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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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years later, those cries have been answeredwhooshan alarming discovery in a quiet residential neighborhood in ventura county.tonight the homeowner is in jail.whoosh make way for robots.residents of one east bay town may soon have to share the sidewalks with these personal delivery're watching kron four news in prime time. (vicki) breaking news at 8. homes threatened and people evacuated. as a pair of fires erupt -- one in suisun city the other in yolo county.(vicki) thank you for joining us i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. hot weather is once again fueling the dangerous conditions. this as we approach the peak of wildfire season. kron-4's alecia reid joins us live tonight from suisun city ...where a fire came dangerously close to homes...alecia?
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the suisun after burning dangerously close to homes in suisun city. earlier firefighters battled the 3-alarm this afternoon. it did threaten homes at one point. the fire was reported around 4:15 p.m. near 533 bella vista drive, a fire dispatcher said. all four of those trees were blazing they were blazing so hard. the trees and the wind was blowing the flames
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around the house. so the flames you could see and all that was burning too. it was intense. i pulled up right here and tried to get out of the car but it was too intense i had to park over there.
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(vicki) thank you alecia for that report. (vicki) now another northern california fire is forcing families out of their homes in yolo county. highway 128 between napa county and winters is also shut down and it may stay closed through the night. that wildfire has burned 1- thousand acres so far. and is only 15 percent contained. more than 200 firefighters are trying to
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keep the flames from spreading. (steve) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now. the conditions are ripe for these dangerous fires right now. modest warming trend inland areas today into friday with more widespread highs from the upper 80s to lower 100s. marine layer deepens and stronger onshore flow returns over the weekend resulting in a cooling trend back to normal. long range pattern looks dry and seasonable. (steve) guilty on all counts. a jury convicts
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the (steve) guilty on all counts. a jury convicts the man who killed two women at san francisco's jewlerymart four years ago.(vicki) prosecutors say for barry white junior=== it wasn't about the jewelry. it was personal. kron-4's ella sogomonian joins us live at the hall of justice with the highly anticipated verdict the prosecutor in this case tells me the family has waited a long time for this day and is happy the jury found white guilty of murder. a brutal attack on jewlery mart employees in san francisco four years ago has left other tenants shaken to this day. sot: garo demirjian, jewelry mart tenant// " i
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heard shooting. everybody started closing the doors. then the authorities and police started coming and they locked us inside our store." victor hung the owner of victoga barely made it out alive after he was attacked inside by an enraged customer. but 51 year old lina lim and 35 year old khin min were killed. thursday a jury found 27-year-old barry white jr who nearly killed 6 officers as he tried to flee guilty on two counts of first degree murder. but this wasn't a heist. sot: diane knoles, assistant district attorney// "there was not attempt to steal anything in this case this was not about money. this was about the defendant being disrespected."other jewlery mart employees told kron 4 news the believe white came back with a vengneance because he may have been overpriced for a chain he purchased. tonight at ten we'll hear from another employee in the jewlery mart who believes tighter gun control measures could prevent another tragedy like in san francisco elal sogomonian kron 4 news. (vicki) we're learning
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more about the man accused of killing two young boys in a hit and run crash.(steve) that crash also left their baby brother in critical condition. and as kron- 4's terisa estacio explains this isn't the first time that suspect lemuel wilson has been in trouble with police. (estacio reporting) kron four news has learned that employees at this nordstrom called pleasanton police in a panic - after this man, lemuel wilson repeatedly entered the store on june 24 his 35th birthday and along with his brother started harrassing individuals. witnesses say when asked to leave lemuel pushed a manager and threatened to kill him. police stepped in - and arrested the two - and discovered a bullet in wilsons pocket. they also searched his vehicle and allegedly found hundreds of credit cards as well as a device to forge credit cards. the alameda da charged wilson with 8 counts. aida reyes, " he bailed out on thursday, and then a day later killed my babies." aida reyes - is the mother of the two boys, 5 year old vincent and lorenzo 10 that died in this fatal hit and run
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last friday. wilson has now been charged with their deaths. reyes. "i think someone with such disregard for human life, should not be out on court documents, kron four has also learned lemuel has a long criminal past - dating back more than a decade with charges of drug trafficking, assault, battery, driving with a suspended liscense and dui. aida reyes. the system is broken. the contra costa da has charged wilson with 5 counts in the crash where the reyes boys died, he is facing two counts of murder leaving the scene and driving under the influence causing injury with a prior dui offense. he could be facing life in prison. wilson was arrested at the hospital where he currently remains in custody. terisa estacio kron four news
