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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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tonight... the entire bay area is gearing up for independence day. i'm steve aveson .(pam) and i'm pam moore... "safe and sane" fireworks are legal in some cities. however in contra costa county they are illegal everywhere you go. kron4's alecia reid spoke with authorities about the stiff penalties if you are caught breaking the law. (pkg) fireworks are always illegal in contra costa county. but that doesn't stop people from lighting themthe fire protection district warns, if caught, there are serious consequences.pkgwarning signs are posted along the wild cat canyon trails. but families living nearby say every year, there are people that set off fireworks in the area. with all the dry brush, it can be disastrous.bala larson - anyone that's you know, heard about the oakland fire, it's
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definitely scarycaptain george laing says there are numerous amounts of injuries that occur each year because of fireworks.. and crews are stretched thin on the fourth because of fires due to the "setting off" of illegal fireworks.our units will receive multiple dispatches in one call, multiple addresses with multiple responses, and there normally will be more than one apparatus going to some kind of incident, and we'll be down to one except for very critical incidents keep in mind there could be felony charges associated with an arrest if someone is injured or property is damaged. it'll also cost you a pretty'll be liable for all the costs of fire protection. for example if we look in this area behind us, if cal fire is needed to assist us in extinguishing a fire and you started that fire using illegal fireworks, then you're responsible for all the costs. for now, homeowners on this stretch are keeping an eye out to make sure their homes survive the fourth of july holiday.whenever we call the fire department or police they've been extremely responsive. they get here in no time. whatever it is, if we're suspicious about something, the neighbors are really good about calling it in, and they've been very quick to respondstandupas a reminder, captain laing says if caught penalties, fines, and jail time, all increase
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depending on the amount of illegal fireworks that are in that individual's possession. reporting live from contra costa county. (pam ) here is the list of bay area cities which allow 'safe and sane' fireworks... in the north bay, rohnert park, petaluma, sebastopol and cloverdale. in the east bay, newark, union city and dublin. on the peninsula -- san bruno and pacifica.. and in the south bay, gilroy. we have the complete list posted on kron-4- dot- com. (steve) in san francisco. pyro technicians just finished setting up for the big fourth of july fireworks show. they loaded 15 to 20 tons of explosive material into morters which are being wired up. it's all happening on two barges which will be brought out to the municipal pier near aquatic park and pier 39. the show will go off at nine:30with roughly 10-thousand effects going off... in just 25
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minutes. (pam)(pam) if you want to avoid the crowds on fourth of july, we have you covered. kron four will be bring you fireworks from across the bay area and the nation. 'july 4-th live' kicks off tomorrow night at 9:00, right here on the bay area's news stat (steve) now at 11...a heartbroken mother with a message.... for the man accused in the deadly hit and run crash ...that left two of her child dead...and another seriously hurt. it happened in concord. kron4's ella sogomonian is in oakland... where the woman's three month old remains hospitalized tonight.(pkg) the mom tells me her three month old son lucca is in critical condition after a hit and run crash caused by a man she calls a coward that should never see the light of day. pkg (nat: "he blindsided me, i never saw it happening.")an east bay family crowded the oakland children's hospital monday in support of aida reyes.the mother lost her 5
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and 10-year-old sons vincent rothenberg and lorenzo reyes in a horrific hit and run crash saturday night on highway 4 on ramp in concord. sot: aida reyes, mother // "i wish i perished along with my children so i could be with them. but i have to be strong and i have to be here for my baby." she is now praying her three month old luciano reyes who is in critical condition survives. sot: aida reyes, mother // "i have to be here to give him support so that i could get justice for his brothers. because my children need justice."35-year-old lumuel wilson is accused of running off after the crash.c-h-p investigators wilson checked into highland hospital where they linked his dna to evidence found at the scene. and add wilson has had at least one dui before.sot: olga miranda, family friend// "thank god for the hospital workers that chose to call the authorities when they did. otherwise the injustice, the guy still wouldn't have turned himself in." sot: aida reyes, mother // "and for anybody who is supportive of this person. i say come see my baby in the
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icu. come see my children in the morgue. and then stand behind this person."tag the family is urging the contra costa county district attorney to revoke a bail option for in oakland ella sogomonian kro n4 news. (pam) shocking new video of a crime in happened near the crooked section of san francisco's lombard street... a popular tourist destination. as kron 4's j.r stone explains... people who live there say, crime is on the rise in their neighborhood. (j.r.)they're after your valuables. in the last week alone people in the area near lombard street have been victimized more than two dozen times.if you're headed to san francisco this july 4th holiday, specifically the crooked section of lombard street.listen up. thieves could be targeting you. this is all new surveillance video of a thief in action. it happened sunday on filbert street, two blocks from lombard street. a family parks their car here. you can even see the woman who after exiting, puts her items back
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inside the car, closes the door, and walk towards the famous section of lombard street. a short time later this man shows up, immediately starts looking in the windowsat one point.glances down the street.goes back to the front seat.busts out the window and grabs what was in plain site.sot is pretty brazen about looking in and then smashing their window and grabbing something out of itjust from talking to the victims i learned it was a bag like a woman's purse with valuables.but this is hardly a rare thing near lombard street. tonight we've crime mapped this area and found at least 24 cases in the past seven days where cars have been broken into. that's within two blocks of the crooked section of the well known street and doesn't include an alleged robbery case that happened here at lombard and jones on sunday. sot there is usually an uptick of crime during the summer we're in the heart of summer right now school is out people are on vacation and coming to the city.jose leos says he does see officers at this lombard street location but feels as though thieves have spread out to nearby blocks. sot i've been here for 20 years and noticed a difference
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in the last couple of years where i've seen an increase in crime.since sunday this video has been viewed hundreds of times on jose's youtube page. there is online frustration from many living in the area when it comes to the police response to these type of crimes.sot when it ends up being just a theft it ends up being a low priorityi just don't want it to escalate. (j.r.)officers recommend going to places like that with groups so someone can watch your back or watch your car when you're busy snapping photos. as to the thief in that video. he has not been caught. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news. "highway patrol is still investigating one of two deadly crash that happened on this stretch of i 80 in san pablo.the first one happened monday morning at about 4 o'clock near el portal drive
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when a driver spun out and ended up facing the wrong way near the center median. another car couldn't avoid hitting the first one, and the first driver, lindche tran, was killed.less than 15 minutes after that wreck was cleared, motorcyclist nicholas brown of fairfield died when he got hit by a big rig truck.the driver of the yellow truck with a white trailer stop for a few minutes, but then took off. chp is still looking for that contra costa county, spencer blake, kron four news" (pam/)) the fog is rolling in ...but will it affect the fireworks shows happening all across the bay area?(steve) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is back with your complete independence day forecast.
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typical july persist across the region through much of the week with overnight and morning low retreating to the coast during afternoon hours. this will result in warm inland while cooler conditions persist near the coast. there is also the possibility of high based convection (thunderstorms) over the central coast on wednesday. a warming trend is then likely by the upcoming weekend.
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