. police believe the shooting is gang related. ((jrs/live)) the fog is rolling in ...but will it affect your fourth of july fireworks show?(justine) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is back with your complete forecast.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. seasonable weather conditions
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are expected through the week ahead. expect night and morning low clouds along the coast and in the valleys which will give way to mostly sunny conditions inland during the afternoon hours. modest warming is expect today, followed by slight cooling by independence day. but for the most part temperatures will be near to slightly below normal.
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ends sunday.
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- so our big story today is the ongoing problem in pacifica of these homes teetering on the edge of the cliff. we've now added j.r. stone. he's gonna be picking up part of the story for tonight's eight o'clock news. (peaceful piano music) - water's definitely a lot higher now than it was last time, i'll tell you that much. i could walk halfway through here


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