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(steve) a woman robbed on bart --- then a passenger who comes to her aid targeted. for the second time in a matter of months ---a rider is beaten and another robbed after teens boarded a train at the coliseum station. kron 4's dan kerman tells us this time --- police caught up with the group. is it safe riding bart.. many
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passengers traveling to or from the coliseum station on thursday were well aware there had been another robbery and attack by a mob of teenssot everytime i catch bart i am afraidsoti used to take it at night a little bit but not that its gotten worse and they are robbing people , its not worth it-nats-bart says saturday evening about 630 a juvenile grabbed a woman's cell phone aboard a bart train and then ran off the train with a dozen others. the woman was not injured but when another passenger chased the suspect and demanded the phone back. he was beaten, but he did get the phone back. --nats-members of barts robbery suppression task force intercepted the group, detained and photographed them, but ultimately released them when the victims could not identify them. sot paul justi/attorney representing bart victims 100-107i continue to be shocked at how this same style of crime continues to be occurring at the same location
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attorney paul justi represents 7 bart passengers who were victims of similar mob style attacks. while he applauds bart for deploying a special robbery suppression task force , but he says more must be donesottheir own internal documents say only 5 percent of passengers see police on trains, well that's where the crime is occurring, that's where police need to bebart is quick to point out that the city of oakland has a lot more crime than bart does, but attorney justi says that misses the point.sotwhat you want to look at is how effectively you are addressing the crime on the bart station, not whether you are better or worse than the city of oakland which has its own problems and a different set of circumstances that you are dealing withstandup dan kerman/oakland 152-202bart is now reviewing surveillance video to see if they can identify who was responsible for the robbery and who for the attack. at the coliseum bart station, dan kerman kron 4 news. (vicki) a three year old boy
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dies after what appears to be a tragic accident in antioch. the boy identified as chinweike anwukah was found unresponsive in swimming pool. police came within minutes to try and save the child. he was taken to the hospital..but sadly did ánotá make it... officers are still investigating but do believe the drowning was accidental. ahead at eight.. as the weather heats up - you won't find relief here. officials warn stay out of this popular east bay lake. plus. a cobra slithering around frightens california neighbors. the poisonous snake traced back to a home...wait until you see what else was found inside. and next. hit hard by devastating floods. south bay residents taking action -- they say they had no warning to get out.
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((vicki))in the south bay... remember this devastating flood that ravaged neighborhoods along coyote creek? some people lost they're taking legal action.kron 4's rob fladeboe reports on the coalition of flood victims suing the city of san jose, santa clara county and the santa clara valley water district. rob souza/flood victim" warning from the water district, no warning from the city...."at a news conference thursday, rob souza, whose william street home was devastated in the flood, says
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if only he had been given that warning, he might have had time to move some things to safety.rob souza/flood victim "....we did a 4-4 foot barrier with sandbags but when the water rose to 7 or 8 feet, there was nothing we could do, we lost everything...."souza and a growing number of other flood victims, many of them here in the hard hit rock springs neighborhood, are taking action. they are filing claims against the city of san jose,santa clara county and the santa clara valley water district. what do they want?amanda hawes/flood victims' attorney"....if you were hurt by the flood that you are made whole both for your material losses and addressing your emotional losses and we want the water district to make the changes necessary to see that this doesn't happen again...."in a statement, the city of san jose acknowledged it has received the claims but had no further comment. the water district said it too is reviewing claims, reiterating it's view that warning residents is the city's responsibility. rob souza says there is plenty of blame to go around.rob souza/flood victim
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".....i can't even describe the emotional turmoil that this has caused....." (vicki) mountain lion sightings at popular hiking trails in san jose have prompted officials to close them.. two hiking trails at the alum rock park will be closed until saturday.. officials say at least one mountain lion has been spotted just a few feet from the "one way road trail" the south rim trail is also closed.. rangers say the trails could open saturday if they think the threat is gone. they say if you do encounter a mountain lion..try to look as big as possible..make as much noise as you can..and do ánotá turn your back to them. (steve) checking in on our
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weather now. you're looking live at s-f-o where the sun is setting on the runway.(vicki) kron-4's brittney shipp is here now ...with the warm up that's headed our way modest warming trend inland areas today into friday with more widespread highs from the upper 80s to lower 100s. marine layer deepens and stronger onshore flow returns over the weekend resulting in a cooling trend back to normal. long range pattern looks dry and seasonable.
