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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 7, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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((steve/bam vo))tonight at eleven...justice for the families of two women...four years after a horrific crime. i'm steve aveson.((vicki))and i'm vicki liviakis, in for pam a jury convicted 27 year-old barry white junior for shooting two women, and stabbing another man at a san francisco jewelry story back in 2013.((steve))kron 4's ella sogomonian has reaction from employees who were there the day of the murders. it was an unforgettable scene for jewelry mart employees four years ago.sot: omer zach, jewelry mart tenant// "i was just exiting the building. i saw hundreds of cops outside. it was brutal to know the consequences that somebody inside died."victor hung the owner of victoga barely made it out alive after he was attacked inside by an enraged customer. but his employees 51
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year old lina lim and 35 year old khin min were killed. 27-year-old barry white jr was arrested almost immediately outside the store.but this wasn't a heist. jewelry mart employees told kron 4 news the believe white came back with a vengneance because he may have been overpriced for a chain he purchased.sot: diane knoles, assistant district attorney// "there was not attempt to steal anything in this case. this was not about money. this was about the defendant being disrespected."knoles says white nearly killed 6 officers as he tried to flee.thursday a jury found white guilty on two counts of first degree murder. sot: diane knoles, assistant district attorney// "it's been a long time for the families. they've been waiting a long long time for this day." although family members of the victims made no comment other jewlery mart tenants were pleased by the outcome.sot: garo demirjian, jewelry mart tenant// "it should be that way. somebody takes a life they should be guilty."one tenant believes the ease of access to firearms is to blame for violence like this.sot: omer zach, jewelry mart tenant// "i think we should remove more guns from the streets and be able to feel safer in this country not
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every time someone disagrees with you they just pull a gun." new at 11..california congresswoman jackie spier is offering a 50 thousand dollar reward for infromation to help find the suspect in the fatal 20-16 shooting of a student playing pokeman go.. 20-year old calvin riley was playing the game with his friends near aquatic park in san francisco when he was shot and killed by an unknown suspect.. riley was a student at delta college in stockten and went to high school in san mateo.. officials said the reward is being funded by the city of san francisco.. a formal announcemt is expected to be made on monday. (vicki )the woman accused of shooting a man in a costco parking lot will make her first court apperance tomorrow. this is the suspect...44-
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year-old nori tejero. the shooting happened around noon in the parking lot of the costco on almaden expressway in san jose. officers say one man was shot and he was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries... as of right now we don't know what made tejero shoot the man... a gun was taken into evidence and tejero was arrested and booked into the county jail. she is being held on 25-thousand dollars bail. ((steve)) tonight we are learning new details about lemuel wilson junior... he is the suspect charged with two-counts of murder in the deadly hit-and-run crash where two young boys were killed in concord.... he is also facing d-u-i charges... on june 24th... employees at this nordstrom called pleasanton police in a panic - after lemuel wilson repeatedly entered the store and along with his brother started harrassing employees and customers. witnesses say when asked to leave lemuel pushed a manager and threatened to kill him. police arrested the two. police say when they searched his vehicle they found hundreds of credit cards and a device to forge credit cards.
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the alameda district attorney charged wilson with 8 counts. court documents also reveal, lemuel has a long criminal past - dating back more than a decade with charges of drug trafficking, assault, battery, driving with a suspended liscense and dui. ((vicki))a close call for neighbors in one north bay community...after flames came dangerously close to their homes.((steve))it happened in suisun one point firefighters issued mandatory evacuations as winds fueled the fire.((vicki))as kron 4's alecia reid explains...some quick-thinking residents stepped up to prevent this fire from spreading. mom said i hope that aint my house, and we turn the corner and it was a scary afternoon for neighbors on bella vista drive. a fire started in the yard of this home, quickly spread to the backyard, and the open field behind the home.patrick lair / burnt the gate up, the side of the yard and the whole back yard.neighbors say it took about 10 minutes for the fire department to get there. so in the meantime, they tried to
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keep it under was like boom, and then it was like, ok fire department when are you gonna show up?although i kept putting it out, it kept coming back, all this..once the homeowner puled up he tried moving the cars out of the driveway but to no avail. we got in the car to back it up but the heat was too intense. it was an inferno right here, so thank god it didn't burn the house down. because then we'd be homeless. patrick lair says this car just got a new engine, but now it's totaled. the electric and gas meters were also burnt to a crisp. luckily they were replaced by nightfallman i thought the house was gonna burn to the ground.standupno major injuries were reported, but the neighbor in the adjacent home suffered minor burns on his arms while trying to out the fire.reporting from susuin city.
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(vicki) fire crews are trying to get a handle on a fire burning in yolo county... right now the "winters fire" has burned a-thousand acres and is only 15-percent contained tonight... the fire is burning in dixon near highway 128 near pleasant view road ... there are mandatory evacuations and sveral road closures in the area... highway 128 near lake berryessa dam and pleasant valley road is closed tonight... is it expected to reopen tomorrow... (steve) happening now two popular hiking trails in san jose are closed after mountain lions were spotted in the area... it's happening at alum rock park will be closed until saturday.. officials say at least one mountain lion has been spotted just a few feet from the "one way road trail" the south rim trail is also closed.. rangers
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say the trails could open saturday if they think the threat is gone. they say if you do encounter a mountain lion..try to look as big as possible..make as much noise as you can..and do ánotá turn your back to them. (dan kerman)here at the coliseum bart station another mob style robbery involving juveniles.bart says saturday evening about 630 a juvenile grabbed a woman's cell phone aboard a bart train and then ran off the train with a dozen others. the woman was not injured but when another passenger chased the suspect and demanded the phone back, he was beaten, but he did get the phone back. members of barts robbery suppression task force intercepted the group, detained and photographed them, but ultimately released them when the victims could not identify them. bart is now reviewing surveillance video to see if they can identify who was responsible for the robbery and who for the attack. at the colesium bart station dan kerman kron 4 news.
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investigators here at the san ramon police department say 13-vehicles were broken into between 10pm wednesday and 7am thursday morning, here in the bollinger hills areain san ramon haaziq madyun kron4news here in san jose....victims of last winter's devastating coyote creek floodhave filed claims, seeking damages. at a news conference, residents of the rock springs area and william street announcing claims against the city of san jose, santa clara county and the santa clara valley water district.all three entities acknowledging the claims but
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adding no further comment. the flood victims are asking to made made whole and seek assurances there won't be another flood. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news ((vicki/live))the weekend is almost here..and it's going to be a hot one for parts of the bay area.((steve)) meteorologist brittney shipp is back to show us which cities should reach triple digits.
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modest warming trend inland areas today into friday with more widespread highs from the upper 80s to lower 100s. marine layer deepens and stronger onshore flow returns over the weekend resulting in a cooling trend back to normal. long range pattern looks dry and seasonable.
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