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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 11, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> here's another sign that things are getting pretty serious. although they are not living together, lindsey stays at fenway when she is in l.a. lindsey is a super private person, but she is happy with where she is in her life right now and has every reason to smile. how is ben's ex-wife reacting to his public romance? here's the thing. jen seems totally okay with it all. today, she grabbed her water bottle and hit the gym in west l.a. a source tells us that jen is staying busy and she was friendly and at ease during a group fitness class, and she worked out in the front row. she is not hiding at all. ben and jen filed for divorce early this year follow a nearly two-year separation. meanwhile, a source tells "e.t." that ben and lindsay have known oech other for a couple of years. he hosted snl five times, and that's where he het her. they started dating after ben and jen separated and so far, so good. >> listen to this. ben not the only one who seems
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to be a new man. jay d has gten brutally honest on his new album about his relationship with beyonce, and he is opening up for the first time about his painful deception and what it took to save their marriage. ♪ >> we built this big, beautiful mansion of a relationship that wasn't totally built on the 100% truth and then it starts cracking. things start happening that the public can see and then we had to go to a point and be like, okay. tear this down. let's start from the beginning, and it's hard. >> jay z, raw and introspective in the new mini documentary. he's calling it a footnote to his new album. >> no one taught you how to do this. you don't want know how to do it, and that's why i saw you mature faster than me. i wasn't ready.
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♪ >> joined by friends like will smith and chris rock also share insights about their own relationships, jay z recalls some moments he knew his marriage was important to him when he begged his wife not to leave a family vacation. >> i was on a boat and i had the best time. i was like, man this is great and then she had to leave, and i was, like, crushed. and i was like, man i don't even feel like this what is happening to my body right now. the couple who celebrated their ninth anniversary this year. >> jay z's answer to beyonce's own confessional "lemonade" came a over year later. jay d at mitts rebuilding the relationship has been tough. >> nothing's harder than this. by far, i'm telling you. the hardest thing i have ever done. >> but totally worth it, and it takes a lot of guts to open up publicly like this, and happening with another star who gets brutally candid, jesse williams of "grey's anatomy."
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his marriage ended amid rumors he was cheating, and there's jesse and mika having a hollywood date night. jesse has taken a lot of heat about the situation, and he is finally talking about it. >> all of a sudden, people are writing pieces that i somehow threw a 13-year relationship, like, the most painful experience i have had in my life. the person i loved with all of my life. that i threw a person and my family in the trash because a girl i worked with is cute. >> he has two children with his ex, a 3-year-old daughter and a 23-month-old son. ♪ >> that is a look at j-lo's new video. hot. >> hot. >> weather in miami is also -- >> hot. >> there you go. she is there hanging with her man, alex rodriguez. >> he is there working as an analyst for fox sports, but today, what all-star game?
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all everybody is talking about is j-lo's new love con tegs fegs. in love and not afraid to sing about it. ex marc anthony's in the video. he was a producer on her upcoming spanish language album, the same one she's been promoting while out and about with her new man a-rod in miami. with lyrics that translate to "i never imagined falling in love like this," we're thinking this whole j-rod thing is the real deal. >> say hi. >> hi. >> look closely and you'll see reflections of their love story. remember this kiss during her macy's july 4th fireworks spectacular? in lopez's new video she's wearing that same $22,500, fausto puglisi gown. but at 47, j-lo is proving she can pretty much rock anything. two cost tom cutout dresses, and
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a rose gold chain bustier or just a leaf. did ya catch that, a-rod?! >> jennifer shot this in his home state of florida over two days last month, and recorded the single in his hometown of miami, where they've been going full pda over the past three days. even for him, this is a work trip. j-lo is in his world right now, but seems to be holding her own. she was with the sports crew and brushing up on her ball game knowledge. >> hi, jen. >> but it's mama lopez's moment with a-rod and his daughters that really seems the j-rod deal. >> i have to ask you some questions. >> me? >> yes, you. >> j-rod, y'all got me. i'm in. all the way in with this. you laughed at me, but i love them. they are both on television tonight in competition no less. he is reporting on tonight's all-star game on fox, and she is holding court on nbc in a new episode of "world of dance." >> we showed you this photo. hanging with jennifer lawrence
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and wood i can harrellson. we talked to woody. >> fun. a lot of laughs. sitting around, laughing. >> woody and jennifer have the whole "hunger games" connection. >> for director, and we're trying to get it on our calendars. we have similar senses of humor obviously. we aren't afraid, which is a good and bad thing because i don't know what our movie will be rated. >> a long way to film, still isn't official, but it gives us hope we'll hear an announcement soon. the last time we saw them together was the 2016 golden globes. >> i am busy. >> too bad neither of the ladies could join woody in new york on the red carpet for the new movie, "war for the planet of the apes." he said this is the role he