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(vicki) an east bay lake remains closed tonight because of dangerous water.(steve) officials say no one is allowed in lake temescal because blue green algae is still there. that algae can sicken people. and is even deadly for dogs. the lake has been closed since last tuesday. it's the fourth consecutive year an algae outbreak has outbreak has closed the lake. other lakes --- including lake shadow cliffs, lake anza and lake del valle also had algae. however nothing toxic was
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detected in those bodies of water. (vicki) one hundred venomous snakes and eight alligators. the dangerous animals were all living inside a southern california home. the owner was arrested and is facing animal cruelty charges. among the reptiles seized : king cobras, vipers, rattlesnakes, and bearded lizards. the shocking discovery happened after neighbors complained of a cobra slithering around. it was the second time a cobra was spotted in the neighborhood in three years. now the owner did have permits for some of the animals...but not all of them. new ahead at 8. a homeowner puts her property up for sale.... then finds strangers have moved in. why police say they are allowed to stay.
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little bit later in this broadcast, kevin durant, nba, all over the place. he's coming out with a movie of his life. we'll explain a little bit later in this broadcast. also, sacramento has some big- name free agents. one signed. one they're looking at, including a person of interest to warrior fans. the nba is rocking. giants highlights as well, later in this broadcast.> ((vicki)) here's what we're tracking tonight at ten...the california state fair is aimed at promoting and marketing our rich agriculture products. but does that include pot?with recreational marijuana now legal is the family-friendly fair the right place to push pot?find out what people think..tonight on kron 4 news at ten
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(steve)the city of concord, in the east bay, is considering signing off on a pilot program that would test autonomous delivery robots that would bring goods to residents there from the local businesses. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how it works. citizens of concord. the robots are coming it looks like a cooler on wheels but it's a very sophisticated cutting edge, fully electric, autonomous delivery robot.. developed by starship technologies.. nats robot the city of concord is considering a partnership with them to let them test their robots here... by delivering goods from local businesses to the residence here pedro garcia is the economic development strategist for the city of concord... he welcomes the robots.
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i think it's great as long as you can make sure the kids don't tag them. i think it's cool i think it's great as long as you can make sure the kids don't tag them
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ahead at eight.. a pair of thieves steal thousands of dollars of gasoline.. where they ripped off the fuel plus. the u-s on a collision course with china and russia over north korea's missile test. all ahead of president trump's highly anticipated meeting with vladimir putin. and next. an overnight crime spree in the east bay....where thieves were targeting cars. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look
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at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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more than a dozen cars broken into overnight in a east bay town. the auto break-in spree lasted about 9-hours.(steve) but when it was over the thieves didn't get away with much. police investigators say they have a good idea why... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. windows smashed, interiors ransacked, valuables stolen the auto burglary spree started 10pm wednesday and ended around 7am thursday morning here in san ramon's bollinger hills neighborhood. 13-auto break-ins overnight is highly unusual for this quiet east bay town. san ramon police corporal becky chestnut
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says on a typical night there might be...we found evidence of one of the break-ins here on morgan drive nothing was stolen here, in fact corporal chestnut explains why she thinks in most of these auto break-ins the theif left empty handed investigators say one of the 13 auto break-ins led to the auto theft of a white 2001 nissan altima. police are checking with residents in the area to see if anyone has information. investigators are also looking for surveillance video of any possible
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suspects. in san ramon haaziq madyun kron4ews in the north bay.. more than one thousand gallons of diesel gas were stolen from a school district bus yard.. police were called to the navato school district bus yard late wednesday night... a custodian reported seeing tow suspects taking gas from the underground storage tanks into large containers.. the suspects got away before police arrived but the custodian did snap these pictures.. the car is described as a white box van - with the words "automatic- a-c- seats three" on the passanger door. (vicki)all=day protests spilled into the night in hamburg, germany.the demonstrators carried signs saying 'welcome to hell' as foreign leaders arrrived for the g20 summit.police used water cannons to keep the marchers away from the meeting
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hall.(steve) north korea's missile threat is at the top of the agenda.(vicki)china and russia want the u=s to ends its military cooperation with south catherine heenan reports, that's not what president trump has in mind. missile natin warsaw today, president trump delivered a vague response to north korea's successful launch of a missile able to reach u=s soil. "i don't like to talk about about what i have planned. but i have some pretty severe things that we are thinking about. that doesn't mean we are going to do them. i don't draw red lines."at the u=n, ambassador nikki haley was more specific, putting a number of countries including china, on notice: trade with the u-s may be at risk unless they cease doing business with pyongyang. "make no mistake, north korea's launch of an icbm is a clear and sharp military escalation." president shee jinping was all smiles at their first meeting
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at donald trump's mar-a-lago home in florida.this week the chinese leader said "negative factors" are complicating the u=s=china recent arms deal with taiwan, u-s sanctions on a chinese bank with alleged ties to north korea, and the u-s navy sailing through disputed waters in the south china sea. "they are doing things that now are getting under china's skin, it's a combined now we like you, but on the other hand, now we're gonna press you." tomorrow, president trump meets privately with russian president vladimir putin, another bromance gone sour.the two are at odds over syria, and the f-b-i is looking into possible russian collusion with his election campaign.for his part president trump is not ready to unequivocally blame the kremlin for meddlig in the election. "i agree i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people and or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement. nobody really knows. nobody really knows, for sure." (steve) a beauty shot of san francisco this thursday
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evening...(vicki) chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here modest warming trend inland areas today into friday with more widespread highs from the upper 80s to lower 100s. marine layer deepens and stronger onshore flow returns over the weekend resulting in a cooling trend back to normal. long range pattern looks dry and seasonable.
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still ahead at 8, a surprisingly smooth... sticky-fingered thief. the search in new york city for a man with a prolific crime career. and next. a woman discovers strangers have moved into her home. and police say there's nothing they can do about it
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((steve))imagine putting a house up for sale, moving
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out... and then stopping by one day to find strangers living there without your knowledge.((vicki))it happened to a georgia womanshe says she assumed a quick call to police would clear out the tresspassers..but she was wrong.turns out, the home was rented out on craigslist.the people living there say they signed a lease by fax, paid their rent with a money order and only learned there was a problem when the homeowner called police.the renter says she went to the d was told she could stay.they said until these people come and properly evict us they cant force us out. outrage..people cant understand why somebody that has no legal right to be in the home, can stay in the home until i evict them. a legal expert confirmed that the homeowner will have to file for eviction.that process could take between four to six weeks. ((steve))a bizarre crime spree in the big apple..involving a thief with missing fingers.he's targeting high-end manhattan stores.
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police say he has stolen more than 45-thousand dollars worth of merchandise. in january the thief managed to get away with a 5-thousand dollar march he stole a 37-thousand dollar fur coat from fending..then just last week the man stole a statue worth 24-hundred dollars.he still has not been caught. ( steve ) a rare and encouraging discovery tonight in the forests of northern california.(vicki) cameras have captured pictures of a pack of gray wolves wandering in the lassen national forest. there's a mother and three pups.. and that makes them the second pack to be spotted in the area since the animal seemingly became extinct in the region in the 1920s. the gray wolf is protected under state law... meaning it cannot be killed or hunted. (vicki) in sports -- we have the giants highlights from today's morning game against the tigers and we'll check how the a's are doing in seattle.(steve) plus -- find out which warriors free agent could be heading north to join the sacramento kings
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-- gary has the story and all the sports coming up.