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wanted after seeing the two films in the trilogy. >> when i watched the first one, i said, man. i can't wait to see the next one. saw that. i can't wait to see the next one. got to be in it. >> it hits theaters this friday. it's fair to say that wednesday will be one of the worst days of abby lee miller's life. shets due to report to federal prison in victorville, california tomorrow, but i want you to check out this brand new video because until she has to go, she is living the life. >> what up? how you doing? >> this was abby last night, all smiles out for some fine dining just hours before she checks into federal prison. >> are you mentally prepared for wednesday? >> there's no way to prepare. >> swarmed by paup raw zi, she seems to be enjoying the attention. stopping for selfies on her way to the car, and signing
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autographs. i'm not signing pictures. you can buy them on my website. >> as if she is looking forward to serving for bankruptcy fraud. >> you can't hold it down, abby. >> it's vacation, maybe. i shouldn't joke about it. it's very serious. i'm doing what was accepted, but -- >> we honor that. >> what do you think you're going to do -- >> i don't know. >> listen. we wish her the best. we really do. >> good sense of humor. up next -- >> i don't like dirty, dry feet. >> char leez they ron's bizarre things you never knew about the oscar winner. and who revealed he is pregnant? and this 8-year-old acrobat you have to see to believe.
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stand back. or maybe not. >> gal gadott setting records. she has made more money than "deadpool." but ryan reynolds was classy. he photo shopped the necklace toopt poster. >> maybe they can collaborate eventually. orbit. >> no. >> another fierce female on the way. charlize theron takes no prisoners in "atomic blonde." she is revealing things you never knew about the oscar winner in this new interview. >> i like vacations in places where it's warm and i don't like dirty feet. i don't like dirty dry feet. if you wanna torture me, tie me in a chair and dirty up my feet and then touch them. >> okay. so the 41-year-old oscar winner who has a tattoo of a flower on one foot not only likes clean feet. she says she's basically a neat
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freak who also checks herself out on the internet. >> i don't google myself that much. once a month maybe. and i think most of it has to do actually with my children. >> the single mom of son jackson and daughter august dishes on all aspects of her life in the new issue of "variety." >> i'm a really good driver. but not, like, when people say they are really good drivers. i actually am a really good driver. i just learned yesterday there's another charlize and i never experienced that before. because my name my whole life is just always so weird. my mom takes great pride that my mom came up with this name and nobody else has it so suck it mom. >> charlize injured herself while training for her role as an international spy, "atomic blonde." she bruised ribs and cracked two teeth. but that hasn't stopped her from being a foodie. >> i eat and like to eat almost everything.
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almost everything except fennel. >> i don't like fundamental. >> a lot of talk about fundamental. she is a binge watch per. she likes "intervention", and she has been rewatching sopranos and breaking bad. she is just like us. >> she is one of the most beautiful people in the world with millions of dollars, but you're right. still ahead, what chris hemsworth's kids think of their superhero dad, and his battle with his brother, liam. plus what to expect from the new season of "game of thrones." >> it's ridiculous. and this is incredible. our sneak peek of the act that left the judges speechless. >> wow. closed captioning provided by -- whoooo.
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♪ happy birthday to you modern family star sofia
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vergara, celebrating her 45th birthday, i love those bangs she is sporting. it was quite the party. check out. the balloon bu way, and she was surrounded by her friends, her son, and the love of her life, and talking about somebody sexy, our jennifer peros was with thor himself, chris hemsworth. >> when does chris hemsworth feel sexiest? >> sexiest? >> yeah. >> i don't know. when my wife tells me i amp. >> that's the answer you get from a family man. chris is happily married to -- with always posting adorable photos of chris and their three kids. >> what does she bring out? >> she makes me enjoy it. he makes she just kind of go, you have worked your ass awe. have fun and enjoy it. >> that's what he is doing. shooting for thor, and chris
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says this is the best one yet. >> well -- >> quietly, secretly, and it is amazing. >> he is also the new face of hugo boss, and their boss huddle. >> he is not usually one to dress up. he prefers board shorts to tuxedo shirts, but there are limits to dressing down as his brother, liam, proved this week. liam posted this amazing photo the other day of him in these teeny, tiny short. >> it was, like, a friday night drunk, and the following morning, he was, like, i didn't -- oh, no. >> he can't delete it now. >> was that intentional? >> no chance of you doing that in the near future? >> i don't think so. >> and thor opens november 3rd.