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yes, we have all gotten more than enough of those annoying phishing emails but as we became more wise to that, the cyper crooks went mobileas more communication has moved to text messages so have the scammers. this is just a different form of phishing. we've seen things come invia email. we've had people place phone calls. pretend to be with the bank. this is just another form. so consumers need to be watching those text
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messages.he messages will usually look like they come from a bank or a business and will ask for personal information. the link may look like a valid link because they are going to have a twist on the actual linkone of the reasons scams are moving to texts is many people trust their text messages where they otherwise may be more suspicious of actual phone calls or emails.we are more susceptible to fraudulent text messages, email scams, phone calls and all it really takes is a simple yes on the phone to take anything from youif you do receive one of the fradulent text messages, do not open it or enter any information. there are a few different ways to report the scam. if you are receiving spam text messages that you did not authorize there is a number you can forward them to at the federal giants finishing out their first winning road trip since june of 2016chris stratton
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starting in place of johnny cueto out with an ear infectionbottom 1st/ scoreless melky cabrera back up the midle for an rbi single 1-0 tigers(cabrera: hit .364 in the series against his former team)bottom 4th/ 2-0 tigers dixon machado hits his first major-league hume run a 2-run job of stratton 4-0 tigers bottom 3rd/ 4-0 tigersalex pressley chops one into right another run scores 5-0 tigers(stratton: 6 2/3 ip, 6 hits, 5 runs)final: 6-2 tigers giants still finish the road trip 4-2 first winnig road trip in a calander year (june 2016) the a's are opening a four-game series in seattle against the mariners right now -- this week's lexus 'experience amazing' ultimate highlight goes josh harrison. in last night's pirates
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phillies game -- harrison makes a great place at second -- he backhands it and gets the out at first pittsburgh won the game 5-2 warriors free agent target, vince carter is coming to the golden state but not to join the warriors the 40-year-old forward has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with sacramento carter is expect to earn eight million dollars he will be one of the oldest active players in the league carter and dirk nowitzki are the only two players from the 1998 n-b-a draft that are still in the
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league(wipe to javale mcgee) sacramento might not be done -- they are going after warriors backup center, javale mcgee the n-b-a champion reportedly met with the kings today. yesterday mcgee talked with western conference rivals, the l-a clippers. golden state only has two rosters remaining for the 2018 season. it seems highly unlikely the warriors will be afford bringing back mcgee and zaza pachulia. according to a report -- golden state could be leaning towards pachulia... being that he could return on the veteran minimum.
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kevin durant posted a trailer for the nike-sponsored internet movie about his life that will come out next week take a quick look "yo, life is funny. is everyone going to like your decisions? nah man, they going to second guess you. misunderstand you. say you changed." the film which will likely be
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released on durant's youtube channel chronicles his youth and rise to nba stardom and focuses on his much criticized move from oklahoma city to golden stateit is set to come out next tuesday and check out who is on the cover of slam magazinethe ball brothers only the brothers father lavar is not there lonzo and brothers li'angelo and le'melo are on the cover of the "futures issue"slam is a very popular niche magazine with young basketball fans it blends basketball with hip-hop culture lavar did appear with his previous editions of slam including a family christmas in the online roger federer was taking
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on dusan lajovic in round two in the first set -- the 18- time grand slam winner -- across the body... finds the corner -- he takes the first set 7-6 federer puts this match away with a an ace in the third... straight sets... 7-6...6-3...6-2
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(vicki)breaking news out of southern california. we've been telling you about wildfire season tonight. two fires erupted in northern california.(steve) now there's another fire in los angeles. you're looking at live pictures this is the so called johnson fire burning in claremont. that's the eastern edge of los angeles county. so far at least five acres burned there are people who live in the area... just below the fire. but there are several crews of firefighters out there...working to keep the flames away from those homes. there's a place like no other...
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then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories.
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gary has sports.. and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. (vicki) police officers are usually pretty busy on the fourth of july keeping the streets safe...but that does ánotá mean they can't have a little fun...(steve) an officer in pennsylvania made an unlikely arrest during his shift...take a look.. officer sheehan found these suspects loitering in a parking lot on fourth of july... yes..those are ducks... they did ánotá resist arrest and hopped right into the back of the patrol car.. police were able to locate the owner and she came and picked them up. no charges were filed..
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