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you were on that set. >> i was. it is going to be amazing. we'll have that for you before the movie premooers. >> cameron is here to talk about what's happening on sunday. it is epic. "game of thrones" finallying baa. >> the wait is over, and it's hard to wait. rooiblt right, everybody? but it's worth it, and we're going to get you ready because we have everything you need to know. >> the king of the north! >> winter is officially here, and that's why we had to wait an extra three months for the pree meer of season seven. the shooting locations needed to look gray and gloomy. but for fans disappointed that season seven will be just seven episodes instead of ten, there is good news. we're getting our longest episode ever, the finale. it is 81 minutes. >> i was born to rule this kingd kingdom, and i will. >> we know the mother of dragons, emilia clarke will make it to the end after revealing she will be in season eight shows last, and she is just as excited as fans find out who
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will sit on the iron throne when the final season starts shooting this fall. >> were you immediately looking through it and find out what happens next? >> yes. i'm, like, the biggest fan of the show. it's ridiculous. i have to read everything. >> this is a departure from the books so, reduce the risk of spoilers, no screeners were sent to the press. but sophie turner who dies her hair red to play her character gives us the scoop. >> a lot of characters will be linking up. prepare yourselves. >> so expect bigger drama, bigger stakes and bigger drag s dragons. they are now the size of 747 airplanes. >> crazy dragon stuff happens. the whole thing's amazing and that's all i can say. >> hold on a second, sophie. we're getting more goods and sitting down with the cast again in an all new interview. we'll have that for you
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tomorrow. >> tonight on nbc, there is a new ep said of "america's got talent," and i have a real street for you. a father-son acrobatic team that will blow you away. ♪ >> oh, my god! >> wow. >> whoa. that guy is flexible. ♪ >> what is your name? >> my name is -- >> my name is -- >> how old are you, oscar? >> 8 years old. >> with oscar's mom and baby sister watching from the wings, the family act from ukraine is unbelievable. i wonder what they call this move. ♪ >> do you like it here in america, oscar? >> i love america.
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>> and we love how big he smiles throughout his performance. i mean that is unbelievable. here's my question. how do they keep the act going when he is a teenager? next on kron-4 news at eight:a fast-moving brush fire..destroying homes in the south bay.crews working to get an upper hand on the flames.a live report...straight ahead. plus...a close call for a santa cruz man after he comes face to face with a shark! now..a popular beach is shutdown as a precaution.i'm vicki liviakis i'm steve aveson. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- ♪ >> country music's highest paid stars. who topped the list at $60 million? tomorrow on "e.t.." fans of "the big bang the y theory" know that she has a baby on the show. now this is really happening. she is expecting her first child in real life. >> congratulations to melissa and her husband, winston. she made the announcement posting this sweet photo holding her baby bump, and there is a candid essay she has written about her struggle. it will touch your heart. >> here's a quick question. how will they deal with the pregnan pregnancy? >> more baby gs maybe. now at eight... a wildfire near alum rock park in the south bay threatens homes and prompts evacuations.whooshwe
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are live at the scene of that huge scrapyard fire in the east bay ... it's been burning for hours and the huge pplume of smoke is raising air quality concerns.whoosh"i looked forward and there was a shark with its mouth on the bow of my boat."a terrifying moment for a santa cruz kayaker after he's attacked by a great white.the encounter prompted the closing of several local beacheswhoosh east bay water users learned today they are facing a whopping rate increase.quite a slap. hah. hell people cant afford to live in the bay area. you're watching kron four news in prime time. (vicki) breaking news out of san jose where right now a fire is threatening homes. two have already burned. along with 100 acres of land. (vicki)thank you for joining us tonight... i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. this is